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Taking a look at the weather around

Taking a look at the weather around the country :

Mid a quick look ahead to the start of the long weekend:


It is time now for Nine's Afternoon afternoon
News. Whereby whereby wherebyGood in
afternoon fresh flood warnings are residents
in place in South Australia as front
residents brace for a second storm many
front this evening. It comes as the
many people are already counting with
the cost of a state-wide blackout without
with around 60,000 properties still joins
without power. Nine's Ben Avery good
joins us now for a full update. Ben, there
good afternoon. What is the mood the
there as South Australians survey is
the damage?Good afternoon. There are
is a bit of relief. As you say we Not
are really counting the cost here. Adelaide
Not just here in the City of of
Adelaide but in every single suburb country
of South Australia and every dollars
country town. There is thousands of out
dollars worth of food being thrown have
out in businesses in some cases that
have been without power ever since at
that major blackout that happened owners
at 3.50pm yesterday. Business happen,
owners are confused how this can cases
happen, frustrated and in some day's
cases very angry.Losing a whole losing
day's it pay, a whole day's trading, going
losing 5 or 6,000 worth of meat had
going in the bin.40 chickens we 15
had to throw out, the meat probably easy
15 kilos.Half a pallet of milk dairy
easy gone, maybe half a delivery of schools
dairy load.Around about 100 Australia,
schools have been closed in South where
Australia, mainly in regional areas without
where this morning they were still without power. At those schools were
where power had been restored we told
were understand parents could be discretion
told they could use their own them
discretion as to whether they sent impact
them to school. There is a major hospitals.
impact on South Australian the
hospitals. All the hospitals around Down
the state went into backup mode. south
Down at the Flinders Medical Centre south of Adelaide we understand properly.
that backup system didn't work were
properly. As a result of that there unit
were 17 patients from the intensive unit unit who had to be transferred spoken
to another facility of the we have at
spoken to the daughter of a patient says
at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, she as
says there was chaos there as well before
as this blackout happened just visit
before 4:00 yesterday.We went to the
visit dad he has one light on in work.
the room. All the others didn't doesn't
work. The light in the bathroom phone
doesn't work, I had to take my The
phone in there to use the torch. it's
The nurses have torches on stand by questions
it's quiet.There's been tough Australian
questions asked of the South happen?
Australian premier, how did this a
happen? We have images that give us The
a bit of an idea how it did happen. transition
The premier says there were 22 transition towers which blew over the
in strong winds as it swept across there
the state. Jay Weatherill said and
there were 80,000 lightning strikes generators.
and some happened to hit power it's
generators.It's not simply a storm it's an unprecedented weather event seen
the likes of which have not been Two
seen by the Bureau of Meteorology. centre
Two tornados ripping through the three
centre of the state destroying infrastructure.
three elements of critical was
infrastructure.A destructive storm that
was forecast. We seem to have got the
that particularly in some areas, hardest
the Mid North appears to be the hardest hit. We have images from roofs
the town of Blythe, there were very
roofs blown off of houses, a church continuing
very badly j daed. They are are
continuing to mop up there. They more
are doing that with the threat of their
more wild weather hanging over at
their heads. In the Adelaide Hills at the moment, heavy rain continuing to fall, creeks in
continuing to swell. Flood watches very
in place. People are urged to be Police
very careful. South Australian urging
Police recently sent out a warning be
urging motorists in particular to on
be very careful when out and about out
on South Australian roads. Anyone threat
out there who thinks they are under affected
threat or feel they've been affected by this South Australian the
weather they are urged to contact is
the SA recovery hotline the number dangerous
is 1800302787.Still a very Australia
dangerous situation. As South Australia scrambles to recover from in
the Storm a political blame game is heavy
in full swing over the state's Straight
heavy reliance on renewable enI gee. Lauren
Straight to our political reporter is
Lauren Gianoli. The Prime Minister state's
is certainly going hard on the good
state's Labor Government.He is, reaction
good afternoon. The political South
reaction is going further than says
South Australia. Malcolm Turnbull and
says he accepts the fierce winds the
and those lightning strikes were blackout.
the immediate cause of yesterday's correlation
blackout. He's also drawing a like
correlation between Labor states They
like South Australia, for example. wind
They get 40% of their power from says
wind and solar. The Prime Minister unrealistic.
says that target is aggressive and making
unrealistic. The priority should be Let's
making sure people have power. storm
Let's focus now, let's take this incident
storm in South Australia, this real
incident in South Australia as a real wakeup call. Let's end the targets,
ideology, focus on clear renewable one
targets, the Federal Government has Barnaby
one as you know 23.5% is our target. National
Barnaby Joyce the leader of the to
National Party he is questioning if farms.
to the state is too reliant on wind reliance
farms. If that affected the those
reliance of the power source of the unscientific.
those comments have been labelled South
unscientific. Jay Weatherill the them
South Australian premier has called agree
them ignorant. Climate experts doesn't
agree if you have a severe storm it source
doesn't matter where the power going
source comes from the network is super
going to be affected.This is a strikes.
super storm, 80,000 lightning of
strikes. That didn't happen because the
of a Renewable Energy Target that's and
the weather.What we need is State and Federal Governments to have a our
better plan for how we will replace John
our coal power with clean energy. Institute
John coner from the Climate extreme
Institute he was warning that going
extreme weather events are only climate
going to increase because of government
climate change, that all levels of to
government needs to work together so
to try to Dom up with a power plan coal
so that they are less reliant on that.
coal Amelia.Lauren, thank you for The
that. Lauren Gianoli in Canberra. to
The body of a woman who was stabbed prestigious
to death has been found in Sydney's were
prestigious Potts Point. Police woman's
were called to the home after the concerns
woman's father alerted officers to scene
concerns about her welfare. A crime murder
scene has been established and a is
murder investigation launched. It several
is believed the woman was stabbed being
several times. A 41-year-old is being questioned. Our reporter Mark from
Burrows will have a full report later
from the scene, coming up a little News
later in the bulletin. To breaking bread
News Now, there's been an urgent types
bread recall, more than a dozen sold
types of Homebrand bread products stores
sold at Coles Woolworths and other found
stores NSW and the ACT have been fragments,
found to contain small metal products
fragments, a detailed list of website
products can be found on the Nine from
website and we'll have the latest story
from the reporter covering this dramatic
story shortly. There have been Sydney
dramatic scenes in the heart of carried
Sydney as New South Wales Police the
carried out a major drug bust in It
the harbour suburb of Woolloomooloo. smashed
It is understood SWAT officers and
smashed through the front doored Authorities
and swooped on the property. Dramatic
Authorities are still at the scene. west
Dramatic scenes in Sydney's inner has
west where on out-of-control car has slammed through the front doors close
of an automotive shop. It was a Marrickville
close call for staff inside the and
Marrickville business when brick doing
and glass were sent flying.We are we
doing our daily chores, next thing bang
we hear a screech of brakes and a bang through the front doorks smoke in
and cloud, we had never car parked under
in the front showroom.The cause is Melbourne
under investigation. The a at
Melbourne man has been sentenced to behind
at least three and a half years Syria.
behind bars over plans to fight in details,
Syria. To Karen Michael for the happened
details, talk us through what afternoon.
happened in court today?Good sentences
afternoon. This is one of a few incursions
sentences under this foreign legislation
incursions and recruitment's prosecuted
legislation where people are acts.
prosecuted for planning terrorist criminal
acts. It's different from most around
criminal legislation which centres plan
around an event. This is about the sentenced
plan to do T the latest to be Federal
sentenced after being caught in the used
Federal net is Amin Mohamed who numerous
used codes, false names and others
numerous phones in a plan with was
others to go to Syria to fight. He found
was stopped in Brisbane, charged, was
found guilty by a jury, the plan Qudsi
was over seen by a Sydney man al- tried
Qudsi given a six year minimum P he humanitarian
tried to say this was a said
humanitarian mission. The judge from
said he never had acknowledgement of
from him about the true intention the
of his trip to Syria. Here's what the judge said.I cannot be:

Mohammed was jailed for five and a year
half years with a three and a half citizen
year minimum. He's a New Zealand at
citizen so is likely to be deported thank
at the end of the jail time.Karen, horrific
thank you. There has been an school
horrific attack inside a primary Carolina.
school in the US state of South the
Carolina. A teenager walked into to shooting
the school with a gun opened fire teacher.
shooting two children and one

Cell phones in the pockets of small
frightened parents across this 1.45
small time started burning up at local
1.45 before the end of classes. A appeared
local teenager armed with a handgun the
appeared in a grey ground behind There
the school and started shooting. area.
There were students out on a recess occurred
area. The shooting may have students
occurred there, the teacher got boy
students in the classroom.A young boy was shot in the leg, another to
boy in the foot. A teacher trying the
to keep the kids safe was shot in had
the shoulder. One of the children green
had to be flown to a hospital in custody,
green ville. They had the team in Snippers
custody, police got there fast. all
Snippers cleared the building, this children
all too familiar scene moving church
children by school bus to a nearby get
church played out. Parents couldn't It's
get to their children fast enough. to
It's not a phone call you ever want could.
to get. I got here as fast as I another
could.Two miles from the school it's
another crime scene. Police say Jeffrey
it's the first shooter, 46-year-old dead.
Jeffrey Osborne and he's been shot They
dead. The son was home schooled. They are not sure why he targeted cancelled
the Elementary School, school is Police
cancelled for the rest of the week. at
Police tell us no-one you was hurt the
at the school, the two students or that
the teacher suffered any injuries will
that were life-threatening. They Governor
will be OK tonight much the her
Governor of South Carolina is on here
her way here, investigators will be night.
here at the school through the front
night.Decide to go propose in 'Risky
front of millions of people is has
'Risky Business', a man in the US can
has found out the hard way how it the
can go wrong.It was the bottom of Redsocks,
the fifth, the yankies, the Andrew
Redsocks, in the stands a boyfriend Heather
Andrew about to propose for Heather, Heather will you marry me make me right
the happiest man alive.He fumbles one
right away, he is nervous, this is Now
one of the big moments of his life. is
Now he can't find the ring. The box opened
is empty. Oh that poor guy.He They
opened the box the ring falls out. (LAUGHS).
They are looking for the ring Where
(LAUGHS). I hope they find it. her
Where did they find it? The cuff of That's
her pants.We found it right there. mad.
That's the spot. Heather was hardly today
mad.I panicked with him.Just talking
today the newly engaged couple TV
talking to us.Everyone watching on really
TV that's seen me possibly fail if
really badly at this. I didn't know did.
if we were going to find it.They found
did.They are smiling, they have AND
found it! Oh that's great(CHEERS now.
AND APPLAUSE)She better say yeah Nine's
now.And she did.Still to come on women
Nine's Afternoon News, two young have
women missing in bushland overnight about
have been rescued. The full story Sobering
about how they were found next. obesity
Sobering new research on our statistics
obesity crisis, we've got the quick
statistics that will shock you. The who
quick thinking it police officer baby
who saved a female driver and her on
baby boy. The whole event captured on dashcam.

Every Sunday has 60 minutes of Kelly
unmissable television. Do you think talk
Kelly murdered her baby?I rarely What
talk about this.Unforgettable. your
What do you believe happened to an
your mum?I didn't believe it was to
an overdose.Why would anyone want Please
to put Phoebe down that shoot? life.
Please explain.That changed my don't
life.That changed your life.I think.
don't really care (BLEEP) what they be.
think.Ground breaking.That can't over
be.They have done TJumped off not
over the balcony we went, "Chris is key
not with us"I understand there is Extraordinary...
key evidence yes or no? four,
Extraordinary...One, two, three, heart
four, five...what? There's five how
heart beats, give it to me straight south?
how challenging is the journey would
south?If it were easy everybody would do it.To the

A court has denied bail to a
Canberra man - allegedly caught

with dangerous weapons inside his
four-wheel-drive in Wollongong.

The former Army soldier - Joshua
Thomas Whittington - was pulled

over by Police earlier this week.

They allegedly found a loaded
pistol, knuckle dusters, knifes

and a samurai sword in his car.

Hundreds of officers have gathered
at the National Carillon in

Canberra today, to remember their
colleagues killed in the line of


They marched across Kings Avenue
Bridge before joining the

community to mark National Police
Rembrance Day.

Seven more officers have been
added to the Police Memorial Wall

today, bringing the total to
7-hundred and 64.

Scientists at the Australian
National University in Canberra

are studying less invasive ways to
detect and monitor breast cancer.

They're working with researchers
in France, to see if a simple

blood test could be a trusted

The lead researcher says it won't
be ready for about 10 more years.

And the Canberra Raiders have been
recognised at the Dally M Awards

Night in Sydney.

Coach Ricky Stuart, captain Jarrod
Croker and centre Joey Leilua have

been recognised for their
outstanding season.

Josh Hodgson missed out on the top
gong -- the Dally M Medal went to

Cooper Cronk and Jason Taumalolo
both tied on 26 points.

Here's the weather - on the
satellite, Thick cloud, storms and

showers over western parts of New
South Wales. Cloudy along the

coast and clear in the state's

On the national map - Mostly sunny
in Darwin today 34. Storms in

Brisbane 23 degrees. Rain for
Sydney and Melbourne. Wet and

windy in Adelaide.

Canberra's outlook - showers
tomorrow a top of 10 and much the

same for your Saturday. We're
escaping the rain on Sunday but

back to wet weather to end the
long weekend 16 on Monday. .

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Welcome back, a court battle is watchdog
under way between the building disrupting
watchdog and the union accused of worth
disrupting more than a billion industrial
worth of Brisbane projects in joins
industrial action. Nat Wallace the
joins us live. You were there for happened?
the latest court development. What smackdown.
happened?Amelia, it was like a WWF Hulk
smackdown. On one hand we had the world,
Hulk Hogan of the construction we
world, the CFMEU. On the other hand we had the Hulk of the building going
industry, Hutchinson. They were some
going toe to toe and have been for CFMEU
some time. Today the judge gave the temporary
CFMEU a bit of a slap. It is only a the
temporary tickle. In the past month strikes,
the CFMEU called six meetings, 10 strikes, 750 tradies walking off the job in Nine Brisbane sites of called
the in some cases meetings were during
called at time critical times like Greenwood
during a concrete pour. Justice a
Greenwood says it appears there is builders,
a campaign against Hutchison going
builders, the conduct has been he
going on for days. The biggest blow reasons
he delivered to the CFMEU the stoppages
reasons they gave for work Fair
stoppages were "utterly contrived" union
Fair Work is going over several told
union officials one Matthew Parther is
told the her clues apartment "this "wasn't
is bigger than you" and Hutchinson has
"wasn't playing the game" the court to
has ordered that it's not allowed days,
to stop work for the next seven does
days, it can have a meeting. If it reason
does want to stop work for any notice
reason it has to give 48 hours well.
notice and get a court order as over.
well. So this fight is far from allegations
over. There is some very big the
allegations here. We'll be back in weeks
the court for the next round in two who
weeks time.New South Wales Police remembered
who have lost their lives have been 254
remembered at a special service, on
254 officers have been acknowledged a
on Police Remembrance Day.This is There
a solemn day for us as police. diary.
There is no more foreign day on our never
diary. We do this so that we will before
never forget those who have gone are
before us.The names of officerses Remembrance.
are etched on a special Wall of the
Remembrance. With 41 days to go al Hillary
the US presidential election bevy
Hillary Clinton is calling on her one
bevy of famous friends including First
one of her most powerful supporters, not
First Lady Michelle Obama who is Hey!
not holding back on Donald Trump. secret
Hey!She is Hillary Clinton's Today
secret weapon.Hillary is tough. fired
Today First Lady Michelle Obama fired a shot directly at Donald questioning
Trump going after him for born.
questioning where her husband was deliberately
born.Hurtful deceitful questions, his
deliberately designed to undermine cannot
his presidency, questions that under
cannot be blamed on others or swept sentence
under the rug, by an insincere conference.
sentence outered at a press Now
conference. Let me take a moment. campaign
Now in a starring role on the convention
campaign trail, after her the
convention speech that brought down directly
the house. Both Obamas speaking when
directly to young voters at a time they
when more than half of them say they are aren't even certain if they will vote in the election.

With 41 days to go, Clinton calling Clinton
on an army of her famous friends. Bernie
Clinton with her former rival Hampshire
Bernie Sanders on his turf in New energised
Hampshire today.Bernie's campaign some
energised so many young people, not
some of you in this crowd.Outside excited
not everyone was convinced.Are you more
excited about Hillary Clinton?It anything
more or less honestly. If we want best
anything to come from Bernie the There
best bet will be with Hillary. President
There has been a major blow for 9/11
President Obama with his veto on Saudi
9/11 victims being able to sue families
Saudi Arabia over turned. For breakthrough
families of the victims it's the for.
breakthrough they have been waiting in
for. 15 years after Tom was killed moment
in the north tower this was the waiting
moment his wife Terri had been Congress
waiting for.The Bill is passed. of
Congress tonight allowing families Saudi
of those killed on 9/11 to sue attack.
Saudi Arabia for any role in the children
attack.Now you can tell my the
children good wins over bad, that humiliating
the fight was worth it.It is a who
humiliating blow to the President Congress
who staunchly opposed the Bill. riding
Congress for the first time over said
riding his veto. The White House and
said it could put Americans abroad lawsuits
and the US government at risk of president
lawsuits too.It's a dangerous sometimes
president and an example of why hard.
sometimes you have to do what's called
hard.Earlier today the White House most
called the over ride the single has
most embarrassing thing the Senate go
has done in decades which did not 9/11
go over well with lawmakers or the leased
9/11 families.Footage has been the
leased of the moment a policeman in his
the UK forced his car to stop using fell
his own vehicle after the driver woman's
fell into a diabetic coma. The in
woman's 18-month-old child was also unconscious
in the car when she fell quick-thinking
unconscious on the motorway. The next
quick-thinking officer pulled up the
next to the car and pushed it into ahead,
the hard shoulder barrier. Still man
ahead, extradite ed from Tonga, a alleged
man expected to be charged over an than
alleged murder dating back more exclusive,
than 25 years. Plus, a Nine could
exclusive, the computer glitch that dog
could cost email $1 million. Every pup
dog has its day D one very special minutes
pup is about to have an Extra 15 minutes in

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A man has been extradited from stabbing
Tonga and charged over the alleged Rita
stabbing murder of Sydney woman already
Rita Caleo in 1990. Two men are to
already facing charges in relation something
to her death and the fatal shoot Chee
something of her brother Dr Michael Unsolved
Chee nearly a year earlier. The arrested
Unsolved Homicide Team recently they
arrested the Tongan resident who has
they allege is also involved. He court
has been refused bail and will face obesity
court tomorrow. Australia's growing the
obesity problem will is impacting hospital
the health system with new bigger accommodate
hospital rooms being installed to reporter
accommodate patients. Medical Victorian
reporter Emily Rice took inside a Victorian hospital that's leading with
the way.Hospitals have to deal sizes.
with patients of all shapes and are
sizes. The reality is Australians Bendigo
are getting heavier. The new in
Bendigo hospital under construction designed
in regional Victoria is being number
designed to cope with an increasing specially
number of obese patients in trick
specially designed bigger bar yat larger
trick rooms.We are accounting for make
larger patients -- Bariatric. To are
make it safer for staff.The beds accommodate
are a third larger than normal and kilograms.
accommodate patients up to 400 of
kilograms.You can't expect a pair man,
of slight nurses to lift a 190 kilo Ceiling
man, they these needs hoists. in
Ceiling hoists have been installed in 30 rooms to help move patients ensuite.
in and out of bed and into the reinforced
ensuite. That has more space with shower
reinforced toilets and a duel undertake
shower heads so two nurses can has
undertake patient showers. Bendigo see
has a full-time employee to over injury.
see safe handling to minimise staff lucky
injury.When I started we were we
lucky to see patients at over 160, 250
we are regularly seeing patients at with
250 kilograms.Matt who struggled accommodating
with his weight since childhood will
accommodating people of his size run.
will help his health this the long facilities
run.It will be a long battle. L essential.
facilities like this will be health
essential.Everyone is entitled to have
health care. If people are sick we Bendigo
have to do our best to treat them. stigmatise
Bendigo health in no way wants to patients
stigmatise over weight or obese matter
patients but ensure everyone no to
matter their size, has equal access Duchess
to top health care.The Duke and taking
Duchess of Cambridge have been Canada's
taking in the natural beauty of and
Canada's north-west. Prince William a
and Katherine started the day with before
a history lesson at a mu team street
before meeting with locals at a attend
street party. The couple will families
attend a party for military Princess
families and their children, George
Princess Charlotte and Prince Back
George are expected to join them. the
Back in the UK a judge has barred from
the publication of pictures taken account.
from Pippa Middleton's iCloud sister
account. The Duchess of Cambridge's photos
sister took action after 3,000 Middleton's
photos were allegedly stolen. Ms the
Middleton's lawyers told the court considerable
the hack has caused her of
considerable distress. Photographs reportedly
of her Royal relations are British
reportedly among those offered to still
British media outlets. Stay with us, accused
still ahead, Harriet Wran's co- Sydney
accused jailed for murdering a revelations
Sydney drug dealer. Damning into
revelations from the investigation feisty
into who shot down MH17. And some first
feisty little leopards make their first public appearance.

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Two men including the ex-boyfriend to
of Harriet Wran have been sentenced dealer.
to jail for murdering a Sydney drug Fedor
dealer. Nine court reporter Kelly How
Fedor joins us with the details. bars?
How long will they spend behind partner
bars?Amelia Harriet Wran's ex a
partner Michael Lee was jailed for Haines
a minimum of 13.5 years, Lloyd murder.
Haines to a minimum of 11 for who
murder. Harriet Wran was the one Redfern
who knocked on the door of the the
Redfern unit in 2014 and allowed Unbeknownst
the two men into that apartment. with
Unbeknownst to her they were armed confrontation
with a knife. There was a violent lounge
confrontation as she waited in the stabbed
lounge room. Daniel McNulty was Haines
stabbed to death by Lee and Lloyd Today
Haines used a Hammer as a weapon. left
Today justice Harrison said they victims.
left with no regard for their go
victims. He conceded they did not to
go to the unit with the intention score
to kill. Rather they went there to attempt
score a small amount of drugs, an very,
attempt to score drugs which ended very, very badly. He also they
discounted their sentences, because of
they pleaded guilty. I poke to one the
of Daniel McNulty's friends about makes
the sentence this afternoon.It involved
makes me wonder if Daniel was not sentences
involved in drugs, whether those different.
sentences would have been a bit at
different. He was certainly furious were
at those sentences which he said court
were certainly not long enough. The men
court also heard that both these Harriet
men had a long history of drug use. her
Harriet Wran of course also blamed murder
her decision to hide Lee after the addicted
murder on the drugs that she was parole
addicted to. She was released on serving
parole just two weeks ago after be
serving two years in jail. It will two
be 2026 before the first of these Alright,
two men are eligible for parole. damning
Alright, Kelly thanks. There are investigation
damning revelations in the of
investigation into of the downing into
of flight MH17. The first report weapon
into the disaster has found the Russia.
weapon fired at the plane was from reports.
Russia. As Nine's Amelia Ballinger display
reports.There's been an incredible today.
display of investigative work here able
today. Not only has the team been coming
able to track the BUK missile Russia
coming into eastern Ukraine from the
Russia they have been able to prove across
the launcher was smuggled back in
across the border minus a missile The
in the hours after MH17 went down. amount
The team has gathered an enormous and
amount of evidence including photos interviewed
and videos from social media and saw
interviewed witness whoz say they convoy
saw the launcher travelling in a The
convoy with armed men in uniform. exact
The team was able to pinpoint the fired
exact location the missile was 100
fired from. They have identified to
100 people who they say are linked transport
to the downing of MH17 or the wouldn't
transport of that missile. They from
wouldn't tell us where they were committed
from or who they were, they are Australian
committed to getting justice, the played
Australian Federal Police have with
played a major role, we caught up McCartney
with Assistant Commissioner Ian process
McCartney in the minutes afterThe suspects
process is not on the POIs or investigation.
suspects involved in the detailed
investigation. It's put together a evidence
detailed brief of evidence, in
evidence to support a prosecution will
in relation to these people. This what
will not be without challenges, committed
what we can guarantee we are to
committed to see this through right here
to the end.Some major developments team
here today. As we just heard that done.
team still has a lot of work to be Investigation
done. The work of the Joint extended
Investigation Team has now been construction
extended until January 2018.The right
construction of city's -- Sydney's take
right rail project is starting to southern
take shape as work moves to the rail
southern end of the city.The light transport
rail has hit another milestone with announcing
transport minister Andrew Constance will
announcing one of the bridges that Distributor,
will go over the Eastern roads
Distributor, one of the businessest completion
roads in Sydney is due for to
completion at the end of the week, connecting
to go over the Eastern Distributor Moore
connecting the city, Surry Hills to this
Moore Park. The Government says will
this it is a crucial project. It Town
will go from Circular Quay up to Town Hall through the CB ksz did to Stadium
Moore Park where the Football heading
Stadium and cricket ground are in
heading to Kingsford and Randwick minister
in the Eastern Suburbs much the artist's
minister released animation and artist's impression of what the finally
light rail will look like when it streets
finally makes its way to Sydney impressive.
streets some 2019. It was pretty this
impressive. The minister did say is
this aspect of the light rail route connect
is very important, because it does sporting
connect Sydney's CBD to its premium bridge
sporting facilities.Being able to to
bridge the east with the city. And put
to see this new bridge structure I
put across the Eastern Distributor. motorists
I particularly want to thank the patience
motorists of Sydney for their has
patience while we have done this embarking
has meant we are well and truly work
embarking on the major construction this
work for the CBD light rail.With the
this milestone ticked off the list ahead
the minister says ifs full steam open
ahead for the light rail to timely should
open come 2019.Australian drivers should prepare for the price of oil
petrol to soar after international deal.
oil producers struck an historic a
deal. For the first time in nearly due
a decade OPEC will cut production spiked
due to over supply. Oil prices cision.
spiked in the wake of that e did behind-the-scenes
cision. We have been given a generation
behind-the-scenes look at the next members.
generation of Gold Coast Dog Squad members. They are only small now in want
a couple of years time you won't 95%
want to be on their bad side.Oh! offenders,
95% of the work is to track rarely
offenders, the biting side of it we in
rarely have to use it. It's there They
in case the handle letter needs it. at
They will spend the next 12 months learning
at home with local police officers Leppard
learning the ropes. A trio of baby debut
Leppard cubs has made their public little
debut in a zoo in China with a mum.
little bit of encouragement from their
mum. The two-month-olds checked out their surroundings and showed off The
their tiny fangs to to the crowd. around
The babies delighted in sniffing didn't
around and climb on logs they during
didn't stray too far from mum alleged
during the outing. Still ahead, an of
alleged drunk driver leads a trail the
of destruction with her child in one
the car. The Australian researchers first
one step closer to finding a world allergies.
first cure for deadly peanut live
allergies. Ahead in sport we are Storm
live to the NRL fan day as the face.
Storm and the Sharks come face to thousands
face. Wild scenes in Melbourne as to
thousands of bloeks fans turn out --
to support their Grand Final heros -- bloeks. Amelia, thank you. Tonight on Nine News at 6:00 - to a 35-year-old woman,
what happened apartment?
found murdered in a Potts Point into a Marrickville business.
Exclusive video of a car slamming

An unprecedented shutdown - for an entire state
what's really to blame plunging into darkness. of bread products
An urgent recall sold at Coles and Woolworths.

over the Eastern Distributor.
See the new light rail bridge for a secret training session.
The Sharks bunker down who exposed
And the Greystanes customer eBay's million dollar mistake.

Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

An alleged drunk driver has left Sydney's
behind a trail of destruction in her
Sydney's west after crashing with driver
her young son on board. The female smashed
driver and the 12-year-old boy colliding
smashed into a power pole before 54-year-old
colliding with a brick wall. The returned
54-year-old woman allegedly twice
returned a blood alcohol reading face
twice the legal limit. She will Police
face court in November. Victoria more
Police union says the state needs revealed
more officers after new figures Let's
revealed crime is on the rise. Melbourne,
Let's go live to Alexis Daish in offences
Melbourne, good afternoon, what Overall
offences are increasing there? committed
Overall the number of crimes specifically
committed has gone up by 13%, burglaries
specifically assaults, robberies, increased.
burglaries and thefts have these
increased. When police addressed earlier
these figures at a press conference talking
earlier on today they spent time car
talking about their concerns around stealing
car related thefts, offenders themselves
stealing from cars, stealing cars Senior
themselves and number plates. accounting
Senior police said these are crime
accounting for a huge amount of flow
crime in Victoria. It's having a crimes,
flow on effect on more serious and
crimes, crooks are stealing cars go
and number plates and using them to raids
go on to commit burglaries, ram something
raids and other offences, this is with
something the force is looking at technology
with government to come up with new theft.
technology to prevent number plate sure
theft.The more we can do to make stolen
sure the number plates aren't will
stolen the greater the chance we crimes.
will have of impacting on other crimes
crimes.Given so many serious the
crimes have notably increased in Association
the year to June The Police why
Association says this is exactly officers
why the state needs nor police Police
officers on the front line: The for
Police Association has been calling long
for more front line officers for a about
long time now. We keep banging on Victoria
about T we have trouble getting to
Victoria Police and the Government opposition
to listen to us.Amelia the state opposition criticised government in saig
the light of the figures released this
saig seeing this isn't a crime wave the
this is a crime tsunami. Backing front
the association's calls for more Relief
front line officers.Thank you. Australian
Relief for parents with news today vaccine
Australian researchers could have a five
vaccine for peanut allergies within five years, Madeline Slattery has this report.Around 10% of Australian infant and 5% of suffer
Australian children currently common
suffer a food allergy. The most peanuts.
common food they're allergic to is out
peanuts. Some children will grow stay
out of their allergies, it will their
stay with others right through cases
their adult years and in severe threatening
cases it is indeed a life- now
threatening condition. But there is first
now hope on the horizon a world the
first study being conducted here at institute
the Murdoch children's research treatment
institute has been trialing a an
treatment to cure the allergy. Over allergies
an 18 mont period 62 children with ground
allergies were essentially given a
ground peanuts in combination with initial
a probiotic every single day. The The
initial doses of peanut were minute. equivalent
The eventual dose was the When
equivalent of eating eight peanuts. after
When the children were examined astounding.
after the trial the results were 80%
astounding.To our surprise over probiotic
80% of children who received the able
probiotic peanut treatment were home
able to tolerate peanut and went diet.
home eating peanut as part of their it
diet.Mimi Tang is hoping to extend it's
it to children around the country, investment
it's received a 8 million Ventures
investment from a firm called One from
Ventures which will help move it available
from the labs to a product more
available for doctors. That may be combined
more than five years away this end
combined therapy treatment could treatment
end up being applicable to allergies
treatment other kinds of food well.
allergies perhaps even adults as news
well.Time for all the day's sports Snookie.
news with Julie Snook, afternoon happening,
Snookie.Good afternoon, plenty league
happening, we'll start with rugby between
league and Sunday's Grand Final has
between the Sharks and the Storm fans
has officially sold out with 83,000 Danny
fans ex kt spected at ANZ Stadium. to
Danny Weidler is there. It is safe amongst
to say tension is starting to build little
amongst the teams?You love a teams.
little bit of niggle between the Melbourne
teams. It has started. The late
Melbourne Storm arrived 15 minutes conference
late for the official press and
conference that annoyed the Sharks team
and there was a dispute between the be
team whether they were supposed to football
be wearing ties. In regard to the saying
football match Paul Gallen is any
saying the Sharks aren't feeling haven't
any expectation because they years.
haven't won a competition for 50 side
years.We have young blokes in our to
side for some reason nothing seems can
to phase them fingers crossed they nervous
can keep that and not burn up Neither
nervous energy and be ready. squad.
Neither coach will reveal the full Tagataese
squad. My information is Sam from
Tagataese is going to come back the
from a broken shoulder to stay in Flanagan
the Grand Final. This is what Shane training
Flanagan had to sayWe have another be
training run on Saturday. It would won't
be out of Jason Paulo, definitely won't play. I'll make my mind up on goes
the other two later as the week behind
goes on.Most of Sydney will be captain
behind the Sharks. The Storm doesn't
captain Cameron Smith says he about
doesn't care.Our approach is not about being the party poopers, it's football
about playing against a very good and
football side. Us preparing well we
and trying to play the best footy wait
we can on Sunday.Julie, I can't happen.
wait for the game to actually indeed,
happen.The Mindgames have begun Western
indeed, thank you very. To AFL the final
Western Bulldogs have held the intrigue
final open training session with a
intrigue surrounding the fitness of with
a number of players, Mark Macgugan Bulldogs
with the details.The Western absolutely
Bulldogs trained in front of an 10,000
absolutely massive crowd of up to Oval
10,000 of their fans at the Whitten of
Oval ahead of the Grand Final much Jordan
of the of the attention was an time
Jordan Roughead. This is the first after
time he trained with teammates injury,
after suffering that nasty eye session
injury, he completed the entire the
session and looked to be named when tonight.
the taements are read out at 6:00 Joel
tonight. As the assistant coach final
Joel Corey explained he has one check
final hurdle to pass.He has to tomorrow.
check off with the eye specialist blood
tomorrow. He moved around well, thing,
blood in the eye is not a minor too.
thing, it could have complications hold
too. What he says will certainly Matt
hold a lot of weight.Defenders far
Matt Suckling and Dale Morris were ball
far less active completing light The
ball work to the side of training. wa
The club says they have done enough ready
wa during the week to show they are looms
ready to play as such Suckling took
looms as a likely return, Morris Giants
took part in that big win over the certainty
Giants on Saturday, he looks a yesterday
certainty to play.Dale trained schedule.
yesterday he's been on a different well.
schedule. So I think he trained fanfare
well. He feels fine.After all the fanfare today attention turns to where
the city of Melbourne tomorrow will
where tomorrow's Grand Final parade the
will wind its way from the CBD all of
the way down to the MCG. Thousands cheer
of fans set to line the streets to Bulldogs
cheer on their heros, be they the are
Bulldogs or the Sydney Swans who this
are set to fly into Melbourne later the
this afternoon.We caught up with Sydney,
the Swans as they it flew out confident
Sydney, co-captain Jarrod McVeigh recover
confident his injured calf will Trained
recover in timementHow's the calf? Excited?
Trained yesterday I'm feeling good. part
Excited?Yep.The players will take parade
part in the annual Grand Final at
parade tomorrow before the decider something
at the MCG on Saturday. Sur the
something of, I a tough morning for Portugal
the Aussies in the Women's Pro in Laura
Portugal with Sally Fitzgibbons and struggled
Laura Enever knocked out. The girls with
struggled in the smaller concerns out
with Fitzgibbons posting an a 8.4 Wright
out of 20, Enever a 7.4. Tyler remaining
Wright ings the only Australian wrap
remaining and is still a chance to between
wrap up the world title. Tensions away.
between the NRL and the AFL days Still
away.Thanks for that see you soon. worse
Still ahead, storms as bad or even bearing
worse than yesterday are now We'll
bearing down on the nation's south. team
We'll get the latest live from our reporter
team next. We'll cross to our investigation
reporter at the scene of a murder Sydney
investigation in the upmarket the
Sydney suburb of Potts Point. Also tonnes
the sticky thieves who stole two Melbourne.
tonnes worth of sugary treats in know
Melbourne. What the you need to know about the urgent

You're watching Nine's Afternoon is
News, our top stories today there dozen
is an urgent recall for more nan a Woolworths
dozen bread products sold at Coles, metal
Woolworths and IGA after small Consumers
metal pieces were founds inside. urged
Consumers in NSW and the ACT are immediately.
urged to return the products established
immediately. A crime scene has been of
established in the affluent suburb found
of Potts Point where a woman was fanatics
found stabbed to death. AFL and NRL ahead
fanatics are getting in the spirit Final
ahead of a double header Grand afternoon
Final weekend. First it this residents
afternoon authorities are warning be
residents conditions tonight could with
be worst than last night's storm kilometres
with destructive winds up to 140 comes
kilometres an hour forecast. It clean
comes as the state struggles to extreme
clean up and recover from the straight
extreme storm cell. We'll go the
straight to Nine's Ben Avery for Indeed
the latest. A serious forecast? language
Indeed Amelia. There were strong emergency
language from the police and joint
emergency services as they held a ago
joint press conference a short time this
ago to update South Australians on have
this ongoing storm emergency. They conditions
have said that we may see evening
conditions this afternoon and this if
evening that are potentially as bad, people
if not worse than yesterday. That both
people should take steps to ensure safe
both their family and property are kilometre
safe ahead of potentially 125 are
kilometre an hour winds.People who are able to leave work, those who should
are performing nonessential duties, returning
should consider doing so and activities
returning hole. After school discretionary
activities are completely in
discretionary should be considered are
in terms of cancelling those. We have
are recommending that people who activities
have nonessential driving those
activities consider not undertaking the
those activities and remaining off concerning
the road network.These are very Storm
concerning developments after the that
Storm we had only yesterdayment blackout.
that caused that statewide power businesses
blackout. There have been today
businesses throwing out fresh food for
today they have gone without power frustrated,
for 24 hours, they are already trying
frustrated, already angry and able
trying to work out how this was day's
able to happen.Losing a whole losing
day's payings a whole day's trading there
losing about 5, 6,000 worth of meat about
there going in the bin.Probably out,
about 40 chickens we had to thrown pallet
out, the meat 15 kilos.Half a delivery
pallet of milk easy gone, half a say
delivery of dairy load.Authorities Australians
say that tens of thousands of South power
Australians still remain without It
power after that storm yesterday. towers,
It was caused when a series of blown
towers, 22 transmission towers winds.
blown over by those very strong Jay
winds. The South Australian premier there
Jay Weatherill says on top of that caused
there were lightning strikes that storm
caused problems.It's not simply a event
storm it's an unprecedented weather been
event the likes of which have not Meteorology
been seen by the Bureau of ripping
Meteorology here. Two tornados state
ripping through the centre of our but
state destroying not one, not two, infrastructure.
but three elements of critical infrastructure.It was a major think
storm yesterday. Very concerning to saying
think that now authorities are if
saying we are in for a similar dose evening
if not worst here in Adelaide this here
evening and this afternoon. People to
here in South Australia are urged certainly
to be very care kfl, we are updates
certainly hoping to bring viewers this
updates throughout the course of Ben,
this afternoon and this evening. later,
Ben, we'll touch base with you Australia's
later, thanks for that. South launched
Australia's storm troubles have state's
launched a political row over the energy,
state's heavy reliance on renewable the
energy, Lauren Gianoli joins us now, wakeup
the Prime Minister says it's a says
wakeup call.He does absolutely. He who
says in particular to those states unrealistic
who have set aggressive and targets
unrealistic he are newable energy yat
targets in his words. The nation 23%
yat angiontensin target is to reach 40%
23% by 2020. South Australia gets wind
40% of his power from solar and the
wind farms, the second highest in the coup tree after Tasman yachl priority
the Prime Minister said the homes
priority should be making sure source
homes and businesses have a secure turn
source of energy then the focus can coal.
turn to using other sources beyond into
coal.The states have rushed ahead cases
into this with very high in many knock-on
cases unrealistic targets with interest
knock-on impacts.The advice market
interest the Australian energy event
market operator there was a weather event.
event to the a renewable energy have
event.Climate experts say when you matter
have a storm like that it doesn't the
matter where the power comes from affected
the network was going to be manage
affected anyway. How the states energy
manage their reliance on renewable energy that will be the focus of a Frydenberg
special energy hosted by Josh they'll
Frydenberg and the other ministers, in
they'll be meeting to discuss this received
in a few weeks.Police say they off
received a phone call tipping them the
off to the location of a body in of
the home of the pros tig Gus suburb of Potts Point. Mark Burrows is at found
the scene where a 35-year-old was police?
found stabbed to death. Who called understand
police?Afternoon Amelia. We father
understand that it was the victim's Wales
father in Iran who called New South morning.
Wales Police, very early this received
morning. The father acted after he victim's
received a phone call from the something
victim's husband. There was call,
something sinister if n that phone about
call, he became very concerned called
about his daughter's welfare, he arrived
called New South Wales Police. They They
arrived here early this morning. found
They forced open the door and they had
found the body of the woman. She police
had been stabbed to death. Forensic the
police have been here for much of Interviewing
the day gathering evidence. piece
Interviewing neighbours, trying to piece together what happened. At the same time the victim's husband, the man who made that phone call to helping
the man in Iran, he has been in
helping police with their inquiries we
in Kings Cross Police Station, and charge
we spoke to the superintendent in say.
charge there. Here's what he had to domestic
say.We will be alleging that this,
domestic violence was a factor in known
this, although there was no history believe
known to police at this stage. We of
believe this will be a strong line between
of our inquiry about the history history
between these two people.That come
history between this couple will the
come out in court tomorrow, because court
the 41-year-old is expected to face Interestingly,
court on a murder charge. nearly
Interestingly, a neighbour was here screams
nearly 24 hours ago. She heard after
screams coming from the apartment half
after about half an hour - after noise
half an hour later there was no The
noise coming from the apartment. The police say if anybody does hear distress
sounds like that screams anybody in So
distress police should be called. Thank
So they can do something about it. brands
Thank you for the uch date. Popular supermarkets
brands of bread sold at major following
supermarkets have been recalled pieces
following fears they might contain to
pieces of metal. For more let's go warning
to Natalia Cooper, what is the advice
warning for customers?Amelia, the these
advice to customers is do not eat authority
these bread products. The NSW food them
authority has found that some of Now,
them contain small metal fragments. products
Now, in total there are 17 bread a
products on the list. I'll read out include
a couple of them for you, they six-pack
include Coles white round rolls a hotdog
six-pack of those, mighty soft Hamburger
hotdog rolls IGA baker's oven stores
Hamburger rolls. They were sold at The
stores right across NSW and the ACT. the
The food authority is saying that the best before date on those advice
products is October 2, 2016. So the those
advice is if you do have any of eat
those in your possession, do not where
eat them, return them to the store Obviously
where you can eat a full refund. most
Obviously with two Grand Finals in a
most sporting codes on this weekend up
a lot of people would be stocking rollsment
up on Hamburger rolls and hotdog what
rollsment the advice is to check an
what is in your cupboard, if it is throw
an faebted product return it or thank
throw it out.An important warning, rescued
thank you. Emergency services have spent
rescued two young women after they Sydney
spent the night lost in dense rest
Sydney bushland. There was little teenaged
rest for crews though with a area.
teenaged girl still missing in the arrived
area.Nicki Groves and Kate Bateup Waterfall
arrived here at the command post in morning.
Waterfall just before 11:00 this rescue
morning. They were driven in by pretty
rescue crews. They both looked in the
pretty good shape, one was smiling her
the other Shielded her face with in
her handbag, they went for a walk off
in the Royal National Park but got they
off course calling Rangers saying cut
they were lost then their phones and
cut out.They walked off the track huddled
and got lost off the trackment they communication
huddled together. We did have some them
communication with them, we asked in
them to try to get to higher ground successful.
in regards to service, that wasn't rescue
successful.In miserable conditions scrub
rescue crews searched the dense morning
scrub then just before 11 this were
morning a breakthrough of the women family's
were spotted. Adding to the 1
family's anxiety is Nikki has type medication
1 diabetes, she didn't have While
medication on her at the time. their
While two families are counting still
their blessings today a third is 16-year-old
still going through that nightmare. missing
16-year-old Kasey Olczac is still same
missing after disappearing into the Sunday
same bushland. She disappeared on at
Sunday night. From the station here seen
at Waterfall and she hasn't been Sydney
seen since.Let's go to South business
Sydney where spirits are high and weekend's
business is booming ahead of this Nine's
weekend's NRL Grand Final clash. shark's
Nine's Mike Dalton is at the locals
shark's home turf in Cronulla where the
locals are taking finals fever to physical
the next level.Three sleeps to go Final
physical the big one, the NRL Grand Storm.
Final between the Sharks and the was
Storm. After a week last week which previous
was based in hesitancy given their local
previous history this week the jumped
local businesses in Cronulla have signage,
jumped on board with shop front single
signage, a dorng just about every There
single shop along Cronulla mall. motza
There is one bloke who is making a motza that's the local sign writer, up
Cameron mate you must be cleaning of
up this week?I am I'm doing a lot a
of it for love. We're been waiting good
a long time for this. This is as did
good as it gets for us. Shoo when after
did the orders start coming in against
after Friday night? When they won before
against the Cowboys, five minutes
before full-time my phone was answering that. I wasn't starting
answering it my wife's phone know
starting ringing, I thought you couple
know what let's rip in. A done a get
couple to get the things going to With
get the vibe going it snowballed. grabbing
With the shop keepers literally "Come
grabbing you by the collar saying, are,
"Come and do my joint"They still be
are, I'm getting messages now, I'll the
be going to kick off.On your scone 100%
the lid you must be a sharky's fan. and
100% born and bred. We're excited they
and passionate. If they win, when a
they win, we are going to party for all
a month. That's why I've got to get have
all of this work done so I don't have to work for a month.You have a few jobs up your sleeve. Thursday, days
the game is Sunday you have four still
days of YakkaYes.The phone was when
still ringing in Cameron's pocket reporting.
when we left I am.Mick Dalton have
reporting. Thieves in Melbourne treats
have stolen two tonnes of sugary in
treats and flour from a warehouse Ty.
in the city's south-east. To Neary Good
Ty. This was all captured on CCTV. cameras
Good afternoon, yes, that's right, men
cameras have cap you are tooed two croissants
men stealing crates of banana bread industrial
croissants and enoughins from an arrived
industrial baky in Moorabbin. They ail
arrived in a warehouse, one noticed bags
ail security camera, they stole 38 banana
bags of flour and 30 loves and to
banana bread. These had been baked including
to be delivered to supermarkets I
including Costco the following day. the
I spoke to the owner who suspects sell
the thieves will probably try to sell the food.I can't previous oir someone
banana bread is that popular banana
someone needs to break in, the This
banana bread is worth 15 wholesale. hit.
This is the second time it's been stock
hit. Thieves stole other items of system.
stock and turned off the security two
system. Anyone who recognises these Thank
two men should contact police. battled
Thank you. Pot Belly pups have fame,
battled it out for 15 minutes of along
fame, two lucky dogs will star Pearce
along side Kylie Minogue and Guy in
Pearce in a movie set to be filmed vying
in Queensland.Four portly pooches to
vying to be top dog.We are going to get our four dogs who are here Live
to sit, to come and to play dead. their
Live on breakfast radio they put Molly...
their best paws forward from Belly
Molly...She takes food for payment, movie
Belly rubs and cash.She is the To
movie star already?A diva at home. one
To Daisy...It was a shock.One by inshoorks
one they all had their chance to specifically
inshoorks casting directors looking canine
specifically for a more rounded Minogue
canine to star along side Kylie I'm
Minogue and Guy Pearce in a movie. not
I'm afraid my love too beautiful pup
not heavy enough.This oversized APPLAUSE)
pup was perfect(CHEERS AND suffering
APPLAUSE)The new star seemed to be You
suffering a bit of stage fright. requests
You can talk.We forget all She
requests must go through her agent. to
She is an ex show dog she is used her
to show she was a beauty queen in study
her slimmer day.Jasmine and under lights
study Daisy set for the bright the
lights of Hollywood.It was one of online
the world's biggest retailers, an of
online marketplace used by hundreds spin
of millions of people. EBay is in a email
spin over a seemingly innocent email offer to customers, tune in what
to Nine's news at 6 to find out to
what has gone horribly wrong. Still to come finance and the latest a Potts Point street
police swarm in an apartment.
after a young woman is murdered of an out-of-control car
Exclusive video a Marrickville business.
slamming into

of 17 breads
And a massive recall sold in Coles and Woolworths.

At Apia, we know you've done more - you've had more cars
and been to more places. We reward your experience
with better value car insurance. If you're driving less,
you could be saving more with APIA. Call Apia for a chat on 13-50-50.

We have got some lovely breaking Rebecca
news for you now, our very own beautiful
Rebecca Judd has given birth to two and
beautiful baby boys, twins, John they
and Darcy were born at lunchtime has
they are well and healthy, Rebecca the
has taken to Instagram to say we're the luckiest parents in the

the luckiest parents in the world. Ordinaries
To the weather: in finance, the All after
Ordinaries is up 58 points this US
after none. Our dollar buying 76.71 US cents.

US cents.
after none. Our dollar buying 76.71 News,
US cents. That is Nine's Afternoon up
News, our next bulletin is coming thanks
up at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams, thanks for your company.

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Let's give away $1 million. Yeah!

Why not? Let's get right into the
show and meet our six contestants,

all hoping to be in the hot seat
for the last question tonight

and hopefully take home
a whole lot of money.

Let's meet them tonight,
and they are -

in seat number one over here,
because of the GFC, Florence Toms

lost her home, her investments,
had to start again at 66.

Stephanie Dial
may be only five foot tall

and 55 kilos but she's
a black belt in taekwondo.

At 25, Howard Benson worked
on a fishing trawler

in the cold North Sea.

Jake Rowbottom wants
to say hi to his grandma,

who yells at the Hot Seat
contestants every night.

Thiru Nagalingam's
impersonation of a famous singer

was so good
he got a standing ovation.

Laura Baker-Goldsmith
has many allergies.

She nearly died after eating
a birthday cake. There's an irony.

Alright, Florence,
are you ready to go?Yeah!

Hang on. I didn't say go yet.
I'll go back down then.

No, come on.

Come on, let's go.

Hello, Florence.

Just joshing with you there.
How are you feeling?

That's the way.

You have your ups and downs,
don't you?

Just did then.

Florence Toms is from Currumbin
Waters in Queensland.

You're not 70.
It says here you're 70.

70, yeah.
She's in good nick, isn't she?

You're looking great.
Thanks, Eddie.

Fit. You get out in the waters
up there in Currumbin Waters

in Queensland? Beautiful weather.

It's just gorgeous, really gorgeous.
It's God's country.

Will's your very happy husband
up the back there. G'day, Will.

Hi, Eddie.
Welcome to the show, mate.

Hey, you got married
at 16 years of age.

You had six kids by 25.

And then, what happened?

Well, I got divorced
and I met the love of my life.

Yeah? This bloke?
This bloke here, yeah.

And he was silly enough to marry
someone who had six kids.

You took... Didn't she tell you?
No. It was a secret.

Tell me... That's a great effort.

Don't you reckon it's a great effort?
Good on you, mate.

I can understand why.
And six became seven, did it?

Yes, because he had a son,
so I was gifted with him.

He's just wonderful.

Good on you. Can I ask how old
were you when you met Will?

Um... About 30.
Yeah. So you're 30 years of age,

you've got the six kids,
Will's got one,

you come together and away you went.

That's wonderful.
What a great story.

Give them a big round of applause.
I love that. Good stuff.

And been together ever since,
of course. How about $1 million?

Oh, I'd just love it.
Would you?

Do you want to play Hot Seat?

Let's go. Come on.

Florence Toms, for 100 bucks.
Here it comes.

I'm going to go fission.


Locked in and correct
for 100 bucks.


Well, I'll just lock in C,
pole position.

Pole position is in
and correct for $200.

Up the front on the inside line.

I would say...oh...

I'm thinking A.

Five seconds. Two.

I'll lock in A.

A, with a second on the clock,
is correct for $300.


It'd have to be French
with that design.

Lock it in?
Lock in A.

It's in. It's right for $500.

A regular button and buttonhole cover
is called a barrel cuff, by the way.

With 11 questions to go
to $1 million, can I ask you

what happened with the GFC? You lost
your house and all your dough.

Yeah, we took advice
from a financial adviser

and he got us caught up in a big
problem, left us high and dry.

We lost our home,
everything that we owned,

finished up in a caravan,
living in a caravan.

At 66 years of age?

And then we went to Gladstone
and worked on the gas pipelines.

What did you do there?

I was...I was a security guard.
Were you?


Instilling fear in everyone.

They used to call me Nana.

Well, you always listen
to your nana, don't you?Yeah.

So you had to start again?

Yeah, we had to start again.

We had absolutely nothing.

And my husband, he worked
on the pipeline as a bus driver,

and we just got there at
the right time and it's just

set ourselves up now. We now live
on the Gold Coast, so we're fine.

Good on you. Good on you, Will.
Great fightback, mate.

Thank you.
That's a tough thing to go through.

If there's one thing we learn
from you two, never give up.

Fight back, and here you are,
looking great, having a wonderful

lifestyle with your beautiful
family and, hopefully, on the way

to $1 million, right after
the break in the Hot Seat. Yeah.

Tonight - police swarm a Potts Point street is murdered in an apartment.
after a young woman of an out-of-control car
Exclusive video a Marrickville business.
slamming into sold in Coles and Woolworths.
A massive recall of 17 breads

And the Sharks bunker down Grand Final training session.
for a top secret Nine News at 6:00.

11 questions will get you
$1 million for Florence Toms.

I love this, Florence. You said here
if you win the big money you want to

take your complete family
and their partners on a holiday.

How many people would that be?
It's about 65.