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(generated from captions) little
his father, Johnny Klein. He was a back
little half back with the Panthers refereeing
back in the 70s. Ashley started his refereeing career in England. But his dad, his dad was a crafty was
little half back at Penrith when I long
was playing there in the 70s. A footballers
long time ago. I saw plenty of Nambucca
footballers from the 70s at going
Nambucca Heads yesterday.You were Plenty
going to give them a mention. up
Plenty of them. All old footballers, stories.
up there, having a beer, telling see,
stories. Neil Pringle was the 'em remember
see, Johnny Baker, Dennis Tutty, Court
remember him?I do. He took them to didn't
Court on the transfer system, married
didn't he?Workman was there.I mean.
married one of them. Workman, I Knobby
mean. Tim Simona. He wasn't there. the
Knobby Clarke was there. Mick stone, Forster.
the old referee was there.Lives at

12 out. Have you covered them all? Pat
No, there was plenty more there. Moses,
Pat Roderick was organising it all. Woods.
Moses, that went forward surely to back.
Woods. Moses now drops one out the Widdop.
back. Tedesco puts a fend up on one
Widdop. Breaks the tackle. He drops puts
one out the back. Then Nofoaluma again
puts a kick on it. It is kicked Quinlan.
again by Naiqama. Dived on by He
Quinlan. Loses the ball. Penalty. Naiqama
He has ruled one of them off side. with
Naiqama has got a bit of a problem with the teeth or the mouth guard.

I trust it is the mouth guard otherwise
that's causing the problem No,
otherwise he is spitting teeth out. No, he is all smiles.

That's an appropriate commentary. myself
He's all smiles, Rabbs.I lot one The
myself last week in the commentary. The Barry Beeth.Marshall kicks. of
The winger might have been in front It
of him. Nightingale gets a touch. Halatau,
It has come down to Halatau and sharing
Halatau, who has very much been it
sharing the spotlight today, runs time,
it over the sideline. And at full- They
time, the Tigers, they get the two. the
They win by 25 to 12. They leapfrog just
the Dragons, but they are still now
just outside the eight. It is time now for Nine News.

live by Ai-Media
This program will be captioned Inside the mind of a killer - about the teenage gunman
chilling details behind the Munich massacre.

brings down
A routine traffic stop Sydney drug syndicate.
a multi-million dollar uncertainty for our athletes
Breaking news from Rio - deemed unsafe and not ready.
with parts of the Olympic village

A woman knocked unconscious near Barangaroo.
during a violent street brawl justified?
And was Jason Taylor's decision

they can do it without Robbie.
The Tigers prove

Good evening. The identity of the mass killer nine people dead in Munich
who opened fire and shot has been revealed. a terrorist have subsided.
Initial fears the teenager was Instead, a picture of a young boy and mass shootings
obsessed with guns has emerged. Out of the chaos, who leapt into action
heroic stories involving those a selfless Australian mother.
to help the injured, including

and already so full of hate.
Just 18 years old wasn't a terrorist -
But David Ali Sonboly

he was German born and bred, at school,
a loner who was bullied revenge on young people.
and seemed intent on exacting said today
The head of Munich's police force

no indications whatsoever
based on the searches, there are to Islamic State.
that there is a connection (GUNSHOTS) he shared with his parents,
After raiding the home

was obsessed with mass shootings.
police did find that Sonboly of books about shooting rampages
In his room, they found a stash including one titled,

of School Shooters'.
'Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds

Police also believe killer, Anders Breivik,
he was inspired by far-right who massacred 77 young people

of the Munich attack.
five years ago to the day about his victims.
There is more information, too,

were teenagers themselves.
Seven of the nine people killed

the youngest was just 13.
Three were from the same family,

was among the victims,
Naim Zabergja's son

and strangers
but it was also friends cut so drastically short.
who wept for lives those who died,
As the city pauses to remember are emerging.
new stories of fear and survival (SHOUTING AND SCREAMING) the social media app Snapchat.
A WA man shared this footageon

and two other young Aussies
It shows him after hearing gunshots.
running for their lives


were in Munich
Darcey and his brother, Macauley, visiting their friend Ryan. They'd walked past the McDonald's the gunman opened fire.
just five minutes before Jesus Christ!

(SIRENS BLARE). There are also stories of hope. been praised for her kindness -
Victorian mother Donna Bravo has of a 22-year-old American woman
she ran to the aid

fearing the gunman was inside.
who jumped from a hostel window, with the stranger
Donna spent the night at hospital so she wouldn't wake up alone, her why - "I'm a mum too."
telling a journalist who asked

Amelia Ballinger is in Munich get hold of the gun?
Amelia, how did the teenager

discovered a lot
The police have obviously in a very short space of time,
about David Ali Sonboly he got his hands on the pistol
but they still don't know how

he was carrying in his backpack.
or the 300 bullets it was a black market purchase.
The authorities suspect Sonboly didn't have a licence and the initial reports suggest

its serial number erased.
the gun had

That will be a focal point of the investigation.

worth an impressive $45 million,
90kg of the drug ice, have been taken off our streets an organised drug syndicate.
after police stumbled across with a routine traffic stop
The major bust began

on properties across the city.
and ended with dramatic raids

worth more than $45 million -
Just under 90kg of ice, that will never be done.
900,000 street deals

began to unravel
The lucrative drug operation on Friday,
in this Haymarket street a 26-year-old driver
when police pulled over using his phone.

they found 3kg of ice.
In his car, in St Johns Park,
That led them to a street was arrested
where a 30-year-old man containing more ice - 10kg.
with a suitcase allegedly a dramatic raid.
Hours later in the same street -

and screaming and yelling.
They ran in with big guns

so close to your family home
You would not expect it with kids and everyone around. $1.4 million cash
Officers seizing and arresting a 21-year-old man.

And then - the jackpot. In a Marrickville home, a staggering stash.
the taskforce found

I was there last night of ice in a room,
and to see nearly 77 kilos I've seen
that's the largest amount of ice a fantastic result.
in 31 years of policing -

from a routine traffic stop.
All this

26-year-old Neildeep Roy this car park
was about to turn into mobile phone and pulled him over,
when police spotted him on his have cost him $325
an offence which would usually

and four demerit points. as a major player
Now he's been exposed and faces life in jail.
in an organised crime syndicate,

are facing serious drugs charges,
All three men arrested commercial quantity, to dealing.
ranging from supplying a large

A man has incredibly walked away into a home at Glenwood.
after crashing his car The driver lost control front living room this morning,
and reversed into his neighbour's in the process.
demolishing an entire wall No-one was inside at the time, badly damaged.
but the house has been at a dinner party at Lithgow,
A man has been stabbed to death

just west of the Blue Mountains. was found dead at the scene
The 35-year-old about 9:30 last night.
by police and paramedics from Padstow Heights in Sydney
A 27-year-old man

and refused bail.
has been charged with murder

A man is fighting for life at Castle Hill.
after a car rolled over him The 56-year-old was trapped

the unattended vehicle
when he tried to stop as it careered down a hill. He was treated at the scene to Westmead Hospital,
before being taken head and chest injuries.
suffering serious

The Rio Olympics are in crisis, of the athletes' village
with revelations some parts unsafe for habitation.
have been deemed

with plumbing and electricity,
There are major problems Olympic Committee to intervene.
forcing the International

village looks the goods.
From the outside, the athletes'

ready to welcome our athletes,
The green and gold signs are up, the story is very different.
but on the inside main areas of concern for us
I think the three

and electricity, so...
were gas, plumbing Three pretty vital things. Yep, three pretty vital things. A few days ago,

from other countries
the Australians joined officials the Organising Committee fix
to demand the myriad of problems, sewage seeping into showers
including lights that don't work, and toilets that don't flush.

So, plumbing... with the sewage, toilets? are talking about a problem Yes, yeah...

the water not even turning on?
So, in some apartments, was some teething issues
Yeah, there were and electricity.
in respect of plumbing

the response has been swift,
But our chef de mission says called in
with hundreds of workers

sending in 1,000 cleaners.
and the Rio mayor himself tomorrow.
Athletes start moving in here the day after.
Our first athletes arrive they're facing here,
Despite all the problems are confident
Australian officials it will be ready in time.

by the time our athletes arrive.
We will be ready

in the village.
Our sailors aren't staying an apartment
Instead, they've hired they'll be competing.
close to where their own obstacles
But they've had polluted water.
dealing with Rio's going to get fixed and changed,
We heard that it was

and I don't think... how hard you try,
It doesn't matter in a couple of years.
you can't do that much that sort of stuff.
Oh, just bags, furniture, Furniture? bedside tables out there
Yeah, we've seen some and a few other bits and pieces. 49er Olympic champions
As the defending their Australian spinnaker
tested out for the first time in Rio,

it's smooth sailing
they're hoping all the way to another gold.

Live to Christine Ahern in Rio. some breaking news.
Christine, you have

Yes, that's right. Despite earlier confidence, the situation deteriorated.
late today Committee has stepped in.
The International Olympic

I'm told they are furious statement in a few hours.
and will deliver a formal to move in, as it stands,
They will not allow athletes

for safety concerns, who are due to move in tomorrow
which means the first athletes may not be able to do so, when this will be resolved.
and there is no idea meets tonight
It all comes as the IOC the entire Russia team
where it's expected will be booted out of the Games.

with friends
A night out in the city two men with dislocated limbs.
has left a woman unconscious and in hospital
Five people had to be treated erupted
after a violent street brawl

near Barangaroo.
along a popular dining strip

repeatedly kicked in the head...
Punched to the ground and (SCREAMING) in the gutter
..a young man laysmotionless

rage on around him.
as clusters of violence (SCREAMING) move in to help...
Shocked bystanders

start to scatter,
But as some of those involved their getaway down Lime Street,
a taxi dash cam catches at King Street Wharf. last night,
It was just after 10:00 between two groups
a passing comment sparking the brutal scenes.

Among the injured - who was knocked unconscious,
a 27-year-old woman

also hurt,
her four 29-year-old mates another with a dislocated knee.
one left with a broken nose, The police response was swift.

(SIRENS WAIL) and early 20s
Four men aged in their late teens and charged with affray.
taken into custody here along Lime Street
Business owners

have told Nine News which occurred here last night
violent scenes this popular restaurant strip
are uncommon along the safety of their diners.
and that they feared for

is now being reviewed.
CCTV along Lime Street

more fear,
With seemingly more attacks, around the world,
and more threats there's a warning tonight senior members.
from one of the Government's says support is needed,
Attorney-General George Brandis not hysteria, in the face of violence.

at home and abroad...
After a week of violence (SIREN BLARES) Australia's top law officer. a call for calm from

is an act of terrorism,
Not every mass casualty attack violence is an act of terrorism.
not every pre-meditated act of

It's a far cry from of Tony Abbott...
the Death Cult days is concerned,
As far as the Daesh death cult it's coming after us. backbencher George Christiansen
..and the comments of his own

the Merrylands and Munich attacks
who linked to terrorism this week. in our use of language
We must be very careful 'terrorism' around too loosely.
so we don't spray the word

There should be more help, for Muslim families,
George Brandis says, Greg Moriarty
as National Security Chief into lone wolf prevention.
begins his own investigations

who are the principal targets,
It's their young of the terrorism recruiters.
the principal objects the move,
And while Labor supports on a collision course
it puts both parties with Pauline Hanson,

neither can ignore.
a Senate presence a close working relationship
I don't envisage us having with One Nation, no. the views that she expresses
We have to explain why

the Muslim community,
about, for example, and, frankly, wrong.
are unhelpful pick up three Upper House seats.
One Nation remain a chance to

in Parramatta North
A fire at an abandoned school deliberately lit.
is believed to have been suffered extensive damage,
The former Macquarie Boys High shouldn't have been left to rot
but locals say the building for so long.

From James Ruse Drive, to spot the flames.
motorists were the first

Oh, Jesus Christ! Oh, my lord. Technology High School
The long-abandoned Macquarie Boys was on fire, and adjoining rooms decimated.
the old assembly hall the walls are highly unstable.
The roof has fully collapsed,

a large amount of cracking.
We've got

it's been left to rot and ruin -
Since the school closed in 2009,

a haven for vagrants and vandals. on the hall floor,
It's believed the fire started sheltering inside.
most likely lit by someone

There is a lot of evidence perhaps squatting
that there may have been people before the fire.
or living in the building

is in a state of disrepair.
As you can see, the school

and graffiti on every surface.
There's damage to every classroom now wants to sell off the land,
The Government but those in the community and reopened
would rather see it cleaned up of families moving to the area.
to service the growing number is among the alumni.
Broadcaster Ray Hadley He's says it's a disgrace neglected the site for so long.
successive governments have by other former students.
A sentiment echoed

been over-congested
The area's obviously

that need schools,
with families and whatever like this.
and it's just been left

at ANZ Stadium today
It was a battle of the desperates against the Tigers.
when the Dragons came up were just outside the top eight.
Both clubs Good evening, Ken. Good evening, Pete. With so much on the line, high drama involving Robie Farah
the Tigers put behind a week of to run out winners - his young guns more control
Jason Taylor's decision to give

in the 25-12 win.
proving a masterstroke

Robbie Farah all smiles performance.
after a rousing reserve grade reluctant to single him out
But coach Jason Taylor was for any praise. from the whole team.
It was a good performance playing in that game
We had some good players with the way they played.
and I'm really happy the Blues hooker
And his decision to drop the Tigers early.
did little to help Mann scores,
COMMENTATOR: Long ball, so the Dragons take the points.

eventually turn on the creativity
But Wests' young halves would their coach raved about. There's a chance... Nofoaluma! Easy! The Dragons tried to muscle up - a little too high in a tackle
Leeson Ah Mau aiming Tim Grant's afternoon.
which would end but brutal in defence.
But his teammates were anything Oh, he's gone all the way!
Brooks! Luke Brooks goes into score! With Brooks and Moses on fire, James Tedesco bobbed up.
it wasn't long before Guess who? His name is Tedesco.

another try.
Another JT, and the game scores miraculous try savers
Both sides pulled off some to start the second half, as the game hung in the balance. who once again broke through.
But it was the Tigers

He has put Aloiai into score.
Beautiful play by Moses. a grandstand finish
St George ensured to put Adam Quinlan over.
when Taane Milne got in the clear gets it back to Quinlan,
Simona runs him down, for the Dragons.
and Quinlan scores fairytale for Benji Marshall
There would be no in his 250th game - goal to get the Tigers home.
Mitchell Moses booting a field

Also tonight - the Sharks make it 15 on the trot of the season in the process.
and score one of the tries at Ipswich Raceway
And things are getting personal make a volatile cocktail.
as speed and anger All that and more, later.

at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look

Good evening, Pete. back into winter.
Sydney has well and truly plunged of 12 degrees on Friday night,
Campbelltown saw a low

to a chilly zero -
but it dropped in five years.
that's the most dramatic plunge to one degree.
Elsewhere, Camden fell saw a low of 3.
Badgerys Creek and Penrith to 8 degrees.
The city dropped to warm up today
Sydneysiders struggled

under mostly cloudy skies, westerly winds
with moderate to gusty of wind chill,
adding several degrees their coldest day in four weeks.
with many suburbs experiencing 11 degrees at lunchtime,
The city was still only this afternoon,
eventually reaching 14 to break through the clouds.
as some sunshine managed to warm up,
Our west also struggling which is 4 below average.
reaching a top of 14 degrees,

of the cold conditions
And it's not the last with a series of cold fronts this week.
making their way across NSW a little later.
I'll have the full forecast

Thanks, Amber.

In the news ahead - terminal lockdown - evacuated
part of Queenstown Airport onboard a Qantas jet.
after a bomb threat from the family of a father
A tearful appeal near Lithgow.
killed in a bomb attack being pushed out by WestConnex,
Plus, the Granville residents they've got it wrong.
and why the Government says

And it's on - Anthony Mundine confirms

anticipated boxing re-matches -
one of Australia's most why he hates Danny Green so much.

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evacuation of an airport terminal
A bomb scare has forced the in New Zealand. alluding to an explosive device
A cleaner found a note onboard an empty Qantas plane from Sydney.
that had landed at Queenstown

After searching the aircraft, find
terminal and wreckage, they did not find explosives.

The incident caused major delays, to arrive back in Sydney shortly.
with the Qantas flight QF122 due have pleaded for help today
Emotional family members John Burrows
to find out who killed Central Tablelands.
on the state's

It's been one year ripped through
since a mysterious bomb blast claiming his life.
his mother's Portland garage,

He was so loving and supportive.
My dad was amazing.

in the very spot
Standing stoically where her father was murdered, for answers.
today a daughter begged and to my family
Whoever did this to my dad

is out there somewhere, like everyone else.
just living their life streets became a scene of terror.
12 months ago, these sleepy

Father of three, John Burrows, his mother's garage
was approaching the roller door, exploded.
when a box, planted outside

as far as 5km away.
The blast could be heard was killed instantly.
The 58-year-old

isn't it?
Well, it's just a callous act,

Bomb. understand, but not a bomb.
Anything else I could probably Christ.

and bushland,
Police have searched property interviewed several people, neighbour,
including a disgruntled

but still have no breakthrough - metal hotplate,
a cardboard box, filled with stolen gun powder
and two steel tubes the only clues.

metal plate, similar to this one,
They believe a second, missing may hold the key. We want closure for the family. But the greater community - to be behind bars.
they deserve this person the quaint township of Portland,
Only 2,000 people live in are still in shock.
and many of them may be someone who lives locally,
Detectives believe the murderer someone who was familiar morning routine.
with the greyhound trainer's I hope they actually catch him,

you know...soon.
or whoever, whatever,

for $10 million
A person will do a lot

but it's hatred, not money, to get back in the ring
that's driving Anthony Mundine with long-time rival Danny Green. Mundine says Green's arrogant the Western Australian
and he's primed to again beat their one and only famous bout.
11 years since

ten years in the making
It's the re-match and finally, confirmation. anytime, anywhere.
I'll fight him any weight, between Anthony Mundine
A brief - albeit tense - sit down sealing the deal
and Danny Green, have been waiting for.
Australian boxing fans

I didn't sit down for too long. or two and told him that,
I just stayed there for a minute let's get it on.
you know, I'm in -

They last met in 2006. hype, it's here.
After six years of unrelenting Mundine was victorious.

the former World Champion
Yet, despite the history, turned one-punch advocate of his younger rival.
is still getting under the skin

he's an arrogant dude, man.
I just think He's just an arrogant guy and whole self-being,
who built his whole career off my name.
as far as sporting-wise,

Mundine's well past it,
And for those who believe,

five months ago
the 41-year-old says hip surgery has him moving better than ever. Will this be it for you?

This is it.
Yeah, this is it. Do or die, man.

them in the rugby league world.
Then I can come back and shock with St George for a reason
I think I lost them grand finals and purpose I can think of
and the only reason is to come back and get one.

is yet to be set.
A date for the fight

with the rest of the sport.
Ken is back Coming up -
Thanks, Pete.

into party mode
the Sharks send the Shire

the Knights.
with some miracle trys against it's game over.
The Eels concede - at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
And chaotic scenes

('Howlin' For You'
by The Black Keys plays) (Neighs)

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on the NRL premiership
The Sharks' assault

isn't slowing down against the Knights today.
after putting on a show at Cronulla,
It was a carnival atmosphere

complete with circus tricks.

their 15th consecutive win.
The final score 36-4,

First versus last on the ladder - highly likely.
an old fashioned carve-up here's the offload,
COMMENTATOR: Now to Lewis, Jack Bird untouched. was ruled out pre-match
Origin teammate James Maloney with an injured groin, remained intact.
but the Sharks' attacking fluency (CROWD CHEERS WILDLY) these sides met,
The Sharks won 62-0 the last time was a win of sorts for Newcastle.
so a 10-0 halftime scoreline However, back from the break, the afterburners,
the Sharks turned on

in a deep hole in recent seasons
and the man who's been turnaround year.
maintained his stunning

Ben Barba gets the try.
Brilliant! A Bird fight nearly broke out, knockout punch for soon after,
but 'Jack-Be-Nimble' saved the

mockery of the Knights' defence.
when an audacious dummy made a Jack Bird scores a penalty. for Cronulla,
15 wins in a row now on the all-time mark of 19.
closing in

are aligning for the Sharks
Either way, the planets in more ways than one. on his birthday!
Valentine Holmes

Parramatta concede next year's redemption season
they already have an eye on for the remainder of this year.
and can only play for pride are officially over
Their finals hopes

by 20 points on the Gold Coast.
after going down to the Titans

It will go down in history for the blue and gold,
as one the toughest years

is officially over.
and now their 2016 campaign We can't make the semis now. pride on the line than anything.
I think we've got more personal

to throw in the towel.
We don't want to this point
We've worked so hard just to take the easy road
and it would be a shame the rest of the year.
and just not turn up really positive.
But we are going to be The players are confident of this season behind them
they can put the horrors in 2017.
and make a run at the title I suppose the only way is up. that's happened, can happen.
It seems like everything I suppose... left to happen,
I don't think there's anything onwards and upwards from here.
so, yeah, I suppose it is without a fight,
They didn't go down

the Titans by just 8 points.
clawing their way back to trail for the season.
COMMENTATOR: Bevan goes to ten with a 34-14 victory.
But the Gold Coast ran away

into the crowd.
Taylor runs away right

to their 15th loss of the season,
And the Roosters sunk to the Melbourne Storm, 26-10.
going down

which we don't want to be.
We're sitting in a position hold ourselves
But we also don't try to as one of those teams... a bottom dweller. team and a quality club.
We feel that we are a quality

Manly coach Trent Barrett says

starting to reach its potential
his star-studded side is finally disappointing season.
after a largely of their remaining seven games
The Sea Eagles need to win six to make the finals, clash with Rabbitohs
starting with tomorrow night's

at Allianz Stadium.

of that rut that we were in,
We dug ourselves out keep winning.
and we have just got to a third-straight win.
Manly are aiming for

Recapping Round 20, Raiders, Titans and Storm
and the Cowboys, Panthers, have all recorded wins. and Tigers victorious.
Today, it was the Sharks after Round 20.
And here is how the ladder looks

with 36 points.
The Sharks remain on top into the eight
The Panthers have slipped after their win over the Broncos. the Dragons,
The Tigers have leap-frogged play tomorrow night.
while Manly and the Rabbitohs

at Ipswich Raceway
It was another wild day their frustrations on each other.
with several drivers taking out took out the Race 2 victory.
Craig Lowndes had no issues

in second place
Jamie Whincup again came home Championship lead.
to maintain his

Britain's Chris Froome at the Tour de France
has survived a rain-soaked stage to assure himself a third title

into Paris.
in tonight's procession The 31-year-old ahead of his nearest rival,
is more than 4 minutes set to finish in fifth position.
with Australian Richie Porte

picturesque and treacherous.
The penultimate stage was both drenched in rain,
With the alpine roads Froome was flanked by teammates, to the stage finish.
who safely guided the race leader

a little wry smile there.
COMMENTATOR: Finally, now all but guaranteed tonight.
A third tour title

It was wet in Hungary, also, during the Formula 1 qualifying.
several drivers spinning out

secured pole position,
Nico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton.
edging out Mercedes teammate Rosberg crosses the line.
COMMENTATOR: He's got pole position. will start from third on the grid
Australia's Daniel Ricciardo but was seething his charge for pole position.
after a yellow flag thwarted on that last lap
I was pretty angry because I was up a bit

closer to pole.
and I think it would have put me leads the Canadian Open
And American Brandt Snedeker at 9-under par. for Australia's Jason Day,
It was a better day to be tied for 28th spot
who shot a 69 his PGA Championship title.
a week out from defending And that's a nice finish
COMMENTATOR: for the defending champion.

That is the sport. See you tomorrow.

In the news ahead - a bottle shop worker injured strike in Merrylands.
as a brazen group of thieves of heart damage -
Reversing the effects ground-breaking stem cell trial.
a Sydney researcher's bloodiest battles -
And one of our who gave their life at Pozieres.
remembering the 7,000 Australians

And winter has returned, in four weeks,
bringing our coldest day icy conditions last?
but will these I'll have your forecast soon.

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To breaking news now,

an apartment window at Chatswood.
and a child has plumetted out of a short time ago.
The boy fell up to three storeys a helicopter at the scene.
Paramedics are trying to land is conscious and breathing.
It's understood the child

has been injured
A bottle shop owner at his Merrylands store.
during a brazen robbery captured the moment
Security cameras

three men tried to leave the shop and a bottle of alcohol.
with two cartons The owner confronted them, past him,
but the men shoved their way

and fled the scene on foot.
knocked him to the floor

Hillary Clinton
Democratic frontrunner

running mate, Tim Kaine.
has named her presidential made his national debut
The Virginia senator of Florida,
in the crucial battleground

at Donald Trump.
where he came out swinging

(CHANTING) a safe vice presidential pick
Tim Kaine is considered

for Hillary Clinton. and now a senator
A former mayor, a former governor not to underestimate this man
and Clinton warns doubters

as a quiet achiever.
with a reputation

Make no mistake. has a backbone of steel.
Behind that smile, Tim also

Kaine has never been seen until now,
as much of an attack dog on his new boss's face
but today he really put a smile when he took on Donald Trump. a 'you're fired' president
Do you want

or a 'you're hired' president? was soon on Twitter:
Right on cue, Donald Trump

thought it would be plain sailing
But just when the Democrats here in Philadelphia,
at their convention nearly 20,000 emails
WikiLeaks has released

computer servers
hacked from the Democratic Party favoured Mrs Clinton
showing how party leaders over Bernie Sanders -

interesting Clinton Convention
all making for an as the opening speaker.
with Michelle Obama

is one step closer
A Sydney researcher the effects of heart damage.
to developing a way to reverse

a major prize
Dr James Chong has just won

therapies in heart failure,
for his work on stem cell to the next level.
allowing him to take his research

he's lucky to be alive.
Clarrie Chang admits

one of 54,000 Australians
Last year, he was who experienced heart failure. heart attack.
It was a really severe

as well as a blocked artery.
I did muscle damage

really severe.
So it was, yeah,

That damage is permanent. to keep his heart functioning.
Clarrie now takes medication require a heart transplant.
More severe cases Dr James Chong
But work by cardiologist could change all of that. Institute and Sydney University,
In research at the Westmead of human stem cells
he's testing the use

of a heart attack.
to actually reverse the effects

My hope is that, one day, for whole heart transplantation.
this could even replace the need

and that's a big ask,
That's a fair way down the track but who knows?

was positive,
The first animal trial but only partially successful. produce new, beating heart cells
It's shown human stem cells can

when injected into the heart,
which, are able to repair damage. caused abnormal heart rhythms
Unfortunately, the treatment to develop.

All efforts are towards of electrical abnormalities,
solving this next problem the clinical trial stage
so that we can take it into and treat patients.

Stem Cell Foundation prize
A $50,000 National

will help,
for his work so far, within a few years.
aiming for human trials

in Northern France,
In a small village Australians have gathered conflicts of World War I -
to remember one of the worst the battle of Pozieres. 7,000 died fighting for the town,

Charles Bean said
a place war historian with Australian sacrifice
was "more densely sown "than any other place on earth".

the Battle of Pozieres
As a military operation, was a success it was catastrophic -
but, in terms of losses,

dead and injured in 8 weeks.
23,000 casualties, that's fought over eight months.
A similar number to Gallipoli - brothers from South Australia.
Soldiers such as the Potter

together in and around Pozieres.
Four enlisted but three died death toll of 7,000.
They made up the appalling VC winner Albert Jacka.
Fighting here, a charge of just seven men
In one action, Jacka led captured Australians
freed a group of recently of 50 Germans.
and forced the surrender

the burial of three soldiers
100 years after they died, in nearby fields.
whose remains were found of investigations,
Despite five years so they remain nameless
there was no DNA match, who they are goes on.
but the hunt to discover

is a fitting final victory
Being embraced by such soil for these soldiers.

have worked for years
Barry and Yvonne Gracey where, it's thought,
to preserve a small field 2,000 Australians lie. French government awarded them
For their efforts, the

Legion of Honour medal.
the prestigious

had returned home at war's end,
By the time survivors of Pozieres had been killed.
60,000 Australians

But it did not end there. In the decade after 1918, would die on home soil.
another 60,000 soldiers

In the news ahead, by the WestConnex motorway -
the Sydney homes being swamped it got wrong.
what the Government now admits And why it will soon be easier from the Harbour Bridge.
to enjoy the views

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Now to our top stories. gunman behind the Munich massacre
It's been revealed the teenage

had no links to Islamic State.

taken off Sydney's streets
$45 million worth of ice has been following police raids. And the Rio Games is in crisis, of the athletes' village.
with concerns about the safety

has made a startling admission -
The Roads Minister seriously wrong
the Government is getting it for the WestConnex motorway.
when taking people's houses

a $10,000 bond
One family has been forced to pay to stay in their own home, while another was asked a two-lane overpass.
to live directly underneath

in Onslow Street, Granville,
Sharon Murphy has lived for most of her adult life. She loves the place. from WestConnex told her
But when representatives

right next door,
they were building it would be like this.
she didn't know like this.
These windows are just going in the bedroom.
The picture fell off the wall

It's so unbearable, the Government to buy her home.
she reluctantly asked They agreed, her husband pay a $10,000 bond,
but demanded Sharon and plus $500 a week rent they organised a place to go.
to live in their own home while doing to us and to other people.
It's cruel, really, what they're The process is absolutely flawed

that noise
and you only have to hear that Sharon's facing here
and look at the situation to understand that. who lives down the road,
Darren Loughhead, is equally shattered. his place for 20 years.
The Granville local has owned

the M4 is being widened
As part of WestConnex, directly over his house.
and a flyover will be built How's that make you feel? Well, I don't know. out of a story book,
A bit like a troll something like that, mate. The over-shadowing reports show almost completely in the dark -
the motorway will keep his place of sunlight a day -
less than three hours to a cent of compensation.
yet Darren isn't entitled next to me
If you wanted to build and block out all my sunlight,
and overshadow my house

to do it.
you wouldn't be allowed beyond angry about it.
I'm beyond angry,

extreme financial hardship
Residents are facing and it's unfair. how difficult it would be
It's pretty easy to see

right next door
for these people to live of construction,
to this monstrous amount the Government made a decision
yet, somehow, need to buy the property.
that it did not

has an independent report on,
This is a process the Premier but is refusing to release. The Roads Minister says a $10,000 bond is disgraceful.
asking Sharon to pay it's just wrong.
When I saw that, it's a four-week bond.
Everywhere else, This should be a four-week bond.

need a serious wake-up call.
He admits his bureaucrats the right thing.
My department is not doing the right thing every time.
I want to make sure we do

Two elevators are set to be built of the Harbour Bridge,
at either end to the iconic walkway.
improving access at Kirribilli and The Rocks,
The lifts will be installed climb the steps at either end
meaning those who are unable to the bridge walkway.
will be able to get onto

weather for the week ahead.
Coming up - Amber with the Thanks, Pete. is on its way.
Another chilly night

and 10 in our west.
Right now, it's 9 in the city I'll have your forecast next.

It's not too late for us to help you
with your health insurance. MAN, ON PHONE: Hello. Hello.
(Snores) Hello.

Call us on 13 32 32.

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After a chilly night, and mostly cloudy day
it was a cold

westerly winds.
with strong and gusty colder overnight
It was up to 12 degrees than we saw the night before. Katoomba dropped to minus 2. a top of 14 degrees
Today, it only reached across most Sydney suburbs - Kellyville and Penrith.
including the city, Blacktown, slightly warmer, reaching 15.
Cronulla and Liverpool several degrees off those tops.
However, those westerlies shaved degrees, but only felt like 4.
At midday - the city was 11 Across NSW, colder than the previous night
many areas were 10 to 15 degrees in parts of the South Coast,

all falling to minus 1.
Wagga Wagga, Bathurst and Mudgee but dry today -
Most of the state was cold Bathurst only reached 8 degrees, of 15 to 18 degrees.
while coastal areas saw tops And to the delight of snow-goers, snow fall across our ski-resorts,
we've seen 5 to 10cm of fresh after the recent heavy rain
rebuilding on that lost base on the way this week.
and there is plenty more

cold fronts,
And thanks to several through southern NSW tomorrow,
the first of which will move and snow to the alps.
bringing gusty winds mostly sunny, 22.
Brisbane will be

a top of 10,
A shower or two for Canberra, wind and rain, 14 degrees.
while Melbourne will see late it will remain cold,
Around NSW especially across Southern NSW, and snow flurries
with possible light showers westerly winds.
and strong and gusty and several degrees warmer.
Northern NSW will be mostly sunny

reaching tops in the 20s.
Coffs Harbour and Grafton in place along the coast -
There is a strong wind warning from the Hunter down to Eden. a mostly sunny day,
Sydney can look forward to with moderate to gusty westerlies
but it will be windy, surf conditions along the coast.
accompanied by large and powerful After a cold night, of 16 degrees
we are heading for a top and Campbelltown.
in Penrith, Blacktown and the city,
17 in Liverpool, Cronulla and 16 for Terrey Hills. it feel several degrees colder.
However, the wind chill will make Looking ahead - mornings and mostly sunny days
we can look forward to cold

with tops of 18 to 20 degrees,
this week, of 8 to 9 degrees.
and overnight lows In our west, and tops of 17 to 21,
we'll see clear skies

between 5 and 7 degrees.
with nights cooling down to though,
It will be windy this week, those scarves handy
so you'll need to keep as it will feel very cold, Pete.

Thanks, Amber.

That's Nine News for this Sunday. I'm Peter Overton. From all of us, goodnight.
I hope you have a good evening.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media

wicker fuse, what happened?
The moment that he lit that Would've been incredible. an intense fireball.
First off, you've got arson in the suburbs.
Tonight on 60 Minutes -

A mother and her baby boy
PETER OVERTON: feared trapped in the rubble.
are among those that took three innocent lives.
The deadly explosion I miss him so much. the people...
For the first time - Did she burn?
Did the smoke get her? ..their stories. We went, "Chris is not with us."
Jumped off over the balcony.

And the unrepentant killer

was his ultimate undoing.
whose cowardly lie

is destroyed all the time.
Not all the evidence You are guilty.
You killed these people, man.

for President Trump.
Then, prepare out of control.
Our world is spinning control, and I'll stop that.
Our country's spinning out of

Human Nature.
Plus, Karl joins boy band

all grown up and making millions.
The Aussie school mates That is unreal! I like it.

dropped on this earth
Not that we were

to be this great vocal group. without working hard?
Can't you just make it You have, obviously. (LAUGHS)

a 60 Minutes milestone for Liz.
Those stories tonight, and

I'm Liz Hayes. (SONG) # She's a lady... # Liz, I love you! I've got all flushed.

and welcome to 60 Minutes.
Good evening Sometimes greed is so consuming, all human reasoning and logic.
it blocks out Adeel Khan's actions?
How else can anyone explain deliberately blew up
Two years ago, the 46-year-old his Sydney convenience store $225,000 of insurance.
so he could claim The blast was so destructive, crumbled to the ground
the two-storey building including an 11-month-old baby,
and three innocent lives, were lost. he could get away with the crime
That Adeel Khan thought as the act itself,
is as outrageous will be sentenced
and next week, this evil man and arson.
for murder, manslaughter will be long enough
But no amount of prison time of those he killed.
for the grieving families

and painstaking rescue operation
REPORTER: A desperate is underway in Rozelle.
after a massive explosion

onto my feet.
It blew me straight out of bed,

just falling in behind you.
As you're running, the floor is Ceiling's falling down.

hours of September 4, 2014
What happened here in the early was frightening... was shrapnel.
There were just flames, there ..and horrific. Shattered windows, the building collapsing.
and you could just hear

A mother and her baby boy

in the rubble.
are among those feared trapped but this blast was so ferocious,
Firefighters did their best, 27-year-old Chris Noble,
nothing could save 31-year-old Bianka O'Brien, 11-month-old son, Jude.
and her beautiful was pulled from the rubble,
One man, Adeel Khan, injured but alive. he claimed to be a victim.
At first, Who burnt down the property? I have no clue. But now we know he's a killer.