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significant wind chill.
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Looking ahead - Saturday absolutely fantastic,
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on Sunday.
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with A Current Affair.
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for this Thursday.
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Hey hey, it hurts. Make my day, come on. John Blackman
How Aussie TV favourite as a media medico.
has embarked on a new career

I can sack myself.
If I'm really bad at it, any aching body part,
And he'll help you with even a 'Dickie Knee.' I think you're sensational.

That was a couple of years ago.

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. That story soon. is a ticking time bomb
Mental illness in households across the country. Often misunderstood, and untreated
it can go undiagnosed with catastrophic results. lost his life
AFL coach Phil Walsh violent psychosis.
to his beloved son, Cy's, the link between drug use
Tonight, we examine and mental health and the families left shattered.

coach Phil Walsh
The death of Adelaide Crows has shocked the AFL community... going to head to the border
I'm with him, we are

along the way,
to check out the ceremony and, to take some photos,
Gus is going for me, so check it out.
which is probably the highlight

It's just -

it's really hard, with this nightmare.
cause you're living

coach Phil Walsh
The son of former Adelaide

of murdering his father.
has been found not guilty

The pain is unimaginable. A loving father killed, a lifetime of psychiatric care,
a son now under left to pick up the pieces.
and a mother and daughter

It's a tragedy connected with the family
for all the people that are and the community as a whole.

not guilty
Cy Walsh has been found of murdering his famous father by reason of mental incompetence.

and untreated schizophrenia.
He suffered from undiagnosed was stabbed to death.
The Adelaide Crows coach without warning. was in the grip of psychosis,
His son, Cy,

was the Devil
believing his dad and had links to the Illuminati. from the night of his death,
In a 000 recording with the operator
Meredith Walsh pleads just stabbed her husband.
saying her son's she realises he's gone.
Then there's the moment of Cy, standing on the street,
CCTV shows a haunting image moments after the fatal stabbing. sent a harrowing text to his dad
It's also been revealed that he'd during a psychotic episode

there's a lot of young players
That's why, across the nation,

who are feeling the hurt - father figure themselves.
they've lost a real He was just a great man fall in love with.
and one that I started to with the Baba
We just smoked a joint but we don't have any more...
and he wants some more hash

It's now known that Cy,

in his early 20s,
while travelling around the world with drugs -
had experimented and magic mushrooms.
cannabis, ecstasy, LSD, of his father's death,
On the night in his system.
drugs weren't found

But there's no question illness and drug abuse.
there's an interplay of mental

victim impact statement,
In a heartbreaking this has damaged her family -
Meredith Walsh revealed how from the loss of her husband of her 27-year-old son
to the confinement to a psychiatric facility.

that this was big -
I just knew, instinctively,

heart-wrenching stuff
as in, this was unless you walk in their shoes
that no one can describe for every person that family.
and I felt so sad

of seeing a loved one suffer.
Ingrid Ozols knows the pain a young family member
She also has with mental health issues. it's so traumatic,
You can't describe it, what you feel,
it's indescribable, is that child or teenager
and you know what's worse even worse pain
is going through and we're watching it in that situation
and we'd rather it be us or the teenager.
than the child

They also have terrible fears

to function as normal adults
whether they'll be able be able to get jobs.
and whether they'll in their nightmares,
And in the worst case scenario, kind of incident happening -
they fear this where they harm somebody.

Simon Kinsella,
Accord to Psychologist

at one point or another,
while many teens try drugs over the edge
for some, it can send them and dangerous place.
into a dark

will become
Certainly, some parents scared for their own lives.

at the Alfred Hospital
Director of Mental Health says psychosis
Dr Simon Starfrace can be triggered by drugs.

such as stimulants and cannabis
We know that certain drugs

do have hallucinogenic either hallucinations
and may trigger or disorganised thinking quite distressing.
and behaviour and that can be

for long periods of time.
Some end up in psychiatric wards it's agonising.
For family members,

and say,
It is so difficult let go let my loved one
"Yes, I'm willing to or into a ward,
"go into a clinic "for X amount of time," is awful.
and that separation, in itself,

Ingrid also works for of Victoria.
the Mental Health Foundation and less stigma
She'd like to see more talk so many lives.
around what impacts about talking about this,
There is still so much shame who's vulnerable and not coping
both from the person and work colleagues and friends.
and likewise families and carers and how to react.
We don't know what to say things we need to work through
So stigma is still one of the "You know, I'm not coping."
and not be ashamed of saying, It's a reminder of why it's important, I think, mental health seriously
for us to take encourage people to seek help
and why it's important for us to that there's a problem.
as soon as they recognise

is there for someone
All we can be

what do they want from us
and ask them and it might be just to listen. signing off.
This is Rhino Walsh,

suffers from mental illness,
If you or someone you know there is help. on our website.
You'll find the details

she's allergic to,
Now - the mum who says

well, everything. from getting a job.
And it's preventing her for help,
So she turned to Centrelink but they keep rejecting her Disability Support Pension.
for the

what I touch,
Everyday, I've gotta be careful what I watch, where I go. Perfumes, cats, dogs... on my higher list.
Dust is definitely one Mould. medical condition
Anaphylaxis is a very serious

if it's not treated urgently.

It can kill you. up and it will choke you.
It will make your throat swell

Imagine being allergic to pretty much everything.

15 types of different grass.
She's allergic to about 15 types of grass.
I didn't know there were 'till she came home with it,
Neither did I saying it came up positive. All these things. that I could take,
There's a lot of medications now but suddenly can't take that I'm now allergic to.

has severe allergies,
Kiri McKenzie

sometimes resulting in A severe allergic reaction - life-threatening.
that is potentially

have becomes so progressively bad
She says her allergies in the last 12 months, hold down a job.
she can't possibly

When you have a reaction, physically?
what happens to you First of all, the rash comes as a warning sign
and I try and use that to get myself to the doctor. being in a brain fog.
Then, it's like I can describe it.
It's the only way lost in your brain.
It's like being I can feel this growing
Then, just immediately, inside my throat and my mouth as well.
and I can feel my lips growing, it's just unbelievable choking -
Just the choking, I cannot catch my breath.

grandmother of three,
The mother of four, in her own home.
says she's become a prisoner into the backyard
Only able to venture out for a small fractions of time. is impossible.
Working, she says,

If I try to find a job, as soon as I do,
I'm worried that, back in hospital again.
I'm going to end up when I am better?
And then where's my future then, my name's going to be nothing.
I can't look for a job,

constantly by her side,
Her EpiPen by the lack of understanding
Kiri says she's been appalled she's received from Centrelink.

for a disability allowance
I've had to appeal Centrelink for maybe a year now.
and it's been going on

twice now.
But she's been turned down And she says her efforts face-to-face about her situation
to talk to a Centrelink officer have been fruitless. keep coming -
Instead, the rejection letters to make ends meet.
all while she struggles

a piece of paper,
I don't want to be I want to talk to somebody. Her local GP - for the last ten years -
her doctor letters of support,
has written countless Kiri's condition
recommending that for her to work.
makes it impossible

by Centrelink officers
Kiri says she's been told that she could get the DSP a medical certificate
if she could get suffered from depression.
stating she

Do you want to work? go outside and get a job.
I would love to simply and I end up in hospital,
So I sign up for a job make me look?
how's that going to of other people's cats, too,
It's the transference I'm worried about.
and deodorants and perfume, about making a fool of myself
I'm really worried and coughing and choking. this past year?
How has it been for your mum


to the beaches, to the parks.
She used to go out all the time outside all the time,
She'd love to be but now, leave the house
she just doesn't like to of what people think of her.
because she's afraid

what she hates most
Her daughter Hannah says Kiri's allergies have
is the impact with her grandchildren.
on her relationship

for long periods of time,
She struggles to hold them wheezy, get really weak
before she starts to get really start hurting,
and because her arms she'll have to put them down. anaphylaxis can be critical.
If you don't get emergency care, It will kill you.

Dr Sam Hay says
General Practitioner, about severe allergies
one of the most difficult things is not always identifiable.
is that their cause

for an allergy
The common triggers or for an anaphylaxis medications
would be dust mites, food, in the environment.
and other things we can identify them,
And sometimes but sometimes we can't, it's most dangerous
and that's where to avoid that.
because it's hard for them

all about avoiding the trigger.
Controlling anaphylaxis is Sometimes that's very easy. Sometimes that's very hard.

From a management point of view,

for emergency care
people carry their EpiPens and get people to hospital.
or we call 000

all the dust -
I have to be on top of

cleaning with a wet cloth
I'm continuously through the air.
so it's not flying inside a house or have drapes -
I can't have carpet conduct dust as well.
they hold dust and they

if just woke up
How would you be any of this medication today?
and didn't take What would happen? My airway would close up. Just like that. Yeah, it would close-up. too much and I would choke.
My asthma would become

combined with asthma,
Kiri's allergies,

significant amount of time
see her spending a hooked up to a nebuliser.

I think,
At the moment, it's Activin,

and Ventolin, I think, that goes into the machine. At the moment, depending on how I feel.
it's every three to six hours, It's terrible. go out that door.
I don't want to people will think of me.
I'm scared of what

I'm a drug addict or something.
I'm scared people will think

the rashes or the itching,
But it's not the spots,

that really gets to her.

It's feeling alone, now. to other people.
It's feeling like a nuisance It's feeling like a burden

what can I do?
I sit here and I just wonder,

I want to do something.
I do want to contribute, But what can I do? a nuisance to other people?
What can I do that I'm not in her eyes, that's all.
I never wanted to be weak You're not weak.

a crackdown
This year has seen the Disability Support Pension.
on those benefitting from the DSP taken away from them.
More than 31,000 people have had

on record.
That's the biggest annual drop will tell you,
And then, as Brady Halls who think the guidelines
there's those need to be even stricter.

some pretty firm views
John Haran's got

Disability Support Pension.
on the that, I'd say, do get it
There's a lot out there and shouldn't be getting it. And this is one fella more than entitled to it.
who's probably

working hard like this -
He doesn't have to be doing nothing
he could be at home one of those people
but he's definitely that pulls their finger out. tow truck driver.
He's the one-legged putting on clamps,
Tightening straps, starting motors, winches, levers, of motor vehicle,
loading a tonne on his crutches.
all while balancing

I'm handicapped or disabled
I don't feel that

really have to go on a pension.
in a way that I and just do it.
You just get out there

for the last 40 odd years,
And that's exactly what he's done

since that motorbike accident. of vehicles,
Towing tens of thousands all on his own, with one leg.

made you get out do...
If anything, it really

make sure that you never say no,
Excel at what you were doing to and just keep going.
just go and do it of doing this,
At 61, after decades the aching shoulders,
yeah, he's got the sore back, that carries all his weight.
and a good leg "Nah, it'll be right."
You think, So when someone suggested that, on the DSP, he too should apply -
with hundreds of thousands a bar of it.
well, he wouldn't have a much easier life.
You'd be able to have Yeah. Would that be you? No, not really.

a tough physical job -
A missing leg and

that's not pension material!

to dwell on it.
I'm not that sort of bloke I've got to do it -
I'm just, "Right, "we'll, get on and do it." By the way, you may be wondering an artificial leg?
why he didn't get He tried it... really severe.
The pain can be, on a hot day, above any good attachment
..but he lost the leg and it just wasn't suitable. the old-age pension approaching,
And finally, with interested in that either.
he's not cars to pick up.
Not while there's still All in the attitude, isn't it? slowed me down -
Losing a leg has never me more determined
it's actually probably just made to keep going and to do things. He's a guru. He's the guru! He's a legend!

a different era, isn't he?
John's a man from

Now - from 'Hey, Hey It's

to "hey, hey, it hurts." John Blackman, is back
TV favourite, on a surprising new career.
and embarking any aching body part.
He'll help you with Even a dickie knee!

to a golf course?
So, John, why have you brought me wanted to bring you back
Well, Marty, I just to the scene of the crime. drugs with a golfing partner?
You remember I swapped some I shouldn't see?
Is there anything here that I've never seen before.
There's a few things

his own secret stash.
A lot of this is from It's really bizarre. I don't know, he has issues.

how it happened -
This is basically an anaphylactic reaction to it.
I gave him a pill and he had Here? Here. At this very spot. And what does that tell you? Just don't swap drugs. (LAUGHS) Just keep them to yourself.

to a cracking good idea
From potential disaster and a brand new career.

'If Pain Persists.'
Welcome back to Today's topic is pain - why is it so common?

as himself
After 'Hey Hey, It's Saturday', and his alter ego, Dicky Knee... don't you, Tracy?
You want him, Well, I'm only human. John Blackman is reinvented
..and 47 years on radio, home-grown health humourist.
as a kind of of course,
And I am John Blackman, and professional (BLEEP)
well-known media personality about what Gerald knows about.
who knows absolutely nothing to ask all the dumb questions.
I'm here to, basically, of these podcasts?
What is the idea ask you that, Gerald.
Yes, I was going to to people
The idea is to give information or aren't aware
who probably don't know that they can become in their own health,
a lot more empowered in chronic pain
particularly if they're is a community pharmacist,
By the way, Gerald Quigley health commentator, and author.
master herbalist, media One book. One book, how many pages? 80 pages. How many? in the Blackman dining room,
Every week, a different health topic.
the comic and the chemist record They're informative, educational, as you can see, pretty casual.
and entertaining and, in the background.
That's John's wife, Cecile, cavalier attitude to medications,
Given the funny-man's seriously his tablet monitor.
Cecile is also

for when he's stressed,
Brain-food, vitamins he doesn't get enough sunshine
Vitamin D because sitting outside -
because he hates be watching the cricket.
he'd much rather Women's... They're mine. (LAUGHS)

Women's multivitamins, yeah. in the room.
Now there's a hypochondriac It's not me. I'm a hypochondriac
Hello, yes, well I don't think in my medicine cabinet,
although, if you have a look there's all sorts of things. The only medicines you take that keep you alive.
are the ones important, Gerald.
Yeah, well, that's fairly

some more stuff too.
Honey, I've found you have to take them regularly,
What you have to learn, John, is at the right dose.
at the right time, your friends.
And don't share them with Don't share them with with your wife.
And don't share them believe it or not.
My wife and I, we swap drugs, do you share drugs with John?
Cecile, tell me the truth, No. No, we don't. anything medical, no.
I don't take Liar, liar, pants on fire. I take is this.
No, the only thing (LAUGHS)

John's attitude to tablets?
So Gerald, how would you describe Flippant. (LAUGHS) but flippant.
Potentially dangerous John, you've got your specs on. that's pretty powerful stuff.
Panadeine Forte,

What's the use-by date on that? Hang on, let me see if I can... 2008, Marty. Eight years overdue. Well, yes, so am I. So what you're saying Gerald is, on what you're saying -
and this is my take prescribed medicines
you can actually mix with some natural ones a deleterious effect?
and that doesn't have That's a very good word, John.

A very big one, too. that are taboo.
There are no topics irritable bowel syndrome,
We talk about We've talk about haemorrhoids. about haemorrhoids.
No, we haven't talked Have you had that? Oh, yes. He's had everything. Absolute pain in the backside. Gerald, first up, question. Yes? Why is pain so common? that we are living longer.
I think it's a fact, John, more stressful environments
We probably are living in in the old days.
than what we did Talking of which, working here, yeah.
this is a stressful environment Earlier this year, without notice,
Blackman was sacked, by radio station Magic 1278. he's back behind the mic.
At least now, How many eps? Hundreds. Thousands? Yes, thousands. Thousands. Well, at least a dozen so far. So who's listening? Older people, middle aged people? There's no demographic - old people are in pain
kids are in pain, take multiple medications
many people with B, B mixes with C
and they wonder whether A mixes all of those topics over time.
and we will be going through We've got big plans. In a sensible informative way. We hope so. and stuff like that.
I mean, it's not all gags There's very few gags, actually. Yes, that's right. (LAUGHTER) of chiropractors?
John, what do you think very manipulative.
I think they're come on.
Have a go, make my day, if you've got a dicky knee...
And of course, He's in here. Goodness! That'll be discussed too, and sharing tablets.
along with hoarding Don't swap drugs with your mates.
Don't swap drugs with your prescription drugs.
We're talking of course,
Prescription drugs here, went to pieces after it.
and his golf game just After you gave him the drug? See? Like that. (LAUGHS) Like that just did. One day, he may not wake up. he's a drug addict?
So do you think No, not at all. No. Not at all.

I'm addicted to, Marty,
There's only one thing and it's you, darling. you wouldn't get folksy.
You promised me How's that for a tag?

He has still got it.

taken to hospital yesterday
And John was ironically with kidney stones in his next podcast.
which he plans to talk about Feel better soon, John. on A Current Affair -
After the break have left customers fuming.

it would be quite funny.
If it wasn't so serious,

VOICE-OVER: The Toyota Kluger, with driver assist technologies,
seven SRS airbags and reversing camera, it's ready for anything. (Men exclaim)
That hurt.

(Toyota theme played)

at the Denny Ute Muster.
Join us tomorrow, with Keith Urban.
We are going country Ute beauty! Tomorrow, on Today.

Welcome back. promising big brands
Now, the clothing store but not delivering. are demanding refunds
Tonight, angry customers for their phoney fashion pieces.

shopping experience
It's by far the worst online I've ever had. scam.
This is one dodgy online

it would be quite funny.
If it wasn't so serious,

fashion phoney.
It's the new online

when you look at these shoes,
It's just so ridiculous what I wanted.
they're nothing like

offering big brands,
An Australian website complete fakes
but sending out and fraudulently using business number to do it.
an Australian couple's shoes in question?
So Lizzie, these are the horror

Yes, they're horrible,

I'd wear.
definitely not something Lizzie Evans searched everywhere Windsor Smith shoes
for this pair of
when she came across The site popped up my size,
and they happened to have all other options at this point.
and basically, I'd exhausted So I thought, "Awesome!"

so Lizzie paid the $120.
It all looked professional, But when they arrived... and first of all,
Ripped into them it was a gold box. strappy heels she had ordered.
..they were anything but the

Yeah, they're hideous.

been a warehouse error,
Lizzie thought there must have

to let them know.
contacting the site saying, "Just keep the shoes
They responded back to me, too expensive
"cause it's going to be here in China."
"to send them back to us,

the alarm bells went off.
That's when on their website
Despite boasting

a 60-day returns policy,

a fraction of her money back.
Lizzie was offered just why this should fall on me
I didn't understand to then take an 80%, give away free money, basically, shoes I don't want -
for a pair of I'm not going to wear them. going to wear these,
I said, "I'm not they don't even fit properly."
"these are of no use to me, And she's not alone. also fell foul of the website.
Our own producer, Lulu Harrison, When you purchase an item, you expect to get the product on the website.
that was advertised this Fifth Label dress,
Lulu had ordered but instead received this. a completely different dress,
It's entirely different fabric. it's a cheap and nasty version.
It's not even my size, to vent.
Another customer went on Facebook this 'Fate' branded dress
She couldn't find she wanted in her size. in stock,
Isires claimed they had it but sent this dress instead. just a 20% refund.
Isires also offered her behind this website?
So who are the people to a Queensland-based business.
The domain name is registered over the scam,
But when we went to confront them what we were talking about,
they had no idea been to the police
telling us they've now of their ACN.
to report the illegal use

Look, this is deeply concerning baiting consumers
and it's clear that they are with these named brands.

Tom Godfrey from Choice says Australian websites.
shoppers shouldn't blindly trust

You've got a company out there to try and trick you...
who will go to any lengths something needs to be done.

listed on Isires,
We checked with the labels they had no association
who all came back to us saying with the site.

shopping scam
This is a very, very dodgy who's been caught up in it
and I would encourage anyone to the authories
to report it their money back.
and seek to get

20% refund
Lizzie is still waiting on her the horror shoes.
and still has save your hard-earned money,
Go elsewhere, don't give them the time of day.

Fair Trading has confirmed of complaints about that website.
they have received a number on A Current Affair -
Still to come who scammed a fortune
the Gumtree gang from trusting customers.

that was taken?
Where did all the money go


bargain hunters beware.
Tomorrow night - The Gumtree gang. that was taken?
Where did all the money go who scammed a fortune
The mother, father, and son

selling goods that don't exist.
from trusting customers, Plus - best wildflower display
If you want to see the world's A Current Affair, Friday night.
in many many years,

only on A Current Affair.
Those reports tomorrow, Thanks for your company. Goodnight.
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They are getting closer.There are to
Sharks they are scary, no-one wants here
to get eaten. I've been eaten, I'm that
here to tell you it takes more than Sharknado,
that to bring a good man down. Sunday.
Sharknado, storm versus Sharks this Welcome
Welcome to the 2016 Footy Show you
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you live from North Sydney oval calling
under the big top. They have been what
calling them clowns for decades, so what a perfect location. Now, would Britney
you please welcome - well it says Show
Britney Spears, surely The Footy they
Show haven't got Britney Spears on, paid
they couldn't afford it. They have years.
paid me nothing to do this for and
years. Let's read the words, ladies and gentlemen, here's Britney.

(SONG) # There are two types of #
people in the world girl
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# Spotlight ready to play # I'm like a performer # This is the stage # Let's be ready # I bet you feel the same # This is like a circus # This is just like a circus # Don't stand there watching # Follow me #
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