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in a mini bike crash
Today, a boy killed through Mount Druitt.
as police follow him

a bowlers' target?
Was Philip Hughes at the SCG.
Unravelling the tragedy Donald Trump lashes out -
No handshake, no love lost,

fails to land the killer blow.
but Hillary Clinton to overturn his own ban
Under pressure - the Premier on the greyhound industry. plans to transform Olympic Park
And 16 years on - into a bustling mini-city.

Good evening. has come to a tragic end
A joyride on a mini motorbike with a boy killed,
in Sydney's west, hospital with serious injuries.
and his friend tonight in

laps on a Mount Druitt street,
Police spotted the pair doing slammed into a ute.
moments before their bike

on the back of a mini-motorbike,
Two young boys

at Mount Druitt.
which speeds along a footpath follow behind them seconds later,
On CCTV, you see a police car

collides with the side of a ute
just moments before the bike on Kurrajong Avenue.
in a driveway backwards, no helmets on.
They were riding up the footpath

behind themselves,
They were looking and just cleaned the ute up. but the collision so severe
The pair was raced to hospital, shortly afterwards,
the driver of the bike died in a serious condition.
his passenger left

One was pretty bad. we were talking to him.
The other one was sort of... just squealing a bit.
He was sort of to hospital for mandatory testing
The driver of the ute was taken

but wasn't injured. and shaken, to be honest.
He looked pretty stunned He didn't see it coming. As news of the incident spread, for the young boys flowed online.
tributes and well-wishes

team has now been appointed
A critical incident investigation in the lead-up to the crash.
to look into just what happened engagement with the young boys
The circumstances of the police critical incident investigation.
is the subject of the It's not nice to see,

I'm pretty shaken up myself.
and you know,

is at Mount Druitt.
And Elise Baker on the other boy's condition?
Elise, what is the latest

The surviving teenager remains at tonight.
the entrance Hospital at Westmead tonight. We

tonight. We understand he may have and
sustained multiple leg fractures crash
and possible head injuries in the are
crash here at Mount Druitt. Police incident
are remaining tight-lipped on this figure
incident for now as they try to figure out just how this unfolded involved.
and just how their offices were

his tragic death at the SCG,
Almost two years after there's been an explosive start of cricketer Phillip Hughes.
to the coronial inquest on that fateful afternoon
Some of his opponents dished out bouncers and sledging
today faced allegations they that killed him.
in the lead-up to the delivery For the Hughes family, in cricket
reliving the saddest day was always going to be tough. left the court
So much so, father, Greg, delivery was replayed.
when video of the fatal

but looked away,
Mother, Virginia, remained Michael Barnes
leaving state coroner to provide the commentary.

seen as dangerous or violent,
Cricket is not generally completely unexpected
and the death was therefore and shocking. chasing a Test recall,
Two years ago,

was in dashing form
25-year-old Hughes bowled a bouncer,
when NSW paceman Sean Abbott striking him below the helmet. was just metres away,
Blues captain Brad Haddin behind the stumps:

While obviously an accident,

of the Hughes family,
the coroner, at the request is investigating suggestions

with bouncers by NSW.
Phillip was targeted Concerns have been raised the number of short balls
in relation to pace bowlers to Phillip Hughes.
that were delivered by the

by the lawyer
Under cross-examination Haddin denied
representing the Hughes family, an ungentlemanly way, saying:
his team treated the opener in

Next in the witness stand

Doug Bollinger,
was veteran fast bowler who faced allegations with bouncers,
that he not only targeted Hughes

partner, Tom Cooper, stating:
but sledged him and his batting

Bollinger told court:

by the Hughes' family lawyer,
But after being questioned again

he conceded:

were bowled on that fateful day.
The inquest heard 23 bouncers at Phillip Hughes.
20 of them were directed

Cricket Ground for us tonight.
And Damian is at the Sydney

will also look at
Damian, the inquest by emergency crews on that day?
the apparent slow response approximately an hour
Georgie, it took was hit to get him to hospital,
from the moment Phillip Hughes just a few kilometres from here. in the end -
But not that it mattered

his tragic death was inevitable
the hearing was told today by that delivery.
the moment he was struck on that day, Tom Cooper,
Georgie, his batting partner in the witness box tomorrow.
will be first

This is a five-day hearing. He can Tom
expect a traumatic day ahead for Tom Cooper.

It was Hillary Clinton's chance her White House rival.
to finally sink remarks about women surfaced,
Just two days after his crude Donald Trump was on shaky ground

presidential debate.
ahead of the second to land the knock-out blow,
But it seems the Democrat failed over who took home the title.
with commentators split

Hello. from the start,
Tensions were high the customary handshake,
the pair shunning the audience desperate to hear

his vulgar comments on women.
how Trump would explain This was locker room talk. I apologise to my family.
I'm not proud of it. he turned the topic to ISIS.
But in the same breath, I hate it.
Yes, I'm very embarrassed by it. and it's one of those things.
But it's locker room talk out of ISIS.
I will knock the hell

We're going to defeat ISIS. big diversion tonight,
OK, Donald, I know you're into talking about your campaign
anything to avoid and the way Republicans are leaving you.
and the way on other scandalous subjects,
The rivals sparred on her emails...
Trump taking Clinton to task a special prosecutor,
We're going to get because you know what?
and we're going to look into it, their lives have been destroyed
People have been... of what you've done.
for doing one-fifth And it's a disgrace, ashamed of yourself.
and honestly, you ought to be

It's just awfully good the temperament of Donald Trump
that someone with in our country.
is not in charge of the law Because you'd be in jail. Secretary Clinton...

(AUDIENCE YELLING AND CHEERING) was pressed on his taxes.
..while the Republican that $916 million loss
Did you use personal federal income taxes?
to avoid paying Of course I do. Trump's menacing body language,
Social media lighting up over looming over his opponent. the debate turned to policy.
It was almost 30 minutes before

I don't like Assad at all, Russia is killing ISIS.
but Assad is killing ISIS, to ISIS.
Russia hasn't paid any attention in keeping Assad in power.
They're interested going to be attacking Mosul
Why do they have to say we're which is what they're saying?
within the next 4-6 weeks, How stupid is our country?

about ISIS than the generals.
Donald says he knows more No, he doesn't. how the night was playing out.
But Trump wasn't happy with she went over a minute over
It's funny, and you don't stop her.

You have had many answers.
When I go one second over... It's really very interesting. We've got a question over here. drowning in scandal,
Trump came here tonight opportunity for Hillary Clinton.
and therefore providing an

take the gloves off,
While they did indeed Hillary missed that opportunity,
there is a feeling that as she should have.
and didn't put him away

from the start,
Trump was in damage control press conference
holding a pre-debate were abused by the Clintons,
with four women who say they one even claiming she was raped.

bitter blows...
And while the pair traded in her heart.
She has tremendous hate in an alternative reality.
He lives far from dominated.
..Trump's treatment of women

was perhaps more measured
Instead, the debate than many had predicted. are incredibly able and devoted,
His children about Donald.
and I think that says a lot anything else he says or does,
I don't agree with nearly but I do respect that. I will say this about Hillary.

She doesn't give up.
She doesn't quit. I respect that. on a handshake.
The pair even seeing out the show

A six-year-old boy has died

from a backyard swimming pool
after being pulled in Sydney's south-west. in Raby late yesterday afternoon,
Paramedics were called to a home

unconscious in the water.
after the child was found but was unable to be revived.
He was taken to hospital

has been released on parole,
A former special constable

to 18 months jail
after being sentenced in Sydney's west.
for supplying drugs in rehab
Brendon Hanson has spent time last September,
since he was arrested and dealing the drug ice.
after admitting to using was also fined $500
The 30-year-old two replica pistols in his home.
after police found

as a fork in the road
It's been described political career -
for Premier Mike Baird's on the greyhound racing ban.
a backflip

the Government
Nine News can confirm the ban will be reversed,
will tomorrow officially announce leaving serious questions of his leadership.
hanging over the credibility

it's horrific.
It is chilling, confronting, there is no other alternative.
I strongly believe That is firm.
The date has been locked in. trying to explain
He spent three months he labelled abhorrent.
why he put down an industry is about to concede
Now, Mike Baird

he got it very, very wrong. in a special Cabinet meeting.
It will happen tomorrow morning Nine News has learned will commission a report,
the Government with the industry
working on a plan to give them a second chance. checks throughout dogs' lives,
There will be constant welfare from racing.
especially after they retire

bred each year will be capped
The number of racing dogs at between 2,000 and 3,000. for those who live bait,
Lifetime bans will be imposed of jail time for animal cruelty.
and there's the threat

will also be looked at
Racing practices to help prevent injuries. There is a better way greyhound racing industry issues
of dealing with the

of the industry.
than a complete shutdown Embarrassingly for the Premier, new legislation
he will need to introduce to kill off his ban, Prohibition Bill
overturning the Greyhound Racing only six weeks ago.
which passed Parliament It's a dishlicker debacle. He'll have legislation he put through weeks ago.
to repeal the legislation

Some of his Cabinet colleagues with the decision,
are privately happy they're toeing the line.
but publicly, to the speculation there.
I'm not going to add we're a hard-working Government
As you appreciate,

that matter to the community,
focused on the things to further discussions.
and I look forward party rooms to be discussed.
It's for Cabinet and for our always has an opportunity
The Cabinet to revisit its decisions.

the industry's court.
The ball is in Nine News understands what they say they can do,
if they can't do the ban will be revisited, love, but their livelihoods,
trainers relieved not just their

will continue. has been hard to deal with.
The last three months on my family.
It's taken a toll quite a bit from it all,
The kids were stressed out

on television,
and reading a lot of propaganda we look after our greyhounds,
and they know how well and how well they're loved. will shore up the Nationals
Sources say the decision month's Orange by-election,
for a comfortable win at next looks safe too.
and Troy Grant's job

and Nine's Chris O'Keefe.
Live to State Parliament coming for a few weeks now.
Chris, this backflip has been What brought it to a head? at play here.
Georgie, there were a few things is the Nationals party room
The first and most pressing inside Parliament.
which is taking place right now

at a leadership spill
A group was willing to look if the ban wasn't reversed, would lose his job.
meaning Troy Grant

That is now unlikely to happen.

And then there was John Keniry, the industry down.
the expert tasked with shutting

he conveyed to the Premier
Nine News understands a ban was simply not possible, the right people.
because you could not compensate

has exploded in flames
A truck carrying cleaning rags

near Wilton.
on the side of Picton Road and escaped
The driver pulled over as the vehicle caught alight. It was soon engulfed by flames. to a small patch of grass,
The blaze spread were able to extinguish it
but firefighters nearby bushland.
before it reached

There was danger on the footpath

for scores of homes
and a blackout a power pole
after a truck hit and snapped at Manly this afternoon. along the street -
Live wires were left strewn and fire crews were on standby
police cordoned off the area for emergency power teams.
as they waited A long repair job is underway.

expected to once and for all
Labor's shadow Cabinet is tonight

marriage plebiscite.
formally kill off the same-sex of Parliament, though,
In today's spring sitting Malcolm Turnbull was today the Opposition to support it.
still pleading with

Hello, hello.
Hello, distinguished Victorians. 100 days since the election... Great to see you. found reason to celebrate.
..and Malcolm Turnbull

OK. with crossbench support, to pass, volunteers from union control.
legislation, he says, to protect firefighters as they defend us.
We are defending the

on the same election issues.
But under fire After 100 days, learnt anything about Medicare.
the Prime Minister still hasn't about Medicare
The Labor party has done nothing Australians with falsehoods.
except frighten vulnerable formalise its opposition
Labor will tomorrow marriage plebiscite,
to the same-sex

his MPs vote against it.
when Bill Shorten recommends get on, make their choice,
He should let Australians and it'll be done.
have their vote,

on this issue now,
We are white-hot and we need to deal with it now. in the Lower House tomorrow,
The legislation's due killed off in the Senate
and almost certainly before the end of the week.

The Senate today George Brandis,
focussed on Attorney-General and claims he misled Parliament Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson
about his row with over ministerial direction.

He's a serial offender. His arrogance, his contempt, and clear and honest
and his failure to be up-front with this chamber.

and I have a difference of view.
Obviously, the Solicitor-General I have another.
He has one view. at a Senate inquiry on Friday.
They'll get to put those views

will finally get a major overhaul
The home of the Sydney Olympics

16 years after the Games. New plans have been released of Sydney Olympic Park
for the biggest revitalisation since it was first developed, of new apartments
including thousands and hundreds of businesses. to the finished stadium,
From the first bulldozer the greater promise would be after the Games
of what Sydney Olympic Park a promise.
has always been just that - Some things don't change. We've got a vision places in Sydney.
to make this one of the best

after the Games under Labor,
But blaming a lost decade it's time to act,
the State Government says site's greatest transformation.
revealing a master plan for this

will definitely be acted upon.
This plan

holes in the donut, if you will,
We believe this is one of the of Sydney. It's an incredible opportunity. beyond event days
Now an area pretty much deserted will become a 24-hour mini-city, shops, restaurants, schools,
with new apartment towers, businesses and parks.

now live in 800 apartments.
2,100 people in 10,700 apartments by 2030.
Expect that to jump to 23,500

construction has already begun.
Some of that apartment people will not only live here,
Now, it's hoped many of those but work here, too. It might surprise you people currently working here,
that there are around 18,000 in the next 15 years.
but that's expected to double of better road connections
To help, there is the promise the Sydney Metro,
and then possibly extending and light rail,
adding extra buses there was no hard detail today.
although to be more than bold vision.
Business groups say there needs

new housing and new jobs here,
I think if we want to get we can. the transport fixed
We just need to get and rail access has to improve,
and that means road a new Metro and light rail, the worst roundabout in Sydney.
plus fixing public comment until November 15.
The plans are open for early next year.
Final blueprints will be released

at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look Good evening, Georgie. and windy day,
It was an extremely hot up to 12 degrees above average -
temperatures soaring

our warmest day since April. the airport and Richmond
The city, Olympic Park, 34 degrees,
all reaching a sweltering reached more than 60km/h
while warm north-westerlies

Bankstown and Camden.
at Richmond, the airport, Those gusty winds Blacktown Road in Londonderry -
fanning this grass fire on no threat to property
luckily, however, there was brought under control.
and the blaze was quickly Sydney right now,
A cool change is moving through bringing light, showery rain. before sunrise.
We are expecting 2-5mm

cooler than today.
Tomorrow will be dramatically a little later, Georgie.
I'll have your full forecast

See you then.

Thanks, Amber. In the news ahead, two elderly patients in her care.
the nurse accused of killing for three young men.
A disastrous end to a night out as a free lunch -
Proof that there is such a thing

a year's worth of groceries.
the job that comes with to cop some banter
And why Cooper Cronk is expecting from his Kangaroo teammates.

A woman has gone on trial,

two elderly patients
accused of murdering

on the state's north coast.
at an aged care home were among several patients
The court heard the two victims about the former nurse.
who had made complaints She came to Lismore Court of her mum.
clutching a photograph a symbol of the family's pain.
On her chest, the colour pink, Well, we're all very emotional. it's our grandmother,
It's our mum, it's our great-grandmother. and 77-year-old Isobella Spence
82-year-old Marie Darragh in their beds
were both found unconscious

in Ballina in May 2014.
at St Andrews Aged Care they'd been administered
Police allege by nurse Megan Haines.
a deadly dose of insulin

the 47-year-old had:
Today prosecutors told the jury

That the nurse was the:

were among several patients
The court heard both victims about Haines's care in the past,
who'd spoken out

been suspended
and the nurse had previously in Victoria in the mid-2000s.
from an aged care home in these homes
You put your loved ones

to be loved and looked after,
because you think they're going 24 hours a day
because you haven't got the time to look after them. to be looked after.
You expect them at St Andrews for just six shifts
Megan Haines had worked

when the incident occurred. to two counts of murder.
She's now pleaded not guilty and we're going to win.
We're here to fight this battle,

have been killed
18 people, including 10 soldiers, in southern Turkey.
in a suicide bomb attack

off at a military checkpoint.
A van packed with explosives went in the blast,
Another 27 people were injured on Kurdish militants.
which has been blamed

last week's devastating hurricane
The death toll in Haiti following

has now passed 1,000. about an outbreak of cholera
Aid agencies are warning of clean drinking water.
due to a lack are living in temporary shelters.
60,000 people

of international rugby league
A huge month

kicks off on Saturday, New Zealand in Perth.
when the Kangaroos take on Ken joins me now. for the Four Nations?
It will set the scene

It will, Georgie. of new talent in the team,
While Australia has a host need to be on their game
some familiar faces are to regain their dominance
if the Kangaroos of the international game, he'll be targeted by the Kiwis
and Johnathan Thurston knows

on Saturday. Even in Perth, and Cooper Cronk are the stars
Johnathan Thurston everyone wants a piece of.

from his grand final loss,
A week on

Cronk is back training. he's recovered physically,
He says will take longer to heal.
but the mental scars in my room for a while,
I've been hiding away trying not to read any papers,

what happened,
or trying to forget it's pretty tough,
but emotionally, but you do move on. And as a daily reminder, with premiership-winning Sharks
he's in camp and Valentine Holmes.
James Maloney

a couple of jibes later on
I'm sure there will be around, and the tour goes on,
as we get more comfortable I've lost a few grand finals.
but yeah, look, unfortunately, I've been in this position, and it's all fine.
so you all get along but that's fun and games,
There's a bit of banter, the other side,
because if I was on exactly the same.
I'd be doing it the green and gold,
But now they're in this weekend, New Zealand,
they have a common enemy expecting to cop the full brunt
and Johnathan Thurston is of the massive Kiwis. in international footy.
Oh, it always happens fair enough.
If teams want to target me, It just opens up options that I have around me.
for the players for over ten years.
Thurston has played for Australia he's got at least one year left
At 33, he's confident in the green and gold, hand over the reins.
and even then, won't willingly I've indicated to Mal representative football
that I'd still like to play

next year, if my form warrants selection,
so you know,

to play.
then I'll be putting my hand up I love representing my country

have to kick me off this team.
and they'll pretty much

including -
And there's plenty more to come, Shannon Boyd
the Kangaroos bolter his career was over.
tells us why he feared

And the race is over, the Peter Brock Trophy goes on.
but the fight for

All the details are little later in

Thanks, Ken. In the news ahead, on trial for murder - fell from a balcony.
the man whose Tinder date on a trucking firm
A surprise raid

caught up in a fatal crash - what did inspectors find? From $800 to $38 - the dramatic drop in price
what's behind for 500,000 Australians?
for an arthritis treatment

for some trapped racoons.
And a handy escape route

for a man
The murder trial has started

fell from a Gold Coast balcony,
whose Tinder date

audio recordings
with the jury hearing from the night she died. has pleaded not guilty,
Gable Tostee Zealand tourist Warriena Wright
claiming he restrained New

before she fell to her death.
in self-defence, the journey from New Zealand
Merzabeth Tagpuno made of murdering her daughter,
for the trial of the man accused

Warriena Wright. pleaded not guilty to murder.
She sobbed as Gable Tostee this morning, Mr Tostee?
How are you feeling

to having your day in court?
Or are you looking forward Warriena, known as 'Rie',
26-year-old New Zealander for a wedding in 2014,
had been in Queensland through dating app, Tinder.
when she met Tostee

and were intimate
The jury was told they drank Surfers Paradise apartment.
at Tostee's 14th floor from that night,
This is the audio

on his own phone:
recorded by Tostee

that recording:
The jury was played

told the court
Prosecutor Glen Cash

at Tostee,
Warriena started throwing things resulting in him:

recording, he said to his date:
The jury heard later in that

There is no allegation

from the balcony,
Tostee threw or pushed Warriena but the prosecution says caused her to be in fear,
his threat or intimidation

attempting to flee,
leading to her and that makes him responsible. told the jury
But his barrister, Saul Holt, if what happened:
they need to decide

Mareeza Wright,
Warriena's sister,

was the trial's first witness, speaking with her sister
testifying she had been

that night on Facebook. told her she had met a guy.
Rie sent her photos,

is facing further questions
An Australian man

of drug possession in Bali.
after being arrested on suspicion was detained,
48-year-old Giuseppe Serafino alongside a British man, hashish at his home in Sanur.
after police allegedly found in prison if found guilty.
The pair could face up to life

Police and transport inspectors

a Western Sydney trucking company
have raided fatal crash at Erskine Park.
involved in last week's double at fatigue management practices
Officers are looking closely what went wrong.
as they investigate

one of the trucking companies
It's the home of AK Group,

truck crash at Erskine Park.
involved in last week's fiery

the Kemps Creek premises,
And this morning, police raided demanding records, work diaries, are spending on the road.
of time drivers whether the driver,
They're investigating of the road,
who crossed on to the wrong side sparking the fatal fireball, was tired. What we've seen this morning of fatigue management.
is very poor evidence

heavy vehicles over 12 tonnes,
Transport companies operating they have work diaries
there's an expectation adequate rest periods.
and they maintain but also this -
Police seized documents, a stolen car.
what's believed to be to a break and enter
Police have allegedly linked it in the state's central west.
at Dubbo

with RMS inspectors
The joint investigation be taken off the road
demanded the entire fleet for inspection.
to Wetherill Park

The report card? Not good. the company's 20 vehicles
RMS officers are now inspecting or maintenance issues.
for any mechanical faults

leaking fuel, bald tyres,
So far, they've found and problems with the brakes. what happened last week.
We've got to uncover to two families and the coroner,
We've got to explain

and then obviously, this company is fit and proper
we need to move into whether to operate in the industry. Anwar Kerja,
The director of AK Group, with his operation.
denies there's anything wrong

in a serious condition
A teenager remains

into a power pole at Umina,
after a car crashed on impact.
the vehicle bursting into flames to hospital in Newcastle.
The 17-year-old boy was airlifted both aged in their 20s,
Two other men in the car,

were also injured. without power.
Several homes were left Victoria remain without power,
Tens of thousands of homes across

lashed the state yesterday.
after wild winds after the gusts of almost 120km/h
A woman in her 50s was killed onto her Melbourne home.
brought a tree down in the city's outer east
A primary school was also seriously damaged, crushing classrooms
a huge gum tree and destroying a playground.

is now much cheaper
A costly treatment for arthritis

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
after being listed on the

with two types of the disease,
It's accessible to those every year.
affecting 500,000 Australians experienced joint pain for years,
Kerrie Coombes, from San Souci,

with psoriatic arthritis.
before being diagnosed to the skin condition psoriasis,
It's closely linked arthritic symptoms,
but patients also develop like swollen joints and pain. or the shopping, or lifting,
I couldn't do the washing and preparing cooking.
or even cutting my own food

Even going to the bathroom was a chore.
and cleaning my teeth the 63-year-old
For the past year, secukinumab, sold as Cosentyx.
has been taking a drug called

a chemical in the body
It works by reducing that causes inflammation. in the skin.
They get improvement in the swelling
People can have reduction

and stiffness in their joints, so they're more able business of daily life.
to get about their normal Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Cosentyx is already listed on the

for those with severe psorisis, to treat psoriatic arthritis
and now, it's also available an arthritis of the spine,
and ankylosing spondylitis,

healthy young men.
which mainly affects thousand of arthritis sufferers,
While the treatment gives hope to there are side effects.
as with any medication, Those considering taking it whether it's right for them.
should discuss with their doctor brings the drug down from $800
Its listing on the PBS to about $38 a script.

I'll say 160%,
My life's turned around, have little episodes,
because we still but they're managed.

Three hungry raccoons

into a pickle,
appear to have got themselves a rubbish bin in New York.
becoming trapped inside to help the trio,
Luckily, someone was on hand

lowering in a wooden plank. and out,
They eventually climbed up to their rescuer
giving a nod of thanks before heading on their way.

free groceries for a year -
Still ahead,

what you need to do to cash in. to protect Samsung customers
And urgent action

from exploding smartphones. Ken is next with sport. Georgie, coming up, Shannon Boyd.
we hear from Kangaroos bolter his career was over
He tells us why he feared just a couple of years ago. celebrate in Sydney,
The Bathurst winners the trophy?
but will they hold onto

for our cricketers
And more humiliation on the tour of South Africa.

in six months,
And after our hottest day

a dramatic drop in temperatures.
a cool change is bringing I'll have your forecast soon.

The ACT Election.

There are only days left to play the Monopoly Game
at McDonald's. There's still millions of dollars
worth of prizes to be won, like Ozsale shopping sprees
and heaps of Big Mac burgers. So, race into Macca's today for a chance
to win instantly.

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Of all the new Kangaroos,

than Shannon Boyd.
none was a bigger selection shock The Raiders wrecking ball the green and gold jumper
is set to pull on in Perth on Saturday,
for the first time

his career was in the balance
but he admits just a couple of years ago. In his prime in lime, 'the brick with eyes'.
Glenn Lazaras was known as the Roos bolter,
Meet the new-age brick, who's been picked
a 121kg kid from Cowra, and English forwards.
to intimidate the New Zealand he is in an Australian team.
Shannon Boyd can't believe

I knew I was in that squad, the 40,
the 50 or whatever it was, a chance of making the cut.
but I didn't think I was of your size?
Do you realise the power

Oh, not really, no, probably. more and more confident
Just slowly getting with my body and what I can do, if I can keep working on that,
so you know, I think I'll be right. more confident with your body?
What does that mean, getting

under your belt.
Just games, mate, when I was younger,
I used to be a lot more nervous three years ago, anyway, to learn the game more
and now I'm starting

in what I'm doing.
and become more confident to control his weight,
Boyd admits he struggles with a lack of self-belief,
and that battle, combined almost ended his career.

to Ricky Stuary?
How much of this do you owe Oh, probably most of it, mate. He told me a couple of years ago my last chance,
that it was probably have a rip in and see how I go, I definitely wouldn't be here.
and if it wasn't for Stick, your last chance?
Why was it going to be You just weren't dedicated? wasn't in the right headspace,
Oh, you know, I probably just and he just came down
that sort of thing, give it one more crack."
and said, "Look, mate,

and trial well,
"If you have a good pre-season and he did.
"I will play you," backing myself, and yeah.
It gave me a bit of confidence to maybe not having a career.
So you were this close Yeah, definitely, mate.

that pre-season there
If I hadn't have finished for the rest of the year,
and played NSW Cup I would've went home.

to defeat Japan
The Socceroos say they are primed

tomorrow night
for the first time in seven years in Melbourne.
in their World Cup qualifier the home crowd to get involved.
And the Aussies are banking on and in Melbourne
The fact that it's at home

with a packed stadium, even more motivating.
it's gonna be from 7:30 tomorrow night.
The match is live on 9GO!

from the Bathurst 1000,
24 hours on

the great race is still unknown.
the final result of with an appeal
Red Bull is pressing on a 15-second penalty
after Jamie Whincup was handed

wasn't his fault.
for a crash he says and Sydney's crown jewel.
Motorsport's holy grail aren't happy
But the new kings of the mountain their win.
the shine has been taken off we won the race,
We've got the trophy, I'm just disappointed.
and at the end of the day, I think it's a bit of a shame a lot today,
that it's been talked about

our guys deserve it.
when I think behind Jamie Whincup,
Will Davison crossed the line was relegated down the order
but the Red Bull driver with ten laps to go.
for his role in a huge smash Lunged up the inside, your rear brakes like he did,
it's very, very easy to lock locked the brakes
and just, yeah, and couldn't pull it up, of McLaughlin.
and crashed into the side He knew he was in the wrong. There was an opportunity there. is going to take an opportunity.
Any racing driver I was squeezed pretty heavily,
Went down the inside, and we had contact. That happens. the situation,
I was going to re-address to re-address.
but the car wasn't there Whincup slid on debris
The Red Bull team claims a hearing date to be set
and is now waiting on with Supercar officials.

Before the protest was lodged, for Davison
there were no concerns and co-driver Jonathan Webb. (CHEERING) with family, friends, and fans,
Magic Mount Panorama moments

including Davison's partner for Supercars TV.
who works as a reporter get to wish him good luck
I didn't actually even at the start of the race. I felt really bad,
The whole race, a bit of...
'cause that actually gives me I feel like a bit of bad energy good luck,
if I don't get to wish him to get the result today.
so it was awesome

can't get home soon enough
Australia's cricketers

to a fourth straight defeat
after falling against South Africa.
in their one-day series

in the first four overs
The tourists lost 3/12 and could only manage 167 runs. in the 35th over
The Proteas cruised to the target for a six-wicket win.

Australia's Tyler Wright

on a maiden world title
is closing in in the semifinal
after booking her spot of the Roxy Pro in France. the championship
Wright will wrap up Courtney Conlogue,
if her nearest rival, does not win this event. eliminated Australia's last hope,
In the men's, Gabriel Medina in the quarterfinal.
out-surfing Julian Wilson

That is a terrific way to make a tomorrow.
living. Beautiful to watch. See you

Thanks, Ken. In the news ahead - Aldi's new business plan help choose their products.
letting consumers the world's waiting for?
Is this the game changer a drug to replace chemotherapy.
Westmead Hospital unveils

its Galaxy Note7 smartphones -
And Samsung takes action over what you need to know.

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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard across the range.

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Now to our top stories. and his friend seriously injured,
A boy has been killed at Mount Druitt.
after crashing a mini-motorbike death of cricketer Phillip Hughes
The coronial inquest into the were dishing out bouncers
has heard some of his opponents before the fatal ball.
and sledging

the second presidential debate,
Donald Trump has lashed out in

missed her chance
but experts say Hillary Clinton to land a knockout blow.

will reverse
The State Government

greyhound racing ban tomorrow.
its controversial

is at an all-time high,
The cost of living

the family budget.
with groceries stinging to save -
But now there's an easy way offering free groceries,
a supermarket giant simply for giving your opinion.

is getting an instant boost -
Laurence Robert's pantry

a free delivery of groceries, as a product tester for Aldi.
the perks of being chosen I was actually quite surprised as much as I did.
to have received to consider, paper towel to try,
There's breakfast cereal for texture and taste.
even corn chips to size up I'm sent out a questionnaire
As I try each of the items, each of the items that I test.
asking me feedback on Like other Aldi testers, 40 free products over a year,
Laurence is getting every three months.
with ten new ones delivered

includes wholegrain wraps,
The latest testers' pack chocolate blocks,
Indian simmer sauce, and coconut water. must be rated.
At least 50% of products

launched in Australia last year,
The Testers Club, the German grocery juggernaut.
is a world-first for it's part of Aldi's business plan
According to consumer experts,

as a more mainstream supermarket.
to reposition itself Coles and Woolworths the lion's share of the market,
have always had a very effective job
but Aldi is doing

with a long-term focus of that market share off them.
to take some Aldi says take on board customer feedback
product testing allows them to and adapt to consumer needs, of its private labels.
a vital strategy with many that every product that it adds,
It's very important that it imports from overseas,
especially those by all consumers.
are well accepted

she's just an ordinary shopper
Laurence says to be picked for the job
and was surprised after applying online. Essentially, all I required good internet reception.
was access to

Nine News can reveal for another round of testers
Aldi will advertise before Christmas. for more.
Go to our website,,

for patients with lung cancer,
It's described as a turning point

of cancer deaths in the country.
the leading cause into a drug called Keytruda,
An international study to treat melanoma,
currently being used terminal lung cancer
is achieving success in fighting that cancer cells use.
by stripping the camouflage

is to take away the blindfold
So, what this drug does the immune system
and to set free in fighting against the cancer. game changer in cancer treatment,
The drug is being hailed as a without chemotherapy.
as it can be used

Telstra, Vodafone and Optus

Galaxy Note7 smartphones
will stop supplying Samsung's to customers is underway.
while a safety investigation recently upgraded the device
The electronics giant

to dozens of fires,
after it was linked but there are now reports exploding in flames.
of the replacement phones suspended production of the phone
Samsung has reportedly

while it investigates.

Sydney petrol prices,
Coming up - finance,

and Amber with the weather.

Thanks, Georgie. to cool right down tonight
We're expecting temperatures makes its way through Sydney.
as a gusty change across the Sydney basin.
Right now, it's 25 degrees I'll have your forecast next.

# Aussie kids
# Mm-mm # Are Weetbix kids
# Mm # Oh!
# Aussie kids # Yeah!
# Are Weetbix kids # Aussie kids
# Aussie kids # Are Weetbix kids. #

MAN: The progressive new
Corolla Hybrid. With the latest technology and the impressive performance
of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, it's for the generation
going places.

Gina Rinehart's plans
The Prime Minister has welcomed

largest cattle station.
to buy Australia's has signed a $365 million deal
Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting of S. Kidman and Co,
for two thirds

holding the other third.
a Chinese partner Malcolm Turnbull says investing in agriculture,
it's great to see Australians but the sale will need approval Review Board.
from the Foreign Investment

closed slightly higher today,
To finance, and the market

a shade over 7 points.
the All Ords up or 78 Japanese yen.
Our dollar is buying US $0.75,

for unleaded is $1.08/L.
The average petrol price For E10, it's $1.06/L.

Here's Amber. It was a hot and windy day, turning south-westerly tonight
with gusty north-westerlies bringing light, showery rain.
as a cool change moves through Temperatures soared way above of just 22,
the city's October average degrees across many suburbs,
with the mercury reaching 34 Blacktown and Kellyville.
including the city, Parramatta,

and Penrith reached 33,
Cronulla, Terrey Hills, Liverpool of 31 degrees.
while Campbelltown saw a top across coastal and northern NSW -
It was a similar story hit 30 degrees,
Wollongong, Newcastle and Grafton Bourke hit 34.
while further inland, was positively chilly,
In contrast, the south-west 13 in Griffith.
only reaching 12 in Wagga Wagga,

showers and cool gusty winds
Tomorrow, a cold front will leave Victoria and eastern NSW,
in its wake over Tasmania, generally sunny skies
while a high will bring to much of the nation,

into the west.
while directing heat 30 degrees,
Brisbane will be a warm with a possible shower. with a top of just 14 degrees.
Fine but cool in Canberra, and a sunny 26 in Perth.
A shower or two for Melbourne, much cooler across northern NSW
Around NSW tomorrow, it will be with a few light showers.
and along the coast, a top of 19 degrees,
Wollongong is only heading for 20 in Newcastle,

while after a cool should be mostly fine.
night, inland areas Heading for 16 in Griffith, 17 degrees in Dubbo. some light showers
Tonight, we can expect makes its way across Sydney,
as a cool change bringing 2-5mm, before sunrise.
but the rain should clear up

to a mostly sunny day
Tomorrow, we can look forward south-westerly winds
with light to moderate

bringing a high pollen count. It will be significantly cooler - of 21 degrees
we are only heading for a top and Liverpool,
in Penrith, Blacktown a cooler 18 in Cronulla,
20 in Campbelltown,

12-21 for the city for Terrey Hills.
and a cool top of just 19 degrees Looking ahead - around for the next few days.
the cooler weather will hang

Wednesday will be sunny and 22. on Thursday, 18.
A possible shower Fine and 20 on Friday. on Saturday, sunny and 24,
It will start to warm up with a late shower.
reaching 28 on Sunday

until at least Sunday,
In our west, it will dry from tomorrow through to Friday.
with tops of 19-21 degrees Saturday will be sunny and 26, expected on Sunday,
with a warm 30 degrees

before a late shower or two,

Quite a contrast.

Thanks, Amber. for this Monday.
That is Nine News with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy Grimshaw is up next I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.
Thanks for being with us.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media driven by pure greed.
We begin with a crime

Tonight - who murdered Pop
the mother and son on the house he loved.
so they could cash in But they didn't know had changed his will.
that their victim For the first time, the chilling police interviews, including the moment it was all for nothing.
the pair discovered

Look, they were remarkably calm.

organised everything.
It was clear that she had

I was totally shocked,

happen to him, ya know?
because how could it

a family member for money,
To not only kill

your children,
but to also involve a lower act.
I wouldn't think you could get

Samantha Brownlow, age 43 - and convicted murderer.
disability pensioner her unemployed son, Corey Lovell,
Her accomplice,

age 19.

as his daughter.
a man who'd raised Samantha

never heard of,
They're names you've probably

you'll never forget.
but this a crime And tonight for the first time, police interviews
you'll hear the astonishing to stitch up her own son
where a mother tries for a murder she had planned.

that a mother could do that,
It's unbelievable all for money.

Right here in this street

played out.
is where this horrendous crime who never suspected
The victim, an innocent pensioner would arrive in the dead of night
two members of his family to kill him.

happy guy, liked to talk,
He was a fun-loving,

do anything to help anybody.

Robin Behrendorff,
Shirley Manskie says her brother,

in his body.
didn't have a bad bone a car crash 30 years ago
He was lucky to survive minor brain injuries.
that left him with an invalid pensioner
So he was basically for about 30 years.

and married Julena,
Robin Behrendorff then met

daughter, Samantha.
who had a seven-year-old Samantha as his own child.
He gave them a home and raised her father, yes,
He was basically were his grandchildren
and her children as far as he was concerned. They were his life.

betray that trust,
But Samantha would eventually

into a grisly murder scene.
turning the family home

by police,
When she was first questioned

Robin was the only dad she knew.
she admitted

any involvement in his death,
At this point, she denied

mourning his loss:
even taking out a funeral notice