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This program will be captioned Olympic nightmare -
Tonight, Australia's in Rio, accused of ticket fraud.
athletes detained by police

comes from behind
Casula's golden girl modern pentathalon victory.
to claim our first

up in flames at Sylvania
Years of hard work restaurant destroyed.
with a family-owned An All Blacks hotel room bugged Bledisloe Cup opener.
in the lead-up to tonight's

And the $40 million of Sydney's ANZAC War Memorial.

Good evening. the Australian Olympic team
Controversy is threatening to rob of its sporting glory,

from three different sports,
Ten of our athletes, by police over allegations
are currently being questioned to the Boomers semi-final.
they doctored tickets

for the Australian team?
Could these Games get any worse from a police station
Ten of our Olympians marched

in the middle of the night,
to a courtroom accused of fraud.

Follow me.

Among the group, a bronze medal winning archer,
Alec Potts - track cyclist Matthew Glaetzer, Ed Jenkins.
and rugby sevens captain

What happened? Can you tell us what

for seven hours,
They'd been detained from their seats
after being hauled been cheering on the Boomers.
at the basketball where they'd they'd tampered
The authorities believed to get in
with their official accreditation didn't have tickets.
because they in custody,
During their seven hours and water to the police station,
Olympic officials delivered pizza Fiona de Jong,
while one lawyer and AOC chief,

tried to negotiate their release.

The Brazilian authorities and us are working through the issues.

the first hint of a breakthough,
Around 3:00am local time, before a magistrate,
when they were brought who would look at the case if necessary.
and consider a punishment,

I cannot comment.I you concerned need
about how long this is taking?I need some sleep myself.

embarrassment for this team
It's yet another huge surrounded in controversy
that has been since it landed in Rio.

Josh Palmer is about to be grilled at
by police over claims he was robbed early
at one point. After his bender early in the week.

not reporting the matter
He insisted on heard about it,
but, when Brazilian police they announced an inquiry and he'll have to be interviewed. all the hallmarks
Their actions bear American swimmer's
of the probe which followed a gun pointed at his head
bogus claims that he had during a robbery. His irresponsible remarks the image of the city.
have tarnished

will be prevented
It's understood Josh Palmer rest of the team
from flying out of Rio with the investigation is not finalised.
on Tuesday night if their

Team will be hoping this is the is
last drama to deal with, but there that
is more to come with, mentioned those
that authorities will zero in on Palmer
those claims by swimmer Joshua gunpoint.
Palmer when he was robbed at

from Josh Palmer.
I've heard nothing No.
Does that upset you? from a remorseful Emma McKeon,
But Kitty Chiller has heard at the mercy of the team boss
the swimmer throwing herself at the Closing Ceremony
in a bid to be allowed to march for pulling an all-nighter.
after she was banned

a two-page handwritten letter
This afternoon, I received from Emma McKeon. And it worked. the swimming team dinner
I have agreed she can attend

and also the Closing Ceremony. Winning four medals, to carry the flag.
she could have been on the list

But that's now unlikely.

the courthouse in Rio
And Damian Ryan is outside

right now?
Damo, what is happening there

It is 5am local time

dragged out for ten hours.
and this ordeal has now been

Athletes are still in the courtroom. released
We understand that they will be will
released very shortly. This vehicle It
will take them back to the village. they
It is understood and has be done, misdemeanour
they will pay a small fine for this accreditation
misdemeanour of falsifying the Boomers.
accreditation to go and support the night
Boomers. It has been a dramatic out
night for them. They were turfed away,
out of the stadium, 10 hours locked it
away, paying a small fine. Some say no
it is overkill. The AOC have made to
no formal comments. We are waiting have
to hear from them. The athletes in
have probably not had a great time the
in Brazil and I waiting to get on the plane on Tuesday.

few of us know much about.
The modern pentathlon is a sport Chloe Esposito
But today, 24-year-old brought it to prominence, surprising many
the girl from Casula to win gold.
when she came from behind No-one was expecting this. The sport few have a clue about, from Casula, Sydney's west.
reaping a gold for Chloe Esposito coach, who doubles as her dad.
First to congratulate her - her

Father Daniel.

five sports -
The modern penthalon, fencing, 200m swim, show jumping,

shooting and a 3km run.
rounded off with some pistol imagine doing it.
Exhausting saying it -

I am over the moon. I cannot not
describe how I am feeling. It has not sunk in.

Chloe missed just 1 of 25 shots.
At the shooting postion, a new wind.
In the run, she somehow found

one of the best comebacks
Chloe Esposito, we've seen in modern pentathlon! of these Olympics.
The great comeback story in my life been prouder
I've never, ever, ever

as I was of Chloe today.
of anyone or anything the Esposito family -
Coming up, more from in the men's pentathlon.
Chloe's brother Max

Jared Tallent,
And for champion walker like this -
it wasn't supposed to end left in him.
50km finished and not a step

after he gave everything.
A silver medal,

It is like a grizzly bear jumping revenant
on your back. The bear from the best
revenant sort of thing. Doing the much
best I could, and I was fighting as much as I could get there.

the 20km womens walk in tears.
Jared's sister Rachel finished to console her.
At least he had the energy

He strolled into folklore. He is and
Australia's most successful track silver
and field athlete, a gold, two was
silver and a bronze. Watching Jared be
was his old would coach. He had to wheelchair.
be taken from the finish line in a knew
wheelchair.He had given 100%. We knew that.

50km destroyed him physically, that brought him to tears.
but it was the sight of Darrell

It meant the world because he was sport.
the one who brought me into the

to a Russian drug cheat.
In London, Jared lost gold for the upgrade from silver.
He had wait four years a silver won fair and square.
This time, he was happy with Jared's mind today -
And one of the first things on again in four years' time.
getting ready to to do it all

in history
Usain Bolt has cemented his place

greatest sprinter,
as the world's 4 x 100m relay to gold in Rio.
anchoring Jamaica's the Jamaican walks away
In his last ever Olympics, with a record-breaking haul from three Games.
of three gold medals

to one epic show.
It was the finale thrilling conclusion,
It's gonna be a to an Olympic career
one way or another, every record book imaginable.
that has rewritten

he had an entourage,
But, this time, in the 4 x 100m relay.
going for his 9th Olympic gold His fans were everywhere.

was the heart of Jamaica.
In the middle of Rio track-side
They might not have been dancing to Bolt's beat.
but they were all

didn't let them down,
The Jamaican star

in third place
he accepted the baton into the history books.
before exploding

It's incredible! of the most beautiful story
It's the end in Olympic history.
we've ever seen This is a moment in history the Jamaican house knows it
and everyone here in and is celebrating.

Usain Bolt has before
No one has achieved what may never see it again.
and the Olympics He is the greatest! (LAUGHS)

of Olympic sprint titles
Bolt achieving a hat-trick at three Games - the triple triple. they came out
I'm proud and I'm happy so I have to give thanks
and they executed well, if it wasn't for them,
to these guys because,

my third gold medal.
I wouldn't have Happy birthday for tomorrow. (LAUGHS) I am out.
Thank you very much - but were disqualified.
The United States finished third It hardly mattered - the night belonged to Bolt. as the curtain came down
He kissed the Olympics goodbye on one unforgettable act.

to Australia today
Another gold and silver

to eighth on the medal tally.
means we've jumped two places USA remains on top, and China.
in front of Great Britain

Sylvania has burnt to the ground,
A popular family restaurant in to save it.
despite painstaking efforts at Mike's Grill and Bar
It's believed the fire

started in the kitchen. Nine News has obtained footage of the damage.
that reveals the extent destroyed in two hours.
Four years of hard work

into Mike's Grill and Bar
Firefighters smashed their way just after 5:00 this morning. alarms, sirens, everything.
There was a cherry picker there,

The building well alight, attack from the street,
crews unleashed a rapid offensive the air and the side...

through the restaurant next door.
..cutting their way in It took an hour and a half,

to isolate,
because power was difficult through the roof void.
and secondly, it'd spread and huge volumes of smoke.
Residents woke to sirens

blanketed the highway.
It was a fair bit. It sort of on the Princess Highway
Northbound lanes were closed for two hours. George watched helplessly
The grill's devastated owner

through the charred wreck.
as fire investigators sifted to their baby girl in two weeks.
His wife is due to give birth

for four years,
George has owned the restaurant and it is family-run. yesterday,
They were open for business and closed up around 11:00. sister-in-law and the chef.
The last people inside were his

the site of the fire,
It took a short time to locate possibly the kitchen area.
which appears to have been his family
A huge loss for George,

legion of fans.
and the restaurant's Oh my god, it's so popular. for them at the time.
We actualy felt really sorry

of death,
A man has come within just metres of an oncoming train
after falling into the path in Sydney's inner west. in time
The driver managed to stop

Sydenham station
while pulling into of this morning.
in the early hours evacuated onto the platform.
Hundreds of passengers were was heavily intoxicated.
It's believed the man with minor injuries.
He was taken to hospital off in the Bledisloe Cup Test
The All Blacks and Wallabies face in Sydney tonight, overshadowed by claims of spying.
but the game has been

hotel room was bugged,
The Kiwis believe a team are now investigating.
an allegation police

It's taken almost a week,

today revealed
but New Zealand rugby officials had been found
a sophisticated listening device in Double Bay.
in their Bledisloe Cup camp News of the bug was revealed this morning,
in a New Zealand paper in a chair in a meeting room.
the device allegedly secreted in there earlier in the week,
It was an All Black team meeting was working properly,
if the device we don't know that for sure, have overheard that.
then they would say that in recent years,
New Zealand officials electronic security sweeps in their camps,
have been a regular feature

in their preparation, rugby officials were shocked,
adding that Australian when advised on the news. were reluctant to comment
Australian officials officially on game day,

however ARU chief Bill Pulver involvement as ludicrous.
described claims of Australian on Monday,
And despite its discovery they were only notified
police say about the device today. didn't contact police,
No, the hotel we were advised, and spoke to them.
and then we attended the hotel at that device,
Our forensic people are looking

that it is an electronic device
all I can say is at this point in time. Members of the All Blacks squad by the discovery,
appeared unruffled skipper Kieran Read unconcerned.

No worries at all, mate. to be cautious,
The Kiwis say they have reason on them
citing regular surveillance World Cup campaign last year.
during their victorious

We've previously found people and bushes,
sneaking around trees you'll find
so it just part of a thing are doing.
most high performance teams

questioned by police in Bali
A Byron Bay woman has been

of a police officer.
over the bashing murder are rallying around Sara Connor,
Family and friends in Byron Bay travel companion
after she and her British

spent the day in custody.

from Byron Bay -
Sara Connor, a mother of two

on a Bali beach.
now tied to a brutal murder

by police for a medical checkup,
Covering her face as she is taken over what she knows.
after facing questioning Sara.

British man David Taylor -
Also facing questions, was on a "beach date" with
the man she says she Wayan Sudarsa
the night police officer was beaten to death. to the Australian consulate
The pair handed themselves in late yesterday. says Connor admitted she
The Balinese police chief happened on the beach that night.
was "too drunk" to remember what

She lost her handbag. with her driver's license
It was found near the body and bank card inside. saw the pair on Kuta beach
Police say other witnesses the officer was killed.
around the time both Connor and Taylor
And they claim have wounds on their hands. and a broken surfboard
A motorbike they'd hired have been seized as evidence. where Wayan Sudarsa was murdered,
Here on Kuta beach, to the gods.
locals are leaving offerings in uniform and on duty.
He was a police officer

she wants the case solved
His devastated wife says as soon as possible. 40 injuries to his body.
An autopsy found more than

a broken beer bottle, nearby.
And a possible murder weapon, family and friends are in shock.
Back in Byron Bay, Sara Connor's a statement today saying:
They released

DFAT is offering consumer

has toured
In the US, Donald Trump of the country's south
flood-ravaged parts more presidential.
in a bid to appear been hit
But his campaign has again resignation.
by another high-profile nicknamed Trump Force One
Touching down in the jet

as part of the candidate's effort
this was widely seen once again.
to reshape his image, Baton Rouge, Louisiana -
He was touring in the US
hit by the worst natural disaster

since Hurricane Katrina. (CHEERING) welcome from some residents,
Trump received enthusiastic passing out assistance parcels.
as he joined a chain

is incredible,
What happened here it's really incredible.
nobody understand how bad it is, I'm just here to help. unless Trump was bringing aid,
But the Democratic governor said,

valuable resources.
his visit was tying up by the motorcade.
And some locals were unimpressed that's just publicity.
That's unnecessary, has been shaken up yet again -
Trump's campaign

Paul Manafort resigning
with its chairman after only months in the job - before the election.
and less than 80 days

Trump has made a direct pitch
For the first time, to black voters - they'd support him.
currently just 2% say But his message seemed to be - their lives are so terrible.
they should vote for him because

What do you have to lose? your schools are no good,
You're living in poverty, do you have to lose?
you have no jobs, what the hell

on Twitter:
Hilary Clinton's response

now is time.
Donald Trump's main problem most voters have already
In previous elections,

who they'll vote for.
made their minds up this is not a normal campaign.
One thing in his favour -

with Belinda.
Now for a look at today's weather Good evening, Georgie. has finally come to an end,
Sydney's dry spell

from the west overnight.
A band of rain moving in pretty quickly, though,
It was all over across the city.
with less than 2mm falling Just before the rain arrived, came charging in,
the wild westerlies on the Harbour.
gusting up to 72km/h sticking around today,
The chilly winds both hit a top of 18,
so while the city and our west it felt more like 11. in nearly a fortnight,
It was our coldest day year's Cherry Blossom Festival
the warmer weather making this better than ever.
at the Botanic Gardens in Auburn

blooming early,
The Japanese sakura flowers announcing the onset of spring. to go until it's here.
Officially, there's still 12 days

for the last few weeks of winter
I'll tell you what's in store later on, Georgie. In the news ahead, gone in a flash - dangerous pursuit at Riverstone.
the driver accused of sparking a

in the act at Strathfield?
Is this a letterbox thief sprung 24-hour train service.
All aboard the world's newest

the Wests Tigers
And with their season over, dissect where it all went wrong.

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has been dragged almost 10m,
A police officer

for a breath test
after pulling over a car in Sydney's north-west.

through the streets
It sparked a dangerous chase of the dog squad.
that only ended with the help In hot pursuit - alleged getaway.
Cody Clissold makes his

With sirens blaring, closely by the police officer
the 29-year-old is followed he's alleged to have assaulted
who, only moments before, for a breath test.
when he pulled him over Our senior constable reached in to stop the vehicle,
in an attempt by the occupant of the car.
we allege he was grabbed and dragged the officer
The vehicle drove off

we believe, for some 8m.
on the ground, The officer then gave chase - of Regent and McCulloch Streets
starting at the corner in Riverstone. through Sydney's north-west
Clissold took police for some 11km. at Barkly Drive at Windsor.
The 29-year-old finally stopped to a dramatic end here,
The pursuit came hovering above
with a police helicopter and sniffer dogs on the ground. hid in this carport
Witnesses say the offender

under one of the vehicles.
and threw a bum bag serious charges,
Clissold is now facing a police officer.
including assaulting to his defence.
His mum, today, sprung

I've had no trouble with him.
He's a really good child, Clissold's alleged victim for cuts and bruises to his face.
has received treatment

against any person
We regard crimes of violence is totally unacceptable
as something that to a person
for it to be happening the public
that is just protecting the courts will deal with.
is just something

to identify this man,
Police are calling for help

from a unit block at Strathfield.
suspected of stealing mail

letters from at least two boxes
He was caught on camera grabbing as he walked away.
before hiding his face on Thursday
A resident filmed this video from a nearby car.
while watching should contact Crime Stoppers.
Anyone who recognises the man

metro rail service.
The London tube is now a 24-hour The extended transport hub dollars worth of extra activity
is expected to create millions of and entertainment industries.
for the hospitality

underground railway,
History on the world's oldest

24-hour weekend operation.
as London's tube began

You can feel the buzz here. London's excited about it,
We're excited about it, and grow and grow
and we think it will just grow

Dubbed the Night Tube, has long been a dream
the new service to stay up late.
in a city that loves the biggest beneficiaries.
Shift workers could be encourage more people
But officials hope it will also bars and theatres.
to head to restaurants, a lot easier
I think it's going to make it than trying to get a cab.
I feel a lot safer expecting it, to be honest.
I think London was long to get on the tube,
I prefer my drunk friends around the streets.
it's safer than them wandering with trains every ten minutes
The Night Tube started on just two lines. to follow later this year.
With three other lines due Getting here hasn't been easy. announced in 2013,
The Night Tube was first due to start
and services were initially in September last year. management struggled to negotiate
But the launch was delayed as a deal with unions.

200,000 people
Transport for London predicts

every weekend.
will use the new rail service they'd caught an earlier train.
But some of them may wish

All hail the night due.

We cross back to Ryan, wait athletes.
breaking news on 10 detained They
athletes. What can you tell us? has
They have just been released. It morning.
has been a dramatic night and just
morning. It is 5:30 AM. They have busted
just been released. They were match
busted for attending the basketball match without

match without tickets, and today, out
just a short time ago, they walked good
out of here. They were placed on a do
good behaviour bond, and find. We the
do not know the amount of how much to
the penalty was, but it all relates to the falsifying of their tickets and
to get in, so that is the rubble back
and they face. I have been driven AOC
back to the athletes' village, this handout
AOC will make an announcement or athletes.
handout its punishment for these support
athletes. They were there trying to been
support the Boomers, but it has have
been a rough night for them. They They
have been locked up for 10 hours. village,
They are now heading back to the back
village, looking forward to getting back to Australia.

Still ahead, at the $40 million upgrade
a first look of Sydney's most historic sites.
breathing new life into one And the mid-ocean ghost town - in global oil prices.
the fallout from a drop

Sport is next, with Tim Gilbert. Thanks, Georgie. Coming up - against the Knights.
Jarryd Hayne knocked for six

Jarryd dazed and confused, next.
The awkward tackle that left brilliant teenager
How the Panthers' killed off the Tigers' season.

And I'm live from ANZ Stadium opener against the All Blacks.
for the Wallabies' Bledisloe Cup

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a blistering first half
on the NRL ladder after against Manly at Brookvale Oval. highlight for the Sea Eagles
Tom Trbojevic provided the only a try for Bradley Parker.
in the opening stanza, laying on

to lead 22-6 at half-time.
But Melbourne responded quickly the match for the Titans,
One week after winning from the field
Jarryd Hayne has been forced

to the head.
after suffering a heavy knock on the scoreboard, though.
The damage had already been done the finals gathering momentum
The Titans charge towards against Newcastle.
with a 26-6 victory

Jarryd Hayne,
Not everyone was happy to see

the Titans recruit
but fans are not what was looking for in Newcastle - his first try in new colours.
instead, itching to get

can't get there.
Coming through, Jarryd Hayne from suspension worthwhile,
Ryan James made his escape James Tedesco's season
the man who ended Tigers star

crossing for first points.
a week earlier, for the Gold Coast Titans.
James will score with another.
And inflicting more damage himself another.
Ryan James has got Two years out of the game, for forgetting some rules,
Hayne could be forgiven him a refresher.
but Dane Gagai was quick to give

It was a shoulder charge, mate.

to play for,
A side with nothing left

found space to trouble
the Knights still on the line.
the club with everything But out of the break,

the frontrower frenzy.
Luke Douglas joined Luke Douglas.
Quick tap. and Douglas will score.
He goes for the try the tries, he did deny them.
And, while Hayne couldn't deliver

Pearsall being chased by Hayne, for him.
and Hayne too quick had his afternoon cut short.
But the Gold Coast five-eighth ground.
This is Jarryd Hayne on the defensive effort.
In the wrong spot on that

He looks in trouble. towards victory,
And, already charging the Titans weren't risking early.
returning their star signing if we needed him to.
He could've gone back on

But I think it would've been... odd seconds to go, anyway.
The fifteen minutes was like 30 So, no need.

sealed their finals spot,
Penrith have all but

thrashing the West Tigers at Pepper Stadium. third straight victory,
It was the Pantherns' while the Tigers
keeping them in 7th place, of the top 8 race.
have almost certaintly bowed out

of the big cats
It was the battle

their tails between their legs.
and the Tigers came off with

Yeah, enormously disappointing. Jason Taylor's men
With their season on the line, performances of the year,
put on one of their worst in a Penrith blackout.
leaking 7 tries

there where they just
There were a couple of points didn't want to tackle them.
ran too hard for us and we that wasn't us tonight.
It wasn't out performance - We deserve better for the fans and watched that -
and the fans that came out they don't deserve that at all. had a horror night
Stand-in fullback Jordan Rankin under the high ball. an obvious issue for the Tigers.
The absence of James Tedesco

It's a massive loss. If you ask Smith,
Melbourne, if they lose Cameron type
Smith, the same thing. That's the he
type of player he is and the effect he has on the team.

out-of-favour Origin star
But as for whether made a difference -
Robbie Farah would've in the game.
We needed all 17 players would have changed.
I don't think one player scored 120 points
The Panthers have now in their past three matches. the attacking prowess
A feat they put down to of young halfback Nathan Cleary. who are blown away
And it's not just teammates by the 18-year-old's maturity. what he did tonight.
All class, all class Very impressive. He was in high school last year.

It's scary how good he is going.

He's a great kid. Bryce Cartwright
Makeshift five-eighth in the halves
is also finding his feet for the pressure
and says he's ready of being a finals playmaker. I've been there for a while

I think that will put me in good stead. In the hookah role.

has assured hookers
Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire their positions in the side
Cameron McInnes and Damien Cook despite speculation Robbie Farah
are safe, South Sydney next year.
is set to join

I am really over. They know exactly performed
what is going on. They have last
performed really well for us in the McGuinness
last couple of weeks, and can throughout
McGuinness has been strong throughout the season.

there will be no hard feelings
At Parramatta, the Eels insist team-mate Junior Paulo,
when they take on former amid their salary cap dramas.
who departed for the Raiders

The game is to professional now to needs
get involved with any crap that needs to be on or off the field.

the Roosters host the Dragons,
Tomorrow afternoon, all the action live on Nine. to turn around
The Wallabies will be looking their disappointing season so far All Blacks
when they face the World Champion at ANZ Stadium tonight. Nine's Julie Snook is there. win the Bledisloe Cup back,
Julie, if the Wallabies are to it has to start tonight?

It absolutely does. Good evening.

Thousands of fans have been rolling afternoon,
up here at ANZ Stadium all clash
afternoon, ahead of this crucial has
clash for the Wallabies. Australia so
has not held that cop since 2002, desperate
so needless to say, the side is optimistic,
desperate for a win. The fans are exactly
optimistic, that the men have world's
exactly what it takes to eat the tonight?
world's best side.Can they do it are
tonight? Of course. Because they It
are better. Go Wallabies. Go boys. All
It is interesting to note that the since
All Blacks have only lost two games those
since the start of 2002, one of ANZ
those being the same game here at The
ANZ Stadium this time last year. bolstered
The good news, that they have been experienced
bolstered by the return of some Ashley-Cooper
experienced overseas players. Adam the
Ashley-Cooper pull on the green and Moore
the gold tonight. Skipper Stephen of
Moore says it is the significance of this rivalry, the significance that
of this game that keeps layers like brisk
that coming back. It is a very pumping.
brisk evening, the atmosphere is Kick
pumping. There is a lot on the line. off
Kick off at eight on the line. Kick off at 8 PM.

to bounce back
The Giants are looking final-second loss,
from last week's

at Spotless Stadium.
taking on Fremantle It's been a tight contest. the top of the ladder
Earlier today the Swans moved to following a nine-point win in Hobart.
against North Melbourne Lance Franklin dominating -
And they did it without he kicked just 1 behind. Dan Hennebery each had 2 goals.
Gary Rohan, Jarryd McVeigh and

the forthcoming Spring Carnival
Winx has laid down a marker for Warwick States at Randwick.
with an emphatic win in the to her tenth straight victory,
The champion mare cruised for a second Cox Plate.
as she lines up another campaign tournament upstarts,
They'd been billed as the gold medal battle
sparking hopes of a against America's Dream Team. basketball team
But the Australian men's in Rio,
will now play for a bronze medal Serbia.
after a semi-final crushing by They began with dreams of gold.

were quickly brought down.
But the Boomers' expectations

They are working back.

They had plenty of Aussie in the stands. But Serbia played tough. physical game,
And in a low scoring, the Aussies couldn't match it. Australia here
Serbia has defeated by 26 points.
and they've done it

for bronze.
Now they'll play Spain at the BMX.
It was far worse for Australia

After qualifying 1 and 2,

Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean by the Americans.
were overtaken And finished out of the medals. Our big hope in the women's, Caroline Buchanan,
world number 2 entirely.
missed out on the finals Buchanan's gone down!
Real trouble there, Oh, no! This could be disaster! The realisation was devastating.

for months
The Aussies have been training of this one in Rio.
on a track that's a replica and unpredictability
But you can't copy the intensity of competition.

that's failed.
Another sport's preparation Australia now have 29 medals. In London we won 35.

since Barcelona.
That was our smallest haul

Rio is likely to be worse.

we haven't converted.
It's been tough We take each day as it comes, as it comes.
we take each event in the next couple of days.
We've still got some chances

will come after that.
The analysing,

And that is a busy day in sport. Busy indeed, thank you.

In the news ahead - at a major Sydney hospital.
a contamination scare at a busy intersection.
Chaos as buses collide

crashes into wetlands
And what happens when a plane filled with alligators.

VOICE-OVER: Get more bang for your buck with a $2 hamburger - pickles, onion and ketchup with 100% Aussie beef for just $2.

A contamination scare for workers

at the Sutherland Hospital away from the tip
Material from the site was turned due to asbestos fears, the all-clear by authorities.
but has since been given ahead of further testing,
One area remains roped off on Monday.
which will be carried out has been good news
The recent drop in oil prices

at the petrol pump,
for anyone filling up producers in the North Sea.
but it's been a disaster for to cut costs,
Companies are desperately trying out of work,
leaving thousands of people

and multi-million dollar oil rigs over Cromarty Firth -
They rise almost majestically in Scotland's north.
a natural deepwater harbour

of tough times for
But these rigs tell a story the North Sea oil industry. Pulled out of service, no longer making money.
because they're We've got the jack ups, the tall structures,
the ones with on the sea bed.
they're actually sitting is a semi-submersible,
The one in front of us here about eight metres or so
so it's actually floating

under the water. we've got what was
And then out behind us tension leg platform,
the world's first quite a unique design.
so again, Sarah Pern grew up here.

have been part of life
And the oil rigs as she can remember.
almost as long But it's rare to see so many. so we've started to see them
Slowly, over of the last year or creep back in again.

may have been
The drop in the global oil price good news for car owners. for residents
But it's been a huge blow of northern Scotland. In particular those in Aberdeen, "oil capital".
Europe's self proclaimed unemployed from the oil.
A lot of people paying a lot of people off.
A lot of companies of helicopters ferrying workers
There's still a steady stream

to and from the platforms. businesses that relied
But not enough to sustain the being spent around town.
on big salaries of around 250,000 people,
We have a population here

in the wider area 500,000, by the oil and gas industry.
and the majority are impacted to compete with
The region is struggling of other producers.
the lower cost base numerous platforms
And recent months have seen pulled out of service. as cold stacking,
This is what's known shut down and de-crewed.
where the rigs are

tens of millions of dollars
Reactivating them can cost ones will eventually be scrapped.
so it's more than likely these That's no easy task. of the Transocean Winner,
As evidenced by the grounding

on Scotland's west coast, to Malta to be broken up.
while being towed parallels with the slowdown
And, while there's obvious in Australia's mining sector, their industry will bounce back.
Scottish business leaders say impacted by this,
Everyone's been is to use it as an opportunity,
and the challenge for us not as a problem.

to the next 30,
We've got to look forward 40 years of the industry, to exist in Aberdeen.
which will continue stay low.
But if global oil prices likely to keep shrinking.
That industry is sitting idle Cromarty Firth
And the number of rigs will continue to grow.

Two pilots are lucky to be alive,

in the Florida Everglades.
after crashing their small plane onto the roof of the aircraft
The men managed to scramble any curious alligators.
to get away from by the US Coast Guard.
They were winched to safety Both pilots were unharmed.

In the news ahead -

of our history at Hyde Park.
restoring the heart to buckle
What caused this bridge at the worst possible time? their anger -
And there's no masking

on Lucy Turnbull.
WestConnex protesters turn

MAN: I look after myself - go to the gym and eating well. Having a smoke while
I'm out with my mates can't hurt... ..can it? VOICEOVER: Smoking cigarettes
causes mutations. Mutations are how cancer starts.
Quit now.

Australia is about to become
the country that never sleeps

because the European
football season is here.

Foxtel is bringing you
the UEFA Champions League,

La Liga, Serie A

and the Bundesliga live
on beIN Sports.

And for the first time, we've got
dedicated English club channels

Chelsea TV, LFCTV and MUTV.

That's six new channels
packed with European football.

Foxtel - make it yours.

a precious piece of our history,
Sydney's Anzac War Memorial is

and federal government funds
and now $40 million in state its future.
is being spent on ensuring is officially underway -
Construction work happening below the surface.
with most of the redevelopment

At the foot of Hyde Park, strong and silent,
it has stood, and wept for the fallen.
as Sydney has honoured

for the children
You can imagine for the widows, who didn't come home,
of the serving member of their father, their husband.
it's a lasting memory a crowd of 15,000 gathered
In 1934, different Sydney,
in the heart of what was a very as it was officially dedicated,
circling the Anzac Memorial,

when there was no money,
built during the Great Depression but it was important. Today, there is a lot more cash - to spend on an upgrade.
in fact, $40 million

officially underway.
And work is now because war is ugly,
Not for the glorification of war

from that sacrifice
but for what we gained and the need to protect it. will happen underground.
Most of the construction process on the southern side
In an extensive excavation

towards Liverpool Street, a huge tree will be relocated, concrete structure.
making way for a pre-cast casualties of war
One of the great

is forgotten.
is that the sacrifice an education centre,
Part of the upgrades here include will always know
ensuring future generations

of our past.
the stories of the men and women We are built on their shoulders. They have gone before us, that we take for granted.
they have fought for things

part of the original design.
A cascading water feature was the money had simply run out.
It was never finished - That vision will now be realised.

complete in 2018,
The redevelopment will be of WWI.
100 years since the end

have been worn
Lucy Turnbull masks

protest in Haberfield,
at today's Westconnex comments about the road project.
with activists angry over her

the Prime Minister's wife said
Earlier this week, the suburb being demolished
she was unaware of any homes in to make way for the development, already being acquired.
despite more than 50

Greater Sydney Commission,
Mrs Turnbull is head of the for the city.
which oversees planning has collapsed into a river
A railway bridge

as a cargo train
in southern Chile was travelling across it. plummeted into the water.
Six rail cars carrying chemicals in the accident.
No one was injured

with the weather
Coming up, Belinda

for the rest of the weekend.

and 12 in our west,
Right now it's 14 in the city

thanks to those fresh westerlies.
but feels much cooler And get your brollies ready - a taste of what's to come.
last night's rain was just weather will arrive next.
I'll tell you when the wet

With the Philips Beard Trimmer 7000, trimming doesn't have to be
a messy business. Its vacuum system
removes up to 90% of mess, so you can trim and we'll tidy. Be your best you. The Philips Beard Trimmer 7000 - the perfect gift this Father's Day, and available now in-store
at leading retailers. Innovation and you - Phillips.

but still plenty of sunshine.
A few clouds over Sydney today,

across the city,
A much cooler day only reaching a top of 18. colder at times,
But felt up to 8 degrees westerly winds.
due to those brisk

2 degrees below average
Daytime temperatures were about in our west. 6 degrees colder than yesterday,
A top of 18 in Penrith, through overnight.
after that cold front moved

of snow to the Alps,
It brought a fresh dumping over our ski resorts.
up to 16cm falling in Perisher this morning -
It was all systems go a big day ahead.
getting ready for

it had everyone jumping for joy.
While in Thredbo, an absolute blast,
These guys having down the mountain.
carving their way And there's more good news -

expected tomorrow.
another 10cm to 20cm forecast for Monday.
And some snow flurries the rest of our state -
Looking at has taken over,
and a high pressure system conditions tomorrow.
bringing mostly fine our capital cities.
A quick look at with a top of 13.
And Canberra will be fine Fine and 23 in Brisbane. Adelaide, and Perth.
Some showers for Melbourne,

will remain dry
Most of New South Wales after a chilly morning. in Bathurst and Mudgee,
Plunging to -1 so we could see some early fog. a much cooler day.
Northern parts will have

colder than it was today.
Coffs Harbour, seven degrees Sydney's weather will warm up - the city heading for a top of 19. to top off our weekend,
With another blast of sunshine becoming cloudy tomorrow night. for our west,
A wintry night ahead dropping down to 2 in Richmond, warming up to 19 or 20 -

under beautiful blue skies. And make the most of it our last sunny day in a while.
because it looks like it'll be

The clouds rolling in on Monday - of some late rain.
with the chance on Tuesday and Wednesday -
Keep your brolly handy forecast for the city
at this stage, up to 30mm over the two days.

around until next weekend.
The showers expected to hang for our west as well.
A wet start to the week by the middle of the week,
Warming up to 20 degrees before another cold snap. though, Georgie.
Lots of warm sunshine tomorrow

at what's in store
Before we go, here's a quick look of '60 Minutes'.
on this week's edition Thanks, Georgie. Tomorrow night - who has got the cancer -
I'm, unfortunately, the person and I'm now a single mother.
my husband is in jail Roxy Jacenko. what they think on my timing.
I don't really give a (BLEEP) hits back.
The polarising PR queen doesn't it?
It really fires you up, It makes me angry. to there being an image problem.
That brings me back jealousy's a curse.
They can say that but, you know,

after The Block.
That's tomorrow night Back to you, Georgie. for this Saturday.
That's Nine News Thanks for being with us.
I'm Georgie Gardner. Good night.
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Ladies and not ladies,

we present for you...


VOICEOVER: Cirque du Soleil, the
world's biggest and most successful

circus company.

Over the last three decades,

Cirque's thrilled more than
160 million people worldwide.

BOTH: Peek-a-boo!

With truly magical shows, each more
daring than the last.

And for the world's most
extraordinary circus performers,

joining Cirque du Soleil
is the pinnacle.

As they prepare to bring their new
show Kooza to Australia,

Cirque is giving one young Australian

the opportunity of a lifetime.

Earlier this year,

hundreds of hopefuls auditioned
across the country

for a chance to win a life-changing

to train with this
incredible company.

Now just the top four performers
will compete for this ultimate prize.

I live, breathe, eat, sleep circus.

Every since I was four years old,

I've dreamed of performing
on the big stage.

I would love to win this.

It would mean that my hard work and
my dedication has been recognised.

Ever since I can remember, Cirque du
Soleil has been my dream.

I want this so badly, I'm gonna
give it everything I can.

Their quest to win will start on
the other side of the world.

The top four are going to travel here
to Buenos Aires, Argentina

to see first-hand Cirque's latest
show Kooza.

With exclusive
behind-the-scenes access...

You're gonna meet and work with some
of the best artists in the world.

The competition will push
them to their limits.


That was probably
the best performance

I've ever done in my life.

But ultimately, only one will
run away with Cirque du Soleil.

It was my dad's dream to be in
the circus, and now it's my life.

When my dad was younger, he always
wanted to run away with the circus

as a flying trapeze artist,

but never really got
the chance to do it,

so when I told him I wanted
to do circus,

he was so happy for me,

cos I was living his dream for him.

So I started gymnastics
when I was really young.

Ad since then, I've been to a few
different circus schools

and now it's everything
that I do every day.

I'm a hula-hooper but I also do
hand-dancing, contortions.

This is an amazing experience to see
what it's like behind the scenes,

to meet the performers that are in
the shows that I've watched.

It's gonna be incredible to see them
as people and not just performers.

But Mieke faces
some tough competition

in chasing her Cirque dream

from another Victorian,
24-year-old Daniel.

I'm the only boy
in a family of dancers.

My mum's a belly dancer, my sisters
are into classical ballet.

I'm very active.
I hate sitting still.

When I was at dance school
in year 12,

I met these crazy circus performers

and I just went with it.

My circus specialty is 'roue cyr'.

The best way to describe it is like
a giant metal hula-hoop,

I stand in the middle like the
Da Vinci man and I spin like a coin.

What's really gonna give me an edge
in this competition

is my dance background
and my musicality.

See ya, mate!

When they reach Buenos Aires,

the top four won't just be treated
to a look at Cirque's new show,

they'll also be vying for the coveted
Cirque Scholarship.

Ready? All good?

I'm from a family
of circus performers.

My older sister, my twin sister
and I, we all grew up doing circus.

I was always afraid of heights.

I never liked to go on the trapeze
or anything like that,

I like to have my feet on the