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This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight: They're home,
and they're happy about it. But the so-called Budgie Nine get
a grilling at Sydney airport about their overseas antics. Two families share their grief -
after that terrible truck crash at Erskine Park yesterday. There are also some new clues
to what may have happened. A Sydney accountant forced to front
court after he was knocked-off his feet by a night-club bouncer. The death of media trailblazer -
Rebecca Wilson. She was ferocious and fearless. And she will be widely missed. Taronga turns 100, And today's
birthday party was like Animal House. They wouldn't have
had it any other way. And: America braces for the worst
storm in decades, potentially worse than Katrina. The advice right now
is to run for your life.

ANNOUNCER: This is Ten Eyewitness News, First at Five, with Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton. First tonight: The so-called Budgie Nine are back
home, after spending the week in a Malaysian police cell for offending the country,
by stripping off in public. They've refused to answer any
questions about their behaviour or the ongoing tensions it's caused. But they've urged the rest of us
to be respectful when travelling overseas -
a lesson they've had to learn the hard way. Ursula Heger has more.

Home, but the hangover
from the Grand Prix - gone wrong - hasn't ended. We would like to urge
all Australians travelling overseas in the future to be
very aware of the cultural differences
and sensitivities that exist in other nations. Full of remorse, but no apology
before the swift exit from Sydney airport. Why didn't you respect
the people of Malaysia? It was an undignified
ending to their four days of detention. Just hours after being released,
all but one boarded planes home. How was your ordeal over
the last five days or so? But their now infamous
celebration meant they couldn't escape the attention
of fellow passengers. It's not a good look for Australia. After just being in Singapore,
everyone is so lovely and respectful of all their very strict rules. The public nuisance charge
against the men was essentially dropped so they are able to travel
back to Malaysia in the future, but the consequences
of their actions for at least one of them could still be serious. Jack Walker is employed
as the senior advisor to Minister
Christopher Pyne. Today, the Prime Minister was asked
whether he should still be on the payroll.

As for the company behind
the swimmers, it says it won't make the Malaysia flag version again. Even though there's been
dozens of requests, including from Malaysia. Most of them being from Malaysia about the Malaysian flag pair with people wanting to get their hands on it. We won't be making the pair in light of what happened. Two families are joined
in their grief tonight - after a fiery truck crash at Erskine
park late yesterday. We also learned today that one
of the drivers had only recently suffered a nasty injury which may have affected his driving. Here's Andrew Denney.

In just a few seconds... Oh, no! ..Two trucks collided
and the lives of two families were shattered forever. What do you do? Your love of your
life has just gone. Truck drivers Peter Cardilini
and Chris Blake died when their vehicles hit head-on. A combined speed of 160km/h. Neither of them stood a chance. Did anyone see him get out? No-one got out. Both men leave behind
young families and both were respected,
professional drivers. Peter had just left a brick depot
nearby when, for some reason, Chris's rig ran onto the wrong side
of the road and into his path. As they wait to find out why,
today their families had only their memories. Just being there for everyone,
no matter what, just tried his best and loved us. Peter had stopped home to see his
family for lunch yesterday. Two hours later, he was gone. Come home for a quick coffee,
gave me a kiss goodbye and my little one said,
"Bye-bye, Daddy, love you," and that was it. With school holidays ending and 300
deaths on our State's roads already this year,
police say it's the responsibility of all drivers to take more care. One is one too many,
but to lose 300 people is just an incredible amount of tragedy. Because of how much damage this
crash caused, figuring out what led to it will now be a long process. Police aren't ruling anything out,
including if a recent injury Chris suffered could have played a part. He fell out of the seat
of the truck, missed the top step and broke a couple of ribs. And from both sides,
there's no anger, just shared grief. Two blokes who love trucking that
were taken away doing something that they loved but way too early. Just be careful. Be careful on the road and be aware
of the other drivers around you and do the best you can. Andrew Denney, 10 Eyewitness News.

A man has been charged after what appears to be a shocking domestic murder. Police found a woman's body in Maitland this morning after neighbours reported hearing gunshots. The woman's 60-year-old estranges husband has been arrested at the scene and has now been charged with murder and breaching an AVO. The daughter was found at the house. She was uninjured. The man has been refused bail. Shocking security video has been
played to a court showing a man being knocked unconscious
by a security guard outside a Sydney bar. But the man who was punched
to ground ended up being charged with assault. Today, a magristrate sided
with the victim and threw the case out. Amanda Hart was in court. It's disturbing to watch. With a few quick strikes,
the bouncer appears to knock Luke Alcock to the ground. The young accountant hits the back
of his head and is unconscious. His mate Matthew Myles,
who's in the Gray shirt, says he was trying to help his
fallen friend and break up the fight. But look what happens to him. He's put in a headlock and ends
up on the ground, too. An ambulance is called to help
the unconscious 25-year-old. A few hours after he wakes up
and he's charged with assault. Today, Mr Alcock is fighting it. It happened back in May,
outside the Scary Canary in the city. The security guard who allegedly
struck him, Christopher Dobrow, is a cage fighter, and has
a black belt in karate. The court heard Dobrow told Alcock
he wasn't allowed in to a city bar because he tried to cut in line. Mr Alcock says: "I put my arm
around him jokingly, saying, come on mate,
why can't I get in?" He pushed me away by the neck,
I grabbed onto him with both hands to steady myself. I was scared he was going to hit me. Mr Alcock says the reason
he was so unsteady, is because he'd just had a knee reconstruction. The prosecution argued Luke
was annoyed at not being left in, and was swearing and acting
aggressively towards the bouncer. But he denied this, instead saying
he was a loving drunk.

It could have been a lot worse than it was. Again, we're both very happy it's all over now. The Prosecution says Mr Dobrow
was simply acting in self-defence. But this afternoon the Magistrate dismissed the charges against Mr Alcock. It's the end of an era
and the end of an industry. The last Ford Falcon has rolled
off the production line at Broadmeadows in Melbourne. The economic implications
are enormous. And many workers still have no idea
what they will do next. Joe Hill reports Their faces said it all. Hundreds of Ford workers
clocked off one last time. I have been in the car industry over 30 years, now it's gone, we don't know where it's going to head. On average they spent more than 20 years working for Ford. For many it's the only job they ever had. They'd come to work to build
the final Ford Falcon. The last 3.5 million
to have flown off the production line
in the company's 91-year history. I did the dash on it, and once I lifted the dash in, and that was it. It was time to head off. Eight of the final
cars built at the plant were raffled off to workers. They've known for three years that
today was coming and many departed with about two years' wages
in redundancy payouts. A silver lining for those
at retirement age. Live grab. Quarter of a million bucks. Where do you get a quarter of a million dollars. It was the same sad story at the plant in Geelong too. That's 600 workers
now left in limbo. Devastated fanatics parked
their pride and joy outside the manufacturing
plant in tribute to the company's history. Ford have opened outreach centres here and Geelong to help them find employment.We contributed $10 million for innovation funds to allow businesses to grow and provide employment.Very sad. I don't know what I do for the next jock. Devastated fanatics pashed their pride and joy outside the manufacturing plant in tribute to the company's history.It's a massive Australian icon and it's just, um... Yeah. It's pretty sad. Ford will still employ 1500 people in Victoria in product development roles. But for most... Today was the end of the road. It was the end of the line for another great today - a journalist, straight talking columnist and journalist wils Rebecca -- Rebecca Wilson has died. Always outspoken, always
the life of the party, Rebecca Wilson was
a force of nature. You wanted to be wherever Bec was. If you were in the same room
as her you wanted to be standing next to her,
because she just enhanced whatever experience you were having. It was always the most electrifying
conversation you were going to have all day would be with her. In an era when sports reporting
was a game for the boys, Rebecca Wilson was determined
to make the A-team. And she did just that,
acrving out a career as one of the country's most successful
and respected sports journalists. While Canberra prepares to do without some of those stars...But I belief he owes us more than we owe him. It's not a lone wolf. It's a pack of wolves. And they're on a leash. In print and in person,
she was straight-talking and often controversial. There was never any gender
in anything that Rebecca did. She didn't want to be treated
as a woman. She was a journalist,
she was fearless, she was uncompromising. The mother of two's
battle with breast cancer was a private one. She wanted to limit the suffering
of those around her. Good friend Alan Jones says
she watched the rugby league grand final on the weekend and died
peacefully at her home this morning. But she would be
saying, "Suck it up! Come on!" She was so funny. She wouldn't want
anyone to be maudlin. Even in the depths of her illness,
she didn't pull any punches. Her recent columns never
hinted at weakness - she was tough until the end. For her editors she would present
columns that said "I've had to courage to write this. Do you have the courage
to publish it?" And that is an extraordinary
challenge that great journalists set their editors and I think
that's her legacy. Rebecca Wilson was just 54.

She will be missed and our thoughts are with her family. Still to come - A Sydney mother's
plea to 'find' her son.who was last seen running for his life. Target Florida. Hurricane Matthew sets
its course for the coast. And residents are already
running for their lives.

Also: A birthday bash -
for some of Sydney's wildest residents. And: Bev Brock tells us
about the man she 'loved'.

News at 6 Tonight: A mother faces assaul
court charged over the alleged h
assault and neglect of her son, And plan
holiday makers evacuated after a Je
planned burn got out of control at Jervis Bay.

MAN: The progressive new
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The mother of a murdered Sydney man
has made a desperate appeal - for help finding his body. 23-year-old Brendan Vollmost
was last seen in this security video, climbing a fence
at his South Windsor home, trying to get away from a gang
of men in March 2015. Police believe the men caught
Brendan, brutally bashed him to death over a drug debt,
and then drove his body away - and he has never been seen since. Four men have been
charged with his murder - but Brendan's mother says
she still needs answers.

Somebody out there can help me bring my son home. So please, if you can help me, just ring Crime Stoppers. Doesn't matter how little or how big it is. The four accused killers are behind
bars, awaiting trial. We're looking at your Friday night run. How is it looking?Hugh, not so good for Pennant Hills road. There's a lot of traffic travelling northbound of West Pennant Hills. That's after two separate truck breakdowns. We're also seeing a lot of traffic heading back in towards Sydney with the school holidays coming to a close. Delays of around 6km on the M1 from Mount Kola right through to Wooroonga. The nation's chief scientist -
Alan Finkel - has been appointed to oversee a review of Australia's
electricity industry. And he's got a job on his hands. With Federal and State Ministers
still at each others throats over the best way to keep
the country's lights on. Leah Craven has the story.

Energy Ministers were summoned
after the catastrophic storm which left South Australians
in the dark for hours and in some regions - days. Ultimately we saw in SA a disaster. Federal and state Ministers have agreed to an independent review to prevent another blackout. Overseen by Alan Finkel, but that didn't stop the slanging match. The Federal Government has accused Labor-led states of setting unrealistic renewable energy targets which, it says, causing instability in the electricity grid.These state-based targets do raise serious questions about the efficiency, the cost and the location of investment decisions.That is a debate that is based on lies. The reason SA went out wasn't because of the nature of our generation, it was because of the storm.Queensland aims to have 50% renewable energy by 2030. Victoria - 40% by 2025. And SA is already well on its way to its 50% target.State-based schemes are here to stay.We do so because that's the responsible thing to do.The states argue they have been forced to step in in the absence of federal leadership. The Commonwealth Renewable Energy Target is 23.5% with no plans to go beyond this after 2020.In 2010, there Turnbull was the fiercest advocate for the action on renewable energy.No sign the political storm will settle any time soon. It's as Sydney as the Harbour Bridge
or the Opera House - and today, Taronga Zoo
turned 100 years old. It's a mighty milestone
and deserved a wild party to match. And Gillian Bowen was invited.

Turning 100 requires
something extra special - even if it's a little hard to reach. But working for it makes it
taste so much sweeter.

The elephants were ripping
open their birthday presents. Felix and his family
are among the more than 6,000 lucky people who won
tickets to Taronga Zoo's 100th birthday bash. They lined up early,
and couldn't wait to get in. It's really exciting,
I'm really excited. Kibali knew just how
to work the cute - sharing his birthday
treat with his son. It was a quieter affair
for Esmeralda - the zoo's longest resident. She's lived here for more than 70
years, and she has witnessed a lot. You certainly can't do this anymore. The elephant rides are also
a thing of the past. Just men worked here in 1916,
wearing this outfit even cliel cleaning the pens. even while cleaning the pens. And with no television,
the zoo was a gateway to the world. With a huge population growth
now, the role of zoos is to save
critically-endangered species. More than 100 million
people are believed to have walked through the arches
behind me since 116. behind me since 1916. The zoo has certainly changed a lot
over the past century, but what hasn't is how much
those who come here love Taronga Zoo. It just feels really nice to come
and look at animals. I wanna just really have a look
around at everything. After the ribbon was cut,
a cake rolled out - and some singing. Happy birthday day to Taronga. It was time to talk
to the animals... And score a happy snap... Of a happy anniversary.

To the weather now and Tim Bailey is smashing spring day today but I sense a change might be in the air. What do Sandra Sully and weekends have in common? They're above average. Nine degrees above average. A top of 31 degrees. That makes it official - 16 through to 31 degrees. Currently 29. There is a packed change coming your way for the weekend, though. But we'll sneak to 33 or 34 degrees on Monday! So it's like this - up and down time. Hey, tar long ga, happy -- Taronga, happy birthday to zoo.The puns get better. Up next - The new clue
in the Kardashian heist - that points to an inside job. Also - a dire warning -
about a hurricane that's already killed hundreds. And - Norah Jones. Invites us to come
away with her again.

Bearing down on the US, Hurricane Matthew is so big and dangerous, authorities fear it could be worse than Katrina which wiped out New Orleans more than a decade ago. After being told to run before it's too late, millions of Americans are tonight on the move. It's coming, the most powerful hurricane to hit the US in more than a decade. And authorities aren't mincing their words.This is a powerful storm and it is a dangerous storm, and it is - appears to be gaining strength.Just think of all the people the storm has already killed. You and your family could be one of these numbers if you don't take this seriously.More than 200,000 have already left, but there are still millions in the danger zones.I am begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of the storm.There are no excuses, you need to leave.For those who have left, it was a tough decision because they don't know what they'll be coming back to.We kind of said good-bye to it, thinking that, you know, the house might not be here when we get back.The coastal areas are becoming emptier as thousands converge on their local shelters. And supplies such as food, water, and petrol are quickly disappearing. It's crazy. Every place I have been to so far, it's jam-packed.For those who choose to stay, authorities have been very clear on what they can expect. Apart from the hurricane-force winds and the drowning rain, it's the storm surge that they're most worried about. This type of storm surge here in Glynn county has not been experienced since 1898.And there's a chance the storm could double back and hit Florida twice. It's already decimated the Caribbean N the Bahamas winds tore roofs off houses and the storm surge smashed both on to the shore. But Haiti was the hardest-hit. Hundreds are deads and tens of thousands of people are nothing left. TRANSLATION: All the money we had has been lost. Everything is lost. Whole towns have been ripped to shreds with communications all but completely out. Charities are starting to make their way in delivering food and water and trying to stop disease from spreading.Most worried about cholera. So we will be helping to distribute aqua tabs to purify the water.Back in the US, all that still lays ahead. The UN says eastern Aleppo
is facing total destruction within two months
unless the fighting ends. The rebel-held region has been
blasted by a Russian-backed aerial offensive for the past month. 275,000 people live in the area,
which the UN fears could become another Rwanda. The UN envoy says he is willing
to personally accompany militants out of the city,
if it will stop the fighting. Kim Kardashian has emerged
from her New York apartment with her 3-year-old daughter as she tries to put that terrifying
Paris robbery behind her. She was robbed at gunpoint
in the middle of the night earlier this week,
with millions of dollars of jewellery stolen. There are reports her bodyguard,
who filed for bankruptcy a few months ago,
may face questioning, even though he's not
an official suspect. Now for some news that'll be music
to just about everyone's ears. A laundry-folding robot called
the Laundroid has been unveiled in Japan. The device uses image analysis
and artificial intelligence to determine what type
of clothing it's been given. Before folding it accordingly. It takes about five minutes to fold
a T-shirt, but at least it saves you from having to do it yourself.

That seems like a worthwhile piece of gear. Norah Jones has sold 50 million
albums and has nine Grammys - eight of them won in one night. But the once carefree singer
who invited us to Come Away With Me is now a mum to two small kids
and has a new album. She spoke to Angela Bishop. At the age of just 22,
Norah Jones's world exploded when she released a little album
called Come Away With Me that would go on to sell more
than 26 million copies. # Come away with me in the night # 14 years later and fans
still like to share their memories.

I have been through a tough time. I daughter was born. Now she has a new album, Day Breaks,
to the sound of her debut.
# I finally know who I am supposed to be # I found the key. Like Come Away with me,
she wrote it on piano, but now she juggles her career
with being a mum to two little ones. I have a really tiny little upright piano in the kitchen, it is fun. It gets a lot of use.Was that in between late night feeding? Do you fit the definition of working mum? No. It was when the kids went to bed and I was happy with a glass of wine, probably. (LAUGHS). Norah is the proud
owner of nine Grammys - eight that she won in one night. And even though she started young,
she hopes her career will be a long one, like some of her idols. My idols are people who are still out there and still making great music. She can sing. Still to come, would will check of the Reds are going on the end of the school holidays. Also, how two teenagers caused
this deadly fireball. And we speak to the woman who knew
Peter Brock the best. And in finance news,
at the end of the trading week, the Australian share market.

Adelaide Strikers. Tonight on WIN ov
News ... A Canberra mother charged of
over the alleged assault and neglect
of her one-year-old son. The police association sends a list of demands to ACT election candidates in hopes comm
of seeing increased funding for cricke
community safety. And Canberra paper
cricketer Jono Dean puts pen to Ad
paper a new two year deal with the Lo
Adelaide Strikers. Join us for WIN Local News at 6

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A woman is dead and two teenagers
are behind bars tonight after a horrifying high-speed
crash in Adelaide. The 48-year-old mother was killed when her car burst into flames
after being hit by a stolen ute that was seen travelling
at more than 160km/h. Police saw the teenage boys speeding
along an expressway south of the city, but called off their chase just
moments before the crash. An innocent member of the public has lost their life - it doesn't get
much more confronting than that. The 15-year-old driver
and his 17-year-old passenger appeared in court this afternoon,
but didn't apply for bail. Time for a traffic
update with Vic Lorusso.

The M1 is a car park to note that those heading into the city.That is correct. The school holidays are coming to an end so people are trying to get away a. There are 6km of delays. Coming out of the big Dipper and onto Pennant Hills Road. There is also a lot of traffic heading in and out of the airport tonight. We are seeing delays through Qantas Drive. A truck driver had a very lucky
escape near Wollongong this morning. His rig flipped over a concrete
barrier and lost its load as it headed down Bulli Pass,
causing lengthy traffic delays. Just have a look when
the cabin ended up. They needed a ladder
to get the driver out and, thankfully, he's OK. 10 years after the death
of Peter Brock, fans, friends and family
have paid tribute to one of our greatest sporting heroes
at the track that made his name. Among them, Brock's long-term
partner Bev Brock, who spoke exclusively to Natalie Schen-ken
at the Bathurst 1000. Peter Brock is a racing legend. The man who's going to make it six
and he's got the hand out the window and say, thank you very much. Fans loved him, but no-one knew him
better than Bev Brock. They felt that they knew him totally
but there was only a handful of us he only ever really opened up to. She was by his side
as his career took off. Because we'd been friends,
I knew how much people idolised him, I knew how much women pursued him,
so you have to say I went into it with my eyes wide open. Life was never dull,
but she admits she's still nervous about how a controversial new TV
miniseries will portray his life. Brock died in a rally
car cash in WA in 2006. Today, the memories
of him are just as vivid. He was just all for racing all
for the people all for the sport. Idolised even by those too
young to have met him. My middle name is Brock
because I was born on the fifth. To others, Brock was
a mentor and a mate. As a team, he loved the team as well
he used to talk to us individually, a lot of motivation
there, a lot passion. Sunday's trophy is named
in his honour, and will be presented by his brother. Just to see so many people
who are so besotted with Peter it's great to be around them. Peter Brock won the Bathurst 1000
a record nine times, the only driver to come even close
to that is Craig Lowndes who is vying for his seventh race
victory this weekend. Lowndes is often compared
to the legend himself. But there will only ever be one
King of the Mountain. Natalie Schenken,
10 Eyewitness News. Stay with us. Just ahead, we've got more
on tonight's big stories. And in sport, we go one one one
with Whincup who clocked the fastest time in qualifying
for the Bathurst 1000. There were some scary moments on the mountain. And Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou
accuses Saudi Arabia of cheating. We'll tell you why he's angry next.

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Tonight's top stories. A week after stripping down to their swimmers at
the Malaysian Grand Prix, the so-called 'Budgie Nine'
are back home tonight. They're now urging other Aussies -
not to be as silly as they were. And residents in Florida
are being told to get out now as Hurricane Matthew makes its way
up from the Carribbean. The superstorm has already killed
more than 350 people and has left tens of thousands without homes.

Time for sport to now. Matt Burke is here with the details. It was a fast and furious qualifying
session this afternoon with Jamie Whincup
setting the fastest time across the mountain. And he's in Pit Lane
with our own motorsport expert, Matt White.

It was certainly a day of changing conditions and changing fortunes in qualifying in Bathurst. At the end, this man found himself at the top of the timesheet. Was patience the key? We went hard out of the gate. Three brand-new sets of Hajj tyres, we threw on the car. Honestly, it was fun. You realise you are in a cool job on days like today when you are throwing a supercar like this one around the track on new tyres. You scare yourself. You are not enjoying it when you go around boat it is fun.You have to pick your time to go out. Friday, two days before race day, you are making strategies for qualifying.You have so many sets of tyres so it is about making the run. We waited, it is only provisional, it was a shootout so we were going to wait but decided to go. We were the last car out. Fingers crossed, it was in the afternoon. Fingers crossed that the temperatures cool down and we get the best conditions. Everything about Bathurst is different and you do not wait for any other time in the championship to attack the 24 hours. It is a long week. If you are not careful, he was spent by Sunday. You have to have plenty of good food and nutrition. We will go for P six tomorrow and work on the car and work on the race car. Hopefully we will qualify in the top five, that is the goal. It will be massive. 160 laps, it is a long dead.Good luck. And you can catch the top 10
shootout right here on Ten. Our coverage starts at 11:30
tomorrow, with the big race from 7:30 on Sunday morning. Western Sydney coach Tony Popovic
has hit back at Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold over his comments
about the lack of experience in the Wanderers squad. A record A-League crowd of more
than 60,000 fans is expected at ANZ Stadium for tomorrow's
round-one derby and Popovic added
extra spark to the build-up. I don't think he knows too
much about our side, so he's alluding to something
he doesn't know much about, but look, we're
a little bit different. We have no interest in them or their experience
or lack of experience. The Wanderers haven't beaten Sydney
FC in their last seven meetings. Ange Postecoglou has accused
Saudi Arabia of cheating during this morning's World Cup Qualifier. The Socceroos boss could be heard
yelling an obscenity when the home side started
going down with cramp in the second half.

One of their ways of regulating
the game is to go down injured. It was just as tense on scoreboard. Australia coming from
behind to take a 2-1 lead before the locals found a late
equaliser to grind out a 2-2 draw. The Wallabies will field
their tallest ever second row in Sunday's test against Argentina, with the 208cm, or 6'9" Rory Arnold to team up with Adam Coleman,
who's just an inch shorter. Lopeti Timani will start his
first test at number 8 as the Aussies look to build
their depth and eventually close the gap on the world
champion All Blacks. No-one cares about second, I don't think. The winners are there to count. I do not remember who was the runner up in the World Cup final, Orlando is that New Zealand on it. Of course, it was the Wallabies
who finished runners up at Twickenham, the venue
for this weekend's test. And you can watch the Wallabies
final game of the rugby championship against Argentina right here on Ten. Our coverage starts
at 5:20 on Sunday morning. On his way home from South Africa
following what he calls a huge mistake, All Blacks half Aaron Smith has
made a tearful apology after he was caught
having sex with a woman - not his partner - in a disabled toilet
at Christchurch Airport. My behaviour is unacceptable
and if you could respect me and my partner
in this situation, I'm just trying to get
home to deal with this. Meantime, a French
paper has reported former All Blacks Dan Carter
and Joe Rokocoko have tested positive for steroids
while playing in France. But their management says
they have an exemption to take the banned substance
to help treat injuries. Jockey Keiren McEvoy is hoping
history will be repeated in next week's Caulfield Cup. He'll ride the Charlie
Appleby-trained Scottish after Godolphin's
first-choice Australian rider James McDonald was suspended
for careless riding. Despite only a light run this
morning, McEvoy is excited about his chances. Having won a Caulfield cup back in 2008, it is nice to put the colour is back on and see if we can get one for Charlie and obviously for Muhamed. McEvoy has three group one rides
tomorrow, with his best hope the Gai Waterhouse-trained Global
Glamour in the Thousand Guineas. Australia's Tyler Wright has
moved one step closer to claiming her first
world surfing title, cruising comfortably
into the third round in France. COMMENTATOR: Two
amazing mananouveours from Tyler there. It's incredible, I've been
in this position before, but now I feel so free.

Even without wanting it, there was more pressure on me. She'll keep a close eye
on the elimination round. If American Courtney
Conlogue crashes out, the Aussie will win the world title. That will be a massive day if that happens. I hope it happens. You have got a busy weekend as well. It should be fun. Up next - the all-important weekend
weather forecast with Tim Bailey.

two year deal with the Adelaide Labo
Coming up NEXT on WIN Local NEWS
Labor and the Greens unveil plans to liv
help reduce the number of people living on the streets. And Jono Dean A
signs a new two year deal with the Adelaide Strikers.

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That fabulous Friday was straight out of a summertime band. How wonderful on Sydney's blue sky? 31! Fabulous. It is 28 degrees out there right now but the week and is backing a change. Wouldn't you know it? The week will be simply beautiful but your weekend is going to be a little bit dodgy, like the man on your television screen break now. It will get down to 22 degrees. What happening is that a week cold front is going through the states tomorrow and that means occasional showers. Partly cloudy throughout the Western divide. We will not have the fabulous blue sky that we have today. Then on Sunday, it will bounce up to 24 degrees. By Monday when we are back in air-conditioned comfort, it will be 33 degrees. Yes, it has got me scratching my head. Let us have a look at the satellite today. It is the best day of the week. Let us have a look at the cold front moving through, that will play with the weekend. It will bring a burst of heat to NSW. The weather map is next. This allows the cold front to move through NSW and tickle your weekend. You would rather have a ripping weekend but that is not going to be the case. Drips and drops across the roofs. Let us get into the Friday feelgood business. What are you putting up on the big screen? Adam, apologies, would put you up as Andrew during the week. That is no good when your name is Adam. I really love your work. Apologies from 10. Let us go to this beach. Wow! A whale breaching at the beach. Your work is simply brilliant, you are our greatest resource. And it is just glorious that way, isn't it? Have a look at the raise of sunshine. Let us help you find a few throughout the weekend. Look at the weekend weather. Melbourne will be sunny. NSW tomorrow.

In the Sydney basin. The official forecast for Sydney is cloudy with a chance of a shower in the afternoon. Let us get to Sunday, it is a better looking day. Dancing into Monday, 33. In the West, you weaken looks like this. -- weekend. It is the week and! I have got to go. He is gone. It is Friday night, did you pick that up?
Tonight, A mother released on bail - charged over the alleged assault of her one year old son. Police forced crane
to recover a man who climbed a polit
crane in Braddon. And a plea to s
political parties to help Canberra' m
s most vulnerable. Good evening, I' Aus
m Amy Duggan Also tonight.... The Association
Australian Federal Police ah
Association releases its wish list Canberra
ahead of the ACT election. A over
Canberra mother has been charged
over the alleged assault and neglect w
of her one-year-old son. The woman con
was released on bail under strict nu
conditions she doesn' t approach a child.
number of people including the child. WIN News Court Reporter Harry Frost has the details. The mother was silent as
she was brought before the

ACT Magistrates Court this
morning, after her arrest


She was charged with
two-counts of common

assault and one count of
neglecting her son - a

one-year-old baby boy.

Details of the allegations
have yet to be aired in

court, but it's alleged
the incidents took place

between August and
October this year.

Represented by a the
court's duty lawyer she

applied for bail, but
did not enter pleas.

The prosecution did not
oppose bail but sought

strict reporting and
monitoring conditions to

ensure her return to court
and to alleviate concerns

about her
alleged drug use.