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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today, South Australia's superstorm. Emergency teams arrive from interstate as residents endure more damaging winds and heavy rain. Power restored to some homes an businesses as the political blame game continues over why the state was plunged into darkness. 11 years jail for the two men who murdered a Sydney drug dealer in the company of a former premier's daughter. Good afternoon, you're watching Ab, this Y thus I'm eRachel Pupazzoni: Victims of the 9/11 ter or attack are set to sue. Cooper Cronk and Jason Taumalolo awarded this year's Dally M Medal. Strong winds and heavy rain are continuing to batter parts of South Australia particularly in the state's North and west. Power has been restored to some homes and businesses but tens of thousands are still without electricity. Conditions have eased in Adelaide and much of the attention is now turning to the state's mid north. Wind gusting of up to 170km/h are expected. Schools, petrol stations and other businesses have been closed across the region. No injuries or deaths have been reported at this stage. Today a emergency teams from Western Australia will arrive in South Australia to provide assistance. The bad weather is expected to spill over to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania during the next few days. The Federal Government is using South Australia's power crisis to argue for renewable energy targets to be overhauled. It's convening an urgent meeting of state and territory ministers to discuss the issue. Let's go to Parliament House now in Canberra. Our political reporter, Dan Conifer joins us. What is the Federal Government saying?It didn't take long for this storm to hit South Australia and the power to go out across the city and across the satellite for the pot ill cat blame game as so often happens. The Federal Government has used the crisis in South Australia to push for a an overall of renewable energy targets across the country. The Federal Government has its own RET of 23.5% by 2020 but states and territories have their own targets as well. The government is saying that that is a Hodge apology of different agreements which is causing the inefficient distribution of renewable energy across the country. You may be wondering what has this got to do with South Australia? In South Australia. 40% of their energy comes from wind power and you will remember only recently, that the state had a crisis where prices for power went through the roof, costing thousands per megawatt hour when usually it's much, much cheaper than. This is the second crisis that has hit South Australia's energy system in quick success and that's led the Prime Minister to make these comments earlier today.There is no doubt that a heavy reliance on intermittent renewables does place very different strains an pressures on a grid than reliance on traditional base load power. I regret to say that a number of the state Labor Governments have over the years set priorities and renewable targets that are extremely aggressive.The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull there. His energy minister, Josh Frydenberg who you would have seen on News 24 says that he is convening an your sent meeting of state and territory emergency minister terse to discuss the fall out from the crisis. He will meet with the regulators and talk with them on a continual basis and bring what they have told him to that meeting. But he is also saying that this is an unt to "Harmonise those agreements." Here is Josh Frydenberg a short time ago.Energy security is this government's number one priority. We must keep the lights on. While we are transitions to a lower emissions future, we will not compromise on energy security.Dan, is this push likely to face much resistance?Absolutely, it is. It's also - it's already reaching resistance. Penny Wong has labelled the government and the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as playing politics at a time when the state is in crisis. She has said that that's very unstate mans like of the Prime Minister to be doing that at a time like this. Labor's centre leader Penny Wong has also criticised Nick Xenophon who quite son after this news broke, was saying there needed to be an inquiry. That needed to look at the role that gas could possibly play in South Australia's energy mix and whether that may have mitigated this. Barnaby Joyce, the deputy Prime Minister was out early this morning. He really highlighted the link between South Australia's problems and its reliance on renewable energy. Jay weather ill has just lashed Barnaby Joyce today saying that when - when there is a crisis that people just pull out their agendas. He has lashed out at Barnaby Joyce for "Jihad" against wind farms. The wharf words has started here and in state and federal politicians.Thank you, Dan. Let's check on conditions in south automatic now. Go to our reporter Nicola Gage who is in Adelaide. Nicola, tens of thousands of homes and businesses as we have heard are still without power. Is there any word as to when that may be resolved for them?Well, it's a really good question. One that remains still unclear. Obviously we had the whole of South Australia without power throughout most of the night. A lot of that has come on now but tens of thousands of people with many regions completely are still without power especially in the North of Adelaide in the mid north of South Australia, I just got off the phone to the Chief executive of the clear and Gilbert Valley Council, he said aye round the Clare Valley region, they haven't had power for the last 12 hours. Floodwaters around gullies in that region were rising. Many people don't have mobile phone reception. He is just trying to get information to his residents saying how can we get this information out there?So it's still very unclear when some of this power comes on. But South Australia's emergency services really have two areas they need to focus on. They have already got huge damages that they need to clean up from yesterday's storms. There is damage to homes, flash flooding is in many different regions including the foothills of the Adelaide Hills. Trees are down so many volunteers have been working throughout the night and the morning to make sure that areas are safe Forrest dents. They are also preparing for another even slout when this intense low pressure system comes through again and Gale-force winds are predicted throughout the afternoon. The premier Jay Weatherill spoke about this a short time ago to inform residents of what is really happening around the state.We have experienced some weather conditions that we have not seen before, such as twin tornados which ripped through the northern parts of our states. $700 family emergency relief grants will be made available for those without power for extended periods.The weather conditions have somewhat subsided in the centre of the city. As you can see, wind speeds are still very, very high. But outside of there, in the Adelaide Hills, we have had many reports of flooding, rivers rising around areas that were only flooded by a big storm just under a fortnight ago. Many volunteers, CFA, MFS and SES volunteers are in those areas trying to protect homes as well as residents doing same thing. Further North, as I said earlier, there are many concerns about different regions with the intense low pressure system expected to hit through the Eyre Peninsula again. There - authorities are also working on many transmission centres which have been hit by lightning that have caused these power outages. Many of them have fallen over, so there is a lot of work to be done here. The State Emergency Service has also informed residents on what is happening today.Overnight, the tempo of operations did ease. We didn't see the level of impact associated with the fronts of the west course and lower EP that we were anticipating. In the early morning and into midmorning, we have seen an increase in tempo of operations. At about 11 am today, we have responded to about around 300 calls tore assistance.How are people coping now with these conditions?They have been going on for some 24 hours now. People do seem to be coping well. They are really battling through it, going through the city centre today, people do still have their umbrellas out. They are going inside out. They are trying to do everything they can. There is a lot of concern about this weather system which is coming through again. Nobody is taking any chances. The emergency service volume ears have gone through more than 100,000 sandbags that they filled Forrest dents to take home and protect their homes with. So, the danger is definitely not over yet for South Australian residents. Thank you Nicola. The two men who murdered a Sydney drug dealer will spend at least 11 years-bars. Lloyd Haines and Michael Lee pleaded guilty to killing Daniel McNulty at his Redfern apartment during a botched Robbie. At the time they were in the company of Harriet Wran, the daughter of former New South Wales premier, Neville Wran. Our reporter Karl Hoerr is outside court. Tell us what happened today? Both of these offenders have been sentenced for the crimes of murder as well as armed robbery. Of course, they had gone to this Redfern unit with Harriet Wran to rob the occupants of drugs. They actually thought that it would be very easy to do so but met with resistance. And at that point, Michael Lee ended uptaking a knife and stabbing one of the occupants, drug dealer Daniel McNulty. He was killed while his flatmate, Brad Fitzgerald, he was also established but survived. The other offender, Lloyd Haines, he took hold of a Hammer that was already at the unit and used it to strike Brett Fitzgerald. He was quite seriously injured in the attack. Justice even Harrison said today that the two men had shown callous disregard for the victims. He said that even though the situation escalated very quickly and unexpectedly, he said that they had the opportunity to retreat but obviously didn't. They ended uptaking a small amount of drugs and robbing the occupants of about $650. Carl, remind us of Harriet wron's involvement in this case. She is the daughter of the late former New South Wales premier Neville Wran. That's right. This became a very high-profile case. I suppose largely due to the involvement of Ah yacht Wran. She was there. She actually knocked on the door of the unit at the time and the occupants let her in partly because they actually said,"It's a girl, it's OK." It was pretty clear that they wouldn't have let the other two men in. That was their means to get in. The occupants didn't know that the other two men were there when they opened the door. That's when the violence -- violent confrontation took place. Harriet wron earlier this year pleaded guilty of being an accessory and she received a minimum jail term of two years and was released from jail just over a fortnight ago. Of course in that case, it was found that Harriet Wran wasn't directly involved in the murder. She didn't know that for example, Michael Lee, her boyfriend at the time was armed with a knife. She assumed that they were going there merely to rob drugs.Carl, thank you. The Victorian Supreme Court has sentenced a would be foreign fighter to 5.5 years in prison for preparing to travel to Syria to take up arms. Ahmed Mohammed was arrested in Brisbane airport attempting to board a plane to Turkey. Emma Younger join us live from Melbourne. Is it clear who he was planning on fighting with in Syria?No, that is one part of the case that remains unclear. In insensing, justice Lel lasty did so on the plan that he was planning to join the conflict in Syria. There was no evidence on which side he was in fact intending to join. We do know that in the months before this offending occurred that he was in contact with a Sydney hidist recruiter. Ham difficulty elkudsy. He has been sentenced for his role. Mohammed was sentenced on three counts of preparing to make foreign incursions to engage in hostile acts. That was for applying for a in other words passport as he is a citizen of New Zealand. For buying a ticket bound for Turkey and also for that Passchendale Port that didn't go through. Twose those three counts today which each carried a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. As you said, he has been sentenced to 5.5 years.As you mentioned, he is a New Zealand citizens. Will he be deported back to New Zealand once he has served his sentence here in Australia?Yes, the judge said that was the likely out come. He has been in immigration detention while this case has been going through the courts and today, he will be transferred instead to a prison. It is likely that he will be deported to New Zealand when he is released. As justice lastry said, that's likely to weigh heavily on him. A large number of his family, he moved to Melbourne just 10 months before this offending occurred. It's likely that he will be going back to New Zealand.Thank you Emma. A man who recommended the use of tear gas on sixteen age prisoners at Darwin's Don Dale Youth Detention Centre said he didn't do any calculations on whether it was safe to do so. The evidence came in a lawsuit brought by four of the boys against the Northern Territory government. Stephen Schubert joins us live. What else did he say?This witness was James Sighland hoe was the deputy superintendent of Don Dale. He recommended that tear gas be used to get under control one detainee who had gotten out of his cell but was still in a secure area. That tear gas was used on five other detainees, four of whole who are suing of the government in this case. He was presented with training material. In fact, the training material that was used when he was learning how to use tear gas. That said in a confined area such as a prison cell, the chances of survival of tear gas after about 10 minutes was about 50/50. The longest exposure to a detainee, that was Dylan who is taking separate action. The longest of the boys involved in this case that they were exposed to the gas was about 6 minutes. Mr Siseland said he didn't have any concerns about the safety of the boys. He was confident that the dose of tear gas, there was nowhere near a fatal risk of exposure. He did say he wasn't sure what dosage was used. What more can we expect to come out this afternoon?James size land has just finished being cross-examined by the lawyer he was being re-examined by the NT's lawyer's barrister. That could lead to Ken middle brook, he was the person who ultimately gave approval to use tear gas in August in 2014. There will also be a bit more legal. The lawyer for the four plaintiffs has been complaining about the discovery process by the NT government saying they haven't been sending documents through at all or when they have, it has been far too late. So, we will have to wait and see whether justice Judith Kelly will slap down the NT government over their handling of documents to the plaintiffs.Thank you, Stephen. Two women missing in the Royal National Park south of Sydney have been found. Nicky Groves and Kate Bator both aged 21 game lost hiking on an unused track near Water fall station. They made mobile phone contact at about 2 o'clock yesterday. Officers continue to search for missing 16-year-old Case, also leaving the station. The US President, Barack Obama has criticised Congress for overriding his veto of a controversial Bill. The new law will allow the families of those who died in the September 11 attacks to sue Saudi an officials. The US Senate voted 97-1 to pass the legislation that amends a law which shields other countries from American lawsuits. It allows victims to saw the Saudiy family. Mr Obama object argued against the law, saying it could open the war for similar us is soldiers overseas. Russia says it's ready to resume negotiations on Syria after the US Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to end all contact with Moscow. People living in besieged areas of Aleppo continue to come under heavy fire as forces step up their efforts to retake rebel held areas. Two hospitals have been destroyed killing 7 people. At least one of the hospitals has been knocked out of service. The US says it will suspend all cooperation with Russia on Syria including counter-terrorism efforts unless it takes steps to end the assaults on Aleppo. A 14-year-old boy has shot and injured two children and a teacher at a primary school in the US state of South Carolina. Police say the boy entered the playground at town ville elementary school and began firing a handgun. None of the injuries are threatening, one of the children has been released from hospital. Ellier the attacker shot and killed his father threekm from the school.He died from a gusnhot wound. We believe it is connected to the velges ship at Townsville. There is a relationship between the victim and the shooter.The shooter was arrested within minutes of the alarm being raised and students were evacuated from the school. Parents were notified of the incident by a text message but most didn't know if their children had been injured until they came to collect them from a nearby church. An Australian permanentment resident at the centre of a murder trial in Indonesia has told the court she did not poison her friend. 27-year-old Jessica Wongso is accused of Mirna Hall-by tipping cyanide into her coffee in a cafe in Jakarta. ? In a case that's captivated a nation, this was the moment, a hungry television audience was waiting for. Australian permanent resident, Jessica Wongso took to the stand for the first time. She faced hours of detailed questioning about the day she allegedly laced her friend's

We were sitting and chatting until Mirna drank her cough yes. Then she said it tasted awful. It all happened so fast. If you ask hay how it happened, I can't answer.It's a case with various links to Australia. Jessica Wongso and the victim studied at a pretish design school in Sydney this week, a New South Wales Police man gave evidence about the troubled mental health history of the accused. And three separate Australian forensic experts gave evidence to the court that there is no proof that cyanide caused the debt. Jessica Wongso remained calm and measured.A little lie needs to be covered up with a bigger lie. We did not make up anything. I told her to speak the truth. That's where she appeared very relaxed.Jessica denies she laced her friend's drink with cyanide. Australian police offered assistance after they received assurance from the Indonesian government that she would not face the death penalty. Coming up later in the program. Bad signs for Australia's health, with new modelling shows increases in obesity levels. Finance reporter Alicia Barry is here now. Concerns credit cards are the major cause of brucht situate.The business program has been looking into these concerns and Myall has been investigating. It seems researchers and consumer protection groups are very worried that inappropriate credit card limits are triggering a personal number of bankruptcy. The former finance council certificate, Greg mall interviewed 26 bank bankruptcies. The banks are issuing the cards may have broken the law. One example was of a person with a $25,000 salary with credit card debts and perhaps limitses of up to $80,000. There will be the full story on the business program on News 24 at 4.30 this afternoon.A key oil production deal seems to have sparked a rally on the markets. This a long awaited deal. We have seen oil prices more than half over the last two years. That's because of an over supply in oil. So the oil cartel OPEC has finally agreed to modest cuts in its production at a meeting in Algiers overnight. That has fuelled a 5% rise in oil prices. It's the first time in 8 years that the cartel has agreed to cut prices. OPEC nations led by Saudi Arabia have until now refused to cut output. Oil prices were as high as $100 US a barrel in mid 2014 but the global over supply has caused oil prices to plunge. Overnight, on commodity markets, we did see the oil price come back a bit. It's up $2 US a barrel. Checking the rest of the market and there is really energy and resources shares that are leading the games today. The All Ords up 0.9%. Looking at the movers and resources and energy stocks are leading the gains with Woodside and Santos out in front. And BHP Billiton not far behind. McMillan Shakespeare is amongst the worst today. ANZ just managing to Rice just 1/5%. There is some strength across China. The higher oil prices boosted Wall Street and helped to offset recent nervousness about a tight race in the US Presidential election. The Australian dollar has bounced after the OPEC, it's currently worth very close to 77 US cents.Thank you. Time to take a look at sport now. And Newsradio's Chris Glassock is here. Last night we had two people take out the Dally M.Ha has only happened on two occasions. Jason Taumalolo and halfback, Cooper Cronk, the pair each receiving 26 points in the player of the year count to win from Johnathan Thurston and Cameron Smith from the Melbourne Storm who finished on 22. It's the second time Cronk has won the award which surely now puts him amongst the greats who have played the game, particularly in halfbacks. He dedicated the award to his teammates that he will play alongside in the grand final on Saturday. Taumalolo wasn't the born the last time a running forward won the medal 27 years ago. It was Gavin Miller on that occasion. Here is Ashley Taylor winning the rookie of the year award. He was outstanding as a recipient of. The coach of the year was Ricky Stuart at the Canberra Raiders. His career was at a bit of a cross roads. He has been rewarded with an out standing season. He was award The Coach of the year. The night of nights, for Rugby League, I think all eyes on Sunday. Can Cronulla finally clench this premiership that they are over for 50 years.Fingers crossed for them. Manchester city's record has been given a bit after blow.They her weld to a 3/3 win with Celtic. City had won their first three games of the season. But they had to come from behind three times at Celtic Park to rescue a point. There were some terrific goals in this one. Tom Roggic who played an outstanding game. That's Stirling who scored one at the other end of the net. What a suburb goal to put Celtic back to 3-1 up. He had so much work. Sydney found an answer. It was the English side who probably looked the more likely to go on and win. Brendan Rogers side atoning for their 7 game battering. This was Arsenal a little earlier. Theo, a double for him. It inspired a 7-1 win Lever lead. The wins a good went to Barcelona came from behind to win two goals-1 as well.We finally heard from that English - the manager of the English said, Sam Al dise, he has fronted media. He did apologise overnight after being caught up in that sting. The 61 year one, lasted just 67 days in what he described as his dream job. That secret vision, the lucrative deal to represent a figures particulars Asian firm and give advice on the best way to get around the EPL's player transfer rules. He did speak to the media. He said it was all an error of judgement.On reflex, it was a silly thing to do, just to let everybody know, I sort of helped out what was a somebody I had known for 30 years and unfortunately, it was an error in judgement on my behalf. I paid the consequences. Entrapment has won on this occasion. I have to accept. Yeah, there is Sam Al dise Allardyce, he is overseas trying to get away from the media who will be hounding him. Let's take a look at the national weather. More storms are forecast for Adelaide, including strong are forecast for Adelaide, including
strong winds and heavy rain. Residents in South Australia are still being warned to remain vigilant after yesterday's disruptive weather. The strong winds are extending to Tasmania. Hobts is expect showers. Rain too for Canberra. The chance of an after none thunderstorm in Melbourne. Showers for Brisbane and Sydney and it will be sunny for Perth. Stay with us. Coming up later in the program, we will find out how Australia is set to cure more hepatitis C this year

A RiRi mine doh now of the top stories, Sousse automatic is bracing for more wild weather after being slammed by a one in 50 time event. Wind tore off roofs and brought down trees and powerlines. A Severe Weather Warning remains in place for most areas with an intense low pressure system expected to cross the state. Power has been restored to Melbourne's metropolitan -- Adelaide's metropolitan area. Two men who murdered Dan Yul McNulty will both spend more than 11 years behind bars. They both pleaded guilty to killing Mr McNulty at his Redfern apartment. The US President Barack Obama has described a dangerous precedent, a vote to override his veto of controversial legislation. It would allow relatives of the victims of the 9/11 attacks to suit Saudi Arabia's government. 15 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi nationals. Cooper Cronk and Jason Taumalolo have tied to claim NNRL's top level. The halfback and block, tied on 26 points each. It's the second time Cronk has won the prize. After topping the league in 2013. Tasmania is bracing for strong winds and heavy rain as the storm front that battered South Australia moves east. Wind gusts are more than 90km/h have already been recorded at Flinders Island and Cape Grim in the state's north-west. Reporter Damian McIntyre joins us live from Launceston, it looks pretty wet there. Tell us about the conditions where you are.It is pretty wet. I am on the banks of the Tamar River in Launceston. This river was flooded in the one in 60 year food event that came through the north and north-west just a few months ago. We have had quite a big downpour. We have had some moderate rain during this morning. The SES have had - so far had no calls for help. They have got a number of crews on stand by though. The wind is expected to create fairly - potentially big problems in the North and north-west. Parts of exposed areas in the north-west have already had wind gusts of up to 90 hour. That likely to bring down trees and powerlines. Also expecting this rain to continue before it moves away from the north and heads to the east coast later this afternoon and into the evening. Damien, we will let you get out of the rain. Thank you for the update. Thank you.A criminal investigation into the downing of Malaysia a air pliance flight MH17 has confirmed a book missile that had been strucked into Ukraine from Russia was responsible. Almost 300 people died in the crash in 2014, including 38 Australians, Lisa Millar reports. The families were briefed in private after two years of wondering who and what brought down MH 17.What we thought might be the truth is being confirmed.Confirmation from ningsors, not only it was a Buick surface to air missile that hit the plane. But where it came from.This bruk was bought into from the territory of the Russian Federation. After launch was subsequently returned to the Russian Federation territory.These videos helped them plot the ex sikt route of the missile launcher as it crossed into Ukraine and ended up in farmland, in territory controlled by Russian-backed reblts. Radar data, eye witnesses and tapped phone calls provided further proof.Yes, yes, I got it.100 people may have been involved. Their names and national also are secret for now.We cannot and do not want to tell you everything yet. Because that might jeopardise the investigation.If a missile is sent from Russia to the Ukraine for just one day, then there have been a decision and decision that maybe not be taken, cannot be taken by just a soldier.The chain of come and is critical to this case. Did it the launch crew decide on a target or were there orders from above?We are not making any comments about the people from the Russian Federation.Russia has - Russia has denied.This includes investigations intelligence, forensic and specialist capability for as long as required.Some of the families are worried this could drag on for decades, just like Bocker by but these investigators are convinced they are building a criminal case that will stand up in court and bring justice for the victims. Obesity among Australians is continuing to increase. And at the rate we are going, we will exceed World Health Organization targets. New modelling is able to predict the rate of obesity among adults. The figures do not look good. By 2025, 25% of adults will be obese and 13% will be severely obese. The lead researcher is professor Alison Hayes from the University of Sydney. She joins us live in the studio. This is quite revolutionary modelling. How does it work.Before I can just yes, it was 35% not 25%.We are currently sitting at about 28 pest. Modelling. How does it work? It uses population data. It starts with adolescents as they move into adulthood, what their BMI is and then it works out what weight gain may be over the years. It also takes into account their age structure of the population add the BMI distribution of the population and you know, sur rifle rates, in other words life expectancy. Were you alarmed by the findings?Not really that alarmed to be honest because it's really just a natural consequence of - the modelling summy a -- actually assumes the status quo in average weight gain of different sectors of the population. It's really just a consequence of that BMI distribution gradually creeping up and more and more people you know, slotting over into the obese category. Or the severe obese category which is at the extreme,a a BMII of over 35.What is the stage of life that people are more likely to become obese?So, it's actually the stage of life is actually you know, there are more people obese in kind of the 50s and 60s but counter intuitively when we look at weight gain, in other words, the rate of putting on weight, it's higher in younger areas of the population. Young adults gain more weight than older adults. We generally we put weight on grad you'lly over time. It accumulates, it's only when you are older that it tends to show you being in a an obese or severe obese category.It is really something we need to tackle throughout other entire lives.Absolutely.The findings find that the rates of obesity are much higher in woman. Severe obesity is higher among women. I can't say why it was. It was the case in 1995. It was the case in 2012 and our preparticularses are -- predictions are that that will continue to be the case. The distribution of BMI in women is a bit stranger. It's flatter and goes out to the extremes in the tail. I mean, I can only speculate, it may be that women find it harder to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing reers.Did your study look at the ramifications of a population that is becoming Morrow beast?Not really yet. You know, I can tell you that the ramifications in terms of healthcare costs are that I know, healthcare costs will obviously - I think we all know that healthcare costs are going up. The critical thing about severe obesity if you look at cross costs across the range of BMI and weight status, at 35, the costs tend to kind of go through the roof. They tend to flip right up. That's a problem. The implications of our work in general is that we are hoping to use this model to actually help policy makers look at what may be the most effective and cost effective ways to tackle the problem.Is that the next step, to speak to as you say, policy makers, government ministers?Yes, it will involve some more developments of the model. That's what I will see as the next steep.Thank you so much for coming in.Thank you.Australia is set to cure more hepatitis C this year than in the past 20 years combined. In March, an anti-viral treatment was listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, dramatically reducing the cost far patients. The director of the Kerr by institute says more than 26,000. Let's go live to professor Greg Daw, thank you for your time. What is the rate of hepatitis C in Australia?We estimate about 230,000 people are living with what we call chronic hepatitis C, so on going infectious. I understand it's more prevalent in our Indigenous community?Our Indigenous population certainly this proportionally affected, probably three or four fold higher rates amongst Indigenous Australians.So up until now, professor, the rate of diagnosis and treatment for hepatitis C was fairly low until earlier this year, so obviously there has been a big change? Certainly the diagnosis rate has been fairly high. In fact, Australia has about 80% of the population infected already diagnosed. It has been the treatment that has been problematic. We have only been treating about 1% of the treatment. It has been injections, generally for at least 6 months, and arduous. Cure rates have been sub optimal. It has been very difficult for people to get through that course of therapy. Since March, we have had access to these new amazing therapies, all oral, generally three months of treatment and expecting cure rates in the 95% sort of mark. You also looked at hepatitis B in Australia. Can you give us a snapshot on that?Again, hepatitis B is a virus that causes chronic infectious and severe liver disease. It puts people at risk of liver failure and liver cancer. We have a bit over 200,000 who are living with it. We do have effective therapies but we feel there are not enough people coming forward to access those effective therapist. On the diagnosis front, we are doing a little less well than hepatitis C, maybe only 60% of those with hep ties advertise B. A lot more work to do. We are doing pretty well in implementing broad vacancies nation, hep ties is C does not have a vaccine. We can do even better in getting coverage.Is it a matter of raising awareness within the community to go and get tested? Yeah, I think it is. It's a little bit more complex hepatitis Bnd C, with hepatitis C, the major risk factor is having a period of injecting drug use. We do see people have migrated from high prevalent countries who may have acquired hepatitis C through unsafe medical practices. B can be transmitted through sexual contact or drug use, it's also transmitted from mother to child readily and most people for example, with hepatitis B in Australia have migrated to the country to high fref Lance, you think of China, Vietnam, and sub Saharan Africa.Thank you for your time this afternoon.You are welcome.Stay with us. Coming up next, we are offer to the movies with Jason Dee Ross a and a remake of a western classic. How does it compare to the original? Let's look at the latest market. The local share market is enjoying solid gains after OPEC said it would limit oil production.

Time now for a look at what is making news in the world of science. I am joined by Robyn Will yons, thank you so much for coming into the studio. The Nobel prideses start getting handed out next week. First up is medicine.Indeed, I've got some predictions coming from Thomas routers plus a few of my own tips. Talk us through them. It looks quite interesting. The first thing programmed cell death. If you didn't have your cells die, they wouldn't make room for other once and you would keep reading the same news bulletin forever which is counter-productive. A long day.Some of this idea came from Australian research but the people they are predicting, George Freeman from Harvard, and Eileen sharp from Harvard, when it comes to the possibility for Australia, well, who knows, my hunch has always been on even Fraser and Gardasil which is a marvellous vaccine to prevent some diseases. Physics, this is almost a certainty. Dare I say that? The work done by kip Thorn and the group of Caltech, announced this in February. It's a big like Higgs Boson, it's there, they can prove it. It's a wonderful discovery, Kip and his gang, when it came to kem tris George and his colleagues working on something called Crisper, a very powerful and cheap way of Dean gene editing or take out diseased genes. I know it's not science but literature, deer Les Murray, I hope he gets up this time. We have been waiting long enough. They are the Nobel Prizes starting on Monday. Moving on, tell us about Julian high pressure effort. He is -- high pressure earth, a former UK Melbourne of parliament. Very well schooled in science. He represented Australia in the chemistry Olympics. For some reason, he decided to become a Melbourne of parliament. He was elected for Cambridge. As you know, the ex experience that the Tories had with the Lib dems which Julian high pressure earth was quite dreadful. There is a new book by the Nick Clegg the leader of the lep dems who said he didn't have an office when he first went to be deputy Prime Minister. Julian says if you want to achieve anything, scientists can chuck a ewy, change their minds, but politicians don't dare. So find a politician from the other side before they make an announcement and work together on what can be done and it happens. Of course, the down side of that as he points out very forcefully, especially on my program this week is that you don't get the credit because then the person you persuaded takes all of the credit and you sit there looking a bit ordinary but anyway. Julian is going to try to be re-elected in the next election. We can hear that interview with him on the program at midday. That's right.Thank you so much for coming in. Fans have packed out stands in Whitten Oval in Melbourne to a to cheer on the Western Bulldogs. Reporter Ben Lisson was there not. It's finally starting to a little like spring. There is plenty of springs of all the Bulldogs fans who have made their way down to Whitten Oval before their side takes to the grand final against Sydney on Saturday. When your team hasn't made a grand final in 55 years, you get here and you celebrate. Thousands of them have done that here today. Wnchts heWhen you see the injuries we have had. Somebody comes in and particulars off where they have left off, it has been an unbelievable year.I think it's really amazing to see how the dogs have just come from where they were a couple of years ago to now playing in a grand final. It really is amazing for the club.I think you will find that the Bulldogs and everybody will appreciate the Bulldogs are a champion team. And a champion team will go a long way to beating a team of champions I think. It is a big training section for some of the players, desperate to prove their fitness. Make like Lin Jong and Macau Suckling who both missed the preliminary final will be hoping to come into the side. The Bulldogs haven't had so many injuries this year may relish the opportunity to go into a grand final unchanged. It has been a rare thing for them this year. This of course will be the last little bit of normality for these players as they run out on to their own training track. Tomorrow it's the grand final parade and on Saturday, it is the grand final at the MCG. Now it's time to go to the movies and the magnificent 7 hits the screens. It's always dangerous making a palacic or remaking a classic. How did this go? You can see what the discussions in the studio boardroom must have been like. Here we are a contemporary audience who are used to seeing their heros ride in packs. So they must have thought, let's remake this story about a pack of vigilants, the remake of the 1960 film of the same name which in turn, by the way was inspired by a Japanese film. Here we have a remake that I think does tend to follow the sort semifinal punchy in your face logic of a contemporary blockbuster franchise. The kind of Oscar so white thing, gets a bit of a response. You've got a an upfront diversity. You've got an Asian Kardinia Park teshing who is an expert with flying degeneraters. You've got Denzel Washington in the lead. At the same time, it is all about diversity and also a very strong female character who seems to have been put in a series of very tight fitting dresses. It is like she is some kind of temporary bad ass, the blind spots of this film are a bit 'em bars. The original time was a film was about a group of vigilants, this is about this group of vigilants who save a mostly white town. You keep hearing these townsfolk talking about their land being stolen from them. There is no acknowledgment in the film that a couple of generations earlier they stole the land intern from the American Indigenous population. It is a film with a few clumsy missteps. You have seen it all before. It's a cowboy film in quotation marks really. You recognise all the shots, the sort of shadowy figurer at the Sal and door, the twitching figure on the trigger: The other film you have seen this week is a film that is set in Canada, directed by an Australian but shot in Mexico.No, he is based in Mexico. This is an interesting story. His name is Michael Rowe. I think this is the Best Film directed by an Australian this year. It is called Early Winter. It's about a marriage in crisis. So, it isn't a film about close ups or sequences where we have a close up and reverse shot. They are mostly wide shots, locked off camera and it is slightly claustrophobic with you but very effective. Michael Rowe's first film won the Best Film feature. This is the same award that Warwick Thornton won. He has made two other feature films. He lives in Mexico. He is on the show this week talking a little bit about what he thinks perhaps we do wrong in this country. This is a finance time. It is rigorous, it's perhaps not an easy film to watch. There are a couple of wonderful performances here. It has a real wisdom about relationships growing older, live and death and done with a real beauty.Does he talk about every come to film anything in Australia?Funnily enough, no, he doesn't really. This film is his first English language film, it's an Canberra Dade an Australian film organisation. I think he is happy where he is. When he breaks into Spanish, he has been there for 20 years, he is almost mother tongue, so far so good for him. I don't think he needs to come back. He is back in town, travelling around this the country with Q&A appearances. He will bring the film back to his home town of Ballarat. Check out the early winter Facebook site. It is getting a limited release. He will be having this home coming. So look out for.Jason, thank you so much. You can here more about that on the program tomorrow. The portrait of a Tasmanian Iraq war veteran has been -- veteran has been donated to a museum in Hobart. He wants the people to no more about the modern soldier. This shows major even Cassidy. It was painted by the Australian army's official war artist on a piece of black back timber weighing 30kg.I think this painting leaves a rather strong impression, whether or not you can be met by looking at the painting. For over a decade, major Cassidy has been contributing objects, images and diaries to the Queen Victoria Museum. All the pieces relate to his service in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's very important that we collect material from today's wars so that we never forget and never forget to thank the people that have contributed.The materials give the public an opportunity to learn about present day services, not just past conflicts.There is always plenty of stuff about world war 1 and world war II, what soldiers do now, gets captured and collected and displayed.The museum homes this will inspire future generations. It's behold even on us, to gather what we can, so that we can bring it out an show it to people and they can have access to it. Major Cassidy says he will continue to donate to QV imagine to put a greater focus on shoulders in modern wars. Let's take a look at the national weather now. Here is Kirsten. Still some wild weather ahead. A complex low pressure system is shifting east. It is bringing rain, storms over southern now New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. There will be an associated front generating showers over Queensland and the Northern Territory. Still some rain ahead for Victoria and Tasmania. Quite heavy falls in the south and east, particularly around Hobart. Just a bit of rain in the south-east corner of South Australia with conditions easing there. Flooding remains a risk. A little rain for the east coast of Queensland and a little bit for the Top End as well. Looking at

First, it was Katy Perry, now Madonna has posted naked pictures of herself on social media to encourage mens to vote in the presidential election. The 58-year-old shared a topless selfie, a day after Perry posted a video of herself, stripping off at the poles. Madonna wrote "I'm voting naked with Katy Perry cape. Vote for Hillary, she is the best." That is ABC News for now, the ABC continues or the news continues on ABC News 24, I'm Rachel Pupazzoni. Thank you for watching. Captions by Ericsson Access Services.