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(generated from captions) New laws to keep dangerous
terrorists behind bars after their sentences have expired, will be fast tracked. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has
contacted all states and territories asking them to keep those who have
not been rehabilitated locked up indefinitely. It's a hot topic this morning. To discuss it, we're joined
One Nation Leader, Pauline Hanson and Tom Elliott
from 3AW in Melbourne. Tom, shouldn't convicted
terrorists be able to walk free if they've served their sentence?

That's the law, isn't it?

That's the law, isn't it?I guess it is, but A, laws can be changed. And B, we don't sentence them for long enough crimes. I think if you commit a terrorist crime, you should be put in jail for live. Bull we come from a generation that life means live. Bull we come from a generation that
life means live. .How would you know whether they had been rehabilitated or not?That's exactly right. You wouldn't and you know what, I wouldn't trust them to be rehabilitated as well. I don't want to lock them up for every and a day. I want to kick them out of the country. I think we have got to extend the period of time before you become an Australian citizen if you migrate to the country, at least 7 years, if these people commit a terrorist event, after they have done you sentence, you kick them out of the country.Most of them are home-grown terrorists, aren't they?Yeah, well, if they are that's, that's a big problem, leave them in a prison at a cost of over $100,000 to the Australian taxpayer. I just say, if they are Australians, fine, leave them in prison, lifetime sentence but if they are not, if they don't allow them to actually get their full citizenship to at least 7 years, then if they commit a jailable offence, take them out of the country. Strip their Australian citizenship away from them.There is a call for parents to be allowed to choose the sex of their chird child, they should be able to use IVF to balance their family if they already have two children of the same sex. What do you think of this idea.I think it's a terrible idea. If you are on IVF, you are lucky to have a family in the first place. This idea that you have some sort of chance to gender balance. Some have three boils and some have thee girls. I don't like this idea of gender balancing, whether it's family balance or culture reasons, you are lucky to have any kind of family in the background.I get scared beings that this could be the thin edge of the wedge, a couple of years, it will be extended, you can do it for all of them. You start fiddling with nature.Totally agree with you. I - although, I have to tell you, I had three boys, the second one, girl, girl, girl. Third, it wasn't. Then third boy, another another boy. Then I kept trying and then I had my girl. So, know what they are going through. I had three boys. But, I love them all dearly and I think you want another girl, look, the boys have given me hell, I have to agree with. My girl has been the easier won.Don't say that.They are still my children. Look, leave it the way it is. That's nature. People assume because you have one sex, you want another one. As the