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(generated from captions) Donald Trump pledges a massive boost at the US military to destroy Islamic State if he wins November's election.I will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy ISIS.

The Government slams the Opposition for not sacking Sam Dastyari as soon as the Chinese payment scandal came to light. Two teenagers avoid serious injury as their car crashes into a train in Melbourne. And the 2016 Paralympic Games begin with the opening ceremony in Rio.

Hello and welcome to Mornings, I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Let's see how the weather is looking around the nation for today:

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has announced plans to overhaul the US military if he wins November's election. The pledge comes ahead of a televised defence policy forum where Mr Trump will appear with democratic opponent hill crrk - Hillary Clinton. Michael Vincent has more.Donald Trump came out on the front foot this morning with his massive plans to revamp the US military, ships, subs, planes and of course soldiers.We will build an active army of around 540,000, as the army's chief of staff has said he needs desperately and really must have to protect our country. (APPLAUSE) We now have only 31 brigade combat teams, or 490,000 troops and only one-third of combat teams are considered combat ready. That's not good for our country. I actually don't even like saying it because plenty of countries are watching us right now but we'll get it shaped up very quickly.Hillary Clinton support group, a super pack, has come out with their own ad reminding everyone of what Donald Trump has had to say about nuclear weapons and the like as well as his attitude to the military. Let's have a bit of a listen to that.I'm really good at - I love war in a certain way. Including with nukes, yes, including with nukes. I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me. Nuclear is just the power, the devastation, is very important to me. I want to be unpredictable. Unpredict yanl. Able.Donald Trump has given two speeches today before heading to this forum tonight so he can expect to get a few questions that may throw him but Donald Trump's been through a bunch of debates before and public forums before and he seems to acquit himself well enough.Let's get some analysis of Donald Trump's plan. Peter Jennings heads the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. He joins us now from Canberra. Peter, thanks very much for talking to us.Good morning.So is this rhetoric from Donald Trump or do you feel as though he does have a solid plan as far as the military's concerned? It's hard to see a solid plan but I think what Trump is doing is appealing to mainstream Republican national security conservatives. I would expect any Republican presidential candidate to talk about strengthening the American military. So the numbers that he's talking about in terms of troops and ships and aircraft are probably respectable enough, sensible enough but I think it's impossible to imagine that you could develop a coherent plan in 30 days that would show you how you could grow those numbers or indeed how you could defeat ISIS. That's just wishful thinking.Yes, in fact just as far as that's concerned, he said that he expects US generals to come up with a plan to defeat Islamic State within 30 days. I mean it's all very well to say that. How would that actually eventuate and why would they have not come up with a plan already?Yes, I don't think it's practical. I mean you could do a lot more indiscriminate bombing in 30 days, that's the Russian strategy, it's not how the Americans or we have been prosecuting the war. I also don't think that the Americans, even under a Trump administration, would be prepared to put large numbers of troops on the ground. They may increase by several thousand, the 5 or 6,000 that are presently there. So the 30-day plan, I don't think is credible. But certainly Trump's call to strengthen the US military is something that will appeal to Republicans who are concerned about national security. There's no doubt that the US military has actually been drifting down in numbers and in key military capabilities over the last few years. And there will be a lot of people on the Republican side who say that does need to be reversed. Has that compromised its ability to be effective, particularly when it's fighting in foreign conflicts, as far as affecting the size and the dynamics of the military?I think it depends very much on what foreign conflict one is thinking about here. I mean there is a risk that in fact over the last 15 years the US military has been optimised to fight one type of enemy which is the enemy they're fighting in the Middle East right now and there's no doubt that they can do that very well. But the question is is that going to be relevant 10 or 15 years into the future? I think there's a need for actually some quite new thinking to be done about the shape of the American military into the future and whilst that needs to happen under the next administration, whoever is President, it's not going to happen in 30 days and it really needs to be more than just promising more of the same.Is it clear whether Donald Trump is likely to be more hawkish should he win the White House, more hawkish in his foreign policy or perhaps more isolationist? I suspect on the basis of his comments, Andrew, that he may be more isolationist than a Hillary presidency. Trump has talked down both NATO and the US alliances with Japan and Korea. He keeps talking about the need for allies to pay for their own security more. I don't get the impression, in fact, that he wants to take the American military abroad in any significant numbers. Whereas Hillary Clinton, I think, gives the impression of being a sort of a somewhat more decisive version of Barack Obama. I think she would be prepared to use the US military, probably in greater numbers in the Middle East.And interesting the language he's used as far as addressing radical elements such Aziz lamb - such as Islamists, North Korea and China in that bucket as well.China presents both some opportunities and some threats there. Like with us, they're one of America's closest trading partners but they are also becoming significantly more assertive in the South China Sea and through cyber hacking activities and this is something that both presidential candidates have spoken about and said they're very concerned about. The challenge, of course, is what does one do. Neither presidential candidate wants to create a conflict with China therefore the challenge is to try to make China become a more responsible international citizen and there's not much clarity around how Trump or Clinton would achieve that outcome.Let's move our attention now to what is going on in the Middle East as far as Turkey and Syria is concerned and the involvement of the US. Now the Turkish President has flagged that he and the US will work together to drive Islamic State forces from its stronghold of Raqqa in Syria, is that a credible plan?It's difficult to see how that can be done in terms of Syrian conflict right now because no country has sufficient forces on the ground to really give effect to that. What we've seen over the last 2 years is that air strikes alone will not dislodge Islamic State out of Raqqa and I think we've also got to acknowledge that the Turks and the Americans have slightly conflicting aims here. There's a large part of Turkish policy which is directed to making sure there's no threat from Syrian Kurds. So I don't see a credible plan frankly, emerging anywhere in terms of dealing with the Syrian problem and mostly what we're hearing right now is rhetoric without really the military wherewithal to give effect to that change on the ground.So you would surmise that the US would find it difficult to work hand in hand with the turk - Turks if they're targeting both Islamic State and the Kurds at the same time?That would present problems for the US and let's also factor in the Russians and Bashar al-Assad's forces as well. We've got a number of actors all with very different strategic objectives with different levels of military capability trying to effect Sig - significant change in Syria. We may see some solutions emerging in Iraq but I think there's nothing emerging in Syria which would give confidence to the thought that we would see an end to the conflict any time soon.With Turkey's forays into Syria across the border there, obviously that's raising difficulties as far as Turkey's relationship with Russia is concerned?Yes, b I mean I think since the Turkish shoot down of a Russian jet which briefly went into Turkish air space about 6 or 7 months ago, that's been a very delicate relationship. They've actually managed to keep their military forces apart since that time. Turkey's done a very positive thing for the conflict overall which is that it seems to have shut down the flow of foreign fighters from Turkey into Syria. And that's one of the things which is putting Islamic State under great pressure at the moment. But none of these things point to solutions, really, what they point to is a lot of competing actors with different objectives and I think we'll just see the chaos continue in Syria for some time to come.Yet certainly Western Forces involved in the fight against Islamic State within Syria are saying they are making significant advances, take the border town of Jarabulus where the IS militia have been driven from the town. Is that a significant win as far as you're concerned?It's a tactical success and I rather that we had it than not have it but it doesn't point to a final strategic outcome. Where Western Forces are achieving success it's because they're using special forces to give greater direction to the role of Kurdish and other militias and these things are positive but they don't - they can't be assumed to point to a momentum which is actually saying we will be defeating the Islamic State in Syria soon.Peter Jennings from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Thanks very much.Thank you.The Government has slammed the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for not sacking Senator Sam Dastyari from Labor's front bench. Late yesterday Senator Dastyari resigned from the post. He admitted to taking a $1,600 payment from a company with links to China to settle a personal debt. This morning senior Government ministers have questioned Mr Shorten's lack of action saying he should have stood down Sam Dastyari as soon as the matter came to light. I think that it reflects very poorly on Bill Shorten that he enabled Sam Dastyari to stay on for so long. Sam Dastyari has now stood down for political expediency, not because he's actually been asked to do so by Bill Shorten. There is absolutely no correlation between political donations from, in some cases Australian Chinese residents, and the circumstances that Sam Dastyari found himself in touting for a personal payment from another entity.In Melbourne, two teenagers have walked away without serious injury after their car hit the side of a train. Reporter James Hancock has more from the scene of the crash.This all happened about 8:40 last night here in Ivanhoe, an up-market part of Melbourne's northeastern suburbs. Fire fighters have described what happened. Now they say the 18-year-old driver came down this hill behind me, he lost control of his ute before hitting a fence. The vehicle then became airborne before colliding with the side of a moving city-bound train on the Hurstbridge line. It happened right near the Marshall Street level crossing which is just here, only metres from the Ivanhoe train station. The ute finished up on its roof but the driver and his passenger managed to get themselves out of the vehicle. Let's have a listen now to what fire fighters had to say.Two male ock - occupants have got themselves out of the car which is quite unusual considering the way the front of the car's been crushed. All in all they're very lucky to walk away from this with their lives and some of the people on the train.Do we expect any charges against the driver?Well the driver has been questioned by police after being arrested. He's expected to be charged with conduct endangering life. The train last night, it continued onto Darrabin station, a bit closer to the city, where the 12 passengers onboard were able to get off. There was some minor damage to the train but the line was closed between Cliffton Hill and Heidelberg for about 2 hours last night while crews worked to repair the tracks and also to get the ute off the tracks. But this morning it has been a good service on the Hurstbridge line after those delays of about 2 hours last night while passengers were forced to go between the two stations on buses. Child care workers in Victoria are marking equal payday today by walking off the job in a bid to secure a better wage deal. 95% of those working in the sector are women but unions say that they're being paid significantly less than men with similar qualifications.The work that educators do is really important. It's about educating and developing children and children will benefit from the reforms that educators are seeking. The situation today is that educators are earning about $20 an hour for doing this incredibly important work. So it's 95% women. There are some men working in the sector and obviously they're paid the same as the women who are working in the sector as well. But the argument that we're making is that because the sector is so overwhelmingly female, the work is really undervalued. It's been seen as women's work and it's time to recognise and respect the work that at the end of the day do and respect it in their pay packets. Today centres in Victoria will close at 3:20 to mark equal payday. That's the time in the day when the average male can go home and knock off for his salary but women, on average, need to keep working to make the same pay. Parents are really supportive of the campaign, parents, more than anyone, know how incredibly important the work is that educators do and obviously those centres will close and parents have been notified about that. So this is really strong action that's been taken today and these educators are really leading the way and showing that they're determined to step up and change their future. And we think it's really important that PM Turnbull comes out and says I support and value the work that these educators do, I support equal pay and I'm willing to close the gender pay gap. That's what we'd like to see happen today.RUOK, that is the question all of us are being urged to ask today as part of the annual campaign to raise our awareness of mental health issues. Reporter Jo Nicholson has more from Bondi Beach where several events are being held to mark national suicide prevention day.There's been lots of colour and action here today at Bondi Beach today for RUOK Day which is a day all about encouraging a conversation about mental health. Rebecca Lewis is from ROUK Day. Tell us what is this day all about?Today is the day to take stock of the relationships in our lives and just say when was the last time I caught up with my parents or aunty and uncle and friends and family and to be mindful of the impact we can all have by just giving the people we care about an opportunity to open up about what they're going through. It might be a mental health issue but it could be a bad day at the office or other stress that's going on in their life.Why is it important to share and to open up and talk about these things?At its core RUOK is about suicide pretension and it's around 8 suicide deaths in Australia and for every death there's around 30 attempts. It's not just the people that are lost, friends, family left reeling as a result of these deaths. We're about getting in early. We're about starting the conversation every day so that if you're struggling and something's on your mind you know you've got the support of family and friends around you. So those issues that plague us all don't escalate into some sort of emotional crisis.Is the stigma around mental health starting to break down or is it still there?It is starting to break down but I think we still have such a long way to go. The fact that, you know, people feel so embarrassed and ashamed to put up their hands and ask for help, the fact that people feel ashamed to admit that they've lost a family member to suicide, just speaks to me of the fear that's so deeply rooted in us all. If someone does have the courage to open up, acknowledge that courage, acknowledge that you're there for them and don't judge what they're sharing with you.Rebecca, thanks very much for speaking with us. And that is the question here at Bondi Beach and all around the country today is are you OK? And if you or someone you know is experiencing distress:

The US Secretary ove of State, John Kerry, says he will meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in an effort to reach a deal over the Syrian conflict. Mr Kerry announced the move to Syrian opposition leaders in talks in London. They are there unveiling their plan for a political transition in Syria which involves removing President Assad within 6 months. The high negotiations committee meeting with the foreign ministers who had been most sympathetic to its aim of removing President Assad. Earlier the group's leader had outlined a detailed vision for the future of Syria with a 6-month negotiating period and then for 18 months a transitional government. The problem in this though is how to get to such a future. Fighting has intensified in recent months, at least 50 people died in the last 24 hours. Talks in Geneva collapsed in April. Now the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and the Secretary of State John Kerry are to meet again, a further attempt after weeks of discussions to reach an agreement to get things back on track.Syria will include everybody. One prominent member of the opposition, Hind Kabawat, told me she had lost all confidence in Mr Kerry and in his boss President Obama and instead believes it's now best to direct efforts towards whoever becomes the next US president.We stopped hoping a long time ago. We don't hope and we don't want to think that he's going to do anything. All we can do today to get prepared for the next elections.At the end of the day of talks, the UK Foreign Secretary says there's still an opportunity to get the political process under way soon.It is a conflict that frankly shames humanity and it is, in my view, the number one political problem that we have to solve in the world and that's why we're all supporting so strenuously the efforts of US Secretary of State John Kerry who is trying to work with the Russians to broker a ceasefire on the ground in the Aleppo area and we're obviously backing him all the way in those efforts, trying to get the peace talks in Geneva back on track.If John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov finally get a deal, and they've failed several times in the last few weeks, the next stage may will a meeting of all the key and regional players, the International Syria Support Group in New York later this month. They will try to put pressure on both sides to come back to talks in Geneva but there we have the problem, those two sides, the Opposition and the Government, still have the same central positions. The Opposition says Assad must go, the Government says no way, he's staying. No-one is very optimistic. The prospects of a new future for Syria outlined in these meetings here in London still seem asvery long way off. The Afghan city where Australian forces were based for more than a decade is at risk of being recaptured by the Taliban. Dozens of Taliban fighters and several police officers are believed to have been killed in coordinated attacks on checkpoints near Tarin Kowt in the south of the country. Local security officials say in some areas militants are as close as 1km away from the main city. Australia handed control of the base to Afghan Government forces in December 2013. French police have arrested a man on the terrorism watch list after his car was found near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with several gas cylinders inside. An associate of the car owner was detained by police in the country's north. France remains on high alert with terrorist attacks killing more than 200 people across the country in the past 18 months. Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe, has warned Malcolm Turnbull of an increasingly severe security environment in the East China Sea. Political editor Chris Uhlmann is covering the ASEAN summit in Laos. All the trouble in the world is being discussed at this gathering but there are some lighter moments like yesterday when Malcolm Turnbull met his friend and Kiwi counterpart John Key who was a bit miffed that the Australian PM had referred to the British PM as our nation's best friend in the world.New Zealand media, were saying you don't like me as much as Theresa May. I was trying to say for God's sake.The backdrop to this gathering is the growing tension in the East and South China Seas but as China is the major trading partner of many nations, they are loathe to mention it. That's not the case with Japan. It's deeply worried about China's behaviour around the disputed Senkaku islands and is not afraid to say so in private or public. In one of the key meetings of this gathering, Malcolm Turnbull addressed the 10 ASEAN leaders and there was a bit of trouble at the start when the tech head PM hit some microphone strife. (SILENCE)?The traditional, we're live good.He's invited the 10 ASEAN leaders to Australia to discuss peace in the China Sea.I put forward my proposal to discuss an ASEAN leaders summit in Australia in 2018. A special summit in Australia would deepen our economic partnership through closer links between ASEAN and Australian businesses and the private sector and bolster our strategic partnership.The Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte began this meeting in very undiplomatic fashion when he called President Barack Obama the son of a whore for criticising his crackdown on drug deal - dealers which has seen hundreds of people shot in the streets. He can't be ignored and given it was his country's case against China in The Hague which saw the rejection of Beijing's claim over the disbeauted - disputed Scarborough Shoal and Malcolm Turnbull is seeking a meeting with him, a man known at home as Duterte Harry. It's found women are given less than a third of speaking roles in Hollywood movies. The University of Southern California found women had 34% of smeeck speaking roles in last year's top 100 films. The review also found that more than 35,000 speaking roles, or only 32 or less than 1%, identified as lesbian, gay or transgender. Researchers say the result proves Hollywood basically leaves out anyone who is not a straight white man. A spectacular fireworks display has kicked off the Paralympic opening ceremony in Rio. Nearly 4,500 athletes representing 159 countries will compete in the 11-day event. The Australian team was led out by wheelchair basketballer Brad Ness who is competing at his 5th Paralympics. There are 177 Australian athletes in the squad and of course we'll keep you up to date with their progress throughout the Games here on ABC News 24. Time for a check of the weather and a very warm and windy day ahead in the south-east. Unusually warm for spring. We're about 6 degrees above average in Hobart and Melbourne and it's due to these northerly winds spreading up into NSW as well. But there is a big change coming through and we can spot that over in SA but back to those winds, they're up to over 80km/h on Mount William in Victoria and they will continue to strengthen with warnings across parts of Victoria but especially for those Alpine regions and elevated parts where they could get up to 90km/h. And we're seeing that front move across from the Bight, what effect is that going to have?That's going to push the rain into - we have been seeing it all morning around that cloud band. There is a severe weather warning for SA for the high rainfalls around the central and southern parts but also in Victoria there's flood watches that have been released for a large portion of the State, especially around the greater parts of Melbourne up through the northeastern areas as well. So concerns for flash flooding over the next couple of days. Rainfalls will be in the vicinity of around 30 to 50 mm, some areas could get over 70 mm, also for northern Tasmania, currently on a flood watch as well. For the impending rain. What it's doing is we've got showery weather increasing to rain around that part of SA, pushing into the southwestern parts of NSW, western Victoria and down into western Tasmania throughout the morning and afternoon. Then we see it increase as it moves further east tonight into tomorrow, so the westest day will be tomorrow.And a bit of a blast from winter too, early next week?That's right. We can see the next cold front coming up and will reach the south-west tomorrow. That will bring some showers and right behind it we have that cold speckled cloud and that will take us into next week. A cold start for the south-east for next week.Take us around the country.Queensland:

The top stories from ABC News - the US Republican candidate Donald Trump has pledged a major update of the military, if he wins November's presidential election. His comments come ahead of a national security forum where he will appear with Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. Mr Trump says he's pledging an approach of peace through strength. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has come under fire from senior government Ministers this morning, for not sacking Senator Sam Dastyari from Labor's frontbench. Senator Dastyari will remain in the Senate but has quit Labor's shadow ministry, over a payment he received from a Chinese-based company to cover a personal debt. Two teenagers have walked away without serious injury after their car hit a train in Melbourne's north-east. The 12 passengers on the train were not hurt. But the Hurstbridge line was suspended for several hours. The 18-year-old driver has been arrest and police expect to charge him with conduct endangering life. And the Paralympic opening ceremony has been held in Rio kicking off 11 days of competition. A spectacular fireworks display welcomed the 159 national teams into the stadium. The Australian team was led by wheelchair basketballer Brad Necessary who is com -- Ness who is competing at his fifth Paralympics. Some rugby league veterans are adamant any player found guilty of match-fixing should be thrown out of the game. A special NSW police strike force is to interview people as early as tomorrow. Nick Dole has more. There are three games involved, at least, but this is an expanded investigation so it may be that more games are brought into police's sights. But they involve Manly and the Rabbitohs last year, Manly and the Eels last year and another game involving Parramatta and Manly that was in round 7 this year. Now, police noticed some betting anomalies in that last game, it's believed a very large bet was put on Parramatta who were trailing in that match and ended up winning over the Sea Eagles. So police have been looking at this for some time. Police from the Organised Crime Squad here in NSW. But the establishment of this strike force really tells us that police are now treating them very seriously these allegationsThey're devoting more resources to it as well. Initially the NRL said it was very important not to prejudge any of these facts and that everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt, that certainly this tells us that police don't think this is a rumour, they don't think it's innuendo, they think there's some substance to the claims. The NRL has its Integrity Commission which is always looking at these sorts of issues. We haven't heard from the NRL apart from a statement yesterday reiterating the statement that Todd Green burg the NRL chief made earlier that anyone who is found to have been involved in match-fixing should be banned for life. But the NRL and clubs have already counselled their players, be careful about the company that you keep. Don't mix with people who might be seen as dodgy associates or who might be caught up in match-fixing. Manly of course is the club that has been mentioned in a number of these potentially suspicious games. They have already taken some action to try to combat match-fixing or the possibility of it, they commissioned a report and they're now implementing some of the recommendations. Some of those include banning mobile phones completely from the player area on match day. And even installing CCTV cameras around Brookvale Oval to make sure that underworld figures can't approach players on the day. So it's pretty significant measures but it's no surprise really that clubs in the NRL are taking it seriously because I guess if you can't trust the players on the field are giving it their all, if you can't trust the score lines the sport is brought to nought.A powerful in regional Australia is demanding better phone and internet for the bush. The Country Women's Association says it's having a real effect on health services, education and business us.People are becoming frustrated and we're hearing it at the CWA and I'm speaking for 88% of regional Australia that are saying they want better digital connectivity. It would improve our lives greatly because we are all out there trying to run businessesdalely, trying to educate our children, emergency services, health services, medical services. They need to be able to be supported in a far better way than they are at the moment. I know that there are families that are having to leave the family home and live away from home so they can educate the children. The children are being restricted in what's available to them. They can't do their studies -- studies. They can't research. I know there are adults out there that are wanting to do further education, professional development and they have had to not - turn it down and not do it because they don't have the connectivity or the data limits. I know there's been some studies or some case stories of people that are saying that they travel thousands of kilometres to see a specialist. And then that initial consult they can then go back to seeing their specialist via video conferencing and that is just not available. So they're actually not continuing on with their appointments. We're actually fed up in the regional, rural and remote communities and we want something done.There are about two months left until the US election and an increasing number of Americans have declared they would rather boycott the vote. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most unpopular presidential candidates in more than 30 years but experts predict when it comes to polling day most voters will cast a ballot for the candidate they like the least. There is no doubt who they don't want people to vote for. She is a disaster in so many different ways.H he is unqualified to be President and temperament ally unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.We can't have someone in the oval office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified.The only thing that is clear is he has no clue about what he's talking about.But the lack of positive policies is putting some voters off, and calls not to vote for anyone are growing.So I think we are political chumps like Malcolm X said if we go out and give our vote to a party, to any party that doesn't meet our needs. That consistently makes promises to us and faults on those promises.56% of adults have an unfavourable view of Hillary Clinton. It's a rating that would finish most candidates but her opponent, Donald Trump is even worse, at 63%. And it's giving US voters a dilemma.Who do you vote for? It's two horrible choices. Beyond horrible.During the Democratic National Convention, some Bernie Sanders supporters threatened to withhold their vote from the party nominee. And many establishment Republicans skipped their national convention instead becoming the never Trump movement. But despite the pre-election propertiestations, experts say voter -- protestations experts say voter turnout is is likely to be similar to other polls.We found weak support for if they don't like a cannedicate they don't vote. . If the choice is Hillary who is not very excited or Trump who is absolutely appalling they are going to vote.And if they do it could mean boom times for bloat clothes pegs manufacturers.I will vote but I might have to put a clothes pin on my nose when I vote either way. Residents of the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo have been targeted again, bombed by government forces just hours after a suspected gas attack. It comes as Syria's main political opposition groups and their a allies met in London to try to find a way to end the civil war. This story does contain some distressing images. Another air attack on east Aleppo which is held by an assortment of rebels. Civil defence workers pulled out casualties as they have done countless times before. The attack was close to the place where local reports say bombs containing poison ous chlorine gas were dropped on Tuesday. The Syrian government always denies using chemical weapon, despite many accusations. This side of the city is at the moment the government's biggest target. The Syrian Army is trying to sur round east Aleppo to seal it off, an attempt to impose a siege to starve out the anti-regime forces that control it. Casualties were taken to one of the make shift hospitals. The fighting and attempts to impose a total siege mean they're short of medical supplies. The regime blames the blood shed on foreign countries intervening to destroy Syria. It denies allegations it rigs elections here, and says President Assad has no plans to leave office.We elected our President and our Parliament and our local administration units, but these countries would recognise only what they want or the results they want. So we have a very strong government, we have sustained 6-year war against Syria and I assure you we shall continue as long as the intervention takes place.In London, backed by Britain, the Saudis and others a Syrian opposition Coalition has produced the most detailed blue print yet for a transition of power, insisting on President al-Assad and what it calls his clique leaving. They don't expect a yes any time soon from Damascus.If Bashar al-Assad continues to be obstinate and continues to drag his feet and continues to refuse to engage seriously, then obviously they will have to be a plan B which would involve a stepped up military activity.This is the centre of Damascus. This part of the capital could not look more different to the east side of Aleppo. This there is huge war damage a few miles away and across the country but this is the regime showcase. If the demand to step down had been delivered by victorious Army at the gates of his palace, President Assad would have had to have listened. But the way things stand now, he doesn't. The era of the al-Assad in Syria seems to be far from over. Hair raising rescue journeys have been happening every day in this country for more than five years. These were civil defence workers in rebel-held east Aleppo racing to save casualties in Tuesday's attack but local reports say contained chemical chlorine gas. One Syrian general I've spoken to said the war could get much longer. Perhaps another 10 years. The new Brazilian President, Michel Temer, has received a frosty reception at official ind kaent Day celebrations. There have been daily demonstrations against his leadership since he replaced Dilma Rousseff last week. Critics say he and his new cabinet are corrupt and Rousseff was forced from power illegally. Michel Temer presided over the traditional Independence Day parade in the capital, Brasilia. Many booed, others clapped the new leader Brazilians didn't vote for. TRANSLATION: In a way I am happy because if Dilma was in power our country would be total airian like Venezuela.A few metres from the military march, hundreds of protesters shouted "Temer out". Thousands of Brazilians demonstrated demanding Temer's resignation and new elections.TRANSLATION: We want to protest against the impeachment which was a fraud. It was a coup. That is why we are here on the treat streets.To begin taming discontent, Brazil's new President will have to manage the crumbling economy. More than 1.5 million Brazilians lost their jobs last year. His plans may be unpopular, Temer wants to dramatically reduce the Aboriginal government Budget affecting housing, agricultural reforms an regional development among other proposals. It is likely congress will approve Temer's measures. Analysts say they will demand a lot of sacrifices from the poorest Brazilians and that is why these people say they will not stop protesting.TRANSLATION: It's clear he will abolish the rights gained over the past 15 years. He wants to sell the country. We are afraid of what will happen in the coming months.Critics say the impeachment process has made Brazilians more confrontational and the protests mark the trend for the new government which is struggling for popular legitimacy. Now to some news that's just come in, a man who stabbed his girlfriend to death before trying to take his own life has been found guilty of her murder. 27-year-old Michael Quin stabbed 25-year-old Sharri Vies in the neck of the front lawn of his home in 2013. The Crown alleged Quin killed her out of obsession and jealousy after she told him their on-again, off-again relationship was over and she was seeing another man. Quin will be sentenced at another day date. To business and finance news. The market has been sold down quite sharply. Why is that?There doesn't seem to be one major catalyst that's sparked the selling. We're seeing stocks down across the boards. And that is even as we saw a rise in oil prices overnight which did have some expecting to see a bit of a rally in the energy stocks today. But instead mining energy and banking stocks are posting the biggest declines on the market with the All Ords naries down over 1% and the ASX off 0. 1%. There are a few bright spots. Sigma Pharmaceuticals has posted a full year profit to impress investors.

The corporate regulator says Westpac has refunded about $20 million to approximately 820,000 customers in credit card foreign transaction fees. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission says the bank didn't clearly disclose the type of credit card transactions that attract foreign transaction fees. Westpac has now updated its terms to clarify that Australian dollar transactions when processed by overseas merchants will attract a foreign transaction fee. The RBA's next governor, Philip Lowe, says strengthening supervision of markets and the financial system is as necessary as regulation. Mr Lowe will replace Glenn Stevens as governor of the RBA on 18 September. Speaking in Sydney this morning, he says toughening supervision measures is at least as important as the post-crisis regulatory reforms that were implemented: He says the risk of contagion in a financial crisis can be alleviated in part by a better flow of information. Australia is not alone - New Zealand, Turkey and Canada have seen the biggest leap in house prices over the past year, according to a new ranking by real estate agents Night Frank. Property markets grew between 10 and 14%. New Zealand tops the list once inflation is factored in. The average house price in Auckland has hit 1 million dollars for the first time last month. The rising costs have been fuelled by strong immigration, low interest rates and limited housing supply. As you probably heard, the tech giant Apple has launched its new iPhone 7. The new phone will not have a traditional headphone socket. Headphones will now connect to the phone via a vierless connection. The lightning connector could be used also. The firm said it had the courage to take the step however it risks annoying users who will now require an adaptor for existing head phones. The new phone also has two cameras.I think I would lose the wireless head phones very quickly.I lose the phone! That is the first part.You have a few steps to take then.That is right.From tour joke tore title contender, often surfer Matt Wilkinson is riding a wave of success in season 2016 that has seen him climb into surf ing's elite. He believes he can surprise plenty and win the world title.He is the low key title contender.I'm going for a world title this season.May as well.A change in attitude has seen surfing's joker rise up the rankings.I lad some great fun years but did a few years of not really going for the title and now I've realised that to be on tour is such a kind of unique opportunity and not many people do make it.After leading the title race, he slipped to second after a poor month on tour.I feel like I didn't really let the pressure get to me. But I just had a few really slow heats in the last couple of events and hopefully that can change.It's tough. It's emotion ally draining, but he's got a great chance. He's just got to stick to it.After finishing runner-up twice, Taj Burrow knows how tough it can be to win the title.I think will Coe's best bet is to surf offensively, not defensively where he's trying to hang on to his results. He has to come out swinging.The tour heads to California next and it's here where Wilkinson thinks he can get his leaders jersey back but he will face stiff competition with John John Florence and Gabriel Medina making it a race in three.I want to push and this is a great shot for a world title for me. I don't want to let it slip.The joker, now Australia's trump card in a shot at the world title. Let's get more on sport now. Paul Kennedy joins us and, Paul, in the tennis it's been a fascinating - the whole competition has been fascinating in the US Open. But Andy Murray has gone downAndy Murray has gone down against Nisshin Maru nish. There's been a couple of -- Kei Nishikori. We saw Djokovic talk about a joker, he went through his match when Jo-Wilfried Tsonga had to pull out. Look at this one, this is one of the matches of the tournament. That is Nishikori gets his racquet on it to break serve at 5-5 in the fifth. The fifth set is made for Andy Murray usually but k.s ei Nishikori outlasted him here and this is match point. He goes through to the semifinal and out goes one of the favourites of the tournament. Djokovic is still in there. Del Potro and Wawrinka will play tonight, which is whenever the match with Serena Williams and Elle Halliwell finished -- Simona Halep finishes up, which could be soon, it's on serve 3-4 in the second. If Wilkinson wins that then Del Potro will take the court to see who plays Nishikori. This is probably the most interesting stage, which is the right way around.Sorry, we will have to jump out of here because the Treasurer Scott Morrison is speaking in Sydney. Let's go there now.Over the last 12 months, so we will have the opportunity to unpack that more again this morning in that last set of insights I will get from Glenn certainly in his capacity as governor but I will swap the view over Martin Place when he has had a view over Cronulla Beach and we can continue to engage and get his views on how things are moving. On other issues, I note g enthe resignation of Senator Sam Dastyari last night. And Saz I said last night, -- sand as I said last night, who could have thought Sam Dastyari was going to set higher standards than Bill Shorten and the question for Bill Shorten is this - what steps did he take when Senator Dastyari advised him of this issue to inform himself of what action should be taken?What about Cory Bernardi?What Senator Dastyari did was advise his leader of the situation. Now what Senator Dastyari should have led Bill Shorten to do is to refer this matter to the national secretary of the ALP. The national secretary of the ALP should have provided some third party advice to Bill Shorten so he could understand what was going on. But what we saw from Bill Shorten was to completely dis miss it, say everything was OK and he could move on. There was nothing to see here. Lease start talking about other issues. Bill Shorten was the one who failed to act on Sam Dastyari. He is the one who said the standard of allowing people to allow donors to cover off debts was OK by the Labor Party. So that is the problem for Bill Shorten today. He needs to explain what questions did he ask Senator Dastyari, how did he inform himself independently that what he did enabled him to remain as a shadow Minister in his executive and occupy the third most senior position in the Australian Senate for the Labor Party. So it really is a question for Bill Shorten. Sam Dastyari has shown that he has higher standards than the Leader of the Opposition.Do you think Mr Shorten (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY).What the Labor Party seem to be saying about Senator Dastyari is this - he didn't have to go because he did the wrong thing. He had to go because it was becoming politically inconvenient for the Labor Party. And that just tells me that they still don't get it. The problem with Sam Dastyari and Bill Shorten for that matter isn't just that he crossed a line, is the Labor Party doesn't even seem to know there is a line when it comes to these things. They just amble across it. Day after day, without even noticing. This is the real test for Mr Shorten. Mr Shorten should have taken third party advice to inform himself of the facts of this matter. And then come to a conclusion whether it was appropriate for Mr Dastyari, Senator Dastyari to reremain in his position. He didn't do that. He just had a cup of tea, said it's alright Sam, we will bludgeon this out and you watch they will all back off. But the political heat got a bit high so Sam Dastyari fell on his sword. So it shows a pretty shoddo process from Mr Shorten. If you are a PM and you pretend to be a PM as Mr Shorten does, these things matter. Your standards matter. The way you inform yourself of things like this matter. Our PM has demonstrated his ability to deal with these issues and to take sp independent advice on these things to get to the facts and then take the hard decisions. What we have seen from Mr Shorten on this issue is complete missing in action when it came to setting standards in the Labor Party on these issues.Do you think the rules covering political donations and gifts to individual politicians should be overhauled? That is a matter for the joint standing committee on electoral matters and the Special Minister of State. But what we must be very clear about here is the issue of donations is not the same thing as what's gone on with Senator Dastyari here. What we have is clearly a very, very close relationship between Senator Dastyari and this individual. Who else do you ring up and ask for someone to cover off your debts? That is the issue. That is the issue here. And that is the issue that needs to be addressed in terms of the standards that Bill Shorten is prepared to accept. There was no new information yesterday. The facts of this case were well known. No change to that information. So what happened yesterday? The political heat got too hot and for their own political interests they decided to do what they do - they have not learned their lesson. They do not know what the actual problem is or what the offence here that has been committed. I don't mean in a criminal sense, I pleen in terms of a breach of standards. Ministers are held to high standards. It is clear Bill Shorten wasn't prepared to apply high standards to his own frontbench.(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) The joint standing committee on electoral matters is the place where all sides of politics come together in a formal way to deal with these issues. It has a good reputation. I once sat on that committee myself, I was its deputy chair many years ago. There is a spirit, I think, of discussion and dialogue on that committee which is the appropriate place for that to occur. And they will pursue this matter as they see fit and I'm sure if the Special Minister of State has any suggestions for them, then they will be more than happy to look at that. (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)Again, that is a matter for the committee.(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)Not at all. The export story is also driven by services exports, as you would know. And the services exports story for Australia, the growth on that figure from memory was just over 6% for the year. Now, that is healthy growth in service exports which is a job-rich export growth and we're seeing the transition particularly in the Chinese economy to a consumption economy, that sits well with the growth and services exports. We have seen the very strong growth in tourism earnings, education earnings, things like this and they're generating jobs in this country. While I am optimistic, I am not complacent and we can't be complacent about our economic future. We never have been to produce the 25 years of consecutive growth that has been achieved to date. But we can't assume that will continue without continuing to do the things that are needed to drive that growth into the future. And critical to that, to build our financial resilience, is to arrest the dent and that is why as we go back into Parliament next week it will be important for the Parliament to pass the measures that will deliver the savings that will strengthen the Budget and will arrest the debt. Thank you very much.You have been listening to the Treasurer, summon yaon there, once again critical of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for not sacking Sam Dastyari, who has stepped down late yesterday. Let's look at the weather now.Here is the weather system we are watching at the moment. It's over SA pushing that cloud into Victoria and Tasmania. We know, have flood watches for a large portion of Victoria and also northern Tasmania. Damaging wind warning for parts of Victoria and also heavy rainfalls for SA and partings of Victoria as well. Another cold front will come up to the south-west tomorrow so we will see more showers there. For Queensland, showers along the

We are about to take you to the result of a debate between - it wasn't a debate essentially. We had Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump appearing before military leaders in the US ahead of the November election. We will preview that very shortly.

Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are telling their military -- selling their military leadership credentials at a forum on American television to an audience of former and current military personnel. The democratic and Republican candidates have answered questions on how they would tackle the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East. Mrs Clinton made assurances that she would never have US troops on the ground in Iraq, or Syria.We have to defeat ISIS. That is my highest counter-terrorism goal and we've got to it with air power, we've got to do it with much more support for the Arabs and the Kurds who will fight on the ground against ISIS. We have to squeeze them by continuing to support the Iraqi military, they've

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