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(generated from captions) very windy with a top of 12 in Clare, storms and 14 in Lamaroo, 14 degrees in Mount Gambier. There's a severe weather warning in degrees in Mount Gambier. There's a
severe weather warning in these areas with flood warnings for several rivers and areas and road weather alert in Adelaide and also a warning to sheep graziers. It will be another wet day in Adelaide tomorrow with possible rainfall up to 8mm. We'll have a top temperature of 15 degrees. The sun will rise at 5:53 and set at 6:18. Another windy day for metro waters:

A calmer day forecast for Saturday. A partly cloudy 22 degrees. Showers will develop on Sunday and continue on Monday and Tuesday. Sunny with 27 degrees next Thursday. Bring it on! Now, recapping tonight's main stories - South Australia's likely to suffer more destructive weather tonight which could include the worst winds Adelaide has ever seen. Gusts of up to 140km/h expected until 9 o'clock this evening with heavy rainfall forecast. Part of the metropolitan coast and parts of the Mid North are on flood alert with waters rising, residents and business owners sand-bagging. And wild weather has unleashed a political storm about the cause of the state's unprecedented power outages with renewable energy production in the spotlight. There are now calls for an independent inquiry into the blackout and whether it's linked to South Australia's controversial push into reliance on wind power. And that's all for this evenling's -- evenings's one hour program. There's kovrn on ABC online and local radio. We'll leave you with an extended look at some of the storm and the blackout in the state and how South Australians are coping. Enjoy your evening.

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