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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. The son of Phil Walsh found not guilty of murdering his father because of medical incompetence. South Australia grapples with Gale-force winds an damaging storms with more wild weather on the way. Medical breakthrough or messing with evolution. The first three-parent baby born in Mexico. And the end of an incorporation, cancer claims the life of cricketer and

Hello, James McHale with ABC News Early Edition. The son of the late Adelaide Crows coach, Phil Walsh has been found not guilty of murder by reason of mental incompetent. 27-year-old Cy Walsh stabbed his father to death in July last year in the family's home in Adelaide west. Candice has been covering the case, she joins us live from Adelaide. It was a pretty lengthy day in court. What happened?Absolutely, well, the first significant thing that happened as you mentioned was the Supreme Court making the formal ruling that Cy Walsh was not guilty of murdering his father by reason of mental incompetent. The facts of the case were proved, that means that the court is satisfied that Cy Walsh stabbed his father to debt, he is not crimcally responsible for his actions because of his mental state. That mental state was an undiagnose of schizophrenia. He has been having increasingly delusional thoughts about his father. Extensive suppression orders that have covered the case for the last year of proceedings have now been revoked by the court. We can reveal ha Cy Walsh had been experimenting with halucinating drugs. One was a south American drug used in ritual is particular spiritual ceremonies and Cy Walsh was on this quest to find spiritual enlightenment. He was also struggling with mental illness which the year before Phil Wal's death had had been shown to be a problem. In Perth, he had suffered a psychotic episode and was taken into a psychiatric facility. Phil Walsh ended up flying over to Perth to help him son. He they ended up having a fight in the middle of the street. His mental illness did go largely untreated and his mother Meredith Walsh has told the court in a victim impact statement that she really wants to see the privacy rules around mental health patients changed so that family members do know what behavioural problems their loved ones are having and what treatment plans are in place as well. We heard that Cy Walsh hadn't been taking his medication. His family wasn't aware that he was supposed to be taking it.Just quickly, where to from here?The next hearing will be in December. Cy Walsh will now be subjected to a lifetime psychiatric supervision order. The court will have to determine the order surrounding that psychiatric licence. And that will come back before the court on 20th dose.Thank you. Staying in Adelaide where wind gusts of more than 80km/h have slammed Port Augusta as South Australia braces for a severe weather front. While the Gale-force winds are likely to miss Adelaide, emergency services are warning the city and hills will still be hit by significant rain and flooding. We are joined by Eileen a from the foothills. What are forecasters predicting there?Yeah, James, the storm front has just hit Adelaide again. We are just on the edge of the CBD at the moment and there is quite chaotic scenes at the moment because we have got power outages across the entire state. SA power network says there has been a transmission fault. That means everybody is without power. A lot of traffic lights are out. A lot of traffic banking up. A lot of people are leaving their work-places. So the roads are extremely busy and police are urging people to be very cautious and very patient. We have also got no trams running. Some rain lines are down as well. So not only have we got this wild weather lashing the state but now also power problems across South Australia. Absolutely. How concerned are authorities about the storm to come? Yeah, we have got heavy rain here. There is a severe thunderstorm warning and a Severe Weather Warning in place for almost the whole state. As you mentioned, some towns in the mid north are copping a absolute battering. They are expecting wind gusting of up to 140km/h along with heavy rain, hail and flash flooding. And here in Adelaide, we could have wind gusts of up to 100km/h. This is coming off the back of some more flooding not even a fortnight ago so the ground is extremely wet and many residents hadn't even finished cleaning up from the last round of wild weather. We are expecting the weather to continue into tomorrow and we are not really going to see any respite until Friday. So a tough couple of days ahead for emergency services a and also residents. Absolutely, all the best for everybody affected there. A former NSW nursing home employee has been found guilty of murdering two residents and attempting to murder a third. Carl on hore has the details. Garry Davis was visibly distressed as he was convicted of all three counts. Relatives of his victims cried as the verdict of guilty to two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder were handed down. Supporters and family of Davis were in court. They were very upset about the decision and responded outside court.There are 25 suspects, none of which can be eliminated, based he has been convicted. He is innocent.He is innocent.You've got an innocent man locked up.The judge the doubt any other suspects though.19 others? That was there not on - all at the same times?In his lengthy decision, justice Robert Hume, discounted alternative theories such as somebody breaking into the nursing home or another resident being responsible or another staff Melbourne or a visitor. He said that he was left in no doubt that Davis was responsible after considering all the circumstances put together. He also referred to text messages that Davis had sent to colleagues in which he predicted the deaths of two of the residents that had been injected with insulin. The case has been adjourned until 12 December for a sentencing hearing. Former treasurer and education minister, John Dawkins is facing legal action over his role in the collapse of a company. Vocation collapsed last year leaving 15,000 students in limbo after the Victorian Government withdrew more than $20 million in funding. Mr Dawkins has confirmed there is civil action against him. ASIC will assert that he engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct in his role as chairman of the company. Two weeks after suffering a stroke, former Israeli Prime Minister, and president, Shimon Peres has died at the age ever 93. He was the last surviving Melbourne of the generation of leaders who established the state of Israel. Building its military strength and fighting a series of wars launched by their bitter enemies in the region. He also worked hard to establish peace, to allow Israel and the Arab states to co-exist. He was a warrior, politically and he was born in Poland, escaping the Holocaust that murdered his relatives. He served as an aid to the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion. He was. He built up the nuclear weapons program. The former Hawk turned doff. It was his role in negotiating the Oslo peace accords in 1993 with the preliminaries that won him worldwide acclaim and a Nobel Prize. It was onhandball our he shared with his Prime Minister. Yitzhak Rabin. In a per Peres held all the major officers, including Defence Minister Prime Minister. His last stint as Prime Minister began when Yitzhak Rabin was murdered.The cycle of peace, we will continue with the economic policy.His political battles meant he was at times unpopular at time. His final term gave Israellys and foreign colleagues alike, a chance to reflect on a career.What an incredible place you helped to create.I know that my father did not care about anything as much as he cares about people, as much as he cares about Israel, the Jewish people.Just hours after he collapsed, Shimon Peres was still working, posting a social media video urging Israelis to support local products. Even after the unravelling of the peace accords he shaped, he was still able to have operate miss Tom.I am sure I will see peace in my lifetime, even if I have to extend my life for a year or two. I want to see.It turned out to be an impossible aspiration but it was typical of a man's ideals led him to witness and shape so much world history. Aid agencies are calling for safe evacuation routes from Aleppo as the divided Syrian city continues to be pounded by air strikes. Volume rescuers say they have recorded at least 1700 bulks since a truce failed more than a week ago, including kus ter and phosphorus attacks. They say that one of the latest raids killed 12 people from 2 families. Only about 30 doctors remain. Regime forces are focusing on bombarding the major centre and major access points. In the US, Hillary Clinton has taken a victory lap following last night's presidential debate. More than 80 million people watched the former Secretary of State tackle Donald Trump. But, unsurprisingly, the flamboyant businessman declared himself the victor. Hillary Clinton was back on the campaign trail with a spring from her step.Did anybody see that debate last night? Focus groups betting are markets, the pun dids and even a few key polls named her the victor. I got a chance to say a few things. About what I want to do if I'm so forth national enough to be elected at your president.Donald Trump was in Florida today, talking up his performance on jobs, trade and law and order.It was an interesting order, big league, definitely big league.Touting internet polls. Many of which showed him winning the debate.It was a fascinating period of time. We did very well. We won every poll except for CNN and nobody watches CNNHis campaign says a microphone fault may have disadvantaged the candidate.Maybe who complains about the microphone is not having a good night.With two more presidential debates ahead, Mr Trump Trump was back in full voice. For 90 minutes, she argued against change while I call for dramatic change. We have to have dramatic change.It may take up to a week for the results to filter through to polls. Media coverage that is broadly in favour of Hillary Clinton may also influence the public perception of who won possibly giving her a poll bounce of between 2004%. The world's first baby created using a controversial three parent genetic technique has been born in Mexico. The doctors say the baby boy has the key DNA from his mother and father plus an element of genetic code. Importing the donor's mitochondrial material. Critics say the procedure interferes with evolution and could open the door to more genetic engineering. The manager of the English soccer team has been sacked after he was caught on camera describing how to circumvent player transfer rules. He says he is devastated to lose his dream job just 67 days into it.You have not seen this before, have you? Just 67 days ago, Sam Sam Allardyce was given the task of reviving England's fortunes. Big Sam has been given the boot after just one match in charge. He was secretly recorded from undercover journalists who opposing his investors from a -- they were posing as buyers. They agreed to a lucrative deal to deliver speeches for the firm.The

During the meeting, Sam Allardyce also mocked former coach, Roy and even criticised Prince William. Sam Allardyce appears to give the undercover reporters tips on the best way to get around the Premier League transfer leagues and pursue a controversial practice known as third party ownership. It allows companies to role stakes in soccer stars. It

He was meant to be preparing for his first home game at Wembley, instead his coaching career is now in tatters. The Australian share market has closed modestly higher, supported by most of the major banks and health stocks. It was a different story there across the region. The New Zealand

Now for a closer look at the day in business an finance we are joined by David Taylor. Economists are describing the latest international trade figures as depressing. Say it isn't so.I wish I could. Unfortunately the world trade organisation has come out today and said that there are few reasons why global trade has slumped by wait for the figure, 30%. It's the lowest rate of growth since the global financial crisis. A few things at play. Brazil and Russia are in reception. Big countries have a lot of shipping around the world. A lot of countries are trying to build up their services sector. And of course, the other thing is protectionist policies. We heard Donald Trump talking about the perils of the TPP and Nafta and it's all causing a big slump in the amount of ships that could potentially traverse the globe. So economists say particularly bad for Australia. We are a country Down Under and it doesn't make our situation any better at all.David, house prices in Perth and Darwin are going backwards, property investors are smiling from ear to ear.Yeah, indeed. Now, the figures are from UBS. They say that if housing market is up by around 50% over the space of about 5 years, you are at risk of a housing bubble. Sydney house prices are up 55%. It is ranked fourth as the riskiest housing market in the world.Thank you. Elon Musk has outlined his vision for establishing a human colony on Mars. The founder of SpaceX says he wants to build a reusable transportation system that could fly people to the red planet in just 80 days.What I want to achieve here is to make Mars seem possible. Make it seem as though it's something that we can do in our life times. And that you can go.The pioneers of the Mars mission will have to pay $200,000 for a one way ticket with no possibility of returning to earth. Mr Musk says within the next century, he believes there will be a million earthlings living on Mars. Australia has lost one of its biggest and most loved sporting permanents, cricketer and commentator Max Walker has died from melanoma aged 68. His unique bowling style even deered him to fans. Max Walker did a lot in his life but he didn't do ordinary.He has bowled him.That famous bowling action was testimoniment to.Beautifully bold. He was born in Hobart. As a teenager, he studied in Melbourne and ended up playing VFL for the Demons but cricket called and in 1972, he day butted for Australia. That's how. He got LBW.He was Nick named Tangaroa wills for obvious reasons. In a an era of greats, he held his own. First change behind Lillee and Thompson sshing he took 138 wickets in 34 tests.He was all arms and legs.Mas Max was just - he was a tremendous competitor, he was a real handful if conditions suited him. # Come on Aussie come on.Max Walker cricketing career ended as the one day. His body failed him. His personality took him to a new calling.Max, can you really talk underwater with a mouthful of mabls? It has been suggested that way. I suppose if I could cover three days of Sheffield Shield cricket. He is a bit likts watching Buggs Bunny. He is always flashing his teeth. He made me laugh just looking at him. Walker's stint with Channel Nine made him a household name and hugely marketable.It seems it is still opening up.He also wrote 14 books and was a speaker in demand.You will and can make a difference. Cricketer, footballer, author, and father, Max Walker certainly did. Sydney defender Aliir Aliir has been ruled out of sat's AFL grand final against the Western Bulldogs. There was plenty of interest in the Swans main training session as the club prepares. Sydney turned on the heat and so did the coaching staff assessing the fitness. Time has run out for defender Aliir Aliir who has failed to recover from a knee injury.It's not something that we need to play, we need to bring our role.Doubts remain over co-captain Jarrad McVeigh, who is doing all he can to return.I think you've got to be honest, if you are one man down, two minutes into a grand final, that's really going to effect you. From a individual point of view, you just worry, the now that horse are going to make the right call. I have to worry about bying my best. Kennedy was part of the team that lost its last grand final appearance. The 29-year-old says those who are around are keen to make amends.We don't talk about it too much. Having said that, we are in a position now where we can really learn from.As always the start will be crucial. The Swans will be hopeful their role will continue.Both teams will be focusing on that first 30 minutes. That will be no exception for us. It's a hard game and hard to get there. So, they node to Treasurer it and make it count.The Swans will have one more sleep in Sydney before flying south to Melbourne for Saturday afternoon's grand final. Coach Jong Longmire will finalise his team tomorrow. In Rugby League, the Melbourne Storm is travelling to Sydney to prepare for Sunday's grand final against Cronulla. As Peter Lusted reports, the storm were given a great send off. They have held their last training session in Melbourne. The players met by a heros' welcome. Around 10,000 Melbourne fans are expected to make their way up. The Storm have come through the training section unscathed. We expect the 7 team to beat Canberra in the preliminary final. Craig Bellamy spoke to the media today and said just how proud he is of his side to make it this far.I have been here a long time. And I ain't got a good memory I must say. Having said that, I can't remember a time where we have had as many injuries as we have had. There have been guys who have stepped up. They will head to Sydney tomorrow. They have got plenty of professional work and promotions including one of the big functions, the Dally M which will be held tonight. Two of Melbourne's players are big chances, Cooper Cronk and Cameron Smith, as always contenders. As the storm head into enemy territory, it will be tough in Sydney but they know they have got the whole State of Victoria behind them. The AFL revealed it's best player of the season, now it's Rugby League's turn with players gathering in Sydney for the annual Dally M medal. Jennifer brown is at the ceremony, looking stunning. Last year Johnathan Thurston was a clear-cut favourite, this year, much tighter contest.It's a much tighter contest this year. That's for sure. Storm players, Cooper Cronk and Cameron Smith are the hot favourites to take out the award as well as Jason from the cowboys and Ryan James from the Titans. They were all equal on 16 points when voting went behind closed doors at the end of round 16. Two points behind them is the offeded Raiders Josh Hobson, he could be one of the ones to come from behind and win tonight. It's Rugby League night of nights you've got to say. Players swap their boots for suits as they turn out here on the red carpet. They are putting grand final preparations aside. Sharks captain Paul gallon won't be here. He will still struggling with the back injury. It will be a fantastic night. If Josh Hodge done does manage to win tonight, he would become the first English man to win the Dally M medal.Thank you, Jennifer. Melbourne Victory will meet cross town rifle, Melbourne City in the FFA Cup after beating Bentley greenestes 2-1. They hold the victory storeless for more than a an hour before the champions found the back of the net twice in five minutes.What a shot. It squeezed in. James adds the second for Melbourne Victory.Canberra Olympic scored in injury time to beat green gully 1-0 and will meet Sydney FC in the other final. Time to check in with Julia from The Drum. What can you tell us about a breaking story. We are going to be talking to the reverend Keith mass court. He is an Anglican Priest who supports same-sex marriage. He will not have his licence renewed for this reason. He said he can preach in his local parish in Sydney if he does not talk about same-sex marriage at all. He is not very happy with this restriction. We are going to talk about what this means, particularly what the broader implications for what we are hoping is a civil and respectful debate concerning marriage and also free speech.You will also discuss a fertility technique that has the scientific community talking?It's an extraordinary technique that has been heralded as a breakthrough. It's called the three parent technique. It involves basically meshing two eggs, taking the knee clue us out of one, implanting it in another for a mother who suffered a severe genetic problem that would have resulted in the death of her children. Doctors are saying this saves lives, other people are saying this is at risk of playing God. We have got so much to chew over after the show on the news.Thank you very much. The national weather with Graham Creed. Thunderstorms affecting part of South Australia are likely to move affecting part of South Australia
are likely to move into areas of Queensland, NSW and Victoria. They will bring the potential of heavy rainfall. More damaging winds across the south eastern states including Tasmana and localised heavy rainfall particularly across already flooded river basins. We will see those thunderstorms and rain aabout the southern areas of Queensland except for the parts of the peninsula. Wide spread rain across NSW, it will clear but the potential of zoo a severe thunderstorms, there are also damaging wind along parts of the inland. Through Victoria, we are looking at widespread rain. That will also clear, showers and thunderstorms in behind it. You've got wind gusts about the eastern and North of Tasmana. Heavy falls about the north and the eastern districts. Still the potential of some heavy falls about the south-east quarter of South Australia, strong winds damaging at times. We have also got a few showers about the far south west corner of Western Australia. They will spread along the south coast of the state. We have also got the potential of showers and thunderstorms across much of the North of the continent. Thank you very much Graham. That is all for this bulletin. Your next edition of ABC News will be up at 7 o'clock. Thank you for your company. Bye for now. Captions by Ericsson Access Services.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello and welcome to The Drum, I'm Julia Baird. Coming up: We speak to the Anglican priest demoted for his views on same-sex marriage.

Three-parent babies - is the technology a medical breakthrough or are doctors playing God? And it is only September but already we're asking what to do about sharks this summer.