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(generated from captions) You know the saying,
"Stiff Cheddar"?

Well, you are. It's Cheddar.

Most popular cheese in the world,

Cheddar originated in the 12th
century, in the English town

of Cheddar, famous for its caves,
originally used to store the cheese.

Did you know that one, Vince?

I was between Stilton and that one.
Wasn't quite sure.

Well, don't say you know it, then.

No, no, I didn't know.

That way you'll get
to your 50th anniversary, OK?

Thank you, Eddie. Thank you.
Good on you, guys.

Hey, Pam, you win $1,000,
though, so enjoy that.

Thank you.
Pam Graham just won $1,000.

See you next time on
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Tonight, in the balance - strangers rush to save a life, the Harbour's edge.
as a car dangles over A murky tale - and his mates lie
did gold medallist Ryan Lochte at gunpoint?
about their robbery the $2 billion contract
Anger as South Korea wins

to build Sydney's new trains. that could get you to Europe
The rock-bottom airfares for less than $400. And despite the obstacles, the Battle of Long Tan.
veterans pause to remember

Good evening.

this afternoon
There was an incredible escape of an out-of-control car,
for people in the path and into the harbour at Pyrmont.
which ploughed over a footpath Disregarding their own safety,

to save the driver,
onlookers jumped into the water were trapped inside.
while also fearing children on the Harbour's edge -
Resting on its nose

Harris Street,
a car that had driven off past a pedestrian walkway
through metal poles, and into the water. and saw this car
Heard a crunching noise the balustrades,
come straight through and into the water.
over two 8-foot drops There were so many unknowns. and casualties were possible,
It happened so fast

so this man ran to help. It came straight through. just came straight through here.
No skid marks, no nothing, two kids.
There was two car seats, but I couldn't find no kids.
I dived in there to look

He got out himself. was moaning and shouting
Witnesses say the driver of the car to the sidewalk.
as he walked from the back He was helped by paramedics,

by ambulances.
and stretchered away If there is an upside here, or even seriously injured.
it is that no-one was killed busy with families and children.
This part of Pyrmont is typically

had a mental condition,
Police say the driver and was taken to hospital.

is struggling to cope,
And if you, or someone you know,

on 13 11 14.
you can contact Lifeline

Detectives are trying to unravel of a mother,
the mysterious death her Greenacre home.
whose body was found inside charged with assault offences.
The woman's partner has been after a court heard
He's been taken to hospital medication for a week.
he'd been off his anti-psychotic

Head down and handcuffed, Bankstown Court
Clint Jason Sams arrives at in the back of a police van.

assault charges
The 42-year-old facing was found dead
after his long-term partner yesterday morning.
inside their Greenacre home died in mysterious circumstances
Melissa Myatt is believed to have at the Cardigan Road property. when police arrived.
Clint Sams was there

I saw them just closing off the cars
street and about a dozen police were
cars and detectors everywhere. We incident
were just told there's been an feel
incident and a death., We don't feel safe.

to determine
But officers have been unable mother of one died.
exactly how the 39-year-old Today, police went door to door, if they saw or heard anything.
asking neighbours

We don't have any trouble here and most people love each other, where

most people love each other, where friendly and it's surprising.

who has a disability
The couple's son 9is now staying with relatives. Today at Bankstown Court, from the cells.
Sams chose not to come up he had been prescribed
However, it was revealed for a mental health condition,
anti-psychotic medication for the past week.
but he hadn't taken it Sams was transferred to hospital,
Late this afternoon, until tomorrow.
his case adjourned

the results of an autopsy,
Officers are now awaiting how Melissa died.
in the hope they'll know for sure

Not one but two major scandals

in Rio.
are engulfing the Olympic Games Stars of America's swim team by police,
have been hauled off their flight has been arrested
while a top IOC official

dollar ticket scam.
over an alleged multi-million American swim team
Members of the all-star intercepted by Brazilian police to the US.
as they board a flight as suspicions swirl
It was dramatic step Ryan Lochte was lying
that Gold medallist

when he said he was victim earlier this week.
of Rio's street crime

at the entrance
This security vision

to the athletes' village the interest of police.
is what triggered Lochte and three teammates but distressed
appear anything

were were stopped in their taxi
just a short time after they and robbed at gunpoint.
by fake police

in their stories.
There were also inconsistencies issued a warrant
A senior judge immediately searched
to have the swimmer's rooms and the passports of Lochte

and teammate James Feigen the country,
But Lochte had already left

this image,
cheekily Snapchatting

was a victim of crime.
and insisted he Feigen, Gunnar Bentz
But three other swimmers, both escorted off their plane,
and Jack Conger who were at the airport.
have been detained

a false sworn statement
In Brazil, filing with up to six months jail.
to police is punishable ran a million miles.
On this matter the IOC

Ryan Lochte and his teammates
Is there any concern that to cover something up?
may have tried comment on that.
I couldn't possibly the Olympic movement
That's maybe because crisis to deal with.
had a much bigger Brazilian police
In an early morning operation their most senior officials,
raided the hotel room of one Ireland's Pat Hickey.

It was complete embarrassment - a nudie run by the 71-year-old into a bath robe.
before scrambling but showed off what they seized.
Police not only filmed the raid,

passport and tickets.
Hickey's Games accreditation, the investigation,
That's what prompted with the Irishman linked of Games tickets.
with the illegal sale proven guilty.
He is innocent until or any allegations.
There aren't even any facts yet So let's wait a little bit of ourselves.
before we get ahead

police station,
Instead of the local complaining of feeling unwell.
Hickey was taken to hospital plush hotel
His dramatic exit from this with a very uncertain future.
has left Pat Hickey

is apparently sick
He has no passport, including running a cartel
and is facing serious charges and if he is convicted,
and ticket touting seven years in jail.
he could spend

in Rio.
Live to Nine's Michael Best Michael, another two scandals

have done without?
this Olympic Games could really Absolutely. It's a debacle. fears, street crime
In a Games marred by security and corruption allegations,

of the biggest team here
Now we have high-profile members a terrifying hold-up.
being accused of concocting diplomatic incident.
This could be a huge

from the end of the Games,
And just a few days Brazil or the Olympic movement
it's something that neither benefits from.

Writes Michael, thank you.

flying the flag
The Boomers are still solely at the Olympics,
for Australia's teams to the semi-finals.
as they charge on full of NBA stars,
And with a roster of settling
they have no intention

for anything other than gold. Andrew Bogut,
Believe Boomers star are almost unbeatable.
and the Aussies Gets a good look!

and the Aussies shared the love -
A 90-64 win over Lithuania, 9 out of 11 players scored. in the semi-final.
They now play Serbia each game that we play.
We're developing a big stage
The hardest thing to do on such is to adjust on the fly, a great job of that.
and I think we've done

eyes on the gold.
The Aussies are dreaming big, with the US,
That means a possible square-off dominated the event.
who have long

as can be,
They are about as chilled beach volleyball at Copacabana.
relaxing with a game of basketballer Shane Heal tweeted:
Four-time Olympian, Aussie

we've had in years.
This is the best squad

doing us proud.
We've got some really good boys Very pleased we were here.
Just amazing.

We're still going to do better. Gold! officials will be praying
And here on the lake our our kayak sprint team in a matter of hours -
will snatch gold

the Australian Olympic team
it could save in 28 years.
from its worst medal tally were first in their semi-final,
Ken Wallace and Lachlan Tame now a medal favourite. It's Ken's third Olympics his third medal.
and he's aiming for It'll be a tough race, to walk on the beach
but they're not here they are here to race.

competing last
It's being left to those to mount some heavy lifting.

No medals today

the medal table to 10th.
means Australia slips down unassailable at the top,
The United States looks battling it out for second place.
with Great Britain and China

trains has sparked controversy,
Sydney's new fleet of world class with the State Government will be built in NSW.
announcing none of them reporter Chris O'Keefe
Let's go to state politics at Central Station. made this decision?
Chris, why has the Minister too expensive to build them here.
Peter, because he says it's just

double-decker trains
There will be 65 new for trips from Sydney and Wollongong.
to the Blue Mountains, Newcastle billions of dollars to buy them,
The Government is spending

came from overseas.
and they say the best deal ride for the Transport Minister,
It was never going to be an easy

while Snapper sets up a decision of world class trains
to build $2.3 billion worth in South Korea. Of course everybody manufacturing and jobs,
is pro-Australian we've got to weigh it up.
but at the same time,

built by Hyundai,
The intercity trains will be Mitsubishi and UGL Rail, passengers to the Blue Mountains,
500 new carriages taking

Illawarra and Central Coast. and convenience.
A promise of comfort power sockets for mobile devices
We've managed to incorporate in every seat as well. will be built in NSW.
But not a single one of them by going with these consortium.
It's a 25% saving of jobs offshore,
It sends thousands

and is probably the death knell Australian industry.
of a very important in Newcastle for 30 years.
Phil Walters has built trains he'll lose his job.
He's almost certain

pig-headed about it,
Mike and Gladys have been and it's overseas or nothing. of the industry.
I think that is the death The Minister says there will be on the Central Coast.
200 maintenance jobs on an aeroplane
You cannot put a train to be maintained.
and fly it to China going to be done in Australia.
Those jobs were always

The bed government argues they will purposes.
always deliver value for tax benefits
purposes. Everyone in this state benefits from foreign investment.

in police custody
A man is tonight 11 days ago.
over a fatal crash in Punchbowl, Georgina Abdallah
39-year-old mother of two in the white Mitsubishi
was a passenger an oncoming car.
that slammed into The driver fled the scene. last night on an unrelated matter
The 39-year-old was arrested

and is facing several charges. the bottom of the fatal crash
We are very anxious to get to that occured two Sundays ago.

in October.
He will face court again in Sydney's illegal drug market,
Police have made a huge dent worth of cannabis
seizing more than $10 million

across the city's south-west.
during a string of dawn raids heavily armed police moved in
From Oran Park to Spring Farm, of surveillance work.
following months

biggest drug rackets,
Smashing through one of Sydney's riot police barge in, a million dollar cannabis crop
blinded by the glow of

at Elderslie.
inside a suburban home Police. open the door!
Search warrant, A familar glow at Narellen six elaborate hydroponic set-ups
as the drug squad shuts down across our south west. In my 27 years in the police, sophisticated setups
these are among the most I've ever seen. inside all six bedrooms
This is what police found at a home at Gregory Hills. lights,
Hundreds of plants grown under of electricity
powered by walls with toxic chemicals.
and fuelled

families with children
There would have been hazardous chemcials
living within metres of that could have caught fire
or dangerous wire and hurt someone.

The majority of the homes raided like this one.
were almost brand new are cleared out,
Police say once the properties the damage bill left behind of thousands of dollars.
can run into hundreds

may even be beyond repair.
And some of the homes type of game,
If you're going to play this you will be caught. Five people were arrested, on a complex crime syndicate.
dimming the lights

by a rumble from the deep.
North Queensland has been shaken An earthquake measuring 5.8

this afternoon,
rattled the region for up to 30 seconds.
the tremor lasting up to Cairns.
It was felt from Rockhampton of any major damage.
There were no reports

to grateful relief
Disappointment has turned for the Australian army veterans Long Tan battlefield of Vietnam.
who've made a pilgrimage to the

Minister Malcolm Turnbull
An 11th hour plea from Prime government to reverse a ban
convinced the Vietnamese the 50th anniversary at the site.
on groups marking

Commemorations at home, of quiet reflection
were a mixture and the roar of B-52 bombers.

The four of cold Canberra dawn, a sad list.

sad list. Of those who will be memorial,
whoever young. At the foot of a war readiness
memorial, stand to, meaning are since
readiness to serve. 50 minutes of
since -- 50 years since the battle spent
of Long 10. They could have almost were
spent called boys back then. They so
were saluted with guns above sounds American
so familiar and the scream of the over
American B-52s leaving their shadow over Anzac Parade. The battle of

over Anzac Parade. The battle of nor
Long 10 wasn't a decisive victory war.
nor was it a turning point in the another
war. In fact it would reach on for were
another nine years but the men who here
were there that day and are now guardian
guardian of
here today, see themselves as the bravery
guardian of the memory of the units a
bravery and sacrifice. In Vietnam, shock
a compromise after yesterday's service
shock decision to cancel the overnight
service at long time. It took Australian
overnight phone calls before travelled
Australian veterans who had travelled to the

travelled to the background -- group
battleground could visit one small no
group at a time. Still, no metal, cancelled.
no uniforms and many planned events is
cancelled.I see the long-term cost lives
is being a commemoration for the as
lives lost on the Australian side would
as well is the Vietnamese side.I commemorations
would like to see the this
commemorations continue because about
this is not about the war, this is about those sides coming together as friends. Vietnamese
as friends.As I said, I think the agreeing
Vietnamese Prime Minister for years
agreeing to the arrangements.50 our
years ago on a rubber plantation, themselves
our diggers once again roof Cut
themselves on a foreign battlefield. than
Cut off and outnumbered facing more heavy
than 2000 be at Kong, there were Australians
heavy losses on both sides, 18 cannot
Australians died. Those who survive great,
cannot forget.I remember this

great, black sinister cloud looking rubber.
over the canopy of the Long 10 there
rubber. As if to tell you that happen
there is something evil going to thought
happen here.It was a day of thought would never survive.

thought would never survive. I myself,
remember lying down and thinking to satellite?
myself, what am I going to have a never
satellite?A life 521 Australians never got to live.

with a look at today's weather.
Here's Belinda Good evening, Pete. for our city,
Another stunning day and this is how it started - at dawn,
Double Bay slowly waking up came out blazing.
before the sun Sydneysiders up bright and early sensational sunrise.
capturing this getting the best view
Our eastern suburbs

from the sky as well.
but a pretty spectacular sight And the day just got better. as far as the eye could see,
Brilliant blue skies stretching warming up to 23 degrees,
the city and Penrith both

above the August average.
which is 5 degrees we'd seen the last of winter,
Just when we thought it isn't finished with us yet.

A cold front is on its way. to hit Sydney later on, Pete.
I'll tell you when it's due In the news ahead, of the Blue Mountains bushfires,
A major settlement for victims

but is it enough? that's shining a light
The haunting image on victims of a forgotten war. for less than $400.
A flight to Europe So what's the catch? And Jamal Idris tells Nine News to return to the NRL.
why he's ready

Hey, honey.
Hey, honey. VOICE-OVER: These are the Morrises.
They're moving in. Neighbour. They saved over $200
when they switched to Youi because their house
has no tall trees around it, has a pitched roof
and is less than five years old. Youi - we get you. Call 13YOUI, or go to

have been killed and 120 injured
and at least 6 people in Eastern Turkey.
in two car bombings

police stations just hours apart.
The blasts occurred close to Kurdish rebel group, the PKK,
A Turkish news agency says one of the attacks.
was behind at least

of Blue Mountains residents
Hundreds Endeavour Energy,
have settled their case against 2013 bushfires.
over the devastating

The $18 million settlement were seeking,
a fraction of what the residents blame.
with Endeavour admitting no consumed nearly 200 properties,
It burned with a ferocity that among those destroyed.
Gordon Pendlebury's We've got 7 acres here, horses, dogs and cats.
had a workshop, had stables,

nothing left - not a thing.
At the end of the day we had Blue Mountains residents
He's one of 779 on Endeavour Energy,
who blamed the October 2013 blaze

identify and remove
accusing it of failing to a decaying tree sparking the devastating blaze.
which fell onto power lines, $200 million but settled for 18.
Their class action was seeking

that I was very, very surprised
I'd have to tell you of the settlement amount,
at the small amount the $18 million. the provisional settlement,
But in accepting considered:
Justice Clifton Hoeben of an extended trial,
And given the likely legal costs said the settlement: Endeavour denies any negligence admits no liability.
and, despite settling,

In a statement, it said: agreed it is still provisional,
While this settlement has been

class action decide to object,
and, unless any members of the at the Supreme Court next month.
will be finalised here

have fled a burning ferry
More than 500 people

off the coast of Puerto Rico. inflatable slide
Passengers used a giant and into rescue rafts,
to get off the Caribbean Fantasy

in the engine room and spread.
after a fuel hose caught fire in the rush to escape.
Several people were injured bloodied, in an ambulance.
He's a small boy sitting alone,

a devastating glimpse
This haunting photo providing faced by the people of Syria.
into the daily horrors in an air strike,
The 5-year-old boy was injured in a neighbourhood in Aleppo. in the civil war.
A city torn apart The photos have been shared on social media.
thousands of times

is one of Rugby League's
At his best, Jamal Idris most damaging players. and depression
But after battling injury

from the NRL.
decided to take a break Ken joins us now. into the game he loves.
Idris is now ready to get back on the Panthers last year,
Pete, after walking out

more about himself
Idris decided to find out by seeing the world. Then, while travelling in India, he watched State of Origin came flooding back.
and his desire to play again

A long way from Penrith Park, of Jamal's journey.
this is a small part to build an orphanage,
From Ghana where he bought land

through the Himalayas.
to Nepal where he trekked needed to do.
It was something Idris I left this world behind. the world
I got myself into the rest of

to find out who you are
and you just always have in a third-world country
when you're the language.
and you can't speak you learned about yourself?
What was the principal thing I guess, for me,

and one of them,
there were a few little things to be happy by myself.
a simple one was just to be able Just happy being quiet, having to say anything.
sitting in a dark room without

You feel more settled person?

Yeah, pretty much. something I have accomplished.
That's the ultimate goal and done to other people?
Do you recommend what you have any troubles or anything
Definitely, if anyone is having and find yourself.
just get out there There's an old saying you find anyone else.
that's find yourself before a year contract at the Panthers
When he quit his $600,000 he'd had enough of the game
at the end of last year, on the road,
but after five months started to return.
his urge to play

I was sitting in Poon in India and I
you can stream it from YouTube now. their
I sat there watching the origin in bloke
their rooms. That's coming from a watch
bloke you never used to play 40 or watch 40.You want to play again?

watch 40.You want to play again?? since
It's what I know. I've been playing Furthermore,
since I was 18 years old. was
Furthermore, I complains since I travel
was a kid of four. I was wanted to have
travel and I did that. When you it's
have your life in that direction, yourself
it's hard to set goals and you find direction
yourself and you find a bit of becoming
direction and all your goals start becoming much easier.

more to come,
And there's plenty emotional tribute
including the Dragons' to retiring veteran Ben Creagh. And Steve Smith tells us Sri Lankan humiliation.
who's to blame for Australia's

On the news a little later on.

In the news ahead, stabbed 56 times - in an Auburn car park.
horrific details of a murder

of meningococcal disease -
A spike in cases what you need to look out for. the most intense wildfires
The race to escape US authorities have ever seen.

Setting records for size. with a cheeky nickname.
The blimp-like aircraft

MAN: I look after myself - go to the gym and eating well. Having a smoke while
I'm out with my mates can't hurt... ..can it? VOICEOVER: Smoking cigarettes
causes mutations. Mutations are how cancer starts.
Quit now.



That's why I pick Woolies.

about an increase
We're being warned

being diagnosed
in the number of people meningococcal disease.
with the deadly reported in New South Wales,
There have been five new cases in the past seven days. diagnosed so far this year
Almost 40 people have been

as a result.
and there have been four deaths with zero fatalities.
That's up from 27 cases last year

people to look out for symptoms,
Health officials are warning

which include sudden fever, and red rashes.
joint pain, nausea

from Sydney's west
A distraught family the horrific details
has today had to re-live

of their sister's brutal murder. estranged husband
A court heard how the woman's with a pair of scissors
repeatedly stabbed his wife in a shopping centre car park. 26-year-old Leila Alavi left Iran for a better life. in an Auburn carpark.
Only to be murdered with this pair of scissors
Stabbed 56 times the hair salon where she worked
after she was lured away from Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei.
by estranged husband

She didn't deserve it.

faced a sentence hearing.
Today Hosseiniamraei a nine-hour manhunt,
The court heard after he knifed her:
he admitted to police

refugee added,
The ice-affected Iranian

towards Leila Alavi
Husseiniamraei was violent

throughout their relationship. The court heard in October 2014 he threatened to kill her.
she took out an AVO after

he made the same threat
Three months later, but that time he acted on it. Ms Alavi's sister Mitra
Again incosolable, told the court,

told the court,
Another sister Marjan Lofti

He will be sentenced next week. who moonlighted as a prostitute
A Sydney student to jail for selling drugs.
has avoided going secret life
18-year-old Madeline Sawyer's her Campbelltown home last year
was exposed when police raided and methyl amphetamine.
and found cocaine, MDMA

three counts of supplying drugs
She pleaded guilty to as a magistrate
and today the teenager cried community service.
sentenced her to 18 months

As a major wildfire ravages firefighters say they're stunned at which it's spread.
by the speed

Crews have been working to try to control the flames and buildings to ash.
as they turn endless homes A full-blown assault.

now attacking
About 1500 firefighters from every angle.
this monstrous blaze, fire on both sides of me.
This is nuts,

just 90km from Los Angeles,
The 'Blue Cut Fire' is raging and it's out of control. more than 12,000 hectares,
The flames tearing through in just 24 hours. Fire chiefs caught off-guard is growing.
by how rapidly the blaze is becoming their new normal.
They say explosive fire growth

It hit hard, it hit fast, that we haven't seen.
it hit with an intensity desperate to escape,
Roads are jammed with residents is consumed by flames.
as the main freeway

about 2hrs outside Los Angeles,
We are on the edge of Wrightwood, residents here have been on edge. town and you can see right now,
This blaze headed toward their

it is right on the outskirts. including those in Wrightwood
82,000 people, many fearing for their lives.
have fled their homes,

are doing a wonderful job,
The firemen thank you, please save us. are continuing to fuel the fire.
But blistering heat and winds has left the ground tinder dry,
Five years of drought

for the fast-moving flames.
perfect conditions how many homes and buildings
It's not yet known have been destroyed. for this ferocious fire to pass,
An anxious wait though still to get underway,
but with the peak wildfire season has only just begun.
the battle for this year

The world's largest aircraft flight, just north of London.
has taken off on its maiden

The 92-metre long Airlander, helicopter and blimp,
a combination of a plane, lifts using helium. dubbed the "flying bum"
It even has a cheeky nickname,

bulbous appearance.
because of its

That money can? Coming up.

Ken is next with sport. Pete, coming up, on his young Tigers,
Jason Taylor puts the heat showdown with the Panthers.
as they prepare for a must-win

to club favourite Ben Creagh.
The Dragons' emotional send-off at the Cincinnati Masters.
And Nick Kyrgios blows his stack just yet.
Don't pack away your heaters this weekend.
Sydney's in for a cool change to get shortly.
I'll tell you how cold it's going

Coming up - CJ has the poop scoop
at the dog show, but first...

MAN: (Sings) # Dreamer
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Australia is about to become
the country that never sleeps

because the European
football season is here.

Foxtel is bringing you
the UEFA Champions League,

La Liga, Serie A

and the Bundesliga live
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That's six new channels
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Foxtel - make it yours.

For 13 years,

and soul of the Dragons.
Ben Creagh has been the heart came to an end.
Today his career in red and white premiership player,
Creagh was a club captain, Origin and Test representative,

but his greatest achievement from his teammates.
is the respect he's earned The turnout said it all - was calling it a day.
one of the Dragons' finest

about it.
Trying not to get emotional Lot of good friends in here. I can't thank you guys enough. together,
I'll remember all our good times for a long time to come.
especially today,

plus Test and Origin appearances,
After 270 games, chronic knee called time.
the much-loved Ben Creagh's a one-club player.
And he goes out as he wanted -

It's a great club. wonderful people.
Wonderful culture, from my time playing.
I've made a lot of good friends There were personal highlights. Playing for NSW and Australia, that's what I wanted to do.
As a rugby league player, all others.
But one week stood above 2010 grand final. That was definitely a highlight. the game and the crowd,
That whole week leading up to

I'll never forget. to get back on the field -
Creagh battled all year and it was all over.
multiple surgeries failed, Jason Nightingale
2010 premiership teammate for him.
summed up the players' feelings

There is sad to see him go but he years
will be a good friend of mine for privileged
years to come. I just feel very and
privileged to have learned so much and play alongside him.

And they let him know themselves. (CHEERING) have a job at hand -
Creagh's now former teammates three matches to go, is needed for a finals spot.
and nothing short of three wins at least a month,
With James Tedesco out for is all but over.
many believe the Tigers' season But coach Jason Taylor that won't be an excuse,
has told his players line against Penrith tomorrow.
as their finals hopes go on the of the Tigers' season,
It's the biggest match without their biggest star.
and they're heading into it The players and coach fuming escaped suspension
after Titan Ryan James of James Tedesco.
for breaking the jaw to rationalise
I think it's hard for people

jaw with your forearm
that you can break somebody's and not get suspended. Tedesco's absence
But Jason Taylor says the Tigers' year.
won't make or break

and we need to move on.
Teddy's out regardless, by the judiciary.
That was going to be judged we're disappointed with that
They've come up with a result, with what we're doing.
but we need to get on a timely return
Luke Brooks will make from a knee injury, one of the biggest tests
in what will be have faced
he and fellow half Mitchell Moses in their short careers. Playing in semi-finals done for a few years,
is something that we haven't haven't tasted it.
so the young players in our team where we're playing in games
We're in a position and I like that.
where we need to win, pressure to what we're doing.
I like the fact it does add some

would put the Panthers
A win tomorrow four points ahead of the Tigers, finals footy.
almost guaranteeing them But Penrith are wary can produce minus Tedesco.
of what the under-pressure Tigers

other people get a chance,
What happens is that character, your team gets tested
and the strength of your the best
and that usually brings out in all the people around him.

A boost for the Bulldogs with the Broncos tonight -
ahead of their clash Origin star Josh Jackson until 2020.
committing to the club from Suncorp Stadium.
Peter Sterling joins us now is great news at Belmore?
Jackson's re-signing

And here I am thinking you're going absolutely.
to claim him for Mudgee but young
absolutely. I think is the best Established
young player in the game. jersey
Established himself in the blue Bulldogs
jersey this year, he will buoy the Fittler.
Bulldogs as I am joined by Brad with
Fittler. What is the attraction fact
with Josh Jackson? Floating the 85
fact that he has played hundred and 85 games straight, the

85 games straight, the way he plays ultimate
a game is so tough. He is the player
ultimate team player, he is the with
player that everyone wants to play visions.
with and can play with double too.
visions.Plenty of skill about him they
too. He can use the football whilst wanted
they get a lift, Brisbane have now their
wanted a distraction, James Roberts incident
their star centre involved in an has
incident on the weekend. His name integrity
has been put forward in the Does
integrity unit to be investigated. the
Does that disruption put him off the team at all?

the team at all?At Indigo make team.
that big of a difference to the Jackson.
team. He is the opposite of Josh discipline
Jackson. He has to learn, find the live
discipline and the commitment to moment
live in the public eye. At the clubs
moment he hasn't he's been in for unceremoniously
clubs and that those clubs unceremoniously so he has got to tonight?
live in the public eye.You like tonight?I think blue ribbon.

tonight?I think blue ribbon. My and
Mac you'll see our coverage live and is free from 7:30 PM.

into the final of the 200m,
A smiling Usain Bolt has cruised one of his competitors
laughing with as they crossed the finish line. under real threat in the final,
His own world record is now medal of the Rio Olympics.
as he bids for his second gold He makes it look so easy. but not in top gear.
The Usain Bolt show was back, to almost a jog
The Jamaican star backed off in the 200 semis, move up alongside him...
until he saw Andre Degrasse Does he get him? Nope, you don't get Bolt. in the final stages
..Bolt toying with the Canadian of catch-me-if-you-can.
in a game he won't come close.
Chances are, in the final, Justin Gatlin,
Bolt's rival, former drug cheat, won't be joining them - on the final.
the American missing out Caster Semenya,
Controversial runner, for the 800 semi-final,
has easily qualified

over whether she should compete
as debate continues to rage against women at all, surrounding her gender.
because of issues

thrower, Kim Mickle,
The Olympic dream of javelin she wouldn't change a thing,
might be over, but she says in hospital,
despite spending the night shoulder back into place.
as doctors put her dislocated

to have a go,
I always said, if I was going a full crack.
I was going to have And I did, so, c'est la vie.

are hoping to achieve
Our BMX riders and road cyclists couldn't,
what our track

for Australia.
and that's to bring home gold hot favourites,
Caroline Buchanan is one of the and began her campaign in style. posting the second fastest time
Buchanan blazed through her heat,

to move through to the semis. Sam Willoughby,
London silver medallist, comfortably qualifying
also showed he was ready to roll,

for the next stage. to the semi finals
And diver, Melissa Wu, is through of the 10m platform. the late replacement
As is Brittany O'Brien,

The late replacement for Brittany

in a Brisbane hospital.
who's instead laid up Captain Steve Smith has blamed and spin bowlers
Australia's batsmen whitewash against Sri Lanka.
for the disastrous series What we're doing isn't working. to the conditions,
Batters aren't adapting

to the condition.
spin bowlers aren't adapting by 163 runs in Colombo.
Australia lost the third Test has got the better of him
Nick Kyrgios's explosive temper of the Cincinnati Masters.
in the second round smashed three racquets
The volatile Australian in the second set.
during one change of ends

He lost in a third set tiebreak.

And the rackets, they are in will

health. He should be in the wood rugby
chopping at the Easter show. The rugby later night at 730.

In the news ahead, the rock-bottom airfares - bargains too good to be true.
how to make the most of travel From one disaster to the next - the hapless driver and his patrol car.
who hit a police officer for a little girl
And a magical reunion by a car thief.
accidentally kidnapped



That's why I pick Woolies.

Now to our top stories. There's been an incredible escape over a footpath
after a car ploughed

and into the harbour at Pyrmont. and in Vietnam
And Australian veterans at home have today commemorated of the battle of Long Tan.
the 50th anniversary

has hit rock bottom,
The price of travelling fares to Europe
with one budget airline offering it's hard to believe.
that are so cheap, the plummet in price,
While experts are welcoming beware of the hidden costs.

off on a European holiday,
If you've always wanted to take

to afford it,
but haven't been able

then take a look at this. low-cost carrier Scoot
Singapore Airlines' from Australia to Europe
is offering return flights for just under $740.

That sounds like a steal! When can I go? Literally! Can I come too? are from Perth to Athens,
The cheapest flights starting from $369 each way. it'll cost $419.
From the East Coast, But there is a catch - with your dates.
you have to be very flexible

your seat, take 20kg of luggage
Plus, if you want to choose it'll cost an extra $368.
and add a meal and drink,

just over $1,200.
All up, that'll cost with a full-service carrier
For around $1,800 you could fly or Qatar Airways.
like Singapore Airlines with budget carriers.
And when it comes to flying

but there are some things
The prices are amazing,

cautious of -
travellers need to be taking you through five cities
for example, the flight might be with countless hours in transit.

slashed across the board.
International airfares are being flights from Melbourne to London
Royal Brunei is offering return for $995,

flights from the East Coast to LA
while both Qantas and Virgin have for just over $1,000. competition.
The reason fares are so cheap -

More and more passengers for the best deals
are shopping around

to respond.
so airlines have been forced Low jet fuel prices also help, a better time to fly.
so really, there's never been will continue to fall -
It's very likely that prices

for lower prices
the trend seems to be across an array of sectors. and cheaper.
It's getting cheaper and cheaper

has been sent flying
A police officer

his patrol car in the US.
after a driver smashed into into the back of a van,
The vehicle then slammed in South Carolina.
which the officer had pulled over was drunk at the time
It's alleged the driver and has since been charged. isn't letting go of her parents
This shaken little girl after being caught up and police chase.
in a terrifying carjacking

inside the family car,
The five-year-old was strapped in the brief moments
which was stolen into their Melbourne home.
her father had ducked back more than 40km away,
Police later spotted the vehicle

arresting the driver. The girl was in good spirits. Sydney petrol prices,
Coming up - finance, and Belinda with the weather.

for Sydney,
A mild winter's night ahead in the city right now,
still sitting on 18 degrees and 17 in our west. Some severe weather expected tonight, ahead of a cold front.
across the Snowy Mountains

going to have on Sydney next.
I'll tell you what impact it's

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closed lower,
To finance, and the stock market

more than 22 points.
the All Ords down

77.19 cents US.
Our dollar is buying

for unleaded is 118 a litre.
The average petrol price For E10, it's 117. Here's Belinda. rolled on today,
Sydney's sunny spell the city reaching a top of 23 - above the August average.
that's 5 degrees for our west as well,
An early taste of spring bathing in sunshine, well above average.
with daytime temperatures

and Parramatta.
A top of 24 for Blacktown in Albury,
A foggy start to the day dropping to 100m there.
with visibility plenty of sunshine today,
Clearing pretty quickly with

most cities hitting the 20s. with a top of 20,
Wagga Wagga just getting there in five years.
its warmest August day a turn for the worse.
But things are about to take is charging towards our state,
A strong cold front early tomorrow,
due to hit western parts damaging winds
bringing heavy showers, in temperatures.
and a sharp drop

rain to Canberra tomorrow.
The system will bring some late with a top of 17.
A wet and windy day for Melbourne A chilly top of 14 for Adelaide.

If we take a closer look at NSW, moving across our state,
you can see that rain band inland areas picking up the most. can expect 5 to 20mm.
Southern and central parts

Less than 5 in the north, remaining dry.
with most of our coast It will be gusty, though, north-westerly winds -
with fresh north to from Coffs to the Hunter,
a strong wind warning in place down to Eden.
and from the Illawarra too, but another sunny day ahead,
The wind will increase in Sydney the city heading for a top of 23,

our warmest spell
which will make this for this time of year since 2005. about 23 or 24 once again.
Our western suburbs will hit for the Blue Mountains,
Some late rain

of a shower
with only a slight chance in our outer west at night. Onto the weekend, early in the morning on Saturday,
and we can expect some rain to a sunny afternoon.
but clearing with a top of just 17.
Temperatures taking a dive, 19 on Sunday, with more sunshine. hanging around next week.
The cooler weather

A similar forecast for our west - on Saturday.
early rain and then sunny warming up to 20 on Sunday.
A cool start to the weekend, Starting in the low 20s in the middle of the week.
with some more showers

So we need to make the most of tomorrow Sunshine paid.

with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next

with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next for this Thursday.
That's Nine News I hope you have a good evening.
I'm Peter Overton. good night.
From all of us,
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This program will be captioned

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. of supermarkets -
That report on the changing role coming up. for ice rooms to help addicts
We begin with the growing calls and the community.

Tonight - join forces urging authorities
four prominent Australians areas to use crystal meth.
to open medically supervised of helping reduce
They say the rooms are a way

long-term drug use and crime. has this investigation.
Ben McCormack

containing an issue
Safe rooms are about that is currently not contained. It's certainly a lot better

than them sitting in the streets hanging out of their mouth.
with an ice pipe particularly the ice epidemic,
We need to address this issue, in a different way. people who use ice,
Would help those and help the communities.
help their families

the youth worker,
The doctor, and the former policeman,
the politician all backing a radical new idea crystal meth problem -
to tackle Australia's

injecting and inhalation rooms
medically supervised for ice addicts. they reduce crime,
They reduce drug use, they make communities safer. shows.
It's what all the evidence of the violence in the community
We would reduce a lot that's associated with ice. and deal with it much better.
We would be able to contain that but it's not just that,
It's got to save lives so it's about safety.
it's taking them off the street, Tonight we'll take you inside ice-inhalation rooms
these specialist

to show you how they work. around the world
There are nearly 100 of these incredibly effectively.
and they work the Aussie suburbs
And we'll tell you that might be targetted new facilities.
with these controversial maybe 15
We need about a dozen, around the country.
of these drug-consumption rooms a big problem,
We need them where we've got

will accept them.
where the community crystal meth
These men are injecting in one of the latest
and they're doing it ice injecting and inhalation
medically supervised

centres in Germany. All of the evidence, on 100 of these centers
with over 130 papers around the world an increase in community safety,
show a vast decrease in crime,

people getting into treatment.
a decrease in drug use, people use meth -
There are two common ways the other is to smoke it.
one is to inject it,

drug-consumption centres
The proposed new Australian will have two areas. After checking in at reception, into room A
users who inject will be shown

will go to room B,
while those who want to smoke it which is sealed off ventillation and exhaust fans.
and fitted with special

German ice-consumption centres
This video of one of the

from the Ted Noffs Foundation.
was shot by Matt Noffs they're very good, you know.
As germans do, They've scaled these in crime
and they've seen that reduction and that reduction in drug use.

the same thing,
And I think we should be doing pioneered that.
and they've really Doctor Alex Wodak is president Foundation
of the Australian Drug Law Reform on law enforcement
and says we've spent a fortune