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US Democratic Party faces possible revolt after leaked email shows officials favoured Clinton -

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MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The Democratic Party and its presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are facing a possible revolt from supporters of her rival Bernie Sanders on the floor on the day of their convention.

The FBI is now investigating an email leak that revealed party officials favoured Mrs Clinton over Mr Sanders during the primary, prompting outrage from his supporters.

North America correspondent Stephanie March reports from Philadelphia:

VOX POP: Bernie is going to be our next president, they just better get with it. Please vote for Bernie. America needs you. Woo!

STEPHANIE MARCH: The streets of Philadelphia are filled with Bernie Sanders supporters.

The fallout from revelations that the Democratic Party favoured Hilary Clinton during the primaries is continuing.

Embattled party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed at a breakfast event, and she will no longer preside over the convention.

Twenty-nine year old Manuel Zapata is a Bernie Sanders delegate from California.

MANUEL ZAPATA: It is pretty clear that what we were saying for months is obviously true. They had the finger on the scale for her campaign, and the validation does not make us happy. We're not happy about being right, this is heart breaking for us.

STEPHANIE MARCH: Norman Solomon from the Bernie Delegates Network, a group that represents two-thirds of his almost 2000 representatives, says inside the convention arena things could get ugly.

NORMAN SOLOMON: It's evident that a substantial majority of the polled survey delegates support participating, say they want to participate in protest on the floor.

STEPHANIE MARCH: How they will protest is still unclear. They could boo, walk out, or turn their backs on the speakers.

They are actively trying to nominate a vice presidential alternative to Hillary Clinton's pick of Virginia senator Tim Kaine.

Speaking this morning to his delegates, Bernie Sanders' attempt to generate support for the Clinton-Kaine ticket was met with boos.

BERNIE SANDERS: We have got to defeat Donald Trump and we have to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

(Sounds of the crowd booing)

STEPHANIE MARCH: The man who has advocated for a bottom up approach may have lost control of his grass roots movement.

This week could be a tough one for the Democratic Party, but even dissenters like Manuel Zapata are optimistic that not all is lost.

MANUEL ZAPATA: I am going to be a Democrat. Like I said, I wanted to be a Democrat forever. And even if the party is broken I think we can fix it. I think there is something cool about living in a haunted house and I will stay here until we can fix this.

STEPHANIE MARCH: This is Stephanie March in Philadelphia reporting for AM.