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Sunday Sunrise -

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live by Ai-Media. Today on Weekend Sunrise: Top dogs. Many people are waking
with a sore head after the Bulldogs fairytail
became a reality breaking a 62 year drought. All the wash up from both teams
many consider to be the greatest Grand Final of all time.

A bold new plan has been
released this morning

to help put an end
to shark attacks along our beaches this summer. How it will work
and at what cost? Speaking of Sharks, is today the day the fairy-tale
becomes reality for Cronulla Sharks
in the NRL Grand Final. Will this be their
first Premiership? We'll speak to Laurie Daley
and Brett Kimmorely School funding fury. How over-funded schools
are getting more than a billion dollars a year
in taxpayer money. Is it time the government
stood up to private education? The sun sets
on the Sunnyboy ice block. We'll remember Australia's
sweetest icons of ice cream.

And moving to Mars. Why a trip to the Red Planet
could be cheaper than a mortgage. Are you up for the mission? That's all ahead as Weekend
Sunrise blasts off right now. This morning:

Welcome to Weekend Sunrise he is Andrew O'Keefe and Monique Wright. Where waking up with soreheads because it is daylight saving. That's an hour less drinking for all the fans.Or if you're drowning your sorrows stop bad luck Suwanee is.I think my son almost started drinking last night. At fifteen, he contemplated that's not a good idea. Talking of tears. We are talking about tearjerker movies this morning. There is a new study out that says they are beneficial to our health. We would like to know your favourite tearjerker movie of all time. And there is a $50,000 cash cow call also ahead right now it is news time.

For the first time in 62 years
Western Bulldogs fans- have had something to celebrate - their second ever
Grand Final win. Thousands took to the pubs and
streets of Melbourne overnight - as their Sydney counterparts
face another year of post-premiership
soul searching. Red, white and blue -
the Western Bulldogs tricolour in the club's proudest moment. # We're the team
of the mighty west # Coach and Captain Luke Beveridge
and Robert Murphy - beside 2016's best. Everyone had big moments
today and everyone had big moments
in the past four weeks that's what it's taken
and that's why we're here. I'm not sure
we honestly envisaged it would turn out like this,
but you need courage to explore it you,
need determination.

Ferocious from the first bounce the fairytale was complete at the final siren.Tears and tackles after beating Sydney by twenty-two points. There was a flood of relief across Footscray.We have won the women's competition, the VFL and the AFL. I'm exhausted but it is a good kind of exhaustion.The Swans were also exhausted after their second Grand Final loss in three seasons.This will not stop us try to climb the mountain again. Today the premiers will be at their home over and gates open at 11 o'clock. Everyone is invited to the celebration.

Attention now turns
to the NRL Grand Final between Melbourne Storm
and the Cronulla Sharks at ANZ Stadium. It will be the Storm's seventh
NRL Grand Final appearance at Sydney's Olympic Stadium, while the Sharks haven't won
a premiership in almost 50 years.

Off field dramas,
on field dramas. This is the redemption
and it's going to be fantastic. There is a sense of destiny. We can feel history
about to unfold here, everyone's abuzz. Spectators are urged
to leave the car at home. Tickets include
free public transport.

The SES has issued
an emergency warning

for the South Australian town
of Virginia and Port Wakefield after the Gawler and Wakefield
Rivers burst their banks. There's a risk the flood water
will breach a railway line at Virginia and flood the town. One concerned resident
was up late last night trying to divert the water
away from homes.

They said it's a one
in 100 year flood,

but it's happened
11 years after, and nothing has been done
to clean the river and get the banks raised,
and we've got this again. 60,000 sandbags have been
flown in by the army to try save homes. Dozens of families
in the NSW Central West are once again homeless, forced to evacuate f
rom rising floodwaters. Last night, the SES issued
an evacuation order for residents
in Wagga Wagga and Condobolin saying staying inside
would put their lives at risk. The Lachlan River
peaked again overnight between 7 and 9m
in some parts.

Seven News has obtained
exclusive vision of a security guard
pulling a man off a pillar at a music festival in Sydney. The pair struggle mid-air before
the boy plummets to the ground. Oh my god! Oh my God! No respect.
oh my god! People were arrested
at the event called 'Listen Out' after allegedly using
or supplying drugs. Despite the arrests,
Police say they're pleased with the behaviour
of 25,000 revellers. Two young men
were taken to hospital for suspected drug overdoses -

Police say
a grandmother found dead

inside an Adelaide home could have been the victim
of a viscious road rage attack. The 57-year-old was killed, while her 27-year-old
daughter-in-law was found gagged and tied
at up Valley View. Three childred aged
five, four and two were home, but were uninjured. The woman is alleging that
there was a home invasion with two Caucasian males
that left the scene in a white tradie type
four-wheel drive vehicle with four doors. Police say the offenders may have followed the woman
home from work. The NSW government
wants to roll out 100 new 'smart' drum lines up and down the state's coastline
to prevent shark attacks. The controversial
shark management strategy will help authorities
track and monitor Sharks without baiting or hurting them. Eight new lines have already
been rolled out at Ballina, the same beach
where 17-year-old Cooper Allen was attacked last week. As the extra lines
were rolled out, this 2.2m great white was caught,
tagged and released near Ballina, yesterday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

have addressed domestic violence
and mental health issues as they wrap up
their tour of Canada. US Correspondent Angela Cox
is travelling with the royals. Ange, where have they been today?

Good morning. You've just missed them. They have just arrived back at the dock in Victoria Harbour. They have had a chance to have a quick chat with hundreds of people that have come to see them. It has been a wet morning here in Victoria. It has been a busy day for their final leg of this Canada trip. The Duke and went to a centre that helps people suffering from domestic violence. Also a key focus on mental health issues for young people. William and Kate have looked at this issue before. They met with some young people who identified as having mental health issues. Then they boarded the tall ship that runs youth development programs. A were dressed in matching parkers and set off to have a sail around the harbour. They just arrived back at the dock. There are hundreds of people hoping to catch a lips of them. This is their last public engagement before they fly out. They are heading back to government house to pick up Prince George and Princess Charlotte. They will then take a seaplane to Vancouver and then fly home to London. That will be the first opportunity for Canadians to see little George and Charlotte in public. We saw the big is from the private garden party the other day. They won't have a long, about ten minutes in public before they board the plane. That all happens in a couple of hours. We will bring it to you.

Daylight saving is here again. If you live in New South Wales,
the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania or South Australia, you needed to wind your clock
forward one hour. You've also been robbed
of one hour of precious sleep. The change-over happened at 2am. Many smartphones automatically
made the switch for you. Daylight saving is in place
until April.

I actually wasn't sure if my phone would work. So I put a timer on last night.Are you a control freak? Maybe I am. I popped mine up next to an analog clock so I could compare.I just trusted that someone else would take care of it and they did.Sport with Simon's next including all the highlights of one of the greatest Games of forty of all time stop plus we have another great game coming up for you this afternoon with the Sharks and the Storm in the NRL Grand Final. And we are looking at the future this morning in the weather


mobile phone plans. (WOOLWORTHS JINGLE)

Welcome back to Weekend Sunrise.

He And now with sport,
here's Simon Reeve. A month ago the Western Bulldogs
began their finals campaign in Perth, given little hope
of making week 2. Yesterday they completed
the most improbable rise to the mountain
top against the Swans. Tom Browne in Melbourne
has seen this epic story unfold. Morning Tom,
what a day it was at the MCG?

Good morning Simon. It is being described as one of the best stories in Australian sporting history. They are the first side to win from two interstate finals, the first side to win from seventh on the ladder and they partied like it was 1954 last night. That was the last time they had won the flag. Most fans partied in and around the club in Yarraville. There was an official function in the city. Coach Luke Beveridge was the architect of this win. Simon Beasley, one of the Bulldogs greats, described him as having a magic wand.When we started a couple of years ago. I'm not sure we envisaged it would turn out like this as quickly as it did. You need courage to explore at. You need determination. And you need big hearts and unique persistence.They have got big hearts. That is the blueprint of AFL success. This is being described as perhaps the greatest moment in AFL history. Afterwards Beveridge gave his medal to Bob Murphy, the spiritual leader of the club. Bob Murphy has been injured for most of the year. They included him perfectly in the celebrations. What this means for the Bulldogs as a club we will talk about at 8 o'clock.

In the NRL, the Sharks are hoping
for their own fairytale story in tonight's Grand Final. Cronulla is searching
for its maiden Premiership in the club's 50-year history.

Try not to play the game
in my head,

which doesn't really work. I try not to, but I keep playing what
I'm going to do in my head.

The Sharks and Storm

got through their final training
sessions without incident and both teams are expected
to line-up as named.

We try not to do this show in our headstone. That would be a mistake. You need to use your legs at some point don't you. It's not Scrabble. I'm not saying I'm an expert.Here is a team act with the weather. Just over that way is AFL -- ANZ Stadium. We have Mario on the Wii G. Let's have a look at the forecast.

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There is a strong cold front and an associated trough moving east. It will bring rein from the Northern Territory to far western Queensland. There are scattered showers in South Australia and all the way down the southern Western Australia coastline. Brisbane will be sunny and twenty-nine. There will be twenty-three and wind with some evening rein in Melbourne. Some light rein for Hobart. Adelaide, twenty-two and showers. In Darwin partly cloudy and 33. It is going to be a beautiful day in Sydney today. Twenty-seven on the coast. Possibly 28 in the West. It is a good day for rug league. That game yesterday was fantastic right up until the end of the third quarter then it really went downhill.

Soon this Sunday - moving to Mars. Why a trip to the Red Planet
could be cheaper than buying a house. Also, the asthma drug that
parents need to be aware of. How it's turning
some kids psychotic. And Trump's plan to triumph. He came out swinging
in the first debate. But what's he got up his sleeve
for round two? Find out next.

Time to catch up on the
American election in our segment.

The US Presidential
Election campaign

continues to provide more than
a few talking points. This week Donald Trump launched
an early-morning Twitter tirade against a former Miss Universe
he once labelled Miss Piggy. But the presidential candidate
might live to regret his rant come polling day. His campaign has tried
to downplay the message, but the Republicans
are starting to feel the backlash of Trump's
numerous scandals. Joining us now
is Political analyst Sherry Bebitch Jeffe
from the University of Southern California. Morning Sherry, Trump, has attacked
Alicia Machado, for making a sex tape,
but there are suggestions he might have been in
a soft core porn film himself. Why is he allowing himself
to get bogged down in such demeaning
and petty non-issues at this stage of the game?

Because he's Donald Trump. If you know which button to push, and apparently Hillary did in the first debate, you can really watch him unravel. He does not like to be attacked personally. He does not like to be questioned. And he doesn't like his financial acumen to be questioned. And she managed which every button in that debate. He cannot let go a disparaging, questioning, a challenging remark. As you just mentioned, we heard him touting his business acumen and saying that he did not pay any federal taxes and was wearing this as a badge of honour. How did that code down with the lower socio- economic roots in America?It did not go down very well. I am surprised I have not seen an attack ad from the Clinton campaign using that it'll portion of the do they wear Hillary attacked him for not paying taxes. He said that's because I'm smart. That is devastating, if you think about his own seam. You are poor people, I am going to change that. Well, start paying taxes, maybe.That is what Hillary's tweet says. If he is smart for not paying taxes, what does that make the rest of us? A lot of Republicans are now saying that the way he is conduct in this campaign is doing long-term damage to the Republican Party brand. Do you agree with that or do you think people will write this off as an anomaly if he loses?The Republicans who are wringing their hands about this are right. The question is how long-term the damage be. But he is certainly not getting the groups that he needs to form a winning coalition at this point. He needs to win the votes of Latinos, some urban women and millennial's. These groups are appalled at this point in time. It's not helpful to those Republicans who understand that they will shrivel up and die if they do not open up their voting base.It is fascinating what you say about him being unable to ignore or deflect any criticism. That is the classic sign of a narcissist, isn't it?I was about to say that we have had many definitions of the classic narcissist and the media is beginning to understand that if its most of them.As the campaign goes on, more and more.

Still to come - look out skip your days
are numbered. The fiery debate over
allowing some of our most precious wildlife
to be culled. Wombats, emus are on the list. Will you agree? Plus, for crying out loud. We want to know your favourite
tearjerker movies of all time. Is it Titanic or maybe Bambi? And the sun sets on
an iconic Aussie ice block. Why did it fall out of fashion? We're going to take
a sweet trip down memory lane.

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It's time for the news
with Sally. The Western Bulldogs
have celebrated their first Grand Final
victory in 62 years. The Dogs beat the Swans
by 22 points to take the Premiership
at the MCG. Injured Captain Robert Murphy
was presented a Grand Final medal alongside his team at the Melbourne Exhibition
Centre, last night.

Everyone had big moments today

and everyone had big moments
in the past four weeks that's what it's taken
and that's why were here.

The team will be meeting fans
at Whitten Oval

in the Melbourne suburb
of Footscray from 11:00 today.

Sydney has a chance
for redemption

in tonight's NRL Grand Final between the Cronulla Sharks and
Melbourne Storm at ANZ Stadium. Cronulla
have never won a premiership and fans are dealing
with plenty of emotion heading into the decider. 50 years of waiting, can't wait. Tickets to the game are sold out. A townhouse has been destroyed
by a suspicious fire in Sydney's west overnight. Emergency services arrived
at the residential property at Bidwell around 3:00
this morning to find it fully alight. They quickly worked
to douse the flames but the townhouse
was unable to be saved. There were fears
a female was inside the home but neighbours say she no longer
officially resides there. Fire authorities
are investigating what caused the blaze.

Residents affected
by flooding north of Adelaide

have been told
to keep their sandbags in place with more rein expected
to drench flooded areas. Flood water is flowing along the
eastern side of the railway line and there's a risk
the flood water will breach it and flood the town.

11 years ago
it was more drastic than this,

it was faster. The river broke its banks o
n this side. Now it's more gradual but there's a lot more water
in the river this time.

Dozens of families
in the NSW Central West

have been forced to evacuate
their homes as floodwaters rise. Last night the SES issued
an evacuation order for residents in Wagga Wagga
and Condobolin, saying staying inside
would put their lives at risk. The Lachlan River
peaked again overnight, between 7 and 9m
in some parts.

Police are trying to track down
an elderly man

missing in the New South Wales
Blue Mountains. Terrence Broadhead was last seen
around 6:30 last night at a nursing home at Katoomba. There are concerns
for the 80-year-old's welfare as he suffers
a medical condition. He was last seen wearing
a grey dressing gown, turquoise polo shirt,
blue pants and slippers.

Mexico's Colima volcano
has erupted. forcing hundreds of residents
to evacuate. 350 people from nearby villages
have had to relocate to a shelter nearby
after the volcano spewed lava, ash and thick black smoke
into the sky. The Colima volcano
is the country's most active. It's erupted more than 40 times
since 1576 and had several significant
eruptions in the late 1990s.

There was another forty code late last night. Wallabies remain winless in South Africa.

The Aussies made a promising
start when Scott Sio crashed over in the 14th minute. The Springboks failed
to score a try, but Mornay Stain kicked four
penalties and two field goals. I thought we had a fair
few chances there, we didn't hold onto the ball
long enough. The opportunities were there
to hold points so it's disappointing. The Wallabies face Argentina
next weekend in London.

Liverpool has won
its fifth match from seven starts

in the Premier League
with a 2-1 victory over Swansea. The Reds trailed at half-time, before James Milner grabbed the
match-winner in the 84th minute. Chelsea also got the points
over Hull City. the Blues scored both their goals
in the second half for a 2-nil win.

Daniel Ricciardo will start
from fourth position

in tonight's
Malaysian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton grabbed pole to claim his 100th
career front row, only the second driver
to achieve the feat behind Michael Schumacher. Hamilton's teammate and championship leader,
Nico Rosberg, qualified second.

At the Ryder Cup in Minnesota,

Europe has staged a dramatic
rally to close the gap on the United States on day two. The Americans lead by just
a-point after 12 matches. Sergio Garcia, there delighted
with his playing partner, Rafa Cabrera Bello.

It just aggravates me that the commentators consistently refuse to acknowledge how funny is name is. They are more mature than us. How could you resist? To to say something like really putting the white sauce on the tuna with that one.You're doing that job. He is the weather. The future is now. We are at the E The future is now. We are at the EB gaming Expo. You can go drone hunting as well.

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Partly cloudy in cans sunny and rock camp than in sunny and Brisbane. Sydney sunny twenty-seven for the Grand Final. Sunny and twenty-four Canberra. Late rein from a cure and possible storms in Ballarat. Rein increasing in Strawn in late rein in Hobart. Raining on Mount Gambier and showers and twenty-two for Adelaide. Showers and storms for Catherine and 33 and partly cloudy in Darwin. An early storm for alimony, showers in person eighteen. If you come along to Sydney Olympic Park before the Grand Final you can pop into EB Games go drone hunting. You get a Ironman fist and you can fire away at the evil drones. This is like what they real estate drones do when they finish work on a Saturday afternoon.What happens when you hit one? Does it fall out of the sky?No. It flashes when you hit it. And you just try and accumulate as many points as you can in three minutes.A great birthday party. For your kids?No red cordial required.There are no sunny boys anymore. How would you like to win some cash

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Just one hour till that fifty grand potentially goes off.

Later in the show. Billion-dollar budget. Why over-funded private schools
are getting millions more in taxpayer funding. Is it time to change the system? Also, the secret world
of addiction that plagued the Kennedy family. JFK's nephew is going to join us
LIVE to shed some light on one of society's
darkest problems.

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Well it's been the fodder
of science fiction for decades but could soon become a reality. Spaceships shuttling earthlings
to our mysterious neighbouring planet - Mars. It's the very real plan
of one very wealthy man, who released this sleek video
outlining his vision. But let's hope he doesn't
take too much inspiration from Ridley Scott.

This will come as quite a shock
to my crew mates, and to Nasa,

and the entire world,
but I'm still alive. SpaceX chief Elon Musk
wants his company to send 1000 spaceships
to the Red Planet - to build a colony of a million
Martians within the century. And tickets would be cheaper than
the average Australian apartment. Joining us now from Canberra
is astrophysicist Brad Tucker. Morning Brad. Elon Musk says
he'll put humans on Mars for the first time
within the decade. Should we be
packing our bags yet?

It's ambitious. And one of the things I think people believe about Elon Musk is that is very upfront. They are the only company that have ever landed our rocket act on earth. But the progress they have made in just a decade bodes well for getting people to move to Mars.His company is developing a new type of propulsion.That's right. Half the effort of hitting off the earth is actually the rocket fuel. To get off the earth you need more rocket fuel and that makes it heavier. What he is trying to do is make it lighter and more efficient and reusable and that is the key to making it cheap.Why is Mars red? That a great question. It is a combination of the atmosphere and the ground. If you are on Mars earth does appear blue.There are huge dust storms. We know that about the planet. But what would be some of the perks about living on Mars.One of the great things is that Mars has two moons. So there are two moons to gaze at. The day is much the same duration as on the earth. But everyone would lose weight because there is lower gravity. You would lose 75% of your earth weight.It'd be a long way away from Donald Trump. That is another perk. Elon Musk says part of his inspiration for this is that we are ruining planet Earth and he would like humanity to have Mars as a backup plan. But he is not the only one trying to get there. A range of organisations are trying to get there.What are the spoils for whoever gets there first? It is kind of a whoever gets there first gets bragging rights. That everyone is doing a different way. Mars one is a one-way ticket. If you go there it's a one-way ticket. NASA is being very cautious. SpaceX is somewhere in between.

NASA is working on more of the longevity problems whereas SpaceX is working on the basis of let's just get there. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. It would be good to see if they just banded together.Like at the end of the movie.It will be interesting to see how people live. How do we live as a society on Mars? What will we call Weekend Sunrise?The Mars addition.With all that mould and caramel and chocolate mining going on up there? That would be terrific.Sorry I forgot the nougat. You have to bring your own nougat.Brad, it's always great to talk to you.

Ahead this morning. The asthma drug that could
turn your child psychotic. What you need to look out for. Shark alert. New plans released today
to try and prevent shark attacks along our coast this summer. How will it work and will it
actually make us safer? And after the break,
what's got Hollywood funny girl Rebel Wilson in serious
hot water? It could cost her
almost half a million dollars.

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Time to discuss
what's making news this morning. And Fairfax is reporting
that NSW is about to introduce a controversial
new conservation act that would abolish licenses
to kill native animals. Environmentalists say that this
is akin to declaring open season on native animal killings with little or no oversight
or consequences. To discuss we're joined by News Corp columnist
Angela Mollard and commentator Rachel Corbett. Good morning. The state government
says these licenses were unnecessary red tape. Do you agree?

Yes I didn't know that this many animals existed.Were talking animals, in years, wombats. It's interesting you know that with that recent Greyhound band that it was all about not thinking that the greyhounds could be policed. Talk about stuff that can't be policed this will take people out of their father shot guns. I think anything that could have sought a regulation around the stuff and licenses is a good thing. The number of licenses that are available is actually a lot higher than the number of creatures being killed. I'm not sure taking away the licenses is going to make it a free for all. It's not like the numbers need to be kept down.While supposedly for the purposes of culling but, you know if someone is not a farmer there not aware of what needs culling and what's doesn't.Guess we don them killing wombats the cutest little thing on the planet but they will go out of the fence one way and can't find the holes they make another whole another meter down and so there's always these holes. I was on a farm property in New South Wales and there were so many holes that I could see the issue. But as you said the main issue here is not meeting the quote is so let's hope it regulates itself. And that there are no issues. And they'll be reporting if there are issues.Or you know maybe get wombats of the drink, if they're getting 1 m over. Yeah those wombats do have a bit of a track record. Heritage conversation, red tape. They managed to flog off to a developer. There is quite a particular this section of architecture in the state that granted by red tape, and laws.OK changing topics now and Australia and act through Rebel Wilson insulted a journalist who apparently harassed her grandmother the problem was she defamed the wrong journalist. First of all, can you unpack this for us and Tiahleigh this we have several journalist one named Elizabeth Wilson and in other Elizabeth Wilson who went out and knock on doors and spoke to the grandmother. And she gave material. And then rebel Wilson went nuts and started to attack Elizabeth Wilson online but she found the wrong Elizabeth Wilson. So this woman is naturally affronted because she's been abused. Yet in what seems to be a rigmarole. Is this a comb over of our previous house?So she does not produce an apology until sometime later. And she's enlisted on the non-door marking Elizabeth Wilson to sue. She's criticising what the journalist should do which is knock on doors and is a criticising what most people would say is what a good journalist should do. By doing what bad generals do. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Funny how mentioning a journalist from house and garden has turned on forever Wilson isn't it?,I think to myself I can understand where rebel is coming from. I get that it is a good journalism but I feel that it is a bit too close to home, particularly because she's not a part of this but all are part and parcel of stuff to get thrown around on Twitter, why go to court and that whole process. It would not have ruined her reputation with a couple of tweets from rebel.I'm just saying that you don't like the idea of people going to talk to grandmother. Kylie's parents and their parents have never spoken because she's told them to not talk to that journalist. It definitely a conversation she needed to have with her grandmother.Yet if your granny is nice to let them in for a cup are and a nice picky in the arvo.I don't know about my grandma. Maybe you should let them infer some of you says Kentucky fried chicken. Coming up on weekend sunrise. This morning the fairytale comes true as the Bulldogs and the 62 year drought. Plus some heartache. Shark alert as new plans are released for this summer and how much it will cost taxpayers. And don't worry about shark season as New South Wales coach Laurie Daley joined us. Beating asthma the new warning on drugs prescribed to combat the condition.Overfunded, under delivering should polar at private schools have their funding slashed? Let us know your thoughts. Kennedy family secrets, he opens up about the secrets behind America's most famous families.And a mega moggy at 865 cm is the cat's pyjamas and could be Australia's largest force.I'll cute can't wait for that.I love things like that. Indeed, indeed. It took them 62 years but the Western Bulldogs are celebrating loud and proud after beating the swans in AFL Grand Final at the MCG. Fans flooded the streets and beep their horns after one of the most thrilling games in grand final history.Red white and blue the water the Bulldogs proudest moment. Coach Luke Everage behind 2016 is best.Everyone has had big moments in the last four weeks. That's why we're here.I'm not sure we honestly invented that it would turn out like this. You need determination. From the first moment it has been this.Tears and tackles after beating Sydney by 22 points. Across Footscray grey cheese and hadn't been seen in more than a century.The good kind of exhaustion.This one is lost the second grand final in three seasons. It's not going to stop us from trying to climb to the top of the mountain again. The Western Bulldogs are going to Whitten Oval today you can meet them at 11 o'clock meet the new Lords of the account.

Sharks will be aiming for their first NRL grand final when they face the storm this afternoon. When they take on one of the most successful NRL clubs in history.

Some Storm fans
travelled 12 hours on the train for the big game. Awesome, we're really excited. We're really excited about it, can't wait to get to the ground
and watch the boys play. It's news time, here's Sally.

Spectators are being urged to take public transport and leave the car at home. Here is the rest of today's news with Sally. The SES has released a statement to keep people away from Port Wakefield after the more flooding. One concerned resident was up late last night trying to divert water away from homes.They say it's all a 100 year flood but nothing has been done about the river. And we got this again.50,000 sandbags have been flown in by the army to try and save homes.Forced to evacuate from floodwaters New South Wales families in Wagga and can Dublin are being told to stay put inside. -- Not to stay inside as it will put their lives in risk. The northern suburbs has been damaged by fire overnight.

A tyre business
in Brisbane's northern suburbs Firefighters were called
to the building at Albion at 3:30 this morning to find a small stack
of tyres fully alight. Police believe
it was deliberately lit. There no other real reason
that they could've combusted, so at this stage
until we can treat it otherwise we will treat it as suspicious. The building sustained minor
damage. A festival goer has filmed
a shocking show of force by a security guard
at a Sydney music event. The exclusive vision
obtained by Seven News shows the guard throwing a man
off a pillar at Centennial Park. Oh my God! No respect oh my god! 129 people were arrested at
the event called 'Listen Out' -

after allegedly using
or supplying drugs. Another 20 people were charged
for assault, trespassing
or attacking officers. Two young men were taken
to hospital for suspected drug overdoses. One fo the three remaining
hospital's in Aleppo has been bombed for the second time in four days as the city continues to be bombarded by
airstrikes. The hospital was hit by at least two barrel bombs,
a cluster bomb and rocket. At least one person was killed in the latest attack - which has
been declared a war crime.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are leaving Canada today after the eight day trip and and this is the last chance Royals followers can get a chance are look at George and Charlotte?Yes good morning Sally. It's a pretty wet old day here in Victoria. It probably the first opportunity they've had to see the kids. They stole the show when they arrived with those close to the public and then there was the private party at government house. Those Canadians couldn't get in there. So the only see them for about 10 minutes when they arrive at the departure point and take off in one of the seaplanes behind me. It has been a busy morning for Will and Kate with their interview about domestic violence and had a cup of tea as it they do when they are militia. The highlight though it was going out on a tall ship, this is a charity that helps young kids by teaching them to sail. Will and Kate seemed right in their element as they were helping to hoist sales. And in what did we saw Kate steer the ship into the dock when he got here about an hour ago. About an hour and 40 minute wait until we see them and those kids will be keeping an eye out cell.Thanks for that. And an international hot air balloon festival is currently underway in central New Mexico.

The event is in its 45th year and is expected to attract
around 1 million visitors to the region. This year's display features
more than 500 hot air balloons, including 108
special-shaped balloons with pilots
from around the world.

That's the vision of them in the air I want to see it when they come down to land.It's not easy to land either is it? They do look very nice though don't they? Hopefully they steer clear of the volcano you reported on in the last statement there. I know this is New Mexico, not old Mexico.They will be right. You have they going to have the same problem in the cable tossing in South Wales and I thought they meant New South Wales.That's a long cable toss.Yes what luckily wearing New South Wales.And Bulldogs fans will be waking up with soreheads this afternoon.

After breaking their 62-year
Premiership drought. The Dogs over-ran the Swans
in the final quarter, to win by 22 points. Live now to AFL reporter
Tom Browne, in Melbourne - Tom?

Are no longer the AFL's perennial underdogs?What I've read this morning is gone from the underdogs to do underdogs but I can't claim it but it's always been so underlying support for the club. This is huge for them. This will capitalise on their celebrations and the history making night they had last night. They haven't won since 1954 and they celebrated in the city last night. This was Easton Wood.I think it was the finality of it that dawned on ice, torn me in particular.They can never take it away from us. So many stories Simon, probably the best in football history was Bob Murphy, the spiritual leader of the club who has been out of action most of the year with injury. The Luke Beveridge the coach took him onstage and gave it to Bob. And included Bob in the celebrations. An incredible moment Simon, so many discussions that will be held throughout the day. Including Tom Boyd and Jason Johannisen. Absolutely everyone does love Bob indeed. There are many similarities to the NRL grand final today.

A suburban club
without much silverware taking on the slick
and successful Storm from the South. Joining us
with his special insights, Blues coach Laurie Daley. Laurie,
Can the Sharks reward their long suffering
fans today?

Yes well it's been 50 long years and I'm sure the supporters in the Shire are starting to get nervous. I think they can beat the Melbourne Storm. They were impressive last week against the North Queensland Cowboys. And let's hope they get started out there early tonight and the Shire forced.Talk us through the nerves, that they would be feeling today as they jump on the bus and had out to ANZ.Yes it will be like no other, Paul Gallen has played for State of Origin and Australia by grand final day is different. He will be listening to his music with his headphones in on the bus. Straight into the shed and his prep will be first class. But we need to worry about the whole team and not just Paul Gallen. Especially the young guys on the team and how they are feeling. They need to go out and have a quick look around the field. Once again the shed they have to go through the notes and stretch.The nose there and they can't wait to get on the field and start the game. A stunning afternoon is forecast which is great for the game as well but if they both bring a games to this, who wins and wire?Look I think if they bring the a game the Melbourne Storm. Because with Cooper Cronk and Cameron Smith, the professional wisdom of those two guys is more than enough to throw into the greatest coaching in the game with Craig Bellamy and with the storm they have to be able to play well. The shark started fast last week against the Cowboys and if they do that and get in front and get a lead, the storm that thing don't do well is come from behind. They are a very good front running team, the sharks need to put scoreboard pressure on them early. And consistently for 80 minutes.Thanks for getting up for us Laurie. She is Simon. And a special mention to Dennis, the who called his last game of 40 yesterday. Are really?Yes after 49 years of broadcasting. He'll probably wake up with a bit of a sore head today as well.The fans would be a little bit upset he was wonderful wasn't it?Yes I would imagine a lot of people getting very special haircuts. We might get a virtual Dennis, the interview out of him now.This is for the cheerleaders. Just dance 2017 has come to life at EB Expo. We have cheap thrills, we have daddy, and we have pizzazz! Let's go to the forecast.

VOICE-OVER: Weekend Sunrise
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A strong cold front
and associated upper trough

will move into the south-eastern
states today, bringing rain areas
along the front from the Northern Territory,
through far western Queensland and all the way down to Tasmania. Scattered showers
in South Australia and the southern WA coastline. Brisbane sunny and 29. Sydney sunny and 27. Canberra sunny and 20. 23 and windy with evening rain
for Melbourne. Hobart light rain at times
and 20 degrees. Adelaide 22
and showers developing. A possible shower
and 18 in Perth. And, Darwin partly cloudy and 33.

Just dance 2017. Here we go.You are looking very Bollywood 80. Thank you. I can try and make it more Bollywood.I was watching Bollywood on TV yesterday and it looks very similar to JT's moves. Yesterday hide behind all of them, that's what I would have done as well. Go the sharks.Thank you JT. CU.There is nothing he can't do after that. We're trying to prevent another sum of shark attacks this year.

along our coastlines. News Corp papers are reporting
a new drum line system will be rolled out
along the east coast with other parts of the country keeping a close eye
on its success or otherwise. Sharks would be lured on to hooks
before being dragged out to sea. It comes off the back
of this week's shark attack on teen surfer Cooper Allen
in Ballina on the New South Wales
north coast. Here to discuss the new shark
prevention system is Michael Brown
from Surf Watch Australia. The NSW state government
will introduce 100 drum lines. Is this the answer
to preventing shark attacks or are there better options?

What's the difference between a shark net, a drum line and the smart drum line?Look we are Australians and we live in Australia a really thing wants to kill us. Anything that gets on our way to the very simple answer is to go over there and butcher it is ridiculous. When it comes to drum line shark nets, the primary aim is to simply cull animals and culling is a very unpleasant way of saying kill. So what they do is they suffered at the animal, and Allstate 10 to 15 minutes to diet while other animals take at half an hour. The method is particularly barbaric. What we need to consider is that sharks are fundamentally migratory animals and so to going kill a shark of Bondi Beach is kinda stupid considering it might actually live off of South Australia. So to try and protect some is in one area shows that there is no scientific data that it's against summer safety. It is a knee-jerk and barbaric reaction.So this so-called smart drum line, they alert, they alert authorities so that they can tag them and take them and relocate them. As you say the sharks can move very fast and what's to stop them from coming back 15 times?Once they get tagged don't have a warning sign that alerts people and keeps them away Tiahleigh that's kind of the idea behind it but most sharks need to be moving in order to breathe.So they pick up a shark earlier in the evening and they can't really get to at night so very few sharks are going to survive and most are going to die in the drum line. It's not a pleasant death. It is a slow and barbaric death. And really as I say, the justification for doing this just doesn't exist.Is there a solution?I think there is with new drone technology, people are able to get out there and see. Trying to spot a shocker that is like a needle in a haystack. But the only time sharks really present a problem to swimmers is when they are coming in to actively feed. So if we can use that drone technology to identify weather a large wail or something is nearby then the factors that present themselves to bring sharks and we could user information to truly provide some prevention for swimmers.Yes. It is interesting. I want to be sympathetic to the view that you present. For the environment and letting them live. But the notions need to be changing in the public as well. Yes we can't quite protect ourselves from everything. Thanks for joining us. If there was a slightest chance.

If you thought
there was the slightest chance giving your child a medicine
for their illness could make them depressed,
hostile and even suicidal, would you do it? A Melbourne mum - whose young son
got those side effects from using asthma medication
"Singulair" - is petitioning for the makers
of the drug to put clear, fluorescent
warnings on the label. Doctors say the drug
is very effective for asthma prevention,
especially for children, and there is an extremely
low risk of any side effects.

And we are joined
by Vanessa Sellick

and her son Harrison in Melbourne
and Sunrise GP Ginni Mansberg is here in the studio. Good Morning. Vanessa run us through
what happened to Harrison once you started
him on "Singulair"? Pretty much straight away
they noticed a change in Harrison's personality -

He started crying over little things, he would cry if we asked him to use his knife and fork to eat. He would run from our house. He's crying bouts would last for about an hour and a half. Nobody knew what was wrong with him. We were seeing lots of doctors and nobody could actually tell us what was happening.You eventually took Harrison off cingulate? When that happened was there a change to make or was it residual effects?In Harrison's case there were residual effects, this doesn't happen to all kids off cingulate some bounce back very fast. But in Harrison's affects he has suffered some long- term. We are really hoping to get more research done into understanding the reason why this problem exists.Lots of kids are on cingulate very successfully. And are not suffering from some of the side-effects of the steroids that they could be given in the past, what do we do? Especially when we know there is potential as a Harrison said experience of these horrific side-effects?I can't imagine how devastated you are Vanessa, what a horrible thing for a child to go through. So with the best we can do is offer a leaflet that sometimes but not always should be the side-effects which should be in the packet as with other drugs. A pet particularly with the suicidal behaviour that has been occurring. Noise nosebleeds, toothaches and joint pains and all those things aren't always written down on the packet so how are the parents to know Tiahleigh should it be the pharmacist who says before I give you this medication do you know about it or should and dad be forced to go onto the internet and go and find it themselves?I guess Vanessa if you had been aware of the side-effects when you first witnessed them and I was so out of character for Harrison you would just taken him off right?Yes but also coincided with him going through terrible twos and threes that parents could be confused about what actually going on. And there is actually no information in the packaging of Singulair in Australia. There are no warnings on the outside either.So. So it Harrison it's Andrew here you remember how you felt when you were taking cingulate?Not really just that it was really horrible. Like really jumpy inside and I hated it. And Jenny many people I guess, seeing as it does have one full results for many kids would probably elect to take the chance anyway, if they did that and the child displayed the kind of side- effects Harrison suffered from what would be the advice to them? Get them off straight away with that be the option?Absolutely there that is great and I believe that she went to a doctor and ask them and they told her to take it off as it could be a side-effect of the matter medication.And Vanessa as a mother of three asthmatic myself I could only imagine that your life is difficult enough without this it added extreme complication. So thank you for being brave enough to go out there and get the warning put on.Yes I really want to give parents the chance to have the bridge between the struggle and the medication.Yes I'm glad you all got the memo about the black-and- white poker dotted outfits. Why do we get one?I know so unfair. And how much more funding to private schools really get? We will show you some of the numbers. And the plans on weather to make it fair when we come back. It's got some noses out of joint.And JFK's neck opens up about the history of addiction for the family.And he has done it again everybody's favourite celebrity and and he shows that tennis is not his only sporting prowess. That's next on weekend sunrise.

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Welcome back to weekend sunrise. The $50,000 cash cow is coming very soon.Hello Cowell.

Time to take a look back at
some of the more unusual stories that made headlines this week
in the segment we like to call...

This week, South Australia's
1.7 million residents were left without power
following severe storms. Malcolm Turnbull has slammed
state Labor governments for imposing "ideological"
renewable energy targets. If you are stuck in an elevator,
if the lights won't go on, if your fridge is thawing out and everything in the fridge
is thawing out because the power is gone, you are not going
to be concerned about the particular source
of that power, whether it is hydro, wind,
solar, coal or gas. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
responded to the political storm

Yes but if you could do suffocating in time because of all the smoke in the air.That doesn't sound like the same outcome from a few years ago. So we spoke to opposition Bill leader and this is his response.

The fact that 20
transmission towers were blown down
by almost cyclonic winds is not due
to a renewable energy target, it's due to the weather.

They do seem to be the power expert. They all believe that was the old infrastructure not the new technology that was causing the problem. Another big story, I don't know if you've gotten this one but a new species of fly has been discovered in Kosciusko National Park. Now like most Australian animals into little stranger than most.

I have just discovered
a new cane fly that cannot fly
because it has hardly any wings, but in order to compensate
for that it has a double-barrelled penis.

That's right a double-barreled penis, you heard that correctly a double-barreled penis.Ribbed, ribbed.I'd just like to say that I can't fly either. Are you saying is double-barreled? I'm not saying that. Before we go a huge response to the celebrity and playing golf. So this week, he has taken to hockey.The he's wearing the team uniforms and everything.He brings such joy to everyone.I think it's the facial expressions. I love that they even have the same camera angles as the AFL.This is a serious operation.We will see them ice skating next week.I just like watching Simon's face. They are going on the celebrity dog wall. Top of the list. Absolutely. Stephen, Stephen. Stick around for that. New is time here is Sally.

South Australian residents
are bracing for more rain after days
of widespread flooding north of Adelaide. The SES is advising people to
leave their sandbags in place. There's fears flood waters
at Virginia could breach a railway line and flood the town after the Gawler and Wakefield
Rivers burst their banks. Very worried we had a problem. 11 years ago,
and we lost everything. House was underwater, and the insurance
won't cover it. Dozens of families

The Army has been helping sandbag homes from going underwater.

Dozens of families in the New South Wales
Central West are once again homeless, forced to evacuate
from rising floodwaters. Last night, the SES issued
an evacuation order for residents in Wagga Wagga
and Condobolin, saying staying inside
would put their lives at risk. The Lachlan River
peaked again overnight, between 7-9m in some parts.

Told to take enough close to last a week. And severe weather is also expected across Victoria today.

The Bureau says flash flooding
and destructive winds of up to 90 kilometres will hit
most of the state by tonight. Thunderstorms will also hit
some regions. Police say a grandmother found dead
inside an Adelaide home could have been the victim
of a vicious road rage attack. The 57-year-old was killed while her 27-year-old
daughter-in-law was found gagged and bound up Valley View. Three children aged five, four
and two were home but were uninjured. The woman is alleging
that there was a home invasion with two Caucasian males
that left the scene in a white tradie-type
4-wheel-drive vehicle with 4 doors. Police say the offenders may have followed the woman
home from work.

Developing nations
in the Carribean

are preparing
for Hurricane Matthew soon to hit the region. The category four storm is bringing rain
and destructive wind gusts of up to 155km/h. Meterologists fear it could
be the strongest system since Hurricane Felix
which killed 100 people in 2007. Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica are predicted to be hit hardest
by this latest storm. Locals are stocking up
on food and water. A 16-year-old boy
has already been killed after being swept into a drain.

It's been a big night for Western Bulldogs players and fans with the club celebrating their first grand final victory in 62 years. It was won by 22 point their first grand final victory in 62 years. It won by 22.2 take the MCG. Captain Murphy was awarded a medal at the exhibition Centre last night. Everyone has had big moments in the last four weeks, and this is what is taken and that's why we're here. Celebrations continue today with a fan day at Footscray.And Sydney will be looking for redemption. With Cronulla to take on Melbourne Storm in the NRL today. Their fans are looking for a fairytale finish today.50 years and waiting I can't wait.He has to wait. Obviously he can wait it's been 50 years. Tickets are sold out, gone. They were scalping outside of the AFL for two grand yesterday.Would you like a couple tickets?They almost got me.Amazing how they travel all the way around the world.You all the scientists about that have a double penis. Double-barreled, penis. After losing to South Africa this morning 18 points to 10, the Aussies made a promising start and Scott CEO crashed over in the 14th minute.

I thought we had a fair
few chances there, we didn't hold onto the ball
long enough. The opportunities were there
to hold points so it's disappointing. The Wallabies face Argentina
next weekend in London.

Liverpool has won
its fifth match from seven starts

in the Premier League
with a 2-1 victory over Swansea. The Reds trailed at half-time, before James Milner grabbed the
match-winner in the 84th minute. Chelsea also got the points
over Hull City. The Blues scored both their goals
in the second half for a 2-nil win.

Daniel Ricciardo will start
from fourth position

in tonight's
Malaysian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton grabbed pole to claim his 100th
career front row, only the second driver
to achieve the feat behind Michael Schumacher. Hamilton's teammate and championship leader,
Nico Rosberg, qualified second.

There's just half a point
separating the US and Europe

on day two of the Ryder Cup
in Minnesota. The home fans
have been very vocal and they went absolutely bananas
over this beauty from Patrick Reed.

It's in.

How about that for Patrick Reed,
as if he needs charging up. An eagle three at the sixth. The Americans lead by just
a point after 12 matches.

Now it's time
to check the weather with JT.

Well it's a gaming expo but just over the other side is the prediction for today's NRL.Storm or Sharks? I reckon storm based on that there is a stronger team.Who is going to win.My mate go to the sharks and I think sharks.IRC the sharks as well. That's good logic. Let's go to the national forecast. We can sunrise brought to you by. Get credit .au.

Partly cloudy in Cairns.
Mostly sunny in Rockhampton. Sunny in Brisbane
with 29 degrees. Sunny in Tamworth and Newcastle.
Sydney, sunny and 27. Sunny also and 20 for Canberra. Rain later
and a possible storm in Mildura. A possible storm
with heavy falls in Ballarat. Windy with evening rain
in Melbourne and 23 degrees. Rain increasing in Strahan, light rain at times
in Hobart and 20. Mount Gambier, rain. Showers developing
and 22 in Adelaide. A shower or two
and possible storm for Katherine. 33 and partly cloudy in Darwin. And in the West, windy with a possible early storm
in Albany, a possible shower for Perth
and 18 degrees. Sunny for Karratha.

Well I found the anime version of the mascot. Here are the sharks and the storm.Who is going to win today?I reckon storm, I don't want to hear it broke.Clearly going to the wrong team over here.Yeah they didn't make up the war anyway. Yes storm. Cameron Smith and the boys. State of Origin side. And who is this is this your wife?No daughter. Storm, definitely storm.Yes storm. Alright crazy. Crazy Shah supporters were I work in their down here too.Thanks guys have a great day. And that's what people are saying.Our man on the ground is James. And how would you like to win some cash?The sunrise cash cow. And it is the first chance to call our first Lucky cash cow prizewinner. It is our winger from Buffalo River? Hello hey is this Jenny, my God is this cash cow. This is cash cow, well done. $50,000.I cannot believe it.Isn't that fantastic? Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you could win this when you send that text message?What are you going to do with it? No I didn't think I would win.I do know I get a facial. You got that phone pretty promptly, are you sitting by waiting for it?Yes. It's what you could do isn't it? Thank you so much.Thanks Deb for taking part. 50 grand is on its way to Buffalo River as we speak.A very happy place.Now to be in the draw for the next draw you need the codeword which is moved.Send your information to the numbers on screen. Lines are close at 4 PM Australian East standard Time. We will be making our second cash call in one hour 22nd seconds.Moving on, the topic that many politicians do not touch.

after Education Minister
Simon Birmingham made this comment. Does that mean you are saying
some schools could be worse off? Or will be worse off? That is possible. Because under the arrangements
we have, some schools, who are notionally overfunded. Are the wealthier private
schools overfunded? To go back to the question. There are some that
fit that bill. Yes, there are. The startling confession
is supported by government data, which shows 150 private schools
across the country are receiving more funding
than they are entitled to. Places like Sydney's
elite girls' school Loreto Kirribilli which receives
283% of its entitlement. Melbourne Grammar
which is over funded by $2.2 million per year. Or Sydney's Riverview

And to discuss we are joined by Kevin Donnelly who is the senior representative at Catholic schools. And Chris Bonner as well and the man who promise to cut private school funding more than a decade ago Mark Latham. Do you agree with what the Minister for Education has said?It was really inevitable that this would happen because when the gone ski plan was implemented, what happened is that the no losers have become very, very big winners. And they've corrupted the whole plan, the whole scheme of things. In other words we didn't do on ski as gone ski intended.Now we have delivered the consequences. Yes it was supposed to reader's tribute funding according to needs but if you don't take funding away from those that are already funded to a massive level you can't redistribute can you?Yes they propose having more money as a pose to taking money from those that don't need it. And this is why we are where we are.And you've argued against the formula so a school like cambric in Sydney as was reported by Fairfax yesterday received almost $40 million in private funding each year, still receives $4.6 million in government funding each year, no one would begrudge them their private funds but do they really need the public funds as well?I'd argue that the whole basis that you're making that claim isn't true. The whole thing is that gone ski is flawed and the methodology behind it when you put into schooling is all standard. Melbourne Institute in fact says that it is flawed and not working. I go back to the point that when you have funding to non-government schools they only receive about just over 50% of their money from state or Federal Government. And parents are making up the other over 40, 48%. In these so-called elite schools may receive 8 to 10% of their funding from government. And as parents pay taxes I think they have every right to that.So what happens if there are parents who don't have to put up fees more if they are getting the funding? Or do they take the parents at a private school is? What happens to the private school system than? That's an excellent question if you look at the figures. On average across Australia it takes about 15 or $16,000 to educate a student in a government school. When you look at non-government schools on average it only about half of that. So obviously, the more school students who go to government schools is going to cost you an extra billions of dollars. In fact, the reality is into paying school fees. Those students going to non- government schools and to 5 or $6 billion a year.We will come back to you shortly Kevin but Mark you've defended Birmingham, you've been created and a hit list. You've done this it back in 2004 when you released a plan to cut funding for 67 private schools what is your view on it now?The plane back then was to put funding into government schools overall but to take from the wealthier schools and give it to some government schools. But also low fee non- government schools. That 97% of Catholic schools are going to be better off. Cardinal Pell didn't want that he was against it for remarkable reasons. The bottom line is we don't have enough money to have goldplated school facilities. The gone ski is a formula and both sides of politics seem to accept that then you need to apply the base formula across the board. If we have doll bludgers who are getting too much money ever crackdown on them and ever crackdown on refugees. The organisations that are wasting money we crackdown on them. We have significantly over funded schools, the wealthiest in the country so why do we have to cut their funding and given to every body else it just makes sense.So you agree that gone ski or everybody agrees apart from Kevin perhaps that is been badly corrupted by the special deals that are being done. Everyone's nose got out of joint, do you think there is a problem Chris in standing up to the private school lobby? As a very powerful? The problem is that you deal with the reality in some facts. The example is a parents funding to government schools is nowhere near as high as Kevin says.I haven't finished Kevin.They are incorrect figures. The non-government schools are funded between 80 and 105% of the public money going to government schools.Now that's absolutely unsustainable. But you're including parental fees there. Government, state and Commonwealth.I'm including all funding together. I'm not picky against government and state.And on your point what I found out in 2004 is that the schools are talking about have the power elite in this country and they go there that, journalist business managers and, politicians. The power elite have to say that even though our schools are overfunded then going to share the funding with that needy. They're really running a con job on the average Australian. As if their kids were going into a local school they need to stand up to these elites and call out for their fallacious argument and get the funding that their school needs. That's just a repeat of the politics purview. And the other thing I don't want to put too many facts into the argument but the only fee in this year or in why schools are failing let high performing schools putting Australia the top of the table in the resources going into disadvantaged schools. Our so- called disadvantaged schools, I'd government or not government are already the best funded in the world. And if you look over the last 20 years. They've increased over 37% what their standards have not.Kevin can you accept how much it would hurt anyone who is sending to local or public school when they see those figures that we have just shown that their children are not getting resources, they don't have a hall to sit in, various things like that can you not appreciate. Meanwhile the another school down the road has the state of the art everything, you know like a cryogenic chamber for the first 15 football team. And still getting $4 million.Can you appreciate that that would irk?You have will disadvantaged schools are usually among the top in funding. And people that send it children to government funded schools pay several thousand dollars to get them in them by poppies next to the school. I'd compare it to getting many bank private insurance so may we should we should look at the government private schools that should be contributing.These top 1% of income earners should be the same. It's not the same as it is for the needy and it should be.We need to get a mix of a wealthy and non-wealthy parents at both private independent and government schools. So how do you target each student to ensure that that school is not being judged on the basis of their parents? It is a massive issue.It is a huge massive issue and we are out of time right now.We appreciate all of your time. And we have asked you do share your favourite tearjerker movies the story.

because of some very surprising
new medical research by Oxford Scholars. The study found
that having a good cry was a very healthy thing, and it's just the trick
to get you out of a bad mood. So what are some of the greatest
tear-jerker movies of all time? Get the tissues ready - here they come.

I'm not in a bad mood, Merlene. I've just been
in a very bad mood for 40 years. To get out of that dark mood,
a sad movie might do the trick. Get the tissues out
for 'Terms of Endearment.' Somehow,
I thought it would be a relief.

It's on the list
of our most loved tear-jerkers,

along with this
very friendly ghost. It's like I think about
you every minute, like I can still feel you. We all know in our hearts that there something special
about having a good cry, but how do Demi's tears affect us
on a chemical level? According to research
out of Oxford University, watching a weepy releases
more endorphins than a laugh-out-loud comedy. You're kidding me? You're kidding me, right? Are you kidding me? You've got to be kidding me. No, seriously, they do. Endorphins
are feel-good chemicals which help us feel
a stronger bond with those who share
the experience. The research also found
they increase our pain threshold and make us more resilient. That's right, even after our hearts are broken
they will go on. # My heart will go on. #

I guess that song brings tears to my eyes. So, the crying has the same effect essentially as laughter in the release of endorphins?It interesting isn't it. It just shows if we access our emotions that it is good for us. And I have clients that don't want to share and I would often send them out to watch a movie like red dog or eight below. And they do often come back and feel better. In previous research has already shown us that if you watch really sad movies and make you feel a little bit happier because you appreciate what you have. Particularly in close relationships. So may not be that the endorphins are released for all of us are but you reach to a person's beside you even if it's a stranger in a theatre and just say hello.Because you kind of have a shared community experience? And asking weather or not it's wonderful.I will go in the bathroom, I love going to the movies on my own afterwards and I will start talking to them, saying how was the movie?I am so glad that I wasn't dating Julia Roberts when she died at the end of a movie of a debilitating disease and I have some of my family that is not dying because of a debilitating disease I feel better.Of course because it also increases your pain threshold.So endorphins do that? Yes we know that comedy or exercise gets those chemicals rushing through our body and now this one is suggesting that tearful, weepy comedy week movies are doing the same.Even better?What is a movie that makes you cry? This is 40. This is 40 make me cry that that is considered a great film.Oh yes, the Fault in our stars. That's a permanent oxygen that she carries around.That was a tearjerker on the spot. Because you didn't understand it?Thanks Joe. And our next guest is proof that it doesn't matter how rich or famous you are.

addiction can still strike. Christopher Kennedy Lawford is the nephew of John F. Kennedy and son of Rat Pack member
Peter Lawford. He's appeared in movies like
'The World's Fastest Indian' and 'Terminator 3' but behind the glamour
lies a dark past. Christopher
is a recovering addict and says there's a lot more
that society needs to learn about overcoming addiction. And Christopher Kennedy Lawford
joins us now from Los Angeles. Good morning Christopher. What form
did your addiction take?

And for those of those haven't heard your story how serious was it?It was serious, like a lot of folks I picked this up when I was a kid. I was sort of a product of a perfect storm, I had the genetics and I was the product of the 60s and the 70s. So these chemicals and these behaviours work really good for overcoming trauma. Adolescence can be traumatic even if you don't have murder and other things in your family pushing you down that path.So you think that the deaths of your uncles was particularly traumatic experience for you? But there are also beneficial things about going down the drug side and you think that's the genetics?Yes 50% of the folks that manifests these kind of things have a genetic legacy, the trauma is present much without all folks. Addicts are trying to medicate the intolerable most of their lives. We can argue about what is intolerable, some people might just think adolescence is traumatic enough to pending on your sensitivity. With me I had the public notice of two family members that I relived every single day of the last 50 years. So I had PTSD, there are other effects as well. There are people out there that have these kind of conditions and are condemned for it. Because they have developed a substance or behaviour affect that helps them deal with it.Why have you decided to talk about this publicly Christopher?Why is it so important to share your story? I have been working as a public advocate for 30 years and been walking near the White House and I work for Fortune 500 companies and I have come to Australia to help a friend of mine who owns a great hospital called South Pacific private and I believe that this is an illness, this is the number one health issue in Australia and it is a huge issue for you down in Australia with our coal particularly. And it is, it is an issue that people don't understand. And there is a lot of shame around it. To somebody who presents well, somebody from the family that I am from Addy's educated like me. People people will listen. And I come from a family where public service is part of our family.We have seen in Portugal for example where a different approach of hard drugs is not criminalised but rather seen to help. So there is the official response to drugs and addiction and alcohol. But there are also personal responses for those around people who are addicts.That can be extremely useful as well? That is perfect I love that you cite that study because this is an issue that is thought of smartly by society we could make a real difference. Going from source eradication to prevention, I have written a book that is coming out this month called when your partner has an addiction that basically, basically says that you don't have to leave somebody who is in the throes of this thing if you love them. And if they are willing to work with you. A person can make a huge difference. Addiction is a huge disease that thrives in isolation. It is the product of the inability to get along with our fault fellows. If, if you're with somebody that has this also be your family has. Ther chances of getting better are a lot better.We have a graphic up at the moment Christopher that says don't shame your partner be sensitive and don't take it personally and we have a psychologist nodding away here on the couch.All that can be pretty hard to do but I'm sure that your book is a great place for people to start. Especially for people that want to learn how to apply those principles to a person they love. It's been terrific talking to you but thank you so much for joining us today. Thanks very much. As the great poet said when you see a man, full down drunk in the street, think perhaps that he escapes an ugly reality.

It's news time. Here's Sally. It's been a big night for Western Bulldogs
players and fans with the club celebrating. The Dogs beat the Swans
by 22 points to take the Premiership
at the MCG. Everyone had big moments today
and everyone had big moments

in the past four weeks. That's what it's taken
and that's why we're here. The Swans
spent the night in Melbourne ahead of returning home. This is the team's
third Grand Final loss in three seasons. We didn't get the job done
but, once again, it's not going to stop us
from trying to climb to the top of the mountain
again. The celebrations continue today with a fan day
at Whitten Oval, Footscray, beginning at 11:00. A man remains in hospital
after he was allegedly bashed with a crow bar
in western Sydney. Police say the 53-year-old
was arguing with his wife at Camperdown when an 18-year-old man
intervened. The man then raised his fist
at the younger man who allegedly hit him
with a crow bar. He was treated by paramedics
at the scene and was taken to hospital where
he remains in a stable condition. The teenager will face court
later this month charged with assault.

Residents affected
by flooding north of Adelaide

have been told
to keep their sandbags in place with more rain expected
to drench already flooded areas. The SES has issued
an emergency warning for the South Australian towns
of Virginia and Port Wakefield after the Gawler and Wakefield
Rivers burst their banks. Flood water is flowing along the
eastern side of the railway line at Virginia and there's a risk the flood water will breach it
and flood the town. 11 years ago
it was more drastic than this, it was faster the river broke
its banks on this side. Now it's more gradual but there's a lot more water
in the river this time. Rain and thunderstorms
are forecast across the state from today Dozens of families
in the NSW Central West have been forced to evacuate
their homes as floodwaters rise. Last night, the SES issued
an evacuation order for residents in Wagga Wagga
and Condobolin. They've been told
to leave their homes or risk
becoming caught in floodwaters, with roads congested or closed. The Lachlan River is expected to peak
near 7.2m on Wednesday.

A townhouse has been destroyed
by a suspicious fire

in Sydney's west overnight. Emergency services arrived
at the residential property at Bidwell around 3:00
this morning to find it fully alight. They quickly worked
to douse the flames but the townhouse
was unable to be saved. There were fears
a female was inside the home but neighbours say she no longer
officially resides there. Fire authorities
are investigating what caused the blaze.

Of the most horrid K.

One of the most powerful
hurricanes in recent history is barrelling
across the Caribbean, threatening Jamaica,
Haiti and Cuba. Hurricane Matthew has weakened
slightly to a category four storm but it's still expected to deliver wind gusts
of up to 250km/h. It's the strongest system
since Hurricane Felix which killed 100 people in 2007. Locals are stocking up
on food and water as they brace for wild weather. A 16-year-old boy
has already been killed after being swept into a drain. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are wrapping up
their eight day tour of Canada. US Correspondent Angela Cox
is travelling with the royals. Ange, crowds have gathered
to farewell the royal family.

Yes that is right. Very patient these Canadians. They've been waiting here a few hundred of them ready to see of the Cambridge clan. We have about another half an hour to wait before we see William and Catherine. But more importantly Charlotte and George. The rain is clearing now which is good news. They will have clear skies for their departure. They arrived here and in about 10 minutes time they will walk down here to the seaplane behind me. They will take off from there and fly to Vancouver before heading home to London. They have had a pretty lovely morning for the last morning in Canada. William and Catherine went out on the seas on a big tall ship with a gun crew. They seemed to really enjoy themselves hoisting up the sales. Some of the teenagers on board told me that Kate seem to be more adept than will. And seemed more comfortable at the helm and are bringing the ship into document a couple of hours ago now. Earlier today they went to visit a domestic violence Centre and had a cup of tea with some young people suffering from mental health issues. An eight day tour I think the palace will consider a great success as they have been warmly greeted by everyone they have come across. And the Canadians are desperate to see another photo of or a quick peak of George and Charlotte.Maybe they will be in all matching parkers. Parachute tracksuits?Got their face on the tracksuits?Your friend Linda can do someone these for them. Yes onesies and Mark Lux.They could be their uniform.You can tell that there are seafaring people those princes, new?

The Bulldogs are given little hope of getting into the grand final two weeks ago but then they took it out yesterday. Good morning Tommy tell us again what a ride this team has given everyone.There was a history breaking performance. They have not won the flag since 1954 no team has ever won from seventh on the latter, they have been the first team to win to state finals to get there. Luke Beveridge pretty much the architect of the success, Simon Beasley one of the club great in that room is, he said it was like Beveridge had a magic wand.Let's listen here to the Victorians Bulldogs coach. When we started a couple years ago. I'm not sure, we honestly envision that it would turn out like this. But you need courage to text light. You need determination and, you need, beat hearts. You need assistance. So many heroes in what was very much a team performance. Johannisen was a very popular winger of the Norm Smith medal. Perhaps one of the stories of the day was this, Bob Murphy the spiritual leader of the club, and Luke Beveridge the quote handed over his metal to Murphy who has spent most of the season out due to injury. It is been one quoted as one of the greatest grand final moments ever. Everyone can head down to win oval to see the doggies today. Opens at 11. Thank you Tom there are tears in my family but of a different type.

In the NRL, the Sharks
can take some inspiration from the Western Bulldogs,
hoping for their own fairytale in tonight's Grand Final. Cronulla is searching
for its maiden Premiership in the club's 50-year history.

And those two guys they do just enough to get the teams home. Throw in Craig Bellamy they will be very prepared.The sharks and store managed to get through the final training without incident and now that teams will be lined up soon. Now he is JT.We are at ANZ and I have found some sharks fans.And Pikachu, and some sharks fans.

VOICE-OVER: Weekend Sunrise
is brought to you by: Get Credit Score. Discover your credit score
for free now. On screen in minutes - A strong cold front
and associated upper trough will move into
the south-eastern states today, bringing rain areas
along the front from the Northern Territory
through far western Queensland and all the way down to Tasmania. Scattered showers
in South Australia and the southern WA coastline. Brisbane sunny and 29.
Sydney sunny and 27. Canberra sunny and 20. 23 and windy with evening rain
for Melbourne. Hobart, light rain at times
and 20 degrees. Adelaide 22
and showers developing. A possible shower and 18 in Perth and Darwin partly cloudy and 33.

Gee you guys are loyal fans.Can they do it?Absolutely. It is our year. What about the storm they have had an absolutely good year what is it about the sharks game? While we've been waiting for a long time. We have a great team. We got some veteran players, I do want to say old.And some young blood. We will be right. But the storm is surgical. Other shots going to stand over them or will it be a battle of attrition?Probably, probably but we have gallon.What are the storms chances?Zero.Has every player signed your flag guess pretty much everyone. And we found a Pikachu that is not forget. We better see some competition this afternoon JT or you will be in trouble.

It's long been said
that a man's home is his castle. But of course, women are the ones
who keep the castle running. So when two sisters feared
their suburb was being taken over by large apartment blocks,

That's what happened in the movie.

they took matters
into their own hands. In a David and Goliath battle, Nyree and Leonie Parker bought
a vacant block of land near their Frankston South home
to keep developers out.

And Tokyo traffic cop verse Godzilla battle

Here's what happened. Ah, the serenity. Peace and quiet Nyree and Leonie Parker spent
more than $500,000 to keep. It's an absurd amount of money just for a block
to keep developers out. We did, we paid far too much. Two adjoining blocks
were actioned an hour apart. One is two doors up
from the Parker sisters. They feared both would be bought
by a developer to build 14 units, and their quiet court
would become a thoroughfare. We didn't really want to buy it
but we've got no other chance. The sisters say they can see
apartments popping up from the property they share
with their mum. I think they
really made a statement, but it's at a price. And their purchase
is getting full support from their neighbours. I really admire them
for doing so, because it's a special
little neighbourhood. Full marks for her
for going that far. I think everyone
would support her. Another homeowner who has refused
to be steamrolled by developers is 87-year-old Barry Dickson, who's home in Sydney's south
is now surrounded by highrise.

Have advice to anyone approach by developer is to be stubborn.Strong willed enough to, to wear them down.

Nyree and Leonie Parker
join us now from Melbourne. Good morning. Nyree, half a million dollars
is a lot of money for a vacant block of land. Why did you feel
it was something you had to do?

Absolutely it's just the principle and the integrity of our court. They were invading all of our neighbouring streets. And it would have been a domino effect of all these houses being pulled down and replaced by always up to 50 units of our street it would have caused traffic congestion. And Leoni I imagine is it just that feeling of powerlessness, you lose your way of life? Life has become a challenge since the natural progression of townhouses.But no doubt that the council have gotten this under control.It's a big question isn't it because people have to live somewhere don't they and we can't keep going out and out for ever we don't have the infrastructure to do that. So what do you think are the answers for the high density living here?I think there should be designated areas for high density living and for those that want this bait. But our court prides itself on its properties and we love our gardens and our space. You want high density living, the CBD area is great for apartments. I don't think they should be invading the suburbs, the infrastructure is just not there.Will you have paid a lot of money for the community where you live thank you so much for sharing with us this morning.Thank you.We appreciate it. The many years of mowing lawns and trimming tree to come for them. Do you like trimming trees? Are I love trimming trees.

Ahead this hour - colossal kitty - is this Australias biggest cat? We're going to find out soon. And doing it for love - the incredible story of two young girls
taking care of their mum. You don't want to miss this.

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Last week,

the government announced
revolutionary reforms to the welfare system in a bid to break the cycle
of dependency. One of the biggest groups
receiving welfare are young people caring
for their loved ones. Weekend Sunrise reporter
Jessica Tancred met two who are making
a world of difference.

It is what it is,
nobody chose this life,

but this is how it is so,
you just get on with it.

11-year-old Stella Cox
and her sister Rose

might look like ordinary kids Ah, my bag is so heavy,
too many text books. But at home, they are nothing
short of extraordinary. Hi Mum. Hi. How are you going? Did you have a good day? Yep. Hi mum. How are you? Stell, can you get the milk
out for me? Yep. One biscuit per person. (LAUGHS). School might be done for the day, but the real work
is just getting started. Alright girls, we've got to put
some washing on, there's some washing in the
machine that's gotta go out. Rose Cox was just 8-years-old
when her mother was diagnosed
with a neurological condition that left her a quadriplegic. There are things
I will always remember like when the ambulance
came to take my mum when she couldn't
get out of bed. It was really tough, I took on that
family responsibility of being the parent. I had to clean, cook, everything
under the sun that you could think of. Waking up getting myself ready
for primary school, getting my sister ready
for day-care. Now in Year 6,
Stella is doing her fair share. Choosing to sleep
next to her mum every night in case something goes wrong,
and it can. Maybe 3am 2am,
maybe I will get up and unblock her catheter and if that doesn't
get unblocked her blood pressure rises
which increases the chance of having a stroke. A few times a month, I'll be
"nup" I don't want to do this. I'll often be tired,
and I'll get angry, I'll be mean to everybody
and nobody will know why. Rose is the vice captain
of a 1200 kid school, Stella goes to a primary school
of 600 kids and she's the school captain I think we're doing ok
as a unit. Adding to her accolades, Rose was also appointed
the sole youth ambassador for Kookaburra Kids. A not-for-profit organisation
that much gives support to young people
with adult responsibilities. Heading the foundation that
cares for more than 1300 kids is Pamela Brown.

I think anyone would be proud to have Rose as a daughter.

The Federal Government says there are about 11,000
young carers in the welfare system, costing taxpayers about
$5.2 billion throughout their lifetime. Even though she has been a carer
for half her life, Rose has only just started
receiving assistance. Started receiving
the carer payment just under a year ago
when I was 16 and I received $123 a fortnight. Money Rose says
is still not enough. I do think sometimes
life is unfair, but I believe that things happen
for a reason and it's happened to me and I've just got to
make the best of the situation. No, I wouldn't change it. I would change the pain
that Mum has but I wouldn't change
anything else.

What extraordinary girls. Remarkably mature aspect of life. And what a unit together. The fact that they can talk about it so openly. The challenges.Stella and Rose, good on you.

Ahead this morning -

Our cash cow call is just minutes away.

While much of the talk this week
has been about power outages and footy finals, there was another big story
making headlines - the demise
of the Sunnyboy ice block. That's right, the pyramid-shaped treat that was a staple
at so many school canteens will soon cease to exist.

Not surprisingly,
the news caused a public outcry. So what's behind the decline
of this icy icon? Confectionary expert Tim Piper from the Australian
Industry Group joins us from Melbourne. Good morning. Tim, why has the Sunnyboy
been taken off the shelves?

I think nostalgia is the biggest issue here. We all like the idea of it but we're not buying it anymore. Is that because we're too healthy now. It was essentially just frozen orange cordial.I think fads change and this hasn't been maintained and we have not passed it on to the kids.Responsible parents, who are interested in the dental and muscular development of their children should be giving their kids sunny boys because that distinctive combination of bite, nor an suck is very good exercise. This is an excuse for us to take a look back at some of the iconic ice blocks that we all grew up with.He has found the new caramel chocolate paddle pops, and your street shop now. It's so hard to have a gay time on your own. A lot of we struck, Dave., Heading south.So you are an expert in the field. Other other cultural impacts of confectionery is through the years. We look back and think how wonderful it was when we were kids. But products come and go. The poly waffle has disappeared as well. We are not buying enough of them. You need to make sure the iconic products we have now, that we continue to eat them and buy them. That's the message that we want for the kids. There is another Aussie icon that has been around since 1955.Aim for a heart, a streets chocolate coated ice cream heart. It couldn't be creamier.Why is the heart still so popular? Magnum has come along and some would say that is a trick to heart.They were the hearts that you had when you went to the cinema. The ice cream and chocolate was always good. That's the thing about the Magnum as well. I guess Magnum took the chopped wedge out of commission.That's true. Have you ever been to a cinema just to buy the chopped top? While you weren't pregnant? No.We have to get to the news. What is the outlook for the Buffalo Bill. As long as you keep eating it it will be around.

Residents north of Adelaide
are bracing for more rein to soak the state - an emergency warning
has been issued for Virginia and Port Wakefield
as floodwaters rise. Dozens of families
in the New South Wales Central West have been told
to evacuate their homes as floodwaters rise. Evacuation orders are in place
for residents in Wagga Wagga and Condobolin.

In breaking news. A man missing
in the New South Wales Blue Mountains has been found. Terrence Broadhead was discovered
in a backyard after going missing
from a nursing home at Katoomba. He's been taken to hospital
with cuts to his legs.

And the Royals are flying
out of Canada after an 8 day trip

exploring the outdoors
and experiencing indigenous culture. They spent their last morning
out on the seas on a tallship. They'll fly into Vancouver
before heading home to London.

Yesterday, the Western Bulldogs
completed their fairytale. Today, the Sharks are hoping
to win their maiden premiership when they face the Storm
in the NRL Grand Final. One man who knows both clubs
very well is Brett Kimmorley. Good morning, Brett. You played for both teams,
won a premiership with Melbourne, but it's obvious where
your allegiances lie today.

I hopefully can show you who I am supporting today. Winning the competition with the Melbourne Storm in the second year was the greatest part of my football career. But I have become a resident of the Shire since 2002 and played for the club for a number of years. My kids are on the bandwagon. So I can't have them going to bed unhappy tonight so I will back the Sharks. Fifty-seven year drought was broken yesterday so why can't we have some fairytales?Only a few weeks ago, they met in the minor premiership and Melbourne one that comfortably. How did the Sharks turn that around today? They warmed a couple of opportunities. They had two chances to score early and they didn't take them. The Melbourne Storm give them nothing. They have the best players in the league. I thought that this place that the Sharks played at last week was unbelievable. The atmosphere there tonight should be pretty amazing. It is a sell-out crowd. The atmosphere might help the Sharks. It is Michael Ennis's farewell game. They have waited for fifty years and this is them best opportunity.Your prediction for the result and your pic for the Clive Churchill Medal?I think it will be a low scoring affair. Thirteen points to 12 points in favour of the Sharks. Clive Churchill Medal will go to in Barber.There you go. Enjoy the day. Let's check your weather. Weekend Sunrise weather is brought to you by debt credit score. Discover your credit score on screen in minutes.

Based wrong front is bringing out whether across the Northern Territory and Queensland all way down to Tasmania.

Brisbane, sunny and 29. Sydney, sunny and 27. Canberra, sunny and 20. 23 and windy with evening
rein for Melbourne. Hobart light rein at times
and 20 degrees. Adelaide 22
and showers developing. A possible shower
and 18 in Perth.

There is ANZ Stadium. Australia's attention will be here tonight. Your predictions are? My predictions? Melbourne Storm.Who are you?What's the score going to be? Melbourne Storm ahead?I didn't hear that. Only time will tell. Have a great day today. It's all happening here. The EB Games Expo is happening next door a few of just chewed in.He had to think about what to say.No wonder he is wearing a gas mask. How would you like to win some cash stop because we love giving away money on the weekends.It's time for our second lucky winner. You just have to answer within the first three wings. We are calling Camden Park in New South Wales. Well it jackpot then tomorrow.$20,000.The watching tomorrow for that. You will need the codeword stop there are a lot of owners in that.If you missed it the codeword is moved.I'm not sure about the pronunciation of that. It sounds more like any new.Coming up what is 165 cm long and goes by the name of Ollie? Have we found Australia's biggest pussycat stop plus, will it become another Tim Burton classic?The new movie. All that after the break.

He's got perhaps
the weirdest mind in Hollywood, famous for directing
dark and quirky movies like 'Edward Scissorhands'
and 'The Corpse Bride'. It's been said Tim Burton
was a peculiar child, And his latest film is about
an orphanage full of them. Joining us now is the embodiment
of peculiar, Weekend Sunrise movie man
Jason "Jabba" Davis. Morning, Jabba.

He is in his best form in twenty years with Miss Peregrine's home acutely children. Is it suitable school holiday fair? If your kids are under tenant might be a bit scary for them. There is lots of wizardry like you might find in the Harry Potter universe. It is set in a sanctuary for unusual types. The great thing about this is you have a great story from the popular book and Tim Burton is the man to bring it to life. The children have securely gifts. There are twins, a boy with these coming out of his mouth, their governess can turn into a bird. Let's take a look. Right on time.He's invisible? Of course.We are known what is known in common parlance is peculiar. It is because of a recessive gene.I found that hilarious. And I gave it four stars. Hopefully the over tens will map it up. How about the "magnificent Seven"?Of course the Seven Samurai was the influence for the original magnificent Seven. This has been made by a director who wants to see Denzel Washington on a horse. If it is a done fight you're after, some wild West guns slinging with a spec killer cast, then you will be in for a treat. I give it three stars.Lovely. It sounds like they are well worth seeing. Up next on Weekend Sunrise, are you for real? Our quest to find Australia's biggest cat.

What the Golden fleece was to Jason and the Argonauts, big pets are to us.

And today we're searching
for Australia's biggest cat. This is Ollie,
a Maine (BLEEP), the largest breed of domestic cat
in the world. This mega moggie weighs in
at a whopping 8 kilos and is 165 centimetres long
from his nose to the end of his tail. But Ollie is only 18-months-old
and he's still growing. Ollie and his owner Karen Milton
join us in the studio. Good morning. You've had cats before but Ollie
and his sister Thea are your first Maine Coons. What do you like about the breed?

We wanted a bigger cat and my husband and younger daughter were listening to the radio, about twenty month to go, and the next thing I know they are both googling it. In a moment of weakness my husband said yes. Within about ten minutes we were online looking for a breeder. Within about two days we located one. Seven weeks later we brought him home.He's on a lead. Does he go walking?We taken for a walk around the garden but we don't take him out on the street. If there are Dogs around it can be a problem. They have a few other characteristics. Ollie will play fetch like a dog.And he loves you like a dog? As opposed to most cats? Andrew has never found a cat that likes him. He is big. How much food does he eat you Mac there is always biscuits out for this breed. They tend to eat all the time. He eats wet food morning and night. During growth spurts, they might be fed wet food three or four times a day. They will eat normal cat food but he also gets kangaroo mince. Does he hung to zone kangaroos? They are indoor cat.Does he have a big cat flap?No they are only indoor cats. Most owners of this breed will keep them indoors. And on top of that, if he went hunting, what you think you could bring home. Right now this is what is happening in Canada. It is so cute. The royals are leaving Canada. Kate and William and little charlotte. We haven't seen a lot of the children. They took part in a private party and we saw them riding horses.I think they have been bound in a traditional pad Pousse. By by royals. We are back in a moment with more.

WOMAN: (Sings) # If you gave me
a chance, I would take it # It's a shot in the dark,
but I'll make it # Know with all of your heart,
you can't shame me # When I am with you,
there's no place I'd rather be # N-n-no, no, no... # VOICE-OVER: Mazda2.
Now available in Sedan. Go somewhere you'd rather be.

The big shift out of workplaces and into homes. Why more companies are paying workers to do the job where they live. Would you be better off? Also our fab five spectacular. Jessica now boy and India's alia. And Britney Spears as you have never seen her. Plus we take you inside the training school for Qantas and six-year-olds.That's all coming up this week. There's nothing quite as cute as a baby panda. But the good news is last month giant pandas were taken off the world's endangered lists.It is not as black-and-white as it sounds. They are not out of the woods yet. Here's this week's did you know.

They're an international
icon of conservation, not to mention China's
national symbol. But did you know
every captive giant panda in the world is officially
on loan? They're all owned by China, and rented out to zoos
around the globe for a hefty $1 million a year. Any cubs born overseas
must be returned to Beijing via a special panda plane
the FedEx Panda Express. But while panda
diplomacy dates back to the first century, it wasn't until 1972 that the West got its first taste
of the bamboo bear, and the result
was "panda-monium." President Nixon and his wife
came back from China with two breeding pandas, which led to a good deal
of pandering with the foreign editor
of the 'Washington Star'. The problem with pandas is
that they don't know how to mate. The only way they learn how
is to watch other pandas mate. You see? And, so they're keeping them
there a little, while these are younger ones. I see. To sort of learn, you know,
how it's done. The problem of panda procreation
isn't helped by the fact that females are only fertile
for around 48 hours a year. So to make sure they're ready for
the big day, zoos teach
their pandas sexercises, doses them with Viagra, and show special screenings
of panda porn,

and yes, that's exactly
what it sounds like. Of course, the result
is pure cuteness.

Panda cubs are 900 times
smaller than their mums,

and like their parents spend
most of the day napping. The rest of the time
is taken up by foraging, since a full-grown panda needs to eat
an average of 12.5kg of bamboo every day in order
to get enough nutrients. The downside of
all that munching, is that pandas need to poop
more than 100 times daily, and they don't really mind where. Of course, in the wild,
that's not a problem. Pandas are
so notoriously solitary, that a group of pandas
is called an embarrassment, though it's hard to tell why.

Thanks to conservation efforts,

numbers of the adorable bear have climbed
to an estimated 2000. So the next time you see a panda, don't feel bamboozled,
just join the party. Oh, and never walk in
un-announced. Bamboo to you... (WHISPERING) This is such
an embarrassment.

I was waiting for the next bit. This is my gift to Andrew from the whole team. A knitted onesie. My friend Linda made this for him because I had sent a picture of the knitted ones in to him about a year ago and said I will make this for your birthday.I need one of those flats. And a back door. This looks so comfortable. I watched the entire AFL final in this yesterday. I could have used at playing volleyball in the backyard.Loved hearing all of your facts about the pandas. In great news the pandas in Adelaide are doing terrifically well. And there were twenty-one born

Hello and welcome to your weekend
edition of The Morning Show. Hello Sami Lukis, thanks for filling
in for Kyles this week.Morning. Ahead for you, Delta Goodrem
performs a mash up of her biggest hits and Quentin Kenihan on his
big-screen role in 'Mad Max'. But first it's school holidays of
course so Kylie and I grabbed our pom-poms and joined the East Coast
All-stars, one of Australia's top cheerleading
teams. Have a look. # School's out for summer

# School's out forever

School's out completely. # (BELL RINGS)

So Kylie, I've brought you to this
park because I wanted to teach you something special.
Oh! Right. 'Y'! Kylie here!

# Oh Mickey, you're so fine # You're so fine you blow my
mind, hey Mickey # Hey Mickey # Oh Mickey, you're so fine # You're so fine you blow my
mind, hey Mickey. # Five, seven, eight, one, two. Dude. Hey.Hey.
Larry and Kylie.Hi. What a well drilled team you have.
Yeah, thank you. I didn't know this existed here
in Australia. Yeah, it's only new.
It's only about five years old. What does it take to be
a great cheerleader? It's actually really easy. I beg to differ. That isn't easy. Are you kidding?It is for
the kids, doll. Nana, nana? We'll put you up later,
it'll be fun. We'll see about that. We have a spot for everybody, all
shapes, all sizes, boys, girls. Some of these girls when they first
started I would help them doing forward roles.
They couldn't even do that. I would have to hold onto
them to do hand stands. Now they can all just
stand there and do back flips.

When it comes to world rankings
you're doing really well. Tell us about some of your recent
successes. We went to Worlds
in 2011, we went 2013, 2015. One of my teams got seventh in 2015
and the other got 10th out of about 90 or so. You guys got a Guinness World
Record, right? Yes.Tell us about that. It's called a basket toss so four
guys throw a girl as high as you can.
Then measure from the ground to the lowest part of her body. We threw 5.5 metres. Woah!
Woah! So, we're gonna do that with Kylie except I'm gonna do it on my own and I'm just gonna throw her as far
as I can, is thatOK? She had snow on her as she came
down, she went so high.

One of the things that we have
to do is tumble.

And Larry's doing that.
OK, so all you gotta do, right, is three steps first. We want to try a world
record here today. We want to be the oldest people
to ever have done this.OK. Alright.We can do that as well. Let's go! Ready guys?
Can we join the team? Yes! I know they don't mean that, they're
saying yes but they don't mean it.

# Pump it. #

Ta-da! I've been bedazzled. I'm going to show you guys one of
our normal competition routines that we do. And then we've kind of
prepared one that we're going to put you guys in and teach you how
to do some of it. # So, turn it up # C'mon baby, just # Pump it louder # Pump it louder... #
Woah! Excellent. Excellent. Extra marks for the big smiles,
I am loving that. And the bows! There's a little bit
of this in deep, deep.

Whey! And that's it. The next thing that we're gonna do,
gotta get ready. Larry we need you. In the back. Put your elbows together.
Someone's gonna grab your hands. Do not move and we're gonna throw
her over you. Ready! Here we go and big throw.
Ready? One, two...

What just happened. Did you go over my head? Come on down. Ta-da! Ready. One, two now flipping over,
good. And stand-up, don't move. Ready?
(SCREAMS) No!No! You're throwing me up! Are you guys ready?
No! You're going to just hold onto
their hands.Where? Where are they?

Larry is up in the back! We got it all. You girls on the outside, sponge.
Good. Larry, cradle.

OK, Eastcoast Allstars,
I was so impressed but I have got a little something I would like
to share with you and it's an homage to my
biggest cheerleader. Look at this.

Give me!
Larry! O-M-G! L-O-L. (LAUGHTER)

It's raining men.

You've got that going on.
Aren't they super talented? I've got nothing going on. No, they...
They're super talented. They're super talented. Like, you
know. Fantastic. But you... Slipped in beautifully. You looked comfortable while being
held aloft, you were nimble and flexible and you were brave.
I'm really proud of you!Oh! Standing up there.
Stop giving me a hard time.