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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today, South Australia's flood crisis after two days of heavy rain and destructive winds. The superstorm extends to Tasmania, cutting power to some homes and leaving others flooded. A former Liberal minister cops flack for travelling to northern Iraq and getting caught in the crossfire. Good afternoon, you're watching ABC News I'm Jeremy Fernandez. Also ahead in the program, panic in the USA after a train slammed into a railway station. The biggest weekend in football is upon us, thousands of fans turn out to support their teams in two grand finals. After two days of heavy rain and December instructive winds, South Australia is now facing the possibility of a flood crisis. Several flood warnings are in place as Rivers and creeks across the state continue to rise. Towns in the Clare and Barossa Valleys were on alert with homes under threat in low lie be terg of tan untoday. Home makers and holidaymakers have evacuated the area. Noorlunga is also expected to be flooded today. The town of Port Lincoln is still without power after Wednesday's black out. Our reporter, Nicola gauge is in the area. We will also be crossing to Emily greenhouse gas emissions evens which has copped a drenching. Let's go to nick la first. The Severe Weather Warning has now eased but the floodwaters rage through a an already soaked catchment.That's right, conditions are continually changing out here. The wind has picked up again but the main threat still is the water levels. This is the North Para River behind me. It broke its bank at about 2 o'clock this morning. Many people had to be evacuated from the tan untoday caravan park where they were taken to a nearby Hall. Many roads are closed because of flash flash flooding. This did used to be a road. It looks more like a river. People had to be rescued from inside this car. Nobody was injured. There is a lot of viance around here, this is a premier wine region. A lot of them are underwater. I have been told that the water is not expected to do too much damage to the viance. I spoke with a grape grower a little earlier on. This is what he had to say. You need to get out and spray for pest and diseases, the soil getting so wet, it is hard getting tractors on there. We have gone away from working at the soil so it's all non-working soil with the grass. It's the disease issue and things like.Part of the danger is where this water goes from here. This is alerts out for the township of Gawler now.That's exactly right, Jeremy. Since we have been here since this morning, the water has eased slightly even though the conditions are still dangerous and residents are on alert. But this water is heading south down to the south para river and the Gawler catchments. At the moment, there is a very nervous wait for residents there. Some of the roads have actually buckled where water has hit and more water is expected to reach that area. Of course, this is only some of many regions in South Australia where we have seen flooding. We have just had word that the Light river has butterfly its banks up North about 100km North of Adelaide and we have heard that that is now covering Port Wakefield Road where a lot of that national traffic comes through the centre of Australia. This is very changing times and ones that residents should wash.Nicola, in the meantime, the state has been gradually coming back to line after the power out Raj. It has been progressively restored but still thousands of people without electricity.That's exactly right. Obviously this storm cut power to the entire state only 24 hours ago. A lot of that has come back online but thousands of people are still without power. Mainly on the eyre peninsula. A lot of that has been going. A lot of other people were out of power. Especially around the mid north, some around the Clare and Barossa Valley as well. This is an entire state that is facing the challenges of this form and flood events.Nicola, thank you. The flood warnings are in place for parts of Tasmania as well after heavy rain overnight. Hobart recorded 23mm overnight, 51 fell at Grove. Our reporter Emily Gram ensz, this is the same ferocious system that has battered South Australia. How is it looking in Tasmania today?It is the same weather system that went through South Australia but it did weak even considerably before had hit Tasmania which is quite lucky for us. There have been a number of severe weather warnings out, part of the state have been battered by damaging winds. You ran through some of the toe tales. We have had quite a lot of rain here in the south today. Huonville where I am now seems to be the most affected. There has been at least 20 call-outs for the Szecsi here. A number of homes have water through them. Behind me you can see one of the homes that has been quite badly affected, at least a foot of water through a home behind me here. It has been quite a wet couple of months here in Tasmania which is complicating things a bit. It was very dry for a while but around June we started to see record-breaking rain falls. That has left a lot of the state still saturated which is come Cating the food situation here.Given the scale of the damage and December rungs from this weather system in South Australia, how are locals there preparing?Well, as I said there have been weather warnings out for most of yesterday and it has been quite well known that the system is coming for us. Police and Szecsi have been very proactive to the front foot, warning residents to take cautious. Motorists are being urged to be very careful on the roads. There is a lt of water and Deb Rye on the roads. People are being urged to drive very carefully. That's a major risk at the moment. There has also been power out analyses. About 1,000 homes were without power but Tasmania network seems to be getting those houses connected reasonably quickly. People have been prepared but these situations are always quite unpredictable. It doesn't seem like things have gone too badly at this stage.How long before the severe weather passes?Well, the conditions have already started to ease quite a bit here in the south which is good news. There will still be quite a bit of rain but it seems like we may be through the worst of it, we should be out of danger tonight by tonight. The big complicating factor at the moment, there are still going to be consistent rainfalls for the next couple of days. Not as heavy as what we have seen in the last 24 hours but that consistent rainfall is going to keep the catchments quite high. That means we will see flood warnings and flood watches across the state for a couple of days yet.Thank you, Emily. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has labelled it very stupid, Labor says he was a cowboy living out a boyhood fantasy. The former government frontbencher, Wyatt Roy is being roundly condemned for visiting war-torn Iraq. He escaped unscathed after his brush with Islamic State. Here is Dan confer. Under fire, at home, weWe were attacked. It was a quite a serious situation.After being ambushed abroad.15 Daesh supporters attacked the position we were at for about half an hour. Wyatt Roy was visiting Iraq's North. Once they had pushed them back. They were very adamant that we got in the car and drive as fast as we could in the option direction.When the excursion clashed with a an incursion. Australia's youngest ever MP made for the city after losing his seat. Close to Mosul, Iraq's second biggest city. Most um is in the hands of IS and so dangerous, it's illegal for Australians to travel there.It was very stupid and I'm disappointed in Wyatt. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will be taking an interest in his travels. The next time I speak to Wyatt, I will be giving him some very Sage and stern advice.HeHe is a very good friend of mine. I am glad that he is safe and well. That's the first thing and most important thing.This is profoundly sell fir, this is a war zone.All sides are asking why did Wyatt Roy go there?For my point to meet with locals, to meet with academics and businesses. There is an unfortunate and unlucky situation that developed. The tromp advice that we offer is very different to that of the United States and the UK.The two term MP helped Malcolm Turnbull topple Tony Abbott last year. Now the Prime Minister says he expected a debrief from his former fashion Al fighter. Border officials, might want one too. The New South Wales Police headquarters in Western Sydney has been renamed The Curtis Cheng Centre marking 1 year since the force lost one of its workers. Police accountant Curtis Cheng was gunned down by a terrorist outside the station. Our reporter is live in Parma a Parramatta. The grieve is still very close to the surface one year on.That's right, Jeremy. It couldn't be a more different day here at the police headquarters in Parramatta. It's cold, it's Gray, and belowing a gale. It's so different from what it was like a gear ago. It was a sunny 30 degree day. It was the Friday before the long weekend and Curtis Cheng was leaving work here at the police headquarters when he was gunned down by Fahat Mohammed, the 15-year-old teenager in an Islamic State inspired attack. Today was a memorial service to mark the year since the awful event. It was lead by the Police Commissioner, attended by the premier, the senior ministers and the Cheng family, Mrs Selena and the two children. It was a very heartfelt service to pay tribute to a man who dedicated 17 of his life working as an accountant for the New South Wales Police force. He was described as compassionate, kind and gentle. Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said that his loss was a tragedy and it was a terrorist attack that struck at the heart of the police force and the nation. Mr Cheng was targeted simply because of the fact that he worked in this building for the police force rather than who he was as an individual. The headquarters here today have been renamed as The Curtis Cheng Centre as you mentioned. The Police Commissioner said that that was fitting because it was a symbol that the police force wouldn't be deterred, wouldn't be coward by this attack that happened and that they would remembered the that Mr Cheng was and that his spirit would remain here at the police headquarters. Mr Skipper addressed the service a short time ago. Here is a bit of what he had to say. What happened to Curtis shocked us to the core. This was a strike on us at home. A place where we felt we had the right to feel the safest. But in the aftershocks of this tragedy, the ties that bind the police family became even stronger. The out pouring of support from win the New South Wales Police force and the tremendous support given us to by the community of New South Wales has made us a stronger force, an even more united force.The New South Wales commission Police Commissioner there. The Chen family has expressed it's gratitude from the support it has received from New South Wales Police.That's right, yes, Mr Cheng's son addressed the service and he said that his family could not have got through the last 12 months without the support of the New South Wales force and its men and women. He gave a very heartfelt speech and the pain that they musting feeling is still evident on their faces. They laid a reflect at the reflex pool in the forecourt of this building after the service and took a moment each of them to pause and reflect on what they have lost. Mr Cheng Saturday down with -- sat down with ABC News and said that Mr Cheng was a dedicated father. He wanted the best for his family. That's how he will always be remembered as a gentle kind, family man and a respected colleague.Let's return to South Australia's flood crisis now. Our reporter Leah MacLennan joins us from Gawler North of Adelaide. What is happening where you are?Well, I'm on Murray Street in Gawler at the moment. As you can see, locals are surveying the damage. Last night, this is the south parariver that goes under the road here, last night -- south para river, the water has brought debris with it, there are rocks all over the road and big pieces of asphalt have been lifted up and pulled across the road. There is a big clean up operation that will needed here. The levels have gone down quite a bit since last night but the damage still remains.Are they expecting more rain to come? What is the forecast looking like?Well, there is more rain coming, a bit later on the weekend. Also I have been speaking to some locals here, this area is still on flood watch. A little way up the south para river, there is the Reservoir which is completely full. So there is more - a lot more water that could come down here, a bit further downstream, it meets the north Para river where they meet, more flooding could happen there and so things aren't over in gall letter, even though it looks like the develop -- in Gawler, the level could come back up again. A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of his wife at their home in pots point in Sydney's east yesterday. A our reporter Carl hore joins us from from Sydney.42 year-old Amir Darbenou faced court from the Surrey Hills police station via videolink. He was charged with the murder of his 35-year-old wife who is a hairdresser from Iran. Both were working in Australia on bridging Visas. Police attended the couple's pots point unit early yesterday morning and forced their way in where they found the woman's body inside. They had been contacted by the woman's father overseas. He, police say that the father, the woman's father had a little earlier received a telephone call from his son in law, that prompted him to contact the authorities here in New South Wales. Police have since learned that a neighbour heard screams in the area around 5 o'clock, the previous day. So that was Wednesday afternoon. But there were no reports made to the police. So police only acted when they received that information from the woman's father overseas.Where does the case go from here?Today, there was no Bail application made on behalf of Amir Darbaneu. The appearance was briefer. The magistrate asked if he understood what was happenings? He merely replied "Yes sir beings." No Bail application today and the prosecution, the police have been given until 11 November to serve their brief of evidence on his lawyers. The case will return to court on 24 November.We will take a look at the markets next. Coming up later in the program, residents in Berlin up in arms over a an art installation tied to the city's past. Finance reporter Alicia Barry is with us now. Worries about Deutsche Bank has sent ripples through the financial sector.There have been concerns about the strength of the financial position of Deutsche Bank for a number of weeks now. We did see shares in the German banking Giant drop another 7% on fears about its financial stability. That's after reports emerged about a number of hedge funds pulling their money out of the German bank's prime brokerage business. In weeks there have been speb lash that they may struck will to pay a fine. Shares have already fallen in the bank by around 57% so far this year. We did see the sell overnight despite the bank saying it's cost that clients do know its financial position is stable. A couple of days ago we did here from the German Chancellor saying that the government has ruled out injecting any capital into the bank. That did cause a sell off in the share price and banking shares across Europe and the USA overnight. It sees as being a big slump on the market here.The banking sector is leading the Australian smarm down. It has come back a little bit. It's down around 0.8% now with the All a little bit, down around 8% now
with the All Ords off 45 points, the ASX 200 down 47 points. If we take a look at how the banks are faring, we are seeing the Commonwealth Bank and NAB down 1.1%, Westpac not too far behind and ANZ is posting similar losses. Elsewhere on the market today, Nine has announced it has sold its entire stock in Southern Cross Media at the price of $1.54 a share, booking around a $13 million profit. Southern Cross Media has lost ground. Turning across the region and we are seeing quite heavy selling with Japan's Nikkei down around 1.5%, a similar loss across Hong Kong. The Shanghai comp sit is fairly flat. Checking Wall Street and it really was the concerns about the financial stability of Germany's largest bank which dominated activity on global markets overnight. A decline in Apple share price also weighed on Wall Street. We did see losses of well over 1%. Checking commodities now and spot gold is on the rise as investors try to offset worries about risk. Crude oil prices built on yesterday's gains and the Australian dollar is giving back against yesterday's greenback.An image of a laughing Adolf Hitler is sparking controversy in the German capital, Berlin. The faces of more than a double people linked to Berlin's history are being projected onto buildings across the city. Displays of Nazi imagery are usually forbidden by police, but they say this Hitler representation is excused by exceptions granted for artistic works. The work is so controversial, that during tests of the installation, police receive a call from a shocked driver. Melbourne is in the grip of one of its most festive days of the year... Dot Hello, I'm Joe O'Brien. We're breaking into the midday report because we've got a media conference that started with PM Malcolm Turnbull. We've also got this incident on the Gold Coast where a riot at a theme pack - a ride at a theme park is being evacuated, so he we will keep that shot up while we listen to the PM.... Career in politics. You've got to take ideology out of it. You've got to work out what you want to achieve and then make sure that your measures will deliver that for you. You heard Dan Andrews, the Victorian Premier on the radio this morning - his State has about 14% or a bit less renewable power. He has a near-term target of 40% renewables. He has - he was asked twice how he was going to reach it - Fran Kelly asked him that, he couldn't answer the question, because it is just a political target that was designed to send a political message. We cannot play politics or ideology with energy security. The Government's job is to keep the lights on. The Government's job is to secure our energy supplies. We need that for every element of our lives. So, do we want to cut emissions? Yes, we do. Do we want to encourage renewable energy? Yes, we do. Do we want to have energy security? Of course. Do we want to have affordable energy? Of course. You've go the to make sure your plan does all that. They, Labor has ignored to keep the lights on, ignored to keep the energy affordable and they've come up with these very political targets. The time has come, it is a wake-up call for all of the jurisdictions in Australia to settle on a single Renewable Energy Target. We have a federal target. They should get behind that. There are enough challenges in meeting that, let's get behind that and we know we can deliver energy security, affordability and of course, in accordance with our commitments, reduce our emissions.REPORTER: PM, what's your thoughts on Wyatt Roy's trip to Iraq?Thank you, you are reminding me. It wasn't so long ago that I said that. You're right, it was stupid, it was foolish of him to ignore the Government's advice not to travel to that part of the world, and I want to encourage every Australian, any Australian, to always scrupulously follow the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.REPORTER: (Inaudible question) would that mean raising the target?We have a target which goes to 2020 which equates to about 23.5%, and we've got a way to go to get there, so as I said, it is achievable, but it is not an insignificant challenge to get there. So, we should focus on that. Some of these State schemes which are so ambitious and so ill-thought out are actually distorting the clean energy investment market and being quite counterproductive. They serve a political purpose, but they don't have an effective role in cutting emissions and they certainly undermine or have the potential to undermine network security. REPORTER: PM, a member of the NSW Liberal Party, what do you make of Mike Baird's insistence of banning greyhound racing from July next year?Look,s that a State matter and a matter for Mr Baird. I'm not going to give him - Mike and I often talk about State issues and indeed federal issues, but when he gives me advice on federal issues, he generally Dosso privately and I return the courtesy on State issues. REPORTER: Going back to Mr Roy.Hang on. Sorry.REPORTER: PM, is there any truth to the cla imthat renewables have any part in the snfnlt inaudible) in SA?No, I've been quite consistent will recognising that the power outage in SA, the blackout was caused by a massive storm disrupting, knocking over important transmission assets, and that's quite clear. Having said that, this does bring to the forefront energy security issues, and it is particularly pertinent in SA where they have got a very large dependence on an intermittent renewable, that is to say wind. They have the highest wholesale power prices in Australia, and you've heard from the head of the Chamber of Commerce in SA. Their concerns in a State with relatively low unemployment, where they desperately need more investment to drive jobs - how do you do that when uf a he got the most expensive electricity around the country? So it is important to focus on your priorities. Energy security - absolutely key. Keep the lights on. Affordability. Energy has to be affordable so people can manage their cost of living, businesses can invest knowing that that critical input is going to be affordable. And of course we've got to achieve our emission reduction targets. We have a whole set of measures federally which will do that and what we're saying is that all jurisdictions, state and territories and the Commonwealth should be sitting down agreeing on one approach which will enshoe Uhr that we maintain energy security and affordability. I will just leave you with this thought, that the Premier of Victoria, when he was asked, twice, q how will you reach your 40% target?" He just waffled, he had nothing to say. He could not set out any particular road map. He talked Airlie about innovation and about technology, but he had no road map that he could lay out. Now, he has got a long way to go. Queensland has got an even further way to go, and you see this is the point - the reality check that we've had with SA, we've got to make sure you keep the lights on. Keep the lights on - that's the duty of governments. Also, cut emissions, maintain affordable levels of energy supply - all of that has to be done together. OK. Thank you many REPORTER: One more question.Last question, please.REPORTER: The Fair Work Commissioner said...I thought you were going to ask me about the football. Just if you doubt it, I'm backing the Swans, naturally - it's my team - tomorrow, and in the NRL, I just have to - I've reflected on it because the Roosters are not playing, of course. I've reflected on it and given the importance of managing the economy and Budget repair, I've decided in solidarity with the Treasurer I will be backing the Sharks. Thanks very much.That was live from Sydney, the PM talking there to reporters. Now while we've been listening to the PM, we've been showing you shots of this ongoing situation at Sea World on the Gold Coast. Where at least one cart on this roller-coaster ride appears to have stopped mid-ride and they've been getting people down from there. Our reporter Tom Forbes, our Gold Coast reporter, is on the scene. Tom, what can you tell us?Yes, good afternoon, Joe, as I speak to you now, you can probably see Sea World staff are finally helping what appears to be the last couple of passengers from the carriage. We were alerted to this about 40 minutes ago that one of the carriages on the Storm roller-coaster ride had become stuck or had stopped midway through its circuit. You can see a young lady being brought down - she appears to be one of the last people on the carriage. It is unknown why this carriage has become stuck at this point in time. It appears from what we can see that nobody is hurt and staff seem quite relaxed as they go through the systematic process of taking people down off the ride. Conditions are quite strong and windy here on the Gold Coast today. , which is probably making things a little bit more difficult, but as you can see, the ride is not upside down or it doesn't appear to be the people are in any sort of perilous situation. It is at the top of the roller-coaster as it heads down. Tom, can you tell if it appears that it's just this one carriage that appears to have become stuck on this ride, or from where you are standing, can you see that there are other carriages stuck as well?No, from what I can see, there is one carriage and I think from memory this roller-coaster has one carriage, does the circuit each time with about a dozen or passengers on board, as it finishes that ride, the passengers are unloaded and the next lot are put on. I can see no other kaurj.Apologies to our viewers for the quality of this line, but we'll keep with Tom just for the moment, just to see what we can find out about this ongoing situation on the Gold Coast where a carriage has stopped on a roller-coaster ride and people are being evacuated. As Tom has said, it doesn't a pooer to be the case that anyone is injured or seriously injured, but it's obviously with this still happening, that's not confirmed at this stage. Tom, I don't know how familiar you are with this particular ride, but does it appear to be the case that they were probably pretty luck kri that they didn't end up upside down at some stage? Is it the kind of ride where they do corkscrews and go upside down. Thrmpblingts is a corkscrew component, but I don't think they do a full 360 rotation. Just looking on the internet here, this ride is capable of going up to 70km/h, so I imagine if the ride has stopped suddenly, there could be issues with passengers, maybe neck injuries or whatnot, but to be honest, they do seem quite relaxed and calm, I think it is a lady that is being helped down now and she is possibly the last person to be got off this ride, so it appears that Sea World is managing this evacuation themselves. I'm assuming there might be emergency services at the bottom of the ride talking and looking at the passengers, but we can't see that from our vantage point from outside of the park.Tom, I've just seen a Gold Coast 'Bulletin' story which has mentioned there have been issues with this ride before. Are you familiar at all with any previous stories about some issues with this ride?I do know that they have had a problem previously. I'm aware of one incident. It was a weekend last year some time where the ride had stopped. It appears, from what I can see now, Joe, this is a fairly routine procedure - the staff seem to be going through - you can see now everybody is out of the carriage on the Storm ride and being helped down. I am imagining had that someone from Sea World will come and speak with us fairly shortly and outline exactly what has happened. Tom Forbes reporting from the Gold Coast. That situation still unfolding. It looks like they've got everyone out of that carriage there that has stopped midway through this ride on what's called the Storm ride apparently, and we will keep you across any developments with that through the afternoon. There are major flood concerns in SA today after soaked catchments took on more rain overnight and into this morning. The main worry is the north and South para Rivers that meet at the town of Gawler. Around 70 millimetres of rain fell in the catchment in the 24 hours to midnight. Swollen rivers have already spilled over into the towns of Clare and ba Rosa Valley. Old Noarlunga in Adelaide's south is also expected to be affected today. The SES issued emergency flood warnings this morning advising residents in Noor oat Pa, and Kingsford to follow their emergency flood plans.We are monitoring it very closely and we remain significantly concerned about that area. We're urging people to stay away from the floodwaters, certainly don't drive through the floodwaters and to monitor the radio sensation so they get the emergency broadcaster as we release them.Are you expecting there could be well be water through homes in Gawler later today?I don't want to be alarmist, but there is potential for that to happen, certainly, and we're monitoring it. We work very closely with our hydrology people who, if you like, give us and indication about the levels and where the water will go. We've done some pre-emptive sandbagging and we continue to work with those communities to provide them with the best help we can to ensure that they are safe.Are there some people who have already been evacuated or have been advised to leave their homs in low-lying areas of Gawler?There is in fact through the whole Barossa Valley area and we evacuated some caravan parks and other bits and pieces overnight. We are also very concerned about the lower Onkaparinga south of the city, and we've got our hydrologists and crews monitoring down there, done some sandbag operations and we are prepared to, if we need to, to ask people to leave or evacuate should the need arise.Our reporter Nicola Gage has been keeping an eye on water levels in the Barossa Valley. I spo ek to her earlier and we had a chat about general conditions there in the Barossa and also what's in store for Gawler later today manyIf you can behind me, there is a whole lot of water. This used to be a road but it looks like a river. That's just because just further back the North para River has burst its banks and flooded this entire river, road. Lots of vines inundated with water and if you can see, there is a car right in the middle of these floodwaters About 2:00am this morning that emergency services had to rescue a driver who was caught in these floodwaters. Thankfully he wasn't injured and he was pulled to safety, but authorities are reminding people that these are very dangerous conditions and people should stay away from flooding, even though many roads are starting to become cut off. When we drove through Tununda this morning, many roads were very close to being cut off from water. Trees had been uprooted. Remember, we had very strong winds coming in through last night from this deep low pressure system that has hit SA at about 2:00am when this flood warning came through. People in the Tununda Caravan Park had to be evacuated and had to be sent to a nearby hall. So people are still nervously waiting to see what happens with these river levels. About 70 millimetres of rain has fallen across this catchment in the past 24 hours, and 20 millimetres is expected to fall this morning. The weather has picked up since we've been here. It's just stopped raining, but it has been pouring very heavily and it is very windy out here, but the concern now is that this water is going down to the South para River and affecting residents there.Nicola Gage, we can see that flood gauge behind you sticking out of the water there and so you've been able to keep an eye on the flood levels. While you've been there today, dos it appear that the water where you are has been receding a little or is it basically steady?We have been keeping an eye on it, Joe, and at the moment it looks like it's quite steady or receding just a little bit. We do have a school just to this side of me and it is open for business today. The school bus wasn't works because obviously many roads are closed but the main concern now is the Gawler region, so all of this water which is pushing through vines and going through areas of the Barossa is now heading to the Gawler region where the South Parra River is. Many residents there are nervously waiting to see what will happen. Many people have been sandbagging, but once again, a nervous wait to see what will happen with this weather. As you can imagine, these are very extraordinary scenes. Many residents have been driving up to these closed roads just to have a look because it does not happen very often. Some incredible scenes of entire paddocks of vines just filled with water. I did speak with one grape grower and he was very similar to what you were just saying, he said it's not too bad for the vines but the main problem is, with any kind of pesticides or diseases that could affect harvest, so when this does subside, they are the things that grape growers will be having to focus on, but these are low-lying areas, and sometimes prone to flooding, so these are things that grape growers do know about and have some knowledge of.Nicola Gage reporting there. South Australian businesses are starting to count mounting costs from the blackouts and disrupted transport networks over the past few days. New star says its Port Pirie smelter will be out of action for up to a fortnight as its blast furnace is in need of repairs because of the outage. Arrium has taken a hit with its shutdown and BHP Billiton says operations at Olympic damn have beendous spented and, Olympic Dam has been suss spented. Parts of Tasmania have also been on alert of torrential rain from the same system. Damien McIntyre is in Launceston.I'm on the banks of the North Esk River in the suburb of saint Lenard's 6789 As you can see behind me, the river is quite full and it is flowing really quickly. This is one of six rivers in the State where a flood warning is in place, but the rain and wind has certainly eased from what it was like yesterday. In parts of the north-west yesterday, there were wind gusts of up to 90km/h on several exposed areas. The highest wind gust recorded was 113km/h on Tasman Island. There was also torrential downpours in many areas. Fisher River in northern Tasmania had 95 millimetres of rain, while Mount Victoria on the State's east coast recorded 1 millimetres of rain. There is a severe weather warning still in place but that weather front has moved away from the north and north-west and it's headed to the east coast and it is also extended to the south-east today, so a severe weather warning continuing for damaging winds and heavy rail, but the threat appears to have left the north and north-west, but the south can expect heavy rain throughout the day.We can soo he from that countryside behind you there, that it's so green there at the moment. That area has received a lot of rain this year, hasn't it?It has. Thrmpblingts has been record rainfalls this winter in this region. Because the rivers are already so full, there a concern about flash flooding many It only takes a small bit of rain for these rivers to really reach their peaks. And as far as you know so far, there haven't been any reports of major damage or people being injured as a result of this in Tassie?So far so good. The SES has received a number of calls for help, but they've only been minor callouts, including parts of roofs that have blown away, small leaks, but at this stage there has been no injuries or no major damage, but there is a number of SES crews on stand-by throughout the State, ready to react to any damage that is caused from this weather.A teenaged girl who disappeared in Sydney's Royal National Park has been found safe and well. 16-year-old Cassie was last seen on CCTV footage leaving Waterfall Train Station on Sunday evening. A big land and air search has been launched and Cassie's mother made several desperate pleas to help find her daughter. A girl was sighted this morning after a girl matching Cassie's description was on the Princes Highway at Waterfall. The girl's mother, Connie says she is relieved to have her daughter home. I want to thank the SES, the police, detectives, everyone, the media that put the coverage out to get her home and it's just a miracle and I don't even know what to say, I'm just grateful that they found her. It's just completely undescribable. I felt like I was living in a movie and I just had to keep looking at her, "Oh my god, it is actually her." And I was astonished at how well she looked and grateful, grateful, grateful.Connie Ols hack, a very happy mother today. Before bee go on, I will mention we are waiting for the Treasurer Scott Morrison to begin a media conference and it's due to start in the next few minutes. We will go live as soon as the Treasurer steps up. The civil hearing has heard from senior corrections officers. Former Corrections Commissioner Ken Middlebrook has blamed successive governments for failing to properly invest in the youth justice system. Stephen Schubert explains.The trial of these four boys suing the Northern Territory Government is now entering its fifth day. Now, these four boys were locked in their cell when tear gas was used to subdue Jake Roper who managed to get out of his cell in the behaviour management unit at Don Dale, but was still in a secure area. Today more youth justice officers from Don Dale and guards from the adult prison who were called in to help deal with the swaition in 2014 are expected to give evidence. The trial has already heard from the former Deputy Superintendent of Don Dale who recommended the use of tear gas in August 2014 to subdue Roper, but yesterday the star witness in the Government's defence against these civil claims was former Corrections Commissioner Ken Middlebrook. Mr Middlebrook told the court that in his view there was no other option but to use tear gas. He told the court that negotiations with Jake Roper weren't working and his behaviour was causing a ruckus amongst other detainees in a less secure part of Don Dale. He was worried that they might fight their way out and then prison officers might have two serious situations to deal with. Mr Middlebrook says in his view, exposing the five detainees in their locked krle to tear gas was a small price to pay to quickly bring Jake Roper under control and diffuse the situation. Ken Middlebrook is likely to be a key witness in the forthcoming royal commission into youth detention in the Northern Territory. He blamed successive Northern Territory governments for failing to invest in the youth justice system over a number of years saying it was a problem that had been festering for a long, long time.One woman is dead and more than 100 people injured after a packed commuter train smashed into a station in the US State of New Jersey. Authorities say there is no indication the crash was anything other than a tragic accident, but they're not ruling out the possibility of terrorism, as Anne Barker reports. The crash couldn't have occurred at a worst possible time, the height of peak hour, a packed train and travelling at speed. Instead of stopping, it ploughed through barriers and into the ticket hall.I think the train hit people in the Hoboken terminal this they were standing in waiting to get out.Folks were running away from the train screaming and thingslike that and that's when I said, "Oh my god!"A woman standing on the platform was struck by debris and killed. More than 100 were injured, most of them passengers on the train. Part of the station was demolished as the train knocked out pillars and brought the roof down. It was like a missile, that's what it looked like. Until you see the train, you can see there was no bomb, there was no bomb, it definitely was the train.Hospitals were told to expect the worst theSo far we've had three trauma patients arrive who have in serious condition. We have 8 other patients who are being treelted in the Emergency Department who are less serious.The train driver is in a krid Cal condition but said to be cooperating with authorities. So far, there is no indication that the crash was a deliberate act.I think it's too soon to rule that out, but at this stage no evidence to raise those concerns at this point. Ironically, the crash coincides with a plan for a new safety system designed to make trains stop automatically if they are travelling too fast. Russia says it will continue to support the Syrian Government's bombardment of rebels in Aleppo. It comes as dramatic vision emerged of the little girl's rescue. The girl believed to be 5 years old was stuck unders building, rubble of a building for 5 hours. Russia says failure by the US to separate moderate rebels from terrorists is preventing the two sides from securing a ceasefire. The US Secretary of State John Kerry says se ready to walk away from the peace talks. The Nairobi National Park is unique. Nowhere else can you see Africa's wild animals rooming free without leaving the city limits of a national capital, but the government has announced a new railway will split the park in two. Conservationists are outraged and say they will fight the move. Here is African correspondent Martin Cuddihy. On a good day, this is just 20 minutes drive from the centre of Nairobi. It is the only national park within capital city limits on the planet.It is unique, you don't get it anywhere else in the world. No capital city has a game park, a natural GAM park.As well as tourist favourites like zebra and giraffes, it is also home to endangered and vulnerable species, but soon the park will be divided by a flagship infrastructure project - a new railway line.

railway line. Protesters have already begun voicing their disapproval. They want the railway line to be diverted around the park. For it to miss the park completely would have meant an increase of 50% in the cost and an excision of 50 hectares of the Nairobi National Park.China is putting up more than 80% of the money and Kenyan Government wants the project to be finished by the middle of next year so speed is essential. Kenya's wildlife service says the only reason this project has been approved is because it is a viaduct and that means the entire line will be off the ground and this is what it will look like. KWS insists the impact on wildlife will be minimal. A West Australian woman has reached the final leg of her incredible 5-year journey, paddling from Germany to Australia in a sea kayak. Sandy Robson is recreating the voyage of a German man who kayaked way back to Australia in the 1930s. Eric Tlozek caught off with sarchddy as she set off for the Torres Strait. Sandy Robson has seen some of the country's most beautiful coastlines from her paddle on the other side of the globe. The outdoor education teacher has spent more than 5 years away from home on her trip from Germany to Australia. Living like the normal kind of life that people live, I find myself a little bit Borobi that.Ms Robson is retracing the journey of German kayaker Oscar Speck who reached Australia in 1939 after 7 years of paddling.For kayakers it's like, "Wow, that's got to be the biggest kayak journey ever made!"The trip took enormous preparation and support from sponsors and had to be done in stages, unlike Oscar Speck's original solo odyssey.I've had this amazing support around me and that's made me think about how we welcome and treat people as well.Her five months of travel around Papastathopoulos haven't been easy. She contracted malaria and was threatened by thugs, but Sandy Robson says she hopes she has found - has shown women in developing countries they can inspire to.If Sandy can do it, well so can they. Sandy Robson will finish her journey at Saibai Island, the nearest Australian island in the Torres Strait. Hugging the coast, that's about 600km from here. At an average of 40km a day, shoe he is expecting to reach Australia within three weeks. New research has found elderly people who regularly take common painkillers such as eye Bui pro fen are at increased risk of heart failure. Analysis of the effects of antiinflammatory drugs given to 10 million people, also found that younger people are likely to be affected. For 40 years, Anne Marshall has struggled with Romney today arthritis. She is prescribed Dyclofhiac, but research has shown that these #34ed kations increase the prospect of heart failure. Now she faces a dilemma?Do I stop taking them and lose parts of my independence, or do I carry on taking them and perhaps put myself at a great esh risk? That's a decision a lot of us have to make over the next few weeks.The researchers examine 27 nonsteroidal antiinflammatory trucks being taken on prescription by 10 million people in Europe. Overall the drugs increase the risk of being admitted to hospital with father failure by 19%, compared to those not taking them. But the study did not show the underlying or absolute risk. All medicines have potential side effects, but the warnings from this research really only apply to the elderly. The average age of the poo emin this study was 77. For them doctors need to be careful when prescribing painkillers. As always, it is a balance between risk and benefit. Leading pharmacists sought to reassure the public.There is no need to panic. Younger patients occasionally take these drugs, short courses and there is no evidence that this is a problem. All the patients are generally getting these drugged as prescribed by their doctor and then they are being monitored anyway. If people do have concerns, they should contact their pharmacist.I Bui pro fen and other medication are very effective, but they need to be used with care. The Cronulla Sharks are looking to break their premiership drought this weekend with a win over the Melbourne Storm in the NRL grand final. While the players are busy preparing, the game will also be a big event for the team's mascots. Robert Virtue reports from one of the mascot's homes in the NSW Hunter Valley. During the week he is a cattle-breeding consultant. Come the weekend, se dressed in ACOSS tum hyping up thousands of footy fans as one of the Cronulla Sharks mascots named MC Hammerhead.I became a fan after the 1978 grand final. I was 7 years old. I'm just passionate about my team and as my friends would know, I think my blood is blue, black and white to be honest, because I've only ever followed the one team, never waivered.He lives near Newcastle and travels over two hours each weekend to don the Shark suit. Se preparing for his biggest event yet, in front of up Po 80,000 fans on Sunday's NRL grand final. From the location I live, it is nearly a 12-hour day turnaround, by the time I leave home here, get down to the club, usually two, two and a half hours before the game. It is not as easy as just throwing on the costume and running out there and thinking that everyone will be looking at awe. It is not but I really enjoy the job for the fans and the kids, but I learnt that it gets quite claustrophobic in thats can tum and between March and April, there can be really warm days You feel like you're lacing up your boots, you can feel like you can charge dlu a brick wall out there. He has stuck through the club through thick and thin.I've just a fan in a suit, to be honest. I said to my friends if we win a premiership, I will be getting a tattoo and that will be happening if we get over line on Sunday night. Come Sunday night, he will be hoping the sporting gods will be smiling on his beloved Sharks. And now to the MP for the Shire, the Treasurer Scott Morrison has just stepped up for a - not a media conference. He is addressing the Lowy Institute. All those porch lights will be on tonight and on Saturday night and we can switch them off after Sunday. But today I'm completing the third in a series of presentations that I have been giving, which is addressing this topic of staying the course. And after 25 years of uninterrupted annual economic growth an entire generation has grown up without ever having known a recession in this country. This is despite the global financial crisis, an Asian financial crisis and global terrorism, SARS, one in 100-year floods, droughts and a one-third fall in our terms of trade. For some, a quarter of a century of economic growth has given rise to complacency. What dos it matter if our Budget is in deficit or our debt is now growing at $1.4 billion in gross terms a week? Just raise taxes and borrow more. What could possibly go wrong? At the last election, the Labor proposed to increase the deficit by $16.5 billion, increase taxes and on record arguing there is sample room to frth increase our government debt even further. But for others they are asking different questions about why they feel they have not benefitted from Australians' growth as much as they may have expected. By asking practical questions as families, like, "Why are our wages no the increasing like they used to?" "Or, "Why can't I get the extra hours that I was getting before?" Or where will the next job come from, or indeed the jobs of their kids? These sentiments and these questions are very real and they are looking to something to explain it as to how they feel. According to a recent poll, almost half of all Australians are in favour of banning Muslim immigration. There are similar results for banning foreign investment and opposing free trade agreements. Support for these measures is the product of genuine anxiety in our community about these issues, and it can be politically popular and indeed rewarding to simply endorse these policy sentiments, as some do. However, there is great danger in following this path. Investment, trade and immigration bans not only fail to address the real cause of the kerms that Australians feel they now have, but worse, they would cut Australians off from the primary sources of our prosperity for over two centuries. Australia cannot afford to adopt what I call the doona economics approach, which says that you can pull the doona over your head and somehow we can insulate our selves from the economic changes that are occurring globally and domestically.Foreign invest ment, trade and immigration- and a mean an immigration PM that is focused on bringing people to Australia, who make a contribution rather than take one - creates jobs, boosts wages, drives growth, inceases our living san dards, and always has. Ensuring that foreign investment trade and immigration policies continue tore serve our national interest is a core component of the Turnbull Government's national economic plan for growth. During the past month, I have been delivering a series of presentations titled Staying The Course, setting out how the Turnbull Government's plan for jobs and growth is being implemented, to address the concerns for Australians - seeking greater job and income security in a transitioning economy, to deal with the cost-of-living pressures that they face. In the first of these presentations I stress the need for us to build up our economic resilience, to deal with the inevitable external shocks that will come our way. In addition