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Tonight, a royal commission ordered in response to shocking revelations about youth detention in the Northern Territory. Something's got to be done about the way we lock our people up in this country. We've acted immediately and decisively. The devastating hospital bungle that left one baby dead and another with suspected brain damage. Stronger together - a plea for unity from Hillary Clinton's former rival. Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States. And a Canberra man honoured by France for his service during the D-Day landings. You are now a knight in the order of the Legion d'Honneur.

Good evening, and welcome to ABC news. I'm Virginia Haussegger. The images of children being stripped, hooded and tear-gassed while in detention in the Northern Territory have shocked Australia. From the families of the prisoners to the Prime Minister, there's been universal condemnation. Within 12 hours of Four Corners going to air last night, Malcolm Turnbull had announced a royal commission. The Territory government has promised to build a new detention centre, and the Corrective Services Minister has been sacked. Political Editor Chris Uhlmann begins our coverage. And a warning, this story includes some of those distressing videos from inside the Don Dale Centre.

Brutalised, stripped, isolated for weeks. Gassed. Assaulted. Threatened with dogs. This was how the Northern Territory was treating children in the Don Dale detention centre just two years ago. Locking some in isolation cells without running water. Can't breathe! The minister claimed to be surprised by the footage Four Corners obtained. It was recorded in the detention centre that he oversaw and had been documented by the territory's then children Commissioner.I worked hard to improve it, and it has been improved.The claims don't sit with this evidence that use this restraining chair this year. The images defy words.

I am finding it... This is just hard.They have prompted a Prime Minister to act.We will establish in cooperation with the Northern Territory government, a Royal Commission to enquire into those events, to enquire into the system of youth detention and management of youth detention in the Northern Territory.He has the complete support of the opposition.It is absolutely vital that we get to the bottom of what is happening in this detention facility.The national spotlight has steered the scandal plagued jail's government, and prompted it to remove one title from a minister that has money.I have assumed the responsibility of corrections Minister for the Northern Territory.He has referred the footage to police, and promised a new youth detention centre and will appoint the new director-general for inspection. The Chief Minister did not condemn it.A lot of what correction officers do, sometimes is trying to protect kids from harming themselves.Despite multiple public reviews, this is all news to the Territory based Vettel Minister for Indigenous Affairs.I did not know. I had never seen a vision, it had not come to my attention, it had not piqued my interest, is officially.Federal Government will consider the terms of reference of Thursday. Surely there must be broad enough to examine what is at best the wilful blindness or breathtaking incompetence of the territory government.That Royal Commission may well throw up evidence about the extent to which the government was aware of this event not.The people get a chance in
to pass judgement on the government in an election next month. For many Australians, this is the first time they've heard the allegations of mistreatment in Darwin's Don Dale Detention Centre. But this is nothing new. Claims of assaults have been the subject of at least two reports handed to the Northern Territory government, there has been years of media coverage and some guards have been prosecuted in court. The families of detainees are hopeful the national spotlight will finally provoke change. James Oaten reports from Darwin.

An image now well known to Australians, sitting in silence as crowds gather in Alice Springs. He's lost hope. His seven years of his childhood he's lost. He's 19 this year and he's still in adult jail. This is the sister of Dylan Voller - the teenager seen abused again and again on Four Corners. If you know him, he just deserves his life back, the life that he hasn't even lived. And after Monday night, many now know his story. I don't know what it's going to do, the damage is done. Late today, Dylan appreciated the support from the Australian community, and apologise for previous wrongdoings. But despite the new found push to address allegations of abuse, many of the details exposed on Four Courners are not new. I will not tolerate young people spitting on my staff. A guard involved in this incident against Dylan Voller was charged and acquitted, a challenge in the Supreme Court also failing. And then there are the numerous reports this now infamous incident was originally labelled a riot. I think they were trying to create as much damage as they possibly could. When kids arm themselves with broken glass, when kids arm themselves with metal bars, then reasonable force has to be bought to bare on them to subdue them. But an independent report released last year stated otherwise, using the now publically available video footage to give a detailed account of what happened - that only one teenager was outside his cell, and the staff's response was...

Another report, in January last year, outlined a range of concerns about poor staff training and responses, including this:

But despite this. I can tell you that this vision was new to me. I have never seen that vision that was on television last night. I think there's been a culture of cover up going on for many a long year. The footage we saw last night going back to 2010 - and I predict this has gone on for a very long time. I would know for sure that the Attorney General, Minister for Corrections would have known this material, actually had possession, was given this material around the end of October, November 2014. None of this is new at all. There's been two investigations and those investigations have the full transcript of that video footage that everyone saw last night. So when you have the Chief Minister and the Attorney General say that they're shocked - they can't be shocked. They had access to this report and that footage years ago. The Labor Opposition admitted failings when it was in office while also undertaking some soul searching today. I'm willing to admit to carry blame if we didn't advocate hard enough during term. A specialist police taskforce has been set up to investigate past grievances. A number of staff members who may have been implicated but no evidence to sustain charges either criminal or internal remain with us. While the Chief Minister is looking forward. We will be building a new facility, we will be building a new youth detention prison farm to try and have a greater level of diversion and rehabilitation processes and we will be having an independent inspector of corrections. It's an ambitious agenda to tackle a problem that both sides admit is deep-rooted. Seeking solutions, while 44 children remain in detention in the Northern Territory.

Hospitals across New South Wales are urgently reviewing their procedures after a deadly gas mix-up at Bankstown. One newborn died and another has suspected brain damage after they were given nitrous oxide instead of oxygen. The state government says it's doing everything it can to establish how the error happened. But the Health Minister is under pressure for not revealing the error until after it appeared in news reports. It is an unthinkable tragedy.I was shocked. About what they said. I thought this cannot be happening, why was not checked?This woman's baby died after he was given nitrous oxide rather than oxygen.I held my baby. I wanted to see will my baby look like.This was her fourth child. After he was delivered by Caesarean, medical staff reached the oxygen coming from this wall outlet. It was only later that they realised that it was not oxygen, it was nitrous oxide. Commonly known as laughing gas. Another baby was also given the wrong gas, she survived, but is believed to be severely brain-damaged.I have described it as it is -- as a devastating ever. -- Arar. You cannot imagine living in a first world country and is happening.The gas system was installed last year. The hospital and the gas company are responsible for checking it before use.The coroner will be investigating, I have asked for further investigation involving south-west Sydney, the district where this hospital is concerned, chaired by an independent obstetrician.The gas company would not appear on camera, but said it has appointed a special investigation... The Health Minister knew about the child's death last Thursday. Last night, as the story broke, the minister went to the Gulf and awards.The minister by her conduct, bordering on callousness, deserves to lose her job -- or two.The gas company provides too many places across the State.I don't want to come back here any more. The need to do something about this hospital.I am feeling very hurt, very hurt with all of this. Police in the ACT say recent drug hauls prove Canberra isn't immune to organised crime. Officers have seized three kilograms of illegal drugs, including ice and heroin, and almost two million dollars in assets over the past six weeks. 10 people have already been charged. And detectives warn their crackdown is continuing. We will and are targeting you. We will be knocking on your door. We will be seizing your assets and you will be put before the court. Police say tipoffs from the public helped in many of the cases. The Construction Union says a raid on its Canberra office is a political stunt. About a dozen officials from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission spent several hours searching the building in Dickson. The CFMEU believes it's related to last year's royal commission. We're very confident that this, like the vast majority of the referrals and investigations of the royal commission it'll end up in the dust bin of history consigned to a Liberal Party propaganda stunt. During the hearings, the AAAC announced an investigation into alleged cartel behaviour in the construction industry, but today only confirmed it was executing search warrants. No comment. Can we close the door please? Thanks for your assistance.

The Union says it's cooperating with authorities. Nineteen people are dead and another 26 are injured after a mass stabbing attack at a centre for disabled people in Japan. A man who used to work at the centre has been arrested, and police have ruled out any link to terrorism. It's the worst mass killing in Japan since the end of World War Two. North Asia correspondent Bill Birtles reports from Sagamihara, southwest of Tokyo. This garden home is meant to be a haven for some of society's most vulnerable people. But in the early hours of the morning, police received a desperate call for help from inside the facility. The caller said that something horrible is happening here. A man armed with several knives smashed through a window and stabs dozens of residents as they slept. Either time authorities had arrived, the attacker had fled the scene, and 19 people were dead. The youngest victim was just 19 years old. TRANSLATION: I am stunned. They are all innocent people. They have done nothing wrong. How can anyone even think of harming them?A few hours after the attack, this man walked into a local police station and told them he did it. The 26 Roald was employed at the care facility until February this year -- 26 Roald. Officials say in the same month he was involuntarily committed to hospital after he sent a letter to a politician asking for permission to kill disabled people that 26-year-old. He was released after two weeks.TRANSLATION: There were no links to the terrorist group Islamic State.This attack has stunned Japan where mass killings are extremely rare. The of
country has tight gun laws and one of the world's lowest crime rates. TRANSLATION: I extend condolences to the bereaved families. Police are currently investigating this incident to grasp the whole picture.Police said the date interviewing the perpetrator. But they say they will be no easy ends is to explain such a senseless crime. -- easy answers. The Democratic National Convention has opened in Philadelphia with outraged Bernie Sanders supporters refusing to back Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee resigned after leaked emails revealed the party favoured Hillary Clinton during the nomination process. Now it appears Bernie Sanders has lost control of his own movement - he was booed when he asked them to vote for the nominee. North America correspondent Zoe Daniel reports. And other week, another divided convention. The passion is deafening.Bernie!Bernie Sanders' supporters captivated by his progressive policies do not want to give in, even at his request.Based on her ideas, and her leadership, Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States.The party has issued a deep and sincere apology for comments in leaked emails that seem to indicate the Democratic National committee was undermining his campaign. Its chair has resigned.Hell no DNC.It is not enough forward Tony Sander' supporters -- Bernie Sanders. They have continued to protest in the heat.I would like to see Bernie Sanders become the President of the United States.It seems incredible that Bernie Sanders' left-wing progressives give Donald Trump even a sniff of the presidency. That is Clinton and
how deep the MS trust is of Hillary Clinton and the political establishment. They want to be heard. Some are slowly coming into the line.She has battled a Donald Trump -- she is better than double Trump, that sums it up. I will look for her.Tonight, the First Lady used her voice for unity. Her speech brought the house down.When eight years
she did not win the nomination eight years ago, she did not get angry, or dissolution to. -- disillusioned. I want someone with the proven strength to persevere, someone who knows this job and takes it seriously. Someone who understands that the issues a president faces are not black and white and cannot be boiled down to 140 characters are.Bernie Sanders lifted the roof off.Our revolution continues!He is finally with her, now, she needs his movement as well. Zoe Daniel in Philadelphia. And a short time ago she told me that Bernie Sanders seems to be having some trouble convincing his supporters to back Hillary Clinton. Exactly, he is trying to bring them across, but he seems to have lost control of his own revolution. That said, polls to show that about 80% of Bernie Sanders' supporters will come across to Hillary Clinton, and in fact they're coming across more quickly than people did back in 2008 when they had to switch from her to Barack Obama. The other thing that those polls show is that will
half of those people who say they will vote for Hillary Clinton are doing that out of concern for what the Republicans might do to America and so that is specifically driven by fear of Donald Trump President. The Democrats really are trying to spin a positive storyline at this convention, is that the message we are going to see continuing over the next four months?I think it will be. It is difficult for them because Hillary Clinton is disliked trying
by many people, by what they are trying to do is to differentiate themselves from the Republicans who are pushing a negative line, a line of fear like things like terrorism, emigration and crime. The Democrats are putting forward a dream for Americans with their policy positions. We saw that from Michelle Obama's speech, she said they go Lo, we go I. We do need to make America great again, we really think it is great, we need to make a better. That make it better. The High Court has reserved it's decision on whether it will re-instate a murder conviction in the case of Gerard Baden-Clay. A jury convicted the former Brisbane real estate agent of murdering his wife Allison in 2012, but the court of appeal downgraded it to manslaughter. The crown is challenging the ruling in the High Court. Lawyers argued Baden-Clay's desire to be with his mistress and financial stress provided a motive for him to kill his wife. But defence lawyers say an accidental death, following an altercation between the couple, couldn't be ruled out. It continues to be a very long and challenging road. However we, Allison's family and friends, are determined to achieve justice for Allison. A decision is expected within months. The ACT government has backed down from changing the rules surrounding closing time for Canberra's bars and nightclubs. The government was considering enforcing a 3am closing time, or increasing fees for businesses selling alcohol after that time. The proposal was aimed at reducing the amount of alcohol-fuelled violence in Canberra. But similar changes introduced in Sydney were widely condemned by business owners and patrons. Today the Greens announced they won't support the changes, effectively blocking the proposal. To finance now, and the Australian dollar jumped above 75 US cents this afternoon, as currency traders prepared for tomorrow's all important consumer price index, which will have a big bearing on what the Reserve Bank does with interest rates next week. Here's Alan Kohler. The dollar popped from 74.9 to 75.3 US cents, just after lunch. Obviously if you big traders are now betting against the advice of the Economist. This chart shows the number of analysts forecasting various outcomes for the June quarter consumer price index to out tomorrow. Exactly half of them are predicting .4% which would mean an annual inflation rate of 1.4% and that would mean the reserve bank would cut rates next week which is why the incidence rate -- interest rate is putting a rate cut of more than 100%. The dollar going up suggest that a few bets with real money have now been laid on a higher CPA tomorrow. .5% maybe or even .6. I will get back to you tomorrow night on that. Meanwhile, the weekly consumer confidence index came out today and rose for the first time in five weeks. Only by .5%. In general, the trend of consumer confidence is up. For the whole of 2014, and the first after 2015, it declined as the graph shows, including the big drop after the 2014 budget. From about September last year, it has been on the right. The sharemarket closed virtually flat today, with Woolworth is skimming into reverse after yesterday's big 8% rise after the restructuring announcement. The best game was many great private -- Medibank Private. The Chinese market went up, and it is worth noting that volatility in the US is the lowest it has been in about two years despite all the uncertainty. Perhaps investors are just frozen with anxiety. Not much action on commodity markets today, precious metals up, base metals down. An outstanding bowling performance has put Australia on top on the opening day of the first test against Sri Lanka in Kandy. The Sri Lankans won the toss and elected to bat. They were bowled out cheaply, before the tourists lost two early wickets. The sun was out, the pitch was flat, and the locals were happy, but the joy we shortly before the Sri Lankan. He has given him! Mitchell Starc has had a successful return to cricket. Terrible feeling... Hazlewood more than made up for it with the ball in hand, picking up multiple wicket. Beautiful piece of bowling. Stephen O'Keefe was selected as a second spinner, but was not about to be overshadowed.That is that the four!Little resistance from the home side, but debutant decided to take the attack to the Australian. When Hazlewood claimed the in form that are in, he had three wickets and had given Australia the perfect start. It got better after lunch, as Nathan Lyon claimed another three in just seven. Sri Lanka was all out for 100-17. It is the fourth lowest total in their history against Australia. David Warner was bowled for a duck, and Joe Burns with just three runs to his name. Australia with plenty of work to do as it looks to build a substantial first innings lead.

Established by Napolean in 1802, the Legion of Honour is the highest award that can be bestowed by the French. It's normally reserved for Frenchies, but to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War, the award was opened up to Allies who helped to liberate France. Today, a 96-year-old Canberran earnt his place in France's top company with a ceremony at the French embassy. For Harold Chandler today was all about come for the honour, but stay for the French wine. I'm the star attraction, and someone took my glass away. 70 years ago, Harold retired from a distinguished career in the Royal Navy, having flown more than 70 missions, including being on hand to help liberate France during the deadly D-Day Invasion in 1944. He was an observer in the plane and he was supposed to have the gun, and when I went through his records, I found a photograph of a zero fighter coming towards him. A photograph he had taken. And I just imagine the pilot saying 'For God's sake put down your camera and use your gun!' Today it was others behind the lens, as France formally thanked Harold for his service. You are now a knight in the Order of the French Legion. Well as far as I'm concerned it's a great honour. It doesn't say much for the French that it took them so long to recognise it. We're very proud of Dad because one thing I've always noticed is that he's such a positive person, he's very stoic, he never complains. The little bit that I have heard about his time in the war, he has lost comrades, he has seen the best and the worst. A long-awaited and well deserved toast to one man's bravery.

To the weather and it has been a cold but clear day in the capital, despite the threat of rain, we have a top 10 degrees, and a low of five. Other than a little bit of rain in the mountains, it has been fined around most of the region. A cool off nine at Golden. Another wet day in Adelaide, and once again both Perth and Sydney were in sync with 18 degrees. Thick cloud over South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania with a gusty called front, triggering squally showers. Low cloud in the south-west with onshore winds bringing showers to the coast. High cloud crossing the interior is bringing some light keeping
showers, and high pressure is keeping the remainder of the country dry. 18 again in Sydney tomorrow, windy, and no sun about. Overcast, 22 in Brisbane and a lovely hot and sunny 32 in Darwin. Tomorrow,

Canberra tomorrow, there is a 60% chance of early morning showers, so take your umbrella out in the morning just in case. Expecting a top of 11, and a low of two. The sun will rise...

Our top two bridges will hover between 12 and 14. -- temperatures. Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight. The Prime Minister has ordered a royal commission into juvenile detention in the Northern Territory, in response to last night's shocking revelations on the ABC'S Four Corners. The Territory government has promised to build a new detention centre, and the Corrective Services Minister has been sacked. ACT police have seized 3kg of million
illegal drugs, and almost $2 million in cash. 10 people have been killed as a result of dozens of raids carried out over the past six weeks. And that's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. For more ACT news, you can follow us online or on Twitter at ABC News Canberra. I'm Virginia Haussegger, stay with us now for 7:30 with Leigh Sales.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Alright. You're doing well.Are you satisfied the right decision was made in that instance?I am?And chis child was treated fairly?I am.Also - 50 years on from the battle of Long Tan and one commander's acknowledgment.People said that I should let them go. I wasn't a hero. My soldiers were the heroes.I admire that man for his continuous drive to see justice done for his men.Australia's international reputation took a hit today as images of children in