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Tomorrow on the show pop sensation Robin
Johnny Ruffo Australian supermodel heavyweight
Robin lawly and Hollywood Campbell
heavyweight Ben Affleck.David presidential
Campbell will be back. The US we'll
presidential debate coming up soon, the
we'll have the full wash-up with getting
the expert panel tomorrow. It's getting under way momentarily.Get it's
the popcorn ready.Trump V Clinton, it's on for young and old. Enjoy, one.
we'll be back tomorrow. Have a good

This program will be captioned live ANNOUNCER:
by Ai-Media. Amelia
ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with two
Amelia Adams.Good morning. Almost tragedy
two years since the sporting an
tragedy which shocked the nation, of
an inquest has begun into the death go
of cricketer Phillip Hughes. Let's for
go straight to Nine's Damian Ryan what
for the latest. Talk us through morning.
what has happened so far this arguably
morning.Well, reliving this cricket
arguably the most tragic day in hard,
cricket was always going to be very Hughes's
hard, particularly for Phillip 25-year-old
Hughes's family. Two years ago the hand
25-year-old was struck on the left- bowled
hand side of the neck by a bouncer The
bowled by NSW paceman Shaun Abbott. ball
The inquest has been told that the when
ball was travelling at 150km/hr of
when it left his hand. Now, vision was
of the actual ball, the fatal blow, that
was played to the inquest and at Greg,
that point Phillip Hughes's father, want
Greg, left the room. He did not virgin
want to see the vision. His mother looked
virgin ya remained in the court but to
looked away as that ball was played opened
to the court. The State Coroner Phil
opened the inquest by describing really
Phil as a boy from the bush who Australia
really wanted to play cricket for As
Australia and he lived his dream. that
As to the accident, well he said was
that is exactly what it was - it unsuspected
was a tragic, shocking accident and what
unsuspected accident and this is are
what he had to say.These inquiries Quite
are not undertaken to lay blame. terrible
Quite clearly, the death was a mean
terrible accident but that doesn't safer.
mean that cricket can't be made controlled,
safer. The way the game was response
controlled, the urgency of the the
response to Mr Hu's injuries and equipment
the adequacy of the protective examined.
equipment worn by batsmen will be Now, court
Now, there will be evidence to the to
court of a delay by the ambulance this
to get to the SCG on the day of this accident, but in the end the conceded,
court has already been told, and inevitable
conceded, in that his death was ball
inevitable from the moment that ago.
ball hit him on that day two years A
ago. Thank you. Victoria
A major clean up is under way in without
Victoria with thousands of homes lashed
without power after wild winds Nine's
lashed the state. Let's go live to north-east
Nine's Kieran Jones who at Wesburn, through
north-east of Melbourne. Talk us Amelia,
through the damage there.Well, damage
Amelia, it has been extensive standing
damage to say the least. We are backyard
standing in the Cottier family This
backyard at Wesburn at the moment. crashing
This massive gum tree has come on
crashing down through the backyard here.
on to the roof of the family home that
here. It was one of two incidents Another
that the property yesterday. front
Another gun tree fell through the so
front yard across their front fence, Wesburn.
so certainly huge damage here in three
Wesburn. Obviously Sam and her uninjured
three daughters are lucky to be problems.
uninjured as a result of those right
problems. There has been probleming seen
right across the state. We have have
seen Menzies Creek primaricycle tree
have incidents there. A huge gum overnight.
tree fell through classrooms injured
overnight. Luckily no children were the
injured but that damage means that Childrenly
the school has been shut down. returning
Childrenly certainly won't be SES
returning there for some time. The SES have had their hands full. They over
have had more than 3,000 call outs powerlines
over the past 24 hours. 400 Victoria
powerlines have come down across saddest
Victoria as well but probably the woman
saddest incident was the death of a road
woman in her 50s, just down the large
road in Millgrove. She died when a her
large tree came crashing through neighbours
her home yesterday afternoon. Her down
neighbours also had a tree come say
down through their backyard. They before
say they have had incidents there that
before and they are disappointed had
that they haven't been dealt WI asked
had asked, I was worried, I had were
asked for it to be taken down. We going
were told that it was OK. It was It
going to be OK. I didn't think so. was
It was so close to the house, it still
was such a big tree.The SES is call
still dealing with thousands of call outs. This wild weather is exact
still persisting as you can see. No power
exact time as of yet as to when the so
power might be on in these areas, have
so these wild storms could still come.
have some impact for some time to people
come.Yeah, a long day ahead for update.
people there. Thank you for the A been
A family in Sydney's south-west has boy
been left devastated after a young backyard
boy was pulled unconscious from a rushed
backyard pool. The 6-year-old was afternoon
rushed to hospital yesterday but
afternoon from his home in Raby, Police
but died shortly after arriving. that
Police are investigating whether meets
that pool fence at the property An
meets safety regulations has
An Australian man living in Bali drug
has been arrested and accused of Guiseppe
drug possession. Police say that grams
Guiseppe Serafino was found with 7 grams of hashish in a bag, while 10 the
grams of the drug was located at Matthew.
the home of British man David between
Matthew. The pair could face if
between five years and life in jail US
if found guilty. Trump
US Republican candidate Donald intense
Trump is expected to come under faces
intense pressure today when he Clinton
faces off with Democrat Hillary second
Clinton in their widely-anticipated Nine
second Presidential debate. Our is
Nine US correspondent Laura Turner Morning,
is on the ground in St Louis. pulled
Morning, Laura. Mr Trump has just morning,
pulled a bit of a stunt.Good are
morning, to you. That is right. We presidential
are 25 minutes out from the second Trump
presidential debate and Donald that
Trump has just made it very clear road
that he is going to take the low surprise
road tonight. He has just held a about
surprise press conference only even
about an hour or so ago, probably of
even less, with four women, three sexual
of who accuse Bill Clinton of and
sexual misconduct back in the 90s, Clinton
and one woman who accuses Hillary all
Clinton of trying to silence her Trump
all of those years ago. Donald try
Trump is obviously doing this to himself
try to shift the focus away from revelation
himself after that bombshell was
revelation on the weekend where he ago
was caught on a hot mike 11 years about
ago making derogatory comments tactic
about women. This is an interesting risky,
tactic from Donald Trump. Very networks
risky, all over all the news are
networks near the US. The stations from
are running grabs from Donald Trump and
from way back then, defending Bill those
and Hillary Clinton against one of he
those accuser, one of the woman who tactic
he calls a "loser". An interesting much
tactic from Donald Trump. He has so night
much at stake tonight on debate in
night number two. His campaign is weekend
in turmoil right now. Over the turning
weekend Republicans have been Tonight
turning away from him in droves. questions
Tonight he will have to answer live audience
questions from people in the stakes,
audience here at the debate and the higher.
stakes, as I said, could not be tonight.
higher. He has a lot to prove is
tonight.Yeah, one to watch. That Nine
is for sure. Thank you for that. presidential
Nine will bring you that second US
presidential debate live from the Saving
US at midday Eastern Daylight Morning
Saving Time. Straight after this Federal
Morning News. series
Federal parliament is back with a including
series of hot topics on the agenda, sex
including the future of the same- arguments
sex marriage plebiscite. While the major
arguments are usually between the of
major party, there has been a bit profile
of a stoush between two high- Charles
profile crossbenchers. Let's go to more.
Charles Croucher in Canberra for is
more. Charles, good morning. What have
is the problem?Hey, Amelia. We to
have plenty of formal debate going but
to take place on important issues problem,
but it is Donald Trump that is the comments
problem, and those fairly repugnant brought
comments he has made and it has Hanson
brought Derryn Hinch and Pauline core
Hanson to verbal stoushes in the support
core doors. Her high are waking.To or
support Donald Trump if any manner For
or form is absolutely disgraceful. any
For you as a woman can even make said
any justification for what he has I
said and what he has done is just - I didn't condone what he said.You decide.
said the people of America will right
decide. If you are even slightly God
right then God help the country and sexual
God help the world. The man is a disgrace.
sexual predator and he is a that
disgrace.Senator Hinch finished house.
that by saying welcome to the mad will
house. It looks like the government Prime
will notch up with win here. The volunteers
Prime Minister met with CFA these
volunteers this morning he says benefit
these are the people who will This
benefit the most from the changes. dogged
This is one of the big issues that factor,
dogged election and became a real It
factor, particularly in Victoria. legislation
It was one of the first pieces of parliament
legislation introduced to the new today
parliament and, would you believe, to
today marks 100 days since we went are
to the polls. Time flies when you you
are having fun.Certainly.Thank controversial
you for that. Well the greyhound
controversial and devisive be
greyhound ban in NSW is expected to Nine's
be reversed tomorrow morning. details
Nine's Chris O'Keefe has the latest start
details for us.It was only at the Baird
start of July when Premier Mike Premierer
Baird stood there with his Deputy called
Premierer Troy Grant grant and abhorrent
called the greyhound industry government
abhorrent and said that his going
government could not support them legislation
going forward. There has since been Parliament
legislation introduced into greyhound
Parliament House which bans Now,
greyhound racing from July 1, 2017. Mike
Now, we fast forward 12 weeks and that
Mike Baird will take amendments to o'clock
that legislation to cabinet at 7 will
o'clock tomorrow morning, which Now,
will effectively reverse the ban. become
Now, this is because things have the
become far too hot politically for there
the Premier. The National Party, recollection
there has beenen a insur threats
recollection there. There have been is
threats of a leadership bill and it cannot
is wildly known that Mike Baird he
cannot continue to govern the way this
he is governing without reversing for
this ban. It won't be a free kick some
for the industry. There will be been
some serious regulations. I have cycle
been told that there will be a life their
cycle management for the dogs from checks
their birth to their deaths with life,
checks and balances throughout her retired
life, specifically targeting cop
retired greyhounds. There will be a looking
cop on how dogs can be bred, time
looking at 2,000 to 3,000. And life cruelty
time bans and jail time for an mall baiting.
cruelty and that includes live win
baiting. While it will be seen as a state
win for greyhound racing in this people
state Mike Baird has been telling decision
people that it was the only could
decision that he and his government industry.
could make in terms of banning the do
industry. And now we are seeing him that
do this almighty backflip. It seems credibility
that he will lose a fair bit of decision.
credibility as a result of this carrying
decision.Police and RMS are trucking
carrying out raids on a Sydney truck
trucking company following a fatal straight
truck crash last week. We will go Pearl
straight to our reporter Lizzie What
Pearl who is flopping developments. to
What can you tell us?Good morning, fatal
to you. This was a tragic double Sydney's
fatal truck crash ator skin Park in veered
Sydney's west last week. One truck road
veered on to the wrong side of the collided
road erupting into flames when it killing
collided with the other truck, a
killing both drivers instantly. As investigating
a result the police and the RMS are management
investigating the fatigue trucking
management records of one of these raided
trucking companies. They have this
raided a property in Kemps Creek In
this morning also in Sydney's west. seized
In doing that I that they have travel
seized records, work diaries, that
travel diary, any records of breaks and
that may or may not have been taken the
and so far police say it is one of keeping
the worst examples of record- Authorities
keeping that they have ever seen. Authorities are also looking into vehicles.
the mechanical safety of these been
vehicles. Six vehicles have so far Wetherill
been brought here to the depot at issued
Wetherill Park. Six have been fuel
issued defect notices, including also
fuel leaking, braking problems and NSW
also bald tyres. A short time ago Let's
NSW Police brought us up to date. investigation
Let's take a listen.The is
investigation thus far this morning fatigue
is has uncovered evidence of major particular
fatigue management in this out
particular company. We can't rule why
out fatigue being a factor. That is that
why we are here this morning and more
that is why we are going to inspect Also
more trucks like the one behind me. this
Also of major concern to police allegedly
this morning, the fact that an on
allegedly stolen car has been found Police
on that Kemps Creek property. link
Police have so far been able to in
link that car to a break and enter property
in the State's central west. The property squad has also been called because
in to take a look at that property suspect
because there are some other they
suspect items on that property and too.
they will be investigating those you
too.Alright, Lizzie Pearl thank car
you for bringing us up to date. A down
car has erupted in flames bringing on
down powerlines in a shocking crash services
on the NSW Central Coast. Emergency last
services arrived just before 9:30 had
last night to find a Ford Falcon homes
had hit the power pole. Several three
homes were left without power while one
three people were taken to hospital, is
one in a serious condition. There in
is a new health concern unfolding Matthew,
in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane days
Matthew, as the country marks three nearly
days of national mourning for the storm.
nearly 900 victims of the giant At from
At least 13 people have now died humanitarian
from cholera, prompting fears of a government
humanitarian crisis. The Haitian urgent
government says 350,000 people need water
urgent assistance, including food, There
water and shelter. morning,
There is plenty more to come this begins
morning, including the murder trial over
begins for a Gold Coast man charged Also
over the death of a tourist. at
Also the new cancer drug developed patients
at a Sydney hospital giving And
patients new hope. iconic
And 60 years in the business. An celebrates
iconic Australian company celebrates a

MAN: The progressive new
Corolla Hybrid. With the latest technology and the impressive performance
of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, it's for the generation
going places.

A murder trial is under way for a New
Gold Coast man accused of killing a Kriukelis
New Zealand tourist. Nine's Aislin Two
Kriukelis is following the story. Coast
Two years after 30-year-old Gold with
Coast man Gable Tostee was charged in
with murder, his trial begins today Police
in the Queensland Supreme Court. Zealand
Police say he met 26-year-old New the
Zealand tourist Warriena Wright on while
the dating app Tinder. In 2014, was
while she was here on holiday. It here
was during her same 2-week visit falling
here that she was found dead after level
falling from the balcony of a 14th on
level apartment at Surfers Paradise stage
on the Gold Coast. Now, at this for
stage this trial has been set down go
for six days but it could of course depending
go for any length of time, takes
depending on how long each witness expecting
takes the stand for and we are them.
expecting to hear from around 26 of aside
them. Three rooms have been set Supreme
aside here in the Queensland trial,
Supreme Court building for this the
trial, and that is to cater for all who
the members of the media and public because
who are expected to come here this
because of the huge interest in Scientists
this case. Hospital
Scientists at Sydney's Westmead which
Hospital have developed a new drug patients
which is living lung cancer mobilises
patients fresh hope. They say it to
mobilises patients' immune systems need
to fight against cancer without the have
need for chemotherapy. Oncologists Sydney's
have been trialling the drug at of
Sydney's Westmead hospital as part countries.
of a global study running in 16 year-old
countries. Lindsay Fox, the 79- company
year-old founder of logistic years
company Linfox, is today marking 60 the
years in the business. Fox started truck.
the company in 1956 with just one 6,000
truck. At last count he had around countries.
6,000 vehicles on the road in 11 estimated
countries. His net worth is estimated to be $2.5 billion. Now where
to some breaking news out of Sydney bicycle
where two teenagers on a peewee crash
bicycle have been involved in a services
crash in the city's west. Emergency They
services are right now at the scene. early
They are treating one male in his has
early teens who is unconscious and have
has a laceration to his leg. We being
have reports that the other is also to
being treated. We will keep you up day.
to date on Nine News throughout the Up and
Up next - the latest sports news Bathurst
and there is controversy over the protest
Bathurst 1000 results, with a Also
protest in progress today. from
Also another uninspiring outing Kangaroos
from our Aussie cricketers. And the can
Kangaroos big plans to beat the I can which is.

Hey, honey.
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They're moving in. Neighbour. They saved over $200
when they switched to Youi because their house
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Welcome back. Some amazing 1000
developments out of the Bathurst the
1000 with team Red Bull to protest victory
the penalty that cost Jamie Whincup Bull
victory in yesterday's race. Red confirmed
Bull team owner Roland Dane appeal
confirmed his team's intention to after
appeal the penalty given to Whincup Scott
after he attempted to overtake The
Scott McLaughlin late in the race. second
The team is arguing that the 15 with
second time penalty is inconsistent similar
with the way stewards have handled Will
similar situations in the past. winner
Will Davison was the eventual off
winner of the race after holding Gisbergen
off a late charge from Shane Van Cricket South
Cricket and Australia's tour of losing
South Africa is in turmoil after their
losing again this morning. It is four-0
their fourth straight loss to be international
four-0 down in the one day powering
international series. The Proteas victory.
powering to an emphatic 6-wicket were
victory. Batting first the Aussies for
were hammered - they were 3 wickets before
for 12 runs in the first four overs before limping to just 167. South 35th
Africa cruised to the target in the Still
35th over. Cape
Still plenty for us to play for in whitewash
Cape Town. We don't want a try
whitewash so we have to turn up and time
try to get a win.It is the first side
time since 2012 the Aussies one-day matches.
side has dropped four straight North Wells
North Melbourne veteran Daniel Collingwood
Wells appeared bound for notifying
Collingwood after officially a
notifying the Roos he will leave as trade
a free agent. It comes as the AFL Melbourne,
trade period kicked off in down
Melbourne, with Hawthorn playing Luke
down the possibility of trading O'Meara.
Luke Breust it ins deal for Jaeger names
O'Meara.There is a whole range of these
names that get brought up with player
these players as soon as another this
player is linked to you, but at Tom
this stage, no.Sydney midfielder, nominate
Tom Mitchell is also expected to choice
nominate the Hawks as his club of NRL
choice later this afternoon. in
NRL and the Kangaroos have arrived clash
in Perth ahead of this weekend's Mal
clash against New Zealand. Coach forward
Mal Meninga has selected a giant designed
forward pack for the clash - a move big
designed to combat New Zealand's wins
big men. Meninga says the team that come
wins the battle in the middle will morning,
come out on top. Still to come this for
morning, we will have the finance forecast.
for you and the latest weather

Aggie Bradshaw with your news

Police say one of their own has
been injured, after a car refused

to stop and veered into them in

Officers say they tried to stop a
blue ford falcon on Saturday

morning along Hibberson Street but
it sped away.

A short time later, they caught up
with the vehicle along Kosciuszko

Avenue and it's there that an
officer sustained minor injuries.

Police found the vehicle in
Charnwood later that afternoon -

investigations are underway.

The ACT Greens wants to reduce the
number of poker machine in

Canberra by a third as well as
enforce a one dollar betting


The policy has been unveiled with
less than a week to go until the

Territory makes their vote.

Greens Leader Shane Rattenbury
says the party would request

gamblers make a pre-commitment on
how much they're willing to lose,

before they start playing.

And in sport, Nick Kyrgios has won
the Japan Open, marking the

biggest title of his career.

The Canberran beat Belgium's David
Goffin in Tokyo.

There's no time to celebrate
though -- the 21 year old is off

to play in the Shanghai Masters
this week.

Here's the weather - on the
satellite, A gusty cold front is

sweeping through southern parts of
New South Wales, bringing rain.

More showers along the coast but
clear for the rest of the state.

On the national map - Mostly sunny
in Darwin today 35. A fine day in

Brisbane reaching 27 degrees.
Showers for Sydney 32. Light rain

in Melbourne and Hobart.

To the regional centres -- a wet
day across the Central West,

reaching 19 in Orange today.
Showers also for the Riverina, 16

in Wagga and Young.

Patchy rain for Canberra and
Goulburn 17 for the Nation's

Capital. Showers also in
Wollongong and down the south


Canberra's outlook - cloudy
tomorrow peaking at 14 degrees and

much the same mid-week. Sunny
skies after that though, with some

morning frost and 18 on Friday.

Resources SCA

Weather time now. Around the

country today: shower
Very hot in Sydney with a late rain
shower bringing a cool change. Some Melbourne
rain in Canberra. Showers in Blue
Melbourne and Adelaide as well. Darwin.
Blue skies in Perth. Sunny in the
Darwin. Quickly checking finance, early
the All Ords is up 17 points in across
early trade and our dollar stronger across the board.

across the board.
early trade and our dollar stronger Morning
across the board. That is our back
Morning News for now. I will be after
back with the afternoon news just our
after 4 o'clock. I'm Amelia Adams, our coverage of

debate is next.
Live captioning by Ai-Media

This program will be captioned live This
by Ai-Media president
This is Nine's coverage of the US Hello
president election. Welcome
Hello and thanks for your company. watched
Welcome to the big show down being Donald
watched right around the globe. are
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential
are about to begin the second US intense,
presidential debate and it will be shortly,
intense, to say the least. Very Washington
shortly, we will take you live to Missouri,
Washington University in St Louis, will
Missouri, where the two candidates town
will Duke it out. This will be a half
town hall style debate, meaning to
half of the questions will be down The
to the audience of undecided voters. come
The other half of the question will Raddatz
come from the moderators, Martha Anderson
Raddatz of ABC America and CNN's a
Anderson Cooper. You will not miss bringing
a moment of the action. We will be and
bringing you all 90 minutes live broadcasting
and commercial free as well as bottom
broadcasting your thoughts at the a
bottom of your screen, just send us In
a tweet using the hash tag debate. important
In many ways, this will be the most presidential
important moment of the Trump
presidential campaign so far. The we
Trump camp is in crisis control as of
we all know following the leaking businessman
of explosive tapes where the of
businessman was recorded speaking He
of women in vulgar, sexual terms. public
He was forced to issue a rare what
public apology. And here is some of I'm
what he had to say.I've never said to
I'm a perfect person, nor pretended said
to be someone that I'm not. I've the
said and done things I regret. And more
the words released today on this one
more than a decade old video are knows
one of them. Anyone who knows me, I
knows these words don't reflect who apologise.
I am. I said it. I was wrong. And I things
apologise. I've said some foolish between
things but there's a big difference other
between the words and actions of actually
other people. Bill Clinton has has
actually abused women and Hillary intimidated
has bullied, attacked, shamed, and discuss
intimidated his victims. We will days.
discuss this more in the coming followed
days.Well, true to word, he's extraordinary
followed that up with an leading
extraordinary news conference on
leading into the debate. Appearing in
on stage with three women who have, of
in the past, accused Bill Clinton here.
of sexual abuse. No backwards step Chief,
here. Let's go to our US Bureau when
Chief, Robert Penfold. Rob, just any
when you thought it couldn't get limits
any nastier, nothing is off the is
limits now.That's right Karl. This that's
is an extraordinary situation before
that's happened just 1.5 hours Very
before the start of the debate. imagine,
Very controversial. As you can the
imagine, to think that he even had this,
the time to go out there and do women
this, and there he was with four today,
women sitting there at that stable basically
today, accusing the Clintons of one
basically abusing them. There was Broaddrick,
one in particular, this was Juanita claim
Broaddrick, who actually made the said
claim at that desk there, that she said Bill Clinton had raped her in situation
1978. So, this is just an amazing after
situation that we are seeing time Trump
after time with what seems to be trouble
Trump trying to get himself out of into
trouble but has he now got himself all
into even more trouble by weaning to
all of this out? What we are going as
to be looking for is whether or not, must
as so many people think, that he has
must now make another, really, he more
has to really has to apologise one video
more time after what we saw on that Clinton,
video just two nights ago.Hillary you
Clinton, you're obviously briefed, he
you must be ready for it, and does bring
he have an alternative? He has to perhaps
bring it up, doesn't he, and also I
perhaps Bill's past?That's right. difficult
I think it is going to be very and
difficult for him, not to go out as
and apologise one more time because a
as you saw in that apology, was it a real apology? Not really. He was there,
glued to the auto cue, staring in badly
there, yelling into it, badly lit, fairly
badly present and people were they
fairly critical of that as soon as sincere
they saw it again. It didn't look back
sincere whatsoever. He has to win moment,
back the woman's vote. At the vote
moment, he hasn't got the women's States.
vote at all here in the United just
States. And the polls were showing that
just in the last couple of days So
that he is going down even further. around
So he really has to turn things for
around tonight. This is do or die in
for him when he gets on this stage going
in a few minutes from now.It is certain.
going to be nasty, that is for live.
certain. Let's take you there now Presidential
live. This is the second