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(generated from captions) 17 degrees in Dubbo. some light showers
Tonight, we can expect makes its way across Sydney,
as a cool change bringing 2-5mm, before sunrise.
but the rain should clear up

to a mostly sunny day
Tomorrow, we can look forward south-westerly winds
with light to moderate

bringing a high pollen count. It will be significantly cooler - of 21 degrees
we are only heading for a top and Liverpool,
in Penrith, Blacktown a cooler 18 in Cronulla,
20 in Campbelltown,

12-21 for the city for Terrey Hills.
and a cool top of just 19 degrees Looking ahead - around for the next few days.
the cooler weather will hang

Wednesday will be sunny and 22. on Thursday, 18.
A possible shower Fine and 20 on Friday. on Saturday, sunny and 24,
It will start to warm up with a late shower.
reaching 28 on Sunday

until at least Sunday,
In our west, it will dry from tomorrow through to Friday.
with tops of 19-21 degrees Saturday will be sunny and 26, expected on Sunday,
with a warm 30 degrees

before a late shower or two,

Quite a contrast.

Thanks, Amber. for this Monday.
That is Nine News with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy Grimshaw is up next I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.
Thanks for being with us.
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We begin with a crime

Tonight - who murdered Pop
the mother and son on the house he loved.
so they could cash in But they didn't know had changed his will.
that their victim For the first time, the chilling police interviews, including the moment it was all for nothing.
the pair discovered

Look, they were remarkably calm.

organised everything.
It was clear that she had

I was totally shocked,

happen to him, ya know?
because how could it

a family member for money,
To not only kill

your children,
but to also involve a lower act.
I wouldn't think you could get

Samantha Brownlow, age 43 - and convicted murderer.
disability pensioner her unemployed son, Corey Lovell,
Her accomplice,

age 19.

as his daughter.
a man who'd raised Samantha

never heard of,
They're names you've probably

you'll never forget.
but this a crime And tonight for the first time, police interviews
you'll hear the astonishing to stitch up her own son
where a mother tries for a murder she had planned.

that a mother could do that,
It's unbelievable all for money.

Right here in this street

played out.
is where this horrendous crime who never suspected
The victim, an innocent pensioner would arrive in the dead of night
two members of his family to kill him.

happy guy, liked to talk,
He was a fun-loving,

do anything to help anybody.

Robin Behrendorff,
Shirley Manskie says her brother,

in his body.
didn't have a bad bone a car crash 30 years ago
He was lucky to survive minor brain injuries.
that left him with an invalid pensioner
So he was basically for about 30 years.

and married Julena,
Robin Behrendorff then met

daughter, Samantha.
who had a seven-year-old Samantha as his own child.
He gave them a home and raised her father, yes,
He was basically were his grandchildren
and her children as far as he was concerned. They were his life.

betray that trust,
But Samantha would eventually

into a grisly murder scene.
turning the family home

by police,
When she was first questioned

Robin was the only dad she knew.
she admitted

any involvement in his death,
At this point, she denied

mourning his loss:
even taking out a funeral notice

when you think about,
It's deplorable

this man had given her a home, as a child from a very young age
had, I guess, loved her towards her
and had a sense of trust all for the sense of greed.
and she's used that against him

is the man who uncovered
Detective Sergeant Andrew Self

of Samantha Brownlow's crime.
the deeply depraved motivations She was very focused on money. was money.
All she cared about in life

Samantha Brownlow thought of Robin Behrendorff's estate.
she was the sole beneficiary So she hatched a plan to kill him $200,000
in the hope of collecting from the sale of his house. But she couldn't do it alone, to help out
so convinced son Corey for a sum of 50 grand.

basically lived on
For these people who had

welfare their entire life, 200 grand or 50,000 to them, to obtain in one hit.
was a tremendous amount of money

on Good Friday
Their sadistic mission begins

and was all captured on CCTV. a barefoot Corey Lovell
At 7:32pm, walks into a service station and a brown t-shirt.
wearing jeans a five-hour drive away,
Their victim's home is they stop again.
but before getting there, Samantha Brownlow walks in alone, buys two bottles of Coke two Mars Bars as well.
and then grabs

this customer is ready to kill.
The shop attendant has no idea where Corey is waiting.
She calmly walks back to the car is a school carpark
Their next stop from Robin Behrendorff's home.
just 120 metres

At around 2am,

silently approach the house.
this mother and son They check for open windows through the back door.
before breaking in

to smother him in his sleep.
Their plan had been But Robin Behrendorff was awake, into disarray.
throwing their plans struggle has played out?
This is where this violent Here's your entry point.
Ah, it is. show the laundry area
Police crime scene photos was attacked
where Robin Behrendorff leaving the toilet. a wooden stool over his head,
Corey Lovell smashes knocking him to the ground. A violent struggle ensues, at the rear,
smashing a glass door but Corey Lovell overpowers him, with a leg of the stool,
beating him so severely his face was beyond recognition.

was fighting for his life
While Robin Behrendorff

right here in this laundry, as his own daughter
the woman he'd raised was cowering inside this shower. She waited in there one person breathing
until she could only hear and then she came out on his lifeless body.
and inflicted further injuries

a knife from the kitchen
Not only that, she then gets

a further four stab wounds
for Corey Lovell to inflict to Robin Behrendorff's neck.

it woke the neighbours.
The fight had been so loud, One of them looked outside their yard
and saw a woman walking through that she'd seen before.
who had a distinctive waddle

a fairly unique shape,
Samantha had

at night.
particularly the silhouette It was a fairly moonlit night. straight away
They picked the silhouette and recognised who it was she would be there at that time,
and were curious as to why that address.
when they knew she had left

breaks this news
Detective Sergeant Andrew Self first recorded interview.
to Samantha Brownlow in their

and collected.
She was very, very calm knew anything
She had no inkling that police about her involvement.

was that her gold Pulsar
Samantha Brownlow's story

the five-hour drive.
couldn't make had bought for her
It was a car her victim for petrol at 2:17am,
and was captured pulling in they'd killed him.
just minutes after

pays cash for the petrol,
She fills up,

then tops up the radiator, too. they stop again.
Three hours later, then orders some breakfast.
Brownlow grabs two more Cokes,

she went to,
Every service station

and Mars Bars,
she purchased Coke her undoing in the end.
and it was probably I guess.
That need for the sugar rush,

gets impatient
At this stop, Corey Lovell

and comes inside too, have been cut off,
only now the bottom of his jeans turning them into shorts. they've got away with murder.
They both leave calmly, confident

tell a family member
Corey Lovell would later the whole way home, saying,
that his mum laughed "I'm going to be rich."

A day after the body was found,

to the home of Samantha Brownlow.
police came here, talking to a male,
She was outside a wheelie bin.
but walking towards her dump a plastic bag inside
An officer watched it was seized for evidence.
and he made sure that

of what was found in that bin -
These are the police photos

and cut-off jeans
a brown T-shirt was wearing
identical to what Corey Lovell at the petrol station. his girlfriend's name, Emma,
And he also had written on the leg of those pants,
at some point in time Corey Lovell's pants.
so we knew they were definitely

were analysed
Blood spots on the shirt

Robin Behrendorff's DNA.
and found to contain Samantha Brownlow's clothes
Police also seized from a laundry basket they'd just moved into.
in the housing commission home she was wearing on the CCTV -
They also found the gold sandals found at the murder scene.
they matched a partial shoeprint One month later, enough evidence
police had gathered to move in and arrest her.

force our way into the house
Eventually we were able to

located hiding in the ensuite.
and Samantha Brownlow was

her second police interview
She was brought in for

of evidence against her.
and soon realised the weight

After speaking with a lawyer,

her third police interview
she returns for and now decides to confess.

But not the complete truth. minimize her involvement,
She tells a version trying to blaming it all on her son.

she wanted to pull out
She even claims when they got to the house.

Corey would tell a family member

after the murder,
that his mum congratulated him "Good boy, that's my son."
saying, she tried to stop it.
but Brownlow tells police

won't get her very far.
But those crocodile tears Corey a knife from the kitchen
Brownlow agrees she brought to finish the job. She eventually admits all her idea
the ruthless plan was and pleads guilty to murder. Corey Lovell pleads not guilty, to convict him, too.
but a jury takes less than a hour

two peas in a pod.
I guess they were about Mr Behrendorff,
Neither of them cared at all was the money,
and all they cared about all they thought about.
and that's It was just that pure greed.

towards wasn't even there.
But the payday they were working This is the moment breaks the news
Detective Sergeant Andrew Self changed his will.
that Robin Behrendorff

She appeared quite shocked at that point
and she obviously realised was all for nothing.
that what she had done

savage crime hasn't been in vain.
Brownlow is desperate that her

doesn't stop.
But her craving for Robin's money Before being charged with murder, new will, along with her sister.
she makes plans to contest the

On the day of sentencing,

fallen off
the wheels had well and truly murder mission.
this mother and son Corey sat in the dock down his face.
with tears streaming to console him,
Mum Samantha put her arm around so violently
but he pushed her away to separate them.
that officers had to jump in

they were both sentenced to life.
At the Bundaberg Supreme Court, find it hard to believe
Those close to the case her son to murder
how a mother could convince and then try to blame it on him. the term that springs to mind.
A narcissist would probably be to herself
Obviously her self-interest to her own children.
outweighed any maternal instinct

she may never change her ways -
And it seems

to Robin Behrendorff's family
writing letters still chasing money.
from prison,

asking for money
She wrote a letter to my brother and that she missed Rob. That she missed Rob? She killed Rob.
Mmm. Yeah, she missed him. to society if she gets out.
She's going to be a danger somebody else,
She's going to prey on she's always done.
'cause that's what

his murder conviction
Corey Lovell appealed but it was dismissed. will be eligible for parole
Lovell and Samantha Brownlow after serving 15 years.

between two truckies
Now, the angry confrontation on a busy road. sparked wild scenes
An alleged traffic incident between the drivers - of a giant rig
one who stood in front as it moved towards him. Steve Marshall was there.

hit me! Hit me!
You hit my truck,

You have to go over me. Hit me! "I punch you, I punch you."
He started going to me, Then he's going like this. I want your licence.
You are not going, Hey! Hey! Meet angry Andy.

what are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing, You nearly kill us.

A ticked-off truckie

with a moving Mack truck.
who goes head to head

with the other driver
Because Andy's got a beef

"I don't want to bash you,
I say to him,

because you're old man."
"I don't want to smash you, "Try and see how old I am."
Then he say,

It's rush hour... Pull over, Drew. It's on, mate. reporting team
and this A Current Affair into a rig of road rage.
drives head on

fists are flying.
Because by the time we pull over,

Andy's clearly blown a gasket the other man's driving:
because of

what's happened,
As Andy launched into the other driver takes off.

Hey, hey!

what are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing, Andy's fuming in his fluoros. tries to leave,
As the other driver of man versus machine.
an extraordinary show

the 15-tonne truck.
Andy stares down

his ripped shirt,
And as he adjusts

in harm's way.
Andy again puts his body

Andy's keen to have his say

this truckie tantrum.
on what triggered

I changed my lane to that side

to that side too, OK.
and he change his lane and he hit me again.
From the other side, he hit me,

certainly trade punches,
The two truckies

and other body parts.

with his head.
He hit me in the face Yes.
He headbutted you? there's damage to his rig, too.
And according to Andy, He did that? With the back of his trailer.

a fellow truckie
But is fighting

in the grille of an 18-wheeler
and getting all up really worth it?

police over that incident.
Andy tells us he's contacted

on A Current Affair -
After the break

and Donald Trump meet
tempers flare as Hillary Clinton presidential debate.
in the second

that someone
It's just awfully good

of Donald Trump isn't in charge
with the temperament of the law in this country.

Because you'd be in jail.

Bushfire dangers. On the front line - and their secret weapon
our firies the toughest summer yet.
in tackling Tomorrow on Today.

Welcome back. for the White House in crisis
With Donald Trump's campaign of sexually assaulting women,
over his taped comments boasting with Hillary Clinton
today's presidential debate became must-watch TV. of more than 80 million,
With a worldwide audience by the leaked tape
the debate was overshadowed against Bill Clinton.
and allegations So, who won?

that someone
It's just awfully good of Donald Trump is not in charge
with the temperament of the law in our country. Because you'd be in jail!


this time the gloves were off.
Oh boy,

my Attorney General
If I win, I am going to instruct to look into your situation
to get a special prosecutor

so many lies.
because there has never been

without a handshake,
When it started to be Presidential.
you knew this was hardly going

It's a disgrace of yourself.
and you ought to be ashamed

is absolutely false
Everything he just said

but I'm not surprised. Oh, really? those Trump sex tapes
How would he handle released over the weekend? Well, like a true politician - he avoided the question.
which he says he's not, I was embarrassed by it, for women.
but I have tremendous respect Have you ever done those things? And women have respect for me. No, I have not. to make this country safe -
And, I tell you, I am going which we don't have now
we will have borders not on his opponent,
He quickly turned the tables - but her husband - was in the audience.
who, rather uncomfortably, far worse -
If you look at Bill Clinton, and his were actions.
mine were words, in the history of politics
There's never been anyone abusive to women.
in this nation who has been more You can say it any way you like to women,
but Bill Clinton was abusive those same women -
Hillary Clinton attacked Four of them here, tonight.
attacked them viciously.

at 12 years old,
One of them a wonderful woman,

was raped at 12. on two separate occasions
Her client was seen laughing at the girl who was raped.

Hillary put me through something
At 12-years-old, a 12-year-old through.
that you'd never put

Just hours before the debate... have asked to be here.
These four very courageous women put on a bizarre news conference
..the presidential hopeful with four women - of rape.
one accusing Bill Clinton

some bad words,
Mr Trump may have said but Bill Clinton raped me threatened me,
and Hillary Clinton there's any comparison.
I don't think

was awkward,
Much of the five minutes

and without explanation. Thank you all very much. FROM MEDIA)

Bill Clinton looked on,

during the debate.
as it continued He was impeached. to practice law,
He lost his licence to one of the women.
he had to pay an $850,000 fine When I hear something like that, Michelle Obama says,
I am reminded of what my friend when they go low, you go high. (CHEERING)

also has to be diplomatic.
But a president So, finally, about each other?
was there anything they like I respect his children. and devoted
His children are able about Donald.
and that says a lot

she doesn't give up.
She doesn't quit, I respect that. will be declared leader
Next month, one of these two of the western world.

presidential debate
The third and final will be held on October 19th. on A Current Affair -
Still to come the war against the drug ice, most popular tourist locations.
at one of Australia's has become a paradise lost.
that Byron Shire

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Tomorrow night -

a beautiful holiday destination.
how ice is slowly destroying

on A Current Affair -
Breaking the ice in Byron, favourite tourist destinations
how one of Australia's of an ice epidemic.
is in the grips

It is genuinely paradise lost.

the region
Now, the fight to take back from drug dealers and users. to see how people end up.
It just breaks your heart

only on A Current Affair.
That report tomorrow - Thanks for your company. Goodnight.
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Last night was laundry,
hallway and powder room judging.


I'm loving this.

And, after last-minute
wall and floor disasters...

It's 15mm too high.

You've gotta rip it up.
Very disappointing.

Two teams threw in the towel early.

No surprises here. Karlie and Will
took out the first prize.

Despite coming second,

Kim and Chris were
hauled over the coals.

I think that instantly looks better.

Impulse reaction...God,
it feels a bit jail like.

Got a hint of
the public toilet about it.

Wow! Riveting.

Tonight, The Block has turned
into a bloody battlefield.

Shoot me in the face.

Sasha shares blows
with builder, Leon.

Everything has to be done by
tomorrow night, eight o'clock.

We can only do what we do.
It's unacceptable.

And, it's a war of wills
between apartment one and two.

We're getting it done now! Obviously
you don't want to work with anyone.

You just want to do your own thing.

Exactly right.
There you go.

You're being quite selfish, William.

Captioned by Ai-Media

After a tough judging on their
hallway, laundry, and powder room,

the teams are on their way back to
the Block from my HQ.

Last place was Dan and Carleen.

I can't believe they scored 11.
It's pretty harsh, eh?

And, they're not exactly bringing

out the marching band
for Will and Karlie's win.

Will and Karlie are starting
to make me feel sick.

Yes. They are.


MOCKS KARLIE: That would be really
great, you know.

We've got the kitchen and the thing
and we've got no money left.

Kim and Chris might have come

but feel compared to everyone else,

they were heavily
wasted by the judges.

I'm broken with the comments.
I sat there and I thought,

"Are you for real?"
All people are gonna hear.

They're not gonna see that.
The comments are made.

Our friends are gonna sit there and
think, "(BLEEP) they're coming last."

Don't worry, Kim. It's your
turn to be judge and jury.

While winners, Will and Karlie
head off for some snuggle time

at a Stayz holiday cottage,
both complete an incomplete

hallway, laundry and powder
rooms are now open for inspection.

I'm sure this will be a
barrel of laughs.

Karlie and Will were one of only
three couples

that completed their rooms.

They won convincingly. At least
six points ahead of any other team.

I feel awesome about last night.

We got the win.
Hallway week was a massive week.

Obviously had the powder room
and the laundry to do also.

But um, we came out on
top, which is awesome news.

Standout features for their
hallway were their ceiling...

That ceiling is amazing.
It's so vast, isn't it?

..And, the Christian Cole
custom-made sideboard.

This is also really beautiful.
I love the timber grain.

I'm loving this.

Oh, wow!

Go, Karlie!
The lighting is unreal.

They deserved to win.
I love the LED around the ceiling.

They've done an amazing job.
That's beautiful that piece.

Is that the Christian Cole?

Look at that!

It spells quality.
He's got it going on.

It does feel really

spacious, doesn't it?
Yeah. It's beautiful.

Oh, that's cute but um, this