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in Macgregor after failing to stop charged.
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stage for the 4th annual Gundaroo
Music Festival. And Nathan Lyon says int
he' d love to force his way back into Australia' s limited overs side Internationa
for December' s One Day International against New Zealand at bac
Manuka Oval. The off spinner was vi
back in Canberra today for a quick visit - ahead of a massive summer of cricket. good night. And that' s WIN News for the
Monday 10th October. Join us for a
the All Australian News at midnight Canbe
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Tonight: It's been a big bad week for Donald Trump. Today's debate was make or break. So how did he go? Could a new drug that could melt cancer see an end of chemotherapy? After the most controversial Bathurst 1000 in decades, drivers Jonathan Davison and Jonathon Webb join us to defend their victory. And: Fresh from completing the world's toughest ironman event, we talk to the truly inspiring Turia Pitt. That and today's top news stories, this is The Project. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hello, welcome to The Project. Back with us tonight is Steve Price. Thank you. (CHEERING AND We should say, a big congratulations because you were part of the best on-air AM radio team in the country, Steve Price. Congratulation!My Gold Logie moment! Not quite a Gold Logie, about as heavy. But thank you. When you sit through an an awards event and yours is the last one, it's nice to win it.Time to see what's making news this Monday, the 10th of October. Cricketers Brad Haddin, Doug Bollinger and David Warner have all given evidence on the opening day of the inquest into Phillip Hughes' death. They all deny claims the NSW team had a plan to target Hughes with Bodyline-style deliveries. Bollinger insists he didn't direct a sledge at Hughes has his family continues the search for answers.They haven't been looking forward to this week. And they're hoping that perhaps there will be a positive amount come out Phillip's death.The man accused of murdering New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright on the Gold Coast in 2014 has begun in Brisbane. Her mother and sister sobbed as the court was told he tried to choke the 26-year-old before her fatal fall from the balcony of his 14th floor apartment. Gable Tostee has pleaded not guilty. Victoriians spent the day cleaning up after winds up to 120km/h wreaked havoc. One woman was killed and 20 other people were injured as the wild weather brought down trees and powerlines damaging homes and blocking roads. Tonight more than 40,000 properties remain without power.Sitting there minding my own business - we just hit the bathroom and wiped that out.This was just a crunch and I just said to my children, "That's a house. I can hear that's a house."And this tricky new selfie trend could lead to a few smashed phone screens, social media users are throwing their phones in the air trying to snap a pic of themselves trying to high-five themselves. It started after this guy shared his strange feat on Twitter scoring hundreds of thousands of refeats.-- re-Tweets. The golden days of planking.We should see us after 20 minutes today - oh! The best pic, what queue do your set your phone on timer and it goes three, two, and you throw it in the air. This is the most successful photo Pete and I had. (LAUGHTER) It's the photo taken on the ground after our... Sounds like something the phone company has dreamed up to make us smash up phones.Do we need anymore help smashing our phone?No, we didn't.We need to get a life. Yes.That's...On concentrate in the meeting!Congratulations to Nico Rosberg for his victory at the Japanese Grand Prix on the weekend. Riccardo Rick came in sixth. Riccardo still had an influence on the podium.How important is it today not to have Daniel Ricciardo up here to have a shoey again, the drink out of the shoe.I make sure he never wins again this year, I don't want to drink anymore out of his shoe.People don't like drinking out of shoes.Did you drink out of a shoe when you won on Saturday?I was drinking but not out of a shoe. (LAUGHTER) . Last Monday we reported on Donald Trump's worse week ever. This week - well, he managed to make it worse and that was before he even went into today's second presidential debate. The first debate was trump versus Clinton. This one was Trump versus himself. After the leak of a disgusting video on which he bragged about sexually assaulting women, Trump was fighting hard to avoid a complete meltdown. He set the tone with a predebate press conference with women who have accused Bill Clinton of assault.Mr Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any comparison.And on the debate stage, here is how he addressed his own history.Certainly not proud of it but this is locker room talk. When we have a world where you have ISIS chopping off heads, I will take care of ISIS. We should get on to much more important things.It didn't get better from there.Look at Bill Clinton, there's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.Trump truch's strategy was deflect, deflect, deflect, make it about anything other than that videotape. Clinton clearly keeping it about that and keeping about what sort of a person Donald Trump really is.Constantly interrupting and speaking over his opponent, Trump glossed over every substantial issue from healthcare... You will have the finest healthcare plan there is... To Islamophobia. You're right about Islamophobia, that's a shame but whether we like it or not, there is a problem. It's radical Islamic terror.And uniting the country.We have a divided nation because people like her, and believe me she has tremendous hate in her heart. She's got tremendous hatred.Any minute not talking about that videotape is a win for him and there are a lot of minutes in that debate like that. On that score, he actually did better than I imagined he would.This isn't to safe that Hillary Clinton had a perfect night. He defined the terms of most of the debate. He clearly rattled Secretary Clinton on stage, rattled her campaign off-stage.By the end of the debate she was talking for the purpose of talking. She looked tired to me.In the end this exchange probably sums it up best.Did he have the discipline of being a good leader?No.I'm shocked to hear that.Steve Clemons is the editor at large for the Atlantic and he joins us now from One Nation. Steve, after that horrible tape emerged, Trump lost a huge amount of support from party leaders but now that the debate is over, how will voters respond? ?Well, we have seen a lot of polling, quick polling, and I have seen a lot on twitter, there is some that have moved to the sort of never-Trump campaign or never-Trump side of the line right now. But on the whole, it seems that most of Trump supporters are sticking with Trump. He can't win just with those supporters. He has to win with some independence and some of these other groups that have problems with him. But what's interesting is that his base seems to be rock-solid and undeterred by even these very awful things they heard on tape.So, Steve, here we are at a distance looking at this, you have got a presidential debate, one of the candidates is caught on tape talking about assaulting women, the other candidate's husband is accused of rape and three of the alleged victims are sitting in the front row, can you understand we sit and look at this and go, "What the hell is going on over there?"Well, look, many Americans that are living here are asking exactly the same question you are. It feels really horrible. But even beyond that, Donald Trump saying that when he got into office, he would appoint a special prosecutor to go after her and to put her in jail. And this was said on national - this has never happened before in the United States. It's a remarkable change of events, and I think it's got a lot of Americans worried but certainly it's got to plant a lot of doubts in the rest of the world about what's going on here in Washington.Steve, thank you very much for your thoughts. (APPLAUSE) Thank you, good to talk to you.I watched the whole thing today and it's interesting now to see Steve there in the US and other commentators saying that Trump did better than anyone thought. When you saw what came out of the weekend, it was either going to be a complete and utter train wreck or he was going to try to save his campaign. I don't think he did himself any damage today, but the damage that was done when that video came out is probably cooked his campaign, I would think.Yeah. I feel - I wonder if there's a low bar with Trump? All he has to do...There's a low bar for both of them.Trump's judged by completely - if he doesn't say something really horribly offensive, suddenly he's presidential. This clip - I think we heard sleeve mention there, Donald Trump threatens to throw Hillary Clinton in jail if he wins - I have never seen anything like this before, have a look.If I win, I am going to instruct my Attorney-General to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country. Because you'd be in jail.Wow!It's different. Very different.It's just - that's not the way democracy is meant to work, is it?I just thought - wouldn't it better to get both the Vice Presidential candidates and let them run?We got lots more coming up. Stay with us. We'll be back in a moment.Coming up. The causy film taking world by storm. The boys from Boys In The Trees join us live at the desk. And we catch up with Olympic diving champ Matthew Mitcham. You're


(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back. You're watching The Project.Growing up as a teenager in the suburbs can be a horror story in itself. Throw in some supernatural forces and you got yourself one hell of a story. Suburbia in the '90s has never been quite as spooky as this.Did you ever say that you'd will there for someone -- you'd be there for someone and then you weren't?Boys In The Trees is a supernatural coming of age story about two estranged teens who find themselves together on Halloween.Walk me home. Not going anywhere with you.You owe me. Old pal.For Corey and Jonah, played by Toby Wallace and Gulliver McGrath, what starts off as a normal walk home descends into a dark and terrifying nightmare.Once we cross, you leave the mortal realm. Just a stupid game. Trying to spook each other. Let's play again.Can a ghost story save a severed friendship.Who wants to go hunting?Jonah!Would you please welcome the stars of the film - it's Toby Wallace and Gulliver McGrath! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Guy, congratulations on the film, a stunning film, very scary. There was a story last week about these clowns going around the US scaring people. We covered iter hoo. We spoke to Snuggle, the clown, there were rumours that it was going to be a marketing campaign for a film. Are you guys behind this.Totally, 100%. A gimmick.The timing is nice, though?It works perfectly. I was thinking of dressing up as a clown to go to Halloween. But it's irrelevant now.That might actually really scare people.It's getting properly scary. Your characters are both relatable and there's a whole bullying thing, bully, I don't know what you call someone...Bullying. That sort of thing going on, did you ever experience that and draw on that from your time at school?Um... I don't know. When you go to school there's a bit of banter, I don't think anybody has gone through what Jonah has gone through. I'm sure people have, but he handles it in a strange way. It's - his own experience, you need to draw from a place where you haven't gone before. At least that's my experience. You're still at school. You're in the middle of your year 12 comam champions at the moment. How hard is it to study when you're a movie star.At the moment I need to focus on school, just because you're coming to end of it, you need a - oh! You need to focus on it. Make sure you're educated.The next exam? Theatre studies actually! (LAUGHTER) The film! There it is!Really can't give you anything but an A on that, can they?We'll see.How did it feel getting a standing ovation in Venice at the film festival.It was incredible. The code of ethic, at the end of your film you have to stand up in the middle of the cinema and even there applauds you, they did it for about 10 members and you have these spotlights shine down on you and you have to take it.Did you believe it was happening.No, at all. I think if we sat down, they probably would have stopped clapping!
(LAUGHTER) We milked it! It was good. It went well. Incredible reception, yeah.I like this convention - I think we should implement it here.I'll stand up myself. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) We have run out of time for the guys.Gulliver, you're only 18, doing year 12. You worked with some pretty big names, right. Scorsese, Spielberg, Tim Burton. Who is your favourite? We won't tell the other two?That's not fair.It is fair. They're all so charming and wonderful. I wasn't pick them. They all had their moment.They all had their moments?! They'll all turn OK if they stick at it?What about some of your favourite actors. You worked with Daniel Day Lewis and Lincoln.I have a couple of stories.Do tell! Actually after I finished filming, I read him a little letter to say thank you. He was so nice of me. And he was supportive of me and my mum. She's a neuroscientist. He said she should go back to neuroscience, instead of... I don't know. And, it was this lovely experience, and like I goat to call him papa even though everyone called him Mr President. You called him papa?Yeah, to help him to get in character. I read in this letter on the last day of shooting, and it was this - just a nice little letter to say thank you and it was a pleasure working with you. In return he gave me this net that said, you know, it was lovely working with you, and he called me my character's name and he gave me this 18th century sailor's knife that he had since he was 20 and I still got it.Wow.It's this beautiful thing and it's lovely gesture. I don't know...Oh!I would get that locked up now, if I was you!It's in a chest in my house. Congratulations on the success of the film. Boys In The Trees is released nationwide October 20. We better let you go study. Would you please thank Toby Wallace and Gulliver McGrath. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) We're going to go to a break. Back in a moment.

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Welcome back. You're watching The Project. Now the US damage bill from Hurricane Matthew is tipped to reach $8 billion as the massive storm moves out to sea. Hurricane Matthew killed 1 people in the states and the danger remains in North Carolina. There have been more than 700 rescues as flood waters continue to rise.This storm is not over for North Carolina. When you go from a category four hurricane to a category one, the danger and harm is still there.In Haiti where Matthew claimed 900 lives, three days of national mourning has begun. 4-time Batty winner Jamie Whincupen and his Red Bull Racing Team are appealing the 15 second penalty that ultimately cost him yesterday's big race at Mount Panorama. It was imposed following a controversial crash at The Chase with 11 laps to go. The Peter Brock Trophy going to Jonathan Davison and Jonathon Webb. So for now Jonathon Webb and Jonathan Davison are this year's Bathurst 1000 champions, they June us now. Congratulations, guys! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thank you.Thanks so much.A very long night of celebrations, yeah? Well, believe it or not, we're saving that up. We have been a long day, we had an early start. By the time we packed up, you know, with the guys in the garage, we'll save it up for when we're home in a couple of days.Probably best, because it's not a protest. This could all go away. How do you feel about Jamie Whincup's protest?It's a tough sport, everyone wants to try to win it. They didn't win it, so, look, some way call them bad sports. We're not thinking too much about it. We stood on the top step and take that trophy home.Did you say some people might call them bad sports, is that what you said?Yeah, I know there's plenty of talk around, plenty of probably, you know, bad stuff on the media, but as we said, we're well passed that. We're just enjoying the spoils at the moment.Well done slipping it in!That last lap or two laps were two of the most incredible laps in Batty history. -- Bathurst history. Did you actual run out of petrol? Yeah, on the run down to the last corner it starting coughing on fuel. As I accelerated over the finish line, it was running out. The whole last 10-lap battle was massively stressful.I know how you feel, I run the gauntlet all the time. Do you often let the family sedan run down make sure the missus the fill it up.We haven't had this much and stress act an empty tank of fuel. I think we need to do it regularly. Did you turn the radio off, it can also chew up petrol I believe.The air-con.That's right! (LAUGHTER) What sort of radio you got in your car? Just a narky engineer screaming numbers at me.You got to carry a jerry can around with you.I think that's the trick. We'll carry an extra 20 in the passenger seat next to us just in case.Congratulations. Thanks very much for joining us. Thank you.Thank you. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Amazing race. Another break. We'll see you soon.


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Husband - fake. Children - actors. And is that an orchestra? No, that's the sound of luxury. But strip away the cliches
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If you have just joined us, here is what's making news this Monday. More than 40,000 homes in Victoria remain without power tonight as the clean-up continues fellowing yesterday's wild storm. Winds of up to 120km/h left a trail of damage. One woman was killed when a tree fell on her house. Homes and cars were damaged. This school was wrecked.Just crazy. Can't believe that massive tree came down and just destroyed a whole classroom.Yeah, very scary. They said it was a one in five year event. I haven't seen anything like it really.A dramatic development in the Tialeigh Palmer case. The 12-year-old's foster mother and brother are said to become prosecution witnesses. The court's heard Julene and Joshua Thorburn will plead guilty to perjury and attempts to pervert the course of justice.Albeit late, they are now giving their complete cooperation to the police investigations and once more they have now taken the step of agreeing to be prosecution witnesses and to give evidence about everything they know.Samsung has halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone amid further fire fears. The move comes after reports replacements for handsets that were catching on fire were also exploding. Retails and telcos in Australia have stopped sending the phones to customer. An American man has accidentally donated all of his clothes to charity after discoveries bed bugs in his house, he attempted - he emptied his entire wardrobe into garbage bag which is he put outside hoping the sun would kill the critters. Two days later the bags were gone with a thank you note from a local charity in their place. (LAUGHTER) This guy had no luck. Last year he accidentally donated his kidney. What about all the people in the suburbs now that are walking around in bed bugs!Now he has no clothes, he can legitimately go along to the charity and ask for clothes.I don't want the ones with the beg bugs.A long time ago I arrived home and all my clothes were out on the nature strip. I can't remember now why that happened! Moving on. The Australian Open is one of the great sporting events. No doubt about that! Looking forward to it next year. It's summer, it's tennis, it's a summer of tennis! Let's see how the launch went today. Good morning, everyone. It's a great time of the year when we get to look forward to the summer of tennis. (LAUGHTER) And the open session which is the middle terrace, a whole bunch of music throughout the two weeks, never done a launch like this before.

(LAUGHTER) I think everybody, we might reset for a moment. You got to love Melbourne, don't you, summer of tennis.Were those timings accurate or did you round down?Might have round down.A revolutionary new drug for lung cancer sufferers is being trialed in Sydney and the results have been remarkable. Picture this - you're 62 and you have just been diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. You have a 2% chance of surviving the next five years.I didn't have any pain, I didn't know that I had a problem until there was an X-ray taken. I took it as a death sentence at that stage.By the time Michael Gordon found out he had cancer, it had already spread to his chest and neck.Chemo wasn't really an option at that stage. It was the case of trying a new drug and if it worked for me, it could work for potentially millions of other people.Michael was one of the first lung cancer sufferers to be treated with Keytruda. A drug already being used to fight melanoma, 2.5 years later, he's in remission.I'm over the moon, ecstatic, can't be any better than being in remission. Gives you back your life.Lung cancer kills around 9,000 Australians every year, more than any other form of the disease. So far, the treatment has proven three times more effective than chemotherapy. Here is how it works - cancer cells are normally able to hide from the immune system by disguising themselves as regular cells. Keytruda basically ripped off their disguise which allows the body's T-cells to attack the cancer cells. Having proven effective with melanoma and now lung cancer, it's hoped that Keytruda could revolutionise the treatment of other forms of cancer.This is really exciting era. Yes apart from melanoma and lung cancer, we see it in other cancers as well with on-going studies. This is incredibly exciting. Think about lung cancer is the five year survival rate is so low. I think it's only increased 7% in the last 30 years. Currently sits at 15% which for, you know, a sufferer is - you quo want to feel hope and this will provide hope. It's an incredible breakthrough.Have there been a lot of cancer-related stories lately.Yes, incredible.And the progress with immunotherapy, because that means the side effects are less for people going through it.And lung cancer is an awful way. My brother died from mesothelioma. It's such an awful way to see someone go. So - the thing about this, this was a drug meant for something else. Almost like a bonus breakthrough. Then the question is will it be accessible through the PBS. If you find a new application for a drug that already exists, it then has to be approved again by the TGA for that other thing. Still has a process to go through, but...It's promising if it's been approved for melanoma.Not the same as having to make a whole discovery, is it. Really good news. Alright, now... Science wins once again.It does. Now, over the weekend, a tape was release which had shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2005 making offensive comments about women and apparently condoning sexual assault. And that's something we should talk about. Less than a month from potentially being elected the next President of the United States, this tape was released. On that bus was Donald Trump talking to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush as the pair approach the set of Days Of Our Lives, Trump and Bush spotted actress Arianne Zucker. The tape allowed us to hear what Donald Trump sounds like when he's literally behinded closed doors. And this is what it sounds like.

That's sexual assault. And this is the moment - this is if moment - that everything we have suspected about Donald Trump was confirmed. Behind closed doors, there is everything that makes our stomachs turn, the predatory nature, the privilege, the sexism, the double standards, the sinister motivation behind closed doors, this is what Donald Trump sounds like. Now, watch the shift when Donald Trump emerges through the bus door, which he expected to be opened for him, we see the Trump he wants us to see, knows the camera is on him, knows the woman attached to those nice legs can hear him, and Donald assumes the role he has to play - of being a relatively normal human being.

Now, people have rightly pointed out that drimp has said a lot of offensive things over the 11 years since that tape was recorded, many within the last 15 months of him running for President. And just consider this - I'm not talking about a dictator here - I'm talking about the Republican presidential candidate. He's told us Mexicans are rapists, he's encouraged violence at his rallies, called for a ban on the immigration of Muslims. He's aligned himself with white supremacists. He's advocated torture and the murder of women and children in the hunt for terrorists.You have take out their families. When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.Every time he said these things and being challenged, eventually he's claimed, "Obviously didn't mean what you think I meant and we have moved on." Because the Trump circus has moved on to the next controversy. But this time - people aren't moving on. Instead, many from his party, including Senators and Governors, have sought to distance themselves from Trump, withdrawing their endorsement of him. They have been tearing apart the rule books hoping to find a way to replace him.He's the Republican nominee and unless he chooses to get out of the way, his name will appear on those ballots. His name is on the ballots which have already been used in voting which underway right now across in states of the US.Those outside the political class aren't moving on either. Other the weekend Canadian writer Kelly Oxford took to Twitter and wrote. writer Kelly Oxford took to Twitter
and wrote.

What follows under the hashtag notokay were 140,000 devastating stories of abuse from women all over the world. Australian women were represented as well which is not surprising - given the latest research in Australia shows that last year, police recorded 21,380 Australians were victims of sexual assault. How many assaults went unreported? We don't know!When you think about it, almost every woman you know will have a similar story. Now, there will be some who will attempt to defend Trump's behaviour. What he said was vulgar, I don't support it whatsoever. It was said not on camera. It was said behind is scenes and it was a tape-recording. Let's be honest about it - there are a lot of men out that say horrific things.Yeah, and we wouldn't want those guys to be the most powerful person on the planet either. This is a man who, when he thinks no one can hear him, boasts about sexual assault. And the problem here is that this isn't a surprise. It doesn't jar with the image Trump puts forward publicly - it just completes it.There are no execution kuss for violence or sexual violence, no excuses are for - talking about women in this particular way.It just goes to show there's a global culture of disrespect for women in general and if you can make comments like that and people will still vote for you, we have got a long way to go in this fight. A long way to

We have spent the last 15 months since Trump announced he was running for President laughing at him. It seemed the only appropriate response for someone so ludicrous, and sure sat tire can be an effective tool to reveal the limitations of our political leaders, but the problem in this case - is that we have been laughing when we should have been taking a breath. By treating Trump like a clown, we failed to recognise him as a potential President. We all need to change that - me included - even though we're on the other side of the world and our coverage of the US election won't even register on Trump's radar. We feel that as part of the media, we can't continue to be so narrow in our thinking and our report k, our analysis, you deserve better than that and we need to own up to that. Donald Trump hasn't been a laughing matter for a long time. We're making this commitment - between now and the election, no more jokes about truch truch because sexism -- Trump because sexism is no laughing matter, and racism is no laughing matter. Sexual assault is no laughing matter and for those reasons and sadly many more, Donald Trump is no laughing matter. (APPLAUSE)

(APPLAUSE) Welcome back. The Bathurst 1000 was all about honouring the 10th anniversary of racing icon Peter Brock's tragic death. Last night the story of his life kicked off in Ten's two-part mini-series Brock. We sent our V8 superstar Grant Denyer to check it out. Brockie was a sporting legend, to generations of Aussies including the man now suiting up to play him. Watched him race up and down that mountain, you know, and even had the toy car when I was growing up. Now to get a chance to step into the suit, it's a real honour.To step into the high-performance cars, well, that's just something else!As soon as you get one of these cars and you start it... Everyone just stops. Every man on set goes... And every lady goes, "Oh, my God."The attention to detail in recreating Brock's cars is incredible with eight replicas brought in from his tribute museum.We got it right, they have to pause it to pick it.A lot of the race fooming we're using is actual footage because you stick me in one of these cars I'm just going to stall it up the mountain and I'm probably closer to Peter Brick than Peter Brock.Recreating racing scenes in the vintage cars isn't easy, especially on a 40 degree day.The challenge is the heat at the moment, isn't helping us out, the cars boil rather easy. These cars are airconditioning sh - not so flash.Zero and we got drivers in old overalls and helmets. That ain't going to stop me from taking one for a spin. This is Alan Moffat's car.Yeah.You're fan-girls over a car is an actual thing, that would be me right now. This is boyhood dream come true stuff! You're Alan Moffat.Brendan Could playing Brock's infamous rifle Alan Moffat.They wouldn't get on the same aeroplane as each other but they had so much respect because they made each other better. He was Brocky's idol.Playing one of the best known and loved names in racing history comes with a fair amount of pressure.Getting the accent right has been kind of a challenge for me very much just - because he's got quite a specific voice, not the cliche Canadian accent.I'm talking about Peter Brock and in the right car he could be dangerous. # Call me king of the mountain.Off screen mates Matt and Brendan headed out to the mecca of car racing before filming to get a good feel for their characters.We went up to Bathurst. Everyone who met him remember the first time they met him and they come up to me and say, he looked them in the eye, he thanked them, said their name. He had a way with people.We have been advised there's been a tragic accident and Peter Brock has been killed.His tragic death cut deep.You know, it was a big moment for me in my life because not only do I race cars and looked up to him, I was chatting to him that morning, I was in the same race.Were you?It was a random thing, almost not much of a corner, not a tricky corner.Slightly off, wasn't it?Yeah, slightly off, little bit damp.He was my idol, my champion, but at the end of the day, he was everyone's friend.My career is not Peter Brock's career, but off the back of something like off-spring were,ty realise the responsibility you have and tasted even a tiny bit of that and watching the way Peter dealt with it, I'm really respectful the way he went about his public life and also his private and racing life.What's more challenging - breaking hearts as Dr Patrick on Offspring or breaking records as Peter Brock?Breaking roshds as Peter Brock -- records as Peter Brock, I'd say. Applause plaud I met Brocky once. I was driving in the celebrity race and I had the driving suit on, he looked at me and soid, "Not only can't you drive, you don't even look like a racer." The sort of bloke he was. They did a fabulous job last night in a difficult area of Peter's life. There's been a long - lot of allegations about him being involved in domestic violence. They didn't dodge it last night, they told the story of his second wife, Michelle Downs, I think tonight's part two episode will be just as, you know, hard-hitting. It's not just Peter was a wonderful man. Peter wasn't Peter Perfect. It was an absolute legend but there's some parts of his life we had to look.Some dual natures with what goes on with sports people. Part two continues tonight at 9 o'clock here on Ten. Going back to Bathurst on the weekend. Congrats to the Channel Ten commentary team, they nailed it. Even the best of us sometimes get it wrong. Here is what happened after Rick Kelly hit the wall at Forest Elbow.So sit - oh there is a car on the wall and it's Rick Kelly and Forest Elbow. That's not going to get it out of there in a hurry. He might grab it. He has!He got out straightaway! (LAUGHTER) We're going to take a break. Coming up: Gold medal diving champion and Headspace ambassador - Matthew Mitcham opens up about the secret battles that drive him. This is The Project.

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(APPLAUSE) Welcome back. Now, over the last five years, Turia Pitt's inspired Australia with her strength and determination after suffering burns to 65% of her body in a bushfire during an ultramarathon in this the Kimberley. Doctors told her she'd never run again but she continues to defy all logic at the weekend completing the world's most gruelling triathlon event, the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. She finished the 3.8 K swim, 180 K cycle and 42.2 k run in 14 hours 37 minutes and 30 seconds. Ridiculous! The ironman herself, Turia, joins us from Hawaii, a place we'd all rather be. .Hello, thanks for having me, guys. This is an incredible achievement. How is the body feeling?I'm actually pulled up surprisingly well. I thought I'd be absolutely useless today, but, you know, I'm walking around, doing stairs just one at a time, and only maybe two max.It's like you don't have an off switch. Even reading your Instagram, after you said, "Not the perfect race, not everything went to plan." You have just such high expectations of yourself. You know you're allowed to go and chill out on the beach now forever!Yeah, I guess I think with the race and the - it's really, really hot over here, and it's really humid, and because of my burns I don't regulate my temperature as well. And I really struggled with that yesterday.When you say that your body - like you can't regulate your body temperature, can you give us an idea of what that means in as how that affects you when you're running and doing all these things?I guess, when you get hot, your body would sweat, and that sweat would cool you down. But burnt skin doesn't sweat. So then my body temperature just gets hotter and hotter and hotter. So my coach and I came up with a plan just to stop it ever aid station and douse myself with water. But there was two or three aid station where is they just ran out of water completely.Oh!That kind of knocked me out for the whole day. Not the whole day.Can that be dangerous for you, that your body can't do that. Or have you found ways to manage it? How would you know when you're getting to that point that it's too much?Yeah, I wear a heart rate monitor. So I got a heart rate monitor on and I can check my heart rate and I know my heart rate is too high, I have either got to cool myself down or back off.What do you think is going to be harder - that or wedding planning?I reckon wedding planning, hey!
(LAUGHTER) You're absolutely phenomenal, Turia. Congratulations again.Thank you, guys. (APPLAUSE) Now, young people are waiting up to six months to ask for help for mental health issues according to new research. A five year study found around half of 12-25 years olds put off asking for help because they're worried about the cost and what people would think.There's a huge unmet need for mental health care for young people and Headspace has gone a long way to opening the door, but there's still a lot of young people are not able to walk through it.Joining us now in the studio Headspace's newest ambassador - Matthew Mitcham. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome to the show.Thank you. Nice to be here in the studio finally.I love the T-shirt.It's my favourite colour.
(LAUGHTER) Yes, now, tell us about your experience with depression and anxiety?Yeah, I had depression from 14-18. But I guess like the statistics say, I didn't tell anybody about it because especially in this macho sporting environment, I saw mental health issues as a weakness. I couldn't let anybody know I had a weakness. But I think also, yeah, the shame was just so great because, you know, I think a lot of people's depression, anxiety, comes on because of trauma, but then there are some people who are just genetically predeposed to these diseases. They suffer equal, but it's consequently these people who shame themselves so much for their unjustified depression, and that prevents them from reaching out. Your struggle really peaked at the sort of pinnacle of your career, you just won gold and that's when - I think a hard thing - would be a hard thing for people to understand. Yeah, from 14-18, but I didn't actually address any of the underlying causing of this depression. I did have some relief for a couple of years, that's - Beijing happened in that time. Because I didn't address those issues, my depression did come back, and that was really self-esteem based and so I just went back to the last coping mechanisms I used as a teenager to change the way I felt, and that was alcohol and drugs.So what sort of difference can it make if someone tries to get help earlier and doesn't wait that time?Well, I mean, the longero u wait, the more risk you are of, you know, it being the ultimate choice. And so that's what Headspace is doing - trying to make early intervention available with, you know, at free or low-cost because price is a factor for a lot of kids. Once that they get past the shame, which I'm here to talk about, that's why I share my story is to help try to reduce the stpig ma, once they get past that shame barrier, that's what Headspace is there for - to provide the services so that any kid in Australia has access to youth-friendly mental health healthcare service.You got a new career going on, you combined mental health with cabaret and the ukulele, thank God somebody did it. There was a gap in the market! You're going to play us out.Why not.Got about 50 seconds left. # positive
# Eliminate the negatives # And latch on to the afimplive - -- affirmative

# Don't mess with Mr In Between # Don't mess with Mr In has Between. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Trying to remember where it was from, we talked about it.Probably the only live performance you had the show.That ad, that healthcare ad.Yes, it was an ad. Anyway, it's Headspace Day tomorrow. Thanks to much per coming on. Go to the web page for all the details. Thank Steve Price for joining us. Captions by Ericsson Access Services.

on Australian Survivor,

divisions were growing in the once
unbreakable Saanapu alliance...

SAM: Not everyone's gonna be able
to play an honest game.

There's gonna be
some level of deceit.

..with power couple Lee and El
questioning their allies' loyalty.

EL: I'm starting to feel
that Brookie and Matt and Sam

are planning something
behind our backs.

Stop! When Brooke won immunity...

OTHERS: Yeah! Whoo!

..JL tried to exploit the cracks.

You guys can sit and be like,
"Yeah, we're top five,

"we know what we're doing,"

but this is the point in the game
where it's like people
will get dirty.

People need to start
having that on their mind.

It creates paranoia
and it's perfect for me.

But with half a million dollars
on the line...


..the alliance managed to hold firm
through another Tribal Council.

The tribe has spoken.

Thank you.

Bye, guys. Bye.

Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

SAM: Alright.

BROOKE: Another Tribal Council
done and dusted.

SAM: Done and dusted.
MATT: And then there were seven.

LEE: Watch it, Flick. The rocks.

Sorry. Ooh.

MATT: That Tribal was not easy.
SAM: Oh, look at that baby!

It was so weird.

Why are we getting knowledge from
someone that's getting voted out?

BROOKE: Jennah-Louise
went home tonight,

and I'm really happy about it.

I'm glad we got rid of her.
SAM: Yep.

MATT: It should have happened
a lot earlier.

FLICK: How funny was it, how she
said me and you are on the outside?

FLICK: JL said that I was
sitting at the bottom.

It was a very big concern for me.

I'm thinking,
"How can I move forward?"

Obviously, you have to
start thinking about,

you know, what's
gonna happen at the end.

And I think it's, you know, now
when a big move has to be made.

MATT: Everyone's aware of it.

BROOKE: Everyone wants
the money, but...

Don't get greedy.

FLICK: You've got people that you're
really good friends with out here.

But at the end of the day,

I want to win
that half a million dollars.

So, a big move
is gonna have to happen,

whether we like it or not.

And I want to be the person
to make that big move.

BROOKE: Morning.
LEE: Morning.

FLICK: OK, where's the machete?

Alright, guys, day 44.



11 days to go!

SAM: Well done, everybody.

EL: We've got a decent feed
this morning too.

SAM: That's Kristiana's.

Thank you very much.

That looks like a great amount
amongst seven. I love that.

FLICK: I've been thinking
a lot recently -

you know, there's seven of us
still left

and I'm in an alliance with Sam,
Brooke, El, Lee and myself. Lee and Sam are very close

and, obviously, me and Brooke
have been close since the get-go.

You know, she's got me through
a lot of hard times out here.

And I think El, while she's
a physical threat,

she's a really down-to-earth person

and I feel like
I get on with her really well.

And I get on with Brookie too,

but I just feel like El
is more real,

whereas Brookie, I feel like
she's putting on an act sometimes.

At some point in this game,

you're gonna have to write down
someone's name that you care about.

In the game of Survivor, sometimes
you have to make a big move

and you have to get rid of
people like that.

Otherwise you're not gonna win.

KRISTIE: It's such a beautiful day.


Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, exactly.

KRISTIE: Seven people!


(LAUGHS) Who would have thought?!

Little Kristie from Aganoa

has made it to the top seven. Um, somehow.

(LAUGHS) Nah, I know exactly how.

I've gotten here by playing
an independent game

and fitting into
other people's plans.

The game is a lot more subtle
than people think.