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(generated from captions) a gale warning for Byron,
Along the coast, there is Batemans and Eden coasts,
the Hunter, the Illawarra, with a high chance of rain,
Sydney will be cloudy and a possible thunderstorm.

And it will be very windy, of 30 to 45 kilometres an hour.
with sustained northwestlies If the rein does arrive eight millimetres in our west,
we are expecting between five to a little heavier along the coast way easing tomorrow night.
with up to ten millimetres on the than average night
After a warmer tomorrow will be cool - for a top of 19 in Penrith,
we are only heading 18 in Campbelltown,
Blacktown and Liverpool,

19 for Cronulla and the city, and a top of 18 for Terrey Hills. and windy on Friday
Looking ahead, it will be cool with a possible light shower, 18. of the weekend,
Fining up for the start

Sunday will be sunny, 26
22 the top on Saturday, on the public holiday Monday.
before a possible shower or two shower or two on Friday,
I our west, we could see a 17 degrees.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, on Sunday
warming up to a summry 28 degrees on Monday, Pete.
before another shower or two

'A Current Affair' is next. for this Wednesday.
That's Nine News I'm Peter Overton. a good evening.
I hope you have good night.
From all of us,
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This program will be captioned Bowser Bongs. This is illegal, mate. selling petrol and pipes
The suburban servo it's all above board.
but the owner says they're oil pourers, mate.
I don't think Plus, Lidl is coming. to weekly specials,
From home brands will be snapping up.
what Aussie shoppers

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Those reports soon. about Max Walker
First, there were so many things

that made him memorable. In the beginning, and his big handlebar moustache.
it was his unique bowling style his sense of humour
Then his ready laugh,

had time for everybody.
and the fact that he always are mourning him today
Many of us at this network with cancer overnight.
after he lost his two-year battle

at 'Wide World Of Sports.'
Brady Halls worked with Max

the fun and games,
Before we get into with the sports update.
let's hear from Brady Halls

and good afternoon, everyone.
And good on you, Maxxy From all those years ago... Maxxy.
The big boys of sport there, Yeah certainly, Brady. of the old days, mate?
Well Ken, this reminds me Yeah, they were glorious days.

television appearance, his last on A Current Affair.
just months ago Absolutely outstanding, mate. You're a marvel, hey?

We lost family here today. And Australia lost a great man.

when people die
The truth is, we say nice things a lovely bloke.
but he was genuinely The handlebar moustache, the cheeky smile, and his knock-about style. (CHEERING) after the drinks
He's gone, first ball and Maxxy Walker is full of joy. He wasn't just another sportsman.

you can hear Richie saying,
The commentary team in heaven,

Walker comes within ten feet
"Ah, St Peter, if that Max shoot him, alright?"
"of these pearly gates, "Yeah, right, Mr Beneau."

His teammates were queueing up commentary position today
in the central

to sing his praises. There was Chappelli...

him as a big loveable bear,
I think they just looked upon had this big moustache
he was a huge guy but he just and the big grin.

..batsmen like Keith Stackpole...

the world of cricket,
I would think, throughout in England and West Indies
they'd be mourning him today of cricket because, you know,
and throughout the whole world

is that
the terminology I often use Paul Hogan was the entertainer, the cricketing entertainer
Maxxy was

like Rodney Hogg.
..fellow bowlers to say about Max Walker,
No one will have a bad word great Australian.
just a great Australian,

You bet. to us at Nine.
He was more than a colleague As Kenny Sutcliffe says, Max was just a nice guy.

in the old spirit -
He was brought up

anything nice about anyone,
if you can't say don't say anything at all. From what I could see of Max, he didn't hold a grudge.
in all those years, Players thought the same. really swear or carry on
I don't think I ever heard him he's one of those guys
or get upset, that just got on with the job.

impatient but then,
See Mike Billy getting a bit

he's only a batsman. his incredible 38 test matches.
Never boasted about

everyone took out of him
And didn't mind, a bit, the micky bowling style.
with his bizarre middle-pace

with the bats #
# Mr Walker's playing havoc

perfectly -
His nickname summed him up Tangles. but a very effective one.
He was a tangle-foot from the bowler there.
Actually, there's interference That's not on. You actually can't do that.

Ray, he was many things,

he was a great cricketer.
but above all, legendary cricketer
He was a great as he was a great AFL player - about 85 games,
played for Melbourne amidst all the mirth.
so he was a true sportsman of the neck tonight, pal.
On the back Isn't he beautiful? he came onto Midday,
He wrote 14 books and every time he knew how to flog it.
or other programs, He came on with snakes people,
and animals and pieces and funny faces and hats - anything at all to sell it.

interview here, isn't it?
It's a bit hard to do an He's got his eye on you, Ray.

and big words
His books consisted of big print

"Max, I love your book,
and as I said to him many times,

in the commercial break".
"I read it


Cricket's a side-on action. your head up there,
You should have and your arm up like that.
look straight down towards you

in Australia do charity work
Most great sportsmen and women

I really mean that -
but no one did it like Max, he was really generous. his last TV appearance
Just five months ago, Max made

Barrie Cooper's kid's charity,
on our show, as patron of part of Rotary International.

character angels -
I often talk about

and they change the way
people that come into your life and speak forever.
that you act and think

he would go to hospitals,
He would talk to kids,

he would go to charity dos - he never said no. someone would ask for a photo
You'd be with Max in public and "Yes, love," or "mate,"
and he would say, 'love' or 'mate'.
he called everyone

with the Australian public
I think what got him well known

was the Aeroguard ad. Mr Walker."
You know, "Have a good weekend, Have a good weekend, Mr Walker. You too, son. made a lot of money
Billy Birmingham Maxie Walker.
out of him imitating

decried me making a quid
Maxxy was one person who never

one of the most gracious targets
out of him, he was always quick to say that,
I've ever had he always very his bloody '12th Man' records
"Yeah, Billy Birmingham and

a bit of a cult following.
"he's given me "I can't go anywhere now." Billy Birmingham.
Satirist and good mate, today, Brady as you can imagine.
I've been feeling very sad

of my guys, as I call them,
I'm getting bloody sick

and now Big Maxie.
Tony and Richie and Gibbo very sad today.
I've been feeling

Always good to see you, Max. Thanks for not hitting me. That's alright, and I'll pumble the...
we'll go outside (LAUGHS) bloody great comments
Yeah, there's some here on the old Facebook. out he that could play
Yeah, when Maxie worked the 'Wide World of Sports' theme by blowing on his big snozza.

He never told many people

and prostate cancer
but Max battled both skin after his retirement. Look at it, it's like this - life, in conditions like this
he's playing every day of his and probably hotter - who had an anglican skin.
the kid from Hobart

for the Australian sun
It wasn't meant we get skin cancers
and, of course, we get other cancers. and he was fit and healthy,
And I saw him a month ago and always larger than life
always cuddly

and genuinely liked people he had a while to live.
and I thought it just turned bad.
And then, suddenly,


for one human, didn't he?
Jeez, he did a lot of things

Mr Walker.
You were the very best of men, It was a pleasure to know you.

costing lives
Now - the parole system failures

and tearing families apart. Rapists, murderers, depraved predators
and the most to commit further atrocities.
released back into the community

fight for justice
Tonight, families of victims of our parole system.
call for a complete overhaul

who murdered
The convicted killer Sarah Cafferkey...
young Bacchus Marsh woman Double murderer Stephen Hunter a physical threat to society...
was deemed to be was viciously murdered,
My only child before a psychiatrist
yet I've got to sit I'm feeling or how I feel.
and say what sort of grief I just couldn't believe it. it was outrageous.
I just thought

The death of Jill Meagher,

failed Jill Meagher?
do you agree the system Um, yeah, without a doubt.

for life for killing
John Leslie Coombes jailed

Raechel Betts in a bath tub.
and then dismembering

How can you rate grief?

catastrophic impact
Just a monumental,

across all of our lives.

Jill, Sarah, Rachel - murdered by monsters on parole.

Their families left behind, united by unimaginable loss.

You're given a privilege some of your sentence
of being able to serve

in the community. It's not a right with your conditions,
and if you don't comply go back to jail.
then you should

But now,

are suffering even more.
some of these shattered families

the parole system,
As they fight to change through humiliating legal hoops.
they're being forced to jump

on how they're feeling
How can you judge someone

on the death of their child? or to point-score it?
How can you put that into words

being made to prove
So why on Earth are these victims psychologically traumatised
they're actually

for compensation?
to be eligible

bureaucratic obscenity to say,
It feels like a "Prove to me the loss of this loved one."
"that you suffered from the assessment process
Going through emotions back up to the surface.
will absolutely bring the

It's been four years vibrant daughter, Sarah,
since Noelle Dickson's beautiful, and bashed to death
was stabbed

in Melbourne's west.
in an apartment

body nine days later,
Police found the 22-year-old's

filled with concrete.
in a wheelie bin

all the time.
You have nightmares she's always on my mind,
I think about her 24/7, that never stops. to function normally in society,
And yet, you're expected

that brave front on
so I just put one foot in front of the other.
and keep putting

by Steven James Hunter -
Sarah was killed with a frightening past.
an evil predator 26 years before Sarah's death, 18-year-old Jacqueline Mathews,
Hunter stabbed and killed

after she rejected his advances. He served just 13 years in jail Noelle's only daughter from her.
and was on parole when he took

with Hunter's criminal record,
I couldn't believe, so many times.
that he had been released and still is outraged
The public was outraged that this is still going on.

has turned to anger -
Noelle's outrage

the Victorian Government.
directed at The grieving mum of co-ordinated legal action,
is now the face and breaching its duty of care.
accusing the state of negligence

for eight brutal murders
The Government is now being sued and two shocking sex attacks, who were on parole,
carried out by offenders

under supervision orders.
or who were But for Noelle, that's left her shocked.
it's the legal process compensation claim,
As part of her

lengthy testing,
Noelle was forced to undergo suffered a psychological injury,
to prove she'd actually horrific murder.
after her daughter's

have to do something like that.
To think that I would even obviously how I'm feeling.
I thought it would be how I'm feeling.
Why should I have to prove

Points were even deducted final psychological test,
from Noelle's

almost two decades ago.
because her father had died

about 18 years ago
My father died of cancer

and he was 84 that's a natural occurrence,
and of course I was upset, but to take 5% off my score

of my father 18 years ago,
because of the death

I just don't get that. The typical cycle traumatic grief
for people who've gone through and then disbelief
is first of all, shock, as they work through that,
and then, they start to get angry as well.

re-living trauma
Psychologist Simon Kinsella says can be extremely damaging.

the assessment process -
It's not just it's then the court appearances, it's getting up on stand, on the stand
it's being questioned doubted publicly
and having your word being brought up and up and up
that keeps these traumas

very difficult.
and makes coping very,

on any kind of a scale.
You can't rate that impact

Raechel Betts was 27 and dismembered at her home
when she was strangled John Leslie Coombes.
by triple killer, Her mother, Sandra, the past seven years
has spent of our parole system.
campaigning for an overhaul suing the Government,
And as part of the group she too has been forced psychological testing.
to complete the painful

to have to accept.
It's a difficult thing that they can attempt to do
The only thing

used to function
is to see how you and how you function now.

it seems bureaucratic,
It seems inhumane,

it seems to be box-ticking, as humanity.
rather than treating people

3AW broadcaster, Neil Mitchell.

how much are you grieving,
"How upset are you, what is the suffering?"
"what is the pain, the legal system works.
It's the way I don't like it, we've got.
but it's the best system

in very tragic circumstances
These individuals were murdered

by very dangerous people and we have some real concerns in the community
about how they were managed could have been avoided.
and whether their death

from Shine Lawyers
Paula Shelton the families.
is representing

to two types of compensation.
The families are entitled and suffering
Firstly, for their pain and of course, that's immense, can ever make up
no amount of money and what they've been through.
for what's happened to them entitled to compensaiton
And they're also they have suffered
for any economic losses of their injury.
as a consequence

that shocked the nation -
It was a crime brutally raped and murdered
a young woman by a violent criminal

on the streets.
who should never have been

Jill Meagher
The death of Melbourne woman

shone a terrifying light our parole system was.
on just how broken

should have been in jail.
Adrian Ernest Bayley he stalked and killed Jill,
Instead, just 450m from her home.

for rape.
He had 17 prior convictions

aired on the ABC,
Last night, in a documentary

from an elite group of detectives
we heard first-hand

who worked on the case.

"You're going to charge me."
And he said,

And I said, "Yes we are." And he said, off my chest."
"Look, I want to get it

It took six days to catch Bayley, six hours for him to confess, to remand him in custody.
and six minutes for a judge

That was a particular

in front of a computer screen,
that was virtually solved to a large degree, that were available.
with the technologies

Charlie Bezzina.
Former Homicide Squad detective, where they go in,
It's not like the movies

into the computer
they throw something all these suspects.
and it spits out

hasn't joined legal action
The Meagher family

against the Government. For Noelle Dickson, she just wants a parole system

aren't able to kill again.
where monsters

I want to see the laws changed.
Ultimately, for me, that continually happen,
Through the failures

and it just has to stop.
we're losing our loved ones

is in discussions
Shine Lawyers other families
with a number of to join the legal action.
who are also expected

service station
Pull up at your local

chips, and a drink.
and you can grab your fuel, But at this one, they shouldn't.
they're selling something

when we started asking questions.
And the owner wasn't too happy

start selling bongs?
Since when did servos

It's a bong! oil pourers...
They're calling them these are oil pourers?
You're seriously telling us ..but we're not that stupid.

they're oil pourers, mate.
Mate, I don't think Just leave, mate, come on. Just leave, okay? This is illegal, mate. thank you, thank you.
That's alright,

where you can fill up your car,
This is the servo buy your milk and bread, and grab a bong to go!

is selling oil pourers
If this petrol station

they're not for drugs,
and saying but clearly they are, a lot of difficulty
they're going to have getting away with that. drug paraphernalia on offer
There's a wide variety of pipes, and lighters.
like scales, vaporizers,

for marijuana smokers.
It's a one-stop shop in plain sight of customers
And it's all and children.

If you get it out of view, the level of consumption.
it can help drive down

up for grabs,
With these products this service station
it's no surprise with a certain type of clientele.
does a roaring trade

to sell bongs in shops.
It is illegal

the legal loopholes,
Lawyer Richard Mitry says by retailers,
once exploited

across the country.
have now been tightened

water pourers, or oil pourers,
People were selling things like that were meant to be decorative
or oil burners or pipes

for drug consumption,
saying, "No, these aren't used or souvenirs."
"they're used for decorations They were selling them. who were buying them
And obviously, the people and that was to smoke drugs.
were buying them for one reason

used to smoke illegal drugs
The consequences of selling items can be severe.

vary quite significantly,
The penalties

depending on what you sell.

drug water pipes
In NSW, retailers caught selling prison sentence,
can face a two-year worth more than $2,000.
and a fine found stocking bongs
Victorian shops

with a $36,000 penalty.
can be whacked it's a $16,000 fine.
In Queensland, in South Australia,
It's tougher

of $50,000
there's a maximum penalty two-year jail term.
and a possible And in WA, can be charged
individual retailers with a criminal offence.

a negative effect
Some people, it can have a predisposition to psychosis.
if they've got

chief executive
Sam Biondo is the Alcohol and Drug Association.
of the Victorian

glamourises marijuana
He says the servo display and should be removed, young people to begin smoking it.
as it could potentially encourage

to be any more glamorous
We wouldn't see this product than tobacco or alcohol in the same way.
and it should be treated

G'day, mate, how are you?

about your interesting display
Just got a few questions you've got going on here. in too many servos.
I haven't seen this no idea what we're on about.
The employee claims he has

start selling bongs?
Since when did servos

It's a bong. pleading ignorance now,
But despite pretty across the product range
the staff member sure seemed

earlier that afternoon.

he calls up his boss

and hands the phone over to us. Hello, are you there? can sell bongs
You seriously think you in a service station to get found out?
and you're not going and have a chat in person.
The owner agrees to come down selling bongs
How long have you been at your service station? I'm not selling... are oil pourers
He maintains the pipes aren't used to smoke cannabis.
and that they definitely

Mate, oil pourers?

they're oil pourers, mate.
I don't think Just leave, mate. just leave, okay?
Come on, This is illegal, mate. thank you.
That's alright, thank you,

that service station
And we've reported to Victoria Police. on A Current Affair -
After the break in the supermarket war is coming.
the new player

and the value-for-money amazing.
I found the quality great

SONG: # Wonder if I gave an Oreo

# To those official guys
who run the world

# Would they be inspired to dream

# And share more than

# Chocolate and cream? #


The stunning
Hyundai Tucson.

With its maximum

5 star ANCAP
safety rating,

it's as strong as it is beautiful.

we love the footy finals.
We love Australia and tomorrow as they gear up
We're live with fans showdowns.
for both this weekend's See you in the morning. Welcome back. with its eye on Australia.
Now, the German supermarket giant home brands and weekly specials
Lidl wants to bring its to a suburb near you. at the products on offer
Tonight, a first look at the checkout.
and what you can expect to pay

but, in fact, when they enter.
It's not a matter of if, a dog-eat-dog environment.
Ultimately, this is

and the value for money amazing.
I found the quality great

than Aldi.
They're bigger and cheaper And they're coming to Australia.

in the industry is,
Well, the saying "Where Aldi goes, Lidl follows."

that's so successful
Lidl is a discount behemoth retailer in the world,
it's now the fourth biggest around the globe.
with 10,000 stores

it's bigger the Aldi,
Lidl is big,

and Coles put together.
it's bigger than Woolworths

wants a part
Now, the German grocery giant Australian supermarket sector,
of our $90 billion around the country.
with secret plans to open stores

come to Australia,
I'd love to see Lidl for a bit of competition.
I think it'd be great

the discounts
Tonight, the products,

hundreds at the checkout.
and how Lidl could save you

should be excited.
Yeah, I think most shoppers Consumer expert Christopher Zinn a close-up look at Lidl.
has recently had

I was on a visit to the UK, Buckingham Palace,
and as well as seeing I had to see a Lidl store here on them.
because there is so much focus They were pretty impressive and certainly very competitive.
and the prices seem very low

competitive their prices are
We'll show you just how in a moment.

Walking into a Lidl store, so as you walk in,
very similar to an Aldi store, products on pallets.
you will find that there is low-cost operation.
It is a very basic,

trademarking the names
Lidl has been busy

top-selling lines
of a number of their here in Australia. have been registered to date.
800 products Just this year, they've added:

Doussy Laundry, Ecorino Ice Cream, Sweet Corner Confectionery, Sir Edward Tea, and Primadonna Olive Oils. a mobile phone service -
As well as Lidl Connect.

It does tend to signal entering the market
that they are considering here in Australia, that a global food retailer
it is very unlikely to think of trademarking
will go to the trouble brand-name products
hundreds of their to enter the market.
if they have no intention

mainly private label products,
Lidl is expected to stock

just like Aldi. Retail expert Dr Gary Mortimer University of Technology.
is from Queensland

really trust
I think Australian shoppers

private label products today
and are quite happy to buy like Lidl and Aldi, of course,
and we have seen businesses on that basis.
grow their businesses

Lidl sells alcohol
Also, like Aldi, of popular special buys,
and their own version on Thursdays and Sundays.
which they offer

like folding bicycles
There is the surprise items

and worm farms for a short time.
and things that are just there

But unlike Aldi, on its everyday items.
the store often has specials For example - this week in the UK, of fresh vegetables and meat.
it's a selection

$7.60, down to $6.10.
This beef scotch sirloin, That is a saving of $1.50. that their shoppers
Lidl also boasts compared to its competitors.
save around $34 a basket

The prices are competitive is outstanding.
and the quality of food

lived in the UK
Jess Winterburn and her family for more than eight years. I found all of the products,

their washing-up detergents -
their laundry detergents,

really, really great.
the quality,

Along with its cleaning brands, savings were huge.
Jess believes the fresh food

a pre-prepared meal section
They also have back in the UK.
which is really popular And their bakery, a lot of them have got bakeries also have butchers.
and some of them

According to Christopher though, to location, location, location.
their success could all come down

of Masters,
We have seen the example which took on Bunnings. the right sites
They couldn't get part of their undoing.
and that was

Being in the right place, how busy you are,
that determines is how profitable you are.
and how busy

will open in Victoria first,
It's reported Lidl to other markets.
before expanding

compare to our big three?
So how do Lidl's prices We crunched the numbers - from Lidl in London
taking the prices to Australian dollars.
and converted them

First up is bread. At Lidl, it costs 7c per 100g. and Coles,
At Aldi, Woolworths it's nearly double that at 13c.

at Lidl costs 13c.
100g of baked beans At Aldi, they're 20c. they're 15c.
While at Coles and Woolworths, are 16c per 100 grams.
Penne pasta at Lidl at Aldi is 17c.
A similar product though, it was 13c per 100 grams.
And both at Coles and Woolworths,

Lidl's entry into the market the market
will certainly shake up and certainly pull prices down than we've seen before.
even lower

on A Current Affair -
After the break John Blackman
'Hey, Hey It's Saturday's' and his surprising new career.

It's like radio, I can sack myself.
and if I'm really bad,


Tomorrow night, as you've never seen him before.
TV legend John Blackman

Hey hey, it hurts. Make my day, come on. John Blackman
How Aussie TV favourite

as a media medico.
has embarked on a new career

I can sack myself.
If I'm really bad at it, any aching body part,
And he'll help you with even a 'Dickie Knee.' I think you're sensational.

only on A Current Affair.
That report tomorrow, Before we go, in South Australia.
our thoughts are with everyone blackout across the entire state.
Huge storms have caused a

against travel if possible.
Police have advised so please stay safe.
It's going to be a long night, That's our program for tonight. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.
Live captioning by Ai-Media

There once was a Block,
it was a very big block.

The largest in all the land.

And within it were ten busy workers
toiling away day and night

to produce the very best rooms
they possibly could.

Thank you. You guys are the best
neighbours ever. Thank you.

Kim and Chris, they're our
neighbours and we love them.

Too easy.
Appreciate it.

Sasha and Chris think they were
separated at birth.

SCOTT: And four of the workers were
the best of friends,

laughing, celebrating and generally
bonding, until one day...

..a wall came between them.

And from that time on,
the happy Block was no more.

At the end of the day, they have
stabbed us in the back.

Do not come knocking on my door
asking for help anymore.

I just look forward
to watching it back on telly.

Tonight on The Block,

last-minute hurdles threaten to ruin
master bedrooms.

Urgh... Bugger!

I thought Ben was joking last week
when he said we had no money.

And the feud at the top
is going to get worse...

I'm not ringing the girls. I've got
no interest in talking to the girls.

..before it gets even worse.

And walking out the door

and not being able to look
at the person next to you!


SASHA: We don't care anyway,
do we, sweets? Whatever.

I was having such a nice
dream that we were in Paris.

We were sitting in a cafe
in a cobblestone street.

I was having an almond croissant.


That's all I can think of.
Je m'apelle Sasha.

I hate to break it to you, girls,
but you're not in Paris.

You're in Port Melbourne,

at the sharp end of master bedroom
and walk-in robe week.

There's 72 hours to reveal and you
don't have walls yet.

So I'd advise against a sleep-in.

MAN: Do you want us to grab your
feet and drag you out?


Back in the real world, Julia is
heading out to pick up furniture,

while Sasha deals with the room
layout and the bed position.

That's the bed.
OK, cool.