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Good evening Australia and welcome to beautiful Bathurst here in NSW. (APPLAUSE)This is fantastic. Look at this crowd! How good is this? Ha! Over the next hour we are going to try to drive home a political point but make a very personal point and it's about the greyhound ban in NSW. This is a national show. We are seen internationally as well on the Australia channel. Let me put this clearly for people outside NSW, this is about fairness. It's about good people who follow rules being cast aside by a Government that doesn't care. This may well happen in Queensland, it might happen in Victoria or SA and when that happens, we'll bring the show there. But what I wanted to say right off the start of tonight's show is anyone who has watched this program for a couple of weeks or a few months knows, I hate the greyhound racing ban. I don't hate the greyhound racing ban because I own a bunch of dogs, I don't hate it because I've spent half of my life at the track. I don't hate the greyhound racing ban because I'm banging on a bet here, there and everywhere. I hate the greyhound racing ban because it's unfair. I hate the racing ban because it's already illegal to kill a dog. It's already illegal to star of a dog. Animal cruelty is the least reason possible for banning of this industry. Now there isn't a person that's here tonight that doesn't know that there have been things that have happened in the past that aren't cool, a different generation perhaps of doing things. But also, there is not a person who is for this ban who can ever explain to me why someone who follows the rules should be dismissed from the game because somebody else doesn't. Well may I put this in more personal terms for you, Mr Baird. When about a dozen Liberal MPs went before the Corruption Commission, did we shut down the entire NSW Parliament for being crook?No!Did we say that's it, it's done, you're all a bunch of crooks, the Premier's got to go?No! What did you do, you turned around, you got rid of the people on the wrong side of the rules. Premier, imagine if I said to you right now you're corruptYes!If I said to Troy Grant, you're corrupt? How would you feel as you are sitting there with your family, you wouldn't feel great, you would feel hey, that's a stain I don't deserve. Look around you Premier because your Government has said that every single person here is illiterate, is a crook, is uneducated, is cruel and dangerous to their animals. That is not true, Premier. I've seen today around this town and in the weeks preparing to come to this town, people who have borrowed money to do the right thing, people who have moved town to do the right thing. People who feed their dogs better than they feed themselves at times because they want to do the right thing! You cannot, Premier, treat these people in the fashion that you have because you want to for some reason follow the idiots of the animal justice movement. (APPLAUSE)These people have launched inquiry after inquiry after inquiry, not because at the heart of greyhound racing was a Black Heart, but because they philosophically oppose the concept of this sort of relationship between animals and humans. Well, I'm sorry, but that's