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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - Australia's Chloe Esposito wins a surprise gold medal in the pentathlon while in
Jared Tallent claims silver in a 50-kilometre feat of endurance. An Australian woman detained in Bali over the death of a policemen. walk-off,
And 50 years after the Wavehill walk-off, what does the future hold for the next generation?

Good evening. Siobhan Heanue with ABC News. Day 12 of the Rio Olympics brought a bolt from the blue and a bolt from the blocks. And then had brought the detention And then had brought the detention were
of 10 Australian athletes. They get
were questioned by police to try to get better seats at the basketball. And while indiscretions might make headlines, it should not take away from sporting achievements on the field. Usain Bolt became the first man to win the three sprint golds at three consecutive Olympics but it was Australia's Chloe Esposito that surprised everyone to nab gold in the women's pentathlon. And if you were wondering what modern pentathlon even is, here's Mary Gearin in Rio to explain.

Modern pentathlon is made up of swimming
five different events. Fencing, swimming and showjumping and a final combined event of shooting and running. Modelled on all the skills needed if you were a 19th-century soldier attacking a castle. A unique sport that suddenly hit the spot light, thanks to one woman. Australia's first medal in the sport and an Olympic record performance, Chloe Esposito has turned skills from another era Pentathlon
into breaking news. Pentathlon is a lot of variables and a lot can happen. But I was just waiting for that one competition where everything fell into place and I'm so grateful that it was today. Esposito worked her way to seventh position after the fencing, swimming and showjumping, and then came her strong suit, running and shooting skills honed in altitude training. She shot almost perfectly in the 3,200m run to storm home. COMMENATATOR: Esposito, one of the best comebacks we've seen in modern pentathlon. The gold medal to Australia. Into the arms of her dad, coach, and 1984 Olympian pentathlete Daniel. He hopes this inspires more Australian youngsters. Pentathlon, you've got five Swords!
events - horses, guns. Swords - what more And
could a kid want? And what more could Kitty Chiller want? Just a bit of joy from the team boss, a former world number one in the sport. I've competed with her father. They are a magnificent family unit. They are humble, they are dedicated. They've given up their lives, the whole family, their business to do this today. And there's more to come from the family in Rio - Chloe's younger brother Max is to complete tomorrow in the men's. 23- and 19-year-olds kicking on with a proud family business. A terrific story for Chloe Esposito. Well, Jarrad talent was walk.
out to defend his crown in the 50km for
walk.You did win silver in London the
for that was upgraded to gold when the Russian who beat him was disqualified for doping. He wanted gold on the day but again, he had to settle for silver. Out in front 50km walk, Jared Tallent could picture away swing and a gold medal ceremony.I I thought I had it. Off the front, I thought I couldn't make the break. I just ran out of length.The Australian was overtaken by the eventual winner and had nothing left by the time he finished. I was absolutely spent on a crossed the line. The last 500m absolutely killed me. The 31-year-old is Australia's most with
successful male Olympic athlete with four medals. You know, I'm pretty proud of that achievement and I'd like to come back in 2020 and have another For
crack at winning gold. For the second straight Games, a medal was out of reach for luckless BMX rider Caroline Buchanan who failed to progress from the semifinals. It's heartbreaking because all she had to do was finish in front of one person and she would've been in the final. Caroline is very upset, Extremely
understandably. Extremely upset. Caroline's an absolute champion and she'll bounce back. It was tough for family, friends and the competitors themselves. Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean qualified first and second for the final but finished out of the medals. It's devastating not to even medal in the women or the men's. It's horrible. Allana Boyd's clearance of 4.80m was the best by an Australian female at an Olympics. She was edged out of the bronze medal by New Zealand's Eliza McCartney. Australia sweated on taking the last place in the 4 x 400 final. (SCREAMING) The relay everyone was waiting for was the men's 4 x 100, the final Olympic race for a man leaving a lasting legacy. Puts it in his right hand, goes up to Cambridge, Oh,
Bolt takes the lead. Oh, it's the triple treat! He flies away! It's nine! It's
It's incredible! story
It's the end of the most beautiful story we've ever seen in Olympic history! They did to me and I am proud and happy that we executed it will because if it was not the these medal.
guys, I would not have got the gold Usain Bolt signs off with victories in the 100, 200 and 4 x 100 at three consecutive Olympics. A true Olympic immortal, the amazing Usain Bolt. Unfortunately, we are going to end the day in Rio with a bit of a downer with a bad night at the basketball arena. Of including
the court, 10 Australian athletes, including Rugby sevens captain and Jenkins, were detained by police after tampering with their accreditation in order to get better seats at the game. The athletes were questioned for about four hours before facing a judge. Are you embarrassed by your behaviour?What has occurred, and Athletes
mistake was made this evening. without
Athletes accessed the Olympic venue We
without the correct accreditation. We have apologised for that mistake.They have been ordered to pay a small fine and have been released. And earlier, and major backflip from Australia's chef de mission. After yesterday banning to athletes from the closing ceremony for breaking protocol, Kitty be
Chiller says that Anna McKeon will be allowed to attend.I understand is
she knows what she has done and she is apologetic and I have agreed she attend the swimming team dinner tonight and also the closing ceremony.And on the court, the Boomers crashed out of gold medal contention with a big loss of -- with a big loss to Serbia. They just could not find their rhythm. The Boomers are used to Olympic disappointment but this one is especially tough to swallow. They had beaten Serbia earlier in the tournament but it was clear from early on, the semifinal was following a different path. The shooting was off target, the passing even worse. The final score, 87-61. watching.
For the fans, it was tough to keep watching. I kind of wanted to go and sit in the toilet and wait till they lose and come back out. The final score, We have got one more to go and it is a great opportunity for us.The ball was going, how do you say? In the net. It was a disaster.A kind of wanted to go and sit in the and
toilet and wait until they'd lose and come back up. Australia will have a day to recover.Before taking on Spain with a chance to win the bronze medal. The USA will play Serbia in the gold medal match after they saw off the Spaniards in the other semifinal by six points. Not a good day for the Boomers. these games
There are just 48 hours to go in these games but the Paralympics are 19
just around the corner. With just 19 days to go, they have been dealt Paralympic
a big blow. The international Paralympic committee has announced major budget cuts today. The games will still go ahead but they will be scaled right back and some countries may not even be able to attend. Sydney's 2000 Paralympics were hailed as a major success. Beijing, and then London, but
continued to build on that but three weeks out and Rio's Paralympics are in trouble. Never before in the 56-year history of the Paralympic Games have we faced circumstances like this. major
Circumstances that include major cuts to the games, main
with the closure of one of the four main sporting zones. Less than 15% of tickets have been sold. the
Now Diodoro Park will be closed, the workforce will be downsized and some media centres and transport services cut.

The athletes want and I
deserve full venues. I think they are putting a push on it and OO think the latest figure I read said it was over 14% - albeit a minimal increase but there's no doubt from me once the Olympics are over that there will be a really strong push. Not yet, though. At the main ticketing area yesterday, only one booth was selling Paralympic tickets. Crucial travel grants are also overdue. meaning up to 10 countries may not be able to compete at all. But that won't directly affect Australian competitors - most have already left. It affects us, I suppose, in terms of our guys won't compete against full participation, if that should happen, and our athletes want to win on a level playing field against the best of the best. Problems with the Olympic Games, like security and repairs to the athletes village, have prompted this funding crisis. To have it overshadowed but
by this sort of negativity but they will get over there and absolutely smash it regardless. Behind-the-scenes talks continue to make sure that happens. It looks like very difficult times in Rio. A gold medal earlier in the day has moved Australia back up to number eight on the Olympic tally. That is at eight gold and eight silver with that addition from Jared Tallent. The USA has a massive 105 medals. Well, there is one great gold medal hope on the last full day of competition. The men's K4 from crew has qualified fastest for the final tonight and as you learnt today, you never know what surprises are around. An Australian woman, taken in for questioning over the killing of a policeman in Indonesia, has undergone a forensic examination in Denpasar. Sara Connor and British man David Taylor, who were on holiday in Bali, are being treated as persons of interest Police
in the investigation. Police say she told them she was drunk on the night of the incident and doesn't know what happened. South-east Asia correspondent Samantha Hawley reports. Sara Connor is rust from Denpasar rushed.
police station to a waiting car. -- rushed. Apart from the police minders, she is alone. The 46 the
mother of two is being questioned the violent death of a police officer. His body was found on Kura Beach -- Kuta Beach. Friends are rallying together, describing her as a positive and happy person devoted to her children. British questioned,
man David Taylor, who is also being questioned, was taken to the crime scene in the early hours of the morning. Police continue their search of the beach where the slain man was found. They suspect the murder weapon was a beer bottle found in pieces at the scene. Forensic experts have told the ABC the policemen had 42 cuts and bruises on his head and body. Late in the day, I watch was brought to the station as evidence. The Australian, Sara Connor, has just been examined here at the police Hospital and bought out now to be taken back to the Denpasar police station. She said to have wounds on her hand on her arm.We have performed forensic examinations of the wounds suffered by the people of interest and checked whether the wounds are new or old. And examined the nails.We haven't interrogated them yet. At the policeman 's home, colleagues came to pay their respects to the officers family. On Kuta Beach, the local community gathered near the scene to cleanse the site of a crime that has shocked the community. The Syrian government has opened war,
a new front in the country's civil war, attacking a city held by US-backed Kurdish forces. The expansion in the fighting comes despite desperate calls by aid groups for a ceasefire to allow them to help besieged civilians. Mary Lloyd reports.

The Syrian army say they're targeting positions held by armed shops,
rebels. They also hit homes and shops, killing at least 13 people. I have nothing, the place is completely gone and here I am, barefoot. Look at how the shops are.There is an electricity shop, a cheese shop. It is a civilian deployed
area.The Syrian military has never deployed its warplanes against Kurdish positions. The Kurdish YPG militia controls significant were
northern Syrian territory. They were recently ordered to disband. They continue to try to take control of Hassakeh which led to a proportionate response from the Syrian Arab army. As a result of the fighting, the US led coalition scrambled jets to the area. The Kurdish group has been instrumental in holding back the advance of militants in Syria. Russia has released footage of its ships in the Mediterranean barring missiles at a weapons in Aleppo other group formerly known as the al-Nusrah Front. Civilians remain caught in the crossfire.We need a 48- hour to
pause. We need it now. We are ready to go in and help.Aleppo was once serious commercial centre but now millions of people there lack safe drinking water, medical help and basic food supplies. 250,000 people besieged
are believed to be trapped in a besieged area of the city. 100,000 of them are children. The campaign chairman of the presidential nominee Donald Trump has resigned. Paul Manafolt was demoted after details emerged about his links with pro- Russian groups in Ukraine. He has denied claims he received $15 million from Ukrainian sources. He is also reported to have clashed with Donald Trump's or -- unorthodox approach to campaigning. The 50th anniversary of the Wavehill walk-off has highlighted the struggles faced by Indigenous people half a century ago. But the Gurindji people are now looking to the next 50 years and beyond to ensure the next generation can overcome the obstacles faced by their ancestors. Avani Dias reports from Kalkarindji, 800km south of Darwin. As the sun sets over Gurindji
the plains of Kalkarindji, Gurindji children are preparing for their annual corroborree. This is the Wajarra ceremony which developed on Wave Hill Station and is performed every year for the anniversary of the Walk Off. 50 years on, children are keeping the traditions alive. This is our future for the young ones. Thank you. In the brains, in the everything, in the bodies we've all got, the culture. But the culture is for the future for the young kids. While
But what is that future? While senior Gurindji focus on cultural development, they say it's also necessary for children to get jobs and finish school. Our Aboriginal people don't get a job in the community. They are still doing the same thing The
that they done before. The Wave Hill walk off was led by Vincent Lingiari working
who was outraged by the atrocious working conditions for Aboriginal workers at the station. His great-granddaughter says she wants to inspire her three young daughters to take his legacy further. My hopes for their future is for them to hopefully graduate school. Selma Smiler says there aren't enough jobs for young people and there need to be more options within communities. It's really important for me to have a job here so I can stay comfortably in my community. This is where I grew up and I want my kids to grow up here. Need the jobs to keep them busy way, otherwise they get involved in other things - stealing, snipping and smoking ganja. While governments talk about closing the gap, Gurindji people say their change is coming from within. Just encouraging them kids talk to them, go to school like tell I
them to learn more. I think that people in both of
communities have a lot of potential.
While kids sing about their ancestors' legacy, their elders are looking out for their

The Canberra Liberals are promising more nurses and greater protection for frontline healthcare staff if they win October's election. $10 million will be spent hiring 52 new nurses at the Canberra Hospital in the Liberals' first term of government. They've also pledged to increase penalties for people charged with assaulting nurses, doctors, paramedics and other emergency services workers. There's no silver bullet, but what we want to do as the Liberal Party is to say to the nurses, to the police, to the firies you
and to the ambos, we respect you and we will protect you. $750,000 has also been promised to beef up security at Canberra and Calvary hospitals. It comes after the Liberals' recent pledge of $400 million dollars for a new building at the Canberra Hospital. The Titans have taken another step towards the finals, 26
beating the Knights 26 points to six. Their next opponents, the Panthers, are still ahead of them on the ladder after they all but ended the Wests Tigers season. The Gold Coast are just behind them in eighth thanks to their victory in Newcastle.

With only one win this season, the Knights were playing for pride and looking to spoil the titans top eight aspirations. -- Titans'. They almost got off to the perfect start. COMMENTATOR: Can't quite finish the try off! The Gold Coast found a more direct route. James will score for the Gold Coast Titans! As they barged over for 3 tries in 20 minutes, dominating the match early. Ryan James has got himself another! The Knights scored, thanks to an intercept before the Titans strolled over again. Luke Douglas, he goes for the try-line. Luke Douglas will score! Jarryd Hayne left the field after being caught awkwardly in a tackle. But the Titans had already won the match, setting up a massive clash against the Panthers on the Gold Coast next week. Penrith are probably one of the form sides at the moment so we're going to have to be at our best against those guys. The Panthers cetainly thrashing
showed that last night, thrashing Wests Tigers 40 points to 10. COMMENTATOR: Very quick hands! What hands by Fisher Harris! What hands by Fisher Harris!
The Tigers' defence was poor. They're now a slim chance for the play-offs. for the play-offs.
Yeah, enormously disappointing, enormously! We've got a really shattered group of players in the rooms. This afternoon, the Storm kicked a 40/20. COMMENTATOR: He's done it! Cameron Smith! Threw a bullet pass. It was like it was shot out of a cannon! And ran over the top of the Sea Eagles to take an early lead. Kenny Bromwich through the gap takes on Tom Trbojevic.

You scored for the first half tries as Melbourne took complete control. And in local rugby league, the Queanbeyan Kangaroos have finished the regular Canberra Raiders cup season in style, taking a healthy 24 points to four win over Gungahlin last night. Goulburn will be pleased to put a difficult year behind them, against
after going down 46 points to 6 Elsewhere,
against the Queanbeyan Blues today. Elsewhere, West Belconnen thrashed Yass 44 points to six, and Tuggeranong defeated the Sharks 40 points to 18. will
Next week the Queanbeyan Kangaroos will meet the Blues in the major semifinal, while West Belconnen will meet Gungahlin in the minor semifinal. Tonight's rugby union test between Australia and New Zealand will kick off after a bizarre pregame A
incident. A listening device has been found in a meeting room used by the All Blacks at their Sydney hotel. incident
Police are now investigating the incident - with New Zealand media saying the device could have recorded confidential team tactics. However the NSW Premier believes the Wallabies would need more than that to beat the all-conquering All Blacks. That's awesome, if that gives them all-conquering All Blacks.
That's awesome, if that gives them the
That's awesome, if that gives them the chance to beat the All Blacks - I'm all for it. The two sides are competing for the Bledisloe Cup, which Australia last won 14 years ago. Hawthorn's tilt at a fourth straight flag has suffered a serious blow, losing to West Coast in Perth last night. The 25-point defeat leaves the Hawks in danger of missing the top four. Four goals to Josh Kennedy helped West Coast to a 32-point half-time lead. Hawthorn did its best to get back with
into the match in the third, Both
with James Sicily snapping truly. Both sides suffered serious knee injuries to their ruckman within minutes of each other. But
They lead by 41. But a disaster for the Eagles. enough
A last quarter fightback wasn't enough for the triple premiers as the Eagles gave their own top four chances a big boost.

Sydney has defeated North Melbourne and Hobart. It was a lacklustre match at the end -- at the MCG. The Swans recorded their fifth consecutive win.

A win for Sydney would prove crucial for their chances of a home final and their midfield showed the way in the early stages. Lance Franklin was quiet after suffering a rib injury but the Swans still took a 4-goal lead in the opening quarter. COMMENTATOR: Bends it back magnificently! Two goals to Nic Dal Santo closed the gap for North Melbourne. He does beautifully! The Kangaroos lifted their tackling pressure and took control of the second quarter. However, poor finishing limited them to just one goal for the term. The Swans extended their lead to 22 points in the third quarter. Kennedy snaps and kennedy goals! But with their own finals future on the line, North mounted another comeback. The final quarter was a fierce contest. Brett Harvey kicked his third goal as the Kangaroos got within a point but North Melbourne were made to pay for their inaccurate goal kicking. Another missed opportunity. Dan Hanneberry kicked the decisive goal as the Swans overtook Hawthorn at the top of the ladder. In Sydney, GWS were expected to make short work of Fremantle. However
That's a great kick. However Chris Yarran kicked three opening quarter goals to ensure the Dockers were in the contest. The Giants lacked their usual polish with the ball. Shaw's kick was poor! Yet the home side still took a 20 point lead into the main break.

It was all the giants in the second half as they secured an important boost to their percentage. At the MCG, Paddy McCartin kicked two goals early but finished the opening quarter with a broken collarbone. In a scrappy encounter, the Saints led by 21 The
points at halftime. quarter
The Tigers kicked three final quarter goals but fell short by nine points. Peter Lusted, ABC

Few sports are built entirely on mayhem, carnage and destruction but when it comes to Robowars, it's their bread and butter. The very best combat machines in the country entered a bulletproof arena in Canberra today. With giant hammers, spinning saws and even deadly eggbeaters, the robot warriors went head to head and very few came out unscathed. To the untrained eye, Shiny doesn't look all that menacing. But in the arena, he packs a hell of a punch.

Take that, Rusty Wretcher! Basher, on the other hand, uses fear as a weapon. Mainly just to give it more of a look, and scare off the other people. A little more bark than bite, perhaps. This is Robowars, and there is no mercy. Robo-warriors from across the country have gathered in Canberra for the 2016 national championships. Robowars is 3-minute fights against another combat robot to try and inflict as much damage as you can, without taking too much damage yourself. These inventors love their machines and love nothing more than seeing them smash others into pieces. For me, it's watching I
the destruction. I don't really care if it's mine that gets blown up or if it's somebody else's, just so long as there is lots of sparks and it goes bang. If you can bounce the robot off the wall or off the roof, I think I wows the crowd, it's very satisfying. Robot carnage isn't hard to find. Despite appearances, many insist they're not difficult to build. You can make it as complex or simple as you want. It's
This is really sort of basic stuff. It's pretty easy. Advocates say it's It's
a sport on the rise too. It's tripled in size since the first year that I did it so hopefully it's just going to get bigger and bigger. But certainly not for the faint-hearted.

As long as it goes bang. To the weather. And plenty of sunshowers this Saturday as well as the odd isolated hit of hail. That kept temperatures nippy. A top of just nine. Across the border. It was clear in Batemans Bay. Mostly clear in Cooma. And clear in Wagga too. Nationally, it was clear A
and cool in Sydney. showers
A cold day with a few showers in Melbourne.

A large cold front is moving off the NSW coast, bringing showers to parts of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and the NSW ranges. An associated low pressure trough is triggering a few showers over northern NSW and southern Queensland. A weak front is producing showers in the south. In the capitals tomorrow, Sydney will be sunny. Another
Wet and cloudy in Melbourne. Another cool day Hobart. Showers increasing in Perth. Locally, partly cloudy but pleasant temperatures in Batemans Bay.

Partly cloudy in Goulburn and Yass. Early fog and frost in Cooma. A possible shower in Wagga. it'll
For Canberra tomorrow, it'll be cloudy but dry with light to moderate winds and a top of 13 after an overnight low of one. The sun will rise at about 6:40 and set at around 5:30 in the evening. Looking ahead. are
Some wintry temperatures are in store with tops in the low teens for most of the week and the likelihood of showers increasing towards the end of the week. In the mountains, cloudy with snow showers today and tomorrow and snow continuing for most of the week ahead. Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight. Australia has a new Olympic hero. Gold-medallist Chloe Esposito has celebrated a come-from-behind victory in the modern pentathlon. And that's the latest For
from the Canberra newsroom. For more ACT news, you can follow us online or on Twitter at ABC News Canberra. I'm Siobhan Heanue. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

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