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We're gonna say Mars. You gonna say Mars?
Yep. It's the only planet with natives. Here. Yeah, Earth. There we go. Chaser needs two. And your time restarts now. The Greek port of Piraeus is
closest to which major city? Athens.
Correct. In terms of car insurance, CTP stands
for compulsory what? Third party.
Got it. Oh! One more pushback
and we would've had him. Team, what a great effort. Justin, Katherine, Carly, it has been thoroughly enjoyable
playing with you. It is not, however, my glad duty
to remove that $32,000 from you. Gee, they pushed you, Sharky. That was a really fun show,
especially at the end. Hey, thanks, team.
Really, tremendous stuff. Thank you so much for being with us.
Thank you. And you too, of course. See you
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Tonight, no holding back. Donald Trump's
extraordinary attack, using an alleged rape victim
against Hillary Clinton. Moments before tragedy. A 12 year-old boy
killed in a mini-bike crash, avoiding a police car. "I'm going to kill you." Emotional evidence at the inquest
into the death of Phillip Hughes. The Premier set to backflip
on his greyhound ban. The new deal
to keep the industry alive. Hero neighbours to the rescue. Friends trapped in the wreckage
of a fiery crash. And, beating cancer
without chemotherapy. The new wonder drug
that actually melts tumours. VOICE-OVER: Live from our Sydney
headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson.

Good evening.

Donald truck went on the attack at again just before the second presidential debate. One saying, we'll rates me, Hillary threatened me. People were surprised by the debate itself. Hostile exchanges from two people who clearly hate each other.

Facing off for fight night. No hand shake signalled the start
of the nastiest debate in America's political history. You bragged that you have
sexually assaulted women. No, I didn't say that at all. I think you misunderstood
what was said. This was locker room talk. It's clear to anyone
who heard it that it represents
exactly who he is. In the front row, four women who, an hour earlier,
made sensational allegations against the Clinton camp. Bill Clinton raped me and
Hillary Clinton threatened me. It was a desperate attempt
by Trump to divert attention from
his vulgar remarks about women in a decade-old video.

The first 27 minutes
of the debate

dominated by the fallout. The Republican candidate
tried to turn the tables by highlighting
Bill Clinton's infidelities. Mine are words
and his was action. There has never been anybody
in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women. He then latched on to
Hillary's email controversy. I am going to instruct
my attorney-general to get a special prosecutor
to look into your situation. It's just awfully good that someone with
the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law
in our country. Because you'd be in jail. It shocked political commentators
who said it was a threat normally made by
Third World dictators to their opponents - not a candidate hoping to become
President of the United States. A very aggressive Trump
made his presence felt throughout the 90-minute debate - even accusing the mediators
of taking sides. One on three. Some fellow Republicans
are waging civil war within the party. 50 elected officials
withdrawing support for Trump after his bad weekend,
which got the world talking. I deeply 'apple-o-gise'. Are you trying to say
'apologise'? Political theatre even
the President couldn't ignore. It tells you that
he's insecure enough that he pumps himself up
by putting other people down. His fellow Democrat
took a similar line. I am reminded of what my friend
Michelle Obama advised us all - when they go low, you go high. Hillary Clinton
did come out on top again, with CNN finding 57% of voters
favouring the Democrat. A slight improvement for Trump - who may have stopped the bleeding but can't afford
to put a foot wrong. Mike Amor joins us from St Louis. Mike, some Republicans are
calling for Trump to be replaced. Is that a possibility
this late in the race? Mark, Republican lawyers have
been trawling through party laws, looking for ways
to force Trump out, but it appears the only way
it could happen is for him to resign. The other problem is, people have
started casting postal votes. After today's debate performance,
he has silenced critics in the Republican Party
for now, Mark. Mike Amor in the United States,
thank you. Donald Trump's lewd comments
have been condemned by Australia's political leaders, Prime Minister Turnbull
calling them "loathsome". But Senators Pauline Hanson
and Derryn Hinch had a strong difference
of opinion over the presidential candidate,
which erupted on Sunrise, and spilled into the halls
of Parliament. When it comes to
US presidential elections, Australian politicians,
by convention, never comment. Donald Trump's sex tape scandals
have changed all that. They are loathsome
and they deserve the absolutely
universal condemnation that they have received. On 'Sunrise',
senators Hinch and Hanson staged their own debate. Now, let's be honest about it. There are a lot of men out there
that say horrific things probably up to the same
standard. Yes, there are a lot of men. No, I am having my say, Derryn. I can't let you get away
with that. An argument that spilled
from from the cameras to the corridors of Parliament. How you, as a woman,
can even make any justification for what he has said is just... Well, I didn't condone
what he said. No, you said the people
of America would decide. If you are even slightly right, then God help the country
and God help the world. The man is a sexual predator
and he is a disgrace. From most, the reaction
has been unequivocal. What an appalling human being
Donald Trump is, what an appalling human being.

Losing backers at home and here.

In February,
Government Senator Michaelia Cash the Minister for Women,
was a supporter. I think he is underestimated. He is slowly proving
that he may have what it takes. But today,
a very different estimation. They were demeaning,
disappointing. They were wrong, full stop.

How this unprecedented to criticism will affect our relations with the US is unclear. But the chances of him becoming president is big coming slimmer every day.

A 12-year-old boy is dead, after the mini motorcycle
he was riding, with a mate on the back,
hit a car at Mt Druitt. The young pillion passenger
has serious head injuries. They'd been noticed by police
earlier this morning, coming to grief when a car
pulled out of a driveway. The unregistered mini-bike
can be seen on security video, racing down Kurrajong Avenue
in Mount Druitt. A police car is also captured
moments later, appearing to follow
the under-aged riders.

Off-camera, the fatal impact.

That motorbike was then seen
to travel on the footpath of Kurrajong Ave, and then collide
with the side of a utility. The two boys were rushed
to hospital by paramedics, but the 12-year-old rider
couldn't be saved. After a short time, one of the young men
was pronounced deceased. His 15-year-old passenger is in The Children's Hospital
at Westmead with serious head injuries. It's understood
they weren't wearing helmets. Distraught witnesses say the pair
had been riding the bike in the area
for most of the morning. And the driver of the car
they hit had simply been pulling out
of a driveway when the tragic accident
occurred. One of them was unconscious. The other one was screaming out
a bit, stuff like that. The bloke in the ute
was just sitting there, waiting to turn out,
doing nothing. He is distraught
just beyond himself. The driver of the ute
wasn't injured, and was taken away for testing. The street blocked off, as police launched a
critical incident investigation. It'll look at whether officers
had any involvement with the pair before the collision,
that took a young boy's life, and left another in hospital,
fighting for his life. The inquest into the death
of Philip Hughes has heard claims a bowler threatened to kill
the Test cricketer, in a sledge, the day he died. Just before what the coroner
called a terrible accident, a delivery
hitting Hughes in the neck, rupturing an artery, causing an immediate
brain haemorrhage. And raising questions about
the medical response. The grieving parents of Australian Test cricketer
Phillip Hughes, hoping for answers
about their son's death playing the game he loved. Quite clearly, the death
was a terrible accident, but that doesn't mean
the game can't be made safer. Hughes was batting
for South Australia at the SCG when he was struck in the neck
by a rising ball. New South Wales captain
Brad Haddin told the inquest:

It took an hour
to get Hughes to hospital. He was struck at 2:23pm. The first 000 call was made
just before 2:30.

But it was 2:45
before an ambulance arrived. It left the ground at 3:17 and by 3:23,
Hughes was in hospital.

There was no intervention,
no matter how early, that could have been performed
to avoid Phillip Hughes' death. Brad Haddin denied there'd been a strategy
of short-pitched bowling to gain Hughes' dismissal.

Claims, too, of sledging
by New South Wales players. Fast bowler Doug Bollinger
was asked if he threatened
the South Australian batsman.

The inquest was told
despite its tragic outcome,

the players believed this was
just a normal game of cricket being played in the right spirit, and that as could be expected - NSW was simply trying
to get Phillip Hughes out that afternoon. Since the tragedy, there's a new
standard for batting helmets. But medical experts say
it's unlikely they would have offered Phillip
Hughes any extra protection.

The inquest is due to sit for the next of the week. There it is expected to hear from another cricketer that was on the field that day.

The thousands of people involved
in the greyhound industry should know tomorrow if they can still make a living
from it. Following a very widespread
backlash, the Premier and his Cabinet
are expected to confirm they've changed their minds. Forced into repealing
their own legislation, to close it down. Mike Baird, the premier
who punted a political fortune on the greyhounds... There have been 58,000 dogs,
conservatively, that have been slaughtered. Put principles first,
not politics. We are behind it 100%. ..until a backflip was needed
to overcome the backlash. The ban will be overturned,
a big win for the Opposition. It's a dishlicker debacle. He'll have legislation
to repeal the legislation he put through weeks ago. Mr Baird returned from holidays
today, with the media told about
his capitulation before his ministers. I understand there's going to be
a cabinet meeting tomorrow, and this is one of the things
which will be discussed. The turnaround has surprised
the RSPCA and Mr Baird's other supporters.

We spoke to the Premier's office. They said the risk of it being overturned is all media speculation.

But Seven News can reveal the industry will have to sign
an agreement that dogs will be better treated, with controlled breeding, and jail for those
found guilty of abuse. Mr Baird was told by the
greyhound taskforce chief today the industry had shown
it wanted to reform. But trainers believe there are
still massive challenges. The industry has been mismanaged
by the controlling body for a long period of time. In the end, it wasn't leaving
dog owners financially ruined, or even claims in court
the ban was unconstitutional. A shocking poll result saw Mr Baird's
personal popularity suffer a record fall, forcing a rethink on an issue
which dogged the government for three months. His critics hope this sparks
further changes. It can't just end
on the greyhounds. He's wrong
on the Powerhouse Museum, he's wrong on the lockout laws.
He's wrong on ICAC. It starts with the greyhounds
tomorrow. The Turnbull Government marked
100 days since the election. Not that there was much
celebrating. The Coalition remains behind
in the polls, with Labor reminding it about
one of the issues that had voters spooked. 100 days since the election... And only one of these men
is smiling, with the latest Newspoll showing
Labor now four points ahead.

The leaders are still
fighting the campaign.

I seek leave to move
the following motion. That Medicare
always remain in public hands, failing to pass... The Prime Minister still hasn't
learnt anything about Medicare. ..but succeeding in raising
the Prime Minister's ire. The Labor Party has done nothing
about Medicare except frighten
vulnerable Australians. It was a Labor stunt,
and Malcolm Turnbull had his own,

with Victorian
volunteer firefighters who helped him hold onto several
key seats and government, and repaying them. We'll get back to securing
those votes for you.

Confident he does have support for the changes, they will preserve the jobs.

In the background of the happy snap with the
Victorian volunteers, though, is an ACT fire truck - what was it doing there? After enquiries
by Seven News today, the ACT Rural Fire Service
is now asking the same question. Minister Michaelia Cash's office
says it was assured all official approvals
had been granted for the truck to be diverted
from operational activities, but the ACT Rural Fire Service
has told Seven News it:

You brought your truck?And now wishes they hadn't.

To dramatic video now,
of what happened after a car hit a power pole
and burst into flames at Umina Beach. Three people were pulled from
the burning wreckage by neighbours who ran to help, ignoring the threat
to their own lives. A car is engulfed in flames moments after
slamming into a pole. MAN: Has someone died? The men inside
lucky to survive the crash. One had more than luck
on his side. Residents risked their own lives
to pull him from the wreckage before the fireball erupted. I think adrenaline
just kicked in, so I didn't really think about
what I was doing. I was just trying to get
the poor kid out. Kelly Piper held his hand, staying with him
until an ambulance arrived. "You're going to be OK,
we're here, you're out," - I was just reassuring him
and talking to him and letting him know
that I was there. I have nothing but praise
for those local residents, and the bravery that they showed to get these men
from the vehicle. 18-year-old Zak Rowe was flown
to John Hunter Hospital. He remains in
a serious condition. 21-year-old Stuart Reeves
and 29-year-old Luke Hampton were also taken to hospital. The speed limit on Ryans Road
is only 50km/h, but the car was going fast enough that the impact cut power
to the street, even leaving an imprint of the
number plate on the power pole. You could hear the speed
and the acceleration, and all of a sudden,
just a loud bang. Police will now have to work out
just how fast they were going. A truck has crashed into
a power pole at Manly, taking down powerlines
and blacking out around 1,600 properties
this afternoon. The removalists' truck
was scorched along its roof at the corner of Arthur
and Birkley streets. No-one was hurt, and Ausgrid
is working to restore power. An Australian man still doesn't
know if he'll face charges, after allegedly being caught
with drugs in Bali. Live to Matthew Snelson
in Denpasar. Matt, when will police decide
whether to proceed with the case against Giuseppe Serafino? Mark, police were expected to
give an update on the investigation
this afternoon, but that briefing
has been delayed. Giuseppe Serafino is still
waiting to be interrogated with a translator
at Denpasar Police Station, where he's been held
since his arrest on Saturday. The 48-year-old
was allegedly found with more than 7g of hashish,
which is a cannabis resin. Police say, the Australian claims
he got the drugs from British man, David Matthews,
who has also been arrested and accused of possessing
more than 10g of the drug. Both men have been living in Bali
for five years, and there are reports a local military officer
and police officer may also be involved. If charged and found guilty, the men could face between
five years and life behind bars. Mark. A burst of summer
like heat today. Our meteorologist David Brown
has more. It was nice while it lasted,
Fergo. The mercury cracked 34 degrees. The change arrived
around 3:00 this afternoon. It's now pushing up
the Hunter Coast. Right now, it's 26 degrees.

The wind is out of the south,
running at 24km/hr. State-wide, it's snowing
on Thredbo this evening, where it's minus one.

Up the coast,
it's 30 in Newcastle. Back home, a strong wind warning
is current for south-westerlies, to 30 knots. The winds easing later tomorrow, as the airstream
tends south-easterly. I'll have your week ahead,
in 30 minutes. Fergo.

Boxed in
and scared for their lives.

Next, mums with their children
in the car capture a dangerous stand-off
with truckies. Complacency will kill. The stark warning
about summer bushfires, and the regions most at risk. The new city planned
for western Sydney, and the one big thing
it's missing. Health advice for feeding babies,
to prevent obesity. And, she's almost there.
A new record in sight for endurance swimmer,
Chloe McCardel.

China's shopping army
targeting Sydney,

grabbing as much
as they can. Welcome to China's Australian
supermarket. Raiding our shelves,
sending it all home and making a fortune. Seven News investigates the secret
multibillion dollar industry. That is coming up
on Seven News.

It's the big one at Nissan. With 1% finance across the Nissan range, like the family-proof
X-Trail range, the European-designed
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Pathfinder range. Plus, get 1% finance across popular Navara models.

The big one at Nissan. See your Nissan dealer now.

We've all heard the stories, maybe even
experienced it ourselves, about truckies boxing drivers in
on the road. Now there's video evidence involving two sisters
and their children in a car just days after a tragic double
fatal involving trucks in Sydney, and a police raid today. Driving at night
surrounded by trucks is never easy. But when truckies do this,
it becomes terrifying. (SQUEALING) Cassie Kolbakas
was driving near Ballina with her sister and three
children around 1am this morning when a truck driver did this. Then he tried running us
off the road, which is when I said to my
sister, "Get your camera out." Moments later, the family
was boxed in at high speed -

They have boxed our sin!

Moments later, the family
was boxed in at high speed - a third truck
is tailgating them. We're trying to keep calm
when we're scared. We were so scared. They think it's funny
to play games with us. These young ladies are obviously
feeling quite spooked by the presence
of two very large vehicles. Very scary, very terrifying. It follows a double fatality
last week, when two rigs crashed head-on
in Erskine Park. Police investigating the crash raided this Kemps Creek
trucking depot today. Some of the breaches we've found
are fuel leaks, bald tyres. Obviously braking issues. Of course, most drivers and
operators do the right thing, but driving a truck remains
one of the most dangerous jobs in Australia. Last year, truck
and heavy vehicle crashes resulted in 208 fatalities. Cassie worries
she could have been one of them. You don't think we're a family, you don't think we have kids
in the car. What gives you the right
to play that game with us? Police say
that's just one of the questions they're planning to ask
the drivers. A huge truck bomb
has ripped through a military checkpoint in Turkey, killing ten soldiers
and eight civilians. Another 27 people were wounded
in the blast, near the borders
with Iran and Iraq. The five tonnes of explosives
was detonated after troops opened fire
on the truck when the driver failed to stop. Kurdish militants
are believed to be responsible. At least 17 people have been
killed by Hurricane Matthew in the United States. An emergency is unfolding
in North Carolina, where there have been
1000 flood rescues in 24 hours. We don't really know what day
we can return to see what's going on. Three days of mourning
has begun in Haiti for the 900
hurricane victims there. An Australian sports star
has a very big, very tough record in her sights. Mel McLaughlin joins me now. Mel, Chloe McCardel
is just one swim away from creating an Aussie record for solo crossings
of the English Channel? That's right, Mark. She wants others to take up
open-water swimming. The ultra-marathon specialist
equalled the record overnight - one that was set by Des Renford
five years before she was born. Chloe McCardel
standing on French land. And somehow still smiling after swimming
for ten hours straight. Thanks, darling. I found this second wind and I was just like, "Bring on
equalling Des' record!" and, "Go, Australia!" and I was just pumped.
Yeah, super excited. The 31-year-old began
her 19th English Channel crossing before dawn. By sunrise, it was clear
she was powering ahead stroke after brutal stroke.

Reach brickle pilots to swim. He was on board when his father did the same for Des Rainford.She has a heart like a lioness.The conditions are pretty much perfect. But it is 15 degrees in the water. The weather can change at a moments notice. But he was flat and calm today.Had it all planned in my head.Breaking the record will have to wait for today, but she will likely pass rent for to mark later on this week. I'll be back later in sport. Kangaroos in Perth, and there ticket is lost again.

Their Tinder date ended in death
from a high-rise balcony. Next - day one
of the murder trial

and the evidence that brought
the victim's family to tears. Bigger than Elvis - the firefighting machine ready
for action to protect Sydney. Under tow
in the middle of the night. A stricken superyacht
limps back into Sydney. And a new mini city for the west. High rises and shops,
but how do you get there? That's next.

For the past four years, Pip lived in an apartment, but as the family grew so did the need for space, but never, never
could she have imagined having 60 square metres of lawn all to herself. A good rate can mean a great deal, like having a backyard at long last. (BRIGHT MUSIC) Westpac - proud supporters of you and the lawn of your dreams.

WOMAN: Forever rubbing
to remove stubborn make-up?

New Micellar Water

with nourishing argan oil by Garnier.

Micelles absorb make-up and dirt
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It removes waterproof make-up,

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New Micellar Water in oil.

The trial has started
of a man charged with murdering a woman
he met on the dating app, Tinder. Gable Tostee had been drinking
with Warriena Wright in his Gold Coast apartment, before she fell to her death
from a balcony, the court hearing audio
of an argument recorded moments before she died. The steely determination
of an innocent man, or the absent gaze
of a murderer? 30-year-old Gable Tostee
accused of murder after Warriena Wright plunged
14 floors from his apartment to a gruesome death. The jury told
by the prosecution Tostee:

But an altercation in the lead-up
to the fall is critical -

much of it captured
on an audio recording, which the Crown say demonstrates Tostee becoming
increasingly aggressive. The prosecutor told the court that at one point
in the recording, Tostee says:

But Tostee's
defence barrister says

the charges just don't make
sense. He says Miss Wright had become
increasingly erratic in the apartment. He claims Tostee
asked her to leave after she began
throwing rocks at him. His client not knowing
how to handle the situation - he locked her outside. Miss Wright's family are in court
for the hearing, her mother in tears
as Tostee pleaded not guilty. Rather unusually
for a murder trial, Tostee is out on bail, which means he will have to walk
in and out of court every day - at least for the remainder
of the trial. After that, his freedom rests
with a jury. We hear warnings every year
about the bushfire season, but the one today from the
Rural Fire Service Commissioner deserves attention. He made it clear,
complacency will kill, because constant rain
has boosted undergrowth and there hasn't been enough
hazard reduction, leaving some regions
at real risk. At Londonderry this afternoon, an emergency for firefighters,
and, they warn, a sign of what's to come. Fanned by strong winds, a grassfire near Blacktown Road
quickly burned out five hectares. And, the Rural Fire Service
Commissioner says, it's water increasing the risk
of these fires, with one of our wettest winters and recent floods still affecting
parts of the state, triggering a lot of growth. That grassland will dry out
very quickly and it will become susceptible
to fire. Fires will start easily and
spread very quickly in grass. Grassfires move up to
three times faster than most the average bushfire, with predictions much of state,
especially west of the ranges, now faces an above-average
fire season. We are the taking the risk and
the threat very much for real. Hazard Reduction burns continued
over the weekend. There'll be more this week, and they now have firefighting
aircraft on standby - the air crane 'Delilah', ready with its 7500 litre tank
that can be filled in 40 seconds. The Hercules water bomber has
also arrived, and in November,
the massive DC-10 will return. With the large air tankers, we can probably get anywhere
in the state within the hour - backed by 100 aircraft
stationed around the state, but authorities warn, they can't be over every home, so it's up to householders
to be bushfire prepared, now. Complacency kills. 16 years after the Olympics, Sydney Olympic Park
is struggling. But today, we were given
a long-term plan, promising to transform it
into a multi-billion dollar mini-city, within 14 years. From the heaving heart
of the Olympics, to an underused expanse
of concrete. Sydney Olympic Park's
long been neglected. Now, a promised transformation
will turn it into a mini-city within another 14 years. This is really the holy grail
of planning, ensuring that there are places for people to live, work,
and play, all in the one area. There'll be apartment towers
reaching 45 storeys, a shopping precinct,
thousands of new jobs and homes, and possibly a new school. It will need new tenants, too, after the government
awarded a tender to move the Commonwealth Bank
headquarters from here to Redfern. It's an update
for a six-year-old plan, delivered to the government
last year, that's now finally open
for public exhibition. Under the plan, this near
deserted patch of Sydney will certainly look different, with huge apartment blocks
and shops springing up. But transport will have to be
the biggest change here, and it's currently
the biggest question mark.

To get the life that we want
in this precinct, we need to improve access. It has to be easier to get here
and leave from here. The government's promising
light rail, and possibly, eventually,
a metro train line. The stricken Superyacht,
the Masteeka 2, has arrived back in Sydney
under tow, having survived a sinking drama
way out in the ocean, off Port Macquarie,
with six crew on board. It lost steering - divers and engineers today
inspecting a massive hole in the $20 million vessel. It's now partially submerged
in the harbour. All the crew is now home, but their boat won't be accepting
charters for months. A wonder drug was revealed today, said to be capable of "melting" Australia's biggest cancer
killer, lung cancer. The Westmead Hospital researchers
who helped develop it, found it
stopped the disease spreading in nearly half the patients
who used it, and beating cancer,
without chemotherapy. Celebrating his 70th birthday
with his son is a milestone moment William Ward feared
he may never enjoy. At this moment, I'm just glad
to have got there. Diagnosed with lung cancer
two years ago, instead of chemotherapy, William was put on a trial
of a drug called Keytruda. What this drug does
is to take away the blindfold and sets free the immune system
to fight against the cancer. Keytruda has previously been
found to shrink melanoma tumours. Now it's exceeded expectations
in a global trial on advanced stage four
lung cancer patients. They have a three times
more likelihood of being alive without their cancer
progressing further. Michael Gordon's been trialling
the drug for four years. His deadly tumours have either
shrunk or disappeared. It's been a life-saver,
for sure. Whether or not
this life-saving drug will be listed on the Pharmaceutical
Benefits Scheme for lung cancer remains unknown. For patients, clinical trials
are often the only option, with Keytruda costing between
$6,000 and $9,000 for a single treatment. Tackling childhood obesity
from birth. Next, what to feed babies
and when - the expert advice.

China's shopping army - what they're buying off
Sydney shelves and sending home. What an inspiration - burns survivor, Turia Pitt, tackles the world's most
gruelling ironman event. The turbulent spring weather
continues - a vigorous change is pushing up
the coast.

There's good news for sufferers
of a painful form of arthritis associated with psoriasis. A new drug, Cosentyx, has been added to the
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme this month, reducing its cost from hundreds,
or thousands of dollars in some cases, to less than
$40 a script. Australian medical researchers
have discovered the best time to start babies on
solid foods to protect them against obesity, and they've found
timing is everything, because starting too early
or too late can be detrimental. For new mum Erin Ablett, knowing when and what to feed
eight-month-old Eve was confusing. We started around 4.5 months mainly because she was going to
go into care around six months for a couple of days. There's so many opinions
out there about what you should
and shouldn't do. Allergy experts suggest
giving babies their first taste of solids
as early as four months can cut the risk of allergies. Now, for the first time, Melbourne researchers have
identified the optimal window to protect against
childhood obesity. You don't want to do it
too early or too late, you want to do it just right. The Goldilocks effect. Six months is prime time, but
starting solids earlier or later was found to have
a detrimental effect. If you introduce
before four months or after seven months, there was increased risk
of being overweight or obese at the age of one. The researchers also found that
breastfeeding of any duration offered protection
against obesity in early life.

A quarter of children now
considered overweight or obese. Our job, as parents - we're trying to give her
those nutrients and give her that start to life
that, you know, and not make her
one of those statistics where she's overweight. Researchers will continue
to follow the 5,000 babies involved in the study,
through to the age of ten. Five years after doctors said
she'd never run again, burns survivor, Turia Pitt, has completed the world's
toughest ironman race in Hawaii. She finished the gruelling
226km swim, cycle and run in 14.5 hours. It's five years since Turia
suffered burns to 65% of her body when she was caught in a bushfire
during an ultra marathon. They're transforming the way
we trade with China - personal shoppers called Daigou, and there are thousands,
buying up big. Don't miss that story soon
on Seven News. Plus - the bank outage that shut
down ATM and EFTPOS transactions. And predicting breast cancer - the new way to determine
who's at risk. But now, Mel with sport - and we had a winner in Bathurst,
but there's been an appeal? Yes, Fergo. Red Bull are challenging Jamie
Whincup's time penalty, but winner Will Davison doesn't think there's anything to
worry about, as he and Jonathon Webb
celebrated with the Peter Brock Trophy
in Sydney today.

Plus, speaking of Johnathans, Thurston says he won't be giving
up the green and gold jersey any time soon.

Liz I'd quit on my 30th. (BREATHES) Made six weeks when we had Jase, but I got stressed. I quit every new year. I was sure I was going to stop
before it did me any serious damage. I was so sure. VOICEOVER: Face it - there's never
going to be a perfect time to quit. You have to beat your habit
once and for all now.

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Good evening. Johnathan Thurston will torment
New South Wales for at least one more season, declaring he has no intention of
giving up his representative jerseys. In camp with the Kangaroos,
JT revealed he had a frank discussion with
Australian coach, Mal Meninga. I love representing my country, and they'll pretty much have to
kick me off this team. Halves partner, Cooper Cronk,
is still scarred after Melbourne's
Grand Final loss to Cronulla. I've been hiding away in my room
for a while, trying to read any papers and
trying to forget what happened. Sam Thaiday is in Perth to
lighten the mood, ahead of Saturday's Test
against New Zealand. There's breaking news for the
Western Sydney Wanderers tonight, with the club punished for bad
spectator behaviour again. Flares were lit during Saturday
night's Sydney Derby, so the threat of a 3-point
deduction has been extended until the end of the A-League
season. If flares are lit again, the Wanderers will lose
competition points. In Melbourne, the Socceroos are
tipped to keep Tim Cahill on the bench for tomorrow's World
Cup qualifier against Japan. He can be damaging to any
opponent as he has been already in this qualifying campaign but
I'll make that decision after training today. Australia leads their group but
recovery is a concern after Friday's 2-all draw in
Saudi Arabia. Bathurst 1000 winner,
Will Davison, says Jamie Whincup's protest
at the race result must be swiftly dismissed. Davison and his co-driving boss,
Jonathon Webb, say, they won the great race
fair and square. The new Kings of the Mountain
brought the Peter Brock Trophy to Sydney - and they won't be
handing it back. I've had plenty
of hard luck stories. I've got no sympathy for anyone. We've won the race, we've got
the trophy, so we're smiling. The aftermath to a sensational
Bathurst 1000 will carry on until Jamie
Whincup's protest is heard. I was there to redress, but two
cars weren't there to redress. He crossed the line first, and
Whincup's appealing the 15-second penalty for taking
out Garth Tander and Scott McLaughlin. You go for glory, and
unfortunately, contact was made. They all played a part in the
incident, to be honest. Over the frantic final laps,
Davison was distracted by thoughts of Peter Brock -
a fan's eerie race prediction, and memories of his mate, Mark
Porter, who died in a Mount Panorama
crash ten years ago. His little son Flynn was there
with us yesterday morning and did the parade with us. He'd never been to a race track
but his mum allowed him, ten years on. Webb owns the Tekno Team. His wife, Kobe, was the first female CEO
in Supercars. If you enter in
that championship, you want to win that great race,
so it's so incredibly surreal. It's enormous. They're taking their trophy home
to the Gold Coast, where celebrations will really
kick-off. Getting physical isn't helping
the Aussie cricketers on their disastrous one-day tour
of South Africa. Another dismal batting display
resulted in a 6-wicket loss in game 4 in Port Elizabeth. Matthew Wade's half century was
overshadowed by a running battle with Tabraiz Shamsi. The keeper was hit with a
contrary conduct charge for elbowing Shamsi while running
between the wickets. We had a crack the other night
and they came back at us today, so that's fair. I enjoy that side
of the contest. I like. It gets me in the
contest, I feel, so I like that side of the game. Australia must win in Cape Town
on Wednesday to avoid a 5-0 series whitewash. Lleyton Hewitt is leading the
applause for Nick Kyrgios after his Japan Open victory. Launching the Australian Open
in a Melbourne Park hail storm this morning, the Davis Cup captain declared,
Kyrgios can now be considered a serious challenger at
his home Grand Slam this summer. Now up another spot in the
rankings to number 14, you know. It's been a really good year,
to win 3 titles.

This is his biggest title
so far.

All of the world's leading
players have confirmed they will be at Melbourne Park
in January. South Coast surfer, Tyler Wright,
is closing in on her maiden world title, after charging into the
semi-finals of the Roxy Pro in France. The 22-year-old from Culburra can
clinch the championship by winning the event, but her main rival,
Courtney Conlogue, remains a serious threat. If Conlogue wins the final,
the title will be decided at the season-ending event
in Hawaii.

The tide may be turned in on thoughts of Nick curiosity he might be a fan favourite in January.

Australian researchers say, they've discovered a better way
to detect breast cancer. A team from the University of
Melbourne believes it can be done using mammograms. The technique involves focusing
on cancer hot spots within the breast. They believe it could result in a
30% improvement in identifying women likely to
develop cancer. There's a billion dollar industry
that's sprung up nearly overnight, transforming
how we trade with China, built around personal shoppers
called Daigou, who buy Australian products, and then send them
to millions of Chinese customers. China buys
one third of our exports - this is the new way
they're doing it.

This eCommerce Expo
at Sydney's Town Hall

attracted thousands of
personal shoppers, or 'daigou'. They buy premium
Australian products and send them
to customers in China. Customers? About - over 100. Since starting
just three months ago, she makes $400 a week,
with little work. Two hours per day, I think.
That's pretty good.Yep. Probably around 30. How many would you think
would be a good number? As much as possible. Analysts are calling baby formula
the new iron ore - a $20 billion market in China with buyers paying
up to twice what we pay. The daigou phenomenon is changing the way
that we trade with China. Right now, a quarter of all
infant formula sold in Australia is purchased by these daigou. Daigous are positive
for retailers, they drive more sale
of Australian product. Baby formula was stripped
from shelves last year, so manufacturers
doubled production, as have vitamin companies
like Blackmores and Swisse. There are 5,000 daigou
here today, another 5,000
at an event in Melbourne. It's estimated there are
between 40,000 and 100,000 professional shoppers
across Australia servicing 50 million customers. That could double or triple
in the next few years, representing a massive shift in the way Australia trades
with China. You ask a lot of these
Chinese people behind me and they've said
when they're living in China, they haven't been to
a supermarket for the last
three or four years. The Dairy Farmers company now keeps yoghurt in cold storage
in China so they can deliver
within 12 hours. The main thing about
the daigou community is they perform two functions - they not only sell for you,
but they also perform marketing. One estimate
has China's middle class hitting 850 million by 2030 - imagine how this will look then.

The day's finance is coming up
in Seven News. Plus, no way to pay -

why bank customers were cut off
from their own money. 34 and dry today. Cooler tomorrow. Your seven-day forecast is next.

Hi evyeone, hope you enjoyed your weekend, we started off ok and then winds picked up and the antartic blast started to really drop the temps this afternoon. Still strong warnings in place for the illawarra and bateman coast a gale warning for the eden coast line. It should be a dry week ahead though, Fro us pretty much light ish winds around 15-25kph all week. Heading coastal...stronger there
and also in the alps too

VOICE-OVER: They love to run. And they're yours to take home.

The Mazda CX-5 range - with enhanced levels
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Imagine having one of your own. Mazda CX-5 - an SUV,
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What are they thinking? The revolutionary thinking to change the street. Only seven years tomorrow. Australia's number one.

Tonight's Seven News headlines - Donald Trump's
extraordinary attack, using an alleged rape victim
against Hillary Clinton.

A young boy killed
in a minibike crash avoiding a police car
at Mt Druitt. 'I'm going to kill you' - emotional evidence at the inquest
into the death of Philip Hughes. And, neighbours to the rescue of
three friends trapped in the wreckage of a
fiery crash at Umina beach.

To finance - and the ASX 200 started the week
a little higher, up eight points. It was boosted by gains by major
financial and resources stocks.

And the Aussie dollar is buying
just under US $0.76.

National Australia Bank customers
have been left fuming, after another major outage. ATMs and EFTPOS machines across
the country failed this morning, meaning no cash
and lost business. All the orders
are falling through, and you get a little message
on your email, and all of a sudden, it's, "bling, bling, bling,
bling, bling". The network was back
this afternoon. Last week, NAB was hit by
two days of outages. It's been a very hot start
to the working week. Here's Brownie with the details. Fergo, low to mid-30s
across Sydney today. Our hottest day since early April
this year. The official top measured in the
shade at Observatory Hill is 33.6 degrees. The overnight low -
near 17, as forecast. In the suburbs, a number of
centres reached 34 degrees,

including Parramatta
and Cronulla. In the Blue Mountains, a mild
22 degrees. The latest satellite information
shows the first stage of this complex cool change
slipped across the central coast mid-afternoon. This lingering band
of patchy rain associated with the main change
will move through tonight. The cool air following the front should reach southern parts of
Queensland tomorrow night. This is the end of the hot
weather in Sydney for the next ten days. Interstate - a late shower in Brisbane, 30. Melbourne, a few more showers,
15 degrees. Cairns, a steamy 30. Perth, sunny and 26. State-wide, cooler throughout
tomorrow. Windy along the coast. Further snow flurries
on the Alps. Isolated showers about the
south-west slopes and northern coast. Fine elsewhere. Closer in - dry and cool-to-mild tomorrow. 19 at Bondi. Parramatta, 21 degrees. High wind chill
in the Blue Mountains.

Along the coast a strong wind
warning is current. Having said that, the winds
should moderate late in the day. Rough seas offshore. The pollen count is on the rise - moderate is forecast tomorrow. In the city, a shower or two
and windy overnight. Fine and sunny tomorrow - a top near 21 degrees. Looking further ahead - Wednesday fine and mid-low-20s. Cooler Thursday -
a coastal shower. Friday, fine and 20. The weekend is looking good. Saturday, sunny and mid-20s. Warmer Sunday,
ahead of a late change. That's the latest weather
and the end of the heat for the next ten days. Fergo. That's Seven News
for this Monday.

We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. Our next bulletin is at 5:00
tomorrow morning, followed by 'Sunrise' from 5:30. I'm Mark Ferguson -
hope you have a great night. Live captioning by Ai-Media

She's saying she took allergy pills. I didn't know you rolled them
up and smoked them. Antihistamines can have
similar side effects. She's OK. I think we
need to go and find Bryce.

Is Mummy awake?
She wants to see you, too. I told Tori already,
I had really bad allergies, took some pills and fell asleep.
It's never happened before.

You're an unfit mother.
I want full custody. Mate, you can't just charge
in like a bull in a china shop. Don't worry, Dad,
I plan on being very clever. I have Huntington's Disease.
There's no cure. He wants to be a sports physio. Since when?
Oh, yeah, I've just been thinking about it for
a while, actually.

(SCREAMS) Billie! She was just walking along
the side of the road. Nate, please tell me
she's going to be alright. Billie is going to be fine.
Yeah, but what if she's not?

And the baby...
Hey, hey, hey. Enough.

Did you see that? Got up, got smashed - did it
over and over and over again. (LAUGHS) Maybe you should
stick to swimming. Do I look like a quitter to you?

Wow, where's my little pay out?
I totally left you open there. Yep, not really in the mood.
Is this about Billie?

Phoebe, she knows it
was an accident. It doesn't mean I feel
any less awful.

But no, it's not just about Billie. I thought we were good?
Yeah, we are.