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(generated from captions) going to police. We gave Josh every opportunity and the pros and cons if you like of going to police.I will come out of that because the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is speaking in Melbourne.... This Government is absolutely determined to provide whatever support we can to help grow the economy, to get our country back into surplus, bearing in mind that our country has over $350 billion orth of debt, and that's the legacy of the last of
Labor government, so there is a lot of work that we need to do in growing the economy and the trust a trader program which is officially launched on 1st July after a pilot which has been very successful, demonstrates we can concentrate our effort then on keeping our borders secure and on intelligence-led interdick shun of cargo comes across the borders, so he we can form a relationship with vast majority of traders about whom we have no concern, but who are involved with bringing goods back and from our borders, and it means the Border Force personnel can concentrate on where we do believe there is some difficulty across the border I want to pay tribute to the Commissioner and all the staff within the department whos have put an enormous amount of work into this program. This will bring billions of dollars of economic benefit to the Australian economy. It will strip costs from local small businesses and it will allow companies here in Australia to employ more Australians. And that's what the Turnbull Government is all about. I'm happy to take any questions.REPORTER: What happens if a trader abuses the privilege? Well, then there are consequences to pay for that, including exclusion from the program. So obviously there is a lot of intelligence that we receive both from our domestic agencies, but also from our five eyes arter ins and other trader partners and if we have suspicions about a particular entsty and if people have breached the trust that they've entered into, the agreement they've signed with the department, this enpeople will be excluded from the program, but the vast, vast majority of traders want to do the right thing, they want to employ Australians, they want to grow their business, they want to increase the amount of commodity being exported. If we can facilitate that in a less costly way, then we can grow the economy, we can help grow those businesses and if we can do that, we can help employ more Australian people. REPORTER: Just on the closure of Manus Island, what time-frame has been given?No time-frame has been given, but the operating manager on Manus Island will work through the steps and we will work with them through those steps. I want splugers to hear the message very clearly that people will not be settled in Australia, because if they are out telling lies as they do to people willing to pay uponny, then they need to hear the message that people who seek to come by boat will never settle in our country and the dividend, the successful end of our legislation around border, we've been able to restore order to our borders and bearing in mind that Labor completely lost control of our borders.REPORTER: Can you put a dollar figure on how much support will be given to PNG to help manage them through the process?No, simply because it hasn't been defined yetWe need to work through individual cases for people to return back to the country of origin or for people to settle in PNG, they are the two options available to people and Bill Shorten would be well advised to bear in mind that this was an agreement Originally struck by Labor and so people who are settling in PNG are settling there because firstly this whole mess was created by Labor and this is a legacy of a Labor Government that loses control of its borders. Drownings at sea, budget blowouts and people who are in regional processing centres that now need to be placed. This was a mess of Labor's making. As always, the Coalition Government is in the process of cleaning it up, but it will cost money and it will take some time for us to work through each of the cases AndREPORTER: And how long do you anticipate that financial support will last for? Well, again that is a question we can make at another time. The priority at the moment is to make sure we stop the boats because people smugglers are still seeking to put ventures together right now and we turn back a boat, as you are aware, to Sri Lanka in recent days and with the sis stance of the Sri Lankan Government, we were able to disrupt a venture that was on its way to Australia, so he we know that there is still activity out there and people who think that the boats have stopped and that this problem has gone away, please look at what's happening in Europe, what's happening on the Mediterranean, what's happening with
across Asia. This problem will be with us for a long period of time to come and it is worth noting that people smugglers believe that if Labor was elected at the last election, that they would be back in business.REPORTER: Are you willing to take up WA on the offer to house asylum seeker families? Well, I spo ek to Premier Barnett yesterday in relation to this matter and I went through some of the detail about why it's difficult for people to come to Australia and that's the reason that regional processing centres were set up by Labor. Remember Labor set up the arrangement on Nauru as it currently operates, and they set up the arrangement in Papua New Guinea because it is one of the legs of Operation Sovereign Borders that has resulted in people not drowning at sea and us being able to take kids out of detention. We've closed 17 detention centres when Labor opened 17, and now we've been able to work with the PNG to work towards the closure of the Manus Island regional processing centres selves
so that's the situation we find our selves in.REPORTER: What do you make of Scott Morrison saying he was simply following his leader's instructions in blocking attempts by the Gillard Government to overturn a High Court ban on the Malaysia plan?Bill Shorten spent every day before the election telling the Australian people that there was no difference between the Liberal and Labor policies, and yet he has spent every day since the election telling the Australian Party
public that the policy of the Labor Party is very different from that of the government. Now, he can't to
have it both ways and it is clear to me that when it comes to border protection, you just cannot trust Bill Shorten. They haven't learnt the lessons of the past. The reason that the Malaysia deal was in play, firstly it was unconstitutional, and secondly, they didn't want to implement boat turnbacks, and that's as history records and the thought that a deal that took 800 people, bearing in mind that 50,000 came on 800 boats, the thought that 800 people going to Malaysia was going to stop the flow of boats is a nonsense, and as history has demonstrated, it wasn't until the implementation of turning back boats where it's safe to do so on top of temporary protection visas, a policy Labor is still opposed to, up to this very day, in addition to the regional processing centres, those three limbs. That is at the core of the success of Operation Sovereign Borders and Labor's fanciful thought that a deal where 800 people could go to Malaysia was somehow going to stare down the people smugglers is a complete nonsense. This government had tough decisions to take, we've taken those decisions, we've stopped drownings at sea, woo he have a he got every child out of detention and closed 17 detention centres, and because we've stopped the boats, we are now able to work with PNG toward the closure of the Manus Island regional processing centre. REPORTER: What about asylum seekers in PNG who are gay and identify as gay and homosexuality is illegal in PNG, where do you expect them to go?Well, again, just to point to the convention and to the protocol to which countries including Australia have signed up. If people believe that they are persecuted in their country of origin or where they are living, if they believe that they face persecution or they are at threat otherwise, they have at built to make a claim for protection. And that is a claim that they can make in PNG as they can in other countries around the world and in Australia and so depending on individual circumstances, people may or may not be owed protection and that's the way in which the Refugee Convention operates, a signatory to that convention and it is the way we operate in this country as well. Thank you very much.Sore Roy, that was Peter Dutton there, the Immigration Minister just talking about the trusted trader program which facilitates easier trade for some exporters who sign up and make sure that their business actually complies with this program. Opening up trade with other countries, also