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(generated from captions) This morning flood emergency the army called in to help as waters rise putting thousands of families at risk, our reporter with the latest. Game day grates who is in and out for today's big clash. We have you covered on all the injury concerns. Throw them in the slammer, tough laws proposed for those who spit on police, would you support a crackdown? Beauty and the beast Donald Trump takes another swipe at a former Miss universe, but isn't see her reaction coming. And the WAGs are here, we meet the women behind the greatest 40 players. Beware the world is grumpy as dog is stopping by, and he's not too happy. And could you take it all, this Grand Final stand by your phone the cash cow has $30,000 to give away. Ahead on weekend sunrise. This is a special Grand Final edition of we can sunrise live from Federation Square Monique Wright and Angelo Key. It is hard not to look at yourself when you're in a big screen like that. Good morning to you from Federation Square, it is heaving down here. There is a cow on the loose, at least eight people trying to track it down.And they will come here not for the Grand Final, Andrew O'Keefe's birthday.Happy birthday!And how better to -- what better way to spend it on with these four. It will be a good day.We've got all the trouble in the world. Surprisingly Sally didn't come. Here she is with all today's news.

Good morning. A woman has been found dead and another discovered bound
in Adelaide. Emergency services arrived
at the home at Valley View just past 10pm last night, after a woman ran to neighbours
for help. Police are treating the woman's
death as suspicious.

She was taken to hospital but it is unknown at this age of she was injured. Residents not of Adelaide are on high alert for more flooding and emergency alert has been issued for those residents in the South Australian town of Port Wakefield while the Gawler River versus banks over night. Life to Deanna Williams in Gawler. What is the situation? The threat here at Gawler has eased this morning, despite the river bursting its banks, overnight. The focus has shifted to port Wakefield further north, where residents spent a very nervous night. Of is working very hard to divert the floodwaters away from the township towards a golf course. Rolling into port Wakefield, military reinforcements last line of defence in the face more flooding. South- east of air, the Gawler River reached a 7.59 m peak testing its banks overnight., Some homes were evacuated make inundated by rising floodwaters.We'll probably go on night.The rest by sandbagging, 30,000 were put in place yesterday another 4000 overnight.As roughly at attachment of 25 personnel, which I do have that microphone's delayed.At midnight emergency services across the state responded to more than 600 course resistance after a statewide outage, Port Lincoln remained to that power. Companies in Birmingham found the problem. With a long week and had the Princes Highway is close at Virginia.The water has gone over the road in some places, not significant bit enough for the experts to advice to close a road. The biggest warning is don't drive through floodwaters. And police are urging drivers not to drive through floodwaters. We've seen a number of precarious rescues in that regard. We're not out of the woods yet, authorities are still on flood watch right throughout the state, and making matters worse we are expect more rain on Monday and possibly Tuesday.

A teenager is recovering
after being stabbed near Sydney's Luna Park. Emergency crews found
the 16-year-old with stab wounds
to his chest and back at around 8:00 last night. The boy was taken to hospital with non life threatening
injuries. He's in a stable condition. Police are hunting his attacker. A home owner was injured
on the Gold Coast after waking up to find
an intruder inside his home. The 46-year-old man
was stabbed after confronting the man
at 2:00 this morning. He was taken to hospital
with wounds to his chest and is expected to survive. The offender fled in a ute, which then crashed into
two parked cars at Loganlea. He remains on the run. A Queensland man involved
in a serious crash in Cambodia is being flown to
a Brisbane hospital today for treatment. Peter Maitland's leg
was severely damaged when he was struck by a car
in Phnom Penh last month. He said the car didn't have
its lights on and was speeding. Surgeons in Bangkok have
tried to rebuild his leg, but he says
it may have to be amputated. He'll be taken
to Brisbane's Mater Hospital for further treatment. 200 inmates have escaped a prison
in Brazil during an uprising. The minimum security facility
north-west of Sau Paulo was thrown into chaos
when prisoners set fire to several cells
during the morning role call. Inmates knocked down
a security fence allowing them to flee
into a nearby sugar cane field. Only half of them
have been recaptured. There are claims the prison
is grappling with severe overcrowding. The President of the Philippines
has likened himself to Hitler, saying he would be happy
to slaughter drug addicts. Rodrigo Duterte said
getting rid of criminals would eliminate the drug problem
in his country. Hitler massacred
3 million Jews. Now there is 3 million,
what is it, 3 million drug addicts,
there are. I'd be happy to slaughter them. Hitler's Nazi Germany killed
over six million Jews from 1941 to 1945. Over 3,000 drug offenders
have been killed since Mr Duterte took office
in June. Two paintings by famous painter
Van Gogh have been recovered 14 years after they were stolen. The paintings
were found in Naples during a police drug raid
on an Italian mafia group. One contains grains of sand that were stirred up
from the beach as Van Gogh worked. The other depicts a church
in the south of the Netherlands where the artist's father
was the pastor. They were stolen from Amsterdam's
Van Gogh museum in 2002. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
are getting in touch with nature and indigenous culture during
their last day in Canada. US Correspondent Angela Cox
is travelling with the royals in Haida Gwaii. Ange, what have they been up to?

After those adorable pictures of Princess Charlotte and Prince George, yesterday would be hard to top, we're doing OK this is an amazing setting for their last full day in Canada. The Duke and Duchess have flown here to the island chain of Heidegger Way off the coast and what entrance they made! With traditional warriors as well as drummers. There were greeted on the beach by the elders of the local First Nations community. Trying to in must themselves in the indigenous culture. Reconciliation has been a key theme of this trip, healing the wounds of the past but also highlighting the culture of these communities. They did a tour through the museum as well as checking out how to carve a totem. They have left to join the opening of a hospital so that young mothers, don't have to do travel to give her. The fun isn't over, in the next hour they will go up -- go out for a spot of fishing. The boats are ready and apparently they will try to pot for some crabs, I'm told that they have 100% success rate. They will be trying to fish for some salmon as well, one of the best spots for it in the world, this public 5050 chance that William and Catherine will catch something. The important question is not what Kate is wearing, what they're using the bait, it's anchovy is and I can assure that William and Catherine won't actually have to bait the books themselves.

Hope that cross onto is going well. Less so that the rain is falling on it.I want to forget to pardon a crab.After it's caught? Sad that George missed out on the totem carving. He'll be really sad about that.

All the sport
is next with Simon. And it's AFL Grand Final day. We'll have everything
you need to know about the Swans and the Bulldogs
ahead of their big clash. Plus, big kid James Tobin
has your weather this morning. Live from Western Sydney.

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Like this Federation Square is not a very nice day. The rain is coming in at an angle.If we keep saying we might believe it.Simon tells us it will clear up a little later in fact he has lots of things to tell us.

And now with sport,
here's Simon Reeve. The Swans and Bulldogs
will line up as named in today's AFL Grand Final. Sydney co-captain Jarryd McVeigh
has overcome a calf injury. Swans defender Callum Mills
is fit after a hamstring problem, while Bulldogs ruckman
Jordan Roughead has been cleared
of an eye injury. How could you not
have a warm heart when you see the outpouring
of affection to our players? We understand
the support the Dogs have got. We understand that. But as for how it affects us,
it doesn't. Seven's Grand Final
coverage starts at 9am Eastern, straight after Weekend Sunrise. The Sharks and Storm will train
on ANZ stadium later today ahead of tomorrow's
NRL Grand Final. The Storm have enjoyed
a relaxed build-up ahead of their seventh
grand final. Melbourne and Cronulla
met twice this season, taking a win each. The Sharks are chasing
their first premiership in the club's 50-year history. Now to JT and today's weather.

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Damaging winds and heavy rain
in South Australia are moving south-east
into southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. A trough is triggering
thundery showers over northern Western Australia,
the Top End

over northern Western Australia,
the Top End and northern Queensland. Brisbane, sunny and 27. Partly cloudy and 22 in Sydney. Possible morning shower
in Canberra and 13 . Melbourne, 17
and a shower or two, clearing. A few showers in Hobart and 17. Partly cloudy in Adelaide and 21. Showers in Perth and 19. And Darwin partly cloudy
and 33 degrees.

And Darwin partly cloudy
and 33 degrees.

Future is here, virtual reality are launching their big thing. This is the virtual reality headset, you look weird wearing it, it is an amazing experience you are completely inside the game. She doesn't know she's on camera right now. You are on national television! Give us a wave! Sorry about that! I feel like we need an AFL Grand Final, where you wear the headset you can't see anything and you just get seven guys to come in and smash you from every side.Just get an umpire doing that all day long.Happy birthday from everyone here.

This ran final day, ticket holder going crazy here. Who's number one? Who is Julia Gillard's team Kim Bub-Min.It's probably Kevin Rudd actually.

Still to come - the Cowboys may be
out of the footy finals, but the cowgirls are here. We take you inside
the dirty, dusty world of Australia's
famous Deni Ute Muster. And long hair, don't care. A footballer's mission
to be Australia's hairiest man. And next - could the war against superbugs
finally be over? Meet the young Aussie who has
made a ground-breaking discovery.

What is a Grand Final without mascots?Everyone down here at Federation Square. Looking back to we can sunrise.

Superbugs are some of the
scariest things in the world. Immune to antibiotics, these normally harmless diseases can mutate into life-threatening
illnesses, which are almost impossible
to treat. Bacteria are rapidly becoming
resistant to all the antibiotics we have. By overusing this precious
medical resource, we risk losing the potency
of antibiotics forever. This is one of the most serious
threats to human health. Without antibiotics we could
end up in a medical meltdown.

On day one there were two people. Then two, then four in three months it's 1 billion.It is estimated by 2050 10 million deaths a year be at a bootable to superbugs but research here in Melbourne might have found the solution to a world of antibiotic resistance.

25-year-old Shu Lam from
the University of Melbourne has found tiny,
star-shaped molecules are effective in destroying
six superbugs in the lab, one of which was injected into
live mice. And Shu Lam joins us now. Good morning.

It has been hailed as one of the most exciting developments in 20 years. Why is your process different or regular antibiotic.? There are many ways of killing bacteria. They literally latch onto the surface of bacteria and break apart the membrane. They create so much stress on the cell that it switches on a mechanism that tells the cell to kill itself.Regular bacteria just creates a swamp that the bacteria fall into and hopefully eventually die, this Tasman part?That's right.That's different to normal antibiotics which kill off the good bacteria as well?Yes, antibiotics have very specific ways of killing bacteria whereas my version, has a very is a collection of telling -- tearing the cells apart.It is been touted around the what is potentially the biggest medical breakthrough in 20 years. Sadly looks like five years before we may see any human trials and as you get a greater injection of funds?Depends on the kind of resources that we have. But we would definitely see a lot of potential in this work and hopefully we can try our best to develop this into a drug that can fight superbugs.Good on you! It is fantastic to hear about this, it's great that you're studying at Melbourne University making these breakthroughs. They queue for joining us. And best of luck. I love the way she described it as like playing with Lego, the human cells. It still makes sense to me.

New plans to crack down on people who spit on police. Do you agree with the hard-line approach?And more on South Australia's flood emergency.And the biggest day on the AFL calendar, the latest of all the Grand Final action Federation Square with the legends.

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(Man gasps for air) (Man breathes deeply)

It's time for the news
with Sally. In breaking news.. A pedestrian has been hit
and killed by a car north of Brisbane. The accident happened
on the Sunshine Motorway at Maroochydore. Police say the man was walking
in the middle of the road when he was struck. The Buderim and Maroochydore
exits are closed and diversions are in place. An emergency warning
has been issued for residents in Port Wakefield,
north of Adelaide as water rises
on the Wakefield river. Families have been told to
initiate their flood plans. Defence force troops have been
deployed in the town of Gawler, after the Gawler River
burst its banks overnight.

Detachment of roughly 25 personnel to assist the local community. We try to hit that lot market was too late.

The SES has taken more
than 600 calls for assistance in the past 24 hours. The Princes Highway
has been shut at Virginia after the road
was partially destroyed. Police are investigating
the suspicious death of a woman in Adelaide. The woman's body was found inside
a home at Valley View just after 10:00 last night, after another woman called
neighbours for help. Police say the surviving woman
had been tied up. She was taken to hospital
but it's unknown at this stage if she was injured. Police are hunting
for the person who stabbed a teenager near Sydney's
Luna Park last night. The 16-year-old boy was found with stab wounds to his
chest and back at Milsons Point around 8 pm night. Paramedics treated him at the scene before he was
transferred to hospital in a stable condition. His injuries are
not life threatening. No arrests have been made. A man has suffered what's
believed to be severe burns after apparently tipping petrol
onto a bonfire outside a home

24-year-old is said to have poured petrol onto a bonfire at the home and what'll grow. The medics provided a just before 11 PM, he was taken to livable hospital. Firefighters in China have rescued a cat.

Firefighters in China
have rescued a pet cat that found itself
stuck in a pipe. It's owner alerted authorities
after the cat wedged itself into the tube, which was part
of a basketball stand. Rescue crews delicately checked
around the cat's head before using an electric
saw to cut the pipe open. The cat was subjected
to even more distress when they began splashing water
during the rescue operation. They poked and pulled
but the cat wouldn't come out. After poking it's ears back
into the hole, it finally wriggled free. As soon as it's paws hit
the ground, it bolted off,
without any show of gratitude.

Ungrateful cat! Not a thank you insight!For men cutting you in half.The cats going more of it? It didn't work or sick at! As a football game. The Aussies recorded a respect of all 94 294 from the 50 overs. Fast bollard John Hastings made for one, his highest international school.That's gone like a bullet.Flats for six. However South Africa replied with an opening stand of 145 Quentin Hundred 13 balls Australia lost it by six wickets in the end. The USA has taken a commanding lead of


$$CLEARDISPLA USA has already taken
a commanding lead over Europe on day one of the Ryder Cup. The Americans won all four
matches in the morning session. Jordan Spieth teamed-up with
good mate Patrick Reed to score the opening point
for the home team. Phil Mickelson and Ricky Fowler
were also impressive, Fowler sending the crowd
wild at the 9th. How about in. US Open champion,
Dustin Johnson, combined with Matt Kuchar
for their win. Lewis Hamilton was fastest
on day one of practice for the Malaysian Formula One
Grand Prix. But the main talking point
surrounded Kevin Magnussen. The Danish driver
scrambled to safety, after his Renault
burst into flames. Fuel spills caused the car
to continue catching fire for the next ten minutes.

That he was she held onto that.

Now to JT and today's weather.

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A possible shower
in Cairns and 30.

A possible shower
in Cairns and 30.

Sunny in Sydney with the top of 22. Canberra morning showers and 13, Ballarat easing. Another for the Grand Final 17 with a few showers. Geelong 17 as well showers for Hobart and 17. Adelaide cloudy and 21 mostly sunny at Alice Springs stop possible showers and are one and 33. In other any possible storms. Rain at times in Broome. Xbox have launched Forza their new car game! Were getting used to a It's pretty good!This is the first racing game we've had an entirely set in Australia.Where in Cuba PDF the moment, in a Holden Ute to quick for you to. I love its all- Australian incredible!There are some amazing locations here, the sense of laces down you can drive from surfers Paradise to the great Ocean Road and the 12 apostles and everything in between.You should have closed the road! It is raining in Cuba PDF you can see, I love the sonic goals are on after 830 I saw them play maybe four or five years ago they are fantastic. Hello to everyone of them.That makes me feel a bit carsick. You can be a virtual Bogan. Have never seen you doing diaries.

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within three rings. Soon this morning - Flood emergency. Residents on high alert as waters
rise in South Australia. We cross live to the flood zone, as the army moves in
to lend a hand. Plus, AFL legend and ambassador
Sam Keckovich is here and you know what that means. he'll let loose on the ultimate
battle of the states. And, the legends are in with all
the late mail on the big game - as Melbourne shines
for the grand final.

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Morning all, it's time
for sports talk, and we're joined by Jude Bolton,
Sam Lane and Brendan Fevola.

And in Sydney, Brett Kimmorley
can't wait for tomorrow's NRL Grand Final.

Sam is a huge day, we've talked about it being Australia versus Sydney today.It means so much to the western suburbs and the people of Melbourne having the dog is a? It sure does everyone agrees if you're not a Sydney supporter, you are a Western Bulldogs supporter. If not for today at least for a whole week, just watching it come alive we have talked for a few weeks now about this dream of the with an oval, the scenes in central Melbourne just summed up what is come together. It was very special. It is galvanised more than a whole city, is kind of a sporting dream, it's like a fairytale.They played a great Kim entry yesterday, the road to glory in the past champions on it.You just got butterflies and it makes you want to go for the doggies.I was at their training on Thursday, 10,000 at the Whitten Oval and a diverse cross-section of people and this club has really embraced the western corridor of Melbourne. It is there to see, it was a phenomenal scene and such a great time.When I arrived this week, I thought there was only one team in the Grand Final there in red and white. This is the preparation for The Swans, Longmire doesn't want his Their raging favourites this will happen in 2014 and they were stung by the Hawks. Perfect for The Swans and were set for a game for the ages.Everyone know Sydney is playing they are the favourites. The doggies are the underdogs and that's how they like it. The weather will help them today, hopefully Del Morris can do They've had great starts in the early quarters.They keep saying the start will tell us.The doggies will win a quarter time to lift the cup for the second time.Who wins at?The doggies one the VFL, they're up and about they've come from seven such a fairytale, it will be a 30 for 30 or a movie made out of this.Sam do you backup your prediction?My head says Sydney but my heart says a Western Bulldogs so I'm going with the heart.Swans 19. Lachie Hunter for the Norm Smith. It is a fantastic game that awaits today. We have someone else in Sydney, nodding a big game tomorrow it will be played in great sunshine you played for both clubs, what do you feel about this one?You will be a great game. Obviously the Melbourne Storm of the best book also in the competition, the best defensive side. They're normally the best defensive team wins a competition so the handle the occasion, the best big game player in Cooper Cronk, Cameron plays another good game for the Melbourne storm. I like the sharks they played with great pace last week. There are grinding affair, they've got a great explain factor. I think that we're fair upset in the NRL as well as possibly the AFL.The underdogs in both games. In the Shire for us tomorrow. Is going crazy. Thanks for thanks Sam and Jude. Speaking of dogs, the world's calmest dog said the official mascot of the Bulldogs. Isn't he gorgeous?What a crisis of personality though, is a bulldog in his name is Sydney! One confused dog. A couple of fans and Swans gear today. Very brave!Doggies? I have to say this one is our little outnumbered this morning stay with us.

Still to come - What's wrong with the WAGS? We meet the ladies
behind our footy stars. Plus the woman who's not a fan. Also ahead, you could be
kicking off your weekend with an extra $30,000 The Cash Cow call's
coming up soon. And law and order crackdown. Tough news plans to stop
antisocial behaviour against police. But will it work?

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Lines close at 4.30pm AEST. Stand by your phone! Time to discuss
what's making news this morning. And new laws being introduced
into NSW could put people who spit
on police officers behind bars for up to 14 years. The number of incidents where officers were exposed
to bodily fluids has jumped by more than 30%
in the past 5 years. Joining us to discuss are GOLD 104.3 Breakfast co-host
Jo Stanley, And former AFL player
Campbell Brown. Good morning. This year there have been
over 1,000 cases of spitting. At least 50 officers
have been bitten and 20 stabbed with needles. Is this just part of the job?

There is no greater way to disrespect somebody then spit at them. At what's wrong with society, a lot of kids growing up don't have any respect for authority. They spit a police, they abuse them. They don't get harsh and of penalties. To bring in a law is fantastic as the only way to stop them is to actually have the fear of consequences. Bell means lock up. Already we have laws that cover this kind of behaviour. To any specific laws?I think part of the drive is allowing them to test the offender. When police get bombarded with abuse, it's really never racking. To be able to test the offender is a good step. When you're talking extreme sentencing for very young offenders we need to be aware that the first time offenders who sending them into the justice system that has consequences as far as repeat offending and could be a much bigger issue down the line.Is it likely to stop them?Then is to be respect taught to authority but I don't think locking them up will teach them that?20 years ago they just get a at an either police, it's fantastic that doesn't happen anymore.That taught the other generation respect now will stop you need to have some form of consequences for your actions. These kids are running right in society and the getting a slap on the wrist by the judicial system. There are different situations potentially, if you know you're carrying infectious disease and you purposely spit on a police officer for the purse of transferring that disease honestly are 14 year sentence, the maximum for assault in a situation might not sound unreasonable. If you're in a tussle with Cox, and you 14 years old in the heat of the moment you spit at someone, that's bubbly difference in duration.There will always be different scenarios, but I think society needs to harden up on a few issues.Pretty unsavoury, chain of topic, Anthony muddies call boycott the anthem has drawn criticism. He says he wasn't trying to incite division but wanted to educate about indigenous recognition. It's not the first Army spoken about the issue here is with you to say on our show.That anthem and flag, to me it it is straight up racism.I think the point he may would while we were chatting is that it is racist by omission, nowhere in the anthem do we mention the history of indigenous culture. Talk about welcoming those who come across the sea, but no sense of inclusion for those who are here to start with. It is pretty extreme to say to boycott the them, but nonetheless had you get these issues heard?I think it's fantastic when having the conversation and axe to the fact that he stuck his neck out and done that. They think is controversial, he is not suggesting it is for everyone, certainly Buddy Franklin has said he loves the anthem and it means a lot to him and for every foot taller it does, to stand on the MCG and have a player -- have it played you can't take that history from Buddy but you have to acknowledge we have got a dark past and we have to talk about it because that's the only way you reach reconciliation.He does because mine doesn't need Anthony Mundine to make the same guy who said America brought September 11 upon themselves and is prone to making these outlandish statements, I think is just another one of them. Credit where credit is due is a big fight coming up, he is as good as anyone, this is just another way he can get is Works out there.You think it's a publicity stunt?He's the best at them. That's what he does.This is coming off the back of what's been happening in America. We have seen this controversy.Other players kneel for the national anthem. Where are very different country to America, we should be proud of our national anthem.But if your indigenous person you could say the issues are similar, slavery, dollarisation invasion.And as white Australians we have no idea what their experience is, at the very least they've had a difficult time.There is no greater experience in my life then licking up answers your fellow players and indigenous or other, you're there for your teammates and to suggest that you turn your back or sit down during the national anthem in front of the biggest game.Thank you for your thoughts today.

Morning the Army rolls into help with the allergic emergency crisis in Adelaide a reporter is there for the details. Live in Melbourne where we have inside word on the injury concerns. The controversy behind the red carpet let's. The wives and girlfriends of our 40 greats. And what has this dog so cranky? Worlds pierce dog who turned his bad looks into good fortune. And the cash cow is here an older Grand Final talk has got her moving standby of phones!

Good morning.

Residence north of Adelaide are fearing the worst, and emergency warning has been issued north of Adelaide. We go to Deanna Weiner that the caller river did pick overnight. It remains above levels was situation? The river did pick overnight and that is good news, now it is starting to subside. Gaul is not under threat but the town of Port Wakefield certainly is, the Wakefield river burst its banks and this morning, that now means the entire township of all Wakefield has been cut off. Traffic has been devoted away from that road, people are trying to get out of Adelaide for the long weekend they are being turned around to go back to the city to get around for Wakefield. The roads are being closed so that township has been isolated the army was called in last night to help with sandbag in their continuing to do that.There's a lot of other farmers at the moment trying to save their livestock, horses things like that kept in the area. It's pretty full on as well as the Army SES volunteers from W.A.Have arrived to help with the effort so the threat still hasn't eased while Gawler is OK, the threat has moved north to Port Wakefield and is still under flood watch. The owner other emergency warnings in place? They are in place for Port Wakefield in particular, because the Wakefield river has burst its banks and were not out of the woods yet. The weather bureau has issued more warnings and rainfall for the next few days from tomorrow afternoon. We have more rain headed this way and that's not good for those catchments that are already at capacity. Sunday, Monday and possibly Tuesday we will get more rain so it's not over. Thank you Deanna.

A woman has been found dead
and another discovered bound in Adelaide overnight. Emergency services arrived
at the home at Valley View just after 10:00, following reports
of a disturbance. When they searched the home, they found the body
of a woman inside. The survivor managed
to run to neighbours for help and police have confirmed
she had been tied up. She was taken to hospital, but it's unknown at this stage
if she was injured.

To the news with Sally.

Returning to our breaking news - a pedestrian has been hit
and killed by a car north of Brisbane. The accident happened
on the Sunshine Motorway at Maroochydore. Police say the man was walking
in the middle of the road when he was struck. The Buderim
and Maroochydore exits are closed and diversions are in place. A home owner has been stabbed
by an alleged intruder on the Gold Coast overnight. The 46-year-old woke to find
the man inside his home at Ormeau around 2:00AM. He threatened the man and a woman
with a knife before stealing
the woman's handbag. During a struggle, the homeowner was stabbed
in the stomach. The offender then fled
in the man's car which was later found damaged
at Loganlea after crashing
into two parked cars. He remains on the run. A teenager is recovering
after being stabbed near Sydney's Luna Park. Emergency crews found
the 16-year-old with stab wounds to his chest and back
at around 8:00 last night. The boy was taken to hospital with non-life threatening
injures. He's in a stable condition. Police are hunting his attacker. A rescue worker has broken down
after pulling a baby alive from bombed ruins
in the Syrian city of Idlib. The worker had been digging for
hours to rescue the little girl caught up in an air strike. She's just one month old. It's not known
what happened to her parents. Russia has announced it's sending
more warplanes to Syria, as fighting intensifies
in and around Aleppo. That's despite criticism
from western powers, accusing Russia of deliberately
targeting civillians. Russia joined
the government-backed offensive one year ago today. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
have travelled in a canoe as they explore indigenous
culture and the great outdoors during their last day in Canada. Angela Cox is travelling with the
royals in Haida Gwaii.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have gone up for a spot of fishing as you do when you're at the spectacular chain of islands here hundred kilometres off the coast they boarded up on the boat with four local teenagers in specially selected to take part in the trip will stop they will be using anchovy is as eight to try and catch salmon. Apparently some of the best salmon fishing in the world, about a 50-50 chance of actually catching something and I was sure that Will and Kate have to do eight the hooks themselves but it doesn't seem that Kate minds. As soon as she got on the boat she picked up one of the salmon so clearly doesn't mind getting a hands dirty. It's been a beautiful day here, they may quite the entrance on a traditional canoe being greeted by the elders from the First Nations community up here. They attended the opening of a hospital still be out fishing for about half an hour and then they had active Tory, this is in the final full day of their trip they leave Canada tomorrow it will be the public's first chance to see Charlotte -- Princess Charlotte and Prince George as a farewell Canada. If you're going to the AFL Grand Final today, you could take a gamble and drive to the game, parking inspect is taking industrial action today with many walking off the job reducing the number on the roads. Only eight of the 60 roster ranges will be searching the streets outside the MCG, leaving a lower chance of receiving a ticket. They want a 2.5% pay increase the walk of ends on Monday.

Not many crash landings
are celebrated. However scientists involved in
the Rosetta space mission are rejoicing
after it successfully crashed into the comet it's been circling
for the past few years. The space craft
was launched in 2004 and travelled 6 billion
kilometres to reach the comet. the idea of colliding it is the
get that final bit of science. The area they chose
has goosebumps, which could tell us more
about how comets form. The Rosetta Spacecraft
set out to discover that comets contain
the key ingredients to kick-start life on earth.

And now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. Western Bulldogs great
Brad Johnson believes today is the biggest moment
in his beloved club's history. The greatest Grand Final memory
is happening right now and hopefully
it continues tomorrow and thats the thing that all Bulldogs supporters
are living at the moment. Its great to see. The Swans will be on the hunt
for their sixth premiership this afternoon. The Bulldogs' only Premiership
came in 1954. Sharks legend
Andrew Ettingshausen admits he's envious
of the Cronulla team taking the field in tomorrow's
Grand Final against Melbourne. We'd love to be in this side
as well, because it's such a gifted team, really well balanced, and you know I think
they've got a great shot. The Sharks are hoping to win
their maiden Premiership. Now to JT and today's weather.

No more showers here is with the weather in Sydney. We have uniforms of different types, we have cosplay, this is my favourite part of any expo Helen to take you?Mine took a couple of weeks.You look fantastic! Or part of the EB Expo happening at Sydney's Olympic Park this weekend. We can sunrise weather is brought to you by get credit score, discover your credit score for free on screen minutes at get credit .au.

Damaging winds and heavy rain
in South Australia are moving south-east
into southern NSW,

are moving south-east
into southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. A trough is triggering
thundery showers over northern Western Australia, the Top End
and northern Queensland. Brisbane, sunny and 27. Partly cloudy and 22 in Sydney. Possible morning shower
in Canberra, and 13. Melbourne, 17
and a shower or two clearing. A few showers in Hobart and 17. Partly cloudy in Adelaide and 21. Showers in Perth and 19. And Darwin, partly cloudy
and 33 degrees.

PS for has steep their branded snowboarding, ever since Alex Was flag bearer at the sultry Winter Olympics it is just gotten bigger guess who's here? There he is! Good on a snowboard but we thought we were even a wing suit this morning to make it more interesting. And you're not doing very well!Getting my bearings. I'm going on pages about the F1 guys having a simulator to go and drive and getting used to the track. Rebel brought me in here this morning to familiarise me with the French mountain again.That sounds like a scam! Along to play video games. The wing suit look like a good option.Sorry! It's so realistic thank you for a couple of minutes this morning. We'll see you back in half an hour. Quite a man who can shake your hand after you've killed him.There was a time on Australian TV you couldn't use that term. Now it is handing it about.

Coming up - The latest on the new
emergency flood warnings for Adelaide as the army answers the call
for help. Plus, behind the beard - AFL star Jimmy Bartel opens up
on his family heartache and how he's using
his facial hair to create awareness. And fire up the BBQ - Kekovich on the big kick off. Look out - the Lambassador is putting
both teams on the hotplate.

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The ACT Election on 15 October is:

The ACT Election.

He is the unofficial king of member, you said you've never been the king of member?I've only been approached and there's a number of people they would have picked besides me. I don't think it looks that good on your CV.Sam Klikovac is on us -- with us to talk lamb chops and Ferraris.Good analogy Simon, I was perceive it to be tantalising, is the blue-collar against the white collar, have is and have-nots. The Bondi billionaires and the struggling western suburbs.You played for North for many years, do have a soft spot for the dog is?Everyone does we'd love to see the doggies, it's been a long interval since 1954 and what they've done I think people are full of admiration for the manner in which they played and everyone They pulled away at with resilience. People can relate to them. I think that's what's endeared them to most people, plus their opponents today have eaten the mountaintop a couple of times. Go the Bulldogs!400 km north of Kalgoorlie I was born in a place called Manjimup in Western Australia.It is not something I'd actually be proud of.Howdy see this one playing out?You can build a strong case of both sides the general consensus is that will be fairly tight, the weather might get a bit closer. The reality is people may think Sydney Swans are slightly more talented the other ones are more physical. You can toss a coin. Normally the look at the statistics over a long period they are a tight encounter. I think it will serve the Bulldogs well and they can get over the line.You heard it from the man himself Mr Sam Keck of each. I've had nothing better to do all morning. The real people of Australia back to you.Is it a stretch to say that the swans unrelated? They are my people. That's just him.In recent day we seen a resurgence of the hipster beard, there has been one bearded bloke on everyone's lips. Jim Bartel. From clean to rough and rugged. Throughout the season we watched his eared flourish but is it in the name of fashion? His beard is highlighting a very important cause. The Star Jimmy Bartel joins us.

Geelong Cats star Jimmy Bartel
joins us now. Good morning, Jimmy. Tell us why
you decided to let it grow.

It's looking silken and lovely.I do have the occasional shower. I find a bit of food scraps the odd bird.How long is taken into get to this point.200 days. I've played up to strengthen that's growing a lot of hair.What would you do with it? Will you don't add to cost you for a week?Might send it to my mate Gary Ablett Jr will stop he could get a mullet going out of that.There is a very serious side to this why you decide to grow a beard?Domestic violence is a cause close to my heart. Obviously the personal nature I shared my story to everybody because I felt it was important for why I was doing this, football is everywhere it's because news all week and you play in front of millions of people across the years across TV, surprisingly football players appearances are talked about a lot and it starts a conversation. A very visual conversation starter for parents to have with children around domestic violence. When you spoke earlier in the year it was a very powerful statement about violence in the home front which affects everyone for life.I thought so many people were impressed with how articulate you were about the effects of violence. Has to be at continued despite the conversation?I saw see a lot of messages and emails, people who unfortunately can relate to very similar stories to myself. It shows we have to bring it out and start talking about a lot more. People tend to is buried in the background, like a keep saying hopefully is started a conversation and got people thinking about it more. And hopefully caring for each other more.For anyone it does know your story, just give us a recap it was your father?I was very fortunate to have a brilliant mother and two older sisters, I become of the stories in a few instances are having I grew up being the youngest in the family and how that effect family dynamics, the way you go about things, in your current life as a child and then how you progress to adulthood, the way you interact with different people.As he said traditionally were viewed as the private issue, that statements like yours emphasise the fact that it's a public issue because it affect everyone.And don't just make assumptions on people, we never know what happens behind closed doors. If you're aware of someone who is going through this just either to be a helping hand.Thank you so much for doing it, to for today?Bulldogs and the Torre.Well done to you. We hope you'll catch that shaven camera. Still time to donate head to Bendigo face up to DV if you want to help combat domestic violence.And if you or anyone you know is a victim, call Lifeline 1311.How would you like to encash? We're counting down to a second cash cow call it is now worth $40,000 will make that call in 16 mayors to be in the running for an extra or you need the codeword which is farm. Phone this number and SMS to do -- followed the directions lines close at 4:30 PM AEST. If we call you you must answer within three rings. There might be nothing more iconic the Australian and the Grand Final that there are others, disruptors you are claiming another event as challenger.It is a you muster in Deniliquin in our New South Wales and firing up with more than 16,000 people and 4000 use gathering on the Riverina planes. And started 1999 when the inaugural event set a world event for the misuse in a parade and later today where they're out to break a record for the most people wearing blue singlets.I wonder who holds a record? As we say it's pretty Australian, it might sound very blokey but running a Sara couple of ladies who have known Deniliquin, sisters Sophie and Celeste Clement who are the sunny cowgirls, good morning to you! For those who don't know much about the muster can you sum up what it's all about?It's a lot about country music, getting a bit dirty in the mud here and good mates.Bundy and cars.Must be hell came up with the title. When San Keith Urban played last night?He was amazing, he was a major drawcard and everyone was excited to see him. We were lucky to be in the crowd watching and put on a great show.I was reading in the notes that you like to muster hard and you like to play hard. Is a pretty big party there?It is the biggest party of the year.We been coming here for 10 years now, every year is so much fun we love coming back here every year and there's a fair bit of partying going on a lot of beer consumed -- consumed. Where very professional though of course we're too old for that now.Is a competition fierce? Between who has the best car?It is a take it very seriously everyone comes from foreign wide ringing their cars and the Denny unit muster is the hub if you can take enterprise in this, you have something special so they take you very seriously.It looks like very good doughnut whether.If you can Curl up with your cattle dog in the back of the Ute.You've just released your eighth studio album called here we go you're going to play as a track of it?We are, shall we get to it? Singing



It is what we do in the country it is damn fun.

I'm the sunny cowgirls.Thank you very much! They put the weather on for us. Terrific please do.The sunny cowgirls. Simon it's not often I see you starry eyed about things that you are at the parade yesterday of course for the Grand Final, you are saying it was something else?It was really is special this is the happiest Grand Final in a long time. The usual suspects have been there, Sydney could be in that Sam Lane said having the dogs there is truly the fairytale story. It's a second team the doggies, but only 11 premiership in their existence. 200,000 people is controversial, it's a public holiday here and that courses a bit of consternation. Everyone was in the greatest mood, I took my son along and we just loved every minute of it. And when I been coming down and living here over many years now events like this it does it than any other city in the world. And the fact that everything is so close to the sporting precinct is close to the city, public transport is fantastic we had a ball.And they support the team very well it looked like three to one, four to one.Yes getting a good vantage point.Time for the morning's news.

An emergency warning is in place
for residents in Port Wakefield, north of Adelaide, as water rises
on the Wakefield river. Defence force troops
and interstate authorities have constructed a wall
of 30,000 sand bags, with many farmers
fearing the loss of their crops. There's a lot of other farmers
out at the moment trying to save livestock,
horses, things like that which are kept in the area, so yeah, things are pretty full-on
out this way at the moment.

But what is been dropping after a peak on the caller river overnight.

The Princes highway
has been shut at Virginia after the road
was partially destroyed. In breaking news, A truck has crashed into a home
in Sydney's north west. The truck collided with the house
at Castle Hill around 6:30 this morning. Fire and rescue
are assessing the building before the truck is removed. No-one has been injured. We'll have more information
as it comes to hand. Police are investigating
the suspicious death of a woman in Adelaide overnight. Emergency services arrived
at the home at Valley View just after 10:00, following reports
of a disturbance. When they searched the home they
found the body of a woman inside. Another woman
managed to run to neighbours to raise the alarm, and police have confirmed
she'd been tied up. Police are hunting
for an attacker Police are hunting a robber
who allegedly stabbed a man before crashing his car
on the Gold Coast. The 46-year-old homeowner
woke to find the man inside his home around 2am. He threatened the man
and a woman with a knife before stealing
the woman's handbag. During a struggle, the homeowner
was stabbed in the stomach. The offender then fled
in the man's car, which was later found damaged
at Loganlee after crashing into
two parked cars. The man is described
as having a skinny build, he's around 180 centimetres tall
with short brown hair. Returning to our breaking news - a pedestrian has died
after he was struck by a car north of Brisbane. The accident happened
on the Sunshine Motorway at Maroochydore. Police say the man was walking
in the middle of the road when he was hit. Motorists are urged
to avoid the area, with diversions in place after
the Buderim Mooloolaba Road exit. While we don't know who
will take home the flag tonight, the Sydney Swans currently
have their own perched high above Sydney. The Seven News Helicopter
captured the red and white banner flying proudly on the Coathanger, a final tribute
from the harbour city ahead of the big game.

Appropriate to the flag is Australian Western Bulldogs colours.

The Swans and Bulldogs
will line up as named in today's AFL Grand Final. Sydney co-captain Jarrad McVeigh
has overcome a calf injury. Swans defender Callum Mills
is fit after a hamstring problem. While Bulldogs ruckman
Jordan Roughead has been cleared
of an eye injury. How could you not have
a warm heart when you see the outpouring
of affection to our players? We understand the support
the Dogs have got - we understand that. But as for how it affects us?
It doesn't. Seven's Grand Final coverage
starts at 9am eastern, straight after Weekend Sunrise. The Sharks and Storm will train
at ANZ stadium later today, ahead of tomorrow's
NRL Grand Final. The Storm have enjoyed
a relaxed build-up ahead of their seventh
Grand Final. Melbourne and Cronulla
met twice this season, taking a win each. The Sharks are chasing
their first Premiership in the club's 50-year history. Australia has been hammered
by South Africa in Game one
of their five-match series. The Aussies recorded
a respectable 9 for 294 from their 50 overs. George Bailey top scored
with 78, while fast bowler John Hastings
made 51 - his highest international score. Whoa! That's gone like a bullet. It's gone flat for six. South Africa replied
with an opening stand of 145. Quentin de Kock
was absolutely superb, blasting 178
from just 113 deliveries. Australia lost by six wickets. Now it's time
to check the weather, with JT.

We introduce you to the Harry Potter clan at the evening expo happening at Sydney are limping out. Everyone wears is everyday? Yes!No before we came on they said only joking except to you. What are we calling you?Arab Potter.

Weekend Sunrise is brought to you
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and 30.

A possible shower in Cairns
and 30. Sunny and 33 at Mount Isa. Brisbane, sunny and 27. Coffs Harbour, sunny and 25. Partly cloudy
in Dubbo and Tamworth. Mostly sunny in Sydney and 22. Canberra,
a possible morning shower and 13. Ballarat,
a shower or two easing and 13. Melbourne and Geelong, both 17. A shower or two in Hobart and 17. Adelaide, partly cloudy and 21. Mostly sunny at Alice Springs
and 27. A possible storm
and 33 in Darwin. And in the west - Albany, 14 and a possible storm. Perth, a few showers and 18. And rain at times in Broome
and 30.

This is a serious business today because all Harris is the wand choreographer for Harry Potter you worked on order of the Phoenix and you're here is a special guest teaching people how to weigh their wants?That is right.My first time in Australia. I will select you, you will get one-on-one wand training, apparently this is the most powerful wand ever how powerful is yours?This one is how my knees.Do you know how to wave at?It's only powerful of the Wizard behind it is powerful, the wand behind itself you don't just It's how good you are at using your wand.So I need to change your powerful wand?Yes.Can you have a demonstration?Keep your shoulder down, one had above your head, a met connect your eye on your hand so you're aiming where you are going to shoot the wand. Keep your hand aimed at your enemy. Intensity!Are going to shoot the ground! Aim at your enemy ready? Bring the one forward switch and flick and action!We finally got there that's it from us.

To win money.

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We can't hear the rings. There they are. Hello? Nope, 50 grand tomorrow. Listen Simon Reeve a bit of a history here sporting history, Matt and Ben's grandmother played in the first ever women's exhibition match for AFL back when?In the 1950s. And they were South Melbourne team of women right?Named Skilton's Angels.So his grandmother may laid more football than is grandfather. And still Swan's fans. That won't help them today.No it won't help them.And it is cold I'm in a winter coat and you're just in a singlet.Leo here came to Australia the year after the dogs won their last pennant, in 1955. Living it is closer team was Footscray?That's right, up in older parts of Footscray, Was the nearest thing to Sunshine go the Bulldogs!They be waiting a long time for it. I think that's a great thing about the Bulldogs is the adversity of the suburbs that they come from, the adversity of the backgrounds and cultures at the wonderful thing. It's a fairytale.Beautiful! Million-dollar minute. So many connections. 6 of separation from every bulldog. This is become traditional not just the The parade this part of the football season attention is always turning to the wives and girlfriends of ballplayers at the Brownlow and Dally M's.It causes a bit of controversy this year. It certainly caused some raised eyebrows particularly because of the outfits was proctored calls for less Hollywood tape and more elegance. Courier mail editor has written and at article suggesting some wives and girlfriends have gone too far to get attention. When you said eyebrows I thought you said docs. It's addresses were talking about. We are fortunately joined by some people in the know here, Nadia Bartel is with us. Great to have the whole family here and in Sydney is Michelle Halliday wife of retiring NRL star and here in Melbourne of course Nadia.Good morning to you all were going to go first to Kylie, talk is through again your article and what really got under your skin about the outfits at you observed?I think the men all looked terrific, but to many of the women looked trashy, there was too much flash and not enough lamb. I'm all for women expressing their star but there is nothing stylish about turning up to black sty -- like Thai event wearing strips of fabric, readers of my column went as far as calling it visual pollution will stop and also fancy dress for porn stars. But that's like saying I'm all for everyone expressing their style as long as it's my style?I don't agree with that, because we have a problem with this early sexualisation of children when you have girls as young as eight sending naked pictures of themselves because they think that's what it takes to be popular, we should be correcting the skewed images of intimacy and respect instead of reinforcing them on the red carpet.Nadia what do you think you you walk the red carpet before what do you think highly has a point?I have to say I think Annie look incredible, she wore a suit and looked in is credible in it and she stood up for everything that she is very proud of she loves wearing pants, she looked very confident on the red carpet and I actually don't agree with articles like Kylie's at all because I think in the year 2016 should be able to wear exactly what you want to wear and I think if you're comfortable wearing it yes some people might be showing more skin or less skin, but is not your individual style? You should be aware exactly what you want and walking the red carpet it is very intimidating most of these women, their mums they get the invite five days before the event and it's Gary walking down the carpet you're there to just support your partner, you want to feel confident while you do and why should you look great as well?Was she wore that in a suit, because she wanted to look exactly the same as a husband to prove the point that they were exactly the same thing it was only her outfit that was commented upon. Obviously there is a massive double standard there, Rachelle, you've walk the red carpet is it something that people enjoy doing?I feel like it's a really stressful event, you get your invite five days prior, the running around trying to get address you want to look nice, I find it more stressful to dress for the red carpet than I did for my wedding which is really sad because whatever you where you will get scrutinise for which is disappointing.Do you ever think about to take Kylie's point, what sort of image or setting for younger women.I wore long sleeves and a beautiful back I was trying to highlight nice features but I agree with a few comments she made, but at the end of the day we are, we should be aware what we want and not be scrutinised for every single thing.It is eternally a vexed issue, because you don't want to tell young girls that they have to be seminaked in order to look dutiful, but at the same time you should wear what you want.It is difficult and sometimes it goes back to the families and parents and if they instill those values and those girls when they're watching the red carpet they can say they look lovely and I'm not going have to show off my body like a comes to family and their values. Thank you Nadia and Michelle for being with us.Lots more to come this weekend.

Still to come on this special
edition of Weekend Sunrise - Can you guess
what Buddy eats for brekkie? Well the Swans' personal chef is here to cook up
one of his favourites. Hope you're hungry. Soon, we meet the dog
who's become world famous for being in a foul mood - and it's just paid off
big time. And, we're just hours away
from Grand Final kick-off. If you're in Melbourne, head down to Federation Square. We'd love to see you
in your team colours!

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You a lot of money tomorrow $50,000. To be in the running for the next draw you need the codeword farm which you find this number. Or a semester days codeword to this number. Lines close 4:30 PM AEST. Right now the name Titus source, what is that mean to you? Fish and chips?Have heard of the internet? It might ring bells with many of you would buy said grumpy cat? Needed a clear image don't you? The permanently sour cat that became an internet sensation because a person gal now she has competition.Now in the form of this cranky canine Earl the grumpy pug.He's getting a following pictures like these affect is so popular he has a book and developed a look that says right or else.

And I am delighted to say we are joined by Grumpy Earl
and his happy owner, Derek Bloomfield from Iowa
in the United States. Good Morning. Derek, has Earl always sported
that grumpy look, or has he developed it
over time?

Actually he went me first, found him he was a farm up, he had the scalpel to begin with it develop over time it's become more pronounced. He's getting grumpy. That's a way he looks but you say he's a fun loving beautiful dog give us an idea of his personality? He has a range of emotions like the rest of us, he's very temperamental and comes for his food for one he loves is peanut butter if you get your hands he gets upset naturally, when he's sleeping is one or bothered. As you can see he's not thrilled about being in a studio. He gives a full range of emotions,. They say people grow to look like their dogs, are you afraid one day you will look like Jake from Jake and the fat man?If I'm going to start looking like L1 times and I need to start with the frown and then grow my hair back. That will be quite the process.You too can be an internet sensation.Imagine how much you would earn if the both of you had that. Bell's career has taken up the new book if every dog has its day. Best of luck rate to talk to you. (APPLAUSE) thank you guys.If you're wondering a puddle is a cross between a pug and a beagle if you didn't know. It's also a baby echidna isn't it?It is to!

Right after the break, eat your way to a Grand Final. The Swans' personal chef is here to cook up a breakfast
fit for champions.

OK. Lights.

(Camera beeps) Acting. Hello, Australia. Tom from Compare The Market here
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Sit up. Sit up straight. five years. Now he only pays
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SERGEI: Oh. Switch and save
on your car insurance. Go to now.

Ever wondered what
a Grand Finalist footy player eats for breakfast? Well the Sydney Swans
personal chef, Courtney Roulston, is here to cook up
a breakfast fit for champions. Good morning, Courtney.

When making cheer pudding, antioxidants, and the premiership winning breakfast. It's not even cooking, it's soaking anyone can make this. We have two thirds of a cup of Chia seeds, cinnamon, lots of cinnamon. Vanilla for flavour. We have maple syrup to sweeten it,. Buddy Franklin would be within one of these up now?He is a cheerful offer. You cook for them twice a week?This is my fifth season cooking for them it's a great job, I love cooking for them.How any players at a time?60, 45 layers and 15 coaches and they more than the players.You're now adding soymilk.Coconut milk so is Derry free, three hours in the fridge wake-up, and it will look like this. Then we have a blue one for the dog's fans and raspberries and strawberries.Doggies don't need strawberries do they?We need a really good breakfast this morning is a particularly special day not only Grand Final day and we know you didn't want a fuss it's his birthday so we got you a cake!Is that I don't want a cake I don't want a farce! I didn't say no cake but this is within the guidelines is.A year ago I sent your photo and I said I would meet you this for your birthday. A knitted onesie. Check it out! How long have you been netting? Check it out! That is nice.I did actually call the knitters guild and said could you miss it for me they said it would take five months, my friend Linda whipped this up this week. My beautiful friend Linda Scott.And she got the proportions right it's terrific be slipping it on in the Qantas lounge this afternoon.I have to admit I wore it a bit last night.She did!A massive day today not only your birthdate is also my son's first birthday little Jackie! And can take the whole thing you don't need it all who will jump out of a cake for me? Truffles patisserie in Saint Kilda here have made that beautiful cake.Thank you Courtney for joining us. That is so beautiful. Have a great day everyone.

It's goodbye from us. But right now
The AFL Grand Final game day is officially off and running.

Can to game day, eight finals are all in the rearview mirror today on game day will have some of the best and biggest names in the country from foot all the entertainment the biggest falcon stay tuned it's game day!Grand Final day no better feeling that such excitement and nervousness.The atmosphere throughout the day is really hard to replicate, it's the greatest day in the entire year.Quite a surreal

to replicate, it's the greatest day
in the entire year.Quite a surreal feeling to get to the MCG and then run out, that's a big does you get. The noises support is made in 2004 really hit me. A sick feeling in my subatomic struggling to have breakfast.Stress the whole time it's hard to eat hard to focus. A real challenge.Andrew Hamley runs to 50. Now is got it.That game in 2006 was the most difficult game -- training have been involved in.At the way it is the ultimate in challenges.Acre menace.He comes. When they said those words is yours! You know in our game you can't look left or right win lose or draw you don't get a chance,

Andrewsadness is not else that matters in life. The happiness is the most important person in the world. It's an incredible contrast and feeling and for myself, it is 12 months. COMMENTATOR: There it is. It is all over!Didn't know what I was thinking, jumped up on the fence, threw the ball up, should have thrown the ball to the supporters so they could run off with it.COMMENTATOR: They have the power to win.I never thought I would play AFL and to play in a premiership, with your brother, with the team from South Australia, it was just a great, great feeling. COMMENTATOR: Number 17.I know a lot of people in Ireland were watching, so I decided to break into my best Michael Flatly river dance and showed the proud fact that I am of being an Irishman.Why wouldn't you do that jig!That feeling that you have, I don't think you ever want to lose it or forget it and you don't want it to end.To hear that siren go and to finally realise that your team is up by a point, you have won the grand final, like I can just remember how much we leaf it was to the playing group but how much I probably struggled the next three or four hours after it, just so drained.To be able to stand on that dais, it is worth all of that investment you ever did, as a little kid, your mum taking you around to wherever it was, special memories.I know there's a lost individual awards that go around and - but to me, that will go down as the greatest day of my entire life!Today, a new chapter in football history.Will be written. Welcome.Welcome.Welcome.To grand final day.

Can you believe we are finally here! It has been a long season. It started on the Thursday before Easter. The Blues and the Tigers kicked things off and the final game of the season, the final two hours, is not so far away. 44 players. They all get an opportunity to live out their boyhood dreams to, become legends, to become icons. We heard from so many premiership heros just moments ago. Over the next couple of hours, we will talk through the season that was as we work to the bounce. On Dennis Cometti's final call day. Welcome to you will aof you. I'm Hamish McLachlan, I'm surrounded by stars of the game as I introduce Alex Rance, the only player to be an All Australian, the last three seasons. Welcome to you Alex. Thanks. Good to be here. Despite the weather.Jealous not watching after you you hear from some of those premiership heros.It's a really tough day, grand final day, because you're excited for the players involved but at the same time, you're jealous of the position that they are in and you have got to wait another 12 months. So much to talk with you today as we introduce Daisy Pearce, another season, another grand final win, another league Best and Fairest. Welcome Daisy.Thanks. Great to be here.And on Thursday, football woman of the year! Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, it was a wonderful day. And the Essendon women's lunch is always a wonderful event and to be acknowledged for my contribution to a game I absolutely love, was a bit strange because I feel like I owe so much to it. But wonderful acknowledgement.You spoke beautifully on Thursday. Well done. Now, maxi, you know this game very, very well. You know this day intimately. What were you doing right now, in 2010?Oh, most of the time you are just trying to stay relaxed, thinking about your normal routine as boring as it sounds. I know a lot of players speak about nervous and the energy, for me, it was always about the process. Not about what could happen or what might happen. It is just what do I have to do in the next minute, next five minutes and that is the way you stay in the moment and don't get ahead of it.Grand final, 2:30 bounce. We are going to go back, ask the favourites moments of the year. Your favourite moment?It would have to be hands down the Sydney game that we played earlier in the season with Lloyd, you see there, just finishing for us. Probably the two greatest moments I've had over the past two years were against, one in round 23 last year and then this game, it was phenomenal to run over and jump on the pack and have that amazing amount of excitement.Was the ball in good hands? Did you think he would, A, get the distance and B, handle the moment?Oh, I was questioning his distance, whether he would make the distance. But he proved to shoot true and it was a fantastic memory that I will always have.Daisy, big year for women's football. Your favourite moment? Well, if you had asked me the day after the game, I probably would have had a different view but the exhibition match where my beloved Dees unfortunately got done. Four weeks on, I can see the bigger picture and see how much of a wonderful night this was for women's football, but football in general. I mean, a huge crowd down at the Whitten Oval, smashing TV ratings and just a fantastic taste of what's to look forward to in next year's AFL women's competition. It is my favourite moment but I think the best is yet to come. Because next year we get to do that week end after weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. Highest rating Saturday night broadcast of the year. So well done to women's football. Max, yours? When you have a guy come from another country and debut on the biggest day in Australian sport on Anzac Day in front of 100,000 people, few million watching, gets out there, hasn't played much football obviously, and he does this with the - within the first minute of the game. Kicks a goal. Ended up kicking a couple I think. Got himself a Brownlow vote. Was that Anzac Day...You actually can't script this.Seriously, how does that happen! So Mason Cox, well done, hats off to you. That was one of the great moments in Australian sport.You've had an interesting year. You've been a part of the Storm journey, they are into the grand final tomorrow, the GWS were favourites, they lost theirs. We have worked out you've been on 114 flights this year. After this match, what was the general mood in the young Giants rooms?They were shattered obviously. I think when you get that close and you're within a kick of making a grand final, as you can see, here is the difference with the Storm boys going through and playing tomorrow night much the boys were shattered. I think that's a good sign to see how much it meant to and how disappointed they were. Obviously that will drive them through the pre-season. Let's hope we can go at least one step further next year.It's been a year of record breaking. Boomer Harvey, that was the story for much of the year. When would he break Michael Tuck's record and how far would he go. 432 is where the trainers stop for now. Do you reckon he will go against?He certainly has shown this season. It is almost one of the better statistical seasons that he's had. I'm sure there will be plenty of interest. I think it should be

plenty of interest. I think it
should be a personal decision for him in terms of whether he wants to be that one club player or whether he still thinks he has more to offer. There is no doubt clubs will be circling. Because he's a super talent.While we have

be circling. Because he's a super
talent.While we have got you, Tyrone Vickery, will he be playing with Richmond next year or will, as the rumour mill suggests, be playing with the Hawks?Surely Hamish would know rumours. Usually a bit farcical. But it's really up in the air. I would love to see him play with us next year. But at the end of the day, he's go to the do what's best for himself and his football. So if he sees that there is an opportunity else where that he can get a consistent game on the pursuit to success, then more power to him. I will never hold that against him.He wouldn't have sent in this vision if he was trying to get himself to another club, would he. Something from earlier in the season.Did we ever establish whatever happen instead was it a knock and delayed concussion?It is actually scary. He can laugh as at it now. But that's his brain that has probably been ragtsed around in his head, that is not something to laugh at too. But it was delayed concussion. Some of the funnier footage. I've seen some good memes about the space jams, how it got knocked out of him and there is some funny ones going around on the net about it.Not far away, yesterday, Daisy big crowd watching two sides get involved with the grand final parade.Thank goodness the weather wasn't like it is today and they actually could get involve. I think a couple of years ago, everyone was worried about what is it was going to do with the public holiday but it seems to have brought more people along and more families. It's become a real tradition for a lot of people.It's a wonderful day. Great atmosphere. Turn the weather on which was a bonus.I love that the families are involved too. A lot of guys with their children.Changed so much, hasn't it?Yeah, I still think that the sunnies need to go, there are some boy rocking some awful sunnies. He looked like a drug dealer. They are called speed dealers those once. Kids in banners, kids in cars, kids in milestone matches. Mark Knight always produces wonderful posters. Two have been drawn.I have got the Swans. That's it. It's a great addition this year and if the Swans are lucky enough, that is the poster we will be seeing around tomorrow and beyond.Good Friday Alex Rance, the Dogs?It has obviously got the 1954 tat on there. I often wonder what happens to the ones that don't get...'Pulp Fiction'. They print them all and sadly, they disappear! Straight in the bin. It's a beautiful one. Well done. Good Friday is where you can buy the posters. All the posters go there. Belinda did an amazing job on Brownlow night as co-host. She is in Fed Square but will give a couple of tickets away throughout the day. So make sure if you're around, come to Fed Square, two tickets are there. MCG is going to be where all the action is later today. It is an ugly day for now. Jane will tell us how ugly it is for how long. But for the Dogs and the Swans, they won't worry about the weather. They think about one thing only and that is winning the premiership cup!Still to come on a huge Grand Final day, the greatest docker of them all, Matthew Pavlich joins us. We look back on the moments that made you laugh and, well, rocked your head! Plus Jordan Roughead and magpie coach, Nathan Buckley, and Aussie

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That was your pre-season?Did lots of pushups, lots of running. I feel fitter than ever!Sam Mitchell? Five.Correct. Luke Hodge.15. Swans are winning by lots. So that's good.Maybe focus over here. This is your camera.Josh Gibson? Fit.Ben Stratton?24.What do you love most about Auskick?Taking species and meeting new friends. Righto. Bill hat Hartunge changed in the off-season.4.Why did the crocodiles not eat Taylor Swift? I'm not sure why.Because she had bad words!How many did you kick tonight?34.34 touches or you kicked 34 goals?34 goals.What about a debutante from last weekend, Mark Pittinard?43.You don't have a girlfriend. Why is that?Because I wanted to concentrate on my football.How old are you?Six.If you won $5,000, how would you spend it?Go overseas.Whereabouts? Canberra.Take my football team out for pizza night.Welcome back to Game Day, big thanks to NAB, the Auskicker program of the year has been wonderful. 22 nominees get nominated throughout the year and only one wins. On Thursday night, Charles Meunier was nominated and made the Australia kicker of the year.Thank you.How did you go on Thursday night. That was a big night for you, wasn't it?Yep.You were nominated in what round?Two. It was a long wait. You got there. As a result you get $5,000. Joel Selwood becomes your best friend. You get his number, his email address, his Instagram account and his key to his house. He is a good man, isn't he?Yep.What do you reckon you will learn most from Joel this year?How to snap it from very far away.OK. Now, you were the man that knew every number. I'm going to test you again. Jared Roughead Luke Smith. Liam She will. Absolute freak! Tom Boyd, he had the biggest hit to his face of the year. We call it a Falcon. This is it. He gets hit in the head. Bang. Looks like he is playing soccer. Was it? So what we have done is we have created a big Tom Boyd head. And as Australia kicker of the year, we know that you have got an excellent kick, do you want to have a kick atom Boyd?Yeah.My knees will give way if I stay down there too long. He is holding Tom Boyd's head. All you've got to do is hit Tommy boy.Yeah.You've done it! Charles, come over here. Thank you for being a big part of it. Good luck this year. Have a wonderful year. Enjoy your time with Joel Selwood. How are you going to spend the money?Go to another trip to Tassie.Last time you said you were going to go to Tassie, and they took you down there.Yeah.I would have said New York if I was you. You can go to New York.No.OK thank you. Have a good day. You're presenting the medal too.Yep. Charles Meunier, Neil Kearney is the best story teller at channel have, he is at the MCG.It would be easier to stop a Buddy Franklin than to stand in the way of this crowd. These are MCC members who have been waiting outside, some of them for two days, for tickets. And they know there are 8,500 seats and 1,000 standing positions and they are all up for grabs, first come, first serve. Some have been going to the same seats for 20 years. They know exactly where to go. And, they are aroused and if the desperation here is any indication of today's game, it is going to be a ripper!

I want to talk to you mate because kids, we all have kids, we spoke about the kids an what they are always up to down there, we watch what they get up to, sometimes the moments, they are just a little bit too big for them, they caught up in the bright lights, so here are our three favourite moments of kids during the year.

Have a look at the helmet on there. Is that you Hamish?This was done during the week, NAB's snap chat mini legends program. I'm not a snap - are you?I dabble.You can dabble today and you can become Buddy Franklin if you want to.I thought that was actually your normal hairdo with that helmet on. Just put a doggies jumper on.There is some stuff and you regret doing it. There has been some big kids moments this year and some muck ups with the kids. Banners going wrong and other bits and pieces. Some trips. Sam Mitchell, well, this is - I think this was Louie, I think, first was Freddy.That is a tough one.That is Paul Puopolo'sings... Kicked it into him. So place plant. This is the worst. Poor little fella.Right to the retina.Yeah! Straight in there.The bright lights are a bit much for them occasionally, when they run out there and there is a big crowd out there.I hope you've got a good insurance project, but you're opening up a school next year?I had a bit of spare time and I thought why don't I build a school! You actually built a school?I don't have to put the bricks in place but the curriculum and finding the facility is what I've been doing over the past year. So as the rain comes pouring down, what about that!This is actually now coming into the set. This is amazing. Keep going. Your school. Will be raining students out of the academy, it's a full time school for year 11 and 12 kids. Monday to Friday. Four terms a year. Acquiring all the real world skills that you reflect on when you are probably 30 and think "I wish I would have learnt them when I was 16".Who does this suit most, swirling winds and rain?Dogs. The thing that worries me about Sydney is that tall and dangerous forward line with Tippett and Buddy down there, I think this plays into the Dogs hands.It suits the defenders. Might have to change my tip. Actually the guy I want to speak about for Norm Smith is going to be very happy. Don't worry about that. Belinda was a big part of Monday night at the Brownlow. Welcome to you. You have got a couple of tickets to give away. They are hard to find this year.I do. I'm surrounded by a lot of passionate supporters. Mostly doggies, I'm seeing, so, yeah, not much Sydney to be seen. But come and join us this morning down at Fed Square. It is all happening here. Don't let the weather deter you. It is Melbourne. Wouldn't be Melbourne if they didn't throw a spanner in the works. So this morning, we have got Tex Walker, Fyfey, Liber and Nathan Buckley joining us and a free concert, the live will be performing here live this morning - - The Living End, who doesn't want a free concert on grand final morning! Am I right! Most importantly, NAB is giving away two grand final tickets to the passionate supporters this morning. So, you need to done your footy colours...Go Dogs!If you think you have got more passion than these guys, come on down and you could be going to the grand final today. Now, you can also jump on and use the NAB mini legends Snapchat lens. You can turn yourself into Caleb Daniel or Buddy Franklin and I think I saw you did that earlier today, didn't you? Yeah, I did. Thanks for your company today and, well, I don't know how Snapchat works but you can turn into Caleb or Buddy just like that. I don't know whether you get paid like them but it is good fun if you are into that stuff. Going to a break. Some huge finishes to games this year. Let's look at some of the clutch moments.COMMENTATOR: One mark! As it happens to the chances of a goal, the Pies are in front. It is Grundy! He will probably kick a fifth. He does. He does!

From 45 to win the game! He's got it! The Tigers have won by a point! The kick after the siren. They are going bananas at the G. This for the match. He's living the dream! Cyriol has he got the journey, he has! He has! He has! The goal, they win it. Naitanui, he gets the kick off. Oh my goodness! Is this one


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This is Melbourne's pulse. It's beating heart.

Since 1853, the MCG has been the centre piece of sporting contests. Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Royal visits. Crusades and concerts. The G is our sporting shrine. Test cricket was born here. And it is home to our winter religion - Australian football! The mark in the 1970 grand final was witnessed by a record crowd of 12 -- 121,696. Season after season. Our history has unfolded on this turf. COMMENTATOR: Here it is!Today Melbourne's heartbeat can be heard across the nation. And around the world. That is the colosseum. Normally it is the last Saturday in September, the first Saturday in October, the last game of the season. The game for all the marbles, the Swans v Dogs. We are not quite sure how the weather will be at 2:30 as we build up to the last game of the season and, well, there is so much anticipation. Alex Rance, Daisy Pearce, Nick Maxwell, joined by Mark Stevens. Welcome.Great to be here.You are a huge dog fan. How did you sleep last night?Restless. Just an emotional week. I went to the pub yesterday afternoon and met a young girl who had just flown in from Belfast, she didn't have a ticket but was going to sit with her father at home and support him on the day of his life. That just sums it up.Absolutely. Now, the Yarra Park has been a hive of activity all week. You kick from a height into a premiership cup, sort of structure up the top, how did you go?Extraordinary scenes really. Just chipped it. For some reason, it went straight in. There is no fake photography there, that really happened. I think I over did the celebration a little bit. I think that sums up my feelings this week with the high fives there to Jake Stringer, a little bit over the top but I will take it.As always, there's been a heap of stories through the year. Give us the top three for you?I will start with number three and that was Jared Roughead. A really sad one. The melanoma coming back for him. It was a real shock in June, of course, a positive outlook now for him. We believe he will be OK. And, of course, the big four at the Kangaroos, the Roo cull, they did it on Twitter, Harvey, Dal Santo, Petrie, we hadn't seen anything like this before and number one, for me, of course, the Essendon ban. January 11, 12 month ban, 34 past an present players, supplements saga, really I believe this is the biggest story in the history of footy, let alone this season and still rammyics kas going on now. How long does it play out for?We are waiting on the appeal results. We will get the appeal result. Compensation.And then the players taking on the club and perhaps the AFL.Perhaps the Brownlow as well with Jobe Watson, so stay tuned there. Just massive. The biggest story in footy history I think. Other stories, some significant ones, Travis Cloke was talked about all year.He did a lot of media. In and out of Collingwood as well. It was huge. Really set the tone as far as talking through bad times. I think Justin Leppitsch sacked, that was massive, that was coming. And Lin Jong touring the Holden centre, probably said it wasn't the best of timing, Talia caught out with and I licit drug. And Daisy, you must be pimping yourself. There's a big rumour, Danny McGinlay... He couldn't, could he?Steven Trig has given him a Godfather offer to come to Carlton. There is a chance he is going to the Blues. He is such a hit.Do you know who Danny McGinlay is?The Bulldogs banner writer.I thought he was an Irish dancer.We like this. You have some good interviews, some weird interviews. This was one.What about your future pops, you're looking a bit old for footy, but do you think you can go on next year?I'm not sure if I can make it through the day, let alone next year. You know me. (LAUGHS) we will see how we go. What was the question?How bad is he, James Kelly.James Kelly pops Kelly that, could be me on Monday if the Bulldogs get up. I could be in any kind of outfit. Look out your favourite interview of the year? Definitely I was out at the Western Bulldogs. We will do a routine live cross on a Thursday afternoon. Let's have a look at what happened when the great Dougie Hawkins got involved.100%, I love you brother.Stevo.Thanks for that. On the lips as well.It was on the lips but if I was going to kiss any man in Australia, this week, it would be Dougie Hawkins. And more than happy to do it.Does the fairy tale continue, do you think? The mood at the Bulldogs is why not us? Everyone's hearts say Bulldogs. What do you think happens?We just hope. So at the moment, we are only at base camp. We have go to the get to Everest. There is no point getting there without winning it. I just hope that everybody at the Bulldogs hasn't got ahead of themselves. There is one more game to go.I wish you were that politically correct when you were interviewing me. What are you really thinking? Do you think this weather is going to affect the Dogs?It might be too slippery for big Buddy. I think the Dogs can do it in any conditions. You have seen that the last three weeks.Get some good medicos next year late in the last. I'm worried about that. We will see you in the morning. Belinda, she is giving away grand final tickets. Lots of barbecues around Victoria, around Australia today, she is next to one of them. There's nothing quite like the smell of a barbecue on grand final day. Agree?Absolutely. We are just here, on the deck, doing our barbie at the moment. You know, I'm pretty keen with the Barbie, just getting the preparation before grand final and eating it well!I'm impressed with the skills so far. All is looking to be great. There is none that are too dark. They are all looking delicious. Now, this is a free bash Key thanks to Woolworths. Gold coin donation. And all proceeds go to the wonderful Oz Harvest. So get down here. Grab your free sausage.

Thanks very much. Well done. Are a barbecue man? I reckon you would be very neat on a barbecue?I've come from a bit of property back in WA. So yeah, I've tossed a few snags in my time.Tossed a few snags! If you win the grand final, a new addition, you get one of these watches. They have been engraved on the back. They have been made in Switzerland. Jude had the junket to go an get them a few years ago. That is what the players are playing for on top of the honour and the premiership Cup. Jar Roughead, he said it is tough to win on grand final day but here's some tips.It was nerves because it is an AFL Grand Final, so you - that is what you wanted to do when you were a little kid and that's what you play footy for. Who knows if we are ever going to be back here again. Boys will be walking around having a kick. Just like they would normally and then out you go for the warm up. Once you walk straight up that race an you hear the roar, you start thinking yeah, yeah, this is grand final day. It just happens so quick. In the next five minutes, you - he this are the hardest five minutes to explain once the siren goes. Because, you know, it is the best five minutes after a footy game. This is something that is rare. You know, there is only 22, 23 mates. So no-one will ever have these and be in your

That one day in September is that one over cast day in October. 100,000 expected. No tickets spare about the place, other than with Belinda, so many chapters have been written at that ground over the years this. Year no exception. Let's have a look at rounds 1 to 12 with Neil Kearney.Easton Wood got off to a flyer.COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a grab!But Dane Swan's season was grounded in round one. Nick Riewoldt celebrated 100 games with son, James.Nd even dad, Joe, played a cameo.COMMENTATOR: He can't believe it!Heath Grundy was a last second hero.It is unbelievable! While the Bombers true believers had a day to remember.COMMENTATOR: This could be a massive momentum changer in the history of the Essendon Football Club!Round 4 took its toll.COMMENTATOR: Ooh! And Stefan Martin wasn't the only one reaching for the Panadol.That is one of the all time great Falcons.It was a family affair for Sean bur godeun's 300th where Paul Puopolo showed nerves of steal. While lanky yank, Mason Cox, Anzac Day debut was one to remember.This could be a fairy tale!In round 7, a Mason Wood goal! Made for a dream end to Drew Petrie's 300. Trailing by five, Sam Lloyd had a shot at glory after the siren.He's got it! The Tigers have won by a point!The American pie was an unlikely match winner.Try and script that!But there was nothing unlikely about the magic show.One of the goals of the year.The purple Army welcomed home an old favourite.Listen to the applause.While Stevie J attracted plenty of attention for his home coming.Who writes this script!Max Gaugn three goals helped the Dees claimed the Queen's birthday honours on a day the footy world united behind Neale Daniher. Down he goes!Ooh, it's cold!Big freeze at the G, one of the days of the years. That is rounds 1 to 12. Time for some top threes. These are top three weird routines starting with Tom Mitchell. Not so much what he does with the basketball, but just have a little camera look at the end. He is pleased with himself, I think. I don't think there is anything too tricky about what he did. But a little bit of a sniff. Look at me! Have a look at Michael Hartley. I'm not sure what he is channelling here. But he realises the cameras on him, and gives more. Now, Sam Mitchell, he is very good, we know, with the ball out of the air without taking to the hands. He turned to the cameras and said at the end of it "I hope you got it". We did. Top three.Impressive. He can do it with both feet as well. I actually think that was his third in a row. I spoke to him that night and I goes "Yeah, I kicked two before that but I'm glad they picked it up for us".On tricks, over the journey, you've provided us with some. These are some of the highlights.I think the greatest trick was keeping me under carriage intact! There was a pretty rough surface down there. But I actually constructed that myself. You can probably tell.What happens if you get injured doing that? You fell off a bike and missed half a season. What happens if you get injured doing that?I got a few warnings after that, by the physios and the coach, just said "Tone the gags back in the change rooms".At least it didn't leave the club.It is all very hush hush. Let's look at some of the times maybe the players stuffed up a little and didn't quite get it right. Number three. Sam Grimley here in the goal square, missed a certain goal here. Tom Ruggles, we all know how you have got to teach the younger boys how to hand ball. He might have to do some homework on this one. Finally, we go back to the Pies, to my old club, and young Brendan main main plays on from full back and hulf, when you have got Lindsay Thomas sweating on you, it can all end in tears. Had a very good season.The credit belongs to the man in the arena, they are all trying very hard. Falcon of the year. We have got a lot later but Tom Boyd, it is hard to beat this.That is impressive. He gave up on the mark and just went, you know what, I'm going for this.Did he get matters gained for that you would hope so. We will call in an ad break and find out what actually actually happens. Premature celebrations? There is plenty going around this year. Obviously Aaron Mullet there, you can tell halfway through that he stuffed up here, that he had gone early. Number two. Few smug heads on the GWS bench and celebrating and then Nic Naitanui goes whack, at the stoppage. You would think that they would be manning up this man, or clogging the space but they didn't. He finished it for them. So that was a very premature finish for them. This is one of my favourites. Have a look at him. He is still going. Still going. And it's a point mate. So Chelsea brings him back to earth! As Dennis Cometti said, premature speculation, you can get a nasal spay for that.One of the best.I've got the top three crowd moments which starts with a very honest citizen. Passing the ball down in the crowd. We see the ball kicked up into the third tier there. Passing it down. This guy not so honest. Just pops it in the bag. No shame. That's coming home with him tonight!Wife is saying throw it back.No!The second one. We have got this staunch supporter, talk about fair weather. This is up at Metricon in the howling rain. And then the final one is not so flash moment from this lady. Trying to get her poncho on. I hope it wasn't when Nic Naitanui kicked the winning goal for the Eagles because she would have missed it by the time she had her poncho on. But some great moments from the crowd. Mad Monday celebrations. Who do you go as?So this year I went as Zoidberg. There is Jack. Ivan there. It is one of my favourite days of the year, to be totally honest. I haven't played in a flag yet so it is some of the greatest memories I've had, talking about the year and having a few brews.The Cats was a whacky Wednesday this year. Corey Enright for me almost gets the votes. But there was Trump and Happy Gilmore.That is my favourite right there.Look at Freddie Mercury, and Michelle Payne.Bit of Pokemon, love that.He was saying on Thursday night that his hips were really sore from sitting up on the horse. The thing wasn't even moving.I saw him on Thursday night when he presented - look at that. Dangerfield. When he event prosecuted the Auskicker of the year. He said it was disappointing. I went to get a live horse an actually ride into the pub but there was a whole heaps of problems with occupational health an safety. So had to settle for a fibreglass horse. If you love your horse rating, the Turnbull stakes days tomorrow, group one racing, he has been in devastating form, the goals of the year, that is one of the highlights of the year. Here's just a few.COMMENTATOR: Can he get on to the ball? No, just boots it for his life. For his life, Tommy Hawkins and he has kicked a goal of his life. No-one home though. He has kicked it a long way though. Don't tell me, he's kicked it 80m! Buddy, what does he do. He might go all the way. He it will be a goal. You beauty Buddy. The Brownlow medallist, Eddie, fooled them all, Eddie Betts! That is unbelievable. Runs to the 50. Bounces off the chest. On his knees. Deep in the pocket. Goes to the outside of the boot. Oh, don't tell me. The Stringer is leading them! Breaks through. Kicks one of the goals of the year. Lloyd at the back. Will it bounce for him? It had to. It did. And then that! Naitanui, he gets the kick.

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It doesn't get any bigger in September an here we are, for the Victorian women's football league, grand final, Daisy Pearce's team. The Falcons take on the Melbourne uni Muggers. Let's get amongst T game on!

We keep working hard, that is the full mark of our

She has had a pretty good half. How are you feeling right now on grand final day?They are still in it, the other side, first quarter we held them out for the first 50 and they are still going strong. Daisy is playing real well as well.She has always come up and about from the footy.Most of the time unless she is disappointed in her own performance.It's three-quarter time. And the girls are up 26 points. Daisy Pearce is well on her way with her very good mates here to win

They have won, congratulations. Yeah, I can't wipe the smile off my face mate. Yeah. Sensational effort from the girls and heart fought which is what you want on grand final day. It makes it all the more special.Congratulations to the Falcons, four in a row.Yeah, four in a row. It doesn't get old. I think almost with every one you win, you want the next one even more. It was a great day. Nice to have to work for it.How many grand final wins for you now?Four in a row. But nine with the Falcons, which is a pretty special record. Yeah. Certainly nicer winning them than losing them.Let's hear the Falcons post match win song. (SINGS) # # That's why we love it... #

# She will be coming round the mountain when she comes # She will be coming... #Yeah, that is the unofficial second verse of the Falcon's theme song. But the first verse is an original, it is not to the tune of any of the AFL songs, but it's a pretty rough one, I'm glad they didn't show the start.Who was wearing the denim jeans?That was a girl who, unfortunately, missed out. So she didn't play in them, did she?No, she was a big contributor to our side. But didn't play on the day. But had the jumper underneath so that she felt a part of the team. I thought it was the new skins compression.I'm seeing things are different in the women's league if you can play in denim. The last time they met, was four points. The time before that, four points. Both at the SCG. Finishes simply remarkable. Johannisen, boyhood dream, closed it out.In the game, he spent a lengthy time on the sidelines coming back for this game and then kicked the winning goal. But I think they will take a lot of belief out of this last time they met. And I think belief is a really powerful thing, isn't it. Absolutely. This group, they believe for sure. You can't take that away from them, the way that they have played all year.Clay Smith is one of the remarkable stories. He thought his career was done.Yeah,Went in for the third one and had different surgery. They took a bigger graft out of my quad, couple of different things and told me if this doesn't hold up, it is probably the end. So that was a bit daunting. But come through the other side and it's holding up and I've play aid fair few games in a row now, which is unreal and to be sitting here and knowing on Saturday, that we are going to be running out on the G, on the last day, it is pretty cool!Amazing story Clay Smith, I saw him up close an personal last week. Kicked four first half goals against the Giants. Someone that is not renown for kicking goals, he is that in and under player, but now he has added that to his bow. He has been unbelievable this year. Hopefully he gets himself a medal.Good luck to Clay. Swans were out pressured when they lost to the Hawks in 14. What do you expect today? These two sides, the Dogs and the Swans, are able to swarm the football. How do you see it playing out?I don't think there is going to be any residual scars or fear from their perspective because they have got to really battle hard. They will be much better for the run, obviously. They are such a contested mid field and got some real tallend. I wouldn't say that 2014 game should hold any fears for them.OK. How heavy is the weight of history? You were there in 2010. The Pies were in somewhat of a drought?It is if you make it - if you actually let it get a hold of you basically. So I think that the Western Bulldogs, the way they have gone about t they have smashed through every barrier that has been put in front of them. I don't think it is going to be a huge affect on them. Obviously there's a lot of things that are out of your control but if you focus on what is in your control, that is how you play, I think the doggies should be OK.Bevo gets the best out of all players but if he was struggling for something, he would probably just play this.It's going to be a do or die effort. It's got to be a determined bid. You've got to show me all the guts and Dermation you've got in your body. You've got to inspire me with this last quarter bid. You've been 234 front all day and -- been in front all day and you've got to stay there.You said grand final wins never get old. That never gets old. That is just great footage. Great scenery, isn't it. Ted in his robe, just inspooring his team.He will be sitting up there, in his velvet chair with the robe on and a cigar, watching on and barracking for the doggies too today.Quick Norm Smith tip?Dane Rampe, I think he is the mop up King. I think he will take it out.I'm with silver medallist, Luke Parker.I I'm going to go with Luke Dahlhaus, I think these wet conditions, he will be in and under all day.Have a great grand final. I'm not sure what happens with the conditions. You're off to Europe for six weeks?Yeah, visiting a few spots over there. Getting out of the Melbourne bubble. Daisy, where are you going to spend it?It is not much of an off-season with the women's league starting in February but I've got a week off. Still working tomorrow, but hopefully we have a win.114 flights during the season. Couple more coming your way. Hope you enjoyed the first panel. New panel in just a moment. It is Grand Final day. There is going to be 100,000 at the G. Can the Dogs complete the fairy tale or is it the Swans again?Down here at the MCG live site and we are at the Woolworths lis AFL playground. It is absolutely sensational. There is plenty of activities. There's a barbecue for the whole family. There's a big screen on all day to watch the game and I'm joined by alley Blackburn, Western Bulldogs star, how exciting is it to be here and the Dogs are playing?It has been amazing so far, I'm really looking forward to the game today. I never took any species in my time but we have got a doum of the boys here. -- couple of the boys here today. Let's see how they go. Oh, you star! Open until 6:00 so come on down.Sunday at 10 it's the 2016 Game Day finale. Leigh Matthews, Jude Bolton and Andrew Welsh deliver their post-mortem. We hear from the victors. Plus Simon Marshall and Danny McGinlay give their intake on the season. And then it is all eyes on Flemington as the Spring Racing Carnival kicks up a gear

Well, when you're a young kid, you dream about playing on this day. The fans have got the tickets. There is not a ticket spare. That is not quite true. Belinda has got a couple to give away at Fed Square. The weather not ideal but it is clearing up. We will catch up with Jayne very soon and find out what the weather is doing as we welcome in people that know about this day. Jude Bolton, Matthew Pavlich and Brad Sewell. Welcome all.It is great to be here and what a fantastic day. Looking forward to it.Tell me this. Favourite moment of 2016?It's really hard to go past the clutch wins that Hawthorn had throughout the year. Really kept them in the season. Kept them in the top four. Continually, week after week, last ditch efforts to get them over the line. Celebrations as you can see. Boys certainly enjoyed it.Three in a row by three points, it was remarkable and outside 50, I think he kicked one from outside 50 or something and...It doesn't matter. Jude?I was actually commentating this game and it was out at Spotless Stadium and it was at three-quarter time, a guy had a kick for $100,000. And I tell you what. Normally it's a parks, but you could see the players, even Stevie J and those guys on the ground weren't even listening to Leon Cameron. It was an epic moment. Paul Waterhouse won $100,000 by put a Sheridan into some tyres. It is that ease oo. Remarkable career. Congratulations.Thanks.Favourite moment, I assume, was later in the year?It is quite self indulgent of me. We have gone to two team events. But I've picked the last game, the moment just here, where you see my hands go to my face. Just relief really. Such a big week leading into it. A poor season for Freo but such a great way to end it. To have 35,000 people standing at the end and applauding and that ovation. The respect the Bulldogs showed. That is something I will never forget and I'm so thankful to not only our players, but the fans the way they show their respect.Is it true the only time you've ever had a beer in the rooms after your game, was in your last game of AFL footy? Outside of international rules game...Before the game?It was the first time ever. Sort of channelled some Australian cricket folk law having a beer in the change rooms after the game. It was one of those moments that I will never forget and to be able to sit there, in your colours, in your jumper and have a beer in hand, it was one of those moments that I really love. And having my family there as well. Dad was in the change rooms, my mum, a lot of close mates. And, of course, celebrating with my kids as I ran out. Something that, as I said, I will absolutely never forget.I think hats off near need to go to the boys that chaired you off.Yeah, he said he had a broken collarbone after because as my quad landed on him, I think my Thailanded on his collarbone, he felt a crack. That's a good effort. Since then you've had another child. So you have got Harper, Jack, William, what happens now?We have got to find something to do.You slide on into the media.No, talk about something to do at home, if you get where I'm going with this. Three under three and a half means we have been pretty busy, I'm going to take a few months off. The plan is to disconnect from the industry and get away, just spend time time with the family really, be a dad in the short-term and then start to line up what next year looks like. I've got some business interests