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Tonight - an Australian woman charged with murder over the death of a Bali policeman. Standing together - two iconic families commemorate the long road to land rights.I looked up at the clouds and all I could see was my father's face smiling down on me. And I thought, "Wow. It must be alright with him if I'm coming out here."For the joy for the host nation as Brazil -- joy for the host nation as Brazil wins football gold after a dramatic penalty shoot-out. Holding their nerve - the Raiders make it eight straight as the Eels put them to the test. Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News Sunday. Australian woman Sara Connor and her British boyfriend will be interrogated once again tomorrow after being charged with the murder of a police officer in Bali. The victim has been buried in a Hindu ceremony and police say the two suspects have differing versions of events. A report from Kuta now. Australian Sara Connor weeps as a supporter arrives. Last night the Byron Bay woman felt the force of Indonesian law. What has she been charged with given she's been... Charged with murder and salt, causing death. For the victim, a traditional tribute. The policeman's coffin was lifted for a final march. A 30-year police veteran, his body was found with dozens of wounds on Kuta Beach. TRANSLATION: My father was brave. Loved by his family. As a son I'm feeling shocked and a great sense of loss.Schapelle Corby's former lawyer is Sara Connor's. Questioning has been stopped for a day.Too tired. That's why we stopped the investigation today. The Australian's boyfriend, David Taylor, has been charged with the same crimes. His lawyer says the British man denies the murder charge and told police Connor was pushed into the sand by the officer and he used his body weight to hold her down before some people came to help her. The Denpasar police chief says the couple were seen wrestling at the beach. TRANSLATION: They've made different statements, it doesn't matter. In if
an investigation it's better for us if the statements differ. It means they're making up their alibis.A huge number of people have turned out today for this traditional Hindu ceremony. An amazing ceremony in the middle of Bali. Now they're walking the policeman's body for cremation. His family say he served as a police officer for 30 years and died doing his duty. Sara Connor will face interrogation again tomorrow. Two of the biggest names in Australia's fight for Aboriginal land rights have stood side by side to honour the actions of a trailblazer. Family of Vincent Lingiari who led the Wave Hill walk-off, invited relatives of Eddie Mabo to a flag ceremony as part of the 50th anniversary of the iconic land rights protest at Kalkarindji. This story contains images of deceased people. It was a moment that took the breath of a proud woman. The daughter of Eddie Vincent
Mabo approaching the grave of Vincent Lingiari. They were invited to the 50th anniversary of the Wave Hill walk-off by descendants of the Kalkarindji stockmen. A gesture of solidarity and respects from one first nation's family to another. Thank you for opening the gates for land rights.Today, they stood as one, at a small ceremony at the grave of Vincent Lingiari. His great-grandchildren accepted a Torres Strait Islander flag from the Mabo family. In return, the Mabo family accepted theirs.He would have been proud.I think both of our fathers both would be so proud. They're up there shaking hands and everything. They've been mates for a long time.It's about us uniting together. And standing for our rights. Yep. For our land, cultures and all that.Vincent Lingiari walked off Wave Hill Station in 1966 for better treatment of his people, an action that sparked the land rights movement. Murray Island man Eddie Mabo took his land rights fight to the High Court and had it overturned. His daughter's visit to Kalkarindji had her father's blessing.I looked up at the clouds and all I could see was my father's face smiling down on me. And I thought, "Wow. It must be alright with him if I'm coming out here." Just really emotional, special. Happy that we've got the Torres Strait Island flag and giving them back the flag. It's good to represent my great-grandfather.Two families celebrating a union of shared struggle. It was a moment that lifted the spirits of sporting fans across Brazil. The nation won the medal it wanted most - a gold in its most beloved sport - soccer. The result boosted morale in the country beset by political and social problems. And finally gave Brazil a reason to celebrate its Olympics. Mary Gearin is in Rio with all the details. The Olympic Games may be winding down but the atmosphere here in Rio has never been more electric than tonight. There were no empty seats in the stadium as Brazil claimed football gold in a dramatic penalty shoot-out. Superstar Neymar is the face of Brazil in these Games and he carried the hopes of the host nation. He didn't disappoint. This was the very moment Brazil hoped the Games would deliver.Such delight. Sheer joy.In Rio and across the country, people packed in to watch the showdown with Germany. Brazil's nemesis after the 7-1 drubbing in the wu. -- World Cup. It was a partisan cauldron. So much wrested on Neymar, it took just 26 minutes to restore his lofty status.In it goes!Brazil pressed for more, showing plentsy of panache, but no finish. And Germany swooped to equalise in the 59th minute.Germany are level. Nerves frayed around the country as the game went into extra time.Now we will have to wait again and suffer, suffer, as always. This team is difficult.Almost inevitably the game would end with the cruel drama of a shoot-out. Brazilians are very emotional. I don't think Germans are emotional but they're more cool. With that perspective, we're done.But when this was saved, Neymar calmly delivered the country's first Olympic gold.There is the golden boy. He has an Olympic gold medal now. He's an Olympic champion.I'm so glad I was wrong!Finally the Olympic medal is ours.A very short kiss. A short kiss. Brazil!A jubilant mood, as you can see here, on the streets of Rio. It not only exercises some of those demons from the World Cup, but this victory means the Games are already divisive and controversial and can end on a real high for the host nation. In many ways, this is the first time the Olympics has truly caught the imagination of all Brazil. And you can bet that Brazil will be celebrating that win for months and even years to come. Football aside, the final night of track athletics also provided its share of highlights. British runner Mo Farrah had victory in the 5,000m. 18-year-old Jess Thornton led Australia off. The race was won by the US but it was a learning experience.Canada, Ukraine, Italy, Poland and Australia.Tyke ma-Olympic final is a massive achievement. Anything can happen. Ryan Gregson competed in the 1500. It was a rough and tumble final. The Australian came 11th.It's an American victory.Mo Farrah won his second gold of this Games in the 5,000.The best of the best.All I used to think as a kid was, "If I could have one medal. And now I've got four.The women's triathlon hugged the beach. And the US got its first gold medal in the sport. Australia missed the podium for the first time in history.It was nice, actually, running down the home straight. Probably the last kilometre I couldn't wipe the smile off my face knowing it would be my last Olympics but being very proud of what I've done.The world number one golfer of New Zealand was doing her best. Olympic officials also had their work cut out.She has short-sighted herself here big time. No, no, no, no, no.She wasn't penalised and won silver. Eight shots back was the Australian in seventh.That's a fine shot. It's such an honour for me to have played here and hopefully next time I can play as well.Australia qualified fastest for the final of the K4 1,000, but they were upstaged by their main rival. Germany take the gold.Australia finished strongly but ended fourth. Away from the competition, controversies involving Australian athletes roll on. The Australian Olympic Committee has apologised to the nine Olympians who have been fined for taking altered accreditation into a basketball game. The AOC says the athletes weren't responsible but it's not saying exactly who is. This is not how the night was supposed to end, hauled before the Brazilian justice system.The athletes understood mistake.
that they had perhaps made a mistake. And understood there would be consequences for that.Nine Australian athletes were watching the Boomers play Serbia. And authorities noticed their accreditation had been tampered with.It's unfortunately a practice that has been traditional in Australia but other countries as well for many Olympic Games of putting a sticker on your accreditation with another venue access code on it.The group was released without conviction but ordered to pay $4,000 each. Is there anything you'd like to say about the AOC wroo who has apologised to you guys? -- has apologised to you guys?Very disappointed our athletes had to go through what they went through. It's very important to note the athletes were definitely not at fault.So in terms of blame, add least, these nine Australian athletes seem off -- at least, these nine Australian athletes seem off the hook. Josh Palmer still faces scrutiny over his claims he was effectively kidnapped here and forced to withdraw and hand over $1,000. And there's confusion in the Australian camp.We have spoken to Josh this morning. He's getting his notes together. And he will be making a statement to police today. I haven't spoken to Kitty at all. So you won't be going to give a statement to the police?I'm going to lunch, mate. That's what I'm doing.The head coach accepts Palmer's version of events.There's no reason for us if a swimmer has come back from such an experience that we would doubt the story. We'll find out.The AOC hopes all its athletes will be cleared to fly home on Monday night. Just one more sleep until the 31st Olympic Games are over here in Rio. But the competition isn't quite done yet. A first-ever medal for Australia's men's basketball team is still a possibility when the Boomers take match.
on Spain in that bronze medal match. The USA takes on Serbia for gold. Let's have a quick look at the medal tally:

Brazil has another chance to impress. Get set for a massive party with the closing ceremony. Expect lots of colour, music and dancing.
To other news now. And a suspected suicide bomber has targeted a wedding party in a mostly Kurdish city near Turkey's border with Syria. At least 50 people were killed and scores injured. So far no group has claimed responsibility. Panic and confusion after a bomb rips through a wedding party. Guests are among the many victims. Dozens were killed instantly, while survivors are rushed to hospital with severe injuries. The area has a large Kurdish community. And the pro-Kurdish opposition says its members were at the function. Previous attacks here have been blamed on Islamic State militants. Syria.
The city is close to northern Syria. Where Kurdish YPG forces have been battling to hold IS back. Turkey's PM has vowed to ramp up involvement in the Syrian conflict. Turkey is against the curds gaining territory but is softening its opposition to President Bashar al-Assad playing a role. With the frequency of terrorist attacks across Turkey and the aftermath of an attempted coup, the government is facing a fights on many front. In Yemen, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of the capital, Sana'a. The mass rally showed support for the Houthi-led rebels and their allies who control Sana'a. Demonstrators were also protesting against Saudi-led airstrikes which have been pounding the country for the past year. At least three people were killed when fighter jets believed to be Saudi targeted the massive crowds. Still to come - we take a look inside the AFP's forensic centre where scientists are using the latest technology to fight emerging threats. And lifting the lid on Chinese investment in Australia. Hi, China's flexing its muscle across the region and recently its ownership of strategic assets has been called into question. We'll peal back the layers of where Chinese money goes in Australia.

A woman who's been caught throwing what appears to be a banana at Adelaide Crows' star Eddie Betts overnight could face a lifetime ban from the sport. The South Australian Premier has labelled the incident racially motivated with the attack sparking a fierce backlash online from supporters of both sides. 80 minutes of nail-biting footy but it was these 30 seconds which captured the nation's attention. A woman caught on video appearing to throw a banana in the direction of Crows' star Eddie Betts. Betts was sell Braith his goal from the left pocket when the banana was thrown. Jenkins batting it away. One of the fans sitting nearby pulled the woman up on her actions.She didn't take it too well. She turn around and said, "He's a monkey." As the video was shared online, Crows and Port fans were united in shock:

If it was racially motivated, it's abhorrent behaviour.The club says they've identified the woman in the video and have apologised to Betts who was sell Braith his 250th game -- celebrating his 250th game.His response was, "Thank you for contacting me. I hope you're not taking it personally. It's across every club in the AFL."The club says it will meet with the offender in the coming days.If it was racially motivated, not only would she be banned for life from the club, we would encourage her to come and sit with our players, our Aboriginal players, and try and understand what these actions mean to them.The Crows wouldn't front cameras today but released a statement saying:

The AFL has also expressed its disappointment, saying such anti-social behaviour won't be tolerated at any game and that it will work with Port Adelaide to deal with the matter. No matter which colours they don, fans agree again.
it's not something they want to see again.I wants to take my little girl to the footy and don't want for her to hear or see any of those actions.Voters are likely to have to wait until next year before having their say on whether to legalise same-sex marriage. The Government says the Australian Electoral Commission has strongly advised against holding a plebiscite this year. While Labor says parliament should simply decide the issue.What is taking so long? Why the dithering? Why the confusion? Come out and be straight with the Australian people. Or just do your job. Just do your job and change the law.Cabinet has not yet made a decision. Advice has been received and it will be considered. Labor says a delayed plebiscite on marriage laws represents another broken promise from Malcolm Turnbull. Criminals are finding new ways to commit offences online, using techniques such as encrypted messaging to hide from authorities. To try to counter the attack, the Australian Federal Police has force.
bolstered its digital forensics force. It's opened a $100 million centre in Canberra and says its facilities are the most advanced of their kind in the Southern Hemisphere.This is horrendous. They were there after the first and second Bali bombings.People are burnt everywhere.At the gruesome task of identifying victims killed in the 2004 tsunami, and probed the downing of flight MH-17. Australian investigators are famous for their field work but in every case they rely on scientists back at base. If Australia was ever called on to help in a disaster again, this building would be abuzz. The AFP's new forensic labs in Canberra. After five years construction and $106 million spent, the lights and robots have been switched on.So this is the chemical criminalistics laboratory. The team I started my career in.It might look like CSI but she warns it's nothing like the TV show.We now just laugh it off. This cast would be impossible to script. One day they're investigating a sexual assault.And the next day supporting an international investigation such as MH-17. Sglun like traditional forensics which reconstructs events, these scientists predicts their target's next move. The forensic support needs to be proactive andu cyst investigators to disrupt and prevent those acts from ever occurring.And because they're potentially saving lives, time is critical.That is a real pressure for and us something we are trying to enhance our capabilities to achieve.A big part of emerging combatting threats is digital forensicsism although this room may not look like much it's the only facility of its kind in Australia. Doug's team isn't just interested in computers.It could be a GPS. It could be a smart watch.They use digital forensics to answer the same questions asked in every investigation - who, what, when, where, why and how?So we're gathering electronic evidence for the presentation at court but we're also looking at it in terms of an intelligence products where we can actually start to understand trends.But that's becoming harder, as criminals become smarter, using the dark web and encrypted messaging to hide their work.If those communications are encrypted then the legal power to monitor those communications can be affected.And that makes this building more important.It allows us to better utilise the technology and skills we have available to support investigations and help deter and prevent serious crime.I think that's what inspires the members and the scientists working here is there's a real outcome that community
they're supporting and that is community safety.The AFP's motto is fight crime and win. Science is proving one of its most potent weapons in that fight. Now to tonight's special report on China's growing influence in Australia. An ABC investigation has found that businesses with Chinese connections gave Australia's major political parties more than $5.5 million between 2013 and 2015. That makes China easily the largest source of foreign-linked donations. The revelations come as concern grows in national security agencies about Beijing's influence in Australia.

China's government-owned State Grid is touted as the world's largest electricity utility. Hong Kong-listed company is another global heavyweight. And it's easy to understand why both were shocked when the Commonwealth rejected their bids for NSW power dib tributer A circumstancegrid. Because both are already deeply embedded in Australia's electricity market. State Grid is the majority shareholder in a company which is one of five Victorian distributors. There are significant holdings in all of them. In South Australia, State Grid has a major interest in the transmitter and a 200-year lease over the distributer. The ABC has been told defence and intelligence ageacies were unanimous and unequivocal in their opposition to the Chinese bids for NSW power distribution. It is buttressed by a belief the interests of the Chinese government and the Chinese companies are indivisible.If there was a question of national security with this bid and with the whole deal, it was well known long ago and it should have been made clear to the two Chinese bitters long ago. Australia's not the only country voicing concerns. The British Government has hit pause on a nuclear power plant, in part because of the builder's partnership with a Chinese company. Mutual trust with be at riv, China has warned, if Britain doesn't go ahead.You're approaching our military alert zone.Against the backdrop of growing tension in the East and South China Seas, as Beijing asserts what it sees as its historic ownership of the waters, the Chinese Government has been rallying allies here.The Chinese Communist Party's influence extends to the most popular newspapers, in the
radio stations and media platforms in the country in the Chinese language.At the end of June, Canberra-based Chinese organisations met the ambassador here. They were urged to continue to concern themselves with:

Many of the Chinese associations in Australia have close links to the Australian Government. I'm not sure they're coordinating or driving what they do but they're keen to remain on side. Sglin August, the ACT Federation of Chinese Associations wrote to the PM, expressing its deep concern with the Australian Government which was on the verge of contributing to the destabilisation of the sensitive South China Sea. And three weeks ago arbts 1500 Chinese Australians took to the streets of Melbourne to push the Chinese Government's line. The South China Sea belongs to China.So the Australian Government is in a bind. It needs China's investment but frets about its growing domestic tentacles and its intentions.It's not going to be easy. You've got to keep focus on those fantastic opportunities that cooperation with China offers and at the same time you've got to not only protect security interests, you've got to uphold the values that underpin Australian society. There's another kind of investment not getting sfanshz. An examination of the last two years -- getting enough attention. An examination of the last two years. Between 2013 and 2015 they poured more than $5.5 million into party coffersncluding $850,000 given to the Labor Party by a businessman whose address is shared by a centre for retired Communist Party officials. Australia osilates be tween fear and its greed. The Canberra Raiders have secured their spot in the NRL top four with a come from behind win over the Parramatta Eels. Elsewhere, the Cowboys put themselves back on the premiership radar with a thumping win over the Warriors. The Roosters comfortably defeated the Dragons. The Eels looked set to stun the rampaging Raiders early but the Canberra side's attacking weapons proved too good. After seven consecutive wins, expectations were high among long-suffering Canberra fans as the Raiders ran out for their last home game of the season. Early on, disaster appeared to loom as Blake Austin swung and missed.Jennings scores the try.Semi Radradra put one in the corner not long afterwards. And Raiders coach Ricky Stuart looked alarmed. A very soft try saw the Eels race to 16-0 just 20 minutes in.That was brilliants. The Raiders hit back on the left side. And shortly after half-time, the Raiders' centres combind for some midfield magic.A cracker! From there it was one-way traffic. And then four tries for the winger. The Raiders ran out victors 28-18, putting the top two within reach. The Cowboys ran out at home last night against the Warriors, looking to brick a 3-game losing streak and keep their top four hopes alive. From early on it was clear things were going North Queensland's way. The bounce is from room service.He could barely believe his luck, landing a second try only minutes later.Someone is smiling on the Cowboys.Ryan Hoffman tried to inspire his side, finding a gap late in the first half. But the Warriors could barely make it out of first gear with simple handling errors proving critical. The Cowboys ran away with the match, taking the win 32-6. And the Roosters made very light work of the Dragons in Sydney this afternoon. Dragons' full-back Josh Dugan was left seeing stars after this hit.There's the tomorrow into Dugan's jaw.The Roosters finished up taking the win 42-6. The Wallabies have suffered another blow with Matt Giteau and Rob Horne ruled out for the rest of the Rugby Championship. It follows last night's 34-point loss to the All Blacks. The Wallabies' biggest defeat in Australia for 50 years. Thrashed by their arch rivals on home soil, the heavy defeat is still sinking in.We had done preparation but obviously it wasn't the right one, because we didn't come out I think in the right mental space.Poor defence and multiple errors saw Australia humiliated by the world champions. He's over. There is a gift.Tough to take. A defeat like that, especially in your backyard. So, yeah, still hurting.Matt Giteau's international career seems all but over but he suffered an ankle injury.It sucks for Matt and the wider team.The pregame hype was overshadowed by news a listening bug had been found in the All Blacks' hotel meeting room.It shocked everyone. We understand a few mixed emotions. And it's not great for the game. It's happened. And it's out of our hands now. Until they say we did something like that, then it's got nothing to do with us.The ARU has denied any involvement and last nights's performance might be its best defence.The simple errors are costing the Wallabies.Not going to dabble into that. We weren't up to scratch last night in more areas than one.A win for the Wallabies in Sydney was imperative to get their campaign off to a strong start. The loss means their road now becomes tougher. They have to ghet All Blacks twice in New Zealand -- beat the All Blacks twice in New Zealand if they're to salvage the Bledisloe Cup. In the AFL, Melbourne's finals dreams are over thanks to a shock tlus Carlton at the MCG -- loss to Carlton at the MCG today. The Bulldogs were too good for Essendon. While Carlton led from the start to finish against the Demons. The Demons' finals hopes were on the line but it was Carlton that showed the greater desire in the opening quarter. Despite being winless since June, the Blues took a 20-point lead at the opening quarter.Kicks a monster.Hunt's raw speed brought the Melbourne fans to life in the second quarter as they sought to make a comeback. One of the goals of the year.The Blues' midfielders nullified Gawn's influence in the ruck. Heavy rain fell in the third quarter to make goals even harder to come by but it didn't stop Dylan Buckley from kicking his third range goal. Gawn goaled at the start of the final quarter but the Demons couldn't close the gap.Oh, no.Melbourne again lost to a side they were expected to beat. Carlton broke a 9-game losing streak. Geelong found a route to goal against Brisbane at the Gabba and kept using it to open up a 6-goal lead at quarter time. Another go.The Lions rallied in the second quarter and reduced the margin to 15 at half-time. They cruised to victory and third spot on the ladder. The Bulldogs' forward line functioned well despite the surprise omission of Jake Stringer. They kicked six goals in the opening term. The their
Bombers struggled but did have their moments. Retiring bomber Adam Cooney celebrated his 250th game with a goal. But the Bulldogs weren't troubled on the scoreboard. Their biggest concern was an ankle injury. Time is running out for watch-makers. The fine art of horology is dying as more retire and few enter the trade. For those who do, training options in Australia are scarce. There are never enough hours in the day for Barry.The repairs are coming over from far and wide. I get repairs from New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, UK, all parts of arbs out west. The whole shebang.Several years ago the watch-maker turned his Townsville home into his workshop. Now it's filled with ageing time pieces.Clocks are big job. They take a lot of time. Very time consuming. They will take up to a day to day and a half to do.In an era of smartphones and digital disruption, horological treasures like this are becoming harder to fix.It belonged to my great-grandfather.Bob Menzies and his Brisbane team see thousands of watches and clocks every year. It's also one of the few places where you'll find someone learning the trade.I do feel we're quite a rare breed. It takes a rare breed to be a watch-maker.For a start, the training course involves a bit of a commute.Once every two months roughly now I need to travel down to Sydney to receive training down there.His Sydney course is now one of only two places in the country where watch-making is taught. The Watch Maker's Society wants the Government to help.We need more apprentices to come through. It's getting despr.Even top of the line watches are causing heartache for independent cafrtsman with watch-makers claiming they're no -- cafrts man with -- craftsman with watch-makers claiming they're struggling to get parts.It's like the supplier not giving parts and you can't fix your car.A once thriving trade living on borrowed time. To the weather now. And for the first time our viewers submitted weather photo. A spectacular night time view of Kingston foreshore. If you'd like your photo featured here, Kingston foreshore. If you'd like
your photo featured here, visit ABC News online for details. It's been a cool and overcast day. The cloud kept temp retchers mild overnight. We got -- temperatures mild overnight. We got down to four. There's been light showers and snow flurries in alpine areas. The cloud made for cool conditions. Goulburn reached just 12:

A low-pressure trough is bring cloud through central and southern Australia and another system is bringing cloud and windy weather to southern Western Australia. There will be unsettled weather around the south over the coming few days and the cold fronts will come through. There will also be showers through southern Queensland. Some strong winds in Perth with a few showers for Western Australia tomorrow:

A brief look back now. And Byron Bay woman Sara Connor and her British boyfriend have been charged with murder over the deaths of a policeman in Bali. The 45-year-old remains in a Balinese jail and will be questioned again tomorrow. As the Olympics compl to an end of two weeks of competition, the locals are celebrating gold in the men's football with Brazil defeating Germany in a penalty shoot-out. The Australian men's basketball team get their chance to play-off for bronze tomorrow morning, before the official closing ceremony. That's the latest.