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Olympics? Water polo.Correct. What does the M stand
for in the name of the band OMD? Manoeuvres.Correct. Gdansk Airport is named after which
politician? Lech Walesa.Correct. What jewel is the birthstone
for July? Ruby.Correct. What type of garment are pantaloons? Trousers.Correct. In the Christian calendar, how many
days does Lent last? 40.Correct.


Do you know what? Do you know how
many pushbacks we had? Five.Seven. You only took two.You either know
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and tell you that Darren, James and Lyn, you have
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Chaser.That was a triumph
for time management. If you notice, I took easy questions
very quickly and threw away the questions I
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VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. Good afternoon. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
have gone head-to-head in one of the most heated debates
in US history. Clinton condemned Trump over
his lewd comments, while he said
she should be jailed. But who have commentators
backed for the win? The political fallout
from the Trump tapes reaches Australian politics, with Derryn Hinch
and Pauline Hanson trading blows. The inquest starts into the death
of Australian cricketer, Phillip Hughes. And thousands of homes
still without power, after Victoria's deadly storm. Mel. In sport, more embarrassment
for the Aussie cricketers, the big AFL trade news, and the Bathurst champions
show off the Peter Brock Trophy - but will they keep it? Brownie. Thanks, Mel. On the weather front,
mid 30s in Sydney today as snow fell to low levels
in Tasmania. More detail in 10 minutes. First at 4:00 - America's second
presidential debate was at times an ugly spectacle, as the two contenders
traded blows, sometimes, deeply personal. Donald Trump tried to shrug off
his comments about groping women by attacking Bill Clinton's past. He even said
Hillary Clinton would be in jail if he was president - a comment that's now threatening
even more instability to his troubled campaign. No handshake this time as Hillary Clinton
and Donald Trump were introduced to the 40 undecided voters
in the town hall-style debate. Trump's recently unearthed
comments about groping women central to this showdown. You bragged that you have
sexually assaulted women, do you understand that? No, I didn't say that at all. I don't think you understood
what was said.

We've seen him insult women. We've seen him rape rank women. We saw him in in the first debate debate, denigrating this universe in the harshest most personal terms. Yes, this is who Donald Trump is.As is often demonstrated in the past, Donald Trump's most common form of defence is attack. His target, Clinton.His actions were worst than my words. In the history of politics in this nation that been so abusive to women. Hillary Clinton refused to fight back. When I hear something like that, I am reminded of what my friend, Michelle Obama, advised Colin when they go low, you go high.But soon the big debate came even nastier. If I went, I'm going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception, there has never been anything like it.It's good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.Because you would be in jail.It shocked political commentators who said it was a threat normally made by Third World dictators to their opponents. Not a candidate hoping to become President of the United States. As in the first debate, Donald Trump's refusal to hand over his tax records remains a major issue. People like Donald to pay zero in taxes, for health and education, that is wrong.Did you use that loss to avoid paying federal income taxes?Of course I do, and so all of the donors.At times, the two moderators had to chastise the man who could be president. Mr Trump, we're going to move on. Clinton attract Trump for his impact on American society.A lot of people are feeling uneasy, a lot of kids are expressing their concerns, so first and foremost I would thing I can to reach at everybody.Trump repeatedly called Clinton I liar, but ended the debate on softer note to stop she does fight hard, doesn't quit and doesn't give up.I consider that a good track.The debate finished with a short, frosty handshake. This girl after my K more in Saint Louis. Supporters on sides would say they can do that one today. What is the consensus? It depends on which poll you look at. The CNN poll shows that Hillary Clinton won the debate more than 20 points. I'm not sure it was that decisive, but Donald Trump did better than the first debate. He has Sean up support among conservatives and absolute call stream to stand down. The question is how long of a reprieve will it be.

Senator Pauline Hanson has ignited debate here
over the Trump comments by claiming a lot of men
say horrific things of the same standard. She made the statement on the day
MPs and Senators returned to Parliament
for two sitting weeks. Who's defending Donald? Well, no-one in
Australian politics, until this. Now, let's be honest about it. There are a lot of men out there
that say horrific things probably up to the same standard
what he said. No, Pauline. The, the... I, I... Pauline, I can't let you
get away with that. No, I'm having my say, Derryn, Unfinished, the two regulars
on Seven's 'Sunrise' spilled their Trump grump
into the corridors of Parliament. For you, as a woman, to give any justification
to what he has said or he has done, is just... Well, I didn't condone
what he said. Nor does the Prime Minister. They are loathsome and they deserve the absolute
universal condemnation that they have received. If you are even slightly right, then God help the country
and God help the world. The man is a sexual predator
and he's a disgrace. You brought your truck. But Malcolm Turnbull
won't be picking a fight with the One Nation leader. She has just promised
his government the Senate numbers it needs
to amend the Fair Work Act, the promised intervention in
Victoria's firefighters dispute.

This is nothing but a political attack.Labours Bill Shorten is likely to emerge from a caucus meeting here tomorrow with his party's blessing to finally kill off fairies planned plebiscite on same-sex marriage.His playing politics with people's lives.

An inquest has heard, the death of Australian
cricketer, Phillip Hughes, was inevitable from the moment he
was hit by a cricket ball. Medical experts say a delay in
the arrival of an ambulance had no bearing on the outcome. Chris Maher reports. The coronial inquest into
the death of Phillip Hughes is considering circumstances
around the tragedy, including whether the bowling
that day was dangerous, but also whether there was any
on-field sledging by players. Now, the 25-year-old
Test cricketer died when he was struck
on the back of the neck by a rising ball
while batting for South Australia in a Sheffield Shield game
in Fiji. Phillip Hughes's family
are at the inquest today, his parents choosing not to watch when video of the incident
was played to proceedings. The inquest heard
the family believes Phillip Hughes was targeted
in an ungentlemanly way, with a number
of short-pitched balls, and also by sledging abusive
and intimidatory comments. The New South Wales captain
Brad Haddin told the inquest he did not hear anything, nor was there any strategy
of bowling short. The inquest is also assessing
the emergency response that day - the time it took
to transport Phillip Hughes. But medical experts are clear little could be done
for the stricken batsman. Once arterial supply to the main
stem was compromised almost immediately after the
blow to the head was sustained, there was no intervention,
no matter how early, that could have been performed
to avoid Phillip Hughes's death. Coroner Michael Barnes began
the five-day inquest by saying he was not trying to lay blame. He did say, though, there may be
ways of making the game safer. A young man has died and another
has been seriously injured when their motorbike crashed into
a car in western Sydney. Patrolling police
spotted the pair on the bike at Mount Druitt around 11am. A short time later it collided
with a car. The teenagers were rushed to
Westmead Children's Hospital, where one died
a short time later. His passenger is in
a serious condition. The driver of the car
was not injured. A paramedic is fighting for life after his ambulance
collided with a car in Perth's south. The crash happened at Oldbury,
around 5am. He was trapped inside, after the
ambulance rolled onto its roof. The paramedic, aged in his 40s,
suffered injuries to his legs, pelvis and jaw, and was airlifted
to Royal Perth Hospital. Another paramedic and a passenger
in the car suffered minor injuries. The ambulance was on its way
to a non-urgent job. The trial of a Gold Coast man accused of murdering a woman
he met on a dating app has started in Brisbane. The court heard, Gable Tostee got into an
argument with Warriena Wright moments before she died. Sarah Best reports. Well, this case has attracted
a lot of attention. A spillover room
has been set up here to cater for large numbers
in the court, and there's a strong
media contingent, too. Gable Tostee
didn't talk to anyone as he arrived at court
this morning. He's accused of killing
Warriena Wright, a tourist from New Zealand, who he met on Tinder - a well-known, well-used
dating app. She was on holiday here
for a wedding. But in August two years ago,
she was found dead at the bottom of a high-rise
apartment in Surfers Paradise. She'd fallen from the 14th floor. Today, the court heard
the pair had been drinking when there was some form
of altercation, and Gable Tostee locked
Warriena Wright out of his unit - leaving her on the balcony. Now, what happened
in the lead-up to that point is what the court is now trying
to determine. The Crown Prosecutor is arguing Gable Tostee was intimidating
and threatening Ms Wright - forcing her to try and escape
from the balcony. He says a key piece of evidence
is an audio recording with noises consistent with
her being choked or strangled.

Defence lawyers are arguing
against that -

telling the court
she was throwing rocks at him. They've labelled Ms Wright's
death a "desperate tragedy" and something their client shouldn't be held
responsible for. Gable Tostee has pleaded
not guilty - and appeared relatively calm
throughout proceedings today. But this case is taking its toll
on Warriena's family. Her mother broke down
quite early on in proceedings and had to be comforted
by family and friends. Tens of thousands of homes
are still without power after wild winds smashed
Melbourne yesterday. Thousands of trees were ripped
from the ground, damaging homes
and blocking roads. Menzies Creek Primary School
was closed today, after classrooms were flattened. The whole ground shook,
basically, and just dust everywhere. We were quite freaked out
and sort of thought, that must have been a huge tree
that came down. I'm pretty sad, because that is
where we go if there is an emergency. The SES received more than 3000
calls for help. Let's get a check of this
evening's weather forecast. Seven News meteorologist
David Brown joins us now. Brownie, it's another day
of extremes. That's right, Ann. However, the wild winds
that ripped across Victoria are long gone. But the mercury cracked
the low 30s in Sydney today, as snow fell to low levels
in Tassie. In fact, it's snowing at Thredbo. On radar, the first part
of this complex change slipped across Sydney
about an hour ago. The main cool change,
with a little rain, is closing from the south. In contrast,
the sky is clear in the west, under a strengthening belt
of high pressure.

To the south, scattered showers
and thunderstorms

are sweeping over Tasmania. Right now, it's 13 degrees
in Hobart.

But it feels like four in the wind. The maximum was 34 in Sydney. This guy is a 19 in Perth. Tomorrow's forecast a little later.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News, an Australian
interrogated by police in Bali, over alleged drug possession. Plus, Hurricane Matthew
still packing a powerful punch, off North Carolina. And inspirational Turia Pitt finishes the world's
toughest ironman race.

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Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come, the new way
to interpret mammogram results, that's saving lives. And, Chloe McCardel's
record-equalling swim across the English Channel. An Australian man is still being
interrogated by police in Bali, over alleged drug possession. 48-year-old Giuseppe Serafino
was arrested on the weekend, alongside former British
journalist, David Matthew. Police say they had 17g
of hashish between them. Serafino told police
he got the drugs from his British friend, after he agreed to meet him
at a bar. If found guilty, the pair
could be sentenced to between five years
and life in prison. There are fears the death toll
from Hurricane Matthew will soar, as rivers continue to rise
across North Carolina. So far, 17 people
have been killed in the US, and more than 1,000 in Haiti. Thousands more have been rescued
from their homes. Today, across North Carolina -
heart-pounding rescues. Nearly 1000 in 24 hours. Those trapped by rising
floodwaters plucked to safety. The US death toll from
Hurricane Matthew - at least 17. With at least four still missing, thousands are thankful
to be alive. There could be, again, some backroads where we have
people swept away. I'm praying that we are not
going to find that to be. After nearly one foot of rain
fell in some cities, historic floodwaters are swamping
neighbourhoods well inland - so much water,
dams have breached. Some could fail.
The threat is fluid. We must stay home, stay safe
during this process. There are very dangerous
conditions currently ongoing. We still have roadways
that are flooded. After pounding the coast,
Matthew ripped apart piers and crumbled roads. MAN: Oh, my goodness.
This is amazing. Freeways are under water, cracked into pieces
or buried in debris. With more than one million
still in the dark, water, sewage and gas
are out in many areas. In Florida, Georgia and the
Carolinas - a massive clean-up. The damage may top $6 billion. But tonight, rivers and dams
are still swollen. These daring rescues
may not be over. 18 people have been killed
in a truck bomb explosion in Turkey's south-east. Another 27 people
were wounded in the blast at a military checkpoint,
near the Iraq and Iran borders. Witnesses say a small truck
failed to stop, and troops opened fire. The explosion was so big
it left a crater, 15m wide and 7m deep. Turkish officials claim Kurdish
militants are behind the attack. Thousands of Yemenis
have taken to the streets to protest air strikes that killed more than
140 mourners at a funeral on the weekend. Demonstrators are demanding
an investigation into the attack, which the government blames on
a Saudi-led coalition. Saudi Arabia has denied
playing any role in the attack, but has promised to investigate. More than 500 others were wounded
in the bombing, which has been condemned
by the United Nations, the US and European Union. Burns survivor, Turia Pitt, has completed the Ironman
World Championships in Hawaii. The 29-year-old crossed
the finish line yesterday, five years after doctors told her
she would never run again. She completed the 226km swim,
cycle and run in just over 14.5 hours. Turia suffered burns
to 65% of her body when she was caught in a bushfire
while running a marathon in WA. Still to come
on Seven's Afternoon News, we'll check the finance markets. Also, the new miracle drug
dissolving lung cancer. Incredible results
from a Sydney trial. And, is there a right time
to introduce your baby to solid food? Find out, next.


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A new drug that saves lives
by dissolving cancer

has been successfully trialled
in Sydney. Westmead Hospital researchers
found it stopped lung cancer spreading in almost half of
the patients who used it. What this drug does
is take away the blindfold and sets free the immune system
to fight against the cancer. The drug, Keytruda, is three times more effective
than chemotherapy, and without
the nasty side-effects. Checking finance now with Martin Lakos
from Macquarie Private Wealth.

Consumer and business confidence started result this week. What we expect?Yes important data. Business confidence and conditions data. Businesses have been saying that their conditions are OK, but that hasn't been the confidence in investing but we think that starting to change. On Wednesday we got consumer confidence, also very important. And inflation on Thursday. Sorry, not until 26 October. They will give the Reserve Bank data on 1 November whether to, because whether the couplets. How is the market in the US today? The debate had no effect on the market. We were up, but declined in the afternoon. The energy sector is doing quite well. We also saw telcos up a little bit along with the banks. The dollar is currently 75 point 75.95.

Australian researchers
are calling for a rethink on the best time to start feeding
babies solid food. They've found introducing food
at the five-month mark can reduce the risk of obesity. Georgia Main has more. The best time to start your child
on solid food can be confusing for new mothers. Allergy organisations suggest giving babies their first taste
of solids as early as four months can cut the risk of allergies. And for the first time, Melbourne researchers
have now been able to identify the optimal window
for obesity protection. The Murdoch
Childrens Research Institute found that introducing solids
at five to six months decreases the chance of babies
being overweight as children.

It actually does support the consensus that introducing solids around the age of six months and not before four months is optimal, not just for allergy prevention, but for optimal growth in the first year of life.

But there is a small window, with researchers finding
if solids were introduced before four months, or delayed after seven months, there appeared to be
an increased risk of obesity. The number of overweight children
in Australia has doubled since the '80s, with a quarter of children
now considered overweight or obese.

Even things like making sure they're getting vegetables, that you get a taste of sugar and that will lead to this and that, so does get a bit of what overwhelming at times.

Breastfeeding babies also appeared to protect
against obesity early on. Researchers will now continue
to monitor the 3,000 babies involved in the study all the way through
to the age of 10. Thank you for choosing Seven News
this afternoon. Stay with us. Next at 4:30, Tiahleigh Palmer's
foster mum and brother face court over her death. Also, is New South Wales Premier
Mike Baird backing down on his controversial
greyhound ban? And, the new way of interpreting
mammograms, that's saving lives.

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VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. If you've just joined us,
good afternoon. It's great to have your company. These are our top stories
on Seven: The latest polls
give Hillary Clinton victory in the second
presidential debate. At one point,
Donald Trump said Clinton would be in jail
if he was president. As Australia's
parliament returned, Trump's comments
about groping women led to a heated exchange between
Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson. The inquest into Phillip Hughes'
death has heard his death
was inevitable, after he was struck
by a cricket ball. And, a young man has died,
and another seriously injured, when their motorbike crashed
in Sydney's Mount Druitt. And still to come in sport
with Mel McLaughlin, Lleyton Hewitt hails the rise
of Nick Kyrgios, as the Australian Open
countdown begins. The wife and son of the man
accused of murdering Queensland schoolgirl
Tiahleigh Palmer will plead guilty to perjury, and are expected to be
key witnesses at his trial. Max Futcher was in court
for today's proceedings. 11 months after
Tiahleigh Palmer's body was found on the banks of the Pimpama River another chapter has played out here at Beenleigh
Magistrates Court. Her foster mother,
Julene Thorburn, and foster brother
Josh Thorburn had their matters mentioned
before a magistrate and are both charged with perjury and perverting
the course of justice. Police said they lied to conceal
the family's role in the 12-year-old's death. Tiahleigh's mother, Cindy, arrived at court once again
flanked by her supporters. What are your hopes
for today, Cindy? I have hopes that their bail
is going to be rejected, but I don't hold out
too much hope for it. Julene and Josh Thorburn
didn't show up to court. Instead, their lawyer was here
representing them. He says both of them
will plead guilty to all charges. Albeit late, they are now giving
their complete cooperation to the police investigations. They have been lying
and being deceitful for the last 11 months. I think the least they could do
is start being truthful now. Tiahleigh's foster father,
56-year-old Rick Thorburn, is in custody,
charged with her murder, accused of killing her to cover up
her sexual relationship with her foster brother Trent who is also in custody,
charged with incest. Now his brother and his mother will act as witnesses
for the prosecution. New South Wales Premier
Mike Baird could be preparing to back down
on his controversial pledge to ban greyhound racing
in the state. Cabinet meets tomorrow morning
to debate the issue. Lee Jeloscek has the story.

As far as backgrounds go, I don't get much bigger than this. The premiers but the past three months saying that greyhound racing was responsible for the slaughter of tens of thousands of dogs, mass graves and animal cruelty. That the industry was unsustainable and that the community wanted a sport to be shut down. His government's surprise me by just biding to ban it without consultation, passing legislation to shut down the entire industry. This of course triggered intense media criticism and internal party disunity. And, unless you fall in the polls, with Mike Baird suffering the biggest fall in one polls history. In response all of this, tomorrow he is expected to announce a backdown. This capitulation is of course a big win for the industry itself which has been calling for one last chance, and the opposition which has two of the state, called on Mike Baird to can the band.This band was always wrong in principle because it engaged in collective punishment of an entire group of our citizens when only a small number had done the wrong thing. This means that more red legislation would have to come before Parliament be debated to overcome the previous legislation. Time will of course tell how much damage this does to Mike Baird's standing as a conviction politician.

A new way of interpreting
mammograms could revolutionise
breast cancer screening. Experts say lives could be saved by looking at the images
differently. Health reporter
Karen O'Sullivan explains. Scientists
at Melbourne University have studied the mammograms
of 1300 women and believe what they've
discovered will save lives. Radiologists usually focus
on the white spots on the mammogram which indicate tissue density
and potential cancers. But the latest research
has discovered the prevalence
of smaller bright spots will more accurately determine
if a woman is at greater risk of developing breast cancer
in the future.

It is a 30% increase in the ability to predict breast cancer. A substantial step forward.

Researchers say
focusing on the bright spots could ultimately change the way
routine breast screening evolves.

Perhaps women at low risk need as many mammograms stop by the women who are at risk would get more appropriate screening.It's what we call personalised prevention.

Twin sisters Janine and Leanne
were involved in the study. Janine had cancer of the breast
two years ago while older sister Helen
also had breast cancer.

An amazing discovery for women. Hopefully none of us will have to go through what my sisters went through.If they could discover earlier the outcome could be more positive.

The Melbourne University team will now develop
a digital automation program so their technique
could one day become part of the standard
breast screening schedule. A luxury cruiser has been towed to Sydney
after it became stranded at sea off the New South Wales coast
last week. The $20 million superyacht,
Masteka 2, was taken to Sydney City Marina
last night. It lost steering
and started taking on water off Port Macquarie. Next in Seven's Afternoon News, the Aussie swimming her way
into the record books, across the English Channel. And in sport
with Mel McLaughlin, the Aussie cricketers
humiliated in South Africa.

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Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come, Mel McLaughlin with sport. And, selfie sticks
a thing of past, thanks to this new drone. We test the new,
pocket-sized camera. Marathon swimmer, Chloe McCardel, is just one swim away from
breaking a 36-year-old record, on the English Channel. She powered across
the famous straight for a 19th time overnight,
equalling the Aussie record. Incredibly, she's already
planning another crossing. Hugh Whitfeld reports. Chloe McCardel
is back on dry land after yet another
incredible swim. She started off
from here at Dover in the early hours
of the morning. The 31-year-old Aussie
set a cracking pace as she swam across
the English Channel, from England to France,
for a 19th time, equally Des Renford's
36-year-old Australian record. It is a swim she has already done
five times this year. We watched on
from her pilot boat along with
husband and coach, Paul. My role is to sit here
and look after her from a feeding point of view. Feeding and support
point of view. The conditions
were almost perfect. The relatively mild 15 degrees
in the water. Just 11 degrees out. So good were the conditions and so confident was Chloe
in her swimming ability today, she even mentioned at one stage she thought about
swimming a double. In the end, of course,
she did come ashore south of Calais, ten hours after
she left here in Dover. And when she came aboard
the boat, she was all smiles. Bring on equalling Des' record,
and go, Australia! And I was just pumped, yeah.
Super excited. The next challenge, of course,
is breaking Des Renford's record. Chloe McCardel will attempt a 20th crossing
of the English Channel later this week.

Sport now with Mel McLaughlin. And Mel, there's plenty
of controversy after a thrilling Bathurst 1000. Bathurst winner Will Davison
revealed he almost ran out of fuel, as he charged towards
the finish line in yesterday's big race. Davison and teammate
Jonathon Webb showed off the Peter Brock Trophy
in Sydney today, and relived the final moments,
which could have gone either way.

One eye in the mirror,

the other eye was on focusing on
the head. It coughed as I exited
the last corner. I was absolutely in shock. It coughed across
the finish line. Both drivers are confident
Jamie Whincup's protest will be dismissed. Whincup was slapped with
a 15-second time penalty and relegated to 11th
for causing the crash that wiped out two other drivers. The Aussie cricket team insist, captain Steve Smith isn't feeling
the strain of a fourth straight loss
to South Africa in the one-day series. Another dismal batting display
resulted in a 6-wicket loss in Port Elizabeth overnight. Matthew Wade's half century was overshadowed by a running
battle with Tabraiz Shamsi. The keeper was hit with
a contrary conduct charge for trying to elbow Shamsi
while running. We had a crack the other night
and they came back at us today, so that's fair. I enjoy that side
of the contest. I, like - it gets me in
the contest. I feel, so, I like that side
of the game. Australia must win in Cape Town
on Wednesday to avoid a humiliating,
5-0 series whitewash. Richmond's Ty Vickery
has joined Hawthorn, and star Swan Tom Mitchell has requested a move
to the Hawks, on the opening day
of the AFL's trade week. Mitchell is holidaying with
Swans teammates in New Zealand, but formally asked to be traded. Sydney expect to agree to a deal
with the Hawks. If I believed everything I read,
absolutely. But there's a bit of water
to go under the bridge, at this point. Collingwood have signed
Daniel Wells from North Melbourne on a three-year deal. And Richmond star Brett Deledio
has told the Tigers he wants to join Geelong. Kangaroos coach, Mal Meninga, is set to field
at least two debutants in Saturday night's Test against
world number 1, New Zealand. The Aussies arrived in Perth
last night, ahead of the clash
at NIB Stadium. Raiders enforcer, Shannon Boyd,
and Sharks premiership star, Valentine Holmes, are expected to
earn spots in the starting 13. That was up to Mal
and the selectors, so they've gone in a direction
that they wanted to go with, and look, it's an exciting time
to be a part of this side. After the Test, the Kangaroos
head to the UK for the Four Nations tournament. The Socceroos are weighing up
whether to recall Tim Cahill to the starting side for tomorrow night's crucial
World Cup qualifier against Japan in Melbourne. A decade on from his World Cup
heroics against Japan, the Aussies believe Cahill
still strikes fear into the Blue Samurai. Obviously, they're probably
fearful of him, and I think every team
in the world be scared of Timmy. In the A-League, reigning
champions, Adelaide United, have come from behind to clinch a
1-1 draw against the Jets in Newcastle. The Reds were gifted the
equaliser when Jets goalkeeper, Jack Duncan, crashed into
his own defender.

The launch
of the 2017 Australian Open

was rudely interrupted
by Melbourne's weather, as a hail storm swept past
Rod Laver Arena this morning. When the rain cleared, Davis Cup
captain, Lleyton Hewitt, sung the praises of Nick Kyrgios,
after his win at the Japan Open. Now up another spot in the
rankings to number 14, you know, it's been a really
good year, to win three titles. This is his biggest title
so far. All of the world's leading
players have confirmed they will be at Melbourne Park
in February. Australian surfer, Tyler Wright,
is closing in on her maiden world title, after charging into the
semi-finals of the Roxy Pro in France. The 22-year-old can clinch
the championship by winning the event, but her
main rival, Courtney Conlogue, remains a serious threat. If Conlogue can beat reigning
world champion, Carissa Moore, in the semis, then go on and win, the title will be decided at the
season-ending contest in Hawaii.

And it is going down to the wire. This rating open in January. We are getting excited already.

Up next,
we test the new technology changing the way
selfies are taken.

They are said to be
extremely distraught by what has happened overnight. ...deadly storm system
caused widespread destruction. In shock, really,
when they see this. Thankfully,
there was no-one in sight. Preparing for a blockbuster
showdown. Admitting that he has
sexually assaulted women. Derryn and Pauline got really
heated about this on air. No, Pauline...
Yes, they are... There's never a dull moment. The argument continued off air. God help us if you are right. The man is a sexual predator. Selfie-obsessed Australians have a new way to annoy people
in public, with a pocket drone
that tracks your face, now on sale. It's an alternative
to the selfie stick, but isn't a truly hands-free
experience. You'll need your phone
to operate it. For this couple,
Jonathan and Amy Marie, selfies sell. My business is based
around my face so, selfies galore
on my Instagram. But forget the selfie stick. This is the new way
to pose and post online. It is called Dobby, a true pocket drone that can
take off and land on your hand. And you are seeing it flying
in Australia for the first time. Previously, it would have been
only for professionals. Now just anybody can do it.
Everyone loves it. At just 199g, it is unlikely to
damage anything inside. It knows where the floor is
and it can track your face. The one that we have is huge,
so imagining that indoors - it would take up
such a huge space. I would say it is mind blowing,
actually. But take it outside and you will
have to follow the law, like larger drone operators, whether it is following you
or doing a barrel roll. And it is when you put this side-by-side
with the latest iPhone, you realise
how small the screen is. Once you pull the rotors out, you will get about 9 minutes
flight time. It will cost $600. When are you getting one? I want one now.
I want one now, actually, yeah. That is where
the selfie stick shines - less than $10 for this one. And it won't go flat. Most husbands carry their wives
over the threshold, but these hubbies have taken
partner carrying to a new level. Couples have gathered
in the US state of Maine for the annual North American
wife carrying championships. Brawny blokes
lifted their significant others over an obstacle course, including logs, sand traps,
and water hazards. The prize for the winner? 11 cases of beer
and just under $1,000. Next in Seven's Afternoon News, the weather forecast
with David Brown.

Third and final call. Sold!
Yes! Congratulations.
A big round of applause. (Applause)

Come on, raise the paddle! (Ticking)

(Camera clicks) VOICE-OVER: At RAMS, you'll have your
own dedicated home-loan specialist... Paddle! Good. ..guiding you all the way. Going twice.
Last chance, ladies and gentlemen! Be the paddle. Sold! VOICE-OVER: Because at RAMS,
we know we're greater together.

David Brown joins us
with the forecast. And Brownie, a cool change
is sweeping across Sydney. As forecast, Ann,
it arrived about an hour ago, ending the city's warmest day
since early April this year. That said, the latest long-range
guidance suggests that's the end of the heat
for the next ten days. On radar, scattered showers
and isolated thunderstorms are affecting
the south-east corner. The showers falling,
and snow above 500m in Tassie. Let's go to our weather wall.

This like patchy rain will eventually trickle into Sydney overnight.

In Adelaide,
check out the wind chill. It feels like eight. In Hobart,
it's snowing on Mount Wellington.

The wind chill has dipped to
five degrees in the city,

in a showery afternoon
in Melbourne.

That is a heavy shower were tracking in Melbourne.

And in Sydney,
the cool change has arrived. It's now 26 degrees,
following a top of 34. This cloud deck is producing
patchy rain as it pushes north. Cool air from this system will spill into southern
Queensland late in the day. It's warming up in southern WA.

Like patchy rain in that system as it slowly pushes North. Cool air will eventually trickle into southern parts of Queensland late tomorrow. In contrast, it is starting to warm up over W.A. Is a dry easterly sweeps across. Here are the major centres. A few more shells in Melbourne 15. Sydney, dry and sunny conditions around 21 but quite windy. The wind should ease around Wednesday. No change in Melbourne. More details at 6 o'clock.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00. That's the Afternoon News
for this Monday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders,
thanks for watching. 'The Chase Australia'
is next on Seven. And I'll see you tomorrow. Live captioning by Ai-Media

# So wake me up when it's all over

The new Aussie drama everyone's
buzzing about...

..with a star everyone's
talking about.

This is Billy, dad's daughter.

So, we're sisters.

The revelation that's turning this
rich family's world upside down.

She's lying.

She can't be Jack's daughter.

If only it were true.

I'm not your sister.

I just had to get out of Wilparinga.

Who of us hasn't told a little white
lie for their family?

Gotta get me and dad out of here.

But this one could blow up right
in her face.

We know a doctor who can organise
a DNA test.

# Wake me up when it's all over

The groundbreaking new
Australian drama.

In the morning,
they'll all know the truth.

DNA results are back.

Well, I think the results
speak for themselves.

What does it say?

Jessica Mauboy in
The Secret Daughter on Seven.

These four strangers
must work as a team to win thousands of dollars. But standing in their way is one of
the sharpest minds in Australia, the Chaser. The Chase is on. (THEME MUSIC)

Welcome to The Chase Australia.
Lovely to have your company. Look, we're having fun already, so settle back
and make sure you do too. Let's meet the team. Hi, I'm Tim. I teach primary kids
about cooking and healthy eating. And I'm about to get married. Hi, I'm Carly. I'm a student teacher and in two days' time,
I'm leaving to take my family up into croc country. Hi, I'm Katherine. I'm an intrepid traveller
and I'm learning to play the violin. Hi, I'm Justin. I'm a horticulturalist
and about to publish my first book. Well, I guess that'll be a book
we can all take a leaf out of. That is my team. The challenge is to bring as much
money as they can down the board and into the team bank. But hunting them all the way like
Allan Seale might hunt a lace bug will be the Chaser. If they get caught,
they lose the money and go home. Make it through to the bank and they could share in
a great team cash prize. Everyone faces the Chaser tonight.

Welcome, Tim.
Thank you. Good to have you here.
Thanks, Andrew. So you're an educator? I work at a primary school
and teach kids about healthy eating and cooking classes. And we've got
a beautiful vegetable garden, where we pick our own produce. Great. And you run a cafe once a week
as well, where they sell their goods. Yeah, they prepare the food
and they sell the food and they're serving customers,
so it's fantastic. Marvellous.
Yeah. That's good. Well, it keeps you busy.
It does. Well, not that you need to be
more busy. It sounds like you've got
quite a busy year. You're recently engaged.
Yes. You've got a wedding on the way...
Yes. ..and thinking about a honeymoon. Yeah. I'd love to go to Thailand. So any cash I win today would
definitely go towards that. And your bride's name is?
Abbey. Abbey. Beautiful. Where are you
getting married, Abbey and yourself? A little winery
just outside of Ballarat. Beautiful.
So, nice little spot. Just terrific.
Yeah. Alright. So it's all about Thailand.
That's right. Tim, one minute on the clock. Best of luck.
Thank you. And your time Which human organ in the chest
is made up of four chambers? The heart.
Correct. The winner of which international
song contest is awarded a crystal microphone?

Correct. The North West and North East
pastoral districts are in which Australian state? Victoria.
South Australia. What major internet auction site was
founded by Pierre Omidyar? eBay.
Correct. Including the home plate, how many bases are on
a standard softball field? Four.
Correct. What is the name of the Canadian dish
of chips with cheese curds and gravy?

Poutine. Which Australian territory includes a
tropical region known as the Top End? Northern Territory.
Correct. What is the sequel to the Glenn Close
film '101 Dalmatians'? '102 Dalmatians'.
Got it. Li Cunxin's autobiography is titled
'Mao's Last what'? Dancer.
Correct. What type of aircraft is
the Boeing Chinook?

Helicopter. A well-known Australian book
publisher was Angus and who? Julius.
Robertson. Which mortal figure of Greek myth is often used to describe
a handsome man? (HOOTER BLARES)
Adonis, it was. Tim, you've got a very handsome mind. Well done.
(LAUGHS) $14,000. Well done.
Fantastic. Terrific Cash Builder. Now, the trick, of course,
is to get it past the Chaser. Have you had a bit of a think
through the roster? Oh, I've always thought I'd love to
attack the Shark... Really?
..if I ever got the chance. Really? Very nice. OK, well, fingers crossed.
We'll see. We don't get to choose, sadly.
No. But sometimes we get lucky. We'll
find out who it is after the break.

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