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Stroma might be deserted, yet it has
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Ironically, the swirling tidal
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The wild and turbulent waters
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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Terror on the streets of Munich - a deadly attack on a
suburban shopping centre.

Hillary Clinton picks her
Democratic running mate. It's about building
bridges, not walls. Going on -- And chilling on -- new evidence
about the disappearance of flight MH370.

Good evening. A gunman has opened fire
near a busy shopping mall in the Germany city of Munich,
killing at least nine people and injuring many more. It happened at the Olympia shopping
centre in Moosach district. Police say the man behind
the attack was an 18-year-old German-Iranian, who acted alone
and later shot himself. some viewers may find this pitch is confronting. Shaky amateur video captures
the gunman appearing outside a fast food restaurant at the shopping
centre, drawing his weapons and firing at the
nearest passers-by. They flee in terror,
shot after shot ringing out. And here, a gunman, who police
say was the same man, pacing the roof of a carpark
One woman says her son was in a bathroom with the man
inside the McDonalds, before the shooter
moved on to the mall.

My son saw in the toilet
the man loading the gun. It was a pistol. I come out of the toilet
and I hear, like, an alarm. Boom, boom, boom. He was still killing the children. They make nothing. The children were sitting to eat. Germany's third largest
city went into lockdown. Police evacuated the area. Hands were in the air. These shoppers waited in a store. Outside, a car with
a shattered window. And a body covered with a sheet. Early on, police spoke
of as many as three gunmen. The man who filmed this footage
swears he also saw the shootings at the McDonalds,
just seconds before. Another working assumption
for police was a terror attack, speculation swirling of Islamist
or far-right extremists. Outside the shopping centre,
one man said he'd texted his wife, barricaded in a room,
telling her and her companions to charge at any non-police officer
who tried to enter.

Early in the evening,
police say the gunman's body was found in a street
near the mall. Apparently he'd taken his own life. A late-night media conference
threw up surprises. Police believe he acted alone.

A video in which two men are heard
exchanging racial slurs is being scrutinised, but...

Commanders later raided
a suburban apartment where, local media say, the gunman
lived with his parents. For now, there are endless
questions, few answers, but certainly another
European city in shock.

We can now bring you live shot of the scene, where authorities are continuing their investigations into the shooting. Many people are leaving flowers
near the shopping centre where nine people lost their lives. At least 16 people were injured,
including several children. Authorities say it's too early
to label the incident a terrorist attack. Chancellor Angela Merkel's
is to convene her government's security cabinet in coming hours.

The world is reeling yet again
from this latest act of violence. At least 500 innocent people have
been killed in attacks in the past 18 months. So why are we seeing a rise
in violent extremism? And must we accept it,
as part of the daily risks of modern life?

Another day and another
devastating attack - innocent people going
about their business now being mourned by their loved ones. Germany's one of our closest allies
and so we're going to pledge all the support that they may need. This is the second attack
in Germany in less than a week. On Wednesday, an Afghan teen
attacked passengers on a train with a knife and an axe. Four people from the one family
were critically injured. It comes just nine days
after the world witnessed a lorry being driven through crowds
celebrating Bastille Day, in Nice. 84 people including many
children were killed. And the shameful
roll call continues. June 28 - 45 people killed
when three militants opened fire outside the international terminal
at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. June 16 - 49 people killed,
after Omar Mateen opens fire in a gay night club in Orlando,
America's worse ever single shooting. March 22 - 32 people killed
when three suicide bombers blow themselves up at Brussels Airport. March 19 and January 12 -
16 people killed in two separate attacks in Istanbul
by suicide bombers. And let's not forget November 13 -
130 people killed after Paris is rocked by a series
of coordinated gun and bomb attacks on entertainment sites
around the city. The list goes on.

We have a global phenomenon now
and a global sickness that we have
to tackle. France has announced it's
increasing domestic security forces to 10,000 troops during the summer.

But experts say while some terror
attacks can and have been foiled - many lone wolf attacks
can't be prevented. If you are a person acting
on your own with no criminal record, you hit a soft target
like a shopping mall, there's no way you can prevent
anyone or everyone from doing that.

They warn is this fractured world
to be aware of your surroundings when out in public and maintain
a high level of vigilance.

You run and if absolutely
necessary you fight. The German attack happening
on the same day Norway was remembering 77 people killed
five years ago in a bombing and shooting rampage. The latest attack at Olympia Mall,
the same site as the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. 11 Israeli athletes
were taken hostage and killed. Planned or a coincidence,
we may never know.

Democratic presidential hopeful
Hillary Clinton has announced former Virginian governor Tim Kaine
as her running mate.

Senator Kaine is seen someone
who would provide a safe pair of hands in the White House,
rather than a firebrand who will fuel excitement
at the ballot box.

On the cusp of her convention week
and determined to steal back the show. Starting on Monday,
in Philadelphia, we will offer a very different vision. Senator Tim Kaine
will be alongside her. The next president
of the United States, Hillary Clinton! Vying to become the
next vice-president. Making the announcement on Twitter,
Hillary Clinton described Senator Kaine as:

I'm Tim Kaine He's a fluent
Spanish speaker from a battleground state, who has never
lost an election. He's also seen as a safe pair
of hands, post inauguration. For me, there is nothing more
important than my rock solid conviction that the person I choose
could literally get up one day and be president
of the United States. He says he's too boring. LAUGHS And I love that about him. On this stage, in Philadelphia,
they will formally accept the Democratic nominations
and offer an alternative to what Clinton called the "dark
and divisive" vision of Donald Trump. He offered a lot of fear
and anger and resentment, but no solutions about anything
that he even talked about.

From the current president... This idea that America is somehow
on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence
and chaos everywhere, doesn't really jive
with the experience of most people. Fresh from the convention,
he described as the most love-filled in history. Trump declared no-one
would be watching Clinton's. Boring. It's boring, very boring. Ugh, how about that final speech? And our final speech? He then turned back
to another sparring partner. I don't want his endorsement. Just, Ted, stay home. Relax, enjoy yourself. The former Klu Klux Klan leader,
who controversially did endorse Trump, won't be staying at home. After the great outpouring
of overwhelming support, I'm proud to announce my candidacy
for the United States Senate. Clinton is expected to formally
introduce her running mate later this weekend.

And join us next week as the race
to the White House reaches a crucial point. SBS will have special
coverage of the Democratic Convention. Tuesday to Friday we're live
streaming on our website from 10am. And catch the highlights
daily on SBS at 4pm.

The head of the
International Monetary Fund has been ordered to stand trial
over a multimillion euro pay-out to a French businessman. Christine Lagarde was the French
finance minister in 2008, at the time of the arbitration
ruling which handed the French tycoon Bernard Tapie
around 400 million euros. She is being charged
with negligence. President Vladimir Putin has called
for a new Russian anti-doping commission. The country is facing exclusion
from the Rio Olympics, for having a secret
state-sponsored performance enhancing drug program. Mr Putin suggested the commission
be chaired by Vitaly Smirnov, a former vice-president
of the International Olympic Committee. A small plane crashed
into residential neighbourhood in northern Illinois,
killing the pilot and torching the side of a home. Aerial video of the crash site
shows broken plane parts in the street and in
the driveway of a home. One woman was inside at
the time, but was unharmed.

There's new information tonight
which could shed light on the disappearance
of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Authorities have announced
the search will soon be suspended. But families of the passengers
say they will continue to fight for answers.

Holding posters, clinging
to hope for answers. More than two years after MH370
vanished with 239 people on board. A report today in New York magazine
refuelling speculation the plane was downed in a deliberate act. Citing a confidential report
from Malaysia police, the report claims the FBI
recovered data from captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's
flight simulator. It is said to show a simulated flight plotted months before the disappearance. This is the flight path it is thought to have taken. The simulated flight also took off from Kuala Lumpur, heading across the Malacca Strait before ending in Indian Ocean. Reports suggest it was a packed is run for an act of mass murder, suicide, similar to that carried out by Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz. But the family of the pilot don't think he did it.I don't pick it did it. He doesn't have that make-up. The only concrete clues
delivered by the tides, rather than the $180
million underwater search. Debris found on Reunion Island
and off Mozambique. We've heard most likely,
possibly this and that, you know but the words "yes,
it is from MH370" has not been said yet. Authorities announced yesterday
they would suspend the search.

Some fear the suspension
will mean their loved ones are forgotten. And so many questions
will never be answered.

Still ahead on SBS World News - sports scientist Stephen Dank shot
at in his Melbourne home. World record broken -
a Russian balloonist due to land in Western Australia. Bad news about booze -
more evidence to cut down the drink. And not-so-happy snap. The Royals accused
of animal cruelty.

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The sports scientist at the centre
of the Essendon doping scandal has been injured in a shooting
at his home overnight. Stephen Dank was shaken
by the incident, but has now returned home after being
released from hospital.

Just minutes after being grazed
by bullet shrapnel, sports scientist Stephen Dank steps
into an ambulance after a shooting at his townhouse in
Melbourne's northwest. Early this morning, six shots
were fired into Dank's house, as he slept on his couch. The 52 year old's forehead
was grazed by a bullet fragment. He has since been
released from hospital. Dank's partner, who was also home
at the time, was not injured. It sounded like three
loud banging noises. At the time it sounded
like fireworks, which I thought was odd, or gunshots,
which is event more odd. Dank immediately called the media
to let them know what happened. I woke up to a missed call or two
from Stephen Dank and then I got a text message that said "I've been
shot", which is unusual to say the least. No arrests have been made,
and investigators believe a lone gunman was behind the attack. Neighbours are shocked. You see him making phone
calls, but that's it. He just keeps to himself. But it's no secret
Dank has enemies. The sports scientist
was at the centre of the Essendon football club's supplements program
scandal, one that saw 34 past and present players
suspended from the game. Dank, who was found guilty
of trafficking illegal supplements, has since been suspended for life
from the AFL and NRL. He was due to give a speech
at a football club tonight reportedly set to make
several accusations against prominent
sporting personalities. I don't know whether any of this
is related, but he did brief me on some of the things
he was going to say at that talk and I do know that they were going
to be quite explosive. Dank has since pulled
out of the event.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has
announced the makeup of his new, expanded ministry. The reshuffle accommodates
some newcomers and manages factional tensions.

Bill Shorten says he's suffering
from an excess of ability. We've got more talented people
than places to put them. His mega-ministry of 32 features
eight MPs from regional areas and 13 women. We're building on the strong policy
of the last three years and we're bringing fresh voices
to the national conversation.

Deputy leader Tanya Plibersek takes
the lead on education, moving out of foreign affairs. Penny Wong steps into
the high-profile role, while staying Opposition
Leader in the Senate. Ms Plibersek also becomes
Shadow Minister for women. Education is an area that
has such a strong role, both in the life of the individual
and in the life of our nation. It's really important social
policy and it's really important economic policy. Kate Ellis will work
with her in the early childhood, vocational education
and TAFE portfolios. Victorian MP Richard Marles steps
into defence, vacating the immigration portfolio
for Shayne Neumann. Multicultural affairs gets a boost. Tony Burke takes on citizenship
and multicultural affairs and environment, along with two
assistant ministers, Jacinta Collins and Julie Owens. Bill Shorten also wants
to prioritise indigenous affairs. He takes on that portfolio himself,
assisted by the newly appointed Western Australian senator
Patrick Dodson, the so-called 'father of reconciliation'. Patrick has been a great mentor
and a friend and adviser to me in this area and I will
look forward to working closely with him. Linda Burney, the first
indigenous female MP, gets the human services portfolio. Chris Bowen stays Treasurer,
assisted by Andrew Leigh, who's new to the frontbench. The Canberra MP will be paid
a backbench salary as the rules only allow for 30 shadow ministers. In the same position,
Sam Dastyari promoted to Consumer Affairs.

The pay-cuts, a compromise to end
a factional brawl over veteran senator Kim Carr being
dumped from the ministry.

Six men allegedly involved
in a brawl on a Jetstar flight have been banned from
flying for ten years. The men arrived back
in Sydney this morning. Jetstar and Qantas took the action
after a flight from Sydney to Phuket was diverted to Bali. It's understood Jetstar will pursue
the men for the cost of the diversion, likely to run
to tens of thousands of dollars. A 61-year-old man has been charged
after allegedly attempting to blow up his car at a police
station in Sydney's west. The man is accused of setting
himself alight and driving his car filled with fuel and a gas cylinder
into the driveway of Merrylands police station. He's now in hospital
in a stable condiiton. Police will be seeking a bedside
court hearing in coming days.

It's a sign that is catching
a whole lot of attention - why a homeowner in the US state
of Oregon wants "whites only" in a bid to sell his home. That story coming up
shortly on SBS World News.

The families of two Australian dual
nationals facing life in a South Sudanese jail have
spoken of their confusion and frustration at the young
nation's judicial system. They say their relatives have
been falsely implicated in a multimillion
dollar fraud case. This little boy has only ever seen his father in photographs. He was detained at the airport in sedan in September, preparing to return to Australia for his son's birth. The 36-year-old was subsequently sentenced to life in jail.We haven't heard of a man in prison for such cases before, so we felt like he was like a dead person.She says the news prematurely brought on the birth.I didn't even have a labour, it just happened, because I was so stressed and everything was too much to handle.It is alleged the office of the South Sudanese president was afforded a $14 million in 2013 and six people were given life sentences for various roles in the crime. -- 16. Lawyers for the man say he was wrongly implicated to an unrelated associations of the alleged ringleader. A Melbourne man says his brother, a banker, was also falsely accused and sentenced.It was actually a shock. How can you be given life for doing your job? He says there's no charge sheet, no formal allegation and more questions than answers.We don't think there is evidence against half of these people, not even just my brother.This man is a lawyer who worked in South Sudan's justice ministry and fierce repercussions for criticising the system, but this rule of law has effectively collapsed in his former homeland. You can be arrested and you can be put in jail without any reservation and then you can stay there without a fair trial. And you can stay there for a long time.This doctor from Melbourne's African think tank agrees.Unfortunately, the system has failed and failed a human.The two Australians are among six of the prisoners to be granted appeal before a panel of judges. South Sudanese lawyers have advised their families not to request consulate support from the Australian government until that process is exhausted. But recent political and military instability in the country means there's no certainty if or when this will take place.Now it has put us to another level, where we are thinking it might not even come to pass.An extra shading -- excruciating wait for many. The results of a ten-year long
study into cancer has linked the disease with the
consumption of alcohol. The study concludes even moderate
amounts can cause cancer. Scientists say the chances of getting cancer increased with the amount of alcohol drunk, but there's still a risk for moderate drinkers, including those who stay within the alcohol limit recommendations in some countries. In particular, in the case of cancer, it is not easy to identify or possible to identify which individuals are going to be affected by alcohol related cancer, and so what you really want to do is reduce consumption in general. Doctors have thought for some time that there's a link between and cancer, at this study goes further and says there's link between alcohol and seven types of cancer.

Nearly 6% of cancer deaths in 2012 were caused by alcohol, that's nearly half a million people. The conclusions come from a 10-year review from global evidence from a number of reputed counter foundations. The research adds there may be a link between alcohol and other types of cancer as well, what more evidence needs to be found. The world record for travelling
non-stop around the world in a balloon has been broken,
with Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov due
to land shortly. He crossed over Perth just
after midday and has been descending as he heads north. It has taken him just over 11 days
to record the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth
in a hot air balloon. But he has to land
before nightfall. If not he'll have to fly
through the night before making an attempt at daybreak. His son says he is in
excellent spirits. I asked him if he needs a doctor, he says he is in good shape. Remarkable! He says, I am doing very well! He spent 12 days on oxygen, 24 hours. He is in very good shape. Even I am surprised, as a son. But he is strong. The 65-year-old has battled extreme
cold with temperatures dropping to minus 45 degrees. He's broken the 14-year-old record
set by American adventurer Steve Fossett.

Turkish authorities have cancelled
more than 10,000 passports, as they press on with
an internationally criticised crackdown, a week after
a failed military coup.

One week ago he was almost overthrown. Today, President Erdogan favoured Friday prayers that he may never have seen. The coup failed and the victor was triumphant.TRANSLATION: My brothers, my nation gave an answer to those shameless people by standing tall like this. Be united, those who believe have one.The takeover began as rebel soldiers pounded the capital last Friday. They bombed state buildings... Tanks hitting those who stood in their way. Commandos tried to seize the president. He called people into the streets. Within hours the coup was crushed. A state of emergency has been declared. The country is on high alert. 60,000 have been detained, suspended or fired. Suspected followers of the alleged mastermind. The Peugeot spread to education. Many academics are afraid to talk openly. -- purge. We found one who fears he could soon be on the list.We are now all subject to interrogation. I am worried that I could be targeted by authorities.The government says it will root out the plotters, but there are serious concerns over how wide the net is being cast. Turkey's deputy Prime Minister told me the threat is worse than jihadists and militants. TRANSLATION: We are facing one of the biggest dangers Turkey has ever faced. What this is the tip of the iceberg.Turks are still trying to comprehend how their own people could have done this. It will be rebuilt, but the scars from last Friday will endure and the question now is what kind of Turkey will emerge. Can it unite, or will it be riddled with revenge? After the most traumatic week in Turkey's recent history the clamour of four democracy is louder, but it depends on their unpredictable leader's next move. US-backed forces in Syria have
given IS fighters an ultimatum. that they must leave
the northern city of Manbij by tonight. Rebels launched an offensive
to re-take the city last month. They say it is the last chance
for IS fighters to leave with their lives. Some ISIL fighters are desperate to escape Manbij. This -- these men were hiding in the northern city of Aleppo, but they were spotted. TRANSLATION: We were surrounded in a building. Our commanders were hiding and giving orders. Because of the psychological stress we were under, we fled with the civilians. This video was shot by the Syrian Democratic forces before they get ISIL 48 hours to leave the city. A deadline expires on Saturday, lunchtime. The fighting on the ground is continuing, as ever strokes from the US coalition. -- as our airstrikes. ISIL has controlled Manbij for two years. The Syrian democratic forces have had it surrounded since the 10 June. It is an ISIL stronghold. It leads to the self-declared capital of IS, Raqqa. It would be a big defeat for ISIL. A lost control of another town on the border between Syria and Turkey last July. It is believed there are tens of thousands of civilians trapped in Manbij. Some have managed to escape. These, mainly women and children, said all they had eaten the past week was one flatbread between them. The SDF has offered to 48 hours to minimise civilian casualties, but the group is also under pressure because airstrikes targeting ISIL have also killed civilians in recent days, including children. Complaints the US says it is looking into. There was outrage
in a US neighbourhood when a man posted a sign
in his front yard saying his house was for sale to whites only. But there's more to the story
than meets the eye. The homeowner hoping to raise
awareness about racism.

People walking down the street today were shocked to see these signs. One called it unbelievable. Someone has got a lot of nerve, just to be putting stuff like this up around here. Not very respectful to the other people in the community.Why would the homeowner do it? He says that was his goal. That's all I wanted. Somebody to come find out why and listen.John says he has been jumped, followed and a target of harassment and crying because of his skin colour and doesn't want anyone else in this area to feel the same way. I've seen so much racism, hate and violence in my life.Why can't we stop? He listed the house for sale for whites only. He says he would only encourage people with white skin colour to move to the area. But in the end he says he wants to put a stop to racism.It goes across country. We need to start being more polite and more friendly and more caring about our neighbours and find out who they are.Immediately after we talked he dragged the sign over to his driveway, feeling it had served its purpose. More evidence of racial
tensions in the US. A newly released video shows
the violent arrest of a black school teacher by a white
police officer in Texas. What happened next in the back
of a police car, after her arrest, is also disturbing.

By no means does this violence takedown of a second grade teacher speak for the behaviour of all police, but what she hears from a second officer in the squad car on the way to jail helps explain why many black Americans don't trust the police.

The video is coming to light tonight, one year later.

Austin police are now looking into the actions of the officer, accused of excessive force, and the man whose comments in the cruiser are being called racist. The 26-year-old was stopped for speeding and it went downhill after she got upset and the first officer lost his cool. He later tells his side of the story.I was just trying to control her.But she has never seen the video.It concerns me that just one officer has this notion about a whole group of people, a whole community of people that he hasn't met and he didn't know me.Authorities are now publicly apologising.I am sorry you were treated in a manner that is not consistent with the expectations of the police chief. At the time the only discipline was counselling and training. Tonight the police unit said the comments in the car are just wrong. The Italian Navy has released
underwater video of a bronze cannon thought to be from a warship
in Napoleon's fleet that was sunk during a naval battle
with the British in 1795. The battle took place
in the Legurian Sea. The French warships were apparently
heading to Corsica, when they were intercepted
by the British Fleet. The British Royal Family has marked
Prince George's third birthday by releasing some
very cute photogaphs. They were taken at the family's
country home in Norfolk. But there has been
some controversy. The RSPCA has accused the Royals
of "animal cruelty", for letting the third
in line to the throne feed their dog ice cream.

Coming up next - the incredible
operation giving this man a new grip on life. Also, Chris Froome crashes
in a crucial stage of the Tour de France.

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VOICE-OVER: This is not
just another day on the tools.

Not just another site inspection.

Destination - new home site.

Not just another concrete slab.

Not just another workhorse. This is the smarter Ranger, and this is
the 2015 Ute of the Year.

A man has undergone a double
hand transplant, thanks to ground breaking
surgery in the UK. Three years ago Chris King lost
both hands in an industrial accident. Now he says he's looking forward
to riding his bike again.

This is such a new lease of life.

Chris King is in awe
of what surgeons have managed to do for him. As soon as I saw them,
I realised I couldn't wish for anything better. It's better than any lottery win,
because you feel whole again. He lost both his hands
in an accident involving a metal pressing machine at
work three years ago. Now somebody else's hands have been
transplanted to him, transforming his life. It was like the hands
were made to measure. They absolutely fit,
and it actually opened up a memory because I could never remember
what my hands looked like after the accident. This picture of Chris's hands shows
how much of the donor's hands needed to be transplanted. Bones are joined with titanium
plates then surgeons connect key tendons and muscles before blood
vessels are connected. He should get 80% back to normal. He lost his hand at that angle
and so all of the fine structures, we had to individually repair. Professor Simon Kay who carried out
the transplant said this highlights a new type of donor. People haven't had to think
about donating limbs before but when you see Chris you see
what a life transforming, life restoring thing it is,
and I would like people to have the conversations they have
about donating organs with their family,
about donating hands. The donor in relation to this
transplant will remain anonymous but his brother issued a statement
saying he would have given the shirt off his back
to help someone else. What followed was a 12-hour
operation in Leeds to repair Chris King's hands. It's like somebody
putting an arm round you. And saying you'll be alright.

Time now for the sport. And to say a very good even into Darren Mara. Good evening. Starting with the great race tonight. Richie Porte is expected to start
the final mountain stage of the Tour de France after a day
of crashes in the French Alps. Chris Froome was lucky to escape
injury but still has Chris Froome was lucky to escape
injury but still has the yellow jersey. French stage winner Romain Bardet
has moved into second position. And, as Mike Tomalaris reports,
Porte remains in contention after a day of chaos. after a day of chaos. It was a tough day in the saddle for many riders, including Richie Porte, who still has a lot of work to do after his progress was also hampered after the wet weather. It was a day of carnage on the road. Another crash!Just having a quick look. Slippery conditions under dark skies took their toll. Among the casualties, Chris Froome.Look at that! When you lay new tarmac and you put a bit of moisture on it, it is almost impossible to hold your bike upright.He was lucky to escape without broken bones before returning to the battle zone.Lucky nothing seriously injured, just lost a bit of skin and banged my knee, but this is the kind of day that I feel grateful that I've got that 4-minute advantage.Richie Porte also hit the deck. TV cameras missing the incident. He fought to stay in contention and tried to take time from rivals on the last client.Richie Porte is going to try once more.But none could catch the Frenchman, who produced a timely victory when the country needed it most.He not only got the stage win for France, he could well be second overall in the Tour de France tonight!Richie Porte limped home, but refuses to give in.I think I worked well with what I had and tomorrow is another day.With the last of the mountain stages to come tonight, he remains 50 seconds outside the top three. The riders face another
146km ride tonight. It's the penultimate stage
of the race, with the overall standings all but locked
after the final day in the Alps. And our live coverage begins on SBS
from 8:30pm in the east. There's also live streaming
on the Cycling Central website.

In the AFL, West Coast is in the top four after paying out a thriller against the Demons. They were 16 points behind the Eagles, but three goals saw them lead at every change. It took early goals from Andrew Gaff and Josh Hill in the final term to put the home side in front and that's where they stayed. Meanwhile, the Sydney Swans have
done their bit to try and keep up in the top eight race with a narrow
victory over Carlton. The Blues led at half-time,
but could only kick three goals in the second half. Josh Kennedy had 35
possesions for the Swans. Lance Franklin kicked four goals. He says victory is the most
important thing, even if it wasn't achieved in style. The last couple of games at the SCG have been really close. They are really good side. Just to get over the line, yes, we will take that. Charlie went off with a knee injury in Carlton's sixth consecutive defeat. It was like summer on the Gold
Coast, where the Suns got the jump on Fremantle. Dockers coach Ross Lyon
showed his frustrations. But his team would boot six goals
to three in the second quarter. Sam Day was a constant
target for the Suns. The lead changed eight times,
Tom Lynch joined in, as Gold Coast kicked clear
in the final quarter. You always want to have the winning side. It is good. We want to finish the season well and get a fume or wins. -- few more. It's Fremantle's fourth
straight defeat. The Gold Coast Titans are on track
to cement their spot in the NRL's top eight against Parramatta. The Titans dominated
the first-half against the Eels. Konrad Hurrell barged his way
over before Anthony Don and Chris McQueen crossed to give
the hosts a 14-4 half-time lead. A short time ago, the Titans led by 14 points
late in the second-half. In Canberra, Warriors winger
Manu Vatuvei opened the scoring in spectacular fashion,
crossing for his 150th NRL try. After defending their own line
for most of the first-half, the Raiders crossed for two tries
just before the break, before building a 22-4
lead in the second-half. But the visitors came storming
home, scoring three unanswered tries to force golden point. However, Canberra captain
Jarrod Croker would complete his hat-trick to seal a thrilling
victory for the Raiders. We spoke about playing for 80 minutes and we got 270. To our credit we said it before and we will say it again, credit to the boys. They played some good footy. The win moves the Raiders
into the top four. Meanwhile, Wests Tigers fans
showed their support for Robbie Farah as he played
reserve grade today. Supporters also vented
their frustrations at coach Jason Taylor for axing Farah. With support from former
and current teammates, the NSW hooker starred
for the Tigers as they smashed the Newtown Jets. He then made it clear he's once
again fueding with Taylor.

When JT came to the club, his priority that he said publicly was that in the past we were an attacking club. I find it ironic that he is talking about cohesion now. Taylor says he stands
by his decision to drop Farah. The Hurricanes are showing why
they finished on top of the Super Rugby table and are
favourites to win the title. The players had to
deal with atrocious conditions in Wellington. The home team scored 13 unanswered
points against the Sharks in the first-half of
the qualifying final. The hosts piled on the points
in the second half, putting themselves on track
for a sixth straight win since losing to
the Sharks in Durban. Melbourne Victory faces Juventus
in the opening match of the International Champions Cup
series at the MCG tonight. Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho has
suffered his first defeat as manager of Manchester United. The Red Devils were smashed 4-1
by Borussia Dortmund, in Shanghai. Mourinho says the German
heavyweights are at a more advanced stage of their preseason
then his side.

This is Formula 1 against formula three. In this moment they are much sharper and you can see that easily.United play Manchester City on Monday night. The Matildas are looking to build
momentum ahead of next month's Rio Olympics, with a strong showing
against Brazil tomorrow morning. Kyah Simon says the friendly match
is a key part of their preparations as they look to claim Australia's
first football medal. It will be a last hit-out that we can really fine tune the things on the pitch, which we need to take into the game. Very exciting. The Matildas begin their Olympic
campaign against Canada on August 4th. Sam Allardyce has been officially
appointed England's new manager. The 61-year-old has signed
a two-year contract. He replaces Roy Hodgson who quit
after the Three Lions were knocked out of Euro 2016
by minnows Iceland. Allardyce says it's time
for England to deliver after years of underperforming
at major tournaments. It will be great for me to take
the team forward and hopefully make everyone so proud of
the England team again. Meanwhile,
English Premier League side Hull City are looking
for a new manager. Steve Bruce has left the newly
promoted side after failing to sign players in the transfer window.

Usain Bolt has sent an ominous
warning to his Olympic rivals. Running the 200m for the first time
this year, Bolt stormed to victory at the London Anniversary Games. After missing the Jamaican trials
earlier this month due to a hamstring injury,
the defending 100 and 200 metre champion says he's
still not fully fit. Meanwhile, after missing out
on qualifying for Rio, American Keni Harrison broke
a 28-year-old world record in the women's 100 metre hurdles. All-rounder Mitch Marsh says
Australia has had the perfect preparation for next week's first
test against Sri Lanka. After a dominant win
in their only warm-up match, Marsh believes the tourists
are ready to handle the tough conditions. We got a decent hit. Got a few overs out. The biggest thing was we haven't played that much Red Bull cricket over the last few months, just being on your feet all day. It was nice to get used to the hot The first test starts
in Kandy on Tuesday. World number one Jason Day
is struggling at the Canadian Open. This birdie on 18 was one
of the few bright spots as the defending champion slipped
to one over par through two rounds. Americans Dustin Johnson
and Luke List share the lead at seven under. Local amateur Luke du Toit
is the surprise packet, one shot back at six-under.

Lewis Hamilton crashed early
in the second practice session for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Hamilton wasn't injured,
but the damage to his car ruled him out for the rest of the day. Mercedes teammate and championship
leader Nico Rosberg topped the timesheets. Australian Daniel Ricciardo,
who won at the circuit in 2014, was second-fastest.

And finally in sport, there was carnage at the Supercars
event in Queensland today. Scott Pye went crashing
into the wall at 250km/h during practice,
after his brakes failed. That was just the start
of the mayhem, with Jason Heck flipping his car in
the development series. There was another spectacular crash
in the Aussie Racing Cars, with Brendon Pingel's car
rolling several times. All three drivers
walked away uninjured. Miraculously. And that's the day in sport. Thank you. See you tomorrow. Perhaps! Coming up, the weather, plus -
tough day at the office. How some people are making
a living playing Pokemon Go.


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The global Pokemon craze
has hit new heights, penetrating even the most secure
halls of the US government. A reporter was caught playing
with the game during a daily press briefing at the State Department. Meanwhile, people are now managing
to get paid to play for customers, while they're stuck
at work or school. For about US$20 an hour,
these entrepreneurs will walk around logged in to your account
and raise your score. And in some happy news
for fans in Asia, the game has now been
made available in Japan, the country of the
character's birth. One of the Japanese creators
of the game, Jyunichi Masuda, apologised to fans for the delay.

The premiere of a new film has
created a holiday mood in India. Many businesses have declared
a holiday, because millions of people are skipping
work for the cinema.

Film star just doesn't cut it. Let's call him the godfather of Indian film. Rajinikanth Is practically a hero to millions of film fans. His new action thriller Kabali has the nation gripped. Many businesses in Chennai closed for the day while their workers queued up for early tickets. This state is home to Rajinikanth's largest following.TRANSLATION: I have been working at a library. His previous film was a huge success and I wish the same for Kabali.I have been waiting for 10 days to get a ticket to the Kabali movie. You can see what a craze it is!TRANSLATION: Owl superstar's film will definitely run for 100 days. This time I am sure he will deliver a super hit.For fans with a bit more cash, one airline is laying on a special Kabali flight. His trademark glasses and cigarette flip has delighted audiences for 40 years. Acting skills aside, he is just as famous offscreen as a philanthropist. His films tend to revolve around the powerless fighting for their rights. As far as film themes go, this one is a moneymaker. Kabali raked in $30 million in film rights sales, even before its release. To the weather forecast and a cloud
band extends over the eastern Indian Ocean, stretching
across the northwest of WA and central Australia. Multiple cold fronts are affecting
the south and patchy low cloud can be seen near the northern tropical
coast of Queensland. In the major centres,
hot in Darwin. Partly cloudy in Perth and Hobart. Windy in Adelaide and some
frost in Canberra.

A shower or two in Melbourne. Fine in Brisbane and Sydney. Looking further afield,
a few showers in Auckland. Rain in Samoa and fine in Nadi. In South East Asia, thunderstorms
in Bangkok and Singapore. Rain in Jakarta. Fine in Port Moresby. Further north, rain
in Manila and Seoul. Thunder in Beijing. Cloudy in Tokyo. Fine in Hong Kong. Heading West, sunny
in Jerusalem and Tehran. Very hot in Baghdad. Rain in Mumbai. To Europe, it'll be a rainy
day in Rome and Moscow. Fine in Paris and Belgrade. Very hot in Athens. In Africa, a few showers
in Johannesburg. Cloudy in Nairobi. Fine in Cairo and Casablanca.

To South America, it'll be
cloudy in Buenos Aires. Foggy in Rio. Some rain in Panama City. And sunny in Caracas.

And for North America, a few
showers in Washington and Havana. Rain in Mexico City. Some cloud in Toronto.

Migaloo the white whale has been
spotted off the east coast for the second day in a row. The rare albino humpback
was cruising off Seal Rocks off the mid coast. He was joined by at least two other
humpbacks as they make their way north. Migaloo is expected to migrate
through Gold Coast waters on either Sunday or Monday.

Recapping our top stories now. A gunman has opened fire
near a busy shopping mall