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(generated from captions) S This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. The Royal Commission into Juvenile Detention in the Northern Territory gets under way in Darwin.Despite being painful process, for the community to move forward, it must come to understand where these wrongs have occurred and ensure that those wrongs are not repeated.Labor Senator Sam Dastyari says sorry for using a Chinese Government-linked company to pay a travel, but maintains it didn't allow him to influence his comments on China. A vulgar slur from the Philippines President prompts Barack Obama to cancel their meeting. And remembering the day an Australian suffragette became the first woman to speak on the floor of the British House of commons whether they liked it or not. Hello, James McHale with ABC News Early Edition. The royal commission examining youth detention and child protection in the Northern Territory has begun in Darwin. Mick Gooda, one of two Commissioners, presiding over the inquiry, has promised to act with an impartial mind and make meaningful recommendations. James Oaten joins us live from Darwin with more. James, what have we heard today on the dars day of the commission? -- first day of the commission?Today was an opportunity for the Commissioners and counsel assisting to address guidelines over the next few months. We know the royal commission will be looking into youth detention in the Northern Territory. They're accepting submissions now and hope to have hearings up and running by the middle of October. One of the concerns is that for the many remote Indigenous communities who may want their voice heard, it is a huge logistical task to reach out to those communities and give them a voice to be heard. Commissioner Mick Gooda addressed that issue and said he will ensure he will make sure everything will be done to make sure those people are giving an opportunity. In particular, the royal commission has appointed two senior Aboriginal people in Darwin and Alice Springs to help facilitate that. And Mick Gooda addressed the the perception that he might act with bias. He tweeted shortly after the Four Corners episode that sparked this royal commission, that the NT Government should be sacked. He addressed that today.I wish to assure people in the community that I will look only at the evidence and other information given to the Commission and that nothing extraneous will affect the conclusions I reach with my co-Commissioner.James, how long will this royal commission run? Who can we expect to hear from also?We hope, as I said, to have the hearings up by the middle of October. The hearings will go through November and December. Then the final report is scheduled to be made public on 31 March next year. So a lot to get through between now and March. In terms of who we expect to hear from, well, the courtroom was packed. We heard from some of Darwin senior's legal fraternity, the likes of Peter Malley, he was requesting leave from the former Chief Minister Adam Giles, and the likes of John Lawrence and Peter O'Brien - the lawyers who represented the children that we saw in the Four Corners episode, the likes of Dylan Voller, who was the child that we saw from the age of 12, 13 and the abuse he suffered, all the way to the tear-gassing incident and the spit hood innocent as well. The commission admitted it doesn't quite know how many people they will hear from. We have to watch this space.Thank you, James. Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has made a public apology for asking a company with links to the Chinese Government to pay a $1,600 bill incurred by his office. The Coalition has demanded he step down, saying the payments influenced his on
comments on China - in particular, on the controversial issue of the South China Sea. But the Labor frontbencher denies that.If I have misspoken on this issue in the past, in this instance...Did you misspeak?..Then I would have been wrong. I support the Labor Party position on the issue of the South China Sea.So you just tripped over your words?I can't be any clearer. I support the Labor Party policy and Labor Party position on the issue of the South China Sea.So you just weren't thinking straight? You sort of tripped over the words, there you are, it is just what you donors wanted?Andrew, Andrew, look, I support the Labor Party position on the issue of the South China Sea. I'm being very...I just want to... To...look, I made a mistake.Senator Dastyari has said he has not been asked to resign and would not tender his resignation. The Federal Court has ruled against Attorney-General George Brandis over his decision to refuse a freedom of information request for access to his diary. Karl Hoerr has more. The legal battle between George Brandis and Mark Dreyfus went all the way to the Federal Court, the issue the diary of Attorney-General. Today, the court has ruled that Senator Brandis' appeal against an earlier ruling in favour of Mark Dreyfus should be dismissed.I'd call on Senator Brandis to now say definitively that he will not be wasting further taxpayers' money by going onto the High Court of Australia, which he could potentially do, and I sincerely hope he does not. I call on him to say that he won't because that would be a further ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money. Instead, he should expeditiously process this request. Mark Dreyfus estimates this case has cost taxpayers around $50,000, including Senator Brandis' costs, as well as Mark Dreyfuses' which the court has ruled the Government should cover. Mark Dreyfus has called on Senator Brandis to abandon any plans to challenge this decision in the High Court. The parents of a baby girl permanently brain-damaged after accidentally being given laughing gas at a public hospital have spoken for the first time. Amelia Khan was inadvertently given nitrous ox ide due a mislabelling of gas pipes at Bankstown hospital. Benish and Danial Khan say their daughter suffers constant seizures, requires a feeding tube and will probably need a high level of care for the rest of her life. The President of the pill fens says he now regrets insulting his uts counter part whom he called a 'son of a whore'. Wrarm cancelled a chuting meeting with Rodrigo Duterte following the insult. The two leaders were due to meet for the first time at the ASEAN summit. Rodrigo Duterte was given a warm welcome - a stark contrast to the comments he made as he left the comments. The US is concerned at the rise of extra judshl killings since -- judicial killings since Rodrigo Duterte came to power. The President says he won't be lectured by anyone, including Barack Obama.I am the President of a state. I do not have any master except the file piano people -- Filipino people.President Obama has cancelled the meeting altogether.I have seen some of those colourful statements in the past, so, clearly, he is a colourful guy.'Colourful' is putting it kindly. There is a man who threatened to kill his own children if they used drug and publicly joked about the rape of a female missionary. But Rodrigo Duterte knows he has strong support among Filipinos.The campaign against drug will continue. Plenty will be killed until the last one is out of the streets.This new scrap could affect talks on another key issue - the South China Sea. The Philippines is a key US ally in its dispute with China but talks on any joint approach will now have to wait. Security has been stepped up in the Afghan capital, Kabul, where multiple Taliban attacks have killed at least two dozen people and injured more than 90 others. Authorities say the Taliban remoted detonated a bomb near the district police headquarters and the Afghan Defence Ministry, killing an army general. That was followed by a second blast by a suicide bomber, targeting people rushing to help victims of the first explosion. There was a third in central Kabul, witnesses say it was a car bomb. Thai authorities have arrested a man linked to Muslim separatists in connection with a wave of fatal bombings in tourist towns last month. But the manhunt continues for other suspects including Ahama Lengha, whom Thai place believe fled to Malaysia. In the deep south of Thailand, security cameras capture a stolen ambulance being left outside a hotel in Pattani. Separatist insurgents have turned it into a car bomb. One person was killed and 30 yired. The car bombing followed a string of attacks targeting areas outside the usual conflict zone of Thailand's southern-most provinces. Thailand's military Government was quick to rule out separatists. Who was behind the attacks?

The conflict in southern Thailand has claimed more than 6,500 lives with bombings and shootings an almost daily occurrence. The firsters warrant issued for the recent attacks was Ahama Lengha. TRANSLATION: He really respected his family. He was very strict got going to the mosque often to pray. TRANSLATION: I don't think this is fair on my brother, but I didn't get mad about the news. I think, maybe, they just got the wrong guy.The Thai military says Ahama Lengha sourced and transported the mobile phones that were used to detonate the bombs. They say DNA taken from a device that didn't explode in Phuket matched his. They got the sample from a 2004 incident - a major turning point in this conflict in which police killed around 80 Muslim protesters. Police say at least 20 people were involved in the bombings and have issued five arrest warrants. The Thai police believe Ahama Lengha is in Malaysia. Our next story is one for the Trivial Pursuit fans out there. What nationality was the first woman to speak on the floor of the British House of Commons? Australian. She did so during a protest in 1908. Suffragette Muriel Matters chained herself to a grill in the UK Parliament and managed to make a speech to members before being thrown out. It is not everyday you see an Australian Parliamentarian in period costume entering the House of Commons. But South Australian Labor MP Bedford is here to pay homage to Muriel Matters.They realised they couldn't remove the chains quickly enough so they unscrewed the grill and by doing so placed her on the floor of the House of the Commons. Part of the grill protects a window now near the central lobby to commemorate the act. At the time it was frowned upon and Muriel Matters wernts to jail for one month.After being released from Hollowway Prison, she did what any woman would do and ordered an air balloon. She realised if she was to have any luck, she needed the winds. These balloons sailed miles away.Amber Rudd is the local MP where Muriel Matters ran for Parliament back in 924.I think the bravery, the courage and the determination shown by the women who were demanding suffage was incredibly important. There was a lot of resistance to it. The spirit of Muriel Matters lives on in Westminster. Tomorrow night, a local chapter of the society named in her honour will be launched at Australia House.

The share market has closed lower after the Reserve Bank left interest rates on hold today. Looking across the region, it was a good day there, the Nikkei adding 44 points in commodity trade. Gold is at 1326.74. And the Aussie dollar commodity trade. Gold is at 1326.74.
And the Aussie dollar is currently buying 76.34 US cents. An injury cloud hangs over three Broncos' forwards over Friday's night sudden death final. An overzealous gate-crasher helped make up the numbers at Redhill. Josh McGuire was absent with a thigh problem while Alex Glen has n -- Alex Glenn has a groin injury.I felt it during training.And hooker Andrew McCullough's training session was cut short.You want to make sure you're right for Friday.They're all a bit sooky, I think.The Titans have scraped into the finals in eighth place but are confident of an upset if they start well.We haven't started strong in the past few weeks. We have to put together a really good 80-minute performance to get over the line.We have a great back line, great coach, it is a well ball labsed team.The Cowboys are giving Matt Scott every chance to recover from a broken finger before Saturday's game against the Storm. We need our best players out there and Matt is certainly one of those guys. He is vitally important. Finishing the season in 4th place gives the Cowboys a second chance if they lose in Melbourne. Sydney defender Callum Mills has won this year's Rising Star Award by 8 votes. Mills only took up the sport six years ago but quickly established himself as a key player in his debut season. And the winner of the 2016 NAB AFL Rising Star is Callum Mills from the Sydney Swans Football Club.Mills started the season without an AFL game to his name but finishes it alongside some of the sport's legends.There has been some great names before me that have won this award, Goodes, Buckley. For me to win it is something special.He hails from Sydney's North Shore and rugby union was his game until he filled in for a friend at age 13 and didn't look back.I thought AFL was finally the game per me.He has been hailed for his courage - something that has been with him since childhood despite the odd broken bone.We used to ride motorbikes and I used to try to follow my older brother. I'd tried to keep up but it wasn't always pretty.After barely playing in 2015 due to injury, he made his debut for the Swans this year.He is such a professional in how he approaches it all, how he prepares, his research on the opposition, to that regard it doesn't surprise us what he has been able to do this year.After the season he has had in defence, who knows what Callum Mills will achieve when he returns to his preferred position. With the finals about to get under way, a battle is playing out behind the scenes over who invented the system that's being used by both the AFL and the NRL. A retired Tasmanian teacher says he came up with the idea of the final eight two decades ago but his quest for recognition continues to be ignored. Kim Crawford loves footy finals because, he claims, he invented them.I first came up with the idea back in 1994, just when the AFL first announced it was doing to use a final eight system.That idea has seen the former PE teacher in a 20-year tussle with Australia's biggest sporting codes.It is a bit of a David versus Goliath battle, I suppose.Kim says he has the correspondents to prove his system. I had letters from every AFL club come back to me and the majority of AFL clubs when the Macintyre system was being used called for the introduction of my system.The AFL historian Cole Hutchinson says plenty could claim ownership.There were at least four or five people with exactly the same system suggested. As far as the timeframe is concerned, it is rather difficult to recall just in what order they were received.Neither the AFL nor the NRL could confirm the system was in fact Kim Crawford's. He says he just wants recognition, and wants it it called the Crawford 8.The general public are never short of giving us suggestions, many of which are beneficial.Kym Crawford is calling on the codes to play fair. Look, it would mean the end of a lot of frustration, just trying to, I guess, get the AFL and the NRL to tell the truth.A score that's a long way from being settled. At the US Open, Serena Williams has broken Roger Federer's record for the most number of matches won in Grand Slams. Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray move into the quarterfinals and Serena Williams recorded her 308th victory. On the court where she won her first major in 1999, Serena Williams easily beat Yaroslava Shvedov, and surpasses Roger Federer as the player with the most wins in Grand Slams.Oh, wow, it is really exciting. This is where it all started so it is always so magical for me. But 308 sounds so good.Williams

good.Williams will next face fifth seed, Simona Halep.

seed, Simona Halep. And Agnieszka Radwanska was tested by her 18-year-old opponent.This is actually the biggest stadium I've played on.Karolina Pliskova will take on Konga. And Andy Murray has

take on Konga. And Andy Murray has
booked a quarterfinal berth with Rafael Correa. -- Nika Corey.

Against some considerable odds, Rio pulled off the feat of hosting the Olympics. It now has to do it all which
again with the Paralympic Games which get under way in two days' time. This time round, the spotlight has revealed a lack of meaningful improvements in disability access a I cross the city. A blind woman tries to cross a street in the city.

Most traffic lights aren't fitted with audio signals.You always have to ask somebody to help you, and so we stay a long time to cross the street.70-year-old Heloisa Mosech has to run the gauntlet of the footprint on her street. 'It's impossible', she says, 'The asphalt is so wa vi, it is impossible to -- wavy, it is impossible to use the footpath.' She has to use the road to get anywhere.Sidewalks are very bad.There have been improvements made to disability access around Rio, at world famous tourist spots, like Sugar Loaf Mountain here behind me. But locals with disabilities rarely visit those places. They say there is no legacy for them. Paralympic Games don't make my city a better city to disabled people. Could you hep me?But the lack of disability infrastructure hasn't dented his love for Rio.My city don't like me, but I like my city and I like my people, and my people like me.What's not to like...dancing Samba with a little rock and a lot of roll. Time to check in with your John Barron now. An Australian celebrity complains about body shaming after some unflattering photos were posted online.Yes, an interesting one. Osher Gunsberg, better known as Andrew G, the former host of Australian Idol, now with The Bachelor - haven't seen it myself - he was photographed the other day getting into a wetsuit while on holiday in Bali. Not a particularly flattering photo, although not bad for a bloke in his 40s. He feels it as a form of bullying. Interesting this is coming up because it is a male celebrity. We will get the views of the panel on that tonight. I will get you a white rose sent to you. You will have to look up what that means.(LAUGHS) Now here is a look at the national weather Now here is a look at the national
weather with Graham weather with Graham Creed. A cold front is set to move through waste. Two of them in fact -- waste, in fact two of them -- Western Australia, in fact, two of them. One in the morning and the other in the late afternoon or evening. Isolated thunderstorms about the far south-west from Perth through Albany. For rainfall, the other area likely to see showers is on the coast of Queensland. This is in a fairly vigorous south-easterly wind flow. There could be one or two showers about the south-east coast. For NSW, generally clear, dry and sunny. A chilly start to the day. We will see mild conditions in the afternoon. There is the potential of an isolated shower about the Northern Rivers. For Victoria, also clear, dry and generally sunny. A bit of fog in the east to begin with. A mild to warm day for this time of year but strengthening north, to north-westerly winds. We will see strengthening winds across Tasmania. A possible shower about the north and through parts of the east coast, but nor the east, it is only really about the exposed coastal areas. South Australia, looking at cloud increasing and a mild to warm day. We will see a southerly change reach the Nullarbor as we move into the afternoon or evening. Widespread showers across the south-west land division in the showers across the south-west land
division in the morning and then again in the evening. Thank you, Graham Creed. That is all for this bulletin. We leave you on the shores of Lake Anaseid in the south-west of France with all the twists and turns of the para gliding championship. It is a thing. Bye for now.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello there. Welcome to The Drum. I'm John Barron. Coming up: Sam Dastyari says he should have paid his own travel bill as Labor calls for a ban on all foreign political donations.

Are medical certificates and repeat prescriptions a waste of doctors' time and taxpayers' money? And: The body shaming of a male reality star - fair game or unfair bullying?