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Taking a look now at the weather It
for the tomorrow around the country. It will be a

It will be a warm day with a chance clouds
of a shower in Brisbane. A few top
clouds around for Sydney. 14 the Melbourne
top for Canberra and Hobart. two.
Melbourne and Adelaide a shower or for
two. Sunshine for Perth. Sunny also around
for Alice Springs. A few clouds around for Broome and Darwin.

around for Broome and Darwin. It is Good
time now for Nine's Afternoon News. described
Good afternoon. After what has been his
described as the worst 48 hours of has
his election campaign, Donald Trump Clinton
has gone head-to-head with Hillary Debate.
Clinton in the 2nd Presidential slightly
Debate. The billionaire was the
slightly more subdued than usual as comments
the pair traded barbs over his lewd Nine
comments and the email scandal. was
Nine US correspondent Laura Turner extremely
was there.The tension was tonight
extremely high in that debate hall when
tonight from the very beginning Trump
when Hillary Clinton and Donald of
Trump refused to shake hands and, a
of course, as expected, it was only conversation
a matter of minutes before the the
conversation turned grubby, down to over
the bombshell of Donald Trump's over the week. Take a look.This was locker room talk. I'm not proud does
of it.He has said that the video think
does not represent who he is but I heard
think it's clear to anyone who who
heard it that it represents exactly at
who he is.It also didn't take long boil
at all for Donald Trump's temper to them
boil over, especially when both of Clinton's
them were being asked about Hillary turned
Clinton's email scandal. It really then
turned into a slanging match from Attorney-General
then on.I am going to instruct my prosecutor
Attorney-General to get a special situation.
prosecutor to look into your is
situation.Everything he just said surprised.
is absolutely false but I'm not on
surprised.Donald Trump's behaviour into
on stage tonight has been called was
into question as well. He certainly still.
was not able to sit down or sit shuffled
still. He paced the stage, she number
shuffled with his microphone a from
number of times, the infamous sniff again.
from the first debate was back of
again. Tonight he also took a lot moderators
of time to argue with the be
moderators over whether they will Hillary
be fair to him in comparison to it
HillaryWhen I go one second over answers.
it is a big deal.You had many terms
answers.It is interesting.In I
terms of who won the debate tonight, than
I think it will be less clear-cut the
than the first time around. Than at couple
the 1st Presidential Debate a couple of weeks ago Donald Trump around
was able to pivot more this time at
around to throw the questions back he
at Hillary Clinton. But certainly problem
he has the huge bombshell, the hot
problem of when he was caught on a bombshell
hot mic 11 years ago. That weekend
bombshell that dropped over the going
weekend is something that is not interesting
going away. It will be very Presidential
interesting to see how these two in
Presidential candidates poll later Bollinger
in the weekNSW fast bowler Doug place
Bollinger denied sledging took cricketer
place during the match in which fatally
cricketer Phillip Hughes was more
fatally struck by a bouncer. For Nine's
more I'm joined in the studio by through
Nine's Neil Breen. Day one, take us at
through what has been said so far dramatic
at this inquest.It has been very Obviously
dramatic down there today. is
Obviously the entire Hughes family his
is there, his mother, father and extremely
his two siblings. They are still Cricket
extremely upset by what happened. haves
Cricket Australia represents I cricketers
haves are there and a lot of pains
cricketers as well. They were at the
pains to tell the combleed to give made
the Hughes family privacy as they corner.
made their way to and from the Barnes,
corner. The corner today, Michael not
Barnes, told the inquest this is about
not about apportioning blame, it is This
about trying to make cricket safer. horrible
This it was nothing more than a assisting,
horrible assistant. But the council questions
assisting, Kristina Stearn, said amount
questions will be asked about the sledging
amount of bouncers bowled and the between
sledging that happened out there batsmen
between the NSW bowlers and the course
batsmen who were at the crease, of Hughes.
course one of whom was Phillip listen
Hughes. So very dramatic. Let's set
listen to what they said as they These
set up the inquiry this morning. to
These inquiries are not undertaken death
to lay blame. Quite clearly, the death was a terrible accident. But can't
that doesn't mean that cricket family
can't be made safer.Phillip's about
family have expressed concerns concerns
about some matters and their their
concerns are largely based upon and
their viewing of the video footage have
and some comments they stoodz to the
have made made in the aftermath of of
the incident, including from some of the cricketers involved.After heard
that it got cite dramatic. It was Jason,
heard that Phillip Hughes's brother, investigating
Jason, told police who were that
investigating the incident later "I'll
that players on the field said and
"I'll kill you" to Phillip Hughes alleged
and his batting partner. It was bowl
alleged Doug Bollinger, who didn't bowler
bowl the fatal ball, was the NSW Hughes
bowler who said that to Phillip while
Hughes and his batting partner council
while he was out there. The legal the
council who is there on behalf of Brad
the use play Greg Melic Sc, asked denied
Brad Haddin, also or bol, they kill
denied that anyone said "I will batting
kill you" to Phillip Hughes and his said
batting partner. Doug Bollinger that
said "I can put my hand on my heart he
that I did not say that." And when particular
he said that the Hughes family, in and
particular Phillip Hughes's mother him
and father, shook their heads at down
him if disbelief. So very dramatic day
down there today. A very difficult for
day for all concerned. Thank you up
for that. We will have a full wrap- 6:00.
up of the inquest in the news at Sydney
6:00. New to breaking news out of brought
Sydney where powerlines have been the
brought down on to several cars at Beaches.
the time Manly on the Northern cordoned
Beaches. Emergency Services have Street
cordoned off the area at Birkley road.
Street with lives wires seen on the have
road. It is thought a truck may earlier
have brought down those powerlines an
earlier this afternoon. We will get afternoon.
an update for you later on this flames
afternoon. A truck has burst into Sydney's
flames on the side of the road in was
Sydney's south. The semi-trailer firefighters
was well alight by the time at
firefighters arrived on the scene managed
at Picton Road at Wilton. They control.
managed to bring that blaze under both
control. The road remains closed in Victoria
both directions. Residents in cleaning
Victoria have spent the day again
cleaning up after wild weather once are
again lashed the state. Thousands of
are still without power after winds destruction.
of up to 120km/h left a trail of when
destruction. A woman was killed yesterday
when a tree fell on her home late details
yesterday and we will get some more our
details for you on this story from The
our reporter later in this bulletin. the
The Turnbull government has begun with
the latest sitting of parliament protect
with a victory. Legislation to control
protect volunteers from union control is set to pass the Senate to
with crossbench support. Let's go Good
to our political reporter Joel Dry. this
Good afternoon. How significant is Amelia.
this for the Prime Minister?G'day legislation
Amelia. The so-called CFA election
legislation was a big deal at the is
election at least in Victoria. It the
is thought to have saved seats for them
the Coalition and, therefore, saved volunteer
them government. The Bill protects influence
volunteer workers from union through
influence and it will now pass One
through parliament with the help of government
One Nation. It is a big win for the likely
government in a week that will likely be dominated by a loss on Senate
the plebiscite. It might go through in
Senate this evening but meanwhile, House,
in the other side of Parliament Opposition
House, in the Red Chamber, the the
Opposition has been ganging up on over
the Attorney-General gorge Brandis over what they claim is a mis- relation
leading of the parliament. It is in relation an disagreement between General
the Attorney-General and Solicitor General Peter Gleeson and whether to
the two discussed changing the law to make sure all legal advice to Attorney-General
the government went through the have
Attorney-GeneralMr Gleeson and I not
have a difference as to whether or consultation.
not that process constitutes a on
consultation.The same old George the
on display. The same slipperiness, fundamental
the same word games and the same again
fundamental lack of decency. Yet General
again we have seen this Attorney- General is one who fails to meet office.
the fundamental obligations of his office.A bit of name-calling in we
the Australian parliament but when US
we look at what is going on in the here.
US it all seems a little tame over Thank
here.Doesn't it just. Well said. trainers
Thank you for that. Well, greyhound optimism
trainers have expressed cautious government
optimism at reports the NSW controversial
government is planning to dump its the
controversial and divisive ban on tipped
the industry. Premier Mike Baird is tonl
tipped to announce the move early conditions
tonl with more stringent rules and replace
conditions and tougher penalties to industry,
replace that ban. Into as an glad
industry, we are a very pleased and actually
glad about that had but until we putting
actually hear it first we are not So
putting the cart before the horse. information
So we are very weary of the circulated.
information that is being our
circulated. We will cross live to have
our reporter Chris O'Keefe. He will story
have all the details for us on this New
story a little later this afternoon. exploding
New dramas for Samsung over their in
exploding phones with a young girl handset
in the US claiming her replacement The
handset caught fire in her hands. suspended
The company has now temporarily Galaxy
suspended the manufacturer of all problems
Galaxy Note 7 phones. Into new complaining
problems pouring in. Owners replacement
complaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 13-year-old
replacement phones wept up in smoke. holding
13-year-old Abbey Zeus says she was melted
holding her Galaxy Note 7 when it smoke
melted down. I pulled it up, saw This
smoke and I through it on the floor. to
This man in Kentucky said he woke Note
to a smoke-filled room, his Galaxy phone
Note 7 in flames.Look over and my a
phone is on fire. Into this morning fire
a Virginia man claiming his caught all
fire while sleeping. The owners of fourth
all three phones, including a poet
fourth that burnt through a car say
poet a Southwest flight last week made
say they were replacements. Samsung month
made ary call of the phone last caught
month after 10 # devices nearly they
caught fire. They told ABC News if
they are working diligently to see Australia
if a safety problem exists Are in Telstra
Australia the scandal prompted replacement
Telstra to halt shipping on customer.
replacement products to Samsung supply
customer. The telco says it will phones
supply its customers with loan handsets
phones or allow them to change with
handsets altogether on the issue resolve
with the Galaxy Note 7 being come
resolve ed. Stay with us. Till to treatment.
come this afternoon, break-through cancer
treatment. The new drug fighting Hurricane
cancer without the need for chemo. final
Hurricane Matthew delivers one And
final punch along the US East Coast. way
And a footy fan whose heart gave grand
way in the middle of a gripping saved
grand final meets the heros who saved his

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To breaking news. A critical after
incident investigation is underway between
after a teenager died in a crash Sydney's
between a mini bike an a ute in also
Sydney's west. A second teen has serious
also been left in hospital in a Elise
serious condition. Let's go live to Mount
Elise Baker who is at the scene in tailing
Mount Druitt for us. Police were That's
tailing this pair before the crash. what
That's right. That is certainly we
what witnesses have told us. What What
we have seen on CCTV footage too. teens,
What you can see there is these two motorbike
teens, young teens on board a mini Avenue
motorbike going council Kurrajong seconds
Avenue at Mount Druitt. About 15-20 car
seconds later you can see a police lights
car following them without its and
lights or sirens on, it appears, crash
and shortly before moments this 11:00
crash unfolded. This was about police
11:00 today this morning when these motorbike.
police spotted these boys on this have
motorbike. As you have said, they Kurrajong
have crashed into a ute on raced
Kurrajong Avenue. They have been Hospital
raced to the Westmead Children's boys
Hospital but sadly one of those serious
boys has died and the other is in a press
serious condition. Police held a Let's
press conference a short while ago. Let's take a listen to what they of
have had to say.The circumstances young
of the police engagement with the Critical
young boys is the subject of the That
Critical Incident investigation. will
That will be something that they say
will look at. One thing I didn't to
say is that both young men are yet absolute
to be identified. That is an identify
absolute priority of the Police, to tell
identify these young men so we can As
tell their family what has occurred. trying
As we heard there, Police are still of
trying to work out the identities any
of these young boys. If anyone has police
any information that could assist Stoppers.
police they should contact Crime mother
Stoppers.Thank you for that. The died
mother of a New Zealand tourist who Paradise
died after falling from a Surfers as
Paradise balcony has went in court daughter
as the man accused of murdering her trial.
daughter faced the first day of his following
trial. Our reporter Clare Hunter is What
following the case and joins me now. Good
What has the jury heard so far? now
Good afternoon. Jurors are hearing Tostee.
now from the neighbour of Gable in
Tostee. She has told the court that looked
in the early hours of 8 August she pair
looked out her window and saw a the
pair of female legs dangling from says
the balcony above her. She then woman
says she heard a scream and saw the prosecution's
woman fall to her death. It is the man
prosecution's case that Gold Coast of
man Gable Tostee caused the death Wright
of New Zealand tourist Graeme morning
Wright in the early hours of that the
morning because he lobbed her on met
the balcony. This is after they had after
met using the dating app Tinder and prosecution
after a violent altercation. The jurors
prosecution has also addressed unusual
jurors this morning, which is early.
unusual in a murder trial this Gable
early. In its defence the they say responsible
Gable Tostee could not be death
responsible for Graeme Wright's something
death because the act of looking mean
something on the balcony does not Waerina
mean he is guilty of murder. Dash family
Waerina Wright. As you said her Zealand
family have travelled over from New this
Zealand to be here in court for mrtsdz
this trial. The 26-year-old a was
mrtsdz did sob while Gable Tostee course,
was being arraigned. He think, of the
course, that he was not guilty to expected
the charge of murder. This trial is main
expected to take only six days. The recording
main piece of evidence is a made
recording that Gable Tostee himself Wright's
made on the night of Waerinna continuing.
Wright's death. The trial is hear
continuing. We are expecting to this
hear from a number of witnesses researchers
this afternoon.Thank you. Sydney break-through
researchers are claiming a major with
break-through this cancer treatment tumours
with a trial drug shown to cause three
tumours to shrink. It is said to be chemotherapy,
three times more effective than patients.
chemotherapy, offering new hope to drug
patients.For the last few years a dramatic
drug called Keytruda has achieved treated
dramatic results for people being is
treated for melanoma. Now Keytruda trials
is achieving results in early cancer
trials for the treatment of lung early
cancer and the results from those unusually
early trials have the medical world this
unusually excited.We know of how successful
this drug works in melanoma. A very successful story. We also know that with
this drug worked well in patients previously
with lung cancer that were previously twreetd chemotherapy and patients
this is the first to show that in treatment
patients who never received any severe
treatment previously, and in the already
severe form of lung cancer that has people
already spread, now we can give the
people this type of drug to releave fighting
the patient's own immune system in that
fighting against cancer. We see chemotherapy
that this works better than patients
chemotherapy in a specific group of patients and this specific group of specific
patients have a high level of a as
specific marker. Into the markers, treatment
as you say, are the key to the has
treatment here. That the patient effectively
has to have this marker, which is effectively a handshake if you like cell
between the T cell and the cancer That's
cell in breaking that handshake. can
That's right. The can sirp sells hold
can deceive the immune system and what
hold back the immune system. So the
what this drug does is to takeaway immune
the blindfold and to set free the immune system in fighting against respond
the cancer. So those patients who long
respond usually do so for a very therapy
long time.It is hoped that the new burden
therapy could replace the poisonous on
burden thaen chemotherapy can place treatment.
on patients undergoing the 900
treatment.Overseas now. Close to as
900 people have now died in Haiti The
as a result of Hurricane Matthew. continue
The death toll is expected to hardest
continue to rise with some of the by
hardest hit towns yet to be reached close
by rescue teams. Officials say has
close to 90% of the country's south US,
has been destroyed. Meantime in the final
US, the hurricane has packed its Coast,
final punch on the country's East dead.
Coast, leaving at least 20 people the
dead.Matthew's final punch bashing rain
the kwoeft a last dose of wind, The
rain and fire. This house engulfed. inches
The rain swarming Fayeteville, 14 rainfalling
inches there, a third of the annual faced
rainfalling in hours.Our state has loss
faced major destruction and sadly at
loss of life.The storm has claimed over
at least 20 lives N North Carolina, causing
over 1,000 water rescues. The water this.
causing a canyon into this road rescuers
this. Woman's car seb merged. As under
rescuers approach notice the bundle safety.
under her arm. Her baby scooped to Carolina
safety.In other points of North flooding.
Carolina the rain created all the is
flooding. Here along the coast it on
is the wind pushing the storm surge in
on to land creating a water world without
in every direction.Millions harrowing
without power across the south. The harrowing storm blowing fliens
transformers and ripping downpour fliens a flood-flattered Charleston assessing
in south Carolina N Florida still big
assessing the damage.The waves so the
big they came crashing up and over boulders
the 9 foot storm wall, pushing boulders through the neighbourhood. gone.
The road here behind me completely Back
gone.Now the water is just over. it
Back here we met Blake Smith.See borders
it is 3 inches above the base salvage
borders here.Accompanied him to for
salvage what is left of his home feel
for his wife and two toddlers.I thoughts.
feel like I can't collect my Still
thoughts. My mind is kind of racing. News,
Still ahead on Nine's Afternoon Palmer's
News, two members of Tiahleigh court.
Palmer's foster family return to accused
court. Will they turn on her raided
accused murderer? A truck company crash
raided following a double fatal high
crash in Sydney's west. And sky get
high rescue. How did a hang glider That's
get into this tricky situation. That's next.

A man has died, after a car burst
into flames along Antill Street in


ACT Police say they arrived to the
vehicle fully ablaze yesterday


The man driving the car was
killed, while a passenger was

pulled from the wreckage by a
passer by.

He's the 8th person to die on ACT
roads this year -- a report is

being prepared for the coroner.

Greyhound trainers across the
Monaro are hoping the Premier

reverses his ban on greyhound

There are reports Mike Baird will
backflip on his controversial ban,

which has angered regional
communities, like Goulburn.

Instead, Mr Baird is expected to
announce tougher penalties for

those who do the wrong thing.

The ACT Greens have revealed plans
to cull the number of poker

machine in Canberra and introduce
a one dollar betting limit.

The policy has been unveiled as
Canberra prepares to head to the

polls this weekend.

Greens Leader Shane Rattenbury
says the party would also make

gamblers make a pre-commitment on
how much they're willing to lose,

before they start playing.

And in sport, Canberra's Nick
Kyrgios has taken out the Japan


The 21 year old beat Belgium's
David Goffin in three sets over in


It's the biggest title of his
career -- but there's no time to

celebrate -- he's off to play in
the Shanghai Masters this week.

Here's the weather - on the
satellite, A gusty cold front is

sweeping through southern parts of
New South Wales, bringing rain.

More showers along the coast but
clear for the rest of the state.

On the national map - Mostly sunny
in Darwin today 35. A fine day in

Brisbane reaching 27 degrees.
Showers for Sydney 32. Light rain

in Melbourne 17 the top.

Canberra's outlook - cloudy
tomorrow peaking at 14 degrees and

much the same mid-week. Sunny
skies after that though, with some

morning frost and 18 on Friday.

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Two family members will act as case
prosecution witnesses in the murder Palmer.
case of Queensland girl Tiahleigh explains,
Palmer. As Nine's Brittney Kleyn eldest
explains, her foster mother and plead
eldest brother are expected to and
plead guilty to two charges.Julene in
and Joshua Thorburn didn't appear on
in court this morning. They remain to
on bail, both charged in relation entire
to Tiahleigh Palmer's murder. The arrested
entire Thorburn family were father,
arrested last month while foster murder.
father, Rick, has been charged with accused
murder. Josh ua and Julene are both information
accused of not revealing vital investigation
information to police during the old's
investigation into the 12-year- today
old's disappearance. Their lawyers guilty
today revealed they both plead and
guilty to the charges of perjury justice.
and perverting the course of evidence
justice. They will also give as
evidence eventually when the case Albeit
as family members go to trial their
Albeit late, they are now giving police
their complete cooperation to the more,
police investigations and, what's agreeing
more, they have now taken a step of witnesses
agreeing to be prosecution about
witnesses and to give evidence Tiahleigh
about everything they know. mother,
Tiahleigh Palmer's biological following
mother, Cindy, has also been came
following the case closely. She there
came to court this morning but says family's
there is no closure from the lying
family's admissions.They have been last
lying and being deceitful for the do
last 11 months. The least they can have
do is start being truthful now. I trying
have been up and down off and on, comes.
trying to get three each day as it by
comes.The family has been scoured six
by police for evidence. They have court.
six weeks to provide it to the at
court. They will face court again burst
at the end of next month.A car has horrific
burst into flames during an Coast
horrific crash on the NSW Central without
Coast which left a number of homes collided
without power. The Ford Falcon mine
collided with a pure pole at mine bringing
mine just after 9:00 last night before
bringing down electricity lines Three
before catching fire -- Umina. hospital,
Three men in the car were taken to condition.
hospital, one of them in a serious in
condition. A truck company involved west
in a deadly accident in Sydney's police.
west last week has been raided by latest.
police. Nine's Lizzie Pearl has the at
latest.Well, it was last Thursday when
at Erskine Park in Sydney's west claimed
when a tragic truck accident drivers.
claimed the life of two truck incorrect
drivers. One truck veered on to the into
incorrect side of the road slamming killed
into another truck. Both drivers police
killed instantly. This morning conducting
police and RM Sofficers are company
conducting raids on a trucking investigating
company in Sydney's Kemps Creek management
investigating the fatigue trucking
management practices of one of the crash.
trucking companies involved in that records,
crash. So far they have seized about
records, work diaries, information have
about rest breaks and so far police instances
have said it is one of the worst instances of record-keeping they with
have ever seen. Mechanical issues investigated.
with the trucks are also being investigated. A number of trucks notices,
have been slapped with defect tyres
notices, including fuel leaks, bald investigation
tyres and braking issues.The uncovered
investigation thus far thorn has management
uncovered evidence of major fatigue company.
management in this particular being
company. We can't rule out fatigue here
being a factor. That's why we are are
here this morning and that's why we like
are going to inspect more trucks, major
like the one behind me.Also of allegedly
major concern to police an located
allegedly stolen car has been Creek.
located on that property in Kemps vehicle.
Creek. Police have seized that to
vehicle. They have so far been able Dubbo
to link it to a break and enter at A
Dubbo in the state's central west. premises
A number of other items on the investigated.
premises are also being has
investigated. The Cam property Quad demanded
has been called in. Police have now be
demanded that the rest of the fleet the
be brought here to Wetherill Park, inspection.
the RM Sdepot, for a thorough should
inspection. A total of 20 trucks of
should be brought here by the end Afternoon
of the day.Till to come on Nine's accused
Afternoon News, trial for a nurse with
accused of killing two patients sensational
with a deadly dose of insulin. Plus, set
sensational backflip. Mike Baird ban
set to overturn his controversial footy
ban on greyhound racing. And a his
footy fan meets the heros who saved grand
his life after a heart attack on grand final

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Welcome back. The trial of a woman at
accused of murdering two patients Lismore.
at a NSW nursing home has begun in following
Lismore. Nine's Airlie Walsh is the
following the story for us. How are afternoon.
the victims' families coping.Good this
afternoon. As you could imagine, day
this was never going to be an easy this,
day for these families but, despite years
this, after two and a half long support
years there was a strong show of families
support at Lismore Court today. The their
families wearing pink ribbons on loved
their chests in memory of their May
loved ones. This all unfolded in Darragh
May 2014. 828-year-old Marie Spencer
Darragh and 77-year-old Isabella in
Spencer were both found unconscious Care
in their beds at St Andrews Aged had
Care in Ballina. Police allege they of
had been administered a deadly dose The
of insulin by nurse Megan Haines. guilty
The 47-year-old has pleaded not Today
guilty to two charges of murder. Supreme
Today her trial started at Lismore submissions
Supreme Court. In their opening accused
submissions the crown argued the after
accused intended to kill both women Megan
after complaints were made about The
Megan Haines's care for these women. deliberately
The crown also said that they she
deliberately injected both - that women
she deliberately injected both require.
women with a drug that they did not in
require. All of this was played out Let's
in front of the victims' families. say
Let's listen to what they had to all
say outside of court today.We are It
all very emotional. It is our mum. great-grandmother
It is our grandmother. It is our Darragh.
great-grandmother Marie Therese us
Darragh. 82 when she was taken to are
us and sent to the angels. And we are here to fight a battle. And we determined
are going to win.Some very This
determined family members there. Court
This trial continues at Lismore expected
Court for a number of weeks. It is and
expected to run for about six weeks throughout
and we will keep you updated very
throughout that time.Thank you transformation
very much for that. A major home
transformation is planned for the revitalisation
home of Sydney's Olympics. The Park
revitalisation of Sydney Olympic history
Park would be the biggest in its us.
history as Eddy Meyer reports for years
us. Into since the Olympic Games 16 one
years ago this precinct has been there
one of peaks and troughs, busy when deserted
there are events on, pretty if
deserted the rest of the time. But that
if a new vision comes to pass all Sydney
that will change, transforming new
Sydney Olympic Park into a major apartments,
new hub with thousands of new and
apartments, businesses, retailers apartment
and parklands. While some new underway,
apartment development is already zones
underway, additional residential a
zones would see 45-storey towers an 24-hour
a revamped tun centre, creating a major
24-hour mini city by 2013. The around
major question though remains says
around transport. The government heavy
says there are plans for expanded stebs
heavy rail services, possibly an buses
stebs to the Sydney metro, extra Parramatta
buses and light rail service from been
Parramatta but nothing concrete has opportunities
been announced. There are so many Olympic
opportunities here at Sydney about
Olympic Park. We have been talking to
about them for long enough. Now is throughout
to time to get the vision community
throughout and to talk to the see.
community about what they want to master
see.This multi-billion dollar until
master plan is up for discussion blueprint
until November 15. The final next
blueprint will be released early of
next year.Let's get a quick check Nixon.
of the weather now with Livinia Melbourne
Nixon. Much calmer conditions in to
Melbourne today.Hi. Yes, compared weather,
to yesterday's extraordinary such
weather, Melbourne has not seen 2008.
such destructive winds since April day
2008. So it was a very difficult day with gusts of more than 100km/h behind
around the city. The westerly winds strong.
behind the front are not nearly as the
strong. So as it has moved across it
the state conditions have eased but bringing
it is heading back up the coast showers
bringing windy conditions, a few Today
showers and cooler temperatures. 34
Today Sydney reached an incredible October
34 degrees. That's 12 above the change
October average. But the cool airport
change arrived this afternoon. The minutes.
airport dropped 7 kegs in 10 that
minutes. There is a band of showers moment
that is morning up the coast at the showers
moment so the city should get as
showers late they are evening. Not there
as windy in Melbourne today but It
there was hail about this afternoon. day
It only reached 17. Another lovely day in Brisbane, 26. 19 in Perth. only
It has been cooler in Adelaide, light
only 17 degrees. There were a few morning.
light showers around the city this Mount
morning. There has been snow on reached
Mount Wellington today. Hobart only millimetres.
reached 13 and collected a few conditions
millimetres. So a return to wintery Thank
conditions in the south-east today. come
Thank you. See you soon. Still to says
come this afternoon, a footy fan saved
says thank you to the heros who final.
saved his life during the AFL grand iconic
final. A major milestone for an 60
iconic Australian company marking Plus,
60 years in the logistics business. to
Plus, a Supercar driver threatens Bathurst
to spoil the party for the new Carlton
Bathurst 1000 champions. Could returning
Carlton star Bryce Gibbs be here
returning home to Adelaide. Now, here is a look at what

his mate seriously injured
a teenage boy killed, at Mount Druitt -
in a mini-bike crash were police following them? a truck explodes into flames.
Picton Road chaos - was deliberately targeted
Accusations Phil Hughes by a cricket ball.
on the day he was killed Hillary Clinton in jail
Why Donald Trump says he'd throw if elected. at Olympic Park.
10,000 new homes to be built

now hundreds of dollars cheaper.
The new arthritis drug prepares to cop a Kiwi barrage
And Johnathan Thurston in Saturday's Test. Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

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and been to more places. We reward your experience
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Welcome back. Western Bulldogs fan life
has thanked the heros who saved his attack
life when he suffered a heart Let's
attack during the AFL grand final. the
Let's go live to Seb Costello for match
the details. A pretty gripping recovering?
match for this guy. How is he it
recovering?I guess you could say recovering
it is a real heart-stopper. He is couldn't
recovering well. In fact, today we when
couldn't shut him up in hospital paramedic
when he was introduced to the for
paramedic team who saved his life gratitude
for the first time. He was full of the
gratitude A lot of thank yous for is
the people involved there. And it circumstances.
is an incredible set of as
circumstances. Almost as exciting minutes
as the grand final itself. With 10 a
minutes to go, Rob McCarthy, who is collapsed.
a life-long Western Bulldogs fans collapsed. Little did he know that was
a few rows in front of him there taken
was an off-duty paramedic who had Well,
taken the day off to watch the game. collapsing
Well, within moments of Rob on
collapsing this guy Liam gets a tap to
on the shoulder and it is brought in
to his attention there is somebody in need of help. He decided to go joined
to work. Soon 56 that hoo r he was from
joined by first aid professional with
from the MCG who had a defibrilator about
with them. Bur to her from Liam final
about what he remembers of grand is
final day followed by McCarthy who defibrilators
is a survival and said says sporting
defibrilators need to be in all It
sporting venues.Fells his pulse. Got
It was weaked. That disappeared. ground.
Got somebody to get him down on the Business
ground. Then we started CPR on him. at
Business osh whatever start looking how
at getting one and teaching people the
how to do CPR. You can't rely on duty.
the fact that paramedics are off- tomorrow.
duty. Into he will be discharged to
tomorrow. The first thing he wants see
to do is watch the replay so he can he
see the football he missed. II bet you.
he does. What a great story. Thank Canning.
you. Time to look at sport with Rob controversy
Canning.Good afternoon. The Bathurst
controversy surrounding the take
Bathurst 1000 race result could adjudication.
take more than a week for an and
adjudication. Winners Will Davison ignore
and Jonathan Webb are trying to today
ignore the Red Bull protest and show
today they travelled to Sydney to Luke
show off the silverware. Nine's one
Luke Dufficy has more.Well, it was to
one of the most incredible finishes I'm
to the Bathurst 1000 we have seened. winning
I'm joined by one half of the things
winning team, Will Davison. Have past
things calmed down at all in the within
past 24 hours.Not yet. It has race
within a pretty mad 24 hours. The was
race was just from go to woa. It how
was incredibly intense. Into just petrol
how close did you come to losing coughed
petrol in the last lap in It Unbelievable.
coughed as I crossed the line. it.
Unbelievable. You couldn't script exciting
it. You couldn't script a more there
exciting climax to the finish. Into and
there is that protest from Red Bull this
and Jamie Whincup. No nerves at all No,
this might be taken away from you. the
No, there is no nerves. We executed you
the best race we can do. That's all you can do in any sport. We have end
the trophy. We won the race. At the disappointed.
end of the day I'm just bit
disappointed. I think it is just a talked
bit of a shame that it has been think
talked about a lot today when I have
think our guys deserve it. Into you make
have seen the replay. What did you good
make of that incident? Yes. I mean, There
good on Jamie. He had a crack. Biggest
There was nothing dirty about it. up
Biggest race of the year. He lunged lock
up the inside. Very, very easy to Yes,
lock your rear brakes like you did. pull
Yes, he locked the brakes. Couldn't side
pull it up and crashed into the was
side of lack lock lock. He knew he readdress
was in the wrong. He was trying well
readdress the situation which is Unfortunate
well all hell broke loose. but
Unfortunate 9 way it all ended up the
but good for us.Congratulations on incredible
the win. Good luck. Another of
incredible chapter in the history gentleman.
of the Bathurst 1000.OK, thank you dropped
gentleman. AFL now. Bryce Gibbs has week,
dropped a bombshell to begin trade move
week, telling Carlton he wants a Nine
move to Adelaide. Let's go live to would
Nine Nine's Ayrton Woolley. This Australian.
would be a move home for the South certainly
Australian.That's right. It opening
certainly capped what was a busy period
opening day to the AFL's trade recruiters
period as both List managers and Stadium
recruiters converged on Etihad to
Stadium for talks. Gibbs decision caught
to request a move home certainly recruited
caught Carlton off-guard. He was number
recruited from gleng elg as the He
number one draft pick back in 2006. what
He had three years remain ongoing as
what was a lucrative contract. But Reid
as Adelaide's Miss Manager Justin now
Reid reveals, Gibbs thinks it is Australia.
now time to return home to South have
Australia.Bryce and his management Club.
have spoke to the Adelaide Football come
Club. He has a strong desire to behind
come home. We will have discussions it.
behind the scenes and work through lose
it.The Blues can also be set to nominated
lose defender Zach Tuohy, who has destination
nominated Geelong as his set
destination of choice. The Cats are themselves
set for a busy trade period their
themselves after also confirming Given
their interest in Brett Deledio. pick,
Given they don't have a first round plenty
pick, there will certainly need be already
plenty of liaising with the Tigers hot
already declaring they don't want interest
hot in return.Brett expressed his this
interest in Geelong as well but at letting
this stage, yes, we wouldn't be that's
letting Brett go for nothing, other
that's for sure.As for the day's became
other deals, Ty Vickery officially decided
became a Hawk after Richmond agency
decided not to match that free also
agency offer. Sydney's Tom Mitchell to
also told the Swans he wants a move continue
to Waverley while the Hawks Jaeger
continue to make their move for has
Jaeger O'Meara. Also Daniel Wells want
has told north Melbourne he doesn't with
want to be at the club next season destination.
with Collingwood his most likely region
destination. Somewhere in the three
region of $600,000 a season over Thank
three years.Never a dull moment. developments.
Thank you very much for those Kangaroos
developments. To Rugby League now. Kangaroos playmaker Cooper Cronk premiership
has revealed that Sharks and
premiership winners James Maloney of
and Valentine Holmes wasted no time final
of reminding him of their grand they
final victory over the storm as he
they bond in camp in Perth. While the
he was recovered physically from scarce
the grand final defeat, mental heal.
scarce will take a long time to ahead
heal. The Kangaroos trained today against
ahead of this weekend's clash primed
against nooild. Sook reduce are the
primed to take down Japan ahead of Stadium.
the World Cup qualifier at etd away
Stadium. Returning home after two Being
away games will give them the edge. opponent,
Being at home, regardless of the impose
opponent, we want to make sure we impose ourselves on the game. At three
the end of this we want to pick up 9GO
three points.The match is live on guides.
9GO tomorrow night. Check local another
guides. Australia crumbled to Africa
another defeat in its tour of South trail
Africa going down by six wickets to Australia
trail the five-match series 4-0. three
Australia never got going, losing limp
three wickets for 12 runs before better
limp to go 167. Frustration got the facing
better of Matthew Wade, who is for
facing a contrary conduct charge competitive
for an off-field run-in.It is just International
competitive cricket really. Everyone
International cricket is hard work. their
Everyone is going out and going blown
their hardest. I suppose it gets with
blown out of proportionate times around
with obviously all the technology and
around the wicket with turf mics that
and cameras everywhere. I enjoy that side of the game.Australia ODI
and South Africa play their final That's
ODI match on Wednesday night. See
That's it. More coming up at 6:00. celebrations
See you soon. There were big trucking
celebrations today for billionaire marking
trucking magnate Lindsay Fox His
marking 60 years in the industry. doors
His company Lin Fox opened its evolution
doors to demonstrate the company's beginnings.
evolution since its humbled This
beginnings. Jayde Vincent has more. truck
This Ford was the first and only first
truck in the fleet when Lindsay Fox 1956.
first started his business back in logistics
1956. Now 60 years on, Lin Fox with
logistics expanded into 11 kins vehicles
with a tleet of more than 6,000 Pacific
vehicles throughout the Asian has
Pacific region.I brought a truck T people
has grown to something like 36,000 of
people in 11 countries. So you sort hell
of look back and you say, "How the mag
hell did you do it."The trucking the
mag neat and property mogul says business
the key to his successful family with
business is relationships built they
with employees and the companies our
they transport for.We still treat family.
our people as part of an extended celebrations,
family.As part of 60 years near
celebrations, a demonstration day and
near Angelsy showcased the safe tea the
and technological advancement in the fleetAs long as you eat, drink a
and drive the trucking industry is 16
a very vibrant one.Lindsay Fox was contain
16 when he lied about his age to Now
contain his truck-driving licence. in
Now 79 years old, he is no longer operations
in charge of the day-to-day says
operations of the company but he bread
says trucking will always be his really
bread and butter and he will never lewd
really retire.Next on Nine News, threats
lewd comments about women and and
threats of gaol. Hillary Clinton off
and Donald Trump take the gloves A
off in the latest election debate. launched
A critical incident investigation in
launched after a teenager is killed west.
in a motorbike crash in Sydney's Bollinger
west. Also, fast bowler Doug sledging
Bollinger denies accusations of death
sledging at the inquest into the delicate
death of Phillip Hughes. And a caught
delicate rescue for a hang glider caught in a sticky situation.

The big clean-up will start today and
after fierce storms killed a woman breaks.
and knocked out power.When news pulled
breaks.The young boy dieing after swimming
pulled unconscious from a backyard There
swimming poolToday is there first. morning
There is a sinister swift this Schools
morning in the scary clown craze. Schools will

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A delicate rescue operation is crashed
underway to free a paraglider who Gold
crashed into a tree west of the Wallace
Gold Coast. Let's go live to Nat just
Wallace for more details. We are What
just looking at those pictures now. situation?
What is the latest on this lot
situation?Well, there is a whole the
lot of hanging around being done at stuck
the moment. This fellow has been ground
stuck in the tree about 30m off the in
ground for the past two hours. But started
in the last few minutes we have and
started to see some attempt to try arrived.
and get him down. The ambulance has arrived
arrived. The fire trucks have had
arrived with their ladders. We also very
had some cranes arrive but it is a access
very difficult area to try and get these
access to. You might be able to see You
these live pictures at the moment. doing
You can see that this fellow is limb
doing OK. He was lying down on a actually
limb for quite some time but he has past
actually been moving around in the have
past few minutes. He is okay. They There
have tried to get ropes up to him. ground
There are some fellows on the the
ground who were going try and scale same
the tree and get him down at the of
same time. There is a lot of cords paraglider
of course attached to his delicate
paraglider but it is a very point
delicate operation. PolAir at one an
point was doing circles. There was and
an expert in that chopper to try safety
and wince down and pull him to probably
safety but they realised that was extremely
probably a little too risky. It is the
extremely windy. This area west of is
the Gold Coast at mount Tamborine Misery.
is actually called Khan mount doing
Misery. Good to know this fellow is case
doing OK but he probably has a good He
case of embarrassment at the moment. paraglider.
He is a professional or experienced Sydney.
paraglider. We believe he is from Kanungra
Sydney. He was competing in the of
Kanungra Cup. There were about 100 date.
of them. We will keep you up-to- Nine's
date.Thank you. You are watching our
Nine's Afternoon News. These are killed
our toppers to. A teenager has been Sydney's
killed in a motorbike crash in critical
Sydney's west. Police launching a trufrn
critical incident investigation. D Hillary
trufrn has threatened to put during
Hillary Clinton in gaol if elected Debate.
during a fiery second Presidential sledging
Debate. And bowling tactics and sledging are in the spotlight the
during an emotional first day into cricketer
the inquest into the death of cricketer Phillip Hughes.

A teenager who was killed in a bike friend,
crash in Sydney's west and his are
friend, who was seriously injured, launch
are yet to be identified as police investigation.
launch a critical incident has
investigation. Nine's Elise Baker incident
has the details.Well, a critical launched
incident investigation has been teenager
launched following the death of a Mount
teenager after a crash here at around
Mount Druitt this morning. It was spotted
around 11:00 when a police patrol males
spotted a small motorbike with two their
males who they believe are aged in you
their early than teens on board. As police
you can see in the CCTV footage, the
police were about 15 seconds behind motorcycle
the boys moments before their driverway
motorcycle crashed no a ute on a The
driverway here at Kurrajong Avenue. Children's
The youths were raised to the sadly,
Children's Hospital at Westmead but and
sadly, the driver of the bike died condition.
and his passenger is in a serious horrific
condition. Witnesses say it was a a
horrific scene to watch. Let's take the
a listen.Just kids coming along Like
the footpath, looking behind them. somebody.
Like they were getting chased by stationary
somebody. Yes, there was a ute Basically
stationary in the driveway. see
Basically they cleaned it up. To pretty
see two young kids like that is I'm
pretty devastating.Not nice to see. say
I'm pretty shaken up myself.Police identify
say they are still yet to formally might
identify these boys. Anyone who help
might have information that could Crime
help investigators should contact Hillary
Crime StoppersDonald Trump and second
Hillary Clinton traded barbs in the afternoon.
second Presidential Debate this candidate's
afternoon. And the Republican women
candidate's crude comments about women took some stage. US Louis.
correspondent Laura Turner is in St debate
Louis.Well, Donald Trump began the tonight.
debate before it even started Hillary
tonight. He tried to unnerve press
Hillary Clinton with a surprise began
press conference before the debate have
began with a number of women who Clinton
have claimed that in the past Bill He
Clinton had sexually assaulted them. the
He was doing this to try and shift that
the focus off his own bomb shep that came through over

that came through over the weekend didn't
of his comments about women. It didn't last though.

didn't last though.
of his comments about women. It matter
didn't last though. It was only a up
matter of minutes before this came Into
up on the debate stage. Take a look. not
Into this was locker room talk. I'm the
not proud of it. He has said that is.
the video does not represent who he anyone
is. But I think it is clear to represents
anyone who heard it that it will
represents exactly who he is.It just
will be very interesting to see later
just how these two candidates poll crowned
later in the week and who is debate
crowned the winner out of the the
debate tonight. Certainly a lot of Clinton
the commentary here is that Hillary Trump,
Clinton won on substance but Donald expected.
Trump, he came off better than aggression
expected. There was a lot of tonight
aggression from Donald Trump back
tonight and he certainly didn't hals
back down on Hillary Clinton.She so
hals got bad judgment and honestly, President
so bad that she should never be Hillary
President of the United States. questions
Hillary Clinton faced some tough questions of her own tonight, more especially
so than the first debate, scandal.
especially tonight on her email debate
scandal. That is really when the slanging
debate appeared to turn into a candidates.
slanging match between the two to
candidates. Take a look.I am going get
to instruct my Attorney-General to into
get a special prosecutor to look just
into your situation.Everything he I'm
just said is absolutely false but that
I'm not surprised.After a debate with
that began in very tense fashion shake
with the candidates refusing to warmer
shake hands, it ended on a somewhat from
warmer note. One of the questions candidates
from the crowd was what the about
candidates could say that they like about each other. Hillary saying children
that she liked Donald Trump's that
children and Donald Trump saying certainly
that Hillary is not a quitter. So week
certainly after a fiery and grubby debate
week on the US campaign trail, the note.
debate tonight ended on a warmer allegations
note.Bowling tactics and dominated
allegations of sledging have into
dominated day one of the inquest Phillip
into the death of late cricketer by
Phillip Hughes. We are joined now Take
by Nine's Neil Breen with more. today.
Take us through what has been said coronial
today.Very dramatic day at the Phillip
coronial inquiry into the death of Phillip Hughes. It began with the entire
family arriving. Phillip Hughes's entire family was there today. His were
parents and his two siblings. There were briefings given to the media by Cricket Australia and also Henderson
Phillip Hughes's manager, James respect
Henderson asking everyone to as
respect the Hughes's family privacy inquest
as they came to and from the very
inquest throughout what will be a when
very arduous week. Interestingly, Michael
when the inquiry opened the Coroner, just
Michael Barnes, said that this was accident
just nothing short of a horrible apportion
accident and they weren't there to apportion blame. They were there cricket
just to see if they could make aist
cricket safer. But then the council that
aist sing the inquiry, stesh, said asked
that questions were going to be bowled
asked about the amount of bouncers about
bowled -- Kristina Stearn - also field.
about sledging that happened on the opened
field. Let's listen to them as they these
opened the inquiry today. Into to
these inquiries are not undertaken death
to lay blame. Quite clearly the death was a terrible accident but made
that doesn't mean cricket can't be expressed
made safer. Phillip's family have matters
expressed concerns about some largely
matters and their concerns are the
largely based upon their viewing of they
the video footage and some xhernts in
they understood to have been made including
in the aftermath of the incident, cricketers
including from some of the that
cricketers involved.It was after interesting.
that that things got very Jason
interesting. It came to light that told
Jason Hughes, Phillip's brother, incident
told police investigating the they
incident shortly afterwards that field
they believed that someone on the Phillip
field said "I'll kill you" to Phillip Hughes and his batting council
partner. That was raised by the Hughes
council who was assisting the question
Hughes family in the inquiry. The on
question was put to the NSW captain the
on the day, Brad Haddin, and also alleged
the bowler, Doug Bollinger, who was said
alleged to have said it. Haddin Bollinger
said it wasn't said and Doug said,
Bollinger vehemently denied it was his
said, said he could put his hand on Hughes
his heart he did not sledge Phillip you."
Hughes and didn't say "I'll kill family
you." At that point the Hughes their
family looked at him and shook today.
their head. So very dramatic there Thank
today.Tough for all involved. thousands
Thank you. A woman was killed and wild
thousands left without power after Neary
wild winds lashed Victoria. Nine's more
Neary Ty has this report.Well, Victoria
more than 70,000 homes across winds
Victoria were without power as wild this
winds lashed the state. Here in has
this street in Balgrave South it hardest
has been described as one of the on
hardest hit in the area. We counted fallen
on one property alone there were 10 trying
fallen trees. Crews are desperately in
trying to restore electricity here powerlines
in this street. They are working on have
powerlines at the moment. Schools came
have been shut down after trees Primary
came crashing down at Menzies Creek described
Primary School. The principal Classrooms
described it as devastating. refuge
Classrooms destroyed and their fire can't
refuge centre crashed.Crazy. I down
can't believe the massive tree came classroom.
down and destroyed a whole sadly
classroom. Into the wild weather of
sadly caused the death of a mother fell
of three at Millgrove after I tree gentle
fell on her home. Joan was a very loyal
gentle and caring person, a very freak
loyal friend.As a result of the counting
freak winds, businesses are also to
counting the costs with most forced thousands
to close today and throw out I
thousands of dollars worth of food. customers,
I think the main thing is all our customers, I think in this area, key
they won't have this service 6789A key Turnbull election promise will crossbench
become law after sections of the to
crossbench provided crucial support our
to the Fair Work Bill. Let's go to Canberra.
our political reporter Joel Dry in backed
Canberra. Good afternoon. Who has of
backed this bill?It is the support this
of One Nation that has delivered called
this win for the government. The so first
called CFA Bill was one of the parliament.
first introduced into this 45th issue
parliament. It was a big election deliver
issue for the government and helped July.
deliver their slim victory back in volunteer
July. What it will do is protect Country
volunteer organisations like the from
Country Fire Authority in Victoria pass
from union influence. It should perhaps
pass the Senate either tonight or Chamber
perhaps tomorrow but the Red the
Chamber today has been dominated by the ongoing controversy involving He
the Attorney-General George Brandis. claims
He is still having too fight off meeting
claims he misled parliament about a General
meeting he had with the Solicitor General Justin Gleeson: at G told legal
the SJ he intended to deliver a was
legal directive which ensured he advice
was the go-to man for all legal Gleeson
advice in the government. Mr Gleeson reputs this. This is where Into
the misleading element comes in. difference
Into Mr Gleeson and have has a constitutes
difference as to whether or not it same
constitutes a consultation. The slipperiness,
same old George on kiss play, same fundamental
slipperiness, word games and why.
fundamental lack of decen clshgs, Attorney-General
why. Yet again we have seen this to
Attorney-General is one who fails of
to meet the fundamental obligations issue.
of his office.This is a complex definition
issue. It all comes down to the it
definition of some words. Basically good
it is the public's bat. It is not a Attorney-General
good look for the government or come
Attorney-General and it might all when
come to a conclusion this Friday Inquiry
when both men front a Senate We
Inquiry into the matter.All right. The
We will wait and see. Thank you. greyhound
The controversial and divisive greyhound ban planned in NSW is as forced
good as gone with the Premier announced
forced into a backflip to be O'Keefe
announced tomorrow. Nine's Chris story.
O'Keefe has been right across this ban
story. He joins me now. Chris, the still
ban might be gone but there will put
still be some very tough measures When
put in place.Yes, there will being. 7:30
When Mike Baird advises his Cabinet to
7:30 tomorrow morning that he wants he
to reverse the greyhound racing ban measures
he will tell them a few of the place
measures that he wants to put in properly
place to make sure that it is a
properly regulated. One of those is which
a life cycle management system will
which will essentially mean there as
will be checks and balances as soon up
as a greyhound is born all the way focussed
up until its death specifically racing
focussed on retired greyhound racing dogs. We are also looking at 2,000
a cap on hom dogs will be presented, also
2,000 to 3,000 per year. There will caught
also be life-time bans for anybody for
caught live baiting and gaol time an
for an mule cruelty. There will be make
an overhaul of racing practices to greyhounds
make sure that injuries to happen
greyhounds m ishg d race does not because
happen as often. This is all political
because of the pressure, the been
political pressure that you are has government.
been placed on Mike Baird and this just
government. A senior MP told me and
just last week they are paralysed the
and they can't continue to govern result
the way they are governing. As a result they are going to backflip trainers
and the Labor and the greyhound three
trainers are pretty happy.The last with.
three months has been hard to deal family.
with. It has taken a toll on my worry.
family. It has been a constant come
worry. We are praying that he does dishlicker
come to his senses.It is a legislation
dishlicker debacle. You will have legislation to repeal the ago.
legislation he put through weeks spectacle
ago. That will be an unedifying Baird
spectacle for the PremierMike at
Baird will front a press conference details
at lufshg tomorrow to release the Thank
details of this almighty backflip. being
Thank you. An Australian man is Bali
being questioned by authorities in possession.
Bali on suspicion of drug received
possession. Police say they Guiseppe
received a tip-off that led them to where
Guiseppe Serafino's Denpasar home grams
where they allegedly found 7.2 British
grams of hashish on Saturday. His nearby
British friend was arrested at a anywhere
nearby bar. The fair could face in
anywhere between five years or life a
in prison if found guilty. Staff at Melbourne
a Subway restaurant north of traumatised
Melbourne have been left armed
traumatised after a terrifying was
armed robbery. One of the attackers hammer.
was allegedly carrying a sledge Into
hammer. Here is Nine's James Talia. daylight
Into the robbery happened in afternoon
daylight around 6:00 yesterday the
afternoon when customers were in carrying
the store. Two men ran in, one wearing
carrying a sledge hammer. Both were cover
wearing hadies and were trying their
cover their faces. They smashed store
their way into the back of the terrified
store demanding money from the two opened
terrified staff members. They with
opened the till and the two escaped only
with around $650. All-up, it took traumatised.
only around 90 seconds. They are threatened.
traumatised. They are really threatened. They don't want to work fieed
with me any more. Into I amateur it
fieed two actually work alone. So Singh
it was scary. It was very scary. Mr stores
Singh owns and operates five Subway and
stores across the northern suburbs has
and says this is the Nineth time he is
has been robbed this year alone. He is concerned police appear to be Into
powerless to stop it happening. on
Into I don't want police any more Even
on my premises. I don't call them. them.
Even this incident I don't call do
them. I want to take niengs my hand, staff.
do whatever I can to protect my he
staff. The owner is now concerned business
he will have to give up his dangerous
business that is becoming too Into
dangerous for him and his staff. condition
Into it is a common and painful ages
condition affecting people of all there
ages and from all walks of life but than
there is some good news for more suffering
than half a million Australians have
suffering from arthritis. We will Nine
have those exclusive details in warming
Nine News at 6:00. Now to a heart- racoons
warming rescue. Three little than
racoons who bit off a little more rescued
than they could chew have been search
rescued from a dumpster. In the dive
search for food, the trio took the had
dive but they quickly found they are
had no way of getting out. Kay, you Everybody
are cool. You are cool too. the
Everybody out of the pool.Once out, their
the little racoons were quickly on this
their way to freedom. Still to come latest
this afternoon, finance and the tomorrow
latest weather. Livinia, how is Nasty
tomorrow shaping up?Hi Amelia that. out
Nasty cold front will finally move leaving
out across the Tasman but it is it.
leaving some much cooler air behind drop.
it. So Sydney will take a 13 degree for
drop. I will have all the forecasts for you next.

a young teenager
Tonight, were police following mini-bike accident in Mount Druitt?
when he was killed in a Major delays on Picton road into flames.
after a truck explodes arthritis drug
And a breakthrough for all Australians.
that's finally affordable Nine News at 6:00.

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Good afternoon. After wreaking and
havoc through Victoria yesterday cold
and earlier today, a very strong bringing
cold front moved up the coast today nothing
bringing gusty conditions but that
nothing like the destructive winds also
that Melbourne saw yesterday. It So
also has very cold air behind it. temperatures
So today's unusually warm come
temperatures along NSW coast will come to an abrupt end.

come to an abrupt end.
temperatures along NSW coast will there
come to an abrupt end. So tomorrow across
there will be mostly dry conditions parts
across the country but the western more
parts of Tasmania will get some 13
more showers. Although it will be 13 degrees cooler in

13 degrees cooler in Sydney sunny,
tomorrow it will still be nice and degrees.
sunny, heading for a top of 21 into
degrees. Melbourne will plunge back forecast
into kin ter temperatures. Only tomorrow,
forecast to reach 15 degrees October
tomorrow, five degrees below the chance
October average. There is also the day,
chance of light showers during the suburbs.
day, particularly for eastern one
suburbs. It will be another warm with
one for Brisbane, heading for 29 light
with a very slight chance of a Canberra
light shower during the morning. It
Canberra in for a chilly morning. It should get down to 3

It should get down to 3 degrees Hobart
before reaching 14. Only 13 for shower
Hobart with the chance of a light reach
shower or two. Adelaide is set to millimetres
reach 16 with a couple of Perth's
millimetres in showers. In the west, increase,
Perth's temperature is on the degrees.
increase, set to reach a sunny 26

increase, set to reach a sunny 26

increase, set to reach a sunny 26 degrees
degrees. Alice Springs hit 36 down
degrees yesterday, 29 today and be
down to 25 tomorrow. It will still temperatures
be warm in Darwin, 35. So these very
temperatures in the south-east are the
very cool. They will continue for the next few days.

the next few days.
very cool. They will continue for the next few days. Thank you.

the next few days. Thank you.
very cool. They will continue for Quickly All
Quickly checking finance now. The points
All Ordinaries closed up seven points today. Our

points today. Our dollar stronger: next
that is our Afternoon News. Our next bulletin is at 6. I'm Amelia today.
Adams. Thanks for your company Live
today. Have a great evening.
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Nick Petrides - he was the godfather
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The mystery that took his partner's

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give away $1 million tonight?

Yeah. Come on.

Alright, let's get
straight in to the action.

I want to make somebody here rich.

That's what the name of the game is,
isn't it?


Don't worry about answering
the questions. Just make money.

Yes! Why not?

Alright. Let's meet our contestants.

Tonight, in seat number one,
we have...

Emily Wilson's many habits is
counting the buttons on the remote.

She's got 53 on her one
at the moment.

The first romantic date
Sue Parker's husband took her to

was a night at
the Ballarat Greyhounds.

The first thing Jashmal Gosai did
when he turned 18

was to apply to Hot Seat.

Teacher Lauren Owen spent an hour
on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City

while doing maths with a young boy.

Mike Glynn did an over-the-top
karaoke version of 'Delilah'

just to embarrass his family
and he did.

Kerry Stead was a driver
at the Olympics at Homebush

to the Harbour Bridge
in 12 minutes.

There you go.

That's going.

Emily, you ready to play?
Yes, I am.

Alright. Let's go. Come on.

Hello, Emily. How are you?
I'm good, thank you, Eddie.

Welcome to the show. Emily Wilson's
from Happy Valley in South Australia.

Is it a happy place, Happy Valley?

Yeah, it is. It's lovely.

It's just like in Melbourne.

Sounds like a wonderful suburb,
isn't it?

Sun doesn't shine much there at all.

What about Happy Valley?
Happy Valley's pretty nice.

What makes it so happy?

Oh, I don't know, I'm there
with my family, my three boys.

Good on you, Emily.

Your three boys are Riley, 7,
Flynn, who's 4, Darcy, who's 1.

You gave up the healthy eating

when you went to Gordon Ramsay's
Michelin-star restaurant in London.

Which one was it?
Maze, was it, or...?

No, the Hospital Road. 3-star.

Yeah, it was our anniversary
and I was really keen to book in,

so that Chris and I could go there.

It was a bit harder to get in
than you thought, was it?

Well, they say the bookings open
two months in advance.

I rang up 9:00 that morning
and they said,

"Would you like a table for two
at 10:00 at night?"

I said, "Yes, I suppose so."
And that was it.

And we got out of there
at 1:00 in the morning.

Most expensive meal we've ever had.
Was it good?

It was amazing. Really good.

Alright. Let's get on with it, Emily.
Let's go.

For 15 questions, you can pay the
bill at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.


$1 million is ready to go.

Want to play Hot Seat?
Yeah, absolutely.

Let's go. Come on.

$100 question.


Hollywood Boulevard
and Vine Street or...

How embarrassing. I actually...
..Diane Lane, Kirstie Alley

or Glenn Close.

I actually have got no idea
and I'm gonna pass.

You've got no idea, have you, Emily?

How embarrassing
on the first question.

No, don't be embarrassed. Relax.

It's embarrassing
if you got it wrong.

Yep. I'll pass.

Particularly 'cause it's so easy

but you'll see that
in a moment, Emily.

It's just you're sitting there
packing yourself, aren't you?


You've wound yourself up like a top,
haven't you?

That's alright.

Chris is up the back,
chortling away there, saying,

"She will never live this down."

But it's OK 'cause you can have
a pass and come back a bit later on.

Yes, thank you.

Off to Happy Valley for you, Emily.

Hello, Sue Parker.
Hi, Eddie.

Thank you.

Executive assistant with the Kin
Group. What do the Kin Group do?

They're an investment office.
Aha. What do we invest in?

Oh, all sorts of things.

Just make some money
for people, do you?

Yeah, I just keep
the executives in line.

That's the way.
Well, good luck doing that.

From Werribee in Victoria.
62 years of age.

Nick is your son. Hi, Nick.

Good to have you here, pal.

You ready to go with this one?

I think so.
You think so? You sure?

I hope so.
Alright. Let's go.

I think Hollywood and Vine
is a very well-known crossing,

so I'll pick A, Vine Street.

Lock in A, Vine Street.

Have you heard of Diane Lane,
Kirstie Alley or Glenn Close?

They're all actresses.

They're actually on
the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Yeah, Hollywood and Vine.
Correct for $100.

Now, have you got it?

Now you've seen it, haven't you?

You psyched
yourself out, didn't you?

I...just a bit nervous.

That's it. So, take a deep breath.
It's all cool now.

You've been through.
You'll be right if you ever get back.

That's it. It was a strategic move.
Beauti... Well done. That's it.

Emily's tactics
working beautifully. Yeah.


I can remember eating gobstoppers
in my youth,

probably didn't do
my teeth any good,

so C, confectionary.

Confectionary is right for $200.

$300. You ready?

Here we go.

I'll go for B, snake oil,
thank you, Eddie.

Snake oil.
A snake oil salesman.

Correct for $300.

Hey, Nick, she's going alright,
your mum, isn't she?

Yeah. Really good.

You happy with her?
Yeah. Back her in.

Have you put in an early bid on what
you'd do if she wins some money?

We haven't spoken
about it yet, actually,

so she can tell you now,
if you like.

Sue, is he up for any money,
this boy, Nick, of yours?

Oh, he might be.
Depends how much we win.

Yeah, Matthew and Nick
are your two kids.

Four grandkids.

Russell is your real estate agent
husband of six years.

That's right.

And we'll take a break and come back
with more Hot Seat right after this.

two young Mount Druitt teenagers
Tonight, were police following

their mini-bike, killing one?
when they crashed Major delays on Picton Road into flames.
after a truck explodes he'll do to Hillary
What Donald Trump says

if he becomes the President. arthritis drug
And, a breakthrough for all Australians.
finally affordable Nine News at 6:00.

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The ACT Election.

Sue Parker is playing for 500 bucks.

Good luck, Sue.Thank you.
Here it comes.

(LAUGHS) I will go for
C, small village, thank you.

Locked in. A hamlet is correct,
for $500.

Get it? Hamlet? Ham, pigpen?