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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. The government finally reveals the biggest foreign landholder in Australia and

and if you thought it was China, guess again! Malcolm Turnbull talks trade and territorial tensions with Asian leaders in Laos. Fresh accusations the Syrian regime dropped chlorine gas bombs on its civilians in Aleppo. And from the bench to the back of the net, Tim Cahill delivers for Australia, once again. Hello, James McHale with ABC News early edition. The Federal Government's long-awaited register of farm ownership has revealed the United Kingdom owns more than half of all foreign-owned land. The revelation has been used to hose down concerns over Chinese investment in Australia. From Canberra, Regional Affairs reporter Lucy Barbour. it is no secret China has its eyes on Australian assets. From electricity, infrastructure across the country to the leasing of ports in the top end. But when it comes to the nation's food bowl, the Asian giant hardly rates a mention.The fact is Chinese not at the level where a lot of Australians think it is based upon what they are seen portrayed in the media on a regular basis.It does bust a couple of myths.We want have transparency. The data shows 13.6% of Australia's farmland is in foreign hands. The United Kingdom topped the list. They hold over 7% of the nation's farmland. It is followed by the United States with 2%. The Netherlands and Singapore come next. China holds less than half of the %. China would have been propelled to second place had the Treasurer Scott Morrison not blocked the sale of the Kidman cattle empire which holds huge parcels of land across the country.This register is good. It allows us to know where the investment is coming from. What sectors and the State.The Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is keen to emphasise the scale of the investment.More than two times the size of Victoria is now fully or partially foreign-owned. I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with that. But this is a substantial amount of land. -- anything wrong. Scott Morrison has played down the significance. Some in the National Party want tougher restrictions on foreign ownership. Despite the new rules. Barnaby Joyce says he is happy with what is currently on the table. The discussion amongst his MPs and senators shows just how controversial this issue still is. Lucy Barbour, ABC News, Canberra. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will push for greater cooperation among nations to secure the economic prosperity and safety of the Asian region. Mr Turnbull is meeting his Japanese counterpart - Shinzo Abe - in the lead up to tonight's Southeast Asia Summit in Laos. He says national security will be high on the agenda - including a more regional approach to counter-terrorism.

Sharing intelligence is critically important so that we know what's going on, he is coming back from the Middle East if they are coming back, what they are doing. -- who is. We are dealing with the transnational threat. I think it is fair to say that governments have not been as quick as they ideally would have been in terms of recognising the speed and transnational nation of communications in an age of social media. It is catching up. There is an urgency and that's why it's vitally important that we engage and focus on that. As you know, I have in my party Greg Moriarty and until recently, countering terrorism water later. I'm travelling he was the very best of advice on the counterterrorism front. The battle to keep Australians save. As the PM enagages and Asia, his Foreign Minister is forging closer ties with Germany. At the first meeting of its kind - ministers from both countries shared information about defence, terrorism and trade. Europe correspondent James Glenday reports from Berlin. With a place Hitler's army played much of the Second World War, Astra has come to watch a friendship with the German counterparts. -- Australia. They inspected the truth -- troops during a welcome parade. Then they retreated to a stately lakeside villa for a meeting.This two plus two represents a historic milestone in this already strong friendship.Ministers discussed the situation in Syria and how to best tackle the threat of terrorism. Even though Germany missed out on building the submarines in Australia, they were told they could take on other crucial military cut contracts. -- elytra contracts. Sela that equipment investment will allow us to do more work together.

Germany hopes Australia will have its back in Asia. In the wake of the Brexit boat. The relationship took on more meaning. -- vote. With it leaving, decision makers are hoping that our voice still gets hurt. -- heard. Meanehile, the government is planning to fast track a free trade deal with Britain once it leaves the EU. The Australian Trade minister Steve Ciobo is in London for talks with his British counterpart Liam Fox. They've agreed to set up a 'trade working group' which will meet twice a year from 2017. But any free trade deal could take years - as the UK has to first extricate itself from the EU. In the meantime, Australia has begun separate negotiations with the European Union. The Federal Government has conceded the Islamic State group has been successful in involving Australians in spreading their message. An IS website has called for "lone wolf" attacks at locations in Sydney and Melbourne. Justice Minister Michael Keenan says the threats should be taken seriously because some Australians may be helping spread the terrorist group's message. He says as the group suffers more defeats in the Middle East. They're likely to look elsewhere for targets. In many ways, that does magnify the threat that they will seek further legitimacy by propagating attacks in the West. Unfortunately, Australia is not going to be a immune from that. Victoria Police is liaising with intelligence services over the article. Thousands of telephone intercepts will be used as evidence against five men who allegedly intended to use a small fishing boat to sail from Australia to Syria to join Islamic State. A Melbourne court has heard there are concerns the men - who include Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio - may not get a fair trial because of legal aid funding. Cheryl Hall reports.

The five men including Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio were arrested in Far North Queensland in May. They had eight metre fishing boat which they were allegedly going to use to get Indonesia and in Syria to join Islamic State. Today, the court was told there were more than 2000 items in the prosecution's brief including thousands of telephone intercepts, audio and data from phones. The man representing Musa Cerantonio said it would be difficult for them and to get a fair trial, they were all funded by legal aid and they didn't have the resources of the investors in team of the prosecution. They said they didn't have a bottomless pit of resources and couldn't spend weeks analysing the brief without endless funding. -- extra funding. It is unfair that the accused, he said, he didn't have the understanding of the case against them. He deferred the committal hearing from this month to May next year. They ordered the prosecution to supply the witness statements in hard copy, more than 100. Musa Cerantonio happy by video link from jail today and all five men are likely to remain in custody until the committal hearing in May next year and that's one year after they were arrested in Far North Queensland. Syrian government forces have been accused of dropping chlorine bombs on its civilians in Aleppo. The government has denied previous accusations of chemical weapons use during the five-year-old civil war. But in August, a UN-led report found both government and rebel forces had used chemical weapons. And a caution, this item contains distressing images.

Rescue workers moved in as dust from the attack still hung in the air. Residents reported a strong smell of chlorine will stop up to 80 people had suffocated though no-one was killed. --. Dozens were rushed to hospital, still struggling to breathe. Children were among those worst affected, their small lungs least able to withstand the poison without oxygen masks, many will die. Others were washed down with water to remove trace of the lethal gas. TRANSLATION: He smells of chlorine, everything smells of chlorine.Rebel groups say government helicopters dropped it in barrel bonds over this neighbourhood in Aleppo's rebel held east. Is the third such attack in months and coincides with the UN inquiry.We are also now investigating new allegations of chemical weapons use. Particularly pertaining to August incident.The Syrian government has repeatedly denied using that chlorine gas and says rebels are just as guilty of using chemical weapons. The use of chlorine only adds to the worsening warfare in Aleppo. Fighting has escalated over the summer with both sides desperate to control Syria's largest city. Weeks on, neither side has managed to claim victory. And Barker, ABC News. -- Ann. A West Australian man has died from a shark attack off New Caledonia in the south Pacific. The 50-year-old from Fremantle was kite surfing when he fell into the water and was bitten on the thigh near Koumac. It's the second fatal shark attack off New Caledonia in the past six months. There were 98 shark attacks around the world last year. The highest number ever recorded. The French woman who received the world's first face transplant has died. 11 years ago Isabelle Dinoise was given a new nose, mouth and chin during a 15 hour procedure after being mauled by her pet labrador. A French newspaper says the 38-year-old was taking drugs to prevent her body from rejecting the transplant which led to two cancers. The Murdoch family's 21st Century Fox has settled a sexual harassment case taken against the former head of Fox News, Roger Ailes. Former Fox presenter Gretchen Carlson won a reported $26 million pay-out and a public apology. She filed the lawsuit against Ailes in July - saying he took her off a popular show and cut her pay because she refused his sexual advances. The network chief resigned in the wake of the scandal and Rupert Murdoch assumed interim control. Roger Ailes has reportedly been an informal adviser to the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. The introduction of the evil and cheap offshore printing was predicted to lead to the demise of Australia's book printing industry. World first technology in Adelaide suggests the future of the written word remains bright. These glossy, colourful book covers are hot off the press and have been printed on a scene that is the only one of its kind in the world. -- machine.IM certain that every book printer in the world will be looking at Adelaide today. -- I am.The speed to market is essential for us. If they can install the file and print quickly, it will be fantastic. Griffen -- Griffin's press met their demands a smaller book orders which are economic.Today the average order size is 20 books and many are books of one. Treating those books conventionally wasn't going to work. The multibillion-dollar investment lies in the face of predictions that hardcopy books are a dying breed. With the advent of E books, many believe that they were on borrowed time. Global book sales have recently increased.A colouring book phenomenon last year really gave a boost to sales which we are now seeing the reflection of that, they are not selling at the same rate. Thank goodness the Harry Potter and 78 stories. There are still loads of being bought.Proving innovation can provide an industry with a new chapter.

The local sharemarket has climbed. It was a mixed today. Markets flat. In commodities, gold is trading...

After 172 days, the latest astronauts have returned to Earth. Cosmonauts along with veteran NASA astronaut Jeff Williams made the trip back to Earth in a Russian Capshaw, landing safely in farmland in Kazakhstan. Williams now has 534 days in space, meaning he spent more time in space than any other US astronaut. Confusion reigns over what consitutes a shoulder charge in the wake of Raiders fullback Jack Wighton being cleared by the NRL judiciary. Former first grade coach Matthew Elliott says the game needs to re-think its rules on the controversial tackle. Here's Jennifer Browning. Jack Wighton is very to play finals football.Excited. It is been a rough start the week can't wait to get out there.Dedicated camera vans even travel to Sydney to see their full-back exonerated. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) it only took the judiciary five minutes to clear him.That has raised some eyebrows. I'm confused. I can't can't say too much because I do know what the rules are.The clarity they tried to bring increased complexity. A shoulder charge is a shoulder charge.Michael Ennis was not charged for this heat. While Jack Wighton faced missing the entire final series that these tackles. His legal counsel successfully argued it was not a shoulder charge because his arm was not parked at the point of conflict. -- contact.Commonsense. Contact was made with the outside of the shoulder. No doubt. One was about, one skittled a player.Some want the NRL to overhaul the rules.Buried inconsistency in this rule. They need to get it out or get clarification. -- there is. Confident of getting him. Now we can focus on the game. The NRL says it won't speculate on a review of the rules prior to the finals series. They added the White in case highlights the benefit of having an independent match review committee and judiciary.Jennifer Browning, ABC new Sydney. In AFL, Friday's qualifying final between Hawrthorn and Geelong at the MCG will mark a comeback for Geelong's Daniel Menzel that's been five years in the making. Menzel missed the 2011 Cats premiership after suffering what would be the first of four major knee injuries. He's now a fixture of the side again and is anxiously awaiting a finals return. The sprinklers were on at Kardinia Park today as the Cats prepared for the wet conditions forecast for Friday's match against the Hawks. Buried excitement around the group. It is not one we want to shy around from -- their ears. -- away.There is more in it for Menzel than most. After four me reconstructions, he will finally play another final. Emotionally, it's something that is five years so it is an unknown. It's where I've strived to get through. The first of Menzel's serious injuries occurred against the Hawks in 2011.I have heard people message me say it is the same date to the night against the same team in the same final on the same ground. It's uncanny.That's an understatement that he insists his mind will be squarely on the opposition and the chance to secure a final spot. Weller I hope there's a big crowd. It's a really big spectacle. -- -- I hope it's a big crowd.

Australia has set a new world record score in international Twenty-20 cricket on its way to an 85 run win over Sri Lanka in Palleh-kelly. Glenn Maxwell made the most of his chance at the top of the order, smashing 145 not out from 65 balls. His innings included 14 fours and nine sixes. COMMENTATOR: He's been caught. It's a no ball at square leg. The batsmen have come back for two. And that's Maxwell's hundred. Many happy returns Glenn Maxwell! His unbeaten century powered the tourists to three for 263 from their 20 overs, beating the T-20 record set by Sri Lanka against Kenya nine years ago. The home side was resticted to nine for 178 - with Mitchell Starc taking three wickets.

The world number one Novak Djokovic has continued his charmed run through the US Open after Jo-Wilfried Tsonga retired when trailing two sets to love in their semifinal. Angelique Kerber is through to a semifinal against Caroline Wozniacki, while Gael Monfils will face Djokovic in the final four. Duncan Huntsdale reports. Playing Novak Djokovic is proving to be a curse. Three of his opponents have ended prematurely.COMMENTATOR: what is going on?You tell me. Earlier, Ben Stiller served up comedy to the boy from Oz as Djokovic showed off the benefits of his will light workload with Superior Court coverage. During the sets, the defending champion was dominant. Djokovic's opponent will be Gael Monfils. He ridiculed suggestions he puts entertainment ahead of playing.D think I'm stupid?Second seed Angelique Kerber crashed into the semi. The German will become world number one if she wins the tournament or Serena Williams fails to make the final. When I was a kid, I was dreaming to be number one. If the day will come, it will be amazing.The former number one Caroline Wozniacki is currently ranked 74th but is that arise after booking a semifinal with Angelique Kerber. -- rise. With less than a day to the start of the Rio Paralympic Games - organisers have pledged to pay the travel expenses of as many as 10 teams - worried they couldn't afford to get to the games. Organisers have promised to pay up tomorrow. Now it looks like every Paralympic team - except Russia - will take part. Guy Stayner reports from Rio For the wheel to erase Kurt Fearnley is a man on a mission to win the marathon.I am pushing good. I had entered the village as fresh, as well motivated, as healthy, as fit, as fast as I ever have been.For the 5-time Paralympic and, this will be his last games.This is my family. I know it is my last time. I know as an athlete, this is the last time I pull on the green and gold.Key arrived at the games village to wish the team well.Any Australian who is apparently be in is twice the citizen because they have had to do it really tough.These games have also done it tough. This is a Paralympics dogged by controversy. The committee has shown courage not seen by the IOC to ban the entire Russian team for its systematic doping program. The head of the IPC said Russia had a burst of glory at all costs. The Australian team is not immune. It is dealing with a performance and hosting drug scandal of its own. -- enhancing. Dual gold-medallist got Michael Gallagher has admitted cheating. Rather


It is a shock for us but we know we have done everything we can to prepare our athletes and it's come down to personal choice. He has made a silly, very silly mistake.In good news for the games, the funding woes that threatened the participation of third World countries appear to have been sold. All 152 teams expected to compete including a team of refugees, will be part of tomorrow's opening ceremony. Time to check in with the Drum. Gender equality or lack thereof of horror just edged 2% -- just 32% in Parliament. In later, it is 42%. In John Howard's old party, it is just 22% and the National 's, just 14% female. Mr Howard said he doesn't believe there will ever be parity in numbers between men and women because, he said, the role continued to play of women as children carers in the wider community. It seems that China might not be buying up the farm after all? Yes. Perhaps contrary to perceptions, a lot of the rhetoric around foreign ownership focuses on China and we will explore that. This data out today shows that the area out today, 13 to 14% of farmland in the hard -- hands of foreigners, the British! The Dutch owned more than that Chinese. -- the Chinese stock are their legitimate concerns about how China does business or is there a hint of racism in all of this? We will put that around the panel as well. That is in the Drum. Now a look at the weather with Graham Creed. Severe weather warnings are for tomorrow, particularly for Victoria. This tomorrow, particularly for Victoria.
This is an association with two cold fronts that will combine with another could disturbance. Some heavy rainfall potential and damaging winds for the western parts of the state. Flood watches in Victoria and northern Tasmania. This is for Thursday and Friday as this frontal system brings heavy rainfall. A lot of the moisture for this rainfall is developing through Queensland into a vigorous onshore wind. Strong and gusty winds in the coastal areas, producing further showers. It could rain at times in the Central Coast. Some of the showers will move through the eastern interior. The New South Wales, a generally dry day. A few light showers in the north-east. Cloud will increase particularly in land and some late rain in the south-west by the evening. For Victoria, rain will develop in Western Districts and a mild and windy day. The wins will become strong through western and central areas and potential for damaging gusts through the West later in the day if possible heavy rainfall. We will see drizzling the North to begin with and then rain developing in the West which will spread. Strong and gusty winds as well. Fairly widespread showers and rain developing through the eastern parts of South Australia. Just some isolated showers contracting to the southern coast of Western Australia and possible morning hail. Generally clear and hot across the territory. -- Territory. Thank you Graham Creed. Finally today, battle for Australia commemorations are being held across the country, paying tribute to those who fought and died against the Imperial Japanese forces in World War II. About 1600 truck Pinery schoolchildren from across Victoria came here to Melbourne's shrine of the Rembrandt. -- Shrine of remembrance. -- primary school children. They heard from service men and women from that period and saw people lay wreaths at the eternal flame. The battle for Australia covers a range of conflicts in World War II. They conflicts in World War II. They
include fighting in Malaysia, the bombing of Darwin, fighting along the Kokoda track in PNG and the battle of the Coral Sea. These were battles that were somewhat shrouded in secrecy because, at the time, the Japanese were on the march and the allies, including the Australian government, thought the Japanese would invade Australia.In 1942, they drew a line across Australia called the Brisbane line and said, "We will only dissent -- defend south of that line. " They were defending the northern third of Australia.That is all we have time for, thanks to your company. Goodbye for now.

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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello there. Welcome to The Drum. Coming up: John Howard doubts women will ever make up half of Federal Parliament. Inconvenient truth or self-fulfilling prophecy?

Foreign ownership of Australian farms - do concerns over Chinese investment reveal a double standard - even ray civil? And a -- racism? A serious threat or propaganda? How should we respond to the latest call for violence by Islamic State?