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Tonight: A teenage gunman attacks
a busy shopping centre in Munich - killing nine people before
turning the gun on himself. More than a dozen people have been
wounded, including children. The Jetstar brawlers who grounded
a flight in Bali return home to a permanent flight ban
and the prospect of hefty fines. Opposition leader Bill Shorten
announces his front bench, with a special focus
on his education dream team. Essendon's former sport scientist
Stephen Dank shaken and angry after being shot
in his Melbourne home. And a Russian priest's
around-the-world balloon adventure draws to a close.

First tonight, German police say
the gunman who murdered nine people in cold blood was an 18-year-old
German of Iranian descent who appears to have acted alone. His body was found about one
kilometre from the shopping centre where the murders took place. Authorities say
he committed suicide. The attack is the third major act
of violence against civilians in Europe in just over a week. The previous attacks,
in the French city of Nice and on a train in Bavaria,
were claimed by Islamic State. But so far there's been no
claim of responsibility for today's attack. Ellesa Throwden reports. Armed with a pistol,
a man walks out of a McDonald's restaurant and carefully takes aim.

People run in panic. He's coming this way. Special forces, armed with machine
guns, surround the mall and head for the car park, where the gunman
has made it to the roof. There he paces and residents
from nearby apartments shout at him to give himself up. But he's not finished. At this point it's feared
there are multiple gunmen. Crowds are evacuated from the mall. Others take their
chances hiding inside. This man's wife locked herself
in a room with at least 12 other people. TRANSLATION: "If somebody tries to come
in to the room, don't be scared," he says he told her
by text message. "You have nothing to lose. "If it's not the police,
if it's clearly a terrorist, "you all have to run at them. "Don't wait, don't talk,
don't hesitate - kill." The massacre began inside
the McDonald's restaurant. Police are investigating if a fake
Facebook post lured some of the victims there
with the promise of free food. Witnesses say the gunman
was shouting "Allahu Akbar" as he fired bullets into children.

Nine people are dead,
16 injured - three seriously. Authorities say the gunman
was an 18-year-old German-Iranian dual citizen not previously
known to police. His body was found in a laneway. He'd shot himself in the head. TRANSLATION: We assume that it was
the wanted suspect. We currently have no clues that
more people participated in the attack. The investigation so far
has not shown that. Munich was in a state of emergency. The massacre comes just days
after German police shot and killed a 17-year-old Afghan refugee. He attacked passengers on a train
with an axe and a knife, injuring 20 people. Germany is one of our closest
allies so we're going to pledge all the support they may need in
dealing with these circumstances. Melbourne couple Claire Macuz
and Jordan Witte arrived in Munich yesterday. Now they're holed up
in their hotel room, safe. We talked about what we would do
if we found ourselves in a situation like this,
but to now find ourselves in this situation is incredibly surreal
and more than a little bit scary. Hours after the attack,
police raided an apartment, but they're not saying if it's
where the shooter lived. Authorities investigating terror
links say at this stage there's no clear motive. Ellesa Throwden,
Ten Eyewitness News. Six men at the centre
of a mile-high brawl have arrived home, but their travel nightmare
is only just beginning. The mates can no longer fly
with Qantas or Jetstar. And they could be forced to pay
the airline compensation. Gillian Bowen has the story. Back in Australia after a rough
couple of days, Jetstar passenger Bradley Beecham
wanted to apologise. Yeah, I'm sorry for with
what happened with the passengers and with Jetstar. 100%. He and five mates should be
in Thailand on a boys' trip, instead a bloody mid-air scuffle
saw them booted off in Bali. The only explanation given
is that they were drunk. Mr Beecham insists there's
more to the story. Youse have discriminated me. I've got me name across everywhere. No-one knows the truth
and youse have killed it. That's not right. Fellow passenger Brett Elderidge
didn't elaborate either about Wednesday's fight. Any comment, sir? No comment. Even getting a cab
didn't go smoothly. Mark Rossiter, Ricky Longmuir,
and Michael Matthews arrived in Melbourne late last night. Mr Matthews sporting sunglasses
to hide a bruised eye. Upon returning home,
the men were straight away questioned by Federal Police but
managed to avoid being arrested. The airline has also had its say -
banning the group from all future Qantas and Jetstar flights. Certain things you can only try
and prevent the best you can to help people. Whatever the case, it
could cost the group dearly. The men are likely to be pursued
by Jetstar for the tens of thousands of dollars it cost
to divert the plane and then escort them home. Gillian Bowen, Ten Eyewitness News. Labor Leader Bill Shorten has
unveiled his new Shadow Ministry with a big shake-up
of people in key positions. His deputy, Tanya Plibersek,
takes over Education, with her old job of Foreign Affairs
going to the party's Senate Leader Penny Wong. Labor now boasts 19 women
on its front bench - almost three times as many
as the Government. Paul Bongiorno joins
us now from Canberra. And, Paul, are there any big
surprises in the line up?

World, the Hawtin has been much bolder than many were expecting. -- well, Bill Shorten. There is hardly a job in senior Cabinet that has not been touched. This was triggered by Tanya Plibersek leaving foreign affairs and going to the education portfolio. The other surprise, Bill Shorten is also now the party's Indigenous Affairs spokesman. Behind it all is the belief that Labor has that we are going to election sooner rather than later, within two years. Sorting out Labor's front bench can
be bruising for a leader, Bill Shorten is happy
to emerge largely unscathed and with the team he wants. We're adding great
energy with a new team. Deputy Tanya Plibersek gives up
Foreign Affairs to head a team of seven in the
Education Portfolio. Her old job goes to Labor's
Senate Leader Penny Wong - with no regrets. Extraordinarily accomplished person
takes on Foreign Affairs portfolio, makes it easier to say
goodbye to the portfolio. Richard Marles takes on the Defence
job, he replaces Stephen Conroy, who gets Special Minister of State. The tough portfolio of Immigration
goes to Queenslander Shayne Neuman. Bill Shorten says replacing
the hawkish Stephen Conroy does not mean a softening on the
South China Sea issue. When it comes to supporting
freedom of navigation, yes, we do support that,
so there's no change in policy whatsoever. Jim Chalmers becomes the youngest
member of Shadow Cabinet in Finance replacing Tony Burke
who gets Environment, Citizenship, and
Multi-Cultural Affairs. That makes him the Shadow Minister
for Pauline Hanson. And to counter point
the Government, Katy Gallagher gets Small Business within
the Shadow Cabinet. Bill Shorten denies accommodating
Kim Carr and expanding his Shadow Ministry to 32
is a piece of insurance against any leadership challenge down
the track, but he did owe Carr for previous support and has
strengthened his factional numbers in the caucus. Also as leader he has taken
on Indigenous Affairs and has appointed the father
of reconciliation, Pat Dodson, as his Shadow Assistant Minister. Linda Burney becomes the first
Aboriginal women in Parliament and on the front bench. There are now three
Indigenous Australians in Labor's federal caucus - a record. Bill Shorten didn't match Malcolm Turnbull in making defence industry a separate portfolio. The minister Christopher Pyne says this is a downgrading and a mistake. Bill Shorten says you don't need to make people doing one Defence Minister's job. -- tour. Thanks, Paul. The sports scientist at the centre
of the Essendon Bombers doping saga has been shot inside
his Melbourne home. Stephen Dank has injuries
to his face after a bullet was fired into his lounge
room early this morning. Matt Gallant has more. A bloodied Stephen Dank loaded
into an ambulance after his home was peppered with bullets. The 52-year-old was sleeping
on the couch, when he was hit by a bullet fragment
just after 2:00am. He reportedly suffered a black
eye and badly cut nose. Scary. Yeah, it is quite scary. A total of six bullets
were fired into his home. They hit the front door,
lounge room, a balcony, and upstairs ensuite. Detectives believe they were all
fired from close range and from the same gun. At the time it sounded
like loud fireworks, which I thought was odd
or gunshots, which would be odd. Armed Crime detectives shut down
the area as they conducted a line search and door knocked
surrounding homes. It's understood Dank told police
he didn't know why he was target and didn't receive any threats
before his home was shot at. -- targeted. He also didn't believe anyone
knew where he lived. Neighbours say he only moved
in around 18 months ago. He just keeps to himself. You see him around the park. That Graeme Horne 's claims that it was an attack to stop him speaking at a football luncheon where he was allegedly going to reveal accusations against sporting figures. He cancelled there is when he would shot at.He is distressed, obviously. He wants to sincerely apologise to you. No-one has been arrested
over the shooting. Matt Gallant, Ten Eyewitness News. Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov
has today smashed a world record after circling the globe in a hot
air balloon in just over 11 days. Excited locals in WA saw
the 64-year-old cross over Perth earlier today in the last leg
of his dangerous journey. Beau Pearson is in Northam. And, Beau, how did he manage such
a fast circumnavigation?

The Russian adventurer has absolutely smashed the world record thanks to favourable weather conditions and the tireless work of his group. Fedor Konyukhov is now the fastest man to fly his hot air balloon around the globe, doing it in 11 days, just two days less than when the record was that 14 years ago. There have been celebrations here and the people of Perth were able to see the world record feat. Smashing the global circumnavigation world record and doing it in style. He has done it in a little over 11 days.It is incredible. He has had wonderful weather. He has been lucky and brave. He has been in a storm on the edge of Antarctica. He is still alive. That is the main thing.His crew including his son Oscar has worked around the clock to track his journey. Earlier today he passed over the West is to be in coast. His balloon was visible from the streets of Perth.He is very much relieved and is telling me he is happy to the land.Fedor Konyukhov has smashed Steve Fossett's record that was said 14 years ago. Dick Smith was on hand then and was back today to support the Russian adventurer.This is the rarest thing I have ever seen. To see the track as though it is going to do meet is impossible.The trip has not been without ups and downs. Fedor Konyukhov has told his crew he is in survivalist mode after dealing with severe turbulence and temperatures so cold his oxygen masks were frozen solid.I asked him if he needs a doctor and he said he is in good shape. Remarkable. He said he was feeling very well.Fedor Konyukhov has absolutely smashed the world record in 11 days, two days faster than the previous one set. There is set to be some very big Russian celebrations here tomorrow night. That is incredible. Thank you. Still to come: How the internet
is sending Aussie kids the wrong message. A shocking attack on a paramedic
who was just trying to do his job. Plus, Hillary Clinton
picks her second in command in her battle against Donald Trump. And, by George - he's three! New pictures to celebrate
a Royal birthday.

This program is not captioned.

The man who allegedly tried to car
bomb a Western Sydney police station has now been charged. Peter Zhurawel parked his car out
the front of Merrylands police station and allegedly ignited gas
bottles as officers approached, setting himself alight. It's believed a domestic dispute
involving his 93-year-old mother triggered the incident. The 61-year-old remains in hospital
in a stable condition. A woman is on the run tonight
after stabbing a paramedic in the stomach with a Stanley
knife on Fraser Island. The injured ambulance officer
is recovering in hospital, where he's thanked the firefighter
who saved his life. Kristina Costalos has the story. A paramedic for almost
a decade stabbed by a women he was trying to help. Right now just thinking
about the attack is too much. It's all right, mate. Phil was assisting a woman at
the Fraser Island Ambulance Station when she turned on him. She pulled out a Stanley
knife and demanded drugs, before stabbing him in stomach. The 56-year-old was knocked
unconscious and left lying in a pool of blood. We jumped in the vehicle and come
across here to the ambulance station, where we walked
in and found him slumped on the ground. He was the only one there at the time. Phil was airlifted to Brisbane. In hospital, the selfless air force
veteran thanked his friends. Darren Gorlick is the fire
warden for Happy Valley. Him and his wife showed up
and they were amazing. Police too have been working
tirelessly to find the offender. This appears to have been
a premeditated criminal attack on a paramedic. That is very disturbing. In the past year, 238 paramedics
have been physically assaulted on the job here in Queensland,
but it's a national problem and governments are working
together in a bid to stop the violence. Such as investing in public
awareness campaigns and self-defence training. Some of the measures that we're
taking here are starting to lead the nation in how we deal
with these issues. You have got to get health together. The front line fighting back. Kristina Costalos,
Ten Eyewitness News. Educators say children as young
as 12 are regularly accessing pornography on their phones. Jessica Turner has this story. The trend is worrying developments for the social development of boys and girls. -- has worrying. Samantha Maguire encourages her
kids to have real life play time as much as possible. Do you see the park over there? Because they're already fascinated
by phones and devices which make life easier, but parenting harder. Just trying to keep it away from them as long as possible. 67% of kids have phones by the age
of 13 and that's when some educators say they start
accessing explicit content - regularly. Online pornography is a growing
issue at the moment and quite a concern at schools. At a Sydney school they've had
to get proactive to fight the problem, with mentoring
for students and banning mobile phones until high school. A teacher claims some 12-year-olds
can't get through the day without accessing pornography. Extreme images, which give kids
a distorted first impression of sex and that can be damaging for both
boys and girls in the long run. There are signs to look out for. Children who are probably more sexual in their behaviour and seeking gratification in that way. Usually if they were touring a lot in their bedroom. -- they are withdrawing a lot. To prevent this, parents should
closely monitor kids' access and checking search history
wouldn't hurt either. Jessica Turner,
Ten Eyewitness News. Joining us now for an update
on all the weather details is Josh Holt. And, Josh, wild weather has lashed
south-eastern Australia. It has been a flurry of fronts passing through south-eastern Australia. passing through south-eastern
Australia. Basically a cold front is the barrier between two different air masses. The warm area head and the cold a behind. Sydney was warned yesterday and cool down dramatically due to this system. You can see the speckled cloud. Today the apparent temperature at Melbourne Airport, that is the feel like temperature, was sitting on 0 degrees at lunchtime. Amazing. Queensland was fine comic clear, and calm and very warm. Across the south-east quadrant of the state 13 locations broke their Gelai heat records. That includes areas like Brisbane Airport at 29 degrees and the sunshine Coast with 31. That is 10 degrees above average. The other big feature has been the windspeeds. 139km/h, the equivalent of a category 2 tropical site in. We have had fast wind speed across NSW, Moss Vale, the Southern Highlands getting up awards 91km/h. Cool across the southern States. Tomorrow, things will cool down. These Queensland. Only 22 for Brisbane tomorrow. 16 degrees on the way for Sydney. Showers and severe weather ramping up across SA. Perth partly SA. Perth partly cloudy and 16. I will have all the weather details coming up at 5:55 p.m.. Up next, France ramps up its fight
against the Islamic State after the horror in Nice. Plus the battle for
top dog of the waves. And is bought the Swans fly, holding off a brave Carlton group at the SCG. Robbie Farah was dumped to the Wests Tigers reserves. They show their support. This program is not captioned. (CHUCKLES) to start a business. lost weekends, will put it all on the line, actually succeed. This program is not captioned. with pay-on-time discounts at This program is not captioned. Hillary Clinton has named
Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her election running mate. Kaine is an experienced politician
with working-class roots and was even on the shortlist
to become Obama's vice president when he won the White House. Hannah Maguire reports. It didn't take long to become a hit
with the Clinton crusaders. Over text message, the Democratic
candidate told her supporters:

Are we ready for Hillary? The 58-year-old married father
of three is a Catholic, a Harvard law graduate. And a former Governor of Virginia. He's never lost an election. He was a world-class mayor,
governor, and senator. He also speaks fluent Spanish,
which Clinton believes will give her the push she needs
to trump Donald in November. He's a "you're fired" guy. And if you want a "you're fired"
president, you've got a choice. Kaine will join Clinton
at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia next week,
which promises to be the complete opposite of Trump's talk of terror
in Cleveland yesterday. Last night's speech took it
to a whole new level. He offered a lot of fear and anger
and resentment but no solutions about anything that
he even talked about! Leaving many Democrats confused
as to whether he's running for president or dictator. I alone can fix it. As I recall, we had a revolution
to make sure we didn't have someone who said I can fix it alone. Hillary's trying to pick her vice
president as fast as possible because she wants to take away
a little of the success we had at this convention. But today she reminded
voters in the end. Love trumps hate! Hannah Maguire,
Ten Eyewitness News. France is sending heavy weapons
to Iraq to help fight Islamic State following the terror
attack in Nice. French President Francois Hollande
says a new supply of artillery will be deployed next month,
but he ruled out sending troops to Iraq. Instead, an extra 10,000 troops
will be deployed across France to protect public
gatherings and festivals. In the US - confronting video has
been released by police showing a white officer tossing a black
woman to the ground. Officer Brian Ricktor pulled
Breaion King over for speeding last year, but when she didn't get out
of the car fast enough, he slammed her into
the ground twice. It really hurts because
it is a daily battle, it is a daily struggle. Since the release of the video,
the officer has been on desk duty. It's yet to be decided if he'll
face criminal charges.

Britain's cutest prince
has just turned three, and what better way to celebrate
than a play date in the sun with his pet dog? Showing his sharing nature,
Prince George tried to give his pup Lupo a bite of his ice-cream. But the royals have come under fire
from animal cruelty campaigners who warn dogs are allergic to both
dairy and chocolate. Nevertheless, the charming photos
released by Kensington Palace are melting hearts right
across the globe. And, surf's up for pups
in San Francisco. As you can see, they're riding
waves, gunning for a spot in America's biggest
pet surf contest. The Lucy Pet foundation is taking
The Lucky Pet foundation is taking
this portable wave machine across the country, hoping to raise
awareness for animal cruelty. Some took to it
like ducks to water. Others couldn't get
away quick enough. Up next - the latest
on tonight's top stories, including another terror
attack in Europe. And the moment a boy comes face
to face with his guardian angels.

This program is not captioned.

Tonight's top stories -
An 18-year-old has shot dead nine people, before turning the gun
on himself in an attack at a shopping centre in Munich. Police are still struggling
to find a motive. It's the third mass attack
in Europe in under a week.

Six men whose mid-air brawl forced
a Jetstar flight to make an emergency landing have
arrived back in Australia. They've been slapped with life-time
bans from Jetstar and Qantas. They could also be forced
to pay compensation. Bill Shorten has announced a shake
up of the opposition front bench - with Tanya Plibersek moving
from foreign affairs to Education and Richard Marles
shifted to defence. And disgraced former Essendon sport
scientist Stephen Dank has a broken nose and black eye after being hit
by a bullet fragment as his home came under fire last night. Police have no suspects
in the shooting.

An elderly woman has managed
to escape just in time as fire ripped through her house in
Melbourne's north-east overnight. Neighbours raised the alarm,
as flames took hold of the double storey Weatherboard home. The resident, aged in her 90s,
managed to safely evacuate. The damage bill is estimated
at more than $200 thousand. Authorities are still investigating
what sparked the fire. An aspiring future Olympian has
been reunited with the police officer and nurse that came
to his aid when he had a dangerous seizure. The 14-year-old has thanked his
saviours and his quick thinking mate, whose efforts prevented him
from sustaining a serious injury. Joe Hill has the story. When Callum Evans started having
a seizure, his friend Taj Bailey jumped into action. I just felt Callum lean over to me
and I just knew what was happening because I've seen him do it before. I just put my hands under
his head to stop him from hitting the concrete. A seemingly simple thing to do,
but his efforts stopped Callum thrashing his head onto the ground. Oh I was pretty thankful
because last time I had one I really hurt myself doing it. These two fourteen-year-olds
are a gun trampolining pair. But it was another dynamic duo that
came to their aid when Callum was in trouble. Police officer Ally Howard and off
duty nurse Jenni Brown were full of praise for Taj's work
to save his mate. He did so well. I was in awe of that child. If he hadn't stopped his head
hitting the concrete his injuries would have been very severe. Doctors don't know what causes
Callum's seizures, and they often strike without warning. But he knows if he's
got Taj next to him, he's in safe hands. I was very thankful,
and I thank you a lot for it, yeah. Well anyone would do
it for a friend. The boys can now concentrate
on training for an upcoming international
trampolining competition.

Time for sport now with Adam Hawse. And the Swans in a close
call against the Blues? And they had to work hard. Four goals to Lance Franklin has
helped Sydney overcome a brave Carlton at the SCG. Plus the Dockers -
in talks to recruit a Hawks champion. Also NRL - and a Golden Point
thriller between the Raiders and Warriors. State of Origin one week -
reserve grade the next. Robbie Farah proves
the fans love him - even if the coach doesn't. Also Scott Pye hits the wall,
as the Supercars take flight at Ipswich.

This program is not captioned. is no Olympic gymnast. is more flexible. has a better floor routine. the perfect 5am McCafe coffee run. in Rio. This program is not captioned. (TEXT ALERT) while driving or those you care about... This program is not captioned.

Good evening. The Sydney Swans have narrowly
avoided a huge upset, holding on to beat Carlton
by a goal at the SCG. In a tight battle, the Swans
were pushed right to the end. Lance Franklin bagged four goals,
as his team did just enough. Jacqui Reed has the highlights.

The first quarter turned
into a nine goal shootout. Xavier Richards kicked the first
of his career to get the Swans off the mark. The Blues were prepared
to give chase. Unbelievable football by Sumner. Ed Curnow was just as clever under
pressure, and kept the momentum going, but nothing beats seeing
Lance Franklin wheel onto his left.

Carlton soon knocked the wind out
of Sydney's sails and kept the scoreboard ticking over. Has he kicked it? He has, from the pocket. Even the cameraman was bowled over
by Carlton's performance. The Blues up by eight at half time. But things got
tougher in the third.

Luke Parker kicked a ripper to get
the Swans back on track.

Sam Kerridge then copped a big hit
and needed treatment. The Blues were battered
and bruised, but weren't about to let the Swans
just cruise to victory.

Aliir Aliir was crunched
in a brutal last quarter. Sam Docherty was a little
stunned after this one. Ran into a brick wall. Just like his Blues. They couldn't get past the Swans -
who held on for a six point win.

Homesickness has taken triple
Hawthorn premiership player Bradley Hill to Perth
to discuss his playing future at Fremantle along-side
older brother Stephen. The Dockers in need of depth
after yet again being left with inexperienced youngsters
in their 24 point loss to Gold Coast today. But it was no whitewash,
the lead changing eight times, with the biggest margin only 14
until the last 10 minutes. Big boys Sam Day and Tom Lynch
proving too much for Fremantle. Each with four majors. Lynch, can he get a toe on it? Lee Spurr was sidelined after this
head clash with Jack Martin. It's the second time in Gold Coast
history they've beaten Fremantle - the first was round two this year. Last night, North Melbourne ruckman
Majak Daw put in his nomination for mark of the year. Oh! Daw! I only saw it live but its
almost the best mark. He can do incredible things. We will just keep working with him. The Roos snapping a five game
losing streak, with a 40-point win over Collingwood. The result a fitting one
for "Boomer" Harvey, in his record-equalling 426th game. Just over a week ago he played
for NSW in State of Origin three - but today Robbie Farah became rugby
league's most expensive reserve grade player. Michael Cain has been watching
Farah play for the Wests Tigers reserves after his axing
by coach Jason Taylor. Michael, have the fans
rallied behind Robbie? Well, incredible scenes here at Leichardt Oval. Seems you probably won't see at the completion of too many reserve grade games. Robbie Farah was mobbed by fans as he came off the field after the win for the Newtown Jets. He wasn't very emotional after the game. He said he was fairly untreated -- unfairly treated by the club. You have to remember he is the NSW hooker, but dropped from first grade for tomorrow's clash with the Dragons. Because he didn't fit in with the coaches fence. Lots of support at the ground. Captain Aaron Woods in his corner. Good friend Benji Marshall. A solid 80 minutes on the field. Copter few big knocks and got straight back up. He looked like a player determined to roll his sleeves up and get back into this first grade side. A lot will be determined by that in the way that the Tigers play against the Dragons tomorrow. If the Dragons to get up, all the pressure will be back on coach Jason Taylor. -- do get up. A hat-trick from captain
Jarrod Croker has helped the Raiders win a Golden Point
thriller against the New Zealand Warriors this afternoon. Canberra looked set
for an easy win leading 22-4. Before the visitors stormed home
to take the match into extra time. The 26-22 win puts the Raiders
into the top four. Charles Christian reports.

Josh Papalii returned from a hip
injury as Canberra aimed to do the double on the
Warriors this year. In his 13th season,
Manu Vatuvai's 150th career try was no regulation sequence.

And the magician Manu Vautvai
scores a screamer. How did he hold onto that? Aiden Sezer put it on the toe
and Jason Croker hounded it down, before the Canberra skipper's
snack-size version had the Raiders in twice in three minutes. Joseph Tapane won't be stopped. Sam Lisone ripped into
Jordan Rapana's jersey, while several Warriors
had a piece of Papalli. But not enough. They go short side though. Crocker gets a double. Canberra made it 22-4
when Joseph Leilua danced through before the Warriors
came storming back. Thomas Leuluai scored
twice in three minutes, Shaun Johnson sent
David Fuisitua flying. Fusitua for the corner. Issac Luke sent the match
into extra time. But for the second week in a row,
the Warriors lost in Golden Point, when Crocker completed his
hat-trick and lifted Canberra into the top four.

Broncos coach Wayne Bennett
is at a loss to explain his team's form slump which has seen them drop
six of their last eight games. The 1-time premiership favourites
were never in the contest against Penrith last night. The Panthers running in five tries
to two in a 31-12 upset. We just turned up here tonight
and it didnt happen. And I dont know. The win lifted the Panthers
into seventh spot on the ladder, two points behind Brisbane. David Pocock returned after six
weeks out with an eye socket injury, but his presence wasn't
enough as the Brumbies were knocked out of the Super Rugby
quarterfinals by the Highlanders. In front of just 8.5 thousand fans
the Brumbies could have won it in the dying stages,
but were denied by the video referee.

Too tight to call, I thought
it was under his other arm, which there wouldn't be any doubt,
but there definitely is doubt. The Highlanders won 15-9,
which meant the end for departing stars Stephen Moore,
Matt Toomua and Pocock. Shane Van Gisbergen has spoiled
the party for team-mate Jamie Whincup, taking out race one
of the Ipswich supersprint. It was a hairy practice
session for Scott Pye, who careered straight into the wall
after his brakes failed him. But in the main race,
Whincup was headed for his 100th career victory, before
Van Gisbergen made his move with two laps remaining.

It's Van Gisbergen's fourth race
win of the year and closes the championship lead on Whincup. And tomorrow it's race two. You can catch highlights
from Ipswich on 10 from four o'clock right around the country.

Lewis Hamilton has walked away
unscathed in practice ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix,
after crashing out early in the second session. Mercedes teammate and championship
leader Nico Rosberg set the pace, while Daniel Ricciardo
was hot on his tail, finishing 0.595 seconds
slower in second place.

Rain wreaked havoc once again
at the Tour De France, with several riders sliding out
of control during the 19th stage. Leader Chris Froome hit the deck
hard, and had to change bikes with one of his team-mates,
eventually finishing with cuts and bruises on his back.

He retained the yellow jersey ahead
of Frenchman Roman Barday, who won the stage,
while Aussie Richie Porte moved up to fifth in the overall standings.

Usain Bolt has put any injury
concerns to rest leading into Rio, cruising to victory in the 200m
final at the Diamond League event in London. Just three weeks after
a hamstring strain.

Bolt's performance was 0.15 off
the best time by a 200 metre runner this year.

It might be the NBA off-season
but there's no rest for Steph Curry. The Golden State Warriors champion
was busy entertaining the fans at a celebrity golf tournament
at beautiful Lake Tahoe in the US.

Nice job by Steph there. But the 2-time MVP
is no one-tricky pony. Showing he's also pretty
handy from the tee.

With that sort of form
he's one hot curry. Play of the Day. Great technique. One hot curry, I like that. I didn't write that. I was in San Francisco during the play-offs, they love him over there. Coming up next, the weather
with Josh Holt.

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It has certainly been a wild start to the weekend across south-eastern Australia thanks to cold frontal activity. We can see a front moving into the Tasman. Behind, a cold pool of a. That is indicated by the speckled cloud on screen. Rain lashing the Victorian coastline. The severe weather warnings for damaging winds for the eastern part of Victoria and NSW have been cancelled. He'd record spell across south-eastern Queensland for this month. Another cold front whipping along the southern coast -- coastline of W Wei. -- WA. This will move into SA. Along with it, heavy rain, damaging winds, and small hail in some areas. That will continue to track on the parts of NSW, Victoria and also Tasmania. Let's have a look at rainfall. With that system, expecting most to fall through SA. Lightning off as it moves to NSW and Victoria. Another burst of snow for the ski fields, which is fantastic.

It will be much cooler banks to trough of low pressure.

Showers across the southern inland. All also across the western slopes. Final long -- along the coastal fringe. Fine and sunny for Sydney.

Scattered showers for the south-west had north-eastern areas. Isolated showers elsewhere.

The snow line will be dropping to around 800m.

Windy conditions on Monday thanks to the cold front. Showers through Western & Southern Open at, extending to the northern areas through the afternoon. Snow dropping to about 600m.

Showers will start to ease on Tuesday with the top of 10. Widespread shower activity. Isolated heavy falls around the Rangers. Also potential for small hail in some areas and also damaging winds. The Port Adelaide and GWS game tomorrow afternoon, packed a scar. You will definitely need it. -- the scarf.

Severe weather again on the way for Sunday. It will be in SA with those possible heavy rainfalls and damaging winds. Possibly small hail. Certainly one to watch as we get through Sunday. That's 10 Eyewitness
News for tonight. I'm Kimberley Soekov,
thanks for your company. Good night.