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(generated from captions) and whether they have any
in the first place. So that's why we do need to conduct
quite a thorough search on the warrant
when we come to the person's home, just to verify whether it is the
case that they have no ID or not. Because verifying someone's identity is vital to us
treating their case appropriately and putting the right outcome
into place. It's been a long and difficult day. But the officers' hard work
has paid off. The men were found to be
working illegally after overstaying their visas.

This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - terror in Germany. A lone gunman's murderous rampage
in a Munich shopping mall. Exclusive video - three hurt

as a truck slams into a car
then a Western Sydney front yard. Sports scientist Stephen Dank
targeted in a drive-by shooting. Home to face the music - the Jetstar brawlers banned
from flying and facing a big bill. And fans and former teammates rally
for Robbie Farah as he's banished to reserve grade.

Good evening. Once again, we have to report
a lone wolf terror attack leaving people dead and injured
in a paralyzed city and once again, it seems
the attacker has targeted children. Early this morning in Munich a gunman opened fire
outside a McDonald's. He then moved to a shopping mall
continuing the attack. The toll - 10 dead,
including the gunman, and 21 injured,
with children among the victims. A witness says the gunman was
shouting in Arabic, "God is great". We warn, some viewers may find
the following images confronting. As the camera zooms in, a man emerges from McDonald's,
appearing to limp, then he raises a gun and opens fire. (GUNFIRE) As gunshots ring out, terrified people run for cover,

It's horrific - but more is to come. Witnesses say the gunman
walked through the McDonald's firing at children and teenagers
as they ate. He then continued his
murderous spree across the street at the Olympia Shopping Mall. It triggered panic that allowed the gunman to slip away
to a nearby car park roof. Described by police
as an 18-year-old German Iranian. He argued with residents,
shouting and swearing and opening fire again. (GUNFIRE) Munich, a popular tourist destination
for young Australians, went into lockdown. We can hear multiple police cars,
multiple sirens. The helicopter's done about three
or four passes over our hotel over this area. Three Sydney women
were at the shooting, including Melissa Smith, who texted her father
from the shopping centre, "I love you.
I think I'm gonna die, dad." All three are OK. Police hunted through
the darkened complex for the gunman. He was found dead,
apparently after shooting himself. Still, police across the city
are keeping their weapons ready. It took seven hours before the all clear
was given here in Munich but security remains tight
across the city and the country. There are even extra controls
in place on the borders
with Austria and the Czech Republic. This is Germany's second lone wolf
attack this week. On Tuesday, four people
were wounded with an axe, the attacker - an Afghan refugee - was shot dead. All of this just over a week
since the Nice truck attack, which left 84 dead and more than 200 in hospital. As the death toll from such attacks
continues to rise, so does the terror and fear
spreading across Europe and the world.

Hugh Whitfeld joins us now
from Munich. Hugh, what more do we know
about the gunman? Mel, we know he was a dual
German-Iranian national who lived with his parents. Police have raided their apartment
in the last few hours looking for a clue as to a motive. Neighbours say he was a quiet guy. We know from the exchanges he had
with people at the scene that he spoke with
a strong German accent. Yelling,
"I am German, I was born here," and shouting his hatred
for immigrants. Authorities are looking into
possible links to groups like Islamic State but also say his actions are likely
those of a "deranged person". Thanks, Hugh.

The travel advice for Australians
heading to Germany has been upgraded following the Munich attack. Anyone in the Munich area is now being urged to exercise
a high degree of caution, especially in public places. The overall warning
for Germany remains the same, to apply normal safety precautions.

Now to shocking vision
of a truck crash. It's a miracle no-one was killed when this car was T-boned
in South Wentworthville. The force flinging
the truck off its wheels and throwing the black Lexus
through a fence. Three people were injured but the truck driver walked away,
unscathed. It's hard to believe four people
survived a crash like this.

Report a little bit later on. The controversial sport scientist at the centre of the recent
NRL and AFL drug scandals has been injured
in a drive-by shooting. Stephen Dank was inside
his Melbourne home when one of six shots fired
grazed his forehead. Police are still searching
for the gunman.

Just moments after a bullet
grazed his forehead, disgraced former sports scientist
Stephen Dank is loaded into an ambulance. One of the most controversial men
in rugby league and AFL a victim of a drive-by shooting. It sounded like a handgun,
but I can't really tell, and the police came very quickly. It's understood Dank was asleep on
his couch around 2:00 this morning when he was wounded. His partner was also
in the house at the time. She wasn't hurt. At the time
it sounded like loud fireworks, which I thought was odd, or three gunshots,
which was, well, odd. Dank has a notorious history. In 2011,

he introduced a supplement program
to Cronulla Sharks players. One of them, Jon Mannah - a cancer victim in remission,
who then died. Newspaper articles suggested Dank's
peptides accelerated Mannah's death, a claim Dank denied. He launched a $10 million
defamation case against the media, including Seven's rugby league
reporter Josh Massoud, and lost. Here at Shark Park, most of
the players did not seem keen to speak about Stephen Dank's
time at Cronulla. The use of banned supplements
led to a dozen players being found guilty
of doping offences in 2014. Dank was banned by the NRL for life and it didn't end there. Just last year
the AFL took the same measures, also banning Dank for life after his involvement in
the Essendon Bombers doping scandal which resulted in the club
being expelled from the 2013 finals series. And it's no surprise
to his neighbours that he's back in the headlines. No, I'm not surprised, no. Dank's back home recovering. The investigation continues.

Police have charged the man
who blew himself up in his car outside Merrylands police station. 61-year-old Peter Zhurawel
was inside the burning vehicle

That is not the pictures of the one week you will remember the pictures last night of when it ran into the roller door last night. Officers risked their own lives to rescue him. He has been charged with destroying property with the intention of endangering life. This will seek a bedside court hearing. Now let us return to the shocking truck crash in South Wentworthville. It's hard to believe four people
survived a crash like this. It's just before 9:00
at South Wentworthville when a truck fails to give way
at a notorious intersection. Cleaning up a black Lexus with a woman
and her teenage daughter inside. It sounded like an explosion. They went flying across - hit the tree, hit our fence. Both career into a front yard.

The catastrophic bang
brings neighbours outside, including a nurse.

It was really scary and the poor woman was screaming
and the poor guy was screaming and I didn't know who to help first. Chaotic scenes as they race
to free everyone inside. The truck driver
manages to free himself, and within four minutes,
paramedics arrive. The driver of the Lexus
needs to be sedated before she's cut free
from the twisted metal. All are injured,
but fortunately alive.

If it was an old car,
I think they'd be dead by now. So serious was this crash, the CareFlight chopper
hovered above on standby. It wasn't needed, as ambulances took three of them
to Westmead Hospital. Only when the vehicles
are towed from the garden can the extent of the impact
be revealed. And it's not the first time
this has happened. Locals say cars constantly
speed through this intersection and that this is the fourth crash
to happen in two years. They want Holroyd Council to either install a roundabout
or speedhumps to slow drivers down. The truck driver
didn't need hospital treatment and was breath tested at the scene. He returned a negative result. No word yet
on whether charges will be laid.

Leonie Ryan joins us live
from Westmead Hospital where the three injured people
are recovering. Leonie, how are they doing? Mel, three of them arrived here
suffering a range of injuries, including a fractured knee
and abdominal pain. But the most serious of them all,
was the driver of the Lexus - a 48-year-old woman,
who has a fractured pelvis. But police say
it's extremely fortunate they weren't more seriously injured,
given the impact of the crash. Leonie Ryan reporting there,
thank you.

Six men whose drunken behaviour forced an international flight
to be diverted have now been officially banned
by Qantas and Jetstar. That's on top
of the compensation bill, which they've been warned
will be substantial. Today, a number of the shamed
passengers returned to Sydney. Jetlag, and possibly a hangover, were the least of worries
for the men made famous by their mile-high antics. Any comment, sir? No comment. The friends weren't so shy
departing Sydney on Wednesday, filming themselves with drinks before they left for a boys' holiday
to Thailand.

Within hours, two of them were involved
in a drunken midair fight and they were all marched off
the plane by Indonesian police after their flight
was diverted to Bali. Yeah, I'm sorry for what happened with the passengers and Jetstar,
100%. The six spent a sorry two days
in an immigration holding room at the airport. They never made it to Phuket. Three, including the two mates
who brawled, returned to Melbourne Airport
overnight. The remaining members of the group
touched down in Sydney this morning. And it looked bad and so on,
but there's more to the story, before the media should be going out
saying what they said. There is more. Today all six men were handed
lengthy bans from both Jetstar and Qantas flights and the airline is also expecting
them to pay for the costs of both diverting the flight and escorting them home. The bill is expected to be
tens of thousands of dollars on top of the original cost
of the holiday that never was.

Bill Shorten has cleared the decks
of his shadow ministry with a major reshuffle announced
in Canberra today. It took until this afternoon for the Labor leader to get
his now crowded house in order, as he made room for 32 people
on his frontbench. Yesterday he announced
the extensive line-up. Today, Bill Shorten had to
find a job for them all to do. We will be a positive,
alternative, bold government. The first bold move - his deputy turning her attention
from foreign affairs to domestic politics. A great education
can be the ticket to anything you want to achieve
in life. It's the golden ticket. It could also be the golden ticket
to political success with Gonski funding
and university policy expected to be key battlegrounds
in the 45th parliament. So I present to Australia
the education dream team. Ms Plibersek will be replaced
in foreign affairs by Penny Wong, as former immigration spokesman
Richard Marles steps into defence. Queenslander Jim Chalmers
has enjoyed the biggest promotion from the outer ministry
into the shadow cabinet. While Stephen Conroy will shadow
the special minister of state, Tony Burke takes over environment, Jason Clare moves into trade. Former New South Wales
opposition leader Linda Burney joins the frontbench, and shadow attorney-general
Mark Dreyfus takes on the added portfolio
of national security. But Bill Shorten denies
that his 32-person line-up is about his security, with suggestion
he's given everyone a job so that no-one comes after his. The challenge for Labor
is we've got more talented people than places to put them. A place was found for veteran
left senator Kim Carr, who's taken innovation,
industry and science. To make room, Andrew Leigh cops a $40,000 pay cut, despite taking on
more responsibilities. I don't think any of our people
are motivated by the pay.

The outlook for Australia's AAA
credit rating has received a boost with Fitch Ratings, projecting a stable outlook
for our current status. Earlier this month ratings agency Standard & Poor's
warned the credit rating could be lowered if steps weren't taken
to improve the budget. Retaining the sovereign rating
keeps borrowing costs low for the government,
businesses and consumers.

Sydney is headed
for a midlife housing crisis with many over 40 opting
to move back in to share houses as property prices soar. Mature roomies are just one of many
new household groups set to become the norm
over the next decade. With the stroke of a pen... MAN: Thank you. ..a Granville house enjoyed for more
than three decades is signed away. Moving is a big moment
for any family. Very emotional. I was brought home to this house and I brought my son home
to this house. Four generations of the Desmonds
lived under this roof at the same time. A new Commonwealth Bank report
on housing trends has found more and more people
will start living like the Desmonds. These multi-generational
clan households are joined by people moving to share houses
in middle age, those who work from home and the fastest-growing group
of all - social singles. How's your day been?
It's been great, yeah. The social single
is Craig McCallum's tribe. There's a lot more freedom
to be able to work, work hard, and do what you want to do
with travel and go out with friends. And the downsizing trend
will continue. The mythology's moving
from the quarter-acre block as the Australian dream, into the 2-bedroom apartment
Australian dream. The authors of this report say
that these new housing tribes are the result of advances
to technology and housing design, as well as changing age demographics
and population growth. Big factor, too - access to money, or lack of it. I feel for the young people today
who can't buy a house due to the market. A market for which Ken
is also grateful. His house sold for $45,000
over reserve.

After a dream start
to the ski season heavy rain has washed away
a huge amount of snow. The downpours were accompanied
by destructive winds, damaging a number of buildings
and causing extensive flooding in the Snowy Mountains. The SES responded to hundreds
of calls for help across the state, with a number of trees
and power poles down.

Now let's to go Angie Asimus who's at North Sydney tonight. Angie,
when will those conditions ease? Mel, that vigorous
north-westerly airstream is fading fast. But it certainly did some damage
on the way through. On the radar -

we can pick up the progression
of that system. 148mm fell at Perisher, causing all that snow damage. Falls around the metro area
were much lighter with around 5mm in the gauge. As those westerlies charged through, gusts peaked at 128km
in the Snowies. 90km at Newcastle. 76km on the harbour.

A series of cold fronts
will move through over the next few days, so we can expect the ski fields
to get a boost. But it also means much cooler days. I'll have your Sunday forecast
shortly. Mel.

Disturbing details have emerged
about what may have happened on board a missing plane. Coming up - new revelations
about the pilot of MH370. 100 years on,
the Aussies returning to the scene of one of our deadliest
military battles. Hillary Clinton
names her running-mate in the presidential race
for the White House. And later, the Sydney roads being turned into
clearways to end weekend congestion.

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Firefighters have praised a man
for helping elderly residents from their homes during a fire in Hornsby today. He was driving past
the apartment complex and saw smoke billowing
from the car park. I helped one elderly lady
out of her apartment down two flights of stairs. At that time, there was a lot
of thick smoke. There was quite a bit
of smoke spread so it was good to get them out
as early as possible. He did a good job. Fire crews managed
to contain the blaze before it spread to the apartments
above. One woman was treated at the scene
for smoke inhalation.

There is staggering new information adding to the theory that the
disappearance of flight MH370 was a mass murder suicide mission. Malaysia Airlines captain
Zaharie Ahmad Shah reportedly used his flight simulator
to plot a suicide course. Data recovered by the FBI
is said to show the route from Kuala Lumpur ending in the Southern Ocean. Last night authorities announced
plans to suspend the search.

On this day 100 years ago Australian troops launched an attack to capture the German-occupied
village of Pozieres in France. They were successful but paid a massive price
over the following weeks. 7,000 lives lost in what is now
known as the Battle of Pozieres. Hundreds of Australians have
made the journey back to France to commemorate their sacrifice.

At the memorial
to one of Australia's great Western Front victories, preparations
for a special commemoration.

All three services together
at Pozieres to remember 7,000 lives lost. Those wars were just so destructive
and terrifying and massive and we need to honour those
who laid their lives down. You can look at maps
and watch videos and things but you can never really appreciate
the scale of what it must have been until you're standing
on those battlefields. Leading aircraft man David Darnell
will be front and centre tomorrow, marching on the same ground where his great-grandfather
fought on the Western Front, was shot, and survived
a century ago. We still have the rising sun
he's wearing there. I'm hoping, in my own mind,
that he's looking down with a bit of pride
in what we are doing here to commemorate not only his but all his mates,
and all their service and sacrifice. So many stories of heroic victory
and tragic defeat remain lost
to this French countryside. The battle now - to tell the tale of Australian
sacrifice here to a new generation. Still, reminders of those
bloody battles are being found. It's certainly of the type
that was worn by Australians and Australians who would have
fought at Villers-Bretonneux. 130 items have been uncovered, where construction is underway
on the new Sir John Monash Centre, a $100 million museum
at Villers-Bretonneux. What this will do
is it will give us a landmark, a real Australian landmark, where people can come,
learn about our history, learn about what occurred here and then go and explore
the rest of the Western Front. 100 years on,
the Australians are still here.

Hillary Clinton has finally
revealed her running mate for November's US election. She announced Virginia Senator
Tim Kaine as her choice for vice-president on Twitter, describing him as a man
who's devoted his life to fighting for others. 58-year-old Senator Kaine
is fluent in Spanish and served as governor of Virginia
for four years. He'll appear with the former
secretary of state at a rally in Miami tomorrow. Hillary Clinton
will be formally nominated as the
Democratic presidential nominee at the party's convention
in Philadelphia next week.

45 more athletes
have tested positive for doping after a second wave of samples
were re-tested from the last two Olympics. The International Olympic Committee
says 23 of those were medallists from
the 2008 Beijing Games. 98 athletes have failed tests so far in the re-analysis
of their stored samples. The IOC's executive board
will hold a meeting tomorrow to decide whether to ban
the entire Russian team from competing at the Rio Games. I think the crime is too great, I think it will be embarrassing
to be truthful. I'm expecting that
they will play the hardball and say,
"No, you're not welcome in Rio."

Australia is about to get
a new fleet of world-class military aircraft. But before we say goodbye
to the P3-Orions we're onboard for a final flight. Don't miss that story
soon on Seven News. Plus, Sydney's weekend traffic
is often worse than weekdays. The surprisingly simple solution
to ease the congestion.

Jim's here with sport. Jim, the Swans survive a scare.

Carlton are pretty good but the Swans are back in the top four for the time being. Coming up - highlights from the SCG. The Raiders' thrilling win while the Panthers upset
the Broncos. A teary Robbie Farah opens up
after playing in reserve grade in front of some timely support. And the world's fastest man
back on track as he chases a famous three peat
in Rio.

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Welcome back, everyone. An emotional Robbie Farah
has opened up about his axing after playing in reserve grade
this afternoon at Leichhardt Oval. Farah and the Tigers were too good
for Newtown while first grade coach Jason Taylor
didn't attend the match. After being dumped to reserve grade, the emotion of the past week
has taken its toll on Robbie Farah. I'm a bit emotional, actually. You know, it's been a tough week. A veteran Tiger
back in unfamiliar territory. I'm looking forward to the game. Wearing the number 20
and still able to pull a crowd. (CHEERING)

Among the supporters,
former teammate Benji Marshall. Coach Jason Taylor continues
to deny Farah's sacking is personal. The risk would be going against what
you believe is the right decision. He maintains Farah's style of play
simply doesn't suit the team. He's far from selfish. I think Robbie
deserves a little bit better. It's very tough for Robbie to accept but he has accepted it
in great fashion. As Farah tried to revive his career the very man he needs to impress
was nowhere to be seen. I'll be getting the game
later today and I will watch it tonight. Farah was swamped by fans
at full-time this afternoon. He still has a loyal following
among the faithful. It's just amazing, you know. I said today was going to
be a special day and to receive that support
is just incredible. I enjoyed my footy out there so it's been a while since
I've done that, I'll continue to train hard,
as I've always done and I'll continue to be professional
and try and keep my mouth shut and try not to do anything wrong because that's what I think they're
trying to get me to do.

Do nothing they say is going to change the situation.It would just cause more grief. The Raiders have knocked
the Bulldogs out of the top four - and they love doing it the hard way. After taking a 12-4 advantage
into half-time at home, Canberra was in total control
in the capital.

They led the Warriors 22-4
with only 10 minutes to go. Then, the Kiwis charged home
with three tries and Issac Luke had a kick from
the sideline to force extra time. COMMENTATOR:
Luke, the kick coming back, Issac Luke has nailed it! But Ricky Stuart didn't
have to sweat for long, as captain Jarrod Croker
sealed victory in golden point with his third try. Ricky's Raiders are becoming
a real contender.

With little left to play for, Parramatta can take heart from the
recovery of tonight's opponents - the Titans. After a horror 2015, the Gold Coast are a massive chance
of making the semi-finals. COMMENTATOR: Across field kicking
to an unmarked Anthony Don, who gets the bounce
and scores untouched! The Titans took a 14-0 lead
but the Eels aren't giving up. It's 14-4 at half-time.

The Panthers think
Trent Merrin's Origin snubbing was one of the Blues'
biggest blunders - but they're grateful for it. Penrith stunned the Broncos
with a 31-12 victory last night, surging into finals contention and leaving Brisbane
on the verge of crisis. He arrived at Penrith this year
on big money after a long-running bidding war. Trent Merrin had been
a forgotten man in 2016, but is earning his pay. COMMENTATOR: Still his
150th game for the NRL. A fitting, match-sealing try after running more than 250m
against the Broncos. His character and personality around
the club brings everyone close. I would have thought he would have
been great for NSW at some stage this year,

but we've received the benefit of
that over the last six weeks. For Anthony Griffin,
that's as outspoken as it gets. He's back to normal
on Nathan Cleary, the 18-year-old halfback
with the skill and composure of a wily veteran.

Driven back, and they get
a goal-line drop out. He's doing his job,
he's enjoying his football. A win over the Broncos in Brisbane should ignite
the Panthers' finals charge. A night after dining together to celebrate Darius Boyd's
30th birthday, the Broncos looked divided
and in trouble. Josh McGuire and Sam Thaiday
are both facing one-game bans. Worried about missing the finals? No, no, that's not even on the radar
for me at the moment. Souths have six straight losses, needing seven straight wins
to make the finals before hosting Manly on Monday. It's very possible. You obviously have highs
and you have lows and I think
that's what makes your club. I think this period now,
I've said this a few times, it's the making of us.

The Sydney Swans have survived
a real scare against Carlton, winning by a goal at the SCG. It took a 4-goal haul
from Lance Franklin to overcome the Blues to put the Swans
back into the top four. COMMENTATOR: Back to Jack,
back to Buddy, brilliant build-up,
brilliant football! Is there anyone
better than this man?! Sydney won 74-68

and for the time being
is second on the ladder, while the Giants
face Port Adelaide tomorrow. Last night, there was a Sudanese super man
in Melbourne. Majak Daw, with a mark of the year entry
in North Melbourne's 40-point win over Collingwood.

The Brumbies have no doubt
they were robbed of a place in the Super Rugby semi-finals. Trailing 15-9
against the Highlanders, winger Lausii Taliauli was denied
the likely match-winning try in the 75th minute.

It was clearly a try
for everyone who saw it. Yep, it's incredibly bitter and it's not going to change
until we hit Super Rugby next year. Stephen Moore, David Pocock and
Matt Toomua are among a mass exodus of departing Brumbies.

Jamie Whincup had
his 100th Supercars win stolen by teammate Shane van Gisbergen, less than two laps from the finish
of race one of the Ipswich SuperSprint today. COMMENTATOR: Shane van Gisbergen is
running hot in this championship. Fantastic to be part of a 1, 2, 3
for 888. Great day. Earlier, Scott Pye and a group
of photographers walked away without a scratch after his Ford's brakes failed
in practice. It was a day of many lucky escapes
across all categories.

Usain Bolt is back
and ready to race in Rio. The 6-time Olympic champion returned
from a hamstring tear at the Diamond League meet in London this morning, winning the 200m in 19.89 seconds. Bolt's chasing his own 200 world
record at his final Olympic Games. I'm pretty satisfied. It wasn't the best of my best,
but it was my first one so I'm cool with that. Kendra Harrison couldn't make
the American team but ran 12. 2 seconds
in the 100 hurdles, to break a 28-year-old world record set four years before she was born. Aussie Hamish Peacock finished third
in the javelin before his first Olympics. Eleanor Patterson was sixth
in the high jump - leaping 1.92m.

She is hoping to become the first woman to jump 2m in the Olympic competition. It was a dangerous day in the Alps
with a reminder there are no guarantees
for Tour de France leader Chris Froome. Lucky nothing's seriously injured, just lost a bit of skin
and banged my knee a bit. Froome finished Stage 19
on a teammate's bike and leads by more than four minutes, with two stages to go. Aussie Richie Porte is fifth, more than five minutes
behind Froome.

He will be involved in day one of competition in Freo. Can you believe it? We are two weeks away from the opening city. Super excited. Tonight we can show you
exclusive pictures of a test flight involving Australia's
newest military aircraft. It's about to replace the P-3 Orion which is going into retirement, ending a rich chapter
in Australian military aviation.

The P-3 Orion -

humble looking, but the workhorse of
the Royal Australian Air Force. She is by far one of the best anti-surface and
anti-submarine warfare platforms in the world. It's been clocking up hours
off Australia's west coast, searching for missing
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The versatile P-3 has been
watching over Australian seas since the '60s and we've been invited on board
for one of the final journeys before the plane is phased out
later this year.

Clear left, yes,
then we'll do a turn check. This is a training flight
for the P-3's final RIMPAC - a military exercise in Hawaii
involving 26 nations.

The Orion may look like
a propeller-driven airliner, but the reality is
it's in a different class. Scouring the sea,
it can lead search and rescues. It's a well known sub hunter and this plane can kill. It carries an arsenal
of ship-killing and submarine-destroying
missiles and torpedoes. Possibly more deadly, the American spy plane
replacing it - the P-8 Poseidon. This is the first Australian
P-8 test flight. There will eventually be eight
in the $5 billion fleet. They'll fly in Australia
from next year. Until then, our skies and seas
remain in capable hands.

It was a busy Friday night
for paramedics across the city. Two men hit and injured by cars
in separate incidents. Around the world in 11 days - a Russian adventurer breaks the
world hot-air balloon record in WA. We catch up with
our track cycling team as they complete
their final training for Rio. And hold onto that tiara - the law student crowned
Miss World Australia.

VOICEOVER: The neighbours that saw. The paramedic who helped. The doctor who tried. The nurse who consoled. The coroner who examined the body. The wife who cried. The son who lost a dad.

The mobile speed camera
that helped prevent it all.

Don't rush.

Two pedestrians have been struck
in separate incidents overnight. The first,

a 23-year-old man knocked down by a vehicle in Rhodes. He suffered a broken leg
and was taken to Westmead Hospital. In the CBD, a man, in his 60s, was clipped when he stepped in front of a taxi. He was taken
to St Vincent's Hospital with an injured arm. Ambulance crews also attended
to a male driver in Guilford, suffering suspected spinal injuries. He had careered off the road,
crashing into a gutter.

A Russian adventurer
has broken the record for the fastest circumnavigation
of the earth in a hot-air balloon. 64-year-old Fedor Konyukhov crossed
the West Australian coastline around lunchtime before cruising to
his final destination over Northam a couple of hours ago. It took him just over 11 days
to complete his journey, enduring freezing temperatures,
sleep deprivation and ice in his oxygen mask
along the way.

We're now just 14 days away
from the Rio Olympics and one team carrying some
of Australia's medal hopes is our track cycling team. It's now in camp in Los Angeles, a place full of mixed emotions
for dual gold medallist Anna Meares. Two weeks out from Rio, the Australian track cycling team
is putting the final touches on its preparations.

Let's go! For sprint queen Anna Meares it's the first time she's been back
to the Velodrome in Los Angeles since a crash
that almost ended her career. It was the World Championships
in 2008 when she hit the track at 65km/h
and broke her neck. I took some time
to walk a lap around the track and I sat in that bend and just made friends
with the track. She's back for a fourth Games, chasing her third Olympic gold. I always go into these competitions
nervous, anxious, and I like that because it tells me that this
is still really important to me. Debutant Georgia Baker
has had to overcome her own difficulties to earn a place
on the women's pursuit team. The 21-year-old lost her father
to a heart attack last year. When I found out
I was going to the Olympics he was the first person I thought of and I could just imagine
how proud he would be. She's also drawn inspiration
from team-mate Annette Edmondson who will be lining up
for her second Games despite being hit by a car in May. It was bad timing but I'm very lucky that
I was able to walk away from it. Having broken the record
in last year's world championships, this team has already proven it has
what it takes to win gold in Rio, but it's a very competitive field. They're taking nothing for granted.

One of the world's
fastest track cyclists, Matthew Glaetzer just missed out
on a medal in London, but he's determined to
step onto the podium in Rio. Every athlete goes there
to win races and obviously that's what
I'm planning on doing. With 20 days to go
until their first race, the team can't wait to
clip in the cleats in Brazil.

A slip almost marred
the Miss World final in Melbourne last night. The crown fell from winner
Madeleine Cowe's head. Luckily it was caught
and she carried on. Our 2016 Miss World, Madeleine Cowe!

The law student is from a
cattle farm in Far North Queensland. The pageant's first Indigenous
contestant Magnolia Maymuru finished in the top 10.

Traffic gridlock on Sydney roads
can be just as bad on weekends as it is on weekdays. Up next in Seven News - the roads set to become weekend
clearways to keep cars moving. The paramedic
who needed to be rescued after being attacked
inside an ambulance station. And after a blustery start
to the weekend it'll be cool and calm tomorrow. The full forecast in 10 minutes.

For anyone driving around
on weekends it's little surprise many key roads are struggling
to handle the growing traffic. But authorities
trying to deal with congestion say there's a low-cost,
easy-to-install idea that's getting results. And it'll soon be rolled out
to more parts of Sydney. The afternoon runs west
along Parramatta Road. There's no escaping the sun
and no escaping the traffic. Along here, we sometimes see
travel speed in the afternoon peak as low as 15-20km/h. This section of one of
Sydney's most-overloaded arteries from Parramatta
to North Strathfield now carries 3,000 more vehicles
a day than it did three years ago. The latest fix
to try and keep it moving - extra clearways. We don't have to take
people's houses, by and large. We can rebuild
within the existing roadways. The clearway now lasts all day and from 8am to 8pm on weekends. This newest stretch
along Parramatta Road adds to those brought in
along Victoria Road, Homebush Bay Drive
and Lane Cove Road and the Princes Highway to make more than 100km
of new or extended clearways across Sydney. The RMS insists
they've made a difference, particularly on Victoria Road,
Rozelle. We know that we've had
travel time savings there of up to 40%
at some times of the week. More are now planned for - Princes Highway at Heathcote to handle Sunday
and holiday traffic. A large section
of King Georges Road between Beverly Hills and Greenacre. And to the north, Mona Vale Road
from Pymble to St Ives, where impact on local business
has been a concern. The RMS says each lane freed up makes room
for up to 800 vehicles an hour, but it admits
clearways can only do so much. It's not a silver bullet. What the government has done
is to balance everything - public transport, buses,
trains, light rail or increasing motorways.

Paramedics are usually
the ones helping people, but one needed
medical assistance himself after being attacked by a woman
with a box cutter. Phil was working alone on-station
on Queensland's Fraser Island when a woman came in. He thought she needed treatment, but she demanded drugs, stabbing the 56-year-old
in the arm and stomach. Phil lost consciousness
before coming to and calling 000. His attacker
is still on the run.

One of Australia's
most famous horse racing families has galloped to another
record-shattering year in Hong Kong. John Moore, son of the legendary jockey
and trainer George Moore has just earned over $250 million
in career stakes winnings.

He's the most successful trainer
in Hong Kong history by victories and by earnings. And for the fourth year in a row John Moore has trained
Hong Kong's Horse of the Year. John's got a record
that I think will be here to stand for many, many years. I think he's had over 1,500 winners, he's won in the region
of something like HK$1.6 billion. There's a strong family
and Australian connection behind that success. Dad coming to Hong Kong and started
training in 1972, set the stage, then the three of us -
Gary, myself and Dad, and we helped build Hong Kong,
you know, into the racing that it is today. On the last day of racing
in the Hong Kong season, John was once again
in the winner's circle. Very nice way to finish the season,
mate, yeah. Success has been good to John
in Hong Kong, but there's unfinished business
back home in Australia. Everybody knows, I've only owned
a Group One winner in Australia and it's still
part of my bucket list to go back to Australia
and train a Group One. The racing season in Hong Kong
is now in recess until the next season begins
on September 3 when, for the first time, every Hong Kong race
will be broadcast live in Australia on Seven's racing channel,

He's one of our favourites. Migaloo has been spotted again
cruising up the coast.

And temperatures will
plummet overnight. Your much cooler 7-Day outlook
is next live from North Sydney.

VOICE-OVER: Robbo's no Olympian, but at Macca's he's the Aussie
chicken and pineapple champion. Crispy chicken - nice. Bacon - brilliant. Finish with pineapple - legend. We're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.

WOMAN: Hi, very well, thank you. in the one bag for you. so I can get those in on top. And the oranges. That comes to $33.50. Thanks. with the way you packed all that away. clothes when you get home tonight. OK, Mum.

That's why I pick Woolies.

Migaloo has been spotted off
our coast for a second time. The rare albino humpback
was seen off Seal Rocks on the Mid North Coast with a mate, at sunset. Whale watchers had been hoping
to catch up with him again, calculating his route
from Newcastle. Migaloo's expected to be off
the Gold Coast in coming days. But rough seas could make
further sightings difficult.

** HOLD STUDIO ** 9002 Weather
Vodaphone BILLBOARD "Delivered by"

Let's get the forecast
for the rest of the weekend. Angie, how's it looking?

It was sunny and quite windy
in Sydney today

with top temperatures
around 17 degrees. The wind chill made it feel
a bit cooler, though. Right now it's clear
and a cool 13 degrees. We've had some strong winds around
the state in the last 24 hours.

Top temperatures reached 16
at Campbelltown and Terry Hills and a chilly 6 degrees in Katoomba. From the satellite, frontal cloud bands
are crossing waters south and south-east of the country. Another band of upper cloud is now
moving in from the north-west. Tomorrow,

a deep low south of Tasmania
is generating wind while a ridge of high pressure extending across the centre
of the continent from the west will result in fine weather
along the coast for some days. Interstate tomorrow. Brisbane, fine and 22 degrees. Showers redeveloping in Melbourne and possibly late in the day
around Canberra. On the water:

Tomorrow will be cold early on, followed by a cool and sunny day. There will be light-to-moderate
west and north-westerly winds. To the suburbs, we're set for a cold morning, warming up slightly later
in the day. Top temperatures are set
to reach 14 degrees in Terrey Hills and 15 to 16 elsewhere. Katoomba can expect a chilly top
of just 8 degrees. Looking further ahead. Sunshine for most
of the coming week. Monday, a top of 17 in the city, 16 in our west. Possible cloud on Tuesday. Tops around 17 to 19 for
the rest of the week.

Today was 10 degrees cooler than last week so winter is back and it is here to stay. It should make up its mind. Coming up tomorrow on Sunday Night - explosive new revelations
on the secret life of underworld gangster
Carl Williams.

On Sunday Night - I don't have to answer anyone's
questions. The confessions of killer Carl, the underworld's most ruthless
gangster. Where is she? I'm no saint. In his letters, the gangland wars
started right here. The murders, the mistresses, the whole shocking truth. I never read that. And for the first time... ..his daughter Dhakota on life
with a mobster dad. It's just normal for me.
That's all I really knew.

The Carl Williams special
investigation is on Sunday Night after the news. Tomorrow morning on Weekend Sunrise, the exclusive interview with the man
guilty of Michael Jackson's death and his explosive allegations. I'm Melissa Doyle.
Hope you have a great night. Live captions by
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