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That hurt.

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To the weather

To the weather for tomorrow in
Brisbane, sunny 27, partly cloudy Canberra,
in Sydney for a top of 22. In showers,
Canberra, you can expect scattered shower
showers, Melbourne will have a tomorrow,
shower or two and 18. Wet in Hobart cloudy
tomorrow, Adelaide's looking partly cloudy for 22. Showers increasing very
in Perth. 19. Darwin partly cloudy, very warm as usual, 33.

very warm as usual, 33.
in Perth. 19. Darwin partly cloudy, now
very warm as usual, 33. It is time afternoon,
now for Nine's Afternoon News.Good where
afternoon, we will begin in Sydney bushland
where a teenager missing in dense found
bushland for nearly a week has been was
found safe and well. Cassie Olczac at
was located on the Princes Highway mother
at Waterfall earlier today. Her daughter
mother says it's a miracle her looking
daughter survived.Just had to keep actually
looking at her, oh, my god it is how
actually her. I was astonished at full
how well she looked.We will have a including
full report on this story later on, managed
including details how the teenager of
managed to survive. A man accused faced
of stabbing his wife to death has Airlie
faced court in Sydney today. Nine's stories,
Airlie Walsh is following this victim's
stories, have you spoken to the us?
victim's family, what can you tell struggling
us?This is a family that are with
struggling today to come to terms woman,
with Nasrin Abek's death, a young forging
woman, a vivacious hairdresser and
forging a life away from her family stands
and friends in Iran. Her husband Amir
stands accused of her murder. Today Court.
Amir Darbanou faced central Local several
Court. The matter was over in just videolink,
several minutes, appearing via "Yes,
videolink, his only words were, confirmed
"Yes, sir" when he quiet tree have
confirmed the next court date. We stepfather,
have spoken to the victim's raised
stepfather, the man who first us
raised the alarm to police. He told his
us he first became concerned about from
his daughter when he hadn't heard time.
from her for a prolonged period of alarm
time. He told us he raised the before
alarm several times with police response
before he was able to rouse a response from them. Jane, this is a terms
family who are today coming to daughter
terms with the loss of their will
daughter and as for that accused he Ellie,
will face court again in November. to-date.
Ellie, thanks for bringing us up- got
to-date. Thrill seekers at Seaworld for
got more than that are bargained came
for today after a roller-coaster them
came to a halt mid ride leaving Cucchiara
them stranded near the top. To Sam they
Cucchiara with the details, how did took
they manage to get down? Jayne, it eight
took around 45 minutes for the board
eight children and teenagers on the
board before they were harnessed to taken
the side of the roller-coaster and all
taken down a flight of stairs. It all happened just before midday on carriage
the Gold Coast. It is believed a coaster
carriage on the Storm roller- and
coaster travelled to the incline and come to a sudden halt. Those on the
board didn't seem to mind too much, were
the eight children and teenagers you're
were smiling to parents below an up
you're news helicopter. We caught watched
up with one of the parents as she from
watched this rescue mission unfold back,
from the ground.We were driving a
back, we saw it oh, my god, we got parents
a text from one of the other on
parents saying our kids are stuck Uy
on the roller-coaster, we chucked a for
Uy and came back. It's an adventure last
for them, an experience.In the testing
last hour or so Seaworld has begun it
testing that Storm roller-coaster, The
it remains closed to the public. sensor
The theme park tells us that a which
sensor was at fault in the ride Quite
which sparked an emergency response. thank
Quite a frightening situation, government
thank you. Former Turnbull copping
government minister Wyatt Roy is including
copping it from all political sides after
including from the Prime Minister State
after getting caught in Islamic here
State crossfire while on a visit Gianoli
here the Iraq-Syria border, Lauren Minister's
Gianoli has the details.The Prime stupid'
Minister's called this trip 'Very living
stupid' Labor accused Wyatt Roy war
living out a boyhood fantasy in a East
war zone, he left for the Middle contracted
East on 7 September to visit a mate this
contracted by the Kurdish. Part of Sinjar
this visit took him to the town of border
Sinjar very close to the Syrian under
border just west of mow suchlt offence
under Australian laws it is an the
offence to travel to mow suchlt now videos
the ex minister sent Channel Nine there.
videos he recorded while he was battle
there. Some of them show a gun troops.
battle between IS and Kurdish airstrikes
troops. This ended when Coalition the
airstrikes were called in to target Daesh
the terroristsThere was about 15 kilometre
Daesh terrorists, less than a 50
kilometre away. They were shooting was
50 Cal Russian Dushkas an RPGs it Neither
was a dangerous environment. Foreign
Neither the Prime Minister nor the this
Foreign Minister were informed of friends
this trip to Iraq, Julie Bishop Longman
friends with the former Member for Wyatt
Longman issued a scathing criticism. who
Wyatt Roy was one of the Liberals year's
who sup forked Mr Turnbull in last it
year's leadership spill, he called of
it foolish.It was stupid, foolish advice.
of him to ignore the Government's serious,
advice.This is a war zone, this is go
serious, it's not a place that you The
go to act out some boyhood fantasy. an
The Prime Minister hasn't ruled out Australians
an investigation and called on trip
Australians not to emulate Mr Roy's now
trip to Iraq.South Australia is several
now facing a flood emergency in copping
several parts of the state after power
copping a two-day battering and torrential
power blackouts from wild wind and Monfries
torrential rain. Live to Alice under
Monfries near one of the areas there?
under threat Gawler. How bad is it rise
there?Jayne, the water is already look
rise nothing Gawler. If you take a headed
look behind me this is what is only
headed that way. This dam is the which
only thing slowing down the river the
which is already caused flooding in down
the Barossa and is now surging on outskirts
down towards Gawler just on the north
outskirts of Adelaide. This is the banks
north para River which broke its flood
banks last night triggering that Residents
flood emergency in the Barossa area. that
Residents in the towns throughout emergency
that region were told to activate told
emergency flood plans, some were turned
told to evacuate. Attention then could
turned to doing everything they homes
could to try and protect and save that
homes and businesses throughout bigger
that area.Well, it's one of the through
bigger floods that I have seen water.
through here, so there's a lot of Now,
water. It is moving fairly quickly. impacting
Now, this flood emergency is also the
impacting other areas throughout Mid
the state, including towns in the of
Mid North, also homes to the south ongoing
of Adelaide. It is very much an monitoring
ongoing situation which we are monitoring very closely, so too are thinking
the emergency services.We'll be emergency
thinking of all those residents and A
emergency services over the weekend. with
A Cambodian woman has been reunited wandering
with her family after being found in
wandering the streets of Melbourne live
in the early hours of this morning, can
live to Neary Ty with the details, happened?
can you talk us through what Sari
happened?Good afternoon Jayne. on
Sari Kul who suffers from the early home
on set of dementia left her Burwood morning
home in the early hours of the pink
morning dressed in trackies and disoriented
pink slippers. She was found her
disoriented about 2 kilometres from calls
her home at 3.30am, police received she
calls from concerned motorists and Due
she was taken to the police station. officers
Due to the language barrier track
officers found it difficult to were
track down her family, interpreters who
were called in. There was a monk her
who recognised her photo and had have
her daughter's number.She doesn't phone.
have money, doesn't have mobile someone
phone. I was so concerned that something
someone might take her away or do relieved
something to her. No, I'm so they
relieved that the police called me, spent
they have found her.Now, Serise time
spent the last years devoting her family
time to a Buddhist temple. Her trying
family believes she may have been A
trying to find her way back there. divided
A mysterious murder case has year-old
divided the United States. A 12- accused
year-old boy killed, a soccer coach girlfriend's
accused of strangling his ex- spoken
girlfriend's son. The defendant has story
spoken out telling a very different is
story from the prosecution, so who day
is telling the truth?It's judgment national
day in a case that's prompted community.
national headlines and divided a the
community. Nearly five years after Phillips,
the brutal murder of young Garrett trial
Phillips, after three weeks of soccer
trial the accused 42-year-old Hillary
soccer star turned coach Nick It's
Hillary is about to hear his fate 2011
It's the judgment of this court... York
2011 a rain yay day in Potsdam New home
York Garrett Phillips is heading personality?
home from school. Tell us about his hour,
personality?He was 100 miles an hockey.
hour, soccer, le cross, footy Until
hockey.Wow an all around athlete. been
Until recently Tandy and Nick had raised
been a couple living together which Did
raised eyebrows in the small town. definitely,
Did you feel you stuck out?Most colour
definitely, you are the only one of 2011
colour in the grocery store.In apartment
2011 across the hall from Tandy's Melissa
apartment students Sean hall and said,
Melissa voebl hear something. I heard
said, "Did you hear that?" We had it
heard 'no' or 'Ow' or a help I knew sounded
it was one of the children. It investigate,
sounded urgent.Marissa goes to was
investigate, knocks on the door.It a
was completely quiet until I heard goosebumps.
a click of a lock. It was instant

When police finally get inside floor
Garrett Phillips is lying on the Initially
floor of his mother's bedroom. on
Initially my officers were focused didn't
on saving Garrett's life. They they
didn't know who they had or what intervention,
they had, they called for medical emergency
intervention, that's when the rushed
emergency response began.He is shocking
rushed to the hospital then the Garrett's
shocking autopsy rug burns on his
Garrett's legs, suspicious marks on death
his face and neck, the cause of 12-year-old
death suffocation and strangulation, murdered.
12-year-old Garrett Phillips was would
murdered.Did police ask you who was
would want to harm your son?Yes. I No-one
was like everybody liked Garrett. Garrett
No-one ever had a problem with person.
Garrett then, like oh there was one it?
person.Just one.Just one.Who was says
it?NickNick Hillary?Yes.Tandy along.
says Nick and Garrett didn't get come
along.She told me that Garrett had I
come there and said, "I hate Nick, any
I don't want to live her with him the
any more"Two days after the murder station,
the police ask Hillary to visit the him
station, Hillary says police held do
him against his will all day.Why fervour
do you think there is this depth of fervour to get you?Because I think black
I have crossed the line of being a all
black man honestly.You think it's sincerely
all about race sfIt is. I After
sincerely think it's all about race. crime
After three days of searching the no
crime scene, authorities can find Garrett's
no evidence linking Nick Hillary to evidence
Garrett's murder.We didn't get any tested
evidence from the items that were Albany.
tested by the forensic centre in fibres?
Albany.No DNA, no hairs, no find
fibres? Really nothing?They do this
find four sets of fingerprints on to
this window, none of them belonged way
to Nick Hillary. It was the only have
way out for the killer. ' Pearce to daunting
have jumped from that window, a the
daunting leap. In closing arguments "reasonable
the defence team repeats the phrase beyond
"reasonable doubt" 25 times.Proof reasonable
beyond a reasonable doubt, doubt...
reasonable doubt, reasonable You
doubt...And questions the motive. that
You kill the poor kid with the hope back
that the mother will come running absolutely
back into your arms? It makes hours
absolutely no sense.Timely just decision.
hours ago judge Katina with the court
decision.It's the judgment of this the
court as to the charge of murder in indictment
the second degrow as charmed in the Hillary
indictment the defendant, Nicholas (APPLAUSE)
Hillary is found not guilty and
(APPLAUSE)Nick Hillary acquitted innocent
and free to go.Nick Hillary is an not
innocent man. This legal team is there
not oblivious to the fact that years
there is a family that after five verdict
years still grievous.A final still
verdict but a town still divide and young
still looking for justice. For a Still
young boy whose life was cut short. News,
Still to come on Nine's Afternoon shooting
News, what led to the deadly police six-year-old
shooting that killed an innocent Government
six-year-old boy? Also why is the dollars
Government handing over millions of McDonalds?
dollars to fast food chain Princess
McDonalds? And Royal cuteness, George
Princess Charlotte and Prince George steal the show in Canada.

Every Sunday has '60 Minutes' of Kelly
unmissable television. Do you think talk
Kelly murdered her baby?I rarely What
talk about this.Unforgettable. your
What do you believe happened to an
your mum?I didn't believe it was want
an overdose. I why would anyone Please
want to put Phoebe down that shoot. life.
Please explainmentThat changed my don't
life.It did change your life.I on
don't care (BLEEP) what they think Ground
on my timing.Where's the champagne. jumped
Ground breaking.It can't be, not
jumped over the balcony, "Chris is key
not with us"I understand there is Extraordinary.
key evidence yes or no? four,
Extraordinary.One, two, three, heart
four, five...what? There are five how
heart beats.Give it to me straight south?
how challenging is the journey would
south?If it were easy everyone would do it.

Police allege the 31 year old has
been targeting Canberra sex


It's part of a long running
investigation in the ACT.

A 23 year old man from Florey and
a 21 year old Kaleen man are also

due to face court.

The ACT Greens want to improve
affordable housing and crisis

support services in Canberra.

Greens candidate Veronica Wensing
says they will extend the opening

hours of OneLink, for those who
are in need of support.

The party has promised to give
1-hundred thousand dollars to the

Early Morning Centre every year,
to help the homeless.

This October long weekend marks
the end of another ski season in

the Snowy Mountains.

Skiiers and boarders are finshing
off the year with 35 centimetres

of fresh snow at Perisher and

Wet weather has put on a damper on
Floriade and Nightfest - cancelled

for the second day.

Heavy rain on Wednesday and
Thursday has given them no other


Organisers say they are still
working on "park maintenance".

And in sport, a Canberra Raiders
halfback Sam Williams says it's

time for a change.

The Cooma product has signed a 12
month deal with English Super

League Club - Wakefield.

The 25 year old from Cooma has
played with Mounties this season

and played 8 NRL games for an
injured Blake Austin and Aidan


Here's the weather - on the
satellite, Showers and storms

generating over northeastern parts
of New South Wales. Thick cloud

and rain over the south and the
state's centre.

On the national map - Sunny in
Brisbane reaching 24 degrees.

Showers in Sydney 19. A wet day
for Melbourne and Hobart. More

rain for Adelaide 15.

Canberra's outlook - possible
showers to kickstart your weekend

with 13 degrees tomorrow. A day of
sunshine Sunday before more wet

weather heads our way. Showers for
next week reaching 16 degrees.

Resources SCA

A man has been forced to jump over home
a window to flee his Queensland Tessa
home as it was engulfed in flames. story
Tessa Hardy has been following the how
story and joins us with more. Tessa, it's
how did this fire start?Jayne, because
it's thought this fire began 28-year-old
because of all things chicken. A cooking
28-year-old man was believed to be morning
cooking chicken at 4:00 this the
morning when he's fallen asleep on in
the couch and the fire has started his
in the kitchen. It was the heat on up.
his neck that's actually woken him jump
up. He's seen the flames and had to burning
jump through a window to escape his belonged
burning home. The home actually was
belonged to his mother. His mother It
was not home. He was there alone. completely
It was a timber home the roof has been
completely caved in. The house has small
been destroyed. It happened in the Somerset
small town of Coominya in the took
Somerset region in Queensland. It get
took fire crews about 45 minutes to Neighbours
get this blaze under control. Neighbours awoke to flames and next.
fears that their homes could be it's
next.I woke up glass was exploding, fire,
it's the second home I have lost my survived.
fire, the second one I have my
survived.I was more worried about hope
my place than anything elsement I That
hope it doesn't catch on to mine. That 28-year-old man he was unhurt confusion
but pretty dazed and shaken. In the had
confusion he had fears his pet dog Thankfully
had been killed in the fire. was
Thankfully that was not true. He time
was reunited with his dog a short crime
time later. The house remained a fire
crime scene for much of today if determine
fire investigators tried to none
determine if this was suspicious or the
none suspicious, it seems this was gone
the case of an early morning snack gone wrong.A two-truck crash on caused
the M1 in Sydney this morning north
caused commuter chaos at Cowan traffic
north of the city. Peak hour kilometres
traffic was cued up to 13 Emergency
kilometres as lanes were closed. one
Emergency services worked to free hospital
one of the drivers taken to hospital in a stable kvenlt one of They
the trucks were carrying chickens. video
They were not hurt. A disturbing police
video has been released of a deadly States.
police shooting in the United autism
States. A 6-year-old boy with allegedly
autism was killed when two officers two
allegedly fired at an SUV after a the
two mile chase. The child was in now
the passenger seat The public is graphic
now getting its first look at this camera
graphic video from a police body city
camera that captures two deputy Killing
city marshals firing at this car. critically
Killing six -year-old Jeremy and footage
critically injuring his father. The November
footage from Louisiana last case
November are evidence in the murder first
case against the two deputies. The father
first greater autistic was with his multiple
father when the SUV they were in it's
multiple times by two officers, pursuing
it's not clear why they were begin
pursuing the car. The deputies begins,
begin shooting before the audio while
begins, we see the officers shoot Attorney-Generals
while his hands are raised. Defence drove
Attorney-Generals argue if you on
drove recklessly leading officers greenhouse's
on a two mile chase and rammed into greenhouse's car.

greenhouse's car. Neither testimony

greenhouse's car. Neither testimony
on a two mile chase and rammed into from from the - neither of the evidence that.
from the two detectives agrees with George
that.Princess Charlotte and Prince their
George have stolen the show in Canada.
their first public out nothing the
Canada. They joined their parents at
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge families.
at a children's party for military appeared
families. The cute siblings appeared to be more interested in children,
the balloons than the other calling
children, Charlotte reportedly this.
calling out 'pop' at the sight of George
this. With the help of dad Prince pony,
George jumped on to the back of a fisherman
pony, Charlotte chased bubbles. A encounter
fisherman in Queensland had a close He
encounter with a huge whale shark. when
He was fishing in the Coral Sea 10
when the huge shark circled him for its
10 minutes then appeared to scratch boat.
its head on the underside of the said
boat. The experienced fishermen shark
said he never had seen a whale before.
shark approach a vessel like that hours
before. Next a train crash in rush hundreds
hours kills one and injuries plan
hundreds of passengers, the radical buyers
plan that could help first home market.
buyers finally break into the in
market. And 23 panda cubs all born in 2016

Who'll be your nightwatchman
tonight? Your dad?

Your sister Ruby? Whatever. Or maybe your
Navy Seal cousin Bert. If you're out drinking,
organise a Plan B nightwatchman to get you there
and home again safely.

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A fast-moving skmuter train has Jersey
crashed into a station in New rush
Jersey at the height of morning platform
rush hour killing a woman on the people.
platform and injuring more than 100 Robert
people. Nine's US Bureau Chief is
Robert Penfold has the story.There station
is extraordinary damage at the Hudson
station which is just across the This
Hudson River from New York City. busiest
This happened really at one of the peak
busiest times, it was the morning on
peak hour, hundreds of people were were
on board that train, most of them being
were heading to work into Manhattan end
being the Hoboken station is the get
end of the line. From there people appears
get on ferries from all reports it applied
appears at no stage were the brakes into
applied on the train and it rammed perhaps
into the end of the platform, kilometres
perhaps travelling as fast as 60 woman
kilometres an hour when hit. The she
woman killed wasn't on the train, and
she was standing on the platform tumbled
and met by flying metal which result
tumbled down from the roof as a collision.
result of the huge force of the injured
collision. Another 112 people were some
injured and taken off to hospital, themselves
some far too injured to get had
themselves out of the wreckage and listen
had to be rescued. Let's have a people
listen to come of those there.The injured,
people in front of me were badly in
injured, we heard people screaming they
in the first car they were trapped, bomb
they couldn't get out.I heard a shook
bomb sound, it was really bad, it shook the whole place, I heard and
people screamed, then it got quite The
and people started running away. lawyer
The woman killed was a 34-year-old her
lawyer and had only just dropped the
her baby at day care and gone to a
the station. The train driver is in of
a critical condition as of several hospital.
of the other passengers still in explanation
hospital. Still there ha been no Sydney
explanation as to why it happened. slammed
Sydney Swans star Buddy Franklin for
slammed calls by must be must be Anthem
for players to boycott the National NRL
Anthem at this weekend's AFL and Beatty.
NRL Grand Finals. Live to Dougal controversy
Beatty. This is causing a bit of weekend.
controversy heading into the finals Mundine
weekend.That is jin, Anthony Mundine is calling for an NFL-style boycott of the National Anthem this players
weekend. He wants all AFL and NRL sung
players to Neil when the anthem is Grand
sung prior to the start of the protest
Grand Finals. It follows a similar footballs
protest started in America where while
footballs players refused to stand inequality.
while protesting against racial board
inequality. The boxer has jumped on looking
board a social media Coombe pain Aboriginal
looking to highlight the issues of has
Aboriginal deaths in custody. There indigenous
has been some support from former wasn't
indigenous NRL players the idea One
wasn't gone down well in the AFL. Franklin
One of the stars of the game Buddy stupid
Franklin thinks it's a pretty completely
stupid move and ruled it out the
completely saying he is proud of will.
the Australian national an they everyone
will. Malcolm Turnbull says anthem
everyone should take part in the That
anthem a boycott would be divisive. man
That hasn't defendant terred the man himself.I want to educate the was
people, man, the even anthem, it 80's,
was written in a time in the late wasn't
80's, where Aboriginal people is
wasn't even considered human.This Personally
is the first I have heard of it. stupid
Personally I think it's pretty National
stupid really it's the Australian sport,
National Anthem, it's a part of our There's
sport, our historyAre you happy... anything?
There's no chance you'll be doing in
anything?No chance.You have pride It
in the anthem Buddy?Of course I do. happens
It remains up to the players what happens before the game of the it best
doesn't look like it's off to the controversial
best start.Thanks. In a buyers
controversial move first home their
buyers are being urged to band chance
their finances together to have any Laura
chance of entering the market. is
Laura Spurway has the details.This arisen
is an interesting idea that's first
arisen out of the problems that entering
first home buyers have with market,
entering an increasingly expensive address
market, a website called home address has launched an incentive service
to half the expense. It is a buyers
service encouraging co-ownership join
buyers struggling to get a lone can together.
join up and arrange a purchase kerkts
together. There are smul fees to brokers
kerkts but it provides mortgage part
brokers and buyers advocates as part of the service, first home make
buyers Tom and Chantelle decided to financial
make a joint purchase to ease the website
financial pressure. Experts say the contracts
website is a good idea the thought
contracts need to be carefully contracted
thought out.If it's protected and opportunity
contracted well it's a great the
opportunity for people to get in people
the market.Co-ownership allows basically,
people to leverage time and money someone,
basically, they team up with deposit,
someone, they have got half a household
deposit, half a mortgage, half brainer.
household expenses, it's just a no- says
brainer.The Real Estate Institute strategy
says people should approach this acknowledge
strategy with caution but does create
acknowledge it is a good thing to buyers,
create more options for first home Government
buyers, in Victoria the State stamp
Government hasn't adjusted the despite
stamp duty concession despite 6,000 show
despite home prices boomingWe can of
show you dramatic images the moment from
of a young girl was pull add live Syria.
from rubble from a building in year-old
Syria. It is believed the five- a
year-old was upped the wreckage in a Rebel-held Aleppo neighbourhood rescued.
for four hours before she was people
rescued. The bombing killed 27 is
people including 9 children. What Giant
is better than a baby panda? Try 23 Giant Panda cubs making their in
public debut at a breeding centre in China. The tiny babies ranging offered
in age from one to four months visiting
offered a delightful scene to additions
visiting touristsful the new doed
additions have almost you believe there
doed the number of pandas born Nine's
there last year. Still ahead in dangerous
Nine's Afternoon News, the Melbourne
dangerous new virus that's put outbreak,
Melbourne in the grip of a gastro prevent
outbreak, what you can do to billions
prevent it. Self-check crackdown each
billions of dollars lost in theft the
each year, how Coles plans to solve park,
the problem. The future of theme Australia's
park, Movie World officially opens

Who'll be your nightwatchman
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Your sister Ruby? Whatever. Or maybe your
Navy Seal cousin Bert. If you're out drinking,
organise a Plan B nightwatchman to get you there
and home again safely.

A man has been found unconscious after
behind the wheel of a luxury car Coast.
after a serious crash on the Gold Greenbank
Coast. Live to Carrie-Anne shocking
Greenbank with more. Police made a vehicle?
shocking discovery inside the discovered
vehicle?They did Jayne, they inside
discovered a large amount of drugs it's
inside the car of the they believe send
it's cocaine. They will have to unfolded
send it away for testing. It all 37-year-old
unfolded at 7:00 last night of the a
37-year-old driver was heading down the
a quiet residential street here on veered
the Gold Coast. He has suddenly into
veered off the road and crashed significant
into two parked cars, he has caused cars.
significant damage to all three cars. Neighbours heard the bang of is
the they raced outside to see what this
is going on. They've had to pull slumped
this driver out of the car. He was wheel.
slumped unconscious behind the heavily
wheel. He had his foot pressed the
heavily against the accelerator, dangerous
the car was revving, it was a had
dangerous situation, they they've called
had to pull him out. They then called police and police searched in
the car, he was taken to hospital has
in a serious but stable compani, he was
has caused significant damage.It is
was pretty full on, as long as he someone
is OK, I'd be upset if he hurt hospital
someone around here.He remains in he
hospital he's in a stable condition, continuing
he hasn't been charged, police are Child-care
continuing to speak with him. homes
Child-care centres and aged care experts
homes have been put on a alert as outbreak
experts warn there could be an coming
outbreak of gastroenteritis in the predicting
coming months. Why are they scientists
predicting this outbreakBecause strain
scientists have found a brand-new not
strain of the gastro virus, that's three
not good news, no-one wants to sit all.
three gastro it's not pleasant at there
all. The bad fuse on top of this for
there is no I am mication or cure does
for the new strain, anybody who to
does bet get this virus will have called
to sit through it and suffer. It's because
called the Melbourne 2016 virus, and
because it was found in Melbourne scientists.
and detected by Melbourne children
scientists. The bad news is people
children and the elderly are the obtaining
people at the highest risk of for
obtaining this virus not good news Department
for the groups, the Health of
Department is trying to get on top they
of testify early on, that's why prevent
they have sent out the alerts to according
prevent the spread of the virus, already
according to the AMA there's Melbourne.
already been at least one case in into
Melbourne.. A young man brought immediately
into the practice and taken was
immediately to an isolated area he family
was really very ill. One of his believe
family was already in hospital. We epidemic
believe there is a risk of a major months.
epidemic of norovirus in the coming drug,
months. There isn't a vaccine or a prevention
drug, that's why I'm emphasising virus
preventionAnyone who gets this and
virus should stay away from work are
and school. Scientists and doctors of
are saying if people drink plenty stick
of water the virus should only some
stick around for two to three days, officially
some consolation.Movie World has virtual
officially opened Australia's first revealing
virtual reality roller-coaster rides,
revealing the future of theme park out.
rides, Penelope Liersch checked it hemisphere
out.It's a first for the southern development
hemisphere after a year of thrill
development Movie World is inviting they
thrill seekers to hang on tight as the
they enter the virtual world with a
the DC characters, it cost the park in
a million to pre-Crete this world Harley
in Arkham, to take the ride with try
Harley Quinn and the Joker. They before
try toes scape the Villans midair day
before Batman flies in to save the is
dayIf you're a thrill seeker there is a whole new experience there is interested
a component of that. If you are certain
interested in technology there is a do
certain group of people who want to really
do it for that Rena loneThat was thrill
really amazing. For the tradition Arkham
thrill seekers you can ride the technology,
Arkham Asylum without the 360 that
technology, with an experience like coming
that there will be plenty of fans reportedly
coming back for more.Coles will to
reportedly introduce new technology checkouts,
to reduce stealing at self-serve that
checkouts, News Corp is reporting machine
that the retailer is looking at identify
machine scanners that can better vegetables
identify specific fruit and weight
vegetables by a combination of supermarket
weight and image recognition. The $1.1
supermarket currently loses around Research
$1.1 billion a year through theft. more
Research reveals that shoppers are serve
more likely to steal at a self- customers
serve machine partly because face.
customers aren't met with a human check
face. It's time now for a quick Conway
check of the weather with Justine MCG.
Conway who joins me live from the for
MCG. How is the weather shaping up That's
for tomorrow's AFL Grand Final? with
That's what everyone is asking, country's
with some wet weather through the question.
country's south-east it's a good will
question. I'm glad to see showers bounce
will clear the MCG in time for the should
bounce at 2.30. That's when it concerns
should be around 17. No weather Sunday
concerns for the NRL's big day on winds
Sunday Sydney dry and partly cloudy kick
winds becoming light by the 7.15 degree
kick off it should be at the 17 degree mark, not bad for either code. To the severe weather in the as
south winds are beginning to ease as a

as a low pressure system moving South
east, plenty of showers through set
South Australia with many rivers the
set to peak later tonight. Check for
the Bureau of Meteorology's website through
for all flood warnings. Showers falls
through much of Victoria, the big heavy
falls have moved into Tasmania, areas
heavy rain began last night, many 100mm.
areas have collected more than 40mm
100mm. Hobart hasn't escaped with have
40mm so far in the city gauge. I'll forecast
have the full weekend weather bulletin.
forecast a bit later in the

forecast a bit later in the come
bulletin.See you then. Still to the
come should taxpayers be footing multinational
the bill for training workers at a history,
multinational company? Movie Doubtfire'
history, the iconic home from 'Mrs up
Doubtfire' is up for grabs. Coming weekend's
up in sport, we preview the Finals,
weekend's AFL and NRL's Grand some
Finals, a lucky golf fan upstages some of the world's top stars.

In tonight's news at 6:00 - so many questions -
found, but still to the 16-year-old schoolgirl
what happened

who vanished at Waterfall, have to say?
and what does her mother Anger at Sydney University - protesters lash out an honorary doctorate.
as John Howard's awarded Holiday emergency -

on a roller-coaster at Sea World.
the Sydney family left stranded A father fighting for life at Mona Vale skate park.
after a shocking accident Fears of an asthma outbreak - why is our west most at risk? See the adorable moment makes her first public steps.
Princess Charlotte to the kitchen -
And from the pitch, to the bar, gets Grand Final ready.
we're there as ANZ Stadium Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

Into it's the world's largest chain Chris
of fast food restaurants. As Nine's helping
Chris O'Keefe reports taxpayers are They
helping to train staff at McDonalds. across
They have almost a thousand stores worldwide,
across the country, countless more dollars
worldwide, they sell billions of year.
dollars worth of fast food every taxpayer
year. It turns out it's the NSW McDonalds
taxpayer that is subsidising over
McDonalds training their staff, the
over the 2015-16 finance that year Smart
the State Government under the over
Smart and Skilled program handed Australia,
over 1 million to McDonalds These
Australia, 8.1 million in total. staff
These programs end with McDonald's certificates
staff being awarded TAFE equivalent mainly
certificates and qualifications, The
mainly in retail but management too. The union says it doesn't know why kind
the Government is handing out this numbers
kind of money where TAFE teaching staff
numbers are being reduced and the increase.
staff are fighting for a small pay to
increase.Surely if they can afford McDonalds
to pay millions of dollars to stop
McDonalds for training they can stacking
stop selling our TAFE colleges courses.
stacking teachers and cutting there
courses.It's not just McDonalds getting
there are a number of organisations should
getting a quite a lot of money that Government
should be going to TAFE.The State funding
Government says it is in line with up
funding private providers, it set it
up the training arm a decade ago, management,
it offers coursen retail and it's
management, overall they believe piece
it's been pretty successful.A for
piece of cinematic history is up 'Mrs
for grabs, the homemade famous in much
'Mrs Doubtfire' is on the market house
much the four bedroom San Francisco million.
house is expected to fetch 5.5 crowds
million. If you're not a fan of for
crowds it's probably not the place outside
for you. The pavement and trees unofficial
outside the property have become an late
unofficial memorial to the film's late star Robin Williams. It's time weekend,
for all the sport ahead of a big the
weekend, Tony Jones joins me there you
the MCG, good afternoon TJ.Jayne of
you were saying if you're not a fan of crowds, if you're not a fan of place
crowds stay right away from this 100,000
place tomorrow. There will be AFL
100,000 fans here. We'll get to the Cronulla
AFL in a tick. To the NRL first up end
Cronulla Sharks will be looking to Sunday's
end 50 years of heartbreak in In
Sunday's Grand Final at ANZ Stadium. prem
In their way stand the mine yaw the
prem yells the Melbourne Storm in days
the sixth decider, Jake Duke, two taking
days out the players have been Tony,
taking it pretty easy?That's right training
Tony, both teams had the day off didn't
training ahead of the decider, that players
didn't stop a few of the Sharks to
players dropping into headquarters and
to have a bit of Extra treatment young
and a meeting with Shane Flanagan, he
young gun Jack Bird wasn't. There how
he has opened up to Nine News about how much a premiership would mean for
to him.I look at Gal, he's played Grand
for Australia, Origin, never made a come
Grand Final. These things don't don't
come around too often. I definitely said
don't take it for granted. Like I to
said mate on the weekend I'm going can.
to try and have as many impact as I off
can.The stornl did have the day just
off training as well. The players and
just hung around Coogee with family legendary
and friends and re, laked. Their won't
legendary fullback Billy Slater helped
won't play in the game. He has Munster
helped his replacement Cameron the
Munster giving him the advice for I
the big day.If there is something you
I need to work on he pulls me side your
you can do this better or talk to have
your wing and the centre, rare you looking
have someone of that calibre my
looking after you in the start of teams
my career I'm lucky for that.Both at
teams will have the captain's run Final
at ANZ Stadium before the Grand live
Final on Sunday. All that action is local
live on the Nine Network check your Jake
local guides.Looking forward to it turn
Jake Duke joining us there. Let's a
turn our attention to the AFL, what tomorrow.
a game it's going to be at the MCG against
tomorrow. The Sydney Swans up Doggies
against the Western Bulldogs, the year-old
Doggies looking to break that 62- would
year-old premiership drought. You Melbourne
would have seen the scenes in parade
Melbourne with the premiership attracting
parade and the Grand Final parade people
attracting a crowd of 100,000 extraordinary.
people alone. It was quite couple
extraordinary. There have been a captain
couple of injury clouds, Sydney co- given
captain Jarrod McVeigh has been Roughead
given the particular and Jordan Both
Roughead saw an eye specialist. through
Both captains had a final word.Got The
through the training session well. weeks
The plans throughout the last two to
weeks has always stayed the same, running
to train Wednesday, do a bit of today.
running do a lot more with the boys ready
today. Did that feel great and advice
ready to go for tomorrow.All the toss
advice we have got around this week without
toss soak it inasmuch as you can special
without going over the top. It's a and
special week. It's OK to enjoy that games,
and take it all in.The last two way
games, we have tried to execute the able
way we want to play, we've been automatically
able to do that early. It doesn't happen,
automatically mean it's going to had
happen, as Luke mentioned they've expect
had good starts as well. You'd the
expect it to be pretty much on from have
the first bounce.We feel like we year,
have come to the last game of the into
year, still with a lot left. We go understanding
into the game with momentum, but against
understanding that we are up Swans.
against a formidable outfit in the Finals
Swans.Alright, amid the two Grand little
Finals on this weekend there is a well.
little bit of cricket going on as admitted
well. Skipper Steve Smith has on
admitted he's placed Extra pressure upcoming
on his team to perform in the national
upcoming five days One-Day rint Africa.
national series against South captaincy
Africa.Since taking over the winning
captaincy he placed importance on formats
winning away from home in all another
formats of the game. With very we
another opportunity here. Hopefully match
we can start off wellThe first The
match gets under way later tonight. their
The Wallabies won't be compromising hoodoo
their tile to break a 52 year Cheika
hoodoo against Pretoria. Michael play
Cheika saying he doesn't want to job
play conservative rugby to get the go
job done.I we don't want to just go there and win there, we want to rugby,
play like Australian teams play been
rugby, that's something we have is
been working hard on.Sean McMahon is named at No.8 to replaced the will
injured David Pocock. Tyler Wright claim
will have to wait another week to surfing
claim her maiden world women's the
surfing title. Her bid to secure farrowly
the crown was put on hold beaten Conlogue.
farrowly by American Courtney Cup
Conlogue. A golf fan at the Ryder nerve
Cup practice rounds has kept his of
nerve to win a $100 bet with some Team
of the game's greats after heckling American
Team Europe's putting abilities the to
American spectator was challenged 12
to do better, he didn't disappoint, the
12 feet out he puts it straight in the middle of the hole taking home someone
the $100 and new admirers, a little the
someone wants to say hello, this Swans
the AFL premiership cup. The Sydney Sydneysiders
Swans will go in as favourites. cross
Sydneysiders would love to see this Victorians
cross the border. There's a lot of here
Victorians who want to see it stay trophy
here particularly in the Bulldogs pretty
trophy cabinet I've got to say is fought
pretty bare.It will be a hard- Still
fought win, whoever gets it thanks. News,
Still ahead on Nine's Afternoon University
News, ugly protests at Sydney Turnbull
University aimed at former Malcolm job
Turnbull John Howard. Tinder for App
job hunters, how the popular dating pressure
App is helping the unemployed. The staff
pressure is on at ANZ Stadium as Sunday's
staff race to get game ready for

You're watching Nine's Afternoon Sydney
News, these are our top stories, a week
Sydney teenager found alive after a food
week in the bush with no proper finds
food water or shelter, a former MP gun
finds himself in the middle of a thousands
gun battle with terrorists in Iraq, Melbourne's
thousands of AFL fans have swarmed support
Melbourne's CBD to show their support for the Bulldogs and The Swans at the Grand Final parade.

The mother of Sydney teenager her
Cassie Olczac says it's a miracle spending
her daughter was found alive after spending five days in dense bushland. Nine's Elise Baker has the details.This is the news have
Cassie Olczac's family and friends The
have been hoping and praying for. safe
The 16-year-old this morning found on
safe and well after going missing they
on Sunday afternoon. Police say possible
they received a call about a 9
possible sighting of Cassie around Highway
9 this morning at the Princes located
Highway at Waterfall. She was then station
located by staff at the train told
station shortly afterwards. She told police she spent the past few train
days in the bush not far from the explanation
train station, but hasn't given any went
explanation yet as to just why she for
went there and what she was doing relieved
for the past few days. Her very discovery
relieved mother says her daughter's amazing
discovery is a miracle.The most can't
amazing feeling in the world. I completely
can't describe it. It's just was
completely undescribable, I felt I keep
was living a movie, I just had to is
keep looking at her oh, my god it at
is actually her. I was astonished taken
at how well she looked.Cassie was treatment
taken to Sutherland hospital for told
treatment for exposure, but we are good
told she is otherwise in really properly
good health. His hope to speak next
properly with the teenager over the minister
next day ahh so.Former government of
minister Wyatt Roy is the subject slammed
of rare political unity, they have the
slammed him after he was caught in troops
the crossfire between Kurdish Charles
troops and Islamic State. To this
Charles Croucher Wyatt Roy says supporting
this was bad luck, no-one is from
supporting him?Not much support A
from anyone around the Parliament. after
A hell of a way to take time off Sunshine
after losing the election, from is
Sunshine Coast to Sinjar Wyatt Roy between
is caught up in the crossfire State
between Kurdish forces and Islamic minister,
State fair rifts, the former it
minister, the 26-year-old told us what
it was bad luck. He Channel Nine secondary
what happened, that seemed secondary from arguments coming side
from back home, those on the Labor laws
side suggested he may have broken Here
laws he voted for in Parliament. Labor
Here is the Prime Minister then Wong.
Labor foreign spokesperson Penny him
Wong.It was stew pirksd foolish of advice
him to ignore the Government's of
advice not to travel to that part This
of the world.This is a war zone. that
This is serious, it's not a place fantasy
that you go to act out some boyhood on
fantasyWyatt Roy said he was there visiting
on a fact-finding mission and he's
visiting a mate. There is good news while.
he's safe the it got hairy for a of
while. Here's how he described some terrorists
of the fighting.There was 15 Daesh away
terrorists less than a kilometre Dushkas
away they were shooting 50 Cal environment
Dushkas and RPG's it's an in.
environment I didn't expect to be at
in. No longer bunkered down, more woman
at 6. We are learning more about a Sydney
woman found stab today death in her Nasrin
Sydney apartment, 35-year-old Iran.
Nasrin Abek was a fair dresser from murder
Iran. Her husband accused of her in
murder faced court and was remanded exclusive
in custody, Nine News has an victim's
exclusive interview with the into
victim's father, viewers can tune agony
into the news at 6:00 for more. The agony continues for South Australia after
in the grip of a flooding emergency and
after two days of monster storms and devastating winds, Gawler on major
Adelaide's north outskirts is on towards
major alert with waters raging the
towards there from further north in overnight
the Barossa. That area flooded banks
overnight when a river broke its streets
banks sending water rushing through Several
streets homes and vineyards. rescued
Several drivers have had to be through
rescued after trying to drive the
through floodwaters. The extent of surprising
the current crisis is even it's
surprising seasoned locals.Well, have
it's one of the bigger floods I there's
have seen through here. So - moving
there's a lot of water. It is state's
moving fairly quickly.Towns in the south
state's Mid North and Adelaide's south are also being impacted by forecast
the floodwaters with more rain motorbike
forecast over the weekend. A but
motorbike rider is in a critical into
but stable condition after crashing Sydney's
into the back of a parked truck in old
Sydney's south-west. The 61-year- injuries
old suffered serious head and chest at
injuries and has undergone surgery Howard
at Liverpool Hospital today. John criminal
Howard has been labelled a war protesters
criminal by a group of angry of
protesters outside the University police
of Sydney. As Damian Ryan reports the
police clashed with the mob, while Doctorate.
the former PM received an Honorary University
Doctorate.Graduation day at the Prime
University of Sydney, a former Prime Minister was gowned up for conferred
the occasion. John Howard was Doctorate
conferred with an Honorary Doctorate for his achievement as leadership
Prime Minister, including his reform
leadership in East Timor, economic Port
reform and gun-control after the not
Port Arthur massacre. But certainly decision
not everyone was happy with the large
decision to award this doctorate. A here
large police presence was available and
here at the University as academics ceremony.
and students vowed to disrupt the but
ceremony. They were small in number the
but quite noisy, they I assisted racist
the former Prime Minister was a Australia's
racist and a war criminal over Iraq
Australia's intervention in the scuffles
Iraq war. There were numerous you...
scufflesShame on you shame on protesters
you...As police kept the Minister.
protesters away from the Prime arrested
Minister. In the end one person was though
arrested and taken away, even that
though the protesters tried to foil back!
that as well.Get back mate, get received
back!In the end the Prime Minister fourth
received his Honorary Doctorate the the
fourth still leaving office. As for the protester he was questioned and the
later released by police.One of ever
the most ambitious space missions after
ever undertaken is coming to an end spacecraft
after 13 years, the Rosetta years
spacecraft has spent the last 10 solar
years tracking a comet across the two
solar system before landing on it batteries
two years ago. The probe's Scientists
batteries are about to run out. controlled
Scientists have planned a weekend
controlled crash landing. This worker
weekend marks one year since police killed
worker Curtis Cheng was shot and west.
killed at Parramatta in Sydney's building
west. Today the Police Headquarters renamed
building where he worked was emotional
renamed in his honour. There were dubbing
emotional scenes as a plaque was
dubbing it the Curtis Cheng centre Curtis
was unveiled.What happened to Curtis shocked us to the core. This where
was a strike on us at home. A place feel
where we felt we had the right to aftershocks
feel the safest. But in the ties
aftershocks of this tragedy the became
ties that bind the police family Cheng's
became even stronger.Curtis police
Cheng's name was also added to the yesterday.
police Wall of Remembrance have
yesterday. Explosive allegations for
have emerged from a court hearing arrest
for a man charged after a dramatic had
arrest in Ipswich. Police officers dragging
had to draw their guns after Wallace
dragging him from a car. Nat The
Wallace has the exclusive details. terror
The court has heard of the pure inside
terror that allegedly erupted in saw
inside a Redbank Plains hoe. Wa we of
saw yesterday the gun point arrest affected
of Luke gentry pike allegedly drug that
affected wearing just his boxers, described
that was the end of what's been described in court as two days of fractured.
terror which has left a family charmed
fractured. The 21-year-old is handcuffs
charmed with 11 offences. Today in he'll
handcuffs in the dock, he said intends
he'll be fighting the charges, but unlicensed.
intends to plead guilty to driving his
unlicensed. He's used of strangling home
his father and his mother in their alleged
home where he lives. Police also from
alleged in court he took a knife father.
from the kitchen and threatened his on
father. The alleged incident came court
on the same day that he appeared in accused
court on another matter. He's also who
accused of punching his girlfriend stomach.
who is pregnant with twins in the stomach. Police evidence before the bailed
court suggests that after he was family
bailed he went straight to the his
family home and allegedly attacked his parents. His fiancee wasn't in with
court today his mother was along was
with his grandmother. His mother bandaged
was incredibly upset her arm in
bandaged after spending yesterday arm?
in hospital.Kelly, how is your judge
arm? How is the family doing?The he,
judge refused Luke gentry pike bail on
he, he will be back in court again watchdog
on the 21 next month.Consumer the
watchdog ACCC has issued a rrl for it
the all four bubs lunar cot after standards
it failed to meet minimum safety there
standards by the 'Choice' group, hazard
there is a possible entrapment Parents
hazard for the neck and head. cot
Parents are urged to stop using the refund.
cot immediately and to seek a spring
refund. The warmer conditions of asthma
spring can be life-threatening for urged
asthma sufferers, they are being pollen
urged to be prepared as grass Jardim
pollen counts skyrocket. Vicky time
Jardim has the details.It's that authorities
time of the year ago, health serious
authorities are urging people with allergies
serious respiratory illnesses and appropriate
allergies to make sure they have place.
appropriate management prance in grass
place. We are now moving into the to
grass pollen season. It's expected feel
to peak in the coming weeks.You prescription
feel your medication and your working
prescription medicationings not not
working for you, that if you are you
not responding to that treatment big
you need to call 000.We do have a appropriate
big responsibility for educating in we
appropriate language to those that understand
we see with asthma, so that they preventative
understand the necessity for good aggravates
preventative treatment.Spring also such
aggravates less serious conditions potentially
such as hayfever for many it can be Tibble
potentially life-threatening. Neil times
Tibble has been hospitalised seven With
times over the last eight years. greatly
With a bad asthma attack you have stroke,
greatly increased risk of having a things.
stroke, heart attack a lot of other figures
things.In NSW alone ambulance to
figures reveal paramedics responded callouts
to almost 22,000 asthma-related Paramedics
callouts last financial year. clogged
Paramedics are hoping 000 isn't this
clogged up with non-urgent cases skyline
this season.Sydney's iconic another
skyline could soon be home to formerly
another 775 apartments. Lend Lease development
formerly lodging plans for this to
development at bar ranga Roo south A
to be known as One Sydney Harbour. life
A 44-year-old father is fight for skate
life after a stunt at a Sydney shocking
skate park went horribly wrong. Now, revealed
shocking mobile phone footage has catastrophic
revealed how he suffered such more
catastrophic injuries, we will have at
more on this story in Nine's news throwing
at 6:00. Western Bulldogs fans are family
throwing all their support hype the decade's
family as they attempt to end a Seb
decade's long premiership drought. with
Seb cost toll low has been speaking feeling
with fans in Footscray, are they finally
feeling confident the team can underdogs
finally get another win.They are both
underdogs the Western Bulldogs side hasn't
both in name and Perception T the
hasn't stopped the confidence among all
the fans who have been snapping up all sorts of purchase at the kennel up
the home of the club. And snapping blue
up party purchase in red, white and store
blue colours -- merchandise. One week
store we visited they started the and
week with thousands of red white This
and blue they have 14 packets left. This is the demand and the passion. football
This weekend is more than a sport
football game it's celebrating the community.
sport and the impact on the saw
community. At Government House we football's
saw a small reception for herself
football's volunteers. The Governor Commissioner
herself was a former AFL regal
Commissioner threw over the vice celebrate
regal doors of government thousands the
celebrate the 500 volunteers for communities
the work they have done in multiculturalism.
communities and areas like men
multiculturalism. There are special John
men who have a special John, one other
John Schultz from the Bulldogs, the Swans
other is Peter Bedford a former 70's,
Swans Brownlow Medallist in the the
70's, these two men should present sides
the premiership side should their sides pry um of. Bedford is one of me
the gentleman of football. He told spot
me a story about how he has a soft premiership
spot for the Dogs the only in
premiership in football was played Collins,
in a jumper given to him by Jake it's
Collins, despite that spot spot Hope
it's clear who he wants to win. can
Hope flip at the end of the day we have
can have our noses in front, I'll podium
have the good fortune to be on the Swans.
podium presenting The Cup to The It
Swans.Swans legend Peter Bedford. Swans
It will be a nervous night for now
Swans and dogs fans as all roads speaking
now lead to the MCG.Thanks, gripping
speaking of Grand Final fever it is ahead
gripping Sydney's Sutherland shire has
ahead of the NRL clash. Mike Dalton he
has again been in Sharks territory, legends.
he caught up with one of the club's Final
legends.The it Friday before Grand fans
Final day is traditionally when the
fans and former greats gather under Grand
the club's roof to celebrate with a there
Grand Final lunch. For the Sharks there is one man who is probably the biggest club legend of them all, first
the man who took them to their Regarded
first Grand Final attempt in 1973. Final
Regarded as the bloodiest Grand was
Final in rugby league history he The
was the captain coach. Tommy Bishop. the
The Sharks have had a great year, accolades,
the coach has to be given all the into
accolades, he has turned the side think
into a Championship-winning team, I captain
think they will do it.You were the as
captain of the 1973 team regarded history,
as the bloodiest Grand Final of dirty
history, the quotes as tough and in
dirty as any barroom ball belonged that?
in a Colosseum. Did it feel like be
that?Any team playing Manly had to the
be like that, everyone hated Manly few
the silver tailed. They were the few players going to give it to us give
one of the way of responding is to convincingly,
give it back. We did that loss.
convincingly, apart from the 10-7 game's
loss. That's how it was then, the A
game's changed. It's different now. things
A little - things were let go, big case
things were let go thenIt was it a The
case of retaliate first?Exactly. within
The feeling within the club and day
within the shire continues to grow the
day by day as we approach Sunday, has
the merchandising shop at the club has been regularly restocked given With
the fury for Sharks injury sees. another
With the Australian census done for divers
another five years passionate local of
divers are turning to a consensus water
of a different things kind.Under what
water acrobatics and colours not They
what you would expect from a slug. flies
They are beautiful the butt er driver's
flies of the seaThey are a census,
driver's dream, called a sea slug before
census, the aim to find species slug
before before seen. 260 types of drop
slug have been recorded, that's a there
drop in the ocean, scientists say there must be more.There should be really
close to 400 in the area. That's time.
really what we are targeting this slugging
time.It means local divers will be many
slugging it out photographing as weekend.
many as they can find over the long them
weekend. It didn't take long for them to find the first.We need to morning
check the two slugs we found this on
morning haven't been found before marine
on the gold Gold Coast as well.The signs
marine molluscs hold key warning the
signs on the health of waterways, researchers.
the information is passed on to cycles,
researchers.They have short life quickly
cycles, it means they respond they
quickly to environmental change ocean.
they are perfect canaries of the to
ocean.People interested can head page.
to the Gold Coast Census sea slug from
page.Justine conray joins me live lot
from the MCG, how's it looking?It nice
lot of weather has been. We have a AFL
nice break timed exactly for the AFL Grand Final. All the weekend Tonight - A father fighting for life after at a Mona Vale skate park.
a horrifying accident to the cheer squad -
And from catering for the Grand Final.
ANZ Stadium gets ready Nine News at 6:00.

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Hello again from the MCG, where in will
just 24 hours the 2016 premiership cloudy.
will be decided. Tomorrow will be forecast
cloudy. Although showers are in the lunchtime.
forecast they will clear by going
lunchtime. Temperature wise it's side
going to be a little on the cool the
side dropping into the mid teens by change
the final siren, that's quite a sweltering
change from last year when we were To
sweltering through 31 degree heat. focus
To the rest of the weather, the conditions
focus remains on the wild complex
conditions in the south-east. A making
complex low pressure system is does
making its way south-east. As it Australia.
does winds are easing through South is
Australia. Some good news there. It gale
is Tasmania in the firing line with Tomorrow
gale force winds and heavy rainfall. throughout
Tomorrow there be will more rain the
throughout Tasmania particularly in waterlogged
the west. Victoria is already 5
waterlogged north-east is expecting 5 to 15mm. To the capital

5 to 15mm. To the capital city 22
forecasts a mix of sun and cloud. showers
22 with winds easing, morning heading
showers for Melbourne 4mm and Brisbane
heading to a cloudy top of 17. A
Brisbane the standout sunny and 27. reach
A few millimetres in showers will lingering
reach Perth. Calmer in Hobart with lingering showers and 18.

lingering showers and 18.
reach Perth. Calmer in Hobart with great
lingering showers and 18. Have a crew
great weekend Jayne from me and the crew it's go Doggies.

Hello, everybody. Welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight.

I want to give away $1 million.

Yes! Yes, indeed. Alright.

Six contestants ready to go.

I hope they win some money

and change their lives for the better
in the next half-hour of TV.

Let's meet them tonight,

and in seat number one

we have Derek Ingles, who spent
36 hours on the Grand Trunk Express

from Chennai to Delhi in India.

Emily Moss didn't enjoy
a family holiday

because she couldn't get
phone reception in the Nullarbor.

Danielle Morache played roller derby
in Oxford

in England, Wales and France.

Nikita Belonogoff was part of a crew

that won the Royal Canadian
Henley Regatta.

Daniel Cowan single-handedly stopped
peak-hour traffic

on the West Gate Bridge one day.

Vanessa Turner met Cadel Evans on
the day he won the Tour de France.


Alright, you right, Derek?

Yes, let's go.
Are you sure?

Oh, yeah. Let's get it done.

Stay there if you like.
Come on, Derek, let's play.

Hello, Derek.

A bit toey, are you?
A little bit.

A bit nervous.

Derek Ingles is the paint store
manager with Haymes Paint.

Let's see if you're smart as paint,

That's right.
From Geelong, western Victoria.

Anna is your wonderful wife.

Hello, Anna.
Hi, Eddie.

Welcome to the show.
Thank you.

You've got Lucy, who's 16,
Ella, who's 14,

Jacob, who's 11.

Fantastic, mate. What are you
going to do with all the money?

We're planning to do
a bit of travel.

Good. Well, you've done that before.

Tell me about Grand Trunk Express
from Chennai to Delhi.

It was the longest trip of my life,

36 hours, so there was no express
involved at all.

36 hours on a train?

That's it exactly.
So it stopped every stop.

Did it really?

So 36 hours, so from Chennai to
Delhi, magnificent part of the world.

Absolutely. It's amazing.

Alright, Derek, routine here -
you know it.

15 questions will get you $1 million,
simple as that.

Let's go.
Ready to play?

I hope so.
Say yes, or no, mate.

Yes! Lock it in!
Are you ready?

I'm ready.
Alright. There you go.

That's the first and probably only
answer you'll get right tonight.

Let's play Hot Seat. Let's go.

Come on, Derek. For $100.


Not D.

Lock in A, 'Without You'.

'Lost Without You' is locked in.
It's correct for $100.

The wonderful Delta Goodrem. $200.


Somebody knows me well.

I think it's lock in C, rocky.

You like a rocky road, do you?

Correct for $200.



It ain't Sheila.

Lock in A, Shaun.

'Shaun the Sheep's correct for $300.




I'm not sure.

Not A. Not B - sounds like a box of
chocolates. I think I might pass.

See you, Derek. Catch you, buddy.

Hello, Emily.

Welcome to the show.
Thank you.

Emily Moss is a public servant
with the Victorian Government,

from Bendigo in Victoria,

the Central Goldfields of Victoria.
Rob is your partner.

He's a police officer. G'day, Rob.
G'day, Eddie.

Good on you, mate. What part
of the police force are you in?

Just the uniform.
Good on you, mate. Good luck.

Up there in Bendigo as well?
Yeah, it's good fun.

Good stuff.
Alright, you need to answer this.


I have no idea.

I'm sort of leaning towards B,

Five seconds.
I'll lock thatin, please.

Lock in B, sampler.

It's correct for $500.

$1,000. First safe level. Good one.


Um, for some reason mandrill
shot into my head straightaway

but I'm not 100% sure.
Five seconds.

I might pass.
You're going to pass?


Thank you.
OK. Catch you. See you, Emily.

Hello, Danielle Morache.

Welcome. From Mount Lawley in Perth,
37 years of age, an arts educator.

Is that an arts teacher?

I used to be a drama teacher
but now I write resources

for other drama teachers when
they go to take kids to see a show.

You educate the teachers
to educate the kids.

Fantastic. Nick is your partner
of some 2.5 years. Hi, Nick.

Hi, Eddie. How are you?
Welcome to the show.

Come on, Danielle. You have
to get this one right. Ready?

You've been to Borneo, haven't you?
I have.

Did you see any of these animals?

I did see orangutans.Alright, let
me ask you the question.


I think I have to lock in A,

Lock it in. It's correct for $1,000.

Great stuff.
You are now ten questions away

from $1 million when we return
in the Hot Seat right after this.

Tonight - unconscious in a Penrith carpark
a couple allegedly found in the back seat.
with their toddler a special moment for John Howard.
Noisy student protests disrupt royal watchers round the world.
How Princess Charlotte delighted on his role in the Grand Final.
And young Sharks star Jack Bird Nine News at 6:00.