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(generated from captions) worrying
Welcome back to the show. Well, with
worrying economic news this morning could
with predictions Australia's debt billion
could spiral to more than $100 up.
billion if the economy doesn't pick says
up. It comes as Malcolm Turnbull the
says he's prepared to reach across support
the aisle in the hope Labor will budget
support more than $6.5 billion in resumes
budget savings when Parliament Joining
resumes in just over a week. minister
Joining us now defence industry Adelaide
minister Christopher Pyne from shadow
Adelaide and here in the studio, shadow transport and struck morning
minister Anthony Albanese. Good Lisa,
morning to you both.Good morning Christopher,
Lisa, good morning Anthony. dire
Christopher, I start with you. A we
dire economic prediction today. As turned
we know, the double dissolution the
turned into a double disaster for expect
the government. Surely you can't plans.
expect Labor to support your budget support
plans.Well, we're asking them to Lisa.
support their own budget plans, The
Lisa. I think that is the key point. collection
The omnibus savings bill is a that
collection of the savings measures saying
that Labor took to the election, they
saying that if they were elected own
they would introduce those in their own budget. So we thought since they want to support those savings, will
that they pro those themselves, we them
will put them in a bill and put just
them to the Parliament. So it is hypocrisy
just the hype of -- height of ducks
hypocrisy for Bill Shorten to play support
ducks and Drakes and say he may not Labor's
support that bill when they are that
Labor's own savings measures.Albo, forward
that is true. You had those in the government
forward estimatesThis is a has
government that just plays politics, If
has no policy plans for the future. you
If you don't support this, that is The
you playing politics.Not at all. terms
The fact is that we had a plan in investing
terms of growth. We had a plan of investing in infrastructure and education
investing in people through We
education and supporting healthcare. they
We had a plan for the nation. What is
they have, and they've had all year, slogans
is just a plan for politics and such
slogans and that's why they're in saying
such dire straights now.So you're anything
saying you're... Going to support estimates
anything you had in your forward We
estimates going into the election. would
We haven't seen the bill, Lisa.Why What
would you support these measures? savings
What we supported, Lisa, was some investment
savings in order to have some education,
investment in people through and
education, through the Gonski plans this
and investment in struck. You know, announcements
this government had 78 struck campaign.
announcements during the election your
campaign.You are just spinning just
your wheels.76 of them.You are want
just spinning your wheels.They barrel.
want savings so that they can pork economic
barrel. What we want is a serious yesterday's
economic plan for jobs and has
yesterday's figures show that there in
has been 64,000 permanent jobs lost yesterday's
in Australia this year alone.What that
yesterday's job figures show is 5.7%,
that unemployment has dropped to been
5.7%, half a million new jobs have Mostly
been created since we were elected. it
Mostly part-time, Christopher, so In
it muddies the numbers a little bit. a
In the current modern world, Lisa, part-time
a lot of people are very happy with seek.
part-time work. That's what they under
seek.There is also a lot of people meaning
under employed at the moment, but
meaning they are in part-time work, ploef
but want full-time work. We have to Economic
ploef on. We do have to move on a
Economic insecurity.There has been your
a Twitter spat.You didn't answer Tim
your question, Anthony.I shooshed as
Tim last week, I can't shoosh you spat
as well. There has been a Switzer ministers
spat involving a few different For
ministers on the issue of pairings. this,
For anyone who dozen understand MP
this, pairing is a deal where one member
MP abstains from voting when a from
member from another party is absent in
from Parliament if they're sick. So not
in this upcoming hung Parliament, arrangement
not having a proper pairing Coalition
arrangement could leave the important
Coalition in trouble trying to pass MPs
important legislation if one of the Christopher,
MPs isn't in the chamber. Now, Twitter
Christopher, you have been on a Labor's
Twitter bender protesting against But
Labor's decision not to grant pairs. Julia
But you denied Labor pairings in including
Julia Gillard's hung Parliament at
including when one MP wanted to be Isn't
at the birth of his own child. medicine?
Isn't this just a taste of your own tell
medicine?I was there and I can Craig
tell you that we granted pairs to A
Craig Thomson and Michelle Roland. completely
A lot of these stories have been the
completely inaccurate and this is actually
the first chance I have had to gave
actually correct them. We actually gave a pair to Craig Thompson to go a
to the birth of his child and gave child
a pair to Michelle Roland when her that
child was sick. When I found out misunderstood
that the whip at the time had soon
misunderstood the situation, as Now,
soon as I knew about it, I fixed it. willsh
Now, what we saw this week was Yes.
willshThere he is fixing again. Chris
Yes. Tony Burke was roasted by his
Chris Bowen and Bill Shorten and said
his own side because he foolishly who
said he wouldn't give pairs to MPs emergency
who are sick or have a family didn't
emergency which is ridiculous.He That
didn't say that.Bill Shorten... rushed
That is exactly what happened. He and
rushed out.He said automatic pairs government
and there won't be. You say the No-one
government has a working majority. pairs.
No-one has asked for automatic for
pairs.What is what you say.We ask a
for pairs when MPs are sick or have when
a family emergency.What we had Gillard
when we were in government, Julia even
Gillard as Prime Minister couldn't to
even meet with the Governor-General happen
to do the weekly signoffs that have
happen over an afternoon tea. You meeting
have a signing off for bills and a and
meeting between the Prime Minister couldn't
and the Governor-General. They Malcolm
couldn't even get leave for that. with
Malcolm Turnbull was denied a pair Olly's
with Simon Clean to go to Margaret Michelle
Olly's funeral. The only reason child
Michelle Roland who had a sick belatedly
child who was allow add pair denied
belatedly was after it had been public
denied in writing after it became a fixed
public issue.When I found out, I fixed it. That is not true.We have pairings
to sort this, you two, because a
pairings is important. We have such say
a tight situation happening.They with
say they have a majority. Good luck $100
with that.If we have more than They
$100 million debt...Nlts Exactly. opposition
They have to work like a mature country.
opposition as part of solving this Thank
country.We have to leave it there. this
Thank you very much for your time no
this morning.He is like a goldfish, around
no memory at all, just swimming Nothing
around the bowl, swimming around.