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This program will be live captioned welcome
by Ai-MediaGood afternoon and Sherlock.
welcome to Nine News Now I'm Amber sledging
Sherlock. Bowling tactics and spotlight
sledging have been thrust into the the
spotlight during the inquest into Phillip
the tragic death of cricketer live
Phillip Hughes in 2014. Let's cross Neil
live to Nine's Neil Breen for us. has
Neil can you take us through what It
has been said so far at the inquest. It has been a very dramatic day at families
the inquest. It began with the Hughes'
families arriving obviously Phillip members
Hughes' family is there and many who
members of the cricket community statements
who is there as well. Opening Michael
statements were made by the coroner Assisting
Michael Barns and also the Counsel coroner
Assisting Kristina Stern. The there
coroner said that they are not nothing
there to apportion blame. This is Then
nothing more than a tragic accident. assisting
Then Kristina Stern the council aspects
assisting there would be many field
aspects of what happened on the and
field that day, including sledging be
and bouncers that were bowled will they
be look at. Let's listen to what This
they both said to open the inquiry. It
This inquiry is not to lay blame. doesn't
It is a terrible accident but it made
doesn't mean that cricket can't be said
made safer.Phillips' family have and
said concerns about some matters comments
and the video footage and some made
comments understood said to have incidents
made in the aftermath of the cricketers
incidents including some of the happened
cricketers involved xtdWhat has dramatic.
happened since then has beans quite all
dramatic. The lawyer representing inquiry
all the Hughes family in the Bolling
inquiry has alleged that Doug towards
Bolling er said "I'll kill you" bowlers
towards the two South Australian bowlers out on the field. That led captain
to vigorous questioning to the NSW said
captain on the day Brad Haddin who of
said the words were said and also deliver
of Doug Bolling er. He didn't did
deliver the fatal ball. He said I did,
did not sledge Phillip Hughes that did, it did not happen. When he that
said that the Hughes family sat their
that and his parents were shaking is
their heads at Doug Bolling er. It levelled
is clear that some blame is being dramatic
levelled on the NSW bowler. Very inquest
dramatic day indeed of the coronial Hughes.
inquest into the death of Phillip some
Hughes.We are going to take you to some breaking news now. A teenager treated
is dead and another is being injuries
treated in hospital for serious mini
injuries after a crash between a west.
mini bike and a ute in Sydney's the
west. Live to Nine's Elise Baker at afternoon
the scene at Mount Druitt. Good tragedy
afternoon to you. A terrible exactly
tragedy there, take us through what tragic
exactly happened.This really is a around
tragic situation here. It was patrol
around 11:00 thoshg when police on believed
patrol noticed two young males teens
believed to be aged in their early at
teens riding a small motorbike here CCTV
at Mount Druitt. As you can see in about
CCTV footage this patrol car was motorbike
about 20 seconds behind this a
motorbike as it drove along here on moments
a pathway on Karrajong Avenue ute.
moments before it collided with a boys
ute. Emergency crews raced these Hospital
boys to the Westmead Children's the
Hospital but sadly one of the boys, he
the boy that was riding the bike, in
he passed away and his passenger is we
in a serious condition. Witnesses just
we spoke with say that this was Let's
just such a horrific thing unfold. say.
Let's listen to what they have to say.Kids coming along the footpath were
and looking behind them like they There
were getting chased by somebody. driveway
There was a ute stationary in the it
driveway and basically they cleaned that
it up.To see two young kids like that is devastating.The impact The
that they hit with no helmets on. identified.
The boys are yet to be formally me
identified. As you can see behind and
me here it is still a crime scene critical
and this is being treated as a piece
critical incident as police try to They
piece together what happened here. information
They are appealing for anyone with been
information to come forward.It has Donald
been a disastrous 48 hours for scandalous
Donald Trump amid the release of speaking
scandalous recordings of him afternoon
speaking about women. And some seemed
afternoon the Republican candidate he
seemed more subdued than usual as to-head
he and Hillary Clinton went head- debate.
to-head in the second Presidential more.
debate. Nine's Laura Turner has high
more.The attention was extremely from
high in that debate hall tonight Hillary
from the very beginning when refused
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as
refused to shake hands. Of course, of
as expected, it was only a matter turned
of minutes before the conversation bombshell
turned grubby right down to that weekend.
bombshell of Donald Trump's on the I
weekend.This was locker room talk, that
I am not proud of it.He has said who
that the video doesn't represent to
who he is. But I think it's clear represents
to anyone who heard it that it didn't
represents exactly who he is.It Trump's
didn't take long until for Donald they
Trump's temper to boil over when Hillary
they were both being asked about really
Hillary Clinton's email scandal. It from
really turned into a slanging match my
from then on 6789I will instruct prosecutor
my Attorney-General to get a situation.
prosecutor to look into your is
situation.Everything he just said is absolutely false.Donald Trump's called
behaviour on stage tonight has been certainly
called into question as well. He or
certainly wasn't able to sit down He
or sit still. He paced the stage. He shuffled with his microphone a sniff
number of times. That infamous back
sniff from the first debate was lot
back again tonight. He also took a moderators
lot of time to argue with the fair
moderators whether they were being Hillary.
fair to him in comparison to Hillary.When I go one second over. tonight,
In terms of who won the debate less
tonight, I think it is going to be around,
less clear-cut than the first time debate
around, that first Presidential Donald
debate a couple of weeks ago. lot
Donald Trump was able to pivot a the
lot more this time around, throw Clinton.
the questions back at Hillary bombshell,
Clinton. Certainly he has that huge was
bombshell, that problem of when he ago,
was caught on a hot mic 11 years over
ago, that bombshell that dropped that
over the weekend. That is something be
that is not going away. So it will see
be interesting, very interesting to candidates
see how these two Presidential The
candidates poll later in the week. charged
The trial of a Gold Coast man New
charged with the 2014 murder of a has
New Zealand woman he met on Tinder, Clare
has begun in Brisbane. Live to Court.
Clare Hunter who is at the Supreme Court. Can you take us through what be
has happened so far?Amber, it will that
be a jury of six men and six women Gable
that will de decide the fate of the
Gable Tostee. The jurors of heard they
the Crown's opening submissions and Tostee
they made the case that Gable Warriena
Tostee is responsible for killing from
Warriena Wright on his... Who fell prosecution's
from his balcony in 2014. The locked
prosecution's case is that he was
locked her on the balcony and she other
was so terrified and she had no slipped
other means to escape that she been
slipped and fell. Of course, he has defence
been charged with murder. Now, the They
defence have also spoken to jurors. locking
They say that the simple act of not
locking somebody on a balcony is murder.
not enough to find anyone guilty of of
murder. They say that the charges course,
of murder does not make sense. Of course, Gable Tostee has pleaded heard
not guilty. Now, we have already Warriena
heard from one witness. That was testified
Warriena Wright's sister. She lunchbreak.
testified briefly before the 8th
lunchbreak. She said that on the message
8th of August 2014 she had a just
message from her sister. It was passed
just a few hours before her sister met
passed away. It said that she had she
met a guy. She was sobbing while number
she testified in court. In fact, a have
number of Warriena Wright's family be
have come over from New Zealand to Including
be present for this trial. Now
Including the 26-year-old's mother. The
Now jurors have broken for lunch. break.
The court is on an hour-and-a-half however.
break. We should be back shortly, Tostee
however. Just to reiterate Gable the
Tostee has pleaded not guilty to has
the charge of murder.A semitrailer Sydney
has gone up in flames south of managed
Sydney at Picton Road at Wilton and under
managed to quickly bring the blazes still
under control. The road is however between
still closed in both directions Street.
between MacArthur Drive and Almond small
Street. Another victory albeit a Government
small one for the Turnbull protect
Government with legislation to control
protect legislation from volunteer Live
control set to pass in the Senate. The
Live to political reporter Joel Dry. promote
The Prime Minister pretty keen to Turnbull
promote this try touch.Malcolm in
Turnbull has started his first week has
in the sitting week with a win. It Pauline
has been done with the help of Pauline Hanson's one nation vote. will
To amend the Fair Work Act which running
will intervene in Victoria's long- they
running firefighters despite where enterprise
they have been arguing over a new that
enterprise bargaining agreement unions.
that hands too much power to the unions. It was a key election issue Coalition
in Victoria and that allowed ultimately
Coalition to hold on to seats and Prime
ultimately government. A fired up criticising
Prime Minister capitalised on that the
criticising Labor for siding with stands
the unions.Who do they think this
stands between them and their homes will
this summer? Who will it be? It of
will be the volunteer firefighters great
of Victoria. The volunteers. That great Australian selfless tradition stand
of courage and sacrifice. And we them.
stand for them. Labor abandoned the
them.The opposition's questions to theme
the PM have taken a very familiar a
theme talking about Medicare. It is and
a hundred days since the election and Labor claims had in that time unfreeze
the government has done nothing to on
unfreeze Medicare rebates. Nothing expected
on the plebiscite today that is tomorrow's
expected to be the highlight act in have
tomorrow's Question Time.Raids company
have been conducted on a trucking killed
company in Sydney after an accident Pearl
killed two people last week. Lizzie Thursday
Pearl has more.It was last west
Thursday at Erskine Park in Sydney claimed
west when a tragic truck accident drivers.
claimed the life of two truck on
drivers. One of the trucks veered road
on to the uncricket side of the truck
road and slamming into another instantly.
truck and both drivers were killed are
instantly. Police and RMS officers raid
are conducting raids on a trucking investigating
raid in Kemps Creek and the
investigating the fatigue of one of that
the truck companies involved in about
that crash. They seized information of
about the rest breaks and it is one record
of the worst Inala stances of record keeping and mechanical of have
the trucks and a number of trucks with
have been slapped with defect leaks braking.
with fuel leaks and bald tyres and fatigue
braking.It has un covered major rule
fatigue in this company. We can't that
rule out fatigue being a factor and morning
that is why we are here this trucks
morning and going to inspect nor Allegedly
trucks like the one behind me. located
Allegedly stolen car has been Creek.
located on that property in Kemps Creek. Police have seized that link
vehicle. They have been able to Dubbo
link it to an break and enter in west.
Dubbo in the state's stra central the
west. A number of other items on and
the premises are being investigated called
and the property squad has been that
called in. Police have demanded brought
that the rest of the fleet be a
brought here to Wetherill Park for 20
a thorough inspection. A total of 20 trucks should be brought here by controversial
the end of the day.It has been controversial and decisive for greyhound
months and tomorrow morning the to
greyhound ban for NSW is expected Chris
to be gone. Let's go live to Nine's through
Chris O'Keefe. Can you take us Well,
through what is expected to happen. will
Well, it is expected Mike Baird neating
will talk into a special Cabinet and
neating at 7:30 tomorrow morning reverse
and advise his Cabinet he wants to He
reverse the greyhound racing ban. was
He will go to party room before it lunchtime
was announced publicly at a simply
lunchtime press conference. That is too
simply because things have got far Two-thirds
too too hard for premier Mike Baird. party
Two-thirds to three-quarters of the overturn
party room have been lobbying to Deputy
overturn the ban. Troy Grant is the the
Deputy Premier and the leader of conference
the Nationals in NSW. At that press free
conference tomorrow is won't be a NSW.
free kick for greyhound racing in there
NSW. This will continue to race but There
there will be a strict regulations. throughout
There will be checks and balances to
throughout a dog's life from birth to death and especially on retired bred,
greyhounds. A cap how many can be lifetime
bred, from 2,000 to 3,000 and a racing
lifetime ban and an overhaul of racing practices to stop injuries opposition
to dogs. The state opposition Labor a
opposition in NSW are calling this ing
a win because they have been lobby This
ing against it for three months. principle
This ban was always wrong in collective
principle because it engaged in group
collective punishment on an entire only
group of our fellow citizens when wrong
only a small number have done the telling
wrong thing.Mike Baird has been was
telling them for three months this The
was a decision based on principle. made.
The only decision that could be extraordinary
made. This is quite an remain
extraordinary backflip and it will credibility
remain to be seen how much the
credibility he loses as a result of News
the decision.Still ahead on Nine damaging
News Now... Wild weather as Queenslanders
damaging winds lash Victoria, bumper
Queenslanders are being warned of a celebrating
bumper cyclone season. Also one
celebrating a major milestone for businessmen.
one of Australia's best known Doggies
businessmen. We hear from the suffering
Doggies fan taken to hospital after And
suffering a heart attack at the MCG. the
And they are calling it Oldchella, the huge classic rock festival in with
the middle of the dessert. Stay (SINGS)
with us. The
(SINGS) # Made a grown man cry. # after
The big clean up will start today news
after a fierce storm a women.When un
news break.A young boy was pulled swimming
un conscious from a backyard swimming pool.There is a sinister

reckless driver in Gunghalin.

ACT Police say an officer was
injured, when a blue ford falcon

failed to stop for them, mounted
the curb and ran into them along

Kosciuszko Avenue.

Police found the vehicle in
Charnwood later that afternoon -

if you can help with this
investigation, you're urged to

call Crimestoppers.

Gambling is the next focus for the
ACT Greens, with less than a week

to go until the election.

Greens Leader Shane Rattenbury has
announced plan to reduce the

number of poker machines in
Canberra by a third.

The party also wants to enforce a
one dollar betting limit and

request locals have a
pre-commitment figure of how much

they're willing to lose.

And turning to sporting news,
success for Canberra's Nick


He's taken out the Japan Open,
beating Belgium's David Goffin in

three sets.

It's the world number 14s biggest
title of his career.

His focus has now turned to the
Shangai Masters though - that get

underway this week.

Here's the weather - on the
satellite, A gusty cold front is

sweeping through southern parts of
New South Wales, bringing rain.

More showers along the coast but
clear for the rest of the state.

On the national map - Mostly sunny
in Darwin today 35. A fine day in

Brisbane reaching 27 degrees.
Showers for Sydney 32. Light rain

in Melbourne 17 the top.

To the regional centres -- a wet
day across the Central West,

reaching 19 in Orange today.
Showers also for the Riverina, 16

in Wagga and Young.

Patchy rain for Canberra and
Goulburn 17 for the Nation's

Capital. Showers also in
Wollongong and down the south


Canberra's outlook - cloudy
tomorrow peaking at 14 degrees and

much the same mid-week. Sunny
skies after that though, with some

morning frost and 18 on Friday.

Resources SCA

The Weather Bureau is warning chance
Queenslanders there is a high state's
chance of cyclones hitting the live
state's coast this summer. Let's go Willmington.
live to our reporter Phil can
Willmington. Just how many cyclones is
can residents expect this year?It to
is a completely different scenario we
to last cyclone season. Last year The
we didn't see any cross the coast. was
The only one that crossed the coast Queensland
was in Pilbara a Category 2. In up
Queensland six cyclones potentially, off
up to six, forming in the Coral Sea another
off the Queensland coast and up to Carpenteria.
another two in the Gulf of there
Carpenteria. They are predicting will
there is a 75% chance one of those other
will actually cross the coast. The have
other weather phenomenon that we months,
have seen in Queensland in recent between
months, for the whole of Queensland between May and September, record
Queensland actually experienced bureau
record rains. So according to the catchments
bureau that means all of the watered
catchments are well and truly summers
watered down. That means whatever the
summers rains we do get it raises all
the potential for flooding. From all of the emergency authorities, this
the warning to Queenslanders is for your
this summer be prepared. Make sure and
your home insurance is up-to-date with
and those emergency packs to deal electricity.
with extended periods without experts
electricity. This is what the to
experts had to say.We are likely cyclones
to get anywhere between 2 and 6 cyclones in the Coral Sea and two My
cyclones in the Gulf of Carpenteria. Queenslanders
My message to automatic are
Queenslanders make sure that you The
are ready, that you are prepared. this,
The real silver lining to all of some
this, the fact that we have seen east
some winter rains out in the far really
east of Queensland. That country is need
really coming to life. What they summer
need is summer rains to get those things
summer pastures going and the way bureau
things are looking from what the a
bureau is saying, well, it could be people
a very early Christmas for the so.
people in the far west.Let's hope Fox
so. Billionaire trucking Lindsay industry.
Fox is marking 60 years in the opened
industry. His company Linfox today company's
opened its doors to demonstrate the humble
company's evolution since its very along.
humble begins. Jayde Vincent went only
along.This Ford was the first and Lindsay
only truck in the fleet when Lindsay Fox first started his on,
business back in 1956. Now 60 years into
on, Linfox logistics have expanded more
into 11 countries with a fleet of Asia-Pacific
more than 6,000 throughout the truck
Asia-Pacific region.I bought a grown
truck and systematically it has countries.
grown to 36,000 people in 11 say
countries. You look back and you said
say who the hell did you do it?He family
said the key to his successful relationships
family business is the and
relationships built with employees for.
and the companies they transport part
for.We still treat our people as of
part of an expended family.As part the
of the 60 birthday, it showcased advancements
the safety and technical as
advancements in the fleet.As long trucking
as you eat and drink and drive the one.
trucking industry is a very vibrant lied
one.Lindsay Fox was 16 when he truck
lied about his age to gain his old
truck driving licence. Now 79 years old he is no longer in control of company
the day-to-day operations of the will
company but he says that trucking and
will always be his bred and butter We
and he will never really retired. out
We are going to some breaking news crews
out of Queensland now. Emergency behind
crews are rushing to bushland paraglider
behind Mount Tamborine after a Let's
paraglider crashed into a tree. for
Let's go straight to Nat Wallace This
for an up date. What has happened? What
This is all unfolding a is we speak. What we know so far there was a amiss.
paraglider and something has gone is
amiss. He has landed in a tree. He the
is stuck in that tree about 30m off there
the ground and he has been stuck crews
there for 45 minutes. Emergency arrived
crews and paramedics have just to
arrived there and they are trying It
to work out how they get them down. Tamborine
It is very windy here in Mount Tamborine is a very windy place on gentlemen
the best of days. It appears this head.
gentlemen is OK, he is moving his tree.
head. But he is lying down on the into
tree. If you were going to fall best
into a tree this is probably the appears
best one you could fall into. He don't
appears to be struck there. We this
don't know his exactly injuries at watching
this point in time. What we are doing
watching is that PolAir has been have
doing laps around this man. They They
have put someone in the helicopter. perform
They are going to have to try and rescue.
perform some sort of incredible There
rescue. It is a very awkward spot. They
There is lots of foliage around. down.
They might have to winch someone short
down. They picked someone up a is
short time from the ground, there happened.
is a home nearby where this are
happened. They are doing laps. We minutes
are thinking in the next few someone
minutes they might attempt to winch someone down to grab this man. It delicate
is very windy and we have a very don't
delicate operation. This man, we the
don't his injuries and he stuck in go
the tree and hopefully someone will you
go to his rescue and we will keep update
you upto date.Thanks for the up
update Nat. It was quite the line- McCartney,
up the Rolling Stones, Paul rocking
McCartney, Bob Dylan and The Who, A
rocking out at the 'Dessert Trip'. California.
A new musical festival in 75,000
California. Dubbed Oldchella and rock
75,000 fans have turned out for the including
rock festival of the century. And performing
including the Rolling Stones 'Come
performing The Beatles classic (SINGS)
'Come Together'. #
(SINGS) # I know you # You know me # I got to tell you # You just got to be free # Come together # Right now Paul
# Over me. #Not to be outdone Sir Young
Paul McCarthy brought out Neil it
Young to performing why don't we do hit
it on the road. The line up will Plenty
hit the stage again next weekend. Now
Plenty more to come on Nine News customers,
Now including bad news for Samsung mobile
customers, the latest on their cancer
mobile phone recall. Also the new
cancer drug that is giving patients Doggies
new hope. And we hear from the suffering
Doggies fan taken to hospital after Stay
suffering a heart attack at the MCG. Stay with us.

'greater together' means having to tell your story only once,

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A dedicated Western Bulldogs fan AFL
who suffered a heart attack at the team
AFL Grand Final, has thanked the save
team of medical staff who helped has
save his life. Nine's Seb Costello where
has morement ofThis was the room stabilise
where medical experts worked to survived
stabilise Rob McCarthy after he dramatic
survived an emergency all months as itself.
dramatic as the AFL Grand Final Bulldogs
itself. Today the lifelong Western the
Bulldogs fan received visits from life
the medical team that saved his final
life after he collapsed in the grandstand
final quarter while sitting in the his
grandstand at the game and watching their
his Doggies as they moved on for over
their chance of a premiership in an
over 60 years. Fortunately for Rob be
an off duty paramedic happened to him.
be sitting in the row in front of weak
him.I felt his pulse. He had a quickly
weak pulse at that stage but that somebody
quickly disappeared. So we got ground
somebody to get him down on to the him.
ground for me and we started CPR on at
him.After that desperate attempt asked
at CPR Rob sat up and immediately game?
asked the paramedics who won the had
game? When he told that his Doggies crowd
had been successful he gave the that
crowd a thumbs up and the cheer as
that they gave him back was almost got
as loud as the one which the Dogs defibrillator
got up at the final siren. One within
defibrillator arrived minutes to
within his collapse and they need around
to be rolled out at sporting clubs organisations.
around the country and sporting defibrillators
organisations.To get do
defibrillators and teach people to that
do CPR. You can't rely on the fact a
that paramedics are off dutyAfter after
a significant set back the day recovered
after the Grand Final Rob has be
recovered to a point where we can tomorrow
be discharged. That will happen of
tomorrow and #450e8 be taken care The
of by family in the next few days. Samsung
The latest scandal involving the prompted
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone replacement
prompted Telstra to shop shipping customers.
replacement product to its customers. There have been a number replacements
of reports out of the US that the or
replacements of either caught fire will
or melted down. Telstra says it phones
will help customers with loan smartphone
phones or to change to a different being
smartphone brand while the issue is Sydney's
being resolved. Oncologists at that
Sydney's W hospital they are saying to
that they are hopeful that a drug changer
to dissolve cancer could be a game- mobilises
changer for the disease. It fight
mobilises the immune system to chemotherapy.
fight cancer without the need for spreading
chemotherapy. The disease stop cases.
spreading in almost half of the have
cases. Next on Nine News Now we Daniel
have all the Showbiz including Will
Daniel Craig's James Bond backflip. incharacter?
Will we see him from the icon 'Formation'
incharacter? And Beyonce's stage.
'Formation' tour. Who joined her on stage. And the "It"

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Let's get all the Showbiz news now done
and it seems that Daniel Craig has James
done a complete backflip over the reportedly
James Bond franchise. The actor Festival
reportedly admitting in a New York the
Festival over the weekend he has will
the best job in the world and he he
will continue doing it as long as would
he gets a kick out of it and he stop.
would miss it terribly if he was to year
stop. He up set fans earlier in the wrists
year when he said he to slit his Queen
wrists an play the character again. with
Queen Bee has gone out in a gang New
with the Formation World Tour in New Jersey and she surprised people Kendrick
with a number of guests with Williams
Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z and Serena 'Sorry'
Williams took to the stage to bring 'Sorry' to life.

This is a special night... I want all
to introduce somebody else... You (CHEERING)
all think that you can be loud.

Give it up for...The crowd was Frank
star-studded with Hugh Jackman and months
Frank Ocean in attendance after six emotional
months on tour Beyonce was visibly of
emotional during the final moments British
of the show. Well, she is the won
British "It" girl popstar who has tracks
won awards and graced movie star Palace
tracks and performed at Buckingham records
Palace and sold over 30 million Goulding
records along the way. Now Ellie under
Goulding is kicking goals down her.
under The Today Show caught up with (SINGS) This
(SINGS) # Love me like you do. # name
This year alone she has had her scary.
name chanted' by millions.It is done
scary. I have toured so much and to
done so many shows I have got used to it. 'Delerium'
(SINGS) # Stopped by... #Her Perth
'Delerium' world today wraps up in mean
Perth on Wednesday night. Does this joke.
mean a bit of time off?That's a time.
joke. I don't really have any free there.
time. I have a few days here and business
there. But it is just kind of and
business as usual I am just working writing
and loving what I am doing which is I
writing music. I will be in LA and of
I will be writing and that is kind Australia,
of it until Christmas.Here in when
Australia, Ellie was caught out relationship
when asked about her rumoured Harry.
relationship with a certain Prince certain
Harry.I am happy to talk about written
certain things, things that I have nice
written about because I think it is are
nice of people to know what songs behind
are about and to have the meaning things
behind it. But there are certain like
things in my life that I would just that's
like to keep private and I think that's understandable.He is always after
been vocal about privacy on Twitter her
after a dangerous encounter with pounced
her many fans.They come and just quite
pounced on myself and my friends in get
quite a scary way. I don't usually just
get like scared of things. But I just feel like for anyone that is confronted
quite a strange situation to be usually
confronted with. And so I don't Twitter.
usually say things like that on make
Twitter. I just wanted to, you know, to
make it clear that it is not cool (SINGS)
to follow someone, anyone. #
(SINGS) # Falling for you # I'm falling for you # Just like that # Ooh # All of me single
# All of you. #Ellie's latest features
single 'Still Falling for You' Jones'Baby'
features on the 'Bridget excellent.
Jones'Baby' sounds track.It is five
excellent. I have seen it four or moment
five times now and I love the been
moment the end comes in. I have tracks
been interested in doing song sound me
tracks and when they offered to to a
me I jumped at the chance.Is there basically
a little bit of Bridgy and Ellie.I basically am Bridget. We have a lot that
of same traits, that awkwardness drinking
that you feel in every day life, relationships
drinking and having these weird and
relationships with the opposite sex as
and that is why she is so amazing Spring
as a character.Still ahead... some
Spring cleaning our pantry. We have organised.
some tips on how to get yourself dog
organised. Puppy tantrum, eat the store.
dog that refuses to leave the pet store. There is plenty more to come.

Woolworths World Explorers
have arrived and where better to collect all 56 flip-cards than in the Activity
and Collector's Album? Woolworths World Explorers. That's for you.
Ohh! That's why I pick Woolies.

GIRL: Hey!

SONG: # Everybody, move your feet
and feel united

# Oh, oh, oh! #


# Everybody, move your feet

# And feel united... #

# Oh, oh, oh! #



# Oh, yeah!

# We're goin' downtown
Oh, yeah! #


Dad... it true that goldfish
have a three-second memory? It's what they say.

Ooh, Sultana Bran's got more fibre than two slices
of wholemeal toast.

Oh, can't believe this. Sultana Bran's got more fibre
than two slices of toast.

Oh, stop it! Sultana Bran's got more fibre
than two slices of toast! VOICEOVER:
Kellogg's Sultana Bran - who knew?

Ronald Pantries can be one of the especially
most cluttered areas of the house can
especially if you have kids and it control.
can get completely out of the tricks
control. But there are a few simple First
tricks to get it back in order. pantry
First of all, as you can see, the the
pantry space is only been used at missing
the bottom of each shelf. We are here
missing a whole chunk of storage comes
here which is valuable when it that
comes to a pantry. Something else no
that I can really see here we have is
no labelling so we don't know what what
is going on here. We don't know thing
what shelf belongs to what. First here
thing we will get everything out of (SINGS)
here and sort it into like items. it.
(SINGS) # I like to move it, move sense
it. #Brings it out gives you a completely
sense what is in there.Exactly belong
completely plenty of items that we
belong in the bin.The things that there
we put in there is expired and expired
there is a difference between before
expired and best before. Best use
before means you can get a bit more in
use out of it. Expired means to go The
in the bin.What is the next step? items
The next step we are going to put label.
items in storage containers and back
label. Then slowly find the home back in the pantry.What gets put anything
in a jar?Anything that is open or marry
anything we had double of so we can then
marry them into the same jar.Right, and
then they are labelled very clear much
and everything is more fresh.So nasties
much more fresh because we have they
nasties in the pantries, weavils, How
they really love rice and grains. back?
How much will these jars set you back?About $2.If you buy in bulk everything
they are cheaper.Now that we have in
everything ready to be moved back shelf.
in here. I am going to use a wire will
shelf. Now if I put this in here we picked
will fit all the jars in here. I given
picked it up from K-Mart and it has your
given you a whole new shelf within is
your pantry now. You can't see what huge
is behind there, huge problem. I shelf
huge something called an expander $29.95.
shelf from Howard Storage and it is $29.95. Once you put this in you there.
will see everything in the pantry were
there.I thought that lazy Susans Absolutely
were for Chinese restaurants? great
Absolutely not. This is such a because
great space saver in the pantry behind
because you are not putting things it.
behind each other. You get to turn turntable.
it. This is actually a twin the
turntable. As you can see we have the height happening. Oils, is
vinegars, sauces, all that range it more
is perfect.Making the pantry a bit is
more fun. I like it.Anything that need
is unopened, things that you don't Donna
need every day.It is out of way. reinvite
Donna are you ready to see your Oh
reinvite lied pantry. Here we go. god,
Oh my lord, that is amazing! Oh my everything
god, this is amazing! But turns!
everything is labelled. And it incredible!
turns! Oh my god! That's (SINGS) pooch
(SINGS) # You're unbelievable. #A giving
pooch has been caught on camera he
giving his owners a ruff time after in
he through a toddler-style tantrum to
in a pet store. The pooch refused to leave the shop even playing owners
to try and stay. At one point his keen
owners tried to drag him but the joining
keen shopper refused to budge. Well, is
joining me in the Chat Room today Kubainski
is Nine's Brenton Ragless and Emmy because
Kubainski in Perth. Stick around survival
because we are talking about rank
survival of the fitness. A plan to fit
rank kids and their schools on how is
fit and how fat they are. Also it better
is an age-old question, who is Men
better when it comes to money... be
Men or women? Stay with us, we will be chatting about that next.

VOICE-OVER: This is Tom.
He's on his way to work. Because Tom parks
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Let's head into the Chat Room now is
and joining me today from Adelaide Perth
is Nine's Brenton Ragless. And in Welcome
Perth we have Emmy Kubainski. Amber,
Welcome to both of you.Thank you to
Amber, great to be with you.Good expected
to see you.The NSW Government is backflip
expected to announce tomorrow a greyhound
backflip on the controversial Government
greyhound racing. The Baird next
Government was planning to ban it for
next year and up to a year's jail and
for someone who conducted a race live
and it zero toll answer towards controlled
live berate baiting and a stikt
controlled bring program to re never
stikt injury. What do think.I have greyhound
never been a fan or follower of a greyhound racing. My understanding little.
of the industry is very, very argue
little. Animal activists would argue it is not a win. I would ever
argue it is. For the first time under
ever greyhound racing has been before.
under the spotlight more than ever rules
before. More transparent, tighter itself
rules and regulations. So that in takes
itself is a win. We know that it industry
takes more than overnight for an Even
industry or a culture to change. animal
Even if one animal, the life of one tighter
animal has been saved and those I
tighter regulations are there, then Certainly
I would argue that is a win. greyhound
Certainly here in South Australia spotlight
greyhound racing is under the been
spotlight more than ever. They have high
been more transparent about the living
high level of standards and well be
living for the animals. That has to animals
be a good thing. The lives of more is
animals are being saved. I think it interesting
is all about balance. It will be for
interesting to see how things go At
for the industry over the next year. unfolding.
At the end of the day it is still of
unfolding.Emmy, what do you think more
of the backflip?If it is focused pronounce
more on Mike Baird... How do you you
pronounce haze name?Baird.There ours.
you go, he is your premier, not focused
ours. Look, it seems to have focused the spotlight more on him gone
that he has back flipped he has When
gone from one extreme to the other. said
When the announcement was made they fall.
said we will see how things will racecourses
fall. We only have three greyhound regulations
racecourses and they say that the It
regulations here are quite tight. racing
It has put a spotlight on greyhound bit
racing around the country. It is a look
bit of flip-flopping and it doesn't the
look good for him as a premier and instead
the focus has turned towards him hound
instead and not the grey houpd were
hound racing. People's lively hoods think
were in the spotlight. Personally I is
think it is a good thing that there other
is that look at that but probably regulations
other industries that need tight interesting
regulations as well.It was greyhound
interesting that he singled out the it
greyhound industry. You are right, government.
it is reflecting very bad on the were
government. They came out, they they
were brave and they were strong and may
they made this decision that may or People
may not have been the right one. At
People agreed or disagreed on it. impressed
At the end of the day I was making
impressed for them coming out and have
making such a strong stance only to backflip
have them come out to make a this
backflip under intense lobby. If they
this is where they were going to go softly,
they should have introduced a more wouldn't
softly, softly stance and they stupid.
wouldn't have ended up looking so primary
stupid. Moving on and children at forced
primary schools across NSW could be as
forced to undergoing fitness tests NAPLAN
as part of a planned revamp of the
NAPLAN testing. It was record over the weekends that students as young exams
as nine would be included in these an
exams aimed at ranking schools on children
an obesity scales. With one in five requirements,
children meeting their exercise five
requirements, so that is four in five that aren't, is this a step in obesity
the right direction?I get that focus
obesity is an issue and we have to healthy
focus on our kids and teach them testing.
healthy eating. I am so sick of know
testing. I hate the NAPLAN and I it
know so many kids that go through started
it and I have a child that hasn't grade
started NAPLAN. Pre-primary and towards
grade one they gear children towards that and it is all about they
testing. Kids need to have fun and they need to learn what is good and are
healthy eating. That is what they and
are teach my daughter at her school eating.
and what is considered unhealthy they
eating. They get a vegetable and Mind
they have to guess what it is... was
Mind you they all got it wrong, it got
was a turnip. I probably would have education
got it wrong too. It is all about education and I am sick of this what
testing.I think at the end of it what are they going to have? "You a
are going to fat school and this is and
a thin school."Will they rank them go
and this is where all the fat kids you
go to.It is a difficult one. Do the
you think that is the best way for obesity
the government to address this concerned
obesity crisis?I have very very
concerned about testing kids at a about
very young age, you are talking about kids at nine years of age eating
about their obesity level and responsibility
eating practices. Schools do have a education,
responsibility for physical That
education, healthy eating and so on. in
That is part of it. Kids are only to
in school six hours a day, Monday to Friday. I feel much of the parents
responsibility really lies with the it
parents and guardians at home when fistness
it comes to healthy eating and days
fistness and so on. We know these are
days parents of time poor and they cash
are too easy enough to give them not
cash to spend at the canteen and physically
not getting that time to be on
physically active at home and pass responsibility
on that education. More of that back
responsibility needs to be shifted and
back to home. So far as time, money belongs
and resources and so on some of
belongs in schools. In and outside parents
of schools, not just kids but for to
parents as well about helping them eating
to find the balance about healthy all
eating at home and elsewhere.I am of
all for compulsory PE and that sort Absolutely.
of thing as a subject.Sure. it.
Absolutely.Let's not test them on time
it.No. What are we going to do Oval.
time them as they go around The have
Oval. How will they test them?We question,
have to move on. It is an aged old comes
question, who is better when it comes to money, men, you over here practical
or women over here. Female are stay
practical what they need to do to it
stay on top of their debt and make behind.
it a top priority if they fall and
behind. Men a little more casual do
and don't react as quickly. Brenton the
do you agree with the study? Who is household
the most responsible in your have
household when it comes to money?I wife
have spoken some home truth and my home.
wife is the finance administer at home. I am quite happy for her to that
do that. I will be open to admit more
that blokes generally speaking are responsibility
more relaxed when it comes to any typically
responsibility in life. They are wave
typically lazy. I look at the pay option
wave card. These days the laser T
option is to flash the card and pay at
T naturally I get more in trouble overspent
at home. Honey says to me "You back.
overspent here and we need to pull that.
back. " I am happy for her to do Brenton?
that.Has she put you on a limit pocket
Brenton?He has, she gives me the this
pocket money to spend.Emmy, is We
this research true in your family. Tom,
We divide the household shores and finance
Tom, my husband, he looks after the background
finance much he has an accounting Which
background and he loves the numbers. the
Which I'm happy with. I send him pay
the bills and I am like "Can you in
pay this?"I like that, I want that are
in my household "Here you go, here on
are all my bills. "He has put me get
on a budget because sometimes I can comes
get ahead of myself like when it he
comes around to kids' birthdays and overspend
he has an alert system when I have
overspend it it emails them.We do Women,
have to leave it there. Man... will
Women, the debate continues. We time.
will have to talk about it next our
time. It is time to say goodbye to Queensland
our Western Australian viewers. your
Queensland viewers stand by for states
your Afternoon News. All other trial
states stick around up next the accused
trial begins for the Gold Coast man We
accused of the murder of a tourist. coming
We will have the latest from court Trump
coming up next. Gloves off Donald to-head
Trump and Hillary Clinton go head- will
to-head in their second debate. We glider
will have the verdict. A hang glider left in a very tricky

Taking a look now at the weather It
for the tomorrow around the country. It will be a

It will be a warm day with a chance clouds
of a shower in Brisbane. A few top
clouds around for Sydney. 14 the Melbourne
top for Canberra and Hobart. two.
Melbourne and Adelaide a shower or for
two. Sunshine for Perth. Sunny also around
for Alice Springs. A few clouds around for Broome and Darwin.

around for Broome and Darwin. It is Good
time now for Nine's Afternoon News. described
Good afternoon. After what has been his
described as the worst 48 hours of has
his election campaign, Donald Trump Clinton
has gone head-to-head with Hillary Debate.
Clinton in the 2nd Presidential slightly
Debate. The billionaire was the
slightly more subdued than usual as comments
the pair traded barbs over his lewd Nine
comments and the email scandal. was
Nine US correspondent Laura Turner extremely
was there.The tension was tonight
extremely high in that debate hall when
tonight from the very beginning Trump
when Hillary Clinton and Donald of
Trump refused to shake hands and, a
of course, as expected, it was only conversation
a matter of minutes before the the
conversation turned grubby, down to over
the bombshell of Donald Trump's over the week. Take a look.This was locker room talk. I'm not proud does
of it.He has said that the video think
does not represent who he is but I heard
think it's clear to anyone who who
heard it that it represents exactly at
who he is.It also didn't take long boil
at all for Donald Trump's temper to them
boil over, especially when both of Clinton's
them were being asked about Hillary turned
Clinton's email scandal. It really then
turned into a slanging match from Attorney-General
then on.I am going to instruct my prosecutor
Attorney-General to get a special situation.
prosecutor to look into your is
situation.Everything he just said surprised.
is absolutely false but I'm not on
surprised.Donald Trump's behaviour into
on stage tonight has been called was
into question as well. He certainly still.
was not able to sit down or sit shuffled
still. He paced the stage, she number
shuffled with his microphone a from
number of times, the infamous sniff again.
from the first debate was back of
again. Tonight he also took a lot moderators
of time to argue with the be
moderators over whether they will Hillary
be fair to him in comparison to it
HillaryWhen I go one second over answers.
it is a big deal.You had many terms
answers.It is interesting.In I
terms of who won the debate tonight, than
I think it will be less clear-cut the
than the first time around. Than at couple
the 1st Presidential Debate a couple of weeks ago Donald Trump around
was able to pivot more this time at
around to throw the questions back he
at Hillary Clinton. But certainly problem
he has the huge bombshell, the hot
problem of when he was caught on a bombshell
hot mic 11 years ago. That weekend
bombshell that dropped over the going
weekend is something that is not interesting
going away. It will be very Presidential
interesting to see how these two in
Presidential candidates poll later Bollinger
in the weekNSW fast bowler Doug place
Bollinger denied sledging took cricketer
place during the match in which fatally
cricketer Phillip Hughes was more
fatally struck by a bouncer. For