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at a Munich shopping centre
A gunman's killing rampage leaves ten dead. Australians tell of their terror

opened fire.
as the teenage shooter in a drive-by attack,
Stephen Dank wounded his home riddled with bullets. to the hills -
And from the harbour wild winds wallop the state. takes aim at Jason Taylor
And an emotional Robbie Farah after shining in reserve grade.

Good evening. and at least 16 others wounded
9 people have been killed

at a McDonald's restaurant
in a shooting spree that started in Munich.

The 18-year-old gunman opened fire in a suburban shopping centre.

this story contains images
Just a warning, may find distressing.
that some viewers

terrorised customers
Having already in the McDonald's restaurant, his killing campaign outside.
the young gunman took (GUNFIRE) Firing one shot after another

of confused onlookers.
into a crowd

Within minutes, Munich's Olympia shopping centre.
heavily armed police swarm

there was more than one shooter,
The initial reports were and injuries.
multiple fatalities,


lock down the area,
As more officers hide in store rooms
terrified members of the public and in restaurants. (WHISPERING IN GERMAN)

what was happening -
This shopper says he asked others no-one knew for sure,

a man with a gun shooting.
but one person said there was was shut down
Public transport across the city evacuated.
and the main train station

named Callum
Nearby, a young Melbourne man was caught up in the chaos.

moved to Munich from Adelaide,
Kerry-Anne Palzewski, who's just

to stay at home
says the police warned everyone and not go out in public. as well
There were a lot of rumours

other locations around Munich,
about shootings in

just freaking out.
so everyone was kind of My phone was running hot.

were unable to get home,
Some of Kerry-Anne's friends as the city went into lockdown.
seeking shelter with her also from Melbourne,
Claire Macuz, with her boyfriend.
is travelling through Europe a few kilometres away
They were just from the unfolding emergency.

(YELLING) his deadly rampage
After carrying out the gunman moved to the mall
near the fast food restaurant, centre roof loading his gun.
and was spotted on a shopping

hurled abuse at him,
As witnesses

"I am German."
the shooter shouted back, (YELLING)

was an 18-year-old German-Iranian
Police now know the gunman who was acting alone. from what's believed to be
He was found dead to the head.
a self-inflicted gunshot wound

is still unknown.
The motive for the shootings against civilians
It's the third major assault in little over a week,
in Western Europe, claiming responsibility
with Islamic State on a German train
for an axe attack on Bastille Day in Nice.
and the horrors that unfolded

wait and see.
We really do have to It's possible that in this case, to the major terrorist groups
he has no connection the world's attention.
that have been capturing in the Bavarian capital
Some Aussies already holidaying their travel plans.
are rethinking

are on really high alert.
People here

to be in Europe to be honest.
It's probably not the best time are sending messages
While world leader have become all too familiar.
that, sadly, one of our closest allies
Germany is the support that they may need.
so we are gonna pledge all

joins us from Munich.
Amelia Ballinger Amelia, we're hearing new details

specifically targeted children.
about how the killer may have What more can you tell us?

What more can you tell us?

adolescents are among the dead
Police have confirmed a number of have been injured.
and several children a major investigation underway
There is obviously as we speak. one part of that investigation
Police have said is looking into the possibility to that particular McDonald's
that the gunman lured children promising free food.
with a fake Facebook page

We are also hearing rates are being Munich
conducted early this morning in police
Munich that will hopefully lead that
police to new information about led
that 18-year-old gunman and what act.
led him to commit that atrocious

us from Canberra this evening.
Reporter Charles Croucher joins is in place for Australians?
Charles, what travel advice

The Department of Foreign Affairs for Germany,
has updated travel advice acknowledging what they call of a terrorist attack.
a heightened threat put in place earlier today
However, travel warnings have been lifted - the recommendation now normal safety precautions.
is to exercise Consulate General in Frankfurt
Our embassy in Berlin and continue making urgent enquiries Australians have been affected.
to determine whether any France, Belgium and Turkey still,
With travel warnings in place for is to use common sense
the message from DFAT and register any travel plans.

Stephen Dank
Banned sports scientist on a couch in his Melbourne home.
has been shot at while sleeping of a supplements scandal
The 52-year-old was at the centre from both the NRL and AFL.
involving players

And injured Stephen Dank walks into a waiting ambulance.

of a frightening shooting
Dank was the target overnight.
at his home in Ascot Vale

into the townhouse,
Six bullets were sprayed one of them shattering a window. Banging noises, that's all.
Three loud bangs. in his lounge room around 2.20
The 52-year-old was sitting were fired.
this morning when the shots his forehead.
One bullet fragment grazed

and called triple zero.
Dank's wife was upstairs She was uninjured. to detectives, telling them
Dank has given a formal statement he was targeted
he has no idea why and has not received any threats. his financial situation
However, Nine News understands any alleged bikie links,
and associates, including

of the investigation.
will form a major part the home for around 18 months.
Neighbours say Dank has lived at

his phone making phone calls,
You see him there with

but that's about it. people for their concern
Dank said he wanted to thank shooting.
following this morning's

a section of grass
At the scene, police taped off

and conducted a line search
in front of the property,

looking for evidence. the shooter launched the attack
Ballistic experts believe coming right up to this gate,
from close range,

a small gun.
and opening fire from vehicle access here,
Given there's no the offender was on foot.
it's most likely

who was at the centre
The banned sports scientist drugs supplements saga
of the Essendon in Bendigo today,
was due to speak at a function been why he was targeted.
and told friends that may have

it was left to Hawthorn champion
At that lunch, why Dank was a no show.
Robert DiPierdomenico to explain that he didn't pull out
Just to let you guys know

last night,
because of what happened there's other things happening at the moment that he be home with his family.
and it's very important

have been taken to hospital
Three people when a truck and car collided
after becoming trapped this morning.
at South Wentworthville sent the car
The impact of the crash of a home on Berkeley Street.
flying into the front yard

sections of the vehicle
Firefighters had to remove to free the driver and passenger.

between six Australians
A mid-air brawl

and a plane fare home.
has cost more than bruised egos who were arrested in Bali,
The men,

with Jetstar and Qantas
have now been banned from flying

ever again.

Lacking their earlier bravado, out of the terminal
the men scurried keen to shield their faces. One wearing a hoodie titled dirty gentleman living large'

for the dangerous behaviour.
was quick to make excuses It looked bad and so on. There's more to the story should be going out
before the media and saying what they said. drinks at the airport,
Days earlier, after consuming quickly started to unravel.
their boys' trip to Phuket

Whoo! Thailand, (BLEEP)!

the plane was diverted to Bali,
Five hours into the journey, from the Jetstar flight
all six men removed by Indonesian police and military

in the cabin.
after a wild fight broke out

punched one another mid-air,
Passengers say two of them

and blood to spray everywhere.
causing a broken nose

by Bali officials,
After a grilling by the Australian Federal Police
all six were questioned

upon their arrival back home. at this stage.
No arrests have been made To add to their troubles, to pursue the men
Jetstar is likely

the plane diversion to Bali
for the cost of and also the escort back home. tens of thousands of dollars.
This could be The airline taking a firm stance, flying with Jetstar and Qantas,
immediately banning them from in a statement saying:

I'm sorry for what happened and Jetstar, 100%.
to the passengers

Hillary Clinton
Presidential hopeful Spanish-speaking senator
has named a popular as her running mate against Donald Trump.
in the White House showdown

Virginian Tim Kaine for Mrs Clinton,
is seen as a safe pick as the trusted nominee.
who is pitching herself

via Twitter
The announcement was made

against a 61-year-old man,
Charges have been laid

his burning car
who's accused of ramming into Merrylands Police Station. remains under guard
Peter Zhurawel after suffering serious burns
in Royal North Shore Hospital

last Thursday night.
in the alleged attack or damaging property,
He's been charged with destroying of endangering life.
with the intention a bedside hearing
Zhurawel will face when his condition improves.

to hit its peak until next month
The flu season isn't expected

but already, there's been a surge being diagnosed.
in the number of cases Health officials are warning vaccinated against the virus.
it's not too late to be

University student Cody Stokowski

from a bad case of the flu.
has just recovered

couch ridden for a week.
Pretty bad dizziness and sweats, it's not just a cold.
It's not a good illness -

that can lay people down
It's something for four to six weeks.

has certainly taken hold.
The winter flu season The hardest hit more recently

Western Sydney health districts.
are the Nepean Blue Mountains and

What we're seeing where I work
in the reference laboratories is a kick-up, really. increase in the number.
We're seeing quite a sudden

confirmed cases of the flu
There have been more than 5,500 so far this year. more than 3,300 cases -
This time last year, there were

that's a jump of about 65%. it's a staggering 147% increase.
And compared to 2014, Director of Communicable Diseases
The state's has played down any concern.

most of those notifications
We received over the summer months and that was from people Hemisphere, catching flu there.
returning from the Northern

Paramedics Association says
But the Australian of gastroenteritis
the flu and current outbreak is causing hospital bed block. to wait several hours
This week, paramedics were forced

to unload patients.
at Nepean Hospital,

prepared for the flu season.
Hospitals are coping, they are in place
They have many mechanisms

between Tigers star Robbie Farah
The year-long feud has taken a volatile turn.
and his coach Jason Taylor Farah has taken aim at Taylor.
Tim Gilbert joins us now and Tim, after being dropped
Georgie, in reserve grade,
and playing his first game from the Origin hooker.
high emotions led to an outburst at Leichhardt,
An extraordinary afternoon

at the coach
with fans also venting their fury their banished club legend.
before embracing

They are scenes you expect at a Oval
grand final, not in mid July. The Mobbed
Oval hero, Robbie Farah in tears. after
Mobbed by hundreds of Tigers fans in
after leading their side to victory in the New South Wales

in the New South Wales cup.I am a week,
bit emotional. It has been a tough speechless.
week, a tough few days. I am

speechless.Is jubilant scenes hide verge
the fact that Tigers are on the unloading
verge of civil war. He was unloading on his coach, Jason

unloading on his coach, Jason required
Taylor.I have done what is is
required of me but it seems nothing is good enough.He claimed that

is good enough.He claimed that the
Tigers like cohesion, so he dumped weeks
the Origin player from the NRL.12 those
weeks for the Tigers, three of those have been wins, three of If
those I have scored over 30 points. think
If you think that is lacking, I The
think you can make your decision. decision
The Tigers faithful making their Can
decision clear. What do you think? furious
Can I say it on camera?They are favourite
furious at the treatment of their officials
favourite son. It is a feud Tigers you
officials need to end. Do you think you played a

you played a black game, and the good
last one?Possibly. Today was as a
good as playing to 50 at Leichardt, a day I will never forget.

from Leichhardt Oval.
And Danika Mason joins us now

Was Jason Taylor there?
Danika, amazing scenes today.

Incredible scenes, and Jason Taylor events
did not attend, he had family insists
events on. He had criticism, but his
insists he will not back down on Origin
his decision.He is a State of tough
Origin player, and I understand how understand
tough it is for people to understand this and it is very to
tough for Robbie to accept. We want Sends
to keep moving forward as a club. that
Sends a strong message to everybody This
that we have the get the job done. nobody
This is professional sport and afternoon
nobody is carried a position. This continue
afternoon Robbie Farah says he will seems
continue to be professional and contract
seems intent on seeing out his contract until the end of 2017.

Also tonight -

Penrith charges into the top 8 -
the Eels in action and about their finals' prospects
we'll hear from the boys against Brisbane last night.
following that big win and plenty more, Georgie.
Plus, the Swans are in action nearly 700 calls for help
The SES has received lashed the state.
after wild winds and flooding and the Southern Highlands
The Blue Mountains

of the bad weather.
have borne the brunt

A lucky escape a terrifying experience.
from what would have been on a car
Wild winds bringing a tree down in the Blue Mountains,
in Springwood, to free himself.
the driver remarkably able

by powerful westerlies,
Wentworth Falls also lashed peaking at more than 100km/h.

a similar fate,
Nearby, Blaxland suffered a large gum tree crashing down. was across the highway.
I just came home and the tree the Great Western Highway closed
One lane of to restore power to the area.
as workers scrambled

A choppy day on Sydney's Harbour, boaties from taking to the water,
the white caps not deterring

not so fun on the ski fields, Perisher and Thredbo yesterday.
up to 130mm of rain falling over overnight and today,
Blizzard-like conditions

122km/h at Thredbo.
cyclonic winds gusting up to

It was apocalyptic, full on.

A quick shovelling of the snow

this morning.
and it was business as usual meant lines were long
The fresh fall of more than 10cm at the Perisher terminal.
for the only lift open Slopes at Thredbo also popular, getting out early
children wasting no time to start making snowmen. And the good news? to fall over the coming days.
More white powder is expected

consistently crossing those -
We are going to see fronts over the next week.
60, 80, up to 100mm

at today's weather.
Here's Belinda with a look

How windy was it?

The strongest gust across Sydney reaching 80 km/h.
was recorded in Camden, 76 on the harbour and in Richmond at the Blue Mountains.
and peaking at 96km/h

at the satellite,
If we take a look this gust change -
you can see what's caused the south-east of our country,
a series of cold fronts crossing westerly winds.
generating those vigorous

wind chill today,
So, quite a nasty but felt more like 6 degrees.
the city hitting a top of 17 And in our west at 1:00pm, than it actually was.
Richmond felt 10 degrees colder

but will the sunshine be back?
Not as windy tomorrow,

I'll let you know later on, Thanks, Belinda. In the news ahead - drawing their guns
what had police at a busy Blacktown intersection? will dig deeper than ever
Why next month's Census into your personal information. Aussie diggers
Honouring the 7,000

Battle of Pozieres.
who died in the brutal And the pod of whales their playground.
that made our Northern Beaches

VOICE-OVER: Jane's no Olympian, but at Macca's she's
an Aussie Angus and egg prodigy. Look at that Angus beef, egg, beetroot and barbecue finish. Go, Jane. We're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.


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a dramatic arrest
Police have made in Blacktown this morning, a car load of people
pulling their guns on in the middle of a busy road. The three men and one woman a nearby brothel,
are accused of robbing

armed with a gun and an axe. has been taken to hospital
A male staff member with head injuries.

new faces and new portfolios
Bill Shorten has unveiled

of his Opposition front bench.
in a major shake-up is retained,
The entire shadow cabinet and more seats around the table.
but there's new roles

on a short walk
Labor's leading pair to the frontbench...
to announce big changes to the national conversation.
We're bringing fresh voices

..and it starts with the deputy. After years looking abroad, for the education portfolio,
Tanya Plibersek has opted

Kate Ellis.
gazumping current minister can be the ticket
A great education to achieve in life.
to anything you want It's the golden ticket. in foreign affairs,
Penny Wong chief diplomat with defence,
Richard Marles rewarded

and Mark Dreyfus expands his role of national security.
to a new portfolio

clear to the Australian people.
We're sending a message loud and importance to the Labor Party.
National security is of vital Bill Shorten criticised
This week, of Malcolm Turnbull's cabinet.
the size Today, he expanded his own. at the table.
There are two new faces

walks into Parliament
While Linda Burney and onto the frontbench, with Indigenous affairs
Pat Dodson will assist the election was over...
and just in case you thought

alternate, bold government,
We will be a positive, ready to govern.

by Australia in World War I,
Of all the battles fought

but one of the most brutal.
it's one of the least known, Anzac casualties
There were 23,000 at Pozieres, in northern France.

is about to be recognised
The centenary of the battle descend on the village.
as thousands of Australians

In a matter of hours,

and thousands of Australians
the marching bands around the memorial at Pozieres.
will be in place had never heard of it -
100 years ago, our diggers it was a name anyone who survived
within six weeks,

would never forget. 7000 died here. where they came from,
How they were killed, in a $100 million centre
are questions soon be answered

Villers-Bretonneux memorial.
being built behind the imposing for the opening
Work is well advanced on Anzac Day 2018. about our history,
People can come learn learn about what occurred here the rest of the Western Front.
and then go and explore Yes, let's.
Let's walk down. and have a look at the fields.
We'll go down

Queenslander Barry Gracey has been done
still thinks not enough to honour the men at Pozieres. of his own money
He spent $150,000 to buy and preserve this field, 2000 Australians lie buried.
where he believes

because these men had become
I was really just offended The other guys.
what I call 'the forgotten men'. And that was just wrong. Barry's dream is that one day into a memorial garden
these fields will be turned of all 7000 Australians
and the names will be etched in stone.
who died at Pozieres he has done so far,
For all the work one of France's top awards,
tomorrow Barry will be given the Legion of Honour medal. All over the Western Front,

for what our soldiers endured.
there's a hunger cared for by Legacy,
A group of young Australians, save the town of Amiens
learn how Australians helped 13th century cathedral.
and its stunning

all about her great-great uncles,
Anneliese Abela had read Ernest and Leslie Noy. among the list of dead
Seeing the names was another experience. about them
Now I can hopefully write with people
and share their stories not forgotten anymore.
so that they are

100 years since the deadly battle
A special service to mark the War Memorial in Canberra.
has just been held at the sunset commemorations
Dozens attended to those Anzac soldiers
to pay respect who lost their lives at Pozieres. of the Pool of Reflection
Wreaths were laid at the foot at the end of the service.
while the Last Post rang out

in tonight's bulletin -
Still to come Census collection -
changes to this year's what you need to know

with an $1800 fine.
to avoid being slugged

who broke a world record
And the Russian daredevil into Australia today,
as he flew his hot air balloon are far from over.
but the challenges

with the rest of sport.
But first, Tim is back Thanks, Georgie. the Panthers fire into form
Coming up - on the Gold Coast.
while the Eels are up against it

turned super dangerous
The SuperSprint at Ipswich.
as drivers went off road to the track
And Usain Bolt's emphatic return ahead of the Olympics.

the Titans on the Gold Coast.
The Eels are struggling against

in just the sixth minute
The home side crashed over through Konrad Hurrell before Anothony Don scored piece of vision
thanks to a lovely from Nene McDonald. are leading 14-4.
At halftime, the Titans has led his side
Canberra captain Jarrod Croker the Warriors this afternoon.
to a thrilling win over for most of the match
The Raiders led but were pushed to golden point

by the New Zealand side.
after a late charge A flying try in the 82nd minute for the Raiders
sealing a 26-22 point victory inside the top four.
who are now vying for a spot

have been given a huge boost
The Panthers' finals hopes over the Broncos in Brisbane.
after an emphatic 31-12 victory in his 150th match,
Trent Merrin a standout the top eight.
helping the side break into

from the Sunshine State
Fresh off the plane within grasp.
and a finals campaign been ready to rock and roll
Last night, Brisbane might have but the Panthers had other plans.
at Suncorp, the first points
Penrith quick to gain for the first half...
and set the pace to score the first try.
COMMENTATOR: 100m run sent into the sheds
..a deflated home side

chasing 18 unanswered points. of the Broncos' brilliance
And while there were glimpses in the second... on the board.
That will get Brisbane The Suncorp crowd goes up. saving the best for last.
..the visitors kept the momentum,

Trent Merrin, he lost his 50th NRL his
game and his 100th that he will win his 150th.

I didn't really expect that one, the cherry on top.
but it was pretty much

in the office yesterday.
It was an awesome day A battered and bruised captain - elated, but under no illusion. 80 minute performance
It's probably the best we've put together this season. game next week in New Zealand,
We've got a pretty important

that's going to be our focus. too far ahead.
We don't want to look on the ladder
Penrith now sit seventh action priority number one.
and September and we need to stay in there
It's in our reach is a must-win.
and every game from here on in

Michael Maguire believes
Souths coach stronger as a club
the Rabbitohs will become they've faced this season.
because of the difficulties

That is the making of us, how we do.
come together and how we do what we field
do. It is the little things of the at
field as well that you need to look of
at as group. From a cultural point of view.

a seventh straight loss
Souths are looking to avoid when they face Manly on Monday. an almighty scare
The Swans copped Carlton today.
against 14th-placed their last five matches,
The Blues, having lost and led by 8 points at halftime.
took it to Sydney But 4 goals from Lance Franklin, from his support cast
and a strong second half for a 6-point victory.
got the Swans home This goal was sublime, on the ladder.
as Sydney regained second place Next week, they face Fremantle.

of Super Rugby glory are over
Australia's hopes were knocked out of the finals
after the Brumbies by the Highlanders. by the New Zealanders,
The ACT side was kept try-less a match-winning 5-pointer
but were controversially denied in the dying minutes.

some victims
Ipswich raceway claimed even before SuperSprint began with a tyre wall during practice.
with Scott Pye colliding heavily in the support category also
It was tough going flipping several times.
with Michael Hector's car In the main race,

led home a Red Bull one-two.
Shane Van Gisbergen

message to his Olympic rivals
Usain Bolt has sent a determined return from injury
after a stunning in London.
at the Diamond League meet over his fitness for Rio,
Bolt answered plenty of questions in 19.89 seconds.
winning the 200m

Usain Bolt - back in business. (CHEERING) And making a statement. (STARTER GUN)

the six-time Olympic champion
Fourth from the left of screen,

compete at next months Rio Games.
put to rest fears he won't as fluid as usual,
And while he didn't appear he's not in prime shape,
and conceded later he got through unscathed. His hamstring held up.

third and final Olympic Games.
So, next stop, Brazil, for his A self-confessed ladies man,

wanted to receive his spikes.
Bolt carefully chose who he at the Tour de France.
Wet weather caused chaos but recovered to retain the lead.
Race leader Chris Froome crashed,

won the 19th stage.
Frenchman Romain Bardet from Jason Day
This a rare highlight at the Canadian Open.

in the secnd round.
He shot 4-over par at 7 under par.
Dustin Johnson's equal leader was second fastest in practice
Australian Daniel Ricciardo for the Hungarian Grand Prix. for Friday.
We're in a pretty good position

in the wall.
Lewis Hamilton's day finished Because he turns in...
It was a weird one, with the surface.
I think it's all to do ..and then he breaks away. the United States basketball team
And in Las Vegas,

first hit out for Rio
put on a show in their against Argentina.
with a dominant performance

That is a full-length. We have tomorrow
plenty of Wide World of Sports tomorrow morning.

In the news ahead - was body-slammed to the ground
why this female teacher in a car park arrest. taking us back 2000 years.
The incredible underground city the best in Australia?
And what makes this Sydney home


To breaking news now, is underway
and a police operation in Sydney's south-west.
at a home in St Johns Park blocked off in both directions
Canberra Road has been in bullet-proof vests
with armed police

surrounding a property. have arrested a number of people
Witnesses say officers at the scene.

have outraged privacy groups,
Changes to this year's Census

have opened the door
who fear authorities our most personal information.
to governments accessing on August 9,
The Census will take place and for the first time, destroyed as quickly as before.
our names and addresses won't be

every five years -
It comes around of the nation
a survey to get a snapshot the services we need.
to help provide everything about us.
We tell the Census In the past, though, destroyed after about 19 months.
names and addresses were for four years.
Now they'll be held of retaining the data
That extra period

is really important, the types of statistics
so we can provide expect us to provide.

are furious,
Leading privacy advocates saying they were never consulted. they've never done that before
But taking people's names when is an absolute breach of trust. to do the Census.
They don't need the names in the past.
They haven't needed the names

of Statistics also confirms
The Australian Bureau that since 2006, the data it collects
it's cross-referenced

by other Australian departments.
with that kept remains the highest priority
But it says privacy will no longer be anonymous
and reports the survey are simply wrong.

broad misunderstandings here.
There seems to be some

collect names and addresses
The Census has always needed to anonymise Census data.
and has always and will still

can be completed online,
This year's Census are still available
although the paper forms for those who request one. seven Australian censuses.
Bill McLennan conducted or provide false names.
He fears people will withhold

won't provide information
They probably on other topics accurately. the Census could be -
As a result,

sorry, could be crippled.
the usefulness of the Census, severe penalties:
But that could lead to

Critics have another fear, this information,
arguing the longer you hold for a future government
the easier it will be

to enable it
to change legislation and then track any Australian.
to put all of the data together is less than three weeks away.
The Census

If they have any interest of the Australian public,
in keeping the trust right now.
they need to drop this proposal

have apologised
Senior police officials in the United States
for a violent arrest of an officer in Texas
after video emerged woman to the ground.
slamming an African American

was pulled over for speeding
The school teacher

to get out of her car
and was following orders when this happened.

Oh, my God.Put your hands behind your back!

telling the woman
Another officer is heard

wary of black people.
police officers are sometimes It was the last thing Rome's newest metro line
workers building expected to stumble across - beneath the Italian capital.
a secret city buried

the underground train line,
But rather than re-routing will be incorporated
the Roman relics into the new subway station.

with a history as rich as Rome.
There are few cities in the world of civilization,
One of the cradles and character.
a city dripping in culture a little deeper here,
But literally dig

capital has a hidden past too.
and it turns out the Italian Rome's newest Metro line,
This is the site for

they uncovered a small city,
but 9m into the dig, personal legion.
once home to the Roman emperor's

"We never would have expected it" Andrea Schiotti,
says project manager we could ever have imagined."
"It's so much more complex than are still in amazing condition,
Many of the former dwellings mosaic tiled floors,
complete with

date back nearly 2,000 years.
remarkable given that they There are also human remains, of information and artefacts
the site now a gold mine

for archaeologists. second century after Christ.
We are inside a barrack of the to find such a huge building
It is completely unusual

inside Rome. significant relic
But rather than let this ruin construction plans, are going to incorporate
instead the designers

into a new station,
the Roman Empire dwellings

commuters walk down
this will now be the path to board an underground train. is eternally problematic
Working in the eternal city

for construction teams, running infrastructure project
this is actually now the longest in the world. It began way back in 1990,

running into historic ruins
but they just keep on all over town.

more relics and think "Ugh"
Andrea jokes the engineers find

but the archaeologists say "Yay!" in 2021 AD.
The project is due for completion

in Darling Point
A stylish waterfront apartment House of the Year Awards.
has taken top gong at Australia's

of the wood-adorned property,
Art pieces cover every wall harbour views.
which boasts spectacular has claimed top prize.
It's the first time an apartment

In the news ahead - even before the RBA does -
the banks cutting interest rates where you can save money.

the Northern Beaches.
The playful pod that took over this latest world record holder.
And the sky's the limit for

Now to our top stories.

of a teenage gunman
Police have just raided the home at a shopping centre in Germany,
who killed nine people for the shooting spree.
trying to find a motive Stephen Dank has been shot at
Controversial sports scientist

in his Melbourne home.
while sleeping on a couch powerlines in the Blue Mountains
And wild winds have brought down have hit our snow fields.
while blizzard-like conditions

has been captured
An incredible sight off Sydney's Northern Beaches, a graceful display.
with six whales putting on have been caught on camera,
A series of male humpbacks

of one female companion.
vying for the attention

It's known as the transit lane,

the east coast of Australia -
running along for humpback whales
the aquatic highway and the Coral Sea,
between the Antarctic and for more than a decade, called Living Ocean
a volunteer group

their annual migration.
has been monitoring One of the main reasons is their migratory route,
we're trying to safeguard the northern migratory route, sandmining,
because of seismic testing, industrial activity.
and other commercial, a Commonwealth scientific license
Operating under

developed by themselves,
and using tracking technology Living Ocean has been charting and their behaviour
their progress and in the last week, some unique sights and sounds
they have captured

rarely witnessed by us bipeds. witnessed some amazing behaviour
For the next 2.5 to 3 hours, we in all these years.
that we hadn't witnessed before, Around 9km off Bungin Beach, known as a competition pod -
a group of six whales - to escort a female.
males competing chasing fish,
As they head north,

A Seal rides shotgun.

chasing fish,
As they head north, amongst each other,
the males clash in a fight for her affections -
trumpeting and bubble blowing until Far North Queensland.
a fight that could last for a couple of hours
They tend to stay with her to be her breeding partner.
and then continuously fight over at the Royal Antler.
Sounds like a Friday night It's behaviour normally seen

near the Barrier Reef.
when the humpbacks anywhere
To see them interact as such rocking horse teeth.
is rarer than to be part of their life,
It's such a privilege even for a couple of hours. visit
For more on the group's work,

the big winners
Mortgage holders are set to be as lenders offer to slash rates, interest rates.
on top of record low ING DIRECT has announced of a three-year split-loan
it will drop the cost by as much as 0.19%.

The bank joins other lenders, and Virgin Money -
including NAB, Bank of Queensland all making cuts. the official rate next month
Experts predict a reduction to

market for home loans,
will increase the competitive should shop around
meaning borrowers the best deal.
to make sure they're getting

has become
Adventurer Fedor Konyukhov around the globe
the fastest person to fly solo

in a helium balloon. Northam, near Perth, this morning
The Russian daredevil flew over

in just 11 days and 5 hours.
completing his mission the journey isn't over yet -
Despite the epic feat, slow down his balloon
Fedor now needs to and find a safe place to land.

Coming up - for the rest of the weekend.
Belinda with the weather

wind warnings in place tonight,
There are still a few around the Hunter
with gale winds expected and on the South Coast. Here in Sydney, out there,
it's still a little fresh

about 5 degrees cooler than this.
the westerlies making it feel to ease tomorrow.
But conditions will continue A full forecast is next.

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to our weekend,
A wild and windy start than yesterday,
the city eight degrees colder but felt much cooler than that,
reaching a top of 17 the gusty westerly windds.
thanks to also got a lashing,
Our western suburbs

in Richmond.
reaching up to 76 km/h were about 16 or 17 degrees.
Daytime temperatures

but a mild night.
So, a cool day, A low of just 15 along the coast and 14 in our west.

July morning on record.
Penrith had its warmest Across New South Wales, on the far north coast.
a sunny day in temperature
But a dramatic drop for the rest of the state. in Bathurst.
A top of just 9 degrees

under a severe weather warning
The south-east of our state for most of the day. the Snowy Mountains.
Damaging winds thrashing that brought the wild weather
A series of fronts

so conditions have eased
have now moved into the Tasman, is following close behind.
but another front Due to arrive tomorrow, as today's.
but it won't be as strong

brought fresh snow to the alps.
This blast of cold air has And there's a lot more to come. expected on Monday.
The biggest dumping Across New South Wales - down to minus 1 in Bathurst

frost across the tablelands.
so we can expect some widespread even for the north coast.
And another cold day ahead, later in the day.
A shower or two developing with another blast of sunshine,
Sydney will be fine

just 16 degrees
the city heading for but should feel warmer than today west-to-north-westerly winds.
with only light to moderate still quite dangerous, though,
Conditions along the coast and powerful surf.
with some large about 15 or 16 degrees
Our western suburbs will reach but after a run of mild nights with a bang tonight,
winter is back to 2 degrees in Richmond.
the mercury plunging And looking at the week ahead - is here to stay.
the wintry weather on Monday.
The winds picking up again with daytime temperatures
The city staying fine and sunny 16 and 19 degrees.
hovering between

will get a good workout
And our heaters coming up -
some more brisk mornings 4 to 6 degrees in our west.
with lows around at the end of the week
The weather warming up slightly

with sunshine.
but our days will be packed

at what's in store
Before we go, here's a quick look

of '60 Minutes'.
on this week's edition Thanks, Georgie. arson in the suburbs.
Tomorrow night - For the first time, the people. There was smoke everywhere. Their stories. Jumped off over the balcony "Chris is not with us".
then went, And an unrepentant killer. is destroyed all the time.
Not all the evidence

You killed these people, man. You are guilty. That's 7:00 tomorrow night. Back to you, Georgie.

for this Saturday.
That's Nine News

I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.
Thanks for being with us.
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