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(generated from captions) Today, Republican candidate Donald Trump fronts the media with a panel of women who accuse former President Bill Clinton of sexual misdeeds. Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any

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Treasurer Scott Morrison says a bid by Gina Rinehart for the Kidman cattle empire will still require foreign investment approval. An inquest begins in Sydney into the death of cricketer Phillip Hughes. The clean-up continues as thousands remain without power after gale force winds lashed Victoria.

Hello and welcome to Mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. A quick look at the weather first:

In an unprecedented move ahead of a US Presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump has held a media conference with a group of women, one of whom accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of covering it up. It, of course, follows the release of an audio recording on the weekend in which Mr Trump makes lewd remarks about women. A short time ago the Republican candidate ramped up the argument with a series of allegations.Thank you very much for coming and these four very courageous women have asked to be here and it was our honour to help them and I think they are each going to make an individual short statement. Then we will have a little meeting and we'll see you at the debate. Paula.I'm here to support Mr Trump because he is going to make America great again and I think everybody else should vote for him and I think they should all look at the fact that he's a good person, he's not what other people have been saying he has been, like Hillary, so think about that.Kathy Shelton.I'm also here to support Trump. I at 12 years old, Hillary put me through something that you'd never put a 12-year-old through and she says she is for women and children. She was asked last year what happened and she said she is supposed to defend me. Now she is laughing on tape saying (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) You went through a lot?Yes, Sir, I did.I'm Juanita Broaddrick. I'm here to support Donald Trump. I tweeted recently and Mr Trump re-Tweeted it that actions speak louder than words. Mr Trump may have said some bad words but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any comparison.I'm Kathleen Willey. I'm here to support Donald Trump. The reason for that is the first day that he announced for President, he said "I love this country and I want America to be great again". I cried when he said that because I think this is the greatest country in the world. I think that we can do anything. I think we can accomplish anything. I think we can bring peace to this world and I think that Trump can deliver us to that point.Thank you very much. OK, thank you all very much. We appreciate it. REPORTER: Do you touch women without their content?Why did you say you touch women without consent?Why don't you ask Bill Clinton that?A sensational development just an hour or so before this second Presidential debate. North America correspondent Zoe Daniel joins me now from St Louis. Was there any indication that this was going to happen?Absolutely not. You can see it was conducted in a funny little conference room somewhere in the bowels of the university here it seems, certainly not in the spin room or here in the media centre where most of the journalists are. There weren't many reporters in the room either. As you saw, a number of those reporters tried to ask questions at the start and at the very end of that very brief conference, I think it went for 3:30. Donald Trump didn't answer any questions, the four women gave a statement each, it was over. We will see how that plays into the debate which will be getting under way in less than an hour's time.What can you tell us about the allegations against Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's response to those as they've happened over the years? Have any of these gone through the courts or got to the stage where they've actually been through the courts?There have been a series of allegations over many years. The key allegation from this group of women is from Juanita Broaddrick who was the blonde woman who was sitting next to Donald Trump. She alleges she was raped by Bill Clinton around 40 years ago when she was 35, she is now 73. This is an allegation that she has stuck to over many years but because it's an historic allegation, and it should be said it is an allegation Bill Clinton strongly denies, it has not been proven either correct or incorrect. She gave a lengthy interview with Breitbart, the Right Wing website which has been posted today where she is in tears. She is really very emotional about what she alleges happened to her four decades ago and she sticks very strongly to that. She has been increasingly vocal about this since late last year having seemingly become incensed when Hillary Clinton made comments around the fact victims of rape and sexual assault should be believed. She took to social media saying "Well, no-one believed me". She has been quite vocal about this ever since. The other allegations relate to sexual assault. The woman on the other end of the table received a payout over allegations that she has made but, again, very sketchy around actual guilt being proven in any of these cases. These are allegations that have swirled around Bill Clinton for some time. I think the thing is, though, what it comes down to tonight is Hillary Clinton and obviously defenders of Hillary Clinton are saying, well, she did not do anything wrong, she was the wife of a man who was cheating on her, effectively.OK. Sensational developments there, Zoe. Thanks for that. That's live from St Louis in Missouri. We might go to some live pictures from the debate room. Due to get under way in an hour's time. We'll have full coverage of the debate. In half an hour's time, we will have a panel which will include the Washington correspondent for Time and the presenter of Planet America John Barron and also a pollster from the US. Particularly interesting with that media conference that's just come to light in the last half hour or so, Donald Trump with women alleging sexual assault and rape against Bill Clinton and also that Hillary Clinton had threatened at least one of those women in the aftermath of that. We'll have extensive coverage through the day here on ABC News 24. Australian politicians are also giving their views on the comments by Donald Trump over the weekend with the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saying Mr Trump's comments about women are loathsome. Several Federal MPs including the Minister for Women Michaelia Cash have also condemned them.The comments were demeaning, they were disappointing and they were wrong full stop.They are loathsome and deserve the absolutely universal condemnation they have received. Malcolm Turnbull speaking earlier today in Canberra. The NSW Premier's Office is refusing to comment on reports Mike Baird is preparing to announce a reversal of the greyhound racing ban in favour of a new policy that includes tougher animal cruelty programs and caps on breeding. Brigid Glanville has been chasing the story and joins us now. Good morning. What have you heard about the likelihood of this turn-around? Hi, Joe. The ABC has been told we can expect the Premier to make an announcement tomorrow backing down from the banning of the greyhound racing industry, in effect, a reversal. This is a huge policy decision coming from the Government. Just last week, or the week before, Mike Baird gave a press conference and he said "We have made an absolute decision in relation to this issue". He said "The date has been locked in, that's firm". He said "It's unchanged, 1 July next year". It was his strongest indication yet. He's also talked about being a man of principle and that he couldn't just stand by and watch the animal cruelty that he saw, that's been reported on the ABC in the Four Corners program all about the live baiting and he couldn't just watch this happen. For him to now reverse on this decision, it is a huge political decision for Mike Baird. We understand that the reversal policy, there could be a number of guarantees in that. Basically, there might be more caps and restrictions on the number of dogs that are bred and obviously very strict controls on animal cruelty. Interestingly, we haven't heard from the Premier about this. This story first came out this morning in the News Corp papers and the Premier still hasn't spoken about it so we are trying to work out why he hasn't come out today to talk about it now that the cat's out of the bag, so to speak.Has he got a public event today or not?No, not that we know of. There is a press conference under way with the Tourism and Sports Minister and the Planning Minister. They are being grilled about it. I spoke to quite a few ministers this morning and they didn't know anything about this. It's come as a bit of a shock why this has been put out this morning. Obviously it goes to the heart of the credibility of the Mike Baird Government. How can you stand there for months and months saying you are a man of principle and then have a major backdown when there have been other big issues he has had to fight off? The lockout laws, there were big protests in Sydney over the weekend over the controversial lockout laws and he hasn't backed down on that. Big protests about council amalgamations but with the greyhound industry, the Government has been unable to go forward in NSW and do anything. All people are talking about the greyhound reversal. It is partly because it was a decision that was made without going to the Liberal and National party rooms and it's caused a lot of problems and a big backlash in regional NSW so we know that tonight the Nationals were meeting in a party room and they had threatened to dump their leader Troy Grant if there wasn't a reversal in place. This has effectively, many would say, saved Troy Grant's leadership. It is still so fluid. This is the sort of thing we have been talking about for weeks and we still keep hearing about it.Got to keep your MPs on side. Brigid Glanville from Sydney.Thanks, Joe.The Finance Minister Mathias Cormann says it would be a good outcome if pastoral company S Kidman and Co could be kept in Australian hands. Gina Rinehart has made a joint $365 million offer for the cattle empire along with a Chinese company. If successful, Ms Rinehart would own two-thirds of the company and Shanghai CRED one-third. A significantly smaller stake than in previous foreign offers rejected by the Federal Treasurer. It requires various State and Chinese Government approvals and must pass Australia's foreign investment review process. Senator Cormann has welcomed the development but says the Government needs to wait for the review process to be completed.We do have an appropriate framework when it comes to foreign investment. Foreign investment is very important for the economic development as a nation. If we want to reach our full potential, we need to ensure we can continue to attract foreign investment but, of course, we need to have a process in place to ensure foreign investment is not contrary to the national interest and we do have such a framework in place. Clearly it is obviously great if Kidman station of that sort of national significance remains in majority Australian hands but there are processes to be followed through and I leave it to the Treasurer to do that in the orderly way.ABC rural and regional reporter Dominique Schwartz has covered this story extensively. She says a significant part of the company is already in foreign hands. At the moment 33. 9% of S Kidman and Co is owned by foreign interests and this particular bid pitches the foreign ownership at 1% less than that, at 33%. Presumably this is a very strategic decision on the part of the joint partner venture because they are hoping then that removes a roadblock in terms of getting approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board and from Treasurer Scott Morrison who has, in the past, blocked bids but that was for an 80% interest by a Chinese player. I think if you are looking at 33%, it is a lot less so they are hoping that will make it through.From the people you've been speaking to, do they think that this might be a lay down misere because it's less of a foreign portion that's owned by international people than exists at the moment?I don't know whether anybody who has anything to do with this Kidman bid thinks it's a lay down bizarre because it's been a roller-coaster ride for everyone concerned. But I think it is definitely seen as being the best offer and a good offer with a good chance of getting through because it does have this minority Chinese interest and then you have someone like Gina Rinehart and Hancock Prospecting which, of course, is a well-known Australian company. Gina Rinehart might well be known as a mining magnate but she's had a long-held interest in cattle and over the past couple of years has spent about $200 million buying up cattle sdagss -- stations and buying into very good cattle genetics, Wagyu. This is really a push to say "I'm serious about this". This would give her a lot of diversity in her portfolio and would allow her to integrate some of her businesses. I suppose it's seen as a serious offer and certainly Kidman and Co have said they welcome it, it would provide extra investment above the actual price and it would mean the business would be in very good hands.A fire has caused extensive damage to a large factory in Melbourne's north. Crews found the abandoned building well alight when they arrived at Broadmeadows 7 o'clock last night. It took firefighters an hour to bring the blaze under control. It is being treated as suspicious. Thousands of Victorians remain without power and a large clean-up continues after yesterday's gale force winds. The SES has received more than 3,000 calls for help in the past 24 hours. James Dean is at Menzies Creek Primary School in Melbourne's east.The giant gum tree fell overnight on the playground and through a number of classrooms. Fortunately at the time there was no-one in the building so there were no injuries reported. But there will be no school today for any of the students turning up. They are still arriving early this morning only to be told to go home. We spoke to some of those people who arrived early this morning. This is what they had to say.See the enormity and the damage it eats's -- it's done. It is crazy. So much damage has been done to the fire refuge, where the kids are supposed to take refuge if there is a bushfire in the area, it is also a classroom but quite scary. That tree is massive. A lot of the time we are not allowed around it because it is too windy but the fact it has come down and destroyed the whole classroom, it's not good.We are not going to school, there is not much we can do about it.I just wish I could go to school.No injuries but one woman did die in that storm and there were several people injured. What are authorities saying about the overall impact of that storm that swept through Victoria yesterday?Yes, as mentioned, over 3,000 calls were received by the SES for assistance overnight with fallen trees and fallen powerlines. As you mentioned, one person has died after a tree fell on her house early yesterday afternoon. Currently there are tens of thousands of people without power but SES crews and emergency services are working hard to restore that power. The stop stories -- top stories - US Republican candidate Donald Trump has fronted the media with a panel of women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of rape and Hillary Clinton of intimidation. Gina Rinehart has made a joint $365 million offer for the Kidman cattle empire along with Shanghai CRED. An inquest into the death of Phillip Hughes has begun in Sydney today. Hughes died after he was struck on the neck by a cricket ball at the SCG. An Australian man arrested on drugs charges in Bali could be facing a maximum life sentence. 48-year-old Giuseppe Serafino who has lived and worked in Bali for the past five years was taken into custody alongside a 54-year-old British man after they were allegedly found with 17 grams of hashish between them. If found guilty they face between five years and life in jail. A 3-day mourning period has begun in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew killed more than 900 people. Tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed and aid workers are struggling to reach remote areas. The storm has badly affected supplies of drinking water giving rise to cholera. In North Carolina, the US ghost card has rescue -- coast guard has rescued eight people. Torrential rain triggered severe flooding yesterday. Matthew has killed at least 17 people in the US. Thousands of people...Survivors describe how they stumbled among charred bodies and body parts. TRANSLATION: We came here when the first strike hit and tried to get help, then another strike. It caused a terrible massacre. Hundreds are under the rubble. They came to mourn, not to fight. They didn't raise weapons.Houthi civilians and military leaders are among the dead and injured. They gathered for a funeral. The large number of injured needing treatment caused hospitals to declare an emergency. It was one of the worst ever single emergencies in Sanaa. Survivors said they were targeted by air strikes. TRANSLATION: We went to attend a funeral and then the first air strike targeted us. People ran away and while they were running a second air strike hit us. Most of the people were burned, many others were injured.TRANSLATION: We came here to donate our blood to those who got hurt in the air strike at the funeral.Houthi activists posted this video accusing the Saudi-led coalition of two air strikes. The US Government says it is considering further reductions in support for the military campaign. The Saudi-led coalition is promising to help investigate. It says the coalition command will provide the inquiry team with data and information related to military operations carried out in the area and its surrounding on that day and the results will be announced immediately after the conclusion of the investigation. 10,000 people have been killed in the 19-month-long war in Yemen. Houthi fighters backed by the former President are battling government forces supported by the Saudi-led alliance of Arab and Gulf countries. Human rights groups have accused Houthi rebels of violations and the coalition of indiscriminate attacks in civilian areas. Several diplomatic attempts to stop the war have failed so the suffering continues for the people of the poorest country of the Arabian Peninsula. That was about the thousands of people who have taken to the streets of Yemen's capital Sanaa calling for an international investigation into that suspected Saudi coalition air strike on Saturday that killed 140 people. The incident is one of the single deadliest bombings of civilians since the Saudi-led war began last March. A car bomb has killed at least 18 people in the south-east of Turkey. The bomb was detonated at a military outpost. 10 soldiers were killed. The Turkish army is blaming the PKK militant group. The explosion left a crater 7m deep. There is growing concern in Zimbabwe over the state of the economy which is close to collapse. Corruption is costing an estimated billion dollars a year. Many are fleeing to neighbouring sarf South Africa. Zimbabwe's economy is imploding. The country is running out of cash. It is estimated 85% of the population is unemployed. These vendors sleep on the streets desperate to keep their positions and too poor to make the daily trip home. For millions, life in Zimbabwe is too hard to endure. In full view of the border, these young men illegally cross the river into South Africa in search of jobs. It is estimated that between 3-6 million Zimbabweans live in South Africa. There is no job. No food. We are trying to look for job.The deepening poverty appears to have united many de amending economic reforms and an end to government corruption.The economy is not functioning. People are losing their jobs. We stopped manufacturing because nobody is buying the goods. It is a downward spiral.For the first time in more than a decade, Zimbabweans have taken to the streets to voice their discontent. The most vocal are consistently and violently shut down. This man told the BBC how he was electrocuted and left for dead.TRANSLATION: They gave me electric shocks and kept beating me until my body was numb. They thought I was dead. They left me on the side of the road and they drove away.The Government has denied any overuse of force.This is unwarranted provocation. So proud of the police in that they are exercising restraint on all occasions and they've never used excessive force. They've used appropriate force.Antigovernment protests look set to continue ahead of the 2018 elections in which President Mugabe seeks his eighth term in office. For now, Zimbabweans will find whatever means they can to make a living despite the country's ailing economy. The Ethiopian Government has declared a state of emergency following months of antigovernment protests by members of the country's two largest ethnic groups. Violence has intensified since last Sunday when at least 55 people were killed in clashes between police and protesters at a religious festival. Human rights groups say hundreds have died over the past few months. The state of emergency will last for six months. A second replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device deemed safe by the company has reportedly caught fire in the US. Samsung has been forced to issue new models of the Smartphone. US media are reporting a man in Kentucky woke up to find his bedroom full of smoke and said this device was not plugged in when it caught fire. It comes after another replacement Samsung phone caught fire on a South West Airlines plane on Wednesday. Pope Francis has named 17 new cardinals including 13 who will be able to vote on his replacement. In a sign of shifting influence inside the church, most of the new cardinals are from developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. There is only one new cardinal from Italy. Cardinals are the most senior church officials after the Pope and those under 80 years of age are able to vote for Pope Francis' replacement should he die or resign. The age old saying of children growing up too soon was close to home for a mother in China. The woman was sitting next to the parked car when the toddler inside managed to drive off. While driving, the boy hit the curb, had a near-miss with another car and knocked over bikes while his mother scrambled to chase after him. The toddler appeared unfazed by the incident and came out without a scratch. The car copped a small dent. The Labor Caucus will this week decide if it will support a same-sex marriage plebiscite. As the debate intensified in recent month, the ABC's Four Corners team was given behind-the-scenes access to many of the key players.Good to see you again.Back in Parliament in the heat of the debate, leading marriage equality advocates have come to lobby Warren Entsch. The mood is tense. Entsch now sees a plebiscite as the only way forward.How's it going?Very interesting. I'm getting very frustrated at the moment but I'm hoping we can get something done. You've seen what's proposed? I've seen your comments. Pretty disappointed.Warren Entsch tells the group that while some MPs have said they won't be bound by the result of the plebiscite, Tony Abbott has assured the party room he will.I want to get a bloody outcome. The way this is structured on the 11th, there is no more debate. In there, they are making it very clear, even Tony Abbott stood up today and said "If the answer is yes, I will vote yes". That's pretty important.I hope your colleagues follow his example.They will. You'll get a handful. That many will go no. Let them be answerable for their own actions but when Abbott stands up - because he was the architect of this - he says "If it says yes, I will vote yes".

Stick with us, we are about to go to weather but I will just mention that the debate is about to start in about half an hour's time. Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This is the second presidential debate. Just had this sensational development in the last half or so where Donald Trump has been before the cameras with a number of women alleging sexual assault against Bill Clinton. We'll have that covered for you in the next hour or so here on ABC News.

It's warm and dry in the north, severe fire levels for the west Kimberly coast but in the south we have this cloud, a cold front has been pushing through, we can see the cold speckled clout behind it, the cold air filtering in bringing cold temperatures over the next couple of days and a mixture of rain and snow throughout the afternoon. A high-pressure system expanding the ridge through WA. Over the next couple of days we can expect very warm weather especially along the West Coast. Tomorrow gusty winds for Tasmania and southern Victoria. Rain at times as well but for the rest of the nation it is looking dry but cooler. Even Alice Springs experiencing a cooler day. 25 degrees.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello and welcome to our US Presidential debate special. I'm Joe O'Brien. We are 30 minutes away from what could be the most watched US presidential debate in US history. A defiant Donald Trump is rejecting calls for him to end his bid to the White House following the release of the shock interview. The fight for the White House has sunk to a new low with Donald Trump fronting the media with several women including one who claimed Bill Clinton raped her and Hillary Clinton threatened her. We have assembled a team of experts who will be with us over the next few hours and will give us their opinion and analysis. In Sydney I'm joined by Planet America John Barron. In Washington, we are joined by Jay Newton-Smith, the Washington contributor for Time. We are hoping to get Brandon Finnigan, a pollster based in California. Let's go to the sensational development that's happened in the last hour or so. Acrimony between the Trump and Clinton camps has escalated sharply ahead of the debate. Extraordinary turn of events with Donald Trump holding a media conference with a group of women including one who accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of covering it up.Kathy Shelton.I'm also here to support Trump. I at 12 years old, Hillary put me through something you'd never put a 12-year-old through and she says for women and children. She was asked last year what happened and she said she is supposed to defend me, whether they did or not, now she is laughing on tape saying she never did it.You went through a lot?Yes, Sir I did. I'm Juanita Broaddrick. I'm here to support Donald Trump. I Tweeted recently and Mr Trump re-Tweeted it that actions speak louder than words. Mr Trump may have said some bad words but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any comparison.OK. That has only just happened ahead of this debate that's about to get under way in 30 minutes' time. Hillary Clinton's campaign has put out the following statement "We are not surprised to see Donald Trump continue his destructive race to the bottom. Hillary Clinton understands the opportunity in this town hall is to talk to voters on the stage and in the audience about issues that matter to them and this stunt does not change that. If Donald Trump doesn't see that, that's his loss. As always, she's prepared to handle whatever Donald Trump throws her way. John Barron, what does this indicate about the likely tone of this debate?It certainly suggests if there was any doubt Donald Trump would go there on Bill Clinton's affairs, allegations of sexual harassment, even rape against Bill Clinton, a lot of which dates back to the 1970s, that he is certainly going to go there. It is worth noting that Kathy Shelton who was to the right of Donald Trump on that appearance, when she was 12 in the mid 1970s, she was abused by a 41-year-old man. That man's court-appointed legal aid lawyer was Hillary Rodham. She defended that 41-year-old, as was her responsibility as his lawyer and the charges were diminished. He did spend time in jail but not for the initial rape charge against 12-year-old Kathy Shelton. That is a proved case. As for the other three women, Juanita Broaddrick says that Bill Clinton raped her in the late 1970s when he was Attorney-General. That has never been tried, never proven in court. Kathleen Willey Australia White House volunteer who in 1993 said Bill Clinton had exposed himself and groped her in the Oval Office in something similar to what was later revealed in the luns ki scandal. Paula Jones, remember her, she said Bill Clinton exposed himself to her in 1991 but the fact that all of these allegations which have been around for years but many people are sympathetic towards, don't want to dismiss the claims made even though none have been proven in a legal sense, they are being brought out by Donald Trump suggests he has gone nuclear.Jay Newton-Small in Washington, will this be seen as the act of a desperate man or the bringing up of allegations and issues which definitely need to be taken into account?This is a classic Donald Trump. It is the absolute reality TV star in him. Going into the debate, we are talking a about this audio of Donald Trump talking about being able to grope women because he is rich and wanting to hit on these women and basically assault them. He has successfully turned the topic to essentially Bill Clinton and that was his intention, to get the media circus frenzied up to say "Oh my gosh, isn't this crazy? ". He has teed up a debate that should be moderated by Jerry Springer, a famous talk show host in the US known for getting acrimonious guests on his show and they throw chairs. The front row of the audience, Bill and Chelsea Clinton on one side and accusers on the other side watching the debate as it is going on. He succeeded in creating a spectacle. Whether this helps him or not remains to be seen. He has been told by his advisers, particularly his campaign manager, don't bring up the allegations against Bill Clinton because he is trying to appeal to middle class suburban women, they hate talking about husband's infidelities and they don't want to see this as a topic of the election. Whether this ultimately hurts him remains to be seen.We have seen some shots of Donald Trump entering the building there. We also got Brandon Finnigan joining us now, a pollster from California. Brandon, do you think this event that Donald Trump has got together in the last half hour is going to work in his favour or against him?I really don't think anyone is going to remember it because I think what's going to happen in the next 90 minutes is what's going to carry the news cycle for the next couple of days. This goes with the flow of trying to build this new media event that Trump is trying to steer in his direction. But I think things are going to come down to how he interacts with Hillary and the audience at the debate. He did such a terrible job in the last debate. He has had two horrendous weeks. His advisers, I don't even know what's going through their heads right now but it is pretty clear that anybody who talks to Donald Trump doesn't seem to register in his mind about what to do. We are watching something we have never really seen before. We haven't seen a candidate if in this respect that doesn't seem to listen to anybody that's there to try to help him and who is nose diving in real time without any acknowledgement from any people on his side. People have already defected and have said they are not going to support him, being pretty honest about what the polling says. What it said before this event happened and what will happen if additional tapes do come out. This is the thing that was going to hurt him in the end. This was going to be the thing that would stop him from getting to the White House, even if you were to give him all the States he was polling OK in before he nose dived with the last debate, he still would have come up short, giving him Florida, Ohio, Nevada, all the Romney States, he gets 262 votes, he would have needed to win Pennsylvania, a high concentration, suburban, educated white women. They are the most unsure of him and Hillary is playing up to that advantage right now. This isn't going to sell well with them.John Barron, talks through the set-up of this debate for us and is Donald Trump going to be able to have the opportunity to raise some of these issues he seems to want to raise anyway?Unlike the first debate which was a moderated debate with questions coming from lester Holt, this is a town hall style of debate. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz will be asking questions. There is a couple of hundred undecided voters selected by the Gallop polling organisation because they are apparently yet to decide who to vote for, they will ask questions. We understand the first question will be to Trump about the Trump tapes that came out over the course of the weekend that have provoked him into wheeling out what he hopes is his big gun. This is going to be a fascinating moment. Who asks the first question? Is it going to be one of the white suburban women that Brandon talks about, this key demographic that Hillary Clinton is doing much better than previous Democratic nominees with and Donald Trump is very weak and if Donald Trump has any chance of winning this election, which has probably passed, he has to do something to say "I'm on your side even though you just heard me talking like the worst kind of sexual predator in that tape, those were just words, I'm not like Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary Clinton who is standing next to me who actually groped and maybe raped somebody".Let's look at some portions of the first debate. He heard Brandon Finnigan saying it was clear that Donald Trump had lost that. That's what most commentators said. Hillary Clinton emerged the victor. Let's look at some portions of the first debate now.I think Donald just criticised me for preparing for this debate. Yes, I did. You know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be President.I have much better judgement than she does. There is no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she has, you know. Jay Newton-Small in Washington, what do you think of the performance of Donald Trump in that first debate and how are we likely to see this transform this time around?It was clear he didn't prepare for it. It was interesting they were in - he tends to do this kind of warped reality bubble where they were in denial they lost the debate. Afterwards his close confidant Rudy Giuliani was asked "Is Donald Trump going to prepare this time around?" . Giuliani said "We won the debate, I don't understand why we would change our tactics". Yet every scientific poll showed he absolutely lost the debate. A few online polls of Breitbart and other conservative areas where anybody could vote any number of times showed he won but every scientific poll showed him losing. It is interesting Donald Trump talks about stamina, that Hillary Clinton has health problems yet in that debate he didn't have the stamina. It is the first time in a debate where he had to argue for a huge amount of the time. All his primary debates he only argued on the stage which he shared with 16 or 17 candidates, he argued 18, 12 minutes out of the 90-minute total, this time he has to go for 45 minutes and he lost the stamina. After the first 45 minutes you could see him melting down and the last half of the debate was abysmal for him. We will see if he has prepared around to go the full 90 minutes. The other challenge here as John was saying is the actual format. Town hall is Hillary's forte. Donald Trump really doesn't do town halls. He very rarely interacts and takes questions from voters themselves. He doesn't have a huge amount of policy out there so he is not one that tends to answer voters' questions about specific policies that would help them in ways that are very concise, very meaningful except to say "Trust me, I'll fix it". It will be interesting to see what he says beyond that.Do you think Donald Trump's preparation would have changed this time around?Like I said earlier, I'm trying to be very objective here with this, but he doesn't listen to anybody!(LAUGHS). I don't imagine he is going to do anything different. I imagine he will double down because the only person he listens to himself, if he believes he won the debate, he will just say "I'll do that more".When you are listening to those stories over the weekend, did you put your hands on your head and think "Can this get any worse?" Or are you comfortable with him as the nominee for the Republican Party?I have to stay objective with the project that I work on so I have to be very fair, publicly fair, not really get into it on things but I have pretty much tuned out since May in terms of anything with the Party. I knew from polling and from everything looking at the race that he was the weakest of all the people to go into a general election before all this stuff came out. He didn't have anything in terms of domestic or foreign policy understanding at all. He's made no effort to learn. He's taken people who are really good advisers and really good consultants and have left them screaming mad and in a padded cell practically. They can't get through to him to do anything. Kelly-Anne managed to do the best she could with him by getting to stay completely quiet for several weeks, let Hillary hurt herself which worked well, he climbed up in the polls. Right before the debate he was averaging a point and a half deficit to her in Pennsylvania. Now a poll came out this morning that had him down 12. You know... There's nothing else to say.I'm interested to hear from you with a personal perspective, as an American, and from you, Jay, as well - as we are going into the second US Presidential debate, America is held up as the shining light of democracy around the globe, what do you think about the tone this has taken now and how that reflects on America? Jay if you go first.Well, this is certainly not the shining night of American democracy or shining example of our democracy in this particular campaign. I think the word that most of my colleagues use in Washington to describe covering this campaign is soul sucking. It is the most negative campaign in recent history. It is substance-less campaign, a campaign without truth or fact checking. It is a campaign based off who can be nastier. The press conference leading into the debate shows you that. Talking about who groped women more is crazy. We are not talking about profound issues facing the country and the world but, unfortunately, a lot of the rest of the world can also empathise with us in the sense that Trump is not a snaud The Brexit was along the lines of Trump, the surge of nationalism in Europe that led to le Penn or the leader the Austria, even Pauline Hanson in Australia I believe is another nationalist who I believe was elected to the Senate there. There are candidates like this across the country or across the world. The fact that the United States is grappling with this, we are not alone in that.How do you feel as an American going into this debate and the tone of this debate that we have got right now?For us in recent history because you typically have candidates that listen to consultants, that listen to their advisers, yes, things get negative, yes, things get nasty and personal, that happens every four years we tend to forget that, but getting to this degree happens when you have somebody who literally doesn't care. We haven't had that in a very long time. If you go way, way back, you've had nasty things said about people. I belief Steven Doug lass who called ab rah him Lincoln a hatch et so being caustic and nasty and crude is nothing new to American politics or Presidential cycles. But what people aren't paying attention to much because the Republican party has been such a side show is both parties are going through something right now I don't think anyone fully grasps. This is going to be a multi-cycle thing, 2020 will be worse than this. Anyone who thinks it isn't, I don't think they thought 2016 was going to be what it is back at 2016.Do you really think so? Don't you think they'll learn their lessons this time? If Trump is defeated comprehensively which a number of you seem to think this will be the case, won't parties learn the lesson and focus more on policy?I don't think so because you have a mid-term election in 2018 with a completely inverted map. The map this year, of course, is a lot of Republicans defending their seats 23-13 I believe. Next time around it could be a potential blood bath for the Democratic Party. If Hillary wins, she has not got a favourable opinion within the US. She is winning because she has Donald Trump. Each party gave the worst possible to run in terms of favouribility. When Hillary gets in, she will get a sudden surge, that will fade quickly, we will go back into the same pattern for the last several years and the Democrats have to face their own political Armageddon in 2018. You are just going to have Republicans look at 2018 and say "Wow, we did great, just like 2014", not learning anything from 2016.We are seeing live shots of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Chelsea walking up the steps into the event centre in St Louis in Missouri. John Barron, is Hillary Clinton vulnerable at all on the way she treated women who have made allegations against Bill Clinton?As this pertain to Hillary Clinton, they are quite tenuous. Juanita Broaddrick, who made those claims that Bill Clinton raped her in the late 1970s, her claim that Hillary Clinton was somehow his enabler or further victimised her is based on a chance meeting between the two of them where Hillary Clinton said to her "Thank you for your support". To Juanita Broaddrick, that felt like an act of intimidation. Almost Mafia-style "We appreciate your friendship" when it isn't there. You could argue Hillary Clinton says that to every rope line at every campaign-related event. It is something you say. "Thank you for your support". As for Kathy Shelton, you could say Hillary Clinton was doing her job as court-appointed legal aid lawyer to do her job to defend somebody who had raped 12-year-old Kathy Shelton. Does that make Hillary Clinton an enabler, a further victimiser of women? That's a hard argument to make. There is more evidence against Bill Clinton but to the extent you blame Hillary or his transgressions, Trump and his surrogates have said "How can Hillary Clinton satisfy America in she can't satisfy her husband?" . They have gone there. Is Donald Trump going to overtly state these claims? Make the argument or deal in sphurt insinuations because of the tenuous nature of Hillary being responsible. How he deals with the issue after having had that press appearance in the last hour and how she responds is going to be crucial to this contest from here on in.I desperately want to get to some policy discussion before this debate starts. The two hosts for this debate, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. Anderson Cooper apparently has a more hands-off attitude and let them talk to each other. Martha Raddatz is a seasoned journalist, very experienced journalist with a lot of foreign policy experience. Jay, we'll go to you first, what's the likelihood we could see Martha Raddatz hold them both to account on foreign policies? Particular?I was with Martha in 2012, she did an amazing job moderating the Vice Presidential debate in 2012. She is bound by the questions, the people who are asking the questions, I don't believe she can ask any direct questions herself of the candidates, only Anderson Cooper can do that. She will be taking questions from the audience but she can follow up, I believe. That puts her in the position when she stands and gets one of the audience members to ask a question, she then has the ability to hold them to ask and say "You didn't answer that, please address the issue". She might be able to pin people down on foreign policy. That was not Donald Trump's forte in the last debate. He ended up talking strangely about how Iran and North Korea were in cahoots, as if there is a secret dictator's club in the world when Iran and North Korea barely have relations with each other. It was a strange moment in the debate and underlined he doesn't have a good grasp of foreign policy. He always refused what his plan would be to address ISIS, saying it would be tipping off the enemy and it is a secret plan.What would you like to see both candidates taken to task on?It is hard to say because I know what I'm going to get when they ask Trump a question. They will get a non-answer, jibberish, and they are going to get - he is going to react like it is a personal attack on him. What people forget, I know we are talking policy, but we are watching a man who has been in business for 40 years, his entire business is his brand, his brand is him. We are watching a man whose own brand is falling apart so when the election is over, he's pretty much done as well. We are watching the twilight of someone's business empire at the same time of watching the twilight of an election campaign. That's something not to forget when you are watching him react. You are watching a man not only lose his own election, you are watching him lose pretty much everything he has because after this it is going to be hard for him to make deals with people who will not have anything to do with him after what they've seen. Coming back to policy, I would like to see Clinton perhaps more what she is going to offer that's different. The Democrats have been in control of the White House for eight years. The hard thing typically for a party when they try to go for that third term is to explain what they are going to do differently, what they are going to separate themselves from with the current Administration. I'd like to see them push her on what's different from her Administration than the Obama Administration. If she can't answer that or offer distance or daylight, things will get harder when she goes up for re-election in four more years because that's the kind of thing that trips you up in the end. If she can offer some differences and some solutional differences, she is going to give Republicans that are watching and waiting to simply stay home or write in a third party or stay home, maybe a reason to actually vote for her if she is offering herself as a different kind of Democrat. She tried to do that a little bit during the convention so that's something to push her on. Pushing Trump, they can push him on anything and they are not going to get anything.John Barron, there were WikiLeaks stories over the weekend particularly targeting Hillary Clinton. They were lost in the ocean of Donald Trump coverage. Is she vulnerable at all on that front and are we likely to hear much more from WikiLeaks over the next month or does that not matter much now?We are likely to hear more. A dump of emails from the chairman of the Clinton campaign, there were a lot of of them, more on the way. No smoking gun. Some of the speeches Hillary Clinton had made to Wall Street, fundraising speeches she made to Wall Street before her candidacy. The Bernie Sanders campaign made a lot about this during the primaries. It might have caused damage there because there is some space between her public policy positions on Wall Street reform, for instance, regulation of the banking sector between what she says publicly to the people and what she says behind closed doors to wealthy potential donors on Wall Street but looking for policy detail in a debate such as this is like looking for the solution to a complex mathematical equation in the middle of a championship wrestling bout. It is very, very unlikely to happen. Foreign policy and domestic policy to an extent as well comes down to the temperament of the person. It is driven by events. You can say "I would have done this differently to Obama four years ago, eight years ago, in Libya, Syria, but what about the future?" . The Presidency is about the future. Don't tell us what you think hypothetically you would do but what kind of decisions do you make, positions do you take, that's where the broad brush is not inappropriate in these kinds of frums, to get a sense of who the people are, how they reach decisions, who do they cut, what is their temperate? Do we want the person in the foreign policy, Congress can stop them, domestic policy, the President has unfetterred powers including the nuclear codes. That's why you want to know who is this person.Also the Commission on presidential debates for sponsoring this. This is a town hall format tonight. It is a chance for the Americans on this stage and thousands of people who have sent in questions online to ask questions directly to the candidates.After they've asked their questions they've promised to remain silent, I know you've heard this before this evening, but no booing, outbursts, cheering of any kind. We want to keep this focused on the candidates and the people who are asking the questions here. We appreciate all your cooperation in advance and we start shortly. Great to see you all. Two of the hosts of the debate. Before that there is the Trump family there and the Clinton family. Before that we saw them shaking hands which is - I know the Trump family wasn't responsible for what Donald Trump has done with that media conference but it's just strange to think they've just been hosting a media conference making all sorts of allegations and they walk up to each other civilly and shake hands. The optics will be interesting with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the start of the debate. Just considering what they've alleged against each other. We must remember that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were long-time golfing buddies. Bill Clinton was advising Donald Trump on the prospects of him running for President before he announced last year. Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are still very close friends. Three months before that Hot Mic tape was taken on that bus, three months before that, Bill and Hillary were at Donald and Melania's wedding. These people know each other well. There is plenty of tape of Donald Trump defending Bill Clinton. Now he is going full-blown attack.If you are just joining us, we are about to take the start of the second Presidential debate. We have John Barron in the studio and Brandon Finnigan in California and Jay Newton-Small in Washington. We are just about to be joined by the main ABC channel. Just before we are, John, what kind of impact are you expecting from this media conference that's been held in the last hour or so?The big question is whether, in fact, Trump is not going to go there. He has effectively gone there in the press conference before the debate by wheeling out Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Kathy Shelton or, by sitting them in that audience, whether he is going to double down. And Hillary Clinton who has been dealing with these allegations for 40 years or more, how does she respond? A huge test for her as well.You'd have to expect he is going to, wouldn't you?You'd have to expect so. He will be asked about it.Thanks for that, John. Welcome to ABC viewers, to our coverage of this second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it is just about to get under way in St Louis, in Missouri. We have had the sensational media conference in the last hour or so where Donald Trump fronted the media with three women, one of those women alleged that Bill Clinton had raped her and that Hillary Clinton had threatened her. We have got an expert panel for you during this debate. John Barron with us in the studio, Jay Newton-Small in Washington and Brandon Finnigan in California. Brandon Finnigan, you looks across all the polling, what has the latest polling indicated in the wash-up to the previous debate? 'S like I said earlier there has

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