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by Ai-MediaTerror in Germany. operation
(SHOTS FIRED)A massive police a
operation is under way right now as Shopping
a deadly shooting unfolds at a transport
Shopping Centre in Munich.Public the
transport has been suspended and to
the city is in lock down. We speak to Australian tourists trapped in the chaos.A paramedic air lifted to Brisbane after being stabbed by airport
a patient on Fraser Island.Free airport parking. How you can avoid money
the expensive fees and even make Kensington
money while you're away.And photos
Kensington Palace releases new as
photos of a very cute Prince George as the young Royal celebrates his third
as the young Royal celebrates his birthday
third birthday. And a very happy you
birthday to George. Good morning to We
you on this Saturday 23 July 2016. another
We need another bit of relief with happening
another terror attack. It's regularity.
happening with all too familiar It's
regularity.This is only developing. do
It's only a couple of hours old. We don't
do need to be careful because we this
don't want to speculate too much at fighting
this stage. We don't know who he is jihad
fighting against whether he was a political
jihad yis yis whether it's for the
political shootings.It happens on all
the anniversary of Norway.Jane has morning
all the details. Good morning.Good has
morning to you. The city of Munich suspected
has been rocked by a series of of
suspected terror shootings near one is
of its major shopping centres. This eight
is what we know so far. At least around
eight people have been killed the
around the Olympia Shopping Mall in right
the city's north-east. Police are men
right now searching up to three gun men believed to have carry out the

men believed to have carry out the at
attack. Gunfire has been reported just
at multiple locations including and
just outside the Shopping Centre The
and in two neighbouring streets. People
The city is currently in lock down. inside
People have been urged to stay transport
inside their homes. Public suspended.
transport across the city has been believed
suspended. The situation is shooter
believed to have started when a outside
shooter opened fire onby standers German
outside a McDonald's restaurant. unfolding
German police have described the terror
unfolding incident as an acute

terror situation. This obviously Bastille
comes just one week after the Nine's
Bastille Day massacre in Nice. Ballinger
Nine's Europe Correspondent Amelia Nice
Ballinger was covering events in happened.
Nice when the Munich attack morning.
happened. She joins me now. Good another
morning. The world witnesses yet another horrific attack.Yeah, look
another awful situation, Jane and those
look as you say one week on from police
those attacks here in Nice the tonight,
police are saying in Munich, rampage.
tonight, that this was a shooting a
rampage. They have described it as due
a terror attack. That is main lie incident.
due to the violent nature of this know
incident. At this stage they don't shooting.
know what the motive was behind the three
shooting. What they have said up to this
three perpetrators are involved in don't
this particular incident. They are.
don't know who they are, where they as
are. No arrests have been made and now
as a result the city of Munich is transport
now in lock down. The public The
transport system has been shutdown. have
The freeway surrounding the city urging
have been closed and police are to
urging very strongly urging people a
to stay inside their homes. This is saying.
a developing situation. They keep people
saying. They simply do not want street
people in large groups out on the is
street because they don't know what incident
is going to happen next. This inside
incident began about five hours ago the
inside a McDonald's store next to woman
the Olympia Shopping Mall. One eight-year-old
woman has reported saying her witnessed
eight-year-old son actually witnessed a man loading a pistol in before
the bathroom of that McDonald's vision
before the shooting began. There is shooting
vision circulating of that man store.
shooting by standers outside the at
store. I think we can take a look at that now, Jane.

FIRED)There is also another video shows
circulating at the moment Jane that understand
shows what we - or who we roof
understand to be the gunman on the He
roof of a car park near that shenlt. with
He is engaged in a conversation be
with some people in what appears to road
be an apartment building across the video
road from that car park. In is that German.
video he can be heard saying, "I am shouting
German. I was born here." He is There
shouting obscenities to foreigners. could
There is some speculation this right
could be linked to some kind of far police
right movement. As I said the that
police have not confirmed any of they
that information. They are saying For
they don't know what the motive is. trying
For them the real priority is person
trying to track down the people or dealing
person responsible for this and have
dealing with the many, many, who have been injured as a result of across
that attack in Munich.We will keep Munich
across all those developments in Thank
Munich throughout the morning. is
Thank you. Back home now. A manhunt Island
is under way on Queensland's Fraser stabbed
Island after a paramedic was Nine's
stabbed while examining a patient. details
Nine's Brittney Klein has the How
details for us. Good morning Brit. morning.
How is the paramedic doing?Good considering
morning. Thankfully all things quite
considering this paramedic is doing very
quite well. The 56-year-old is a actually
very experienced officer. He's island's
actually the station manager at the all
island's ambulance station. This It
all took place yesterday afternoon. came
It was around 3:00 when a woman immediate
came into the station and demanded a
immediate help. She was armed with paramedic
a knife and has stabbed the and
paramedic twice once in the stomach paramedic
and once in the arm. This left the the
paramedic unconscious. That's when Thankfully
the woman had time to run off. stable
Thankfully crews were able to fly
stable identifies the paramedic and fly him to a -- stabilise the hospital.
paramedic and he went to a Brisbane morning.
hospital. He remains there this We
morning. He is undergoing x-rays. need
We are told thankfully he doesn't she
need surgery. As for his attacker are
she does remain on the run. Police island
are looking to fly over to the investigation.
island this morning to commence the Brisbane
investigation.Brittney Klein in breaking
Brisbane thank you. We have of
breaking news for you now courtesy Weidler.
of our sports reporter Danny scientist
Weidler. Controversial sports at
scientist Steven Dank has been shot Melbourne.
at inside his Ascot Vale home in bullet
Melbourne. He's been grazed by a just
bullet that was fired into his home morning.
just after 2:00 o'clock this called
morning. Emergency services were him
called to the home where they found He
him with that wound to his forehead. Hospital
He was taken to Royal Melbourne Investigations
Hospital for Treatment. the
Investigations will continue. He is caught
the sports scientist that was scandal
caught up in the Essendon doping extremely
scandal the ASADA investigation. An the
extremely controversial figure in more
the world of sport. We will have morning.
more on that story throughout the were
morning. A group of six men who brawl
were involved in a violent mid air flight
brawl on a Phuket bound Jetstar Australia.
flight have arrived back in Melbourne
Australia. Three men have araved in Melbourne Airport overnight and hours.
were detained for more than two expected
hours. The rest of the group is this
expected to land in Sydney early missing
this morning. The stepson of Ristevski
missing Melbourne mum Karen spoken
Ristevski has revealed he has been there
spoken to by detectives and that inside
there was some anger and conflict interview
inside their family. In an old
interview with News Corp 32-year- kill
old Antoni Rickard says he did not did
kill his stepmother, but says he 46-year-old
did have a motive to hurt her. The 46-year-old has now been

46-year-old has now been missing 10,000
for over three weeks. More than night
10,000 families have spent the Australia
night without power in South lashed
Australia as strong winds and rain beach
lashed the state. This Adelaide gusts
beach house lost its roof as wind 110km/h.
gusts reached speeds of up to expected
110km/h. The strong winds are rain
expected to ease today but on going coastal
rain could bring flooding to frontbench
coastal areas. Labor's 32 Member Canberra
frontbench will be unveiled in cabinet
Canberra today including a shadow The
cabinet Minister for small business. Plibersek
The party's deputy leader Tanya education
Plibersek will take on a new will
education super portfolio which education.
will incorporate schools and higher include
education. The line-up will also indigenous
include Australia's first female first
indigenous MP Linda Burney and the Ed
first two Muslim Shadow Ministers doping
Ed Husic and Sam Dastyari. The Games
doping crisis engulfing the Olympic athletes
Games has intensified with more athletes caught

athletes caught out for taking retested
banned substances. Authorities have and
retested samples from the London drug
and Beijing games. 45 failed the were
drug tests, 23 of those athletes to
were medal winners.You don't want Like
to see anything bad in our sport. something
Like myself you work hard and away
something happens and it takes it Nobody
away from the whole lime light. considering
Nobody wants to see it.The IOC is Russian
considering a blanket ban on all Keen
Russian athletes at the Rio Games. waiting
Keen whale watchers are eagerly whale
waiting for Migaloo the humpback Queensland.
whale to cross the border into cruise
Queensland. He was spotted by a yesterday
cruise boat near Newcastle white
yesterday afternoon.We saw the incredible.
white whale Migaloo it was 25,000
incredible.Very lucky to see him Migaloo.
25,000 to 1 chance I think to see Whale
Migaloo.Don't they look happy. flock
Whale watchers are expected to of
flock to the Gold Coast in the hope albino
of catching a glimpse of the famous albino humpback this weekend.

albino humpback this weekend. Go bum
Migaloo.Whale to whaleBumper to weather
bum mer on the whale watching. The will
weather is suiting the whales. We forecast
will have your Sunday weather Plus
forecast and Saturday one ahead. ladder
Plus the Panthers climb up the top
ladder as the Broncos grips on the top slips away. And

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This is your first sports update of Broncos
the morning. Starting with the taken
Broncos and its season that is 31-12
taken another dive after going down Stadium.
31-12 to the Panthers at Suncorp defence
Stadium. Memories of dominant premiership
defence that made them a quickly
premiership side last year are side
quickly fading as Wayne Bennett's at
side entered the sheds. 18-0 down hope
at the break. Darius Boyd sparked Moylan
hope in the second half but Matt Merrin
Moylan spoiled celebrations Trent Panthers
Merrin icing the win for the position
Panthers as they moved to seventh lot
position in the ladder.Gives me a they
lot of satisfaction to see the way gives
they played tonight. You know, gives me a lot of satisfaction to
gives me a lot of satisfaction just know,
to see the way our guys are, you together.
know, learning and starting to gel was
together.That loss for the Broncos run.
was its sixth in eight games. Bad life
run. North Melbourne has breathed snapping
life into their finals hope streak
snapping their five game losing Collingwood.
streak with a 40 point win over dominated
Collingwood. The Kangaroos Magpies
dominated the first half but the 16
Magpies clawed back to get within no
16 of an upset. Brent Harvey showed How's
no signs of slowing down.Oh, yes. Kangaroos
How's that? 426 games worth!The keeping
Kangaroos avoiding the scare and secure.
keeping their top eight berth Larkham
secure. Brumbies coach Stephen robbing
Larkham has slammed referees for berth
robbing his side of a semifinal Highlanders.
berth in their 15-9 defeat to the time
Highlanders. Trailing 15-9 at half crossed
time Canberra looked to have the
crossed in the 74th minute before the refs ruled the ball was held up.

the refs ruled the ball was held up. some
Really difficult to not comment on For
some of the refereeing decisions. Brumbies
For mine we scored a try there.The of
Brumbies sees the exit of the last had
of the Australian teams sanding in Day
had the Super Rugby season. Jason Canadian
Day has dropped off the pace at the carted
Canadian Open the World No.1 has second
carted four bogies so far in his in
second round. He is currently even leader
in the card. Seven shots behind the the
leader Dustin Johnson. Stage 19 of carnage
the Tour de France saw plenty of conditions.
carnage as riders battled wet conditions. Chris Froome slid on lead.
the final decent but stayed in the place
lead. Richie Porte finished in 10th Frenchman
place to move him to 5th and Bardet
Frenchman Romain Bardet -- Romain Bardet one the day.Crazy winds in to
the ski fields causing some skiers in
to be evacuated in NSW. Let's start skies.
in Brisbane where it is warm. Sunny Heading
skies. It's not winter at all. you
Heading to a top of 29. Cooler for conditions
you tomorrow. Sydney the windy into
conditions will continue today and Showers
into tomorrow as well. Sun any. cooler
Showers easing in Melbourne. A lot as
cooler there. Late showers tomorrow to
as well. In Adelaide good morning today.
to you. A possible shower for you for
today. Similar conditions expected or
for you tomorrow. In Perth a shower for
or two, as well. Quite cool as well for this time of year in Perth. Partly
for this time of year in Perth. Looking
Partly cloudy skies tomorrow. keep
Looking to a top of 16. We will conditions,
keep you up to date on the windy have
conditions, Pete and Jane which problems
have been causing quite a few parts
problems for people across NSW and cold
parts of Queensland, as well.Very much
cold at the moment thank you very suspected
much Deb. Up next the latest on a We
suspected terror attack in Munich. who
We speak to an Australian tourist mayhem.
who has been caught up in the park
mayhem.Plus find out how you could it's
park at the airport for free!And 'Sharknado'
it's so bad that it is good. and
'Sharknado' is back with 'The Hoff' than
and the fourth instalment is bigger than ever supposedly. That's coming

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Top of the morning to you Sydney. sunny
Glorious day. Windy for you, though, all
sunny with a top of 19. Sunshine on
all the way. Right now it's sitting young
on a very nice 15 degrees. Now Melbourne
young Australian Claire Macuz from Munich
Melbourne has been caught up in the after
Munich terror attacks just hours holiday.
after arriving in it the city for a phone
holiday.Claire joins us now on the staying
phone from Munich where she is reports
staying just 200m from one of the morning
reports of the shooting. Good you
morning to you. Good evening where staying
you are. We understand you are police
staying metres from the Metro which Can
police have apparently shutdown. what
Can you just give us an idea of are
what you are seeing and what you So,
are feeling at the moment?Hey guys. Karlsplatz
So, we are about 200m from close
Karlsplatz which is a station very through
close to us. We actually walked saw
through there earlier tonight and and
saw five or so police heavily armed obviously
and didn't think anything of it but hotel
obviously now coming back to our has
hotel we realise that all of this the
has happened. There's quite - in from
the air it's very, very scary but outside.
from what I can tell it's very calm close
outside. We're not exactly very was
close to where the main shooting can
was which is about 5km from us. We that
can hear sirens and helicopters and has
that sort of stuff going around and hours.
has been going around for five Metro
hours.We're seeing pictures of the What
Metro which is close to your hotel. Pretty
What have authorities told you? until
Pretty much just to stay indoors they
until further notice. The - well, people
they think there's up to three caught
people on the run that they haven't caught yet, but there's up to nine they
people dead at the moment which before
they have just confirmed just pretty
before I got on the phone. So, move
pretty much stay indoors and don't it
move until further notice.Claire Once
it must be a very uneasy feeling. potentially
Once again we are talking attack
potentially about another terror closely
attack in mainland Europe coming so How
closely to the last one in Nice. have
How uneasy is the feeling that you where
have at the moment, particularly where you are?

where you are?It's actually very a
uneasy especially because there was spree
a murder or I suppose a killing week
spree on the trains earlier this on
week in Germany. So, everyone was think
on pretty high alert but didn't close
think anything would happen this especially
close to that last incident. And week,
especially because of Nice last quite
week, as weism. It's actually come come
quite -- as well. It's actually I
come quite as - very much a shock. disbelief.
I think everyone is in pretty much especially
disbelief. It's very scary, really
especially because I have never this
really experienced anything like just
this on a personal note and - yeah, it.
just - you can't even put words to describe
it. So, there's no way to really have
describe it.You sound very calm I going
have to tell you in light of what's young
going on around you. I know so many Europe
young Australians travel through all
Europe not just young Australians all of us particularly this time of travelling
Europe during summer. You are What
travelling with your boyfriend. for
What does this mean for your plans just
for the rest of the stay.We have but
just vaguely discussed coming home, is
but I suppose the likelihood - this it
is our rationale, the likelihood of stay,
it happening again if we were to to
stay, to us in a city we were going decided
to could be unlikely. We haven't keep
decided whether we're going home or undecided
keep travelling. It's just would
undecided at this point.Claire you going
would have some concerns about which
going outside at the moment. Billed in
which is one of the main newspapers are
in Germany is now reporting police There
are claiming the attacker is dead. be
There are also reports there could be several. This isn't confirmed. But
There may well just be one gunman. is
But Build is reporting an attacker backpack
is dead and they are checking a know
backpack for explosives but you say
know I guess it's easy for me to you
say that if that was the case that again.
you might want to venture outside do
again. But would you be willing to point.
do so?Well, probably not at this trains,
point. There's - well, there's no going
trains, no public transport nothing is
going ahead at the moment. Munich really
is pretty much in shutdown. So, we tried.
really couldn't go anywhere if we anywhere
tried. I wouldn't be venturing word
anywhere until, you know, there's to
word from the police that it's OK of
to do so.And you haven't heard any Claire?
of the gunfire yourself, have you low
Claire?No, we haven't.Look, stay authorities
low I think that's obviously what Look,
authorities are telling you to do. all
Look, we're thinking of you and of the
all the people caught up in this at for
the moment and thank you so much Thank
for speaking with us this morning. hear
Thank you for having me.You can can't
hear it in your voice, though, but
can't you. She sounds very together amazing
but you can hear it.It's just again.
amazing we're dealing with this one
again.Again.So soon to the last was
one as Claire just mentioned there There's
was an attack in Germany recently. more
There's Nice.Up next we will have that
more on the anti-terror manhunt Munich.
that is under way at the moment in confirmed
Munich. At loois eight people are at
confirmed killed in that shooting controversial
at the Shopping Centre.Plus Steven
controversial sports scientist his
Steven Dank shot in an attack on And
his Melbourne home. That's breaking. whisperer
And we will meat the Aussie bird parrots
whisperer who let's his exotic parrots fly free in in the suburbs.

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Welcome back. Let's return to our least
breaking news out of Germany and at in
least nine people have been killed shootings
in a series of suspected terror Terrifying
shootings in the city of Munich. the
Terrifying vision has emerged of by
the moment a gunman opened fire at and
by standers outside a McDonald's find
and a warning some viewers might distressing.
find the following vision


Well, let's cross live now to Ballinger
Nine's Europe Correspondent Amelia the
Ballinger who is in Nice which was week
the centre of a terror attack one morning
week ago. There are reports this in
morning that one of the attackers we
in Munich is now dead.That is what moment,
we are hearing out of Munich at the by
moment, Jane, that is not confirmed by the police but it is certainly through
the information that is coming That
through to us at this point in time. far
That body has been found not too police,
far from that McDonald's store and are
police, according to local media, particular
are being very careful about that get
particular body. They don't want to explosives.
get too close to it for fear of send
explosives. They are looking to sure
send a robot type device in to make that
sure it is safe to go and retrieve earlier
that body. The police have said as
earlier that they are treating this attack
as a shooting rampage and terror because
attack although that is mainly this
because of the violent nature of what
this incident. They are not saying incident
what the motive behind this know
incident is at this stage. We don't we
know if they know at all yet. What three
we do know is they believe up to for
three perpetrators are responsible people
for this. They don't know who those arrests
people are or where they are. No point
arrests have been made at this of
point in time. As a result the city public
of Munich is now in lock down. The shutdown.
public transport system has been the
shutdown. The freeways surrounding are
the city are closed and the police people
are urging, very strongly urging they're
people to stay inside their homes, not
they're saying do not go out, do because
not congregate in large crowds situation
because we simply do not have this point
situation under control at this five
point in time. This all began about McDonald's
five hours ago as I said inside a the
McDonald's store not too far from woman
the Olympia Shopping Mall. One loading
woman said her son witnessed a man of
loading his pistol in the bathroom shooting
of that McDonald's before that before
shooting began. As we saw just distressing
before there is some quite distressing vision that has emerged outside
of a man shooting by standers seen
outside of that store. We have also is
seen video of a man who, we believe, of
is one of those gun men on the roof there.
of a car park not too far from conversation
there. He's engaged in a who
conversation with a group of people building
who appear to be in an apartment shouting
building across the road. He is here."
shouting "I am a German. I was born towards
here." He was directing obscenities speculation
towards foreigners. There is some
speculation this could be linked to say
some kind of far right moment. As I any
say the police haven't confirmed priority
any motives. At this point the persons
priority is finding the person or tending
persons involved in this and injured.
tending to the many, many people at
injured. As you said the death toll lot
at nine at this point. Certainly a caught
lot of other people have been Amelia
caught up in this attack, as well. you.
Amelia Ballinger in France, thank back
you. Let's get more breaking news scientist
back home and controversial sports grazed
scientist Stephen Dank has been fired
grazed by a bullet after shots were Melbourne
fired into his home. Today joins
Melbourne reporter Heidi Murphy Vale.
joins us from the scene in Ascot What
Vale. An incredibly close call. right,
What more can you tell us?That's call.
right, Jane, an incredibly close police
call. Around 2:00 this morning to
police and paramedics were called me
to the block of townhouses behind a
me here in Ascot Vale to reports of been
a shootings. Multiple shots had building.
been fired into the front of the the
building. There were two people in we
the house at the time. One of them controversial
we now know is, as you say the Stephen
controversial sports scientist to
Stephen Dank. He's the man who came the
to public attention for his role in a
the Essendon drug saga. He has had a bullet graze his forehead during Royal
the attack. He was taken to the treatment,
Royal Melbourne Hospital for team
treatment, serious crime response team detectives were called here to investigating
the scene. They remain here Heidi
investigating this attack. Jane. been
Heidi thank you. A paramedic has Queensland's
been stabbed by a female patient on year-old
Queensland's Fraser Island. The 56- woman
year-old worker was showing the she
woman into an examination room when medication.
she produced a knife demanding stabbed
medication. The paramedic was A
stabbed in the arm and the stomach. A manhunt is under way

A manhunt is under way for the in
attacker described as Caucasian and missing
in her late 20s. The search for MH-370
missing Malaysia Airlines flight wreckage
MH-370 will be suspended unless the end
wreckage of the jet is found by the the
end of this year. Authorities say impacted
the search has been severely equipment.
impacted by bad weather and faulty presumed
equipment. The Boeing 777 is southern
presumed to have crashed in the 239
southern Indian Ocean killing all something
239 people on board. Now to up
something that we hope will sweeten chocolates
up your Saturday. A sea of world's
chocolates have rolled down the in
world's steepest residential street of
in New Zealand. Tens of thousands watch
of people turned out in Dunedin to The
watch the annual Cadbury jaffa race. gradient.
The street there boasts a 19 degree jaffas.
gradient. The event uses 75,000 winning
jaffas. Look at them go. The clocked
winning jaffa, I will have you know, do
clocked up a speed of 100km/h.How sure.
do you measure that speed?I'm not sure
sure. I was going to say I'm not tasty
sure how they measure it. Pretty myself
tasty clean-up.I have tried that rolling
myself in many a cinema in the day Before
rolling jaffa s down the aisle. was
Before you mentioned the speed I be
was wondering whether there would line.
be all the mouths at the end of the What
line.Like hung railway hippos. It's
What do you prefer jaffa or M & M. it's
It's a hard question. Some days peanut
it's a jaffa. Some days it's a movie
peanut M & M.Did you work at a I
movie theatre.No, I went to a lot. clean
I used to waist my youth.I used to going
clean up cinemas.Coming up we are parking
going to look how you can get free potentially
parking at the airport and car
potentially earn money from your look
car while you are away. We will get
look at it later in the show. Let's their
get sports.North Melbourne kept over
their finals hopes alive with a win rallied
over Collingwood. The Magpies Kangaroos
rallied late to go within 16. The five
Kangaroos side held on to snap up a five game winning streak and keep of
their top berth. The Broncos hopes the
of finals are fading going down to took
the Panthers at Suncorp Stadium. It grand
took almost an hour for last year's board.
grand finalists to get on the bored a
board. Darius Boyd sparked hope of spoiled
a late come back before Matt Moylan Australia's
spoiled celebrations. Golf and struggling
Australia's Jays day aday is struggling -- Jason Day is the
struggling in the second round of shots
the Canadian Open. He is seven with
shots off the pace currently even was
with the card through 12. In F1 it Hamilton
was a day to forget for Lewis Prix.
Hamilton at the Hungarian Grand into
Prix. The Mercedes driver spun out to
into the barriers on his fourth lap mate
to eventually finish fifth. Team just
mate Nico Rosberg topped practice just edging

just edging out Australia's Daniel It's
Ricciardo. Time now for the weather. It's over to Deb.

Today's weather brought to you by Experience
scenic's exclusive e bikes. Let's
Experience the differenceThank you. backyard
Let's checkout the weather in your cloudy
backyard on this Saturday. Partly cloudy conditions in

cloudy conditions in Cairns. Partly should
cloudy for you in Mackay. Bundaberg 21
should see 27 your top. Charleville about
21 and sunshine. A bit of wind into
about in Toowoomba. Heading down Grafton.
into NSW a sunny day for you in the
Grafton. Very warm conditions in wind
the north of the state. Newcastle early
wind about. Orange a bit of showers early in the morning. That

early in the morning. That should Victoria
clear. Wagga Wagga a top of 11. In The
Victoria partly cloudy in Mildura. reaching
The showers in Sale will ease conditions
reaching 11 for you today. Similar cooler,
conditions in Ballarat. A bit Launceston
cooler, though. Into Tasmania. Swansea
Launceston some rain. Similar in Swansea and in Strachan windy degrees
conditions there, as well. Eight for
degrees your top. A shower or two Australia.
for Mount Gambier in South And
Australia. Similar in Port Lincoln. warmth
And in Coober Pedy a bit more peak
warmth about. Some sunshine will Into
peak through the clouds eventually. 13
Into the west now. Albany reaching 13 degrees. Port Headland a bit

13 degrees. Port Headland a bit warm er.

warm er. Broome 33. Geraldton

warm er. Broome 33. Geraldton 17. Northern
Sunshine in Kalgoorlie. Into the day
Northern Territory a partly cloudy day for you in Yulara. Mostly

day for you in Yulara. Mostly sunny Katherine
in Darwin 32. It's warm in across
Katherine today. So a mixed bag yeah
across the country today Pete but of
yeah some warm conditions in a lot this
of centres as well unseasonably for Coming
this time of year.That's right. the
Coming up we have new details on is
the unfolding terror emergency that is taking place right now in Munich and
in Germany.Up next Captain Kirk into
and the Starship Enterprise return week.
into Richard Wilkins movie of the

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strange aliens led by Idris Elba this
forcing them to abandon ship.But captain.
this is my last report as the predicament,
captain.This is not a great random
predicament, stranded on some each
random planet and separated from certainly
each other. Christopher Pyne has Kirk.
certainly grown into the role of to
Kirk. He is terrific and it's hard as
to imagine anyone other than Quinto as Spock.Zoe Saldanha is back

as Spock.Zoe Saldanha is back as Bones
the comes officer and Karl Urban as is
Bones McKoi. Englishman Simon Pegg script
is also on board. He co-wrote the than
script which is why it's funnier member
than you may expect. The other crew comment
member who has been attracting Yelchin
comment is, of course, Anton tragic
Yelchin who plays Chekov. His like
tragic death last month hanging film's
like a big black cloud over the as
film's release. So, is it as good as the others? Well, I reckon JJ

as the others? Well, I reckon JJ sies
Abe Abrahams rebooting of the fran looks
sies is the high water mark. It others.
looks somewhat different than the like,
others. In fact at times it feels called
like, 'Mad Max' in space. It's go
called 'Star Trek Beyond'. Here we Amazing.
go again. Three and a half stars.

What is it nanu, nanu. No, that's,

What is it nanu, nanu. No, that's, Trekkies.
'Mork and Mindy'.Do they call them have
Trekkies. I'm not one.Up next we that's
have more on a state of emergency people
that's been called in Munich. Nine attack.
people killed in a suspected terror one.
attack.Plus this is an interesting airport
one. How you can park at the We
airport for nothing.That is good. ingredients
We reveal one of the key You
ingredients to living a longer life. You are

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Sleep Saviour, the new way for night
children and parents to get a good bacon
night sleep and even better than meat
bacon we try a new Aussie brekkie good
meat tomorrow on Today.And it is Saturday
good to have your company this terror
Saturday morning. Another suspected with
terror attack has rocked Europe a
with at least nine people dead and under
a massive police manhunt currently attacker
under way to try to find the what's
attacker or attackers. Time now for radio's
what's making news with Brisbane we
radio's Robin Bailey. Every morning This
we seem to wake up to more tragedy. Germany
This time it's involving people in attack
Germany in the wake of an axe as
attack that they suffered last week digest.
as well. It really is hard to does
digest. It keeps coming.Yes, it whether
does keep coming. I have to wonder going
whether there's any copy catting happen
going on which things seem to that's
happen in spats of stuff. Certainly As
that's what's going on in Europe. same
As you say we were sitting in the about
same position last week talking to
about Nice. The other thing I want to point out we don't know anything whether
about these gun men or you know know
whether it's one or three. We don't don't
know what their motivation is. We jumping
don't know anything. So, you know shocking
jumping to mass hysteria it's have
shocking and it's awful and people scenario.
have died. You know, love in that that
scenario. We have to be careful We
that we don't know here we go again. going
We can't go to Europe. Everyone is houses.
going to be locked down in their tomorrow
houses. I would get on a plane Europe
tomorrow and go travelling through people
Europe because you don't want impact
people to live.This wouldn't or
impact your plans to travel there Europe
or if you had kids wanting to go to them
Europe backpacking would you want travelling?
them to think twice about definitely
travelling?Look, no, I would children
definitely go. I would also want my is
children to go because I think life honest
is about experience and let's be that
honest Deb it's far more likely getting
that you could be run over by a car the
getting to the airport to get on like
the plane to go overseas. You know, this
like I think you have to keep all guess
this stuff in perspective. And I the
guess I'm a fatalist, I think when That
the time is up your number is up. I
That sounds a little bit harsh, but wonderful
I think the world is an amazing exploring
wonderful place and we need to keep know
exploring it and seeing it and you travelling,
know if the good people are have
travelling, then maybe that will sounds
have a ripple effect. I know it When
sounds so completely simplistic. on
When there is terror and fear going positive
on you have to face that by being are
positive and putting out that we this
are not going to be controlled by much
this sort of stuff.There's not now.
much positivity in the world right Let's
now. It's good to hear. That's true. unrelated
Let's look at another topic three
unrelated to terror now. Two in extended
three parents want the school day parents
extended with nearly a fifth of days
parents favouring nine to 10 hour do
days for their kids.Oh, no.What teenage
do you reckon?I could just see my kidding
teenage boys now going, "Are you of
kidding me!"It's interesting a lot financial
of parents say they suffer from after
financial pressure from organising school
after school activities because the reflect
school day of 9 to 3 doesn't parents.
reflect the reality for working know,
parents.I think that's true. You this
know, there is no question that time
this was put in place a long, long what's
time ago and it hasn't changed but wanting
what's the issue here? Are we and
wanting our children to learn more that
and be there for longer to obtain near
that information? I think it is School
near impossible for the Primary them.
School children. It's a big day for 1
them. Look at the preppies in grade 1 and 2. Could you imagine them

1 and 2. Could you imagine them at
staying there longerI have to say school.
at my son's school they have after for
school. There's a huge waiting list they're
for kids to get onto. They feel go.
they're missing out if they don't playground.
go. They muck around in the or
playground. They don't do homework They're
or school work during that time. their
They're having a lot of fun with comes
their friends.Of course, when it We're
comes to that age group I agree. My
We're talking about state schools. school.
My two eldest schools go to private stuff.
school. Private schools offer this That's
stuff. There's a thing called prep. right.
That's why you pay for TExactly going
right. That is my point. You are don't
going to pay one way or another. I necessarily
don't think it's up to teachers hours
necessarily to be taking on eight that
hours of learning. There is no way wanting
that my boys 16, 14 and 11 would be you
wanting that at all. I do wonder, I
you know they get that glazed look. at
I can hear them yelling at the TV of
at home right now.I can hear lots of teenage kids yelling at the TV look
at home. But I do think we have to under
look at the fact that parents are and
under massive financial pressure pick
and time restraints.YepGetting to tough.
pick up at 3:00 is tough.It is is
tough. It comes around quicklyIt without
is really toughWe cannot go George
without talking about this Prince third
George how cute celebrating his photos
third birthday. The wonderful of
photos released by the palace four them
of them in total including one of pet
them of Prince George feeding his gorgeous
pet dog Lupo some ice cream. It's a groups
gorgeous photo. Animal welfare cruel
groups are outraged because it's dogs
cruel to the dog. Don't feed your photo
dogs dairy. Can't we look at a RSPCA
photo and say it's cute.It's the giving
RSPCA job make people understand ice-cream
giving dogs treats of chocolate and They're
ice-cream are not good for them. to
They're doing what they're supposed ice-cream.
to do. The dog isn't eating the sorts
ice-cream.Kids try to put all It's
sorts of things into dog's mouth. beautiful
It's a pet. I think it's a is.
beautiful photograph.Of course it the
is. I think we're lucky it's not isn't
the other way around that George eating
isn't going into the dog's bowl and be
eating the dog biscuits.Germs can There's
be good for stopping allergies. Continuing
There's always a plus side. morning.
Continuing with the positivity this nothing,
morning.Let's also say nothing, away
nothing, nothing, nothing can take sure
away how damn cute that kid is.He a
sure is. The Royal family is. Have

a wonderful Saturday.See ya.Isn't than
he wonderful? He looks much older beyond
than three. He's wise. He's wise He's
beyond his years.He has wise eyes. the
He's a Windsor.He's going to be would
the king of England one-day. You German
would want him to be wise.Up next terror
German police say a huge anti- shooting
terror manhunt is under way after a killed
shooting at a Shopping Centre has controversial
killed at least nine people.Plus sports
controversial former Essendon been
sports scientist Stephen Dank has Melbourne
been shot at in an attack on his free
Melbourne home.And the ultimate allowed
free range pets, the exotic birds suburbs.
allowed to fly free through the suburbs. That's

Terror in Germany. operation
(SHOTS FIRED)A massive police a
operation is under way right now as Shopping
a deadly shooting unfolds at a transport
Shopping Centre in Munich.Public the
transport has been suspended and to
the city is in lock down. We speak to Australian tourists trapped in the chaos.A paramedic air lifted to Brisbane after being stabbed by airport
a patient on Fraser Island.Free airport parking. How you can avoid money
the expensive fees and even make Kensington
money while you are away.As photos
Kensington Palace releases new as
photos of a very cute Prince George third
as the young Royal celebrates his Great
third birthday.Good morning to you. go
Great to have your company. Let's have
go straight to Germany where there a
have been scenes of terror outside three
a Shopping Centre in Munich. Up to on
three gun men have reportedly gone emerged
on a shotting rampage. Video has opening
emerged of one of the killers disturbing
opening fire at pedestrians. It is of
disturbing video and a warning some vision
of you might find the following vision distressing.


You have purposely frozen the hear
vision at that point but you can do
hear the gun shots. Here is what we people
do know so far. At least nine Olympia
people have been killed around the north-east.
Olympia Shopping Mall in the city's three
north-east. It is thought up to attack.
three gun men carried out this since
attack. One of those has reportedly now
since been killed. Police are right gun
now searching for up to twoer more at
gun men. Gunfire has been reported outside
at multiple locations including two
outside the Shopping Centre and in

two neighbouring streets the city have
is currently in lock down. Police inside
have been urged to stay locked transport
inside their homes. Public the
transport has been suspended and German
the city is very much locked down. unfolding
German police have described the terror
unfolding incident as an acute week
terror situation. It comes just a massacre
week after the Bastille Day Correspondent
massacre in Nice. Nine's Europe there
Correspondent Amelia Ballinger is there for us and she joins us

there for us and she joins us now. it
Another horrific attack unfolding Deb
it seems on European soil.Yeah, these
Deb we are unfortunately seeing with
these kinds of situations occurring moment
with alarming regularity at the described
moment and police in Munich have as
described this particular incident saying
as a shooting rampage. They are terror
saying they are considering it a stage
terror attack although at this violent
stage ma is mainly because of the They
violent nature of this incident. As
They don't know what the motive is. believe
As you pointed out there they perpetrators
believe there were up to three hearing
perpetrators although we are one
hearing in the last hour or so that people
one of the gun men or one of the involved
people believed to have been those
involved in this may be one of body
those that they have found dead a McDonald's
body found about 1km from the the
McDonald's they think it was one of are
the people involved in this. Police that
are hesitant to get too close to that body at this stage for fear explosives.
that person may have been carrying from
explosives. What we are hearing send
from Munich police are trying to send a robot type twice towards danger
that body to make sure there is no don't
danger any more. As I said they people
don't know if there are any other three
people involved. Reports up to who
three perpetrators. They don't know fact
who they are or where they are in the
fact if there are people still on is
the run. As a result of that Munich hours
is still in lock down nearly six transport
hours after this began. The public The
transport system has been shutdown. have
The freeways surrounding the city been
have been closed and people have police
been urged very strongly urged by They
police to stay inside their homes. congregating
They don't want anybody outside or because
congregating in large groups what
because they simply do not know know
what could happen at this point. We this
know as I say about six hours ago One
this began at a McDonald's store. son
One woman said her eight-year-old the
son saw a man loading a pistol in then
the toilets of that McDonald's and bit
then we've seen that vision just a shooting
bit earlier showing that man also
shooting at by standers. We have man
also seen a video circulating of a men
man believed to be one of the gun the
men anyway on the car park doctor that
the roof of a car park not far from engaged
that Shopping Centre. He has people
engaged in a conversation with to
people across the street who appear block
to be in some kind of apartment understand,
block and he is saying we born
understand, "I am German. I was obscenities
born here." He's shouting Some
obscenities directed at foreigners. linked
Some speculation this could be movement.
linked to some kind of far right Munich,
movement. At this point not just in have
Munich, lots of tourists around. We who
have been hearing from Australians incident.
who have been caught up in this frightening
incident. Obviously a very, very of.
frightening situation to be a part those
of. Let's take a listen to one of and
those people.We can hear sirens has
and helicopters and sort of stuff for
has been going around and has been come
for five hours now. It's actually I
come as quite a - very much a shock. disbelief.
I think everyone is in pretty much scary
disbelief. But - yeah, it's very have
scary especially because you know I anything
have never really experienced police
anything like this.As I said perpetrators
police believe one of the still
perpetrators is dead. They are more.
still on the hunt for one or two police
more. The city is in lock down and tending
police and emergency services injured.
tending to those who have been situation.
injured.Very much an unfolding We
situation. Thank you for the latest. morning.
We will cross back to you in the morning.This is also an unfolding scientist
situation. Conversion sports shot
scientist Stephen Dank has been Melbourne's
shot at while inside his home at there
Melbourne's west. Heidi Murphy is the
there in Ascot Vale. Run us through fired.
the details. Several shots were shots
fired.That's right, Pete, multiple storey
shots were fired through the upper One
storey window shattering the glass. grazed
One of the bullets we believe He
grazed the forehead of Stephen Dank. scientist
He is the controversial sports

scientist who came to our attention saga.
for his role in the Essendon doping the
saga. There was a second person in injured.
the home at the time. They weren't hospital
injured. Stephen Dank was taken to in
hospital for some treatment. He is remain
in a stable condition. Police do morning
remain here at the scene this inside
morning searching the property arrests
inside and out for more clues. No to
arrests as yet have been made.More thank
to come on that one. Heidi Murphy been
thank you. Jane.A paramedic has while
been stabbed in the arm and stomach Queensland's
while examining a patient on Brittney
Queensland's Fraser Island. Nine's us
Brittney Klein has the details for still
us this morning. Brit, police are right
still hunting the attacker.That's the
right and they're heading back to search.
the island today to continue their search. This woman has headed into station
the paramedic - to the ambulance demanded
station yesterday afternoon and That's
demanded immediate medical help. paramedic
That's when she's stabbed the stomach
paramedic twice, once in it the this
stomach and once in the arm. Now, unconscious.
this attack has left the paramedic experienced
unconscious. This is an extremely who
experienced paramedic a 56-year-old there
who is the station manager over crews
there on the island. Thankfully down
crews were able to stabilise him fly
down there on the ground and then remains
fly him to Brisbane overnight. He Thankfully
remains in hospital this morning. We're
Thankfully in a stable condition. at
We're told he's having X-rays but he
at this stage it doesn't look like an
he will be needing surgery. This is here
an all too familiar scene, Jane, 170
here in Queensland. Last year alone the
170 paramedic ex were assaulted on Queensland
the job and that's prompted the million
Queensland government to put $1 violent
million into a campaign to stop the 32
violent attacks.Thank you. Labor's unveiled
32 Member frontbench will be after
unveiled in Canberra today one-day the
after a factional show down rocked reporter
the party. Nine's political with
reporter Charles Croucher joins us deputy
with all the details. Charles, been
deputy leader Tanya Plibersek has Tanya
been given a huge portfolio.She is. gets
Tanya Plibersek as deputy leader morning
gets to choose her portfolio. Good from
morning to you. She's going away been
from foreign affairs where she's Bishop
been showing off against Julie take
Bishop in a show down. She will know
take on the education portfolio. We education.
know the size and scope of education. Certainly it's always strength.
been or considered been a Labor's would
strength. That's something they As
would like to play to in the future. We're
As for the rest of the 32 people. changes.
We're told there are quite a few Tanya
changes. Kate Ellis has to make for the
Tanya Plibersek and the shuffling frontbench.
the five new faces in the extended frontbench. 32 members instead of people
the 30. They include some young frontbench
people Ed Husic will come into the Dastyari.
frontbench and Jim Chalmers and Sam make
Dastyari. We will know the full against
make up and how that will play off morning.
against the government later this chals.
morning.Thank you for the update Donald
chals. US Presidential hopeful pat
Donald Trump has given himself a at
pat on the back for his performance yesterday.
at the Republican convention billionaire
yesterday. The controversial best
billionaire says it was one of the enthusiasm,
best conventions ever.In terms of what
enthusiasm, in terms of I think word
what it represents, getting our last
word out, Ivanka was incredible job.
last night. She did an incredible (CHEERING the
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)Despite all managed
the praise the billionaire still for
managed to attack senator Ted Cruz presidential
for failing to endorse him as the presidential nominee.Returning to Germany
the unfolding state of emergency in people,
Germany now where at least nine killed
people, possibly 11 have been centre
killed in a shooting at a shopping Professor
centre in Munich. Global affairs now
Professor Joseph Siracusa joins us good
now from Melbourne. First of all What
good morning to you.Good morning. even
What is your take on things so far developing.
even though it is still very much to
developing. We don't want to jump you
to conclusions just yet. From what read
you can see so far what is your these
read on it?Well, when I hear about automatically
these kinds of things I shopping
automatically think about the nooi
shopping centre in my row bee -- It's
nooi row bee or the Mumbai attacks. in
It's an historic site. This is when and
in the 1972 Olympics they kidnapped area
and murdered athletes. This whole On
area has a lot of bad karma to it. acted
On the other hand the police have They're
acted quickly the authorities. situation
They're treating it as a terrorist don't
situation though truth be told they don't have a clue who is involved have
in this. So we're going to have to social
have a waiting game here. The media
social media Islamist media IS thing.
media is celebrating this kind of Now,
thing. It's happening an awful lot. in
Now, six people were probably shot this
in Chicago last night but not with strikes
this kind of reaction. What always is
strikes me about these terrorists a
is that they're able to bring down commerce
a city to its knees. I mean, Highways
commerce and finance has stopped. have
Highways have stopped rail roads to
have stopped. They have brought it police
to this kind of conclusion. The they
police responded very well. I think German
they have it contained. I read in a it's
German newspaper they don't know if it's three people or one person great
they saw three times. There's a some
great deal of confusion.Looking at at.
some of the pictures we're looking the
at. There's two different images of as
the alleged attacker and it looks well
as though it's the same guy. It may more.
well be one shooter. It may well be police
more. This is the problem that want
police can face sometimes. We don't already
want to jump to conclusions awe've have
already said. How much might this have to do

have to do with this potentially have
being a jihadist? How much could it in
have to do with the refugee crisis might
in Europe at the moment. How much years
might it have to do that is five Breivik
years to the day that Anders Norway.
Breivik went on his attack in situations
Norway.There's all types of terrorist
situations whether it's real It's
terrorist religiously motivate ed. reaction
It's going to have the same community
reaction blow back on the refugee to
community in Germany. This is going far
to give heart to the neo - to the in
far right the neo nazis. I learnt an
in High School for action there's There
an equal and opposite reaction. repercussions
There is going to have European
repercussions in Germany and been
European union as a whole. It's Turkey
been a hell of a week between don't
Turkey and everything else. We almost
don't know. It's going to have talking
almost all the reactions you are not.
talking about whether it's true or Because
not. It doesn't make any difference. drawn
Because the public has already Absolutely.
drawn its own conclusions. point
Absolutely. It was an interesting was
point you make. Potentially there shooting
was a lot of people killed in a get
shooting in America but it doesn't Moving
get anywhere near the publicity. Angela
Moving onto the German chancellor as
Angela Merkel she's very much seen Germany.
as the mother or the grandmother of much
Germany. A very popular leader. How will
much pressure do you think this Merkel
will put on her leadership?Angela enormous
Merkel of course - was under after
enormous pressure from her public I
after she let 1 million refugees in. pressure.
I think she will be under even more in
pressure. She will probably be gone in about a year. I mean she's done and
as much as she can - as she could able
and I don't think she's going to be Bringing
able to manage this one so well. story
Bringing the refugees in under one anything
story is one thing. If this has this
anything to do with refugees and the
this is on top of the axe attack It's
the other day and the Nice attack. kind
It's starting to look like some think
kind of a virus is breaking out. I show
think these - I keep saying on your symphony
show there's sort of like a happening
symphony of death. If it's not Dhaka
happening in Africa or Yemen or person
Dhaka or Baghdad or Nice or San somewhere
person Dean know it's happening the
somewhere else. Somebody picks up --
the ba tonne and keeps going. We're going
-- bat on and keeps going. We're going to see a lot of this. Is this Does
the the new normal I think it is. These
Does this energise the copy cats. whether
These are copy cats. I don't know In
whether it's a lone wolf or cells. cells
In Europe we tend to to look at think
cells rather than lone wolves. I People
think it will insight copy cats. Since
People are committing mass murder. the
Since they don't know anybody in transnational
the crowd these are kind of people
transnational serial killers. These picking
people are picking up the torch and into
picking up their guns and shooting thing
into the crowds. The fact this a
thing started at Mcdold's which is may
a symbol of corporate America. That or
may have symbolic meaning in Bali Starbucks.
or Indonesia when they blue up the to
Starbucks. Maybe that has something this
to do with it. It's extraordinary Shopping
this thing should begin in a just
Shopping Centre where people are living
just minding their own business fashion.
living their lives in an innocent obscenity.
fashion. I mean this is kind of an require
obscenity. I think it's going to Angela
require a great deal of effort on people
Angela Merkel's part to settle people down because there will be heart
people in Germany who will take a
heart in this and say look we made million
a terrible mistake letting 1 it
million refugees in. I don't think needs
it was a mistake because Germany boplation
needs people because their going
boplation is getting older. It's Monday
going to a lot harding to sell on shooter
Monday morning than it is now.The German."
shooter was heard saying, "I am saying
German." He was caught on video get
saying that. It's always great to this.
get your advice and expertise on still
this. As we were talking about much
still a lot of unknowns. Still very know
much a developing situation. Don't or
know what he was protesting against the
or fighting for. Very much still in hearing
the early stages.We will be hearing more about that throughout other
the morning I'm sure. Let's get are
other news from back home. There regulation
are calls this morning for tougher regulation of children's toys that stop
are connected to the internet to surveillance
stop the so-called corporate increasing
surveillance of Australian kids. An market
increasing number of toys on the children
market record voices and photos of on
children storing them indefinitely year
on the web. In one incident last with
year a toy maker company was hacked details
with activists obtaining the families.
details of 40,000 Australian of
families. And it was only a matter of time. A has
of time. A Pokemon Go dating app players
has hit the market encouraging Poker
players to catch them altogether. their
Poker dates pairs up plicts on free
their schedules and when they're free to go roaming Pokemon. It is successive
free for the first date but successive meet-ups will cost the
players $20,000. A steep price for nerds
the Pokemon obsessed. Even Pokemon think
nerds need to find love.I don't for
think you need to get people to pay about
for it. The fact they're out and much
about meeting each other. It's very still
much by its nature a dating app.I downloaded
still don't know what it is.We son.
downloaded it and had a go with my There's
son. He's six. He's all over it. around
There's little things popping what's
around everywhere.You are right.S purpose
what's the purpose.There is no purpose.
purpose it's fun, gamesThere is no think
purpose.I don't understand it. I doing
think I'm getting old.We will up
doing it during the break. Coming Aussie
up on Today this is great the exotic
Aussie bird whisperer who let's his kiss.
exotic parrots fly freeGive me a to
kiss. Give me a kiss. Are you ready beautiful
to go for a fly?Aren't they on
beautiful birds. We will have more them
on that story later. He does let come
them roam in the suburbs and they The
come home to him.Like a boomerang. another
The Broncos season has taken to
another div after going down 31-12 dominant
to the Panther. Memories of the
dominant defence that took them to as
the grand final are fading quickly sheds
as Wayne Bennett's men entered the Darius
sheds 18-0 down at the break. p
Darius Boyd sparked home -- hope in p the second half. Trent Merrin put Panthers.
the icing on the cake for the Panthers. As they moved to 7th on satisfaction
the ladder.Gives me a lot of tonight.
satisfaction the way they played

tonight. Gefs -- gives me a lot of learning
satisfaction the way our guys are together.
learning and starting to gel sixth
together.The loss was the Broncos Melbourne
sixth in eight games. North charge
Melbourne has revived their finals streak
charge snapping a five game losing of
streak with a win over Collingwood get
of the the Magpies clawed back to Brent
get within 16 points of an upset. slowing
Brent Harvey showed no signs of yes.
slowing down.To Harvey, Harvey, oh The
yes. How's that? 426 games worth. keep
The Kangaroos avoiding the scare to Brumbies
keep their top eight berth. slammed
Brumbies coach Stephen Larkham has side
slammed referees for robbing his defeat
side in a semifinal berth for their 15-9
defeat to the Highlanders. Trailing crossed
15-9 kangaroos looked to have refs
crossed in the 74th minute before It's
refs ruled the ball was held up. comment
It's really difficult to not decisions.
comment on some of those refereeing there.
decisions. For mine he scored a try exit
there.The Brumbies loss sees the standing
exit of the last Australian team And
standing in the Super Rugby season. a
And Australia's Jason Day is having of
a day to forget at the second round No.1
of the Canadian Open. The World one
No.1 has shot four bogies to sit leads.
one over. Dustin Johnson currently for
leads. Dustin is in form. Time now Pete.
for the weather with Deb.Thank you capital
Pete. We will take a look at the country
capital cities around this fair country of

country of course. Good morning to conditions
you Brisbane. Sunny skies. Windy showers
conditions in Sydney. Morning well
showers in Canberra. Showers as during
well in Melbourne. They will ease Shower
during the course of the morning. Little
Shower or two as well in Hobart. In
Little chilly. Showers in Adelaide. well.
In Perth showers expected today as Springs.
well. A partly cloudy day in Alice in
Springs. All is well in the north in Darwin. It always is. Head north during this time of

during this time of year.Hundreds caught
of Australians and Europe have been It's
caught up in another terror attack. about
It's hard to believe we're talking Munich
about it again. This time it is in lock
Munich the German city is still in shooting
lock down six hours after the first potentially
shooting with several shooters lot
potentially still on the loose.A the
lot of Australians are in Europe at Callum
the moment. We know an Australian and
Callum is on a three week holiday Munich
and he has spent the day exploring He
Munich when the terror attack began. Callum
He joins us now on the phone. evening
Callum good morning to you. Good have
evening for you where you are. We the
have some pictures that you took on us
the street outside your hotel. Tell there.
us what you've seen and experienced today
there.Oh, yeah, sure. So, yeah, spent
today as you said me and a friend We
spent the day looking at the sites. staying
We headed back to where we were heard
staying just before dinner time and a
heard on our phones that there was where
a shooting about 5 kilometres from obviously
where we are staying. Just kind of this,
obviously a bit concerned about kind
this, decided we still needed to and
kind of head out - had to head out headed
and find something to eat. So, we headed outright opposite

headed outright opposite the Munich train
Bahnhaus which is the regional people
train station. You could tell their
people were panicked. They were on shoulder.
their phone looking over their police
shoulder. There was quite a heavy reason
police presence. Seemingly for no idea
reason everyone started running. No idea why. Obviously when you see no
people running you basically have ran
no other choice but to run. So, we everyone
ran right back to our hostel and stairs
everyone was like clambering up the just
stairs get back to our rooms and we suppose
just locked the door. Yeah, I experience.
suppose that was a pretty scary prompted
experience. I'm not sure what prompted that but I suppose edge
everyone here is a little bit on good
edge at the moment.Yeah, and for being
good reason Callum. What are you Obviously
being told about what's going on? situation,
Obviously it's a fairly tense there
situation, especially what you said everyone
there like if anything happens So
everyone goes for it, everyone runs. station
So I'm looking just at the train people
station now. There's a lot of sure
people just standing around not assuming
sure what to do because I'm was
assuming they can't get home. There telling
was police officers on the street back
telling everyone to, kind of, head know
back to their hotels or to, you because
know - you need to walk home because you know there's

because you know there's no other -
option at the moment. There aren't here
- just pushing - just past 12am people
here so there's definitely less there
people on the street now than what of
there was but there's still a bit of a weird feeling I suppose being streets
here at the moment.Seeing the streets being cleared, seeing all with
of the armed police and officers pictures
with their weapons, we're seeing unfolds
pictures of that now as the scene all
unfolds in Munich. I suppose for Europe
all people who are travelling in Were
Europe it is very much on edge. nervous
Were you already feeling quite in
nervous in the wake of the attacks Germany
in Nice and also the axe attack in really
Germany last week, as well.I can't there's
really say that I was. I guess to
there's nothing you can really do to stop it. I suppose you just have normal
to continue to live your life as threat
normal even with that potential I
threat which is still quite small, advised
I suppose.Callum are you being moment.
advised to stay indoors at the pictures
moment. We're seeing some of your people
pictures there. There are some seeing
people - these aren't yours we're These
seeing yours now.There's his there. People
These are Callum's pictures here. it,
People seem somewhat relaxed about Is
it, walking around very casually. an
Is that not the case. Just give us current
an idea again, you know, the under people
current of tension, I suppose, that what
people might be feeling despite suppose
what they're showing.I think I ago
suppose this happened a few hours get
ago now, so people kind of have to People
get on with what they're doing. of
People have to eat, all that type staying
of stuff. In the hostel that I'm not
staying at most people have decided there,
not to go out and are just sitting situation.
there, making the best of a bad can
situation. I suppose everyone - you suppose
can tell that everyone is not - I don't
suppose - normal. At the moment I moment
don't feel under threat at the around
moment and I don't think the people definitely
around me do either but there's cars
definitely - there's still police helicopters
cars going past. I suppose stuff
helicopters in air all that type of inspires
stuff which is not something that you
inspires confidence either.Have to
you made contact with your family certainly
to tell them you are OK?I little
certainly have.Good.They are a once
little bit worried, but I think at
once I told them - they were asleep I
at the time. Once I told them that relieved.
I was back in the hostel they were are
relieved.Yeah, alright. Look, we much
are thinking of you. Thank you very You're
much for speaking to us today. before
You're seeing the situation unfold insight
before you and good to get your the
insight into what's happening on Callum.
the ground there. Thanks so much much.
Callum.No worries, thank you very your
much.Getting that phone call from your son travelling in Europe in it's
the middle of the morning saying get
it's OK I'm alright. You want to want
get the phone call but you don't in
want to get the phone call they're a
in the middle of it.We heard from from
a couple of aunts and we may hear show.
from more in the remainder of the Drones
show. We will change the pace. way
Drones they have revolutioned the both
way we're seeing the world giving photographer's
both professional and budding capture
photographer's the chance to seen
capture images from never before There
seen angles such as Bondi Beach. entries
There have been thousands of our
entries from 28 countries. There's kind
our own drone in a camera. It's effect.
kind of a cheats drone. It does the It's
effect. There's a Dronestagram. international
It's hard to say. Dronestagram have
international contest. The winners of
have been announced. We have some taken
of the incredible photos they have there.
taken this morning.That right a
there. What is that?That is?Is it a side shot.It's from the sky. Western
It's a shot of Cable Beach in Aussie
Western Australia. That's taken by It
Aussie photographer Todd Kennedy. that
It received second price.Isn't shadows
that wonderful.That dose of the -- Cable
shadows of the camels looking along this
Cable Beach.Very create ive. As is Romania
this photo of a swarm of sheep in in
Romania which took out second prize like
in the wildlife category. They look is
like grains of rice. The second one the
is of a rock in Moab, Utah. It won Making
the top prize for sports adventure. Making you feel sea sickMakes

Making you feel sea sickMakes your the
stomach turn.This was the oner of in
the travel category that's a church is
in Umbria.That's in Assissi. This Janeiro.
is a mind boggling shot of Rio de different
Janeiro. I think it's a few pasted
different shots that have been Earth
pasted together.It looks like held
EarthWhere the Olympics will be it's
held soon. Beautiful.Looks like Very
it's taken from the space station. climbs
Very creative.The death toll frightening
climbs up to 11 so far after a in
frightening mass shooting in Munich details
in Germany. We will have more the
details on that.And the latest on home
the scene from a shooting here at scientist
home where controversial sports injured.
scientist Stephen Dank has been park
injured.And find out how you could kicker
park at the airport. This is the upright
kicker for free. That's all coming upright here on

Sultana Bran gives you
22% of your daily fibre needs. And you gotta loved the taste, right?

I'm gonna cut your hair
while you sleep.

VOICE-OVER: Sultana Bran.

Welcome back. Let's go straight too Munich
the news. The Germany city of followed
Munich is in lockdown this morning Two
followed a suspected terror attack. large.
Two gunmen are reportedly still at when
large. There were terrifying scenes on
when one of the killers opened fire and
on pedestrians, including children, find
and a warning some viewers might distressing.
find the following vision


(GUNFIRE) because
The pictures obviously frozen there show
because they are too distressing to Amelia
show you. Let's go straight to which
Amelia Ballinger who is in Nice attack
which was at the centre of a terror Europe
attack just one week ago. Amelia, exactly
Europe once again on edge?That is there
exactly right, Jayne. Certainly operation
there is still a major police the
operation under way in Munich at searching
the moment. The police are still this
searching for those responsible for earlier
this incident. They had said perpetrators.
earlier there was up to three potentially
perpetrators. We have heard that dead
potentially one of those gunmen is the
dead but still up to two more on The
the run and the city is in lockdown. people
The police don't know who those Certainly
people are, where they are. and
Certainly nobody has been arrested transport
and as a result the public the
transport system has been shut down, have
the freeways surrounding the city being
have been closed and people are are inside
being very strongly urged to stay began
inside their homes. This incident McDonalds
began about 6.5 hours ago at a shopping
McDonalds next to the Olympia vision
shopping mall. We have seen the firing
vision of that gunman outside said,
firing at those bystanders. As you another
said, Europe on edge, this is just still
another shocking situation that is reaction
still unfolding. We are getting a world
reaction from right around the heard
world and just a short time ago we Obama.
heard from US President Barack to
Obama. Take a listen to what he had who
to say.Our hearts go out to those who may have been injured. It is Germany
still an active situation and allies,
Germany is one of our closest all
allies, so we are going to pledge in
all the support that they may need At
in dealing with these circumstances. the
At this stage, Jayne, we know that Many
the death toll is sitting at 9. of
Many others injured. Given the time is
of the year, European summer, there who
is a lot of Australians in Munich unfolding
who have been there for this emergency
unfolding situation. The police and a
emergency services obviously having this
a very difficult job on their hands night.
this evening. It is now 12:30 at lockdown,
night. The city is still in for
lockdown, they are still searching certainly
for up to two perp traytors and injured
certainly they have a lot of as
injured that they need to tend to across
as well.Amelia Ballinger staying morning.
across the story for us this paramedic
morning. Thank you. Back home and a female
paramedic has been stabbed by a Fraser
female patient on Queensland's worker
Fraser Island. The 56-year-old examination
worker was showing the bomb into an a
examination room when she produced paramedic
a knife, demanding medication. The and
paramedic was stabbed in the arm way
and the stomach. A manhunt is under Caucasian
way for his attacker, described as taxpayers
Caucasian and in her late 20s. NSW taxpayers could be forced

taxpayers could be forced to pay bills
for greyhounds food and veterinary package
bills as part of an assistance government
package offered by the Baird multi-million
government after they banned the industry.
multi-million dollar racing South
industry. Greyhound Racing New that
South Wales has hit back saying $4
that compensation could amount to now
$4 billion. Let's go to Melbourne through
now where police are combing sports
through the home of controversial he
sports scientist Stephen Dank after profit
he was grazed by a bullet at the reporter
profit overnight. Today Melbourne the
reporter Heidi Murphy joins us from is
the scene at as Scott veil. Mr Dank happens
is incredibly lucky?Certainly fired
happens that way. Several shots house
fired through the front of the town an
house that is behind me, shattering that
an up stairs window. We understand through
that one of the bullets that went Stephen
through grazed Mr Dank on the head. know
Stephen Dank for those who don't scientist
know is the disgraced former sport ban
scientist who was given a life-time the
ban from the AFL for his role in taken
the Essendon doping saga. He was hours
taken to hospital in the early hours of this morning for treatment

hours of this morning for treatment second
of that graze to his for head. A time
second person who was home at the you
time was not injured. Police, as combing
you said v spent the morning here through
combing through the scene, combing reserve
through the house and the grassed clues
reserve outside the house for any have
clues they can find. No arrests investigation
have been made and this Alright,
investigation will continue. Six
Alright, Heidi Murphy thank you. in
Six Australians who were caught up Jetstar
in a midair brawl on a Phuket bound to
Jetstar flight have been flown back security.
to Australia accompanied by Melbourne
security. Three men arrived at were
Melbourne airport overnight and than
were detained in customs for more group
than two hours. The rest of the early
group is expected to land in Sydney A
early this morning. hospital
A man in his 20s has been taken to in
hospital after being hit by a car thought
in Sydney's Inner West. It is thought the 23-year-old stepped out suffering
in front of the car and was struck, injuries.
suffering a broken leg and minor a
injuries. Meantime, in Sydney's CBD front
a man in his 60 has stepped out in minor
front of a taxi, also receiving minor injuries.

minor injuries. The doping crisis intensified
engulfing the Olympic Games has caught
intensified with more athletes substances.
caught out for taking banned requested
substances. Authorityings have samples
requested - have retested, rather, games
samples from the London and Beijing drugs
games and 45 competitors failed the were
drugs test. 23 of those athletes to
were medal winners.You don't want our
to see anything bad, negative in Hussein
our sport because, like myself and so
Hussein and the rest of us, we work takes
so hard and if something happens it Nobody
takes away from the whole limelight. currently
Nobody wants to see it.The I OC is on
currently considering a blanket ban games.
on all Russian athletes at the Rio Ever ago
Ever since he was born three years with
ago the world has been obsessed adorable
with Prince George and these Kensington
adorable new photos show us why. mark
Kensington Palace released them to seen
mark the Prince's birthday. He is and
seen standing happily on a swing taking
and looking very grown up while feeding
taking a stroll. He is also snapped cream.
feeding the family dog a melted ice of
cream.Lupo has featured in a lot the
of the photos. They have had him as What
the family pet since he was born. George,
What a handsome dog.I know!Not pretty
George, but Lupo!George does he
pretty well himself. And the swing William's
he is sitting on as Katherine and Excellent
William's names on it too. my
Excellent fashion he has too.Strip reckon
my little cardigan going on.I companies
reckon the children's wear themselves
companies will be falling all over Wouldn't
themselves to send him samples. Great
Wouldn't they be.Lovely photos. going
Great stuff. Coming up today we are Dolittle.
going to meet our very own Dr he
Dolittle. He talks to the birds and SONG:
he thinks outside the age. grunts
SONG: #Talks with the animal, the
grunts and squeaks and squarks with exciting
the animals...#This is the most happened
exciting thing that has ever but
happened to me... That is not him little
but he has modelled his life a will
little bit on Dr Dolittle and he as
will be bringing in his own Macaws 15
as well. They are cute. That is in Thanks
15 minutes. Sport now with Pete. from
Thanks Deb. North Melbourne's fall from gracesoever

from gracesoever after the side a
snapped a 5-game losing streak with The
a 40-point win over Collingwood. within
The Magpies ramallied late to go desperate
within 16 points on an upset but a keep
desperate Kangaroos side held on to keep their finals hopes alive. finish
The Broncos hopes of a top four another
finish are fading after suffering the
another defeat, going down 31-12 to defence
the Panthers at Suncorp. Brisbane's they
defence was nowhere to be seen as break.
they entered the sheds 18-0 at the a
break. Darius Boyd sparked hope of Matt
a late comeback but Penrith skipper tent
Matt Moylan spoiled celebrations. # to
tent rereicing the win as they move struggle
to 7th on the ladder. Jason Day of
struggle inning in his second round number
of the Canada Open. The world pace,
number one is eight shots off the Can't
pace, currently 1 over through 14. was
Can't be ice cool all the time. It Hamilton
was a day to forget for Lewis Prix.
Hamilton at the Hungarian Grand into
Prix. The Mercedes driver spun out eventually
into barriers on his fourth lap to Team-mate
eventually recover and finish fifth. practice
Team-mate Nico Rosberg topped Australia's
practice just edging out now
Australia's Daniel Ricciardo.Time Deb.
now for the weather. Over to you sunny
Deb.Thank you, Pete. In Brisbane very
sunny skies for you today reaching very warm 29

very warm 29 degrees. That wind your
will pick up in Sydney, 19 degrees showers
your forecast high. Some morning there
showers in Canberra. Quite warm there too. Melbourne a the showers two
will ease. A top of 12. A shower or is
two on the way in Hobart. 8 degrees Showers
is your expected top forecast today. Perth
Showers in Adelaide, 13 degrees. and
Perth showers expected, a top of 16 Springs
and a partly cloudy day in Alice the
Springs reaching 21. Sun shine all the way in Darwin. A very warm 32

the way in Darwin. A very warm 32 Claire
degrees. Now, young Australian been
Claire Macuz from Melbourne has attacks
been caught up in the Munich in
attacks just hours after arriving joins
in the city on a holiday.Claire Munich.
joins us now on the phone from you
Munich. Good evening to you where We
you are Claire, good morning here. metres
We understand you are staying just police
metres from the Metro which the spoken
police have shut down. We have Can
spoken to you a little bit earlier. you
Can you give us an update on what feeling?
you are seeing and what you are not
feeling?Hi, guys. There is really happened
not very much of a change that has pretty
happened since we last spoke. It is lockdown.
pretty much the whole city is in buses,
lockdown. We have got no Metro, no suspended
buses, no highways, everything is looking
suspended at the moment as they are has
looking for the attack irs. Nothing report
has been confirmed from the brief the
report I mentioned earlier about at
the shooting - potential shooting everything
at the station nearby us, but helicopters
everything we can still here sirens, obviously
helicopters looking, so they are these
obviously on a manhunt looking for going
these guys, which is obviously just You
going to go well into the night. You are a few kilometres away from this
the shopping centre which sparked early
this entire incident. You told us fire
early you haven't heard any gun or
fire itself is there anybody around understand
or have the streets been cleared? I shut
understand with the Metro being people
shut down it may have left some correct.
people stranded too.That is which
correct. There are some people similarly
which are stranded around, shopping
similarly in the area of the out
shopping centre but it has been put recommending
out on Twitter and the police are refuge
recommending that people find a
refuge in anyone's homes. There are opening
a lot of people who that are have
opening their doors to people who really
have been stranded which is really, happened
really good to see.Similar to what how
happened in Nice as well.Claire, and
how are you feeling at the moment people
and what is the chatter amongst the staying?
people you are with where you are We
staying?We have calmed down a lot. hearted
We are in surprising a light why.
hearted mood. I don't really know explain
why. There is not any way really to with
explain it. We are just dearing on
with it as we are watching the news getting
on the television. So as we are dealing
getting updates we are kind of just wondering
dealing with it, talking about it, every
wondering what is going on and what
every time we hear sirens wonder feeling
what is going on there as well. The before
feeling is similar to what it was more
before which is Karl. I was a lot I
more relaxed than what I was before. moment
I was very, very nervy but at the is
moment just very calm.I guess it that
is quite surreal though to think situation
that you are caught up in this wouldn't,
situation which, you know, you experienced
wouldn't, I'd hope, have before.
experienced anything lick this contact
before. You have managed to make home
contact with your loved ones at just
home have you?Yeah, they actually left
just arrived in Melbourne, they Europe.
left Paris this morning.They left landed
Europe.Oh, OK.My family just between
landed and I spoke to them in are
between the last two calls. They good
are all safe and sound which is Claire.
good to hear.That is good to hear, your
Claire. Thank you very much for cross
your time this morning. We may later
cross back to you a little bit photo
later in the morning.That is a our
photo of Claire and Jordan.We had while
our global affairs expert on a police
while ago and he did mention that three
police are perhaps looking for looking
three men, or they might just be shots
looking for one and there is three want
shots of the same man. We don't it
want to jump to conclusions because investigation
it is still very early in this why
investigation be that is the reason at
why security is so tight in Germany shutting
at the moment because they are they
shutting all the transport down, as
they need to be very careful about of
as to who might be out there. A lot situation
of questions still on this other
situation but let let's get some the
other news as well.Well changing Australian
the pace a bit here. Parking at expensive
Australian airports is usually lucrative
expensive and annoying and very generate
lucrative for the operators. They billion
generate over a quarter of a But
billion dollars each year in fees. up
But a care sharing service has come the
up with a way of not only to avoid you
the cost, but potentially even have travelling.
you make money while you are Steve
travelling. The director of Carhood Melbourne
Steve Johnson joins us live from You
Melbourne now. Good morning Steve. works.
You have got to tell us how this we
works.Yeah, no worries. Basically When
we are a car-sharing at the airport. you
When you are travelling let's say to
you are going down from Melbourne your
to Sydney for a week you will list
your car on our website, and we will share get
your car out to other travels. You 25%
get free airport parking, you make free
25% of the rental fee and you get a car
free detail inside and out if your your
car is rented out.So you drive guys
your car to the airport and you our
guys pick it up thereYou drive to out
our premises just a few kill metres in,
out of the airport, we do a check to
in, take some photos, drop you up to the terminal and ten take our if
car back to our depot.What happens rented
if it is not rented?If it is not How
rented you still get free parking. return?
How much can you potentially rental
return?Owners get 25% of the $10
rental fee which equates to about leave
$10 a day for your car. If you you
leave your car for $30 we guarantee speech
you $250 every month. We have months,
speech leaving their car for 6 Europe
months, 12 months, they go to like
Europe on a contickty tour or the in
like and they come back with $1,000 have
in their pocket from their car. We so
have done a partnership with Ford, bonus
so if you are Fordener you get a bonus 10% earnings on your vehicle My
so you will earn 35% instead of 25%. safety.
My big worry in doing this would be Is
safety. Someone else driving my car. accident,
Is it insured? What if they have an how
accident, what if it gets stolen, It
how do you deal with those things? when
It is completely insured your car insurance
when it is out on rent. We have an

insurance policy will Lumley and car
that covers your car so should the stolen,
car have scratches, bumps, or completesly
stolen, then your car is will
completesly governmenten and you much
will be reimbursed for it GHow free
much does it cost?It is completely doesn't
free to list your car with us. It rent
doesn't cost a cent. If you want to significantly
rent a car our car rental rates are rental
significantly cheaper than car anywhere
rental operators. You are looking my
anywhere up to 50-60% cheaper.Is waiting
my car still going to be there back
waiting at the airport when I get yeah.
back from my holiday?Absolutely, will
yeah. So when you list your car you drop
will basically put in the times you it
drop your car off and when you pick your
it up. Between that period is when when
your car is available for rent. So there
when you get back your car will be have
there at our warehouse, you won't parking.
have paid anything in care port a
parking. You will have returned to out
a free detailed car, so inside and tyre
out will be nice and shiny with an
tyre shine and you would have made your
an average of about $10 a day from airports
your car.There are lots of to
airports in Australia, do you have take
to live in Sydney or Melbourne to Melbourne,
take advantage of this?We are in just
Melbourne, Brisbane and we have So
just launched in Sydney this month. will
So we are in three locations and we Gold
will be opening up in Perth and the Steve
Gold Coast later this year.Alright, have
Steve Johnson from Carhood, might go
have to check that out next time I us.
go on holidays. Thanks for joining the
us.Cheers.Thank you, Jayne. She Bronte
the bird whisperer of Sydney's outside
Bronte Beach. Josh Cook thinks lets
outside of the cage literally and the
lets his Macaws room free around local
the suburbs doing fly buys of the schools
local calf fairs and primary attention.
schools attracting plenty of joins
attention.You can see us why. He Crush.
joins us with the lovely Mango and Mango
Crush. They are amazing birds. Yes.
Mango and Crush. The lady over here very,
Yes.She is pruning herself. She is moment.
very, very excited about her TV She
moment.She is a real diva, Mango. tell
She taking it all in very well.So it
tell us about free flying, how does behind
it work and what is the premise natural
behind it?It is based on their range.
natural instincts to form a home actually
range. When you fly a bird you are actually just embracing all of what yeah,
it is to be a bird essentially. So, calm,
yeah, I mean you have to do it in a advocate
calm, relaxed way and I don't just
advocate people to go out there and cage.
just let their birds out of the experience,
cage. It is all takes time and learn
experience, I suppose, but once you behaviour
learn and you know a bird's that
behaviour you can sort of tap into does
that and then it is quite easy.How bond
does that begin? How do you form a guys
bond with a bird?A lot of these right.
guys -Treats.Yeah, food. Exactly basically.
right. And just being their friend

basically. It is about bonding and. treats.
I whistle to them and I give them the
treats. So they start to associate then
the food with coming back to me and they
then they also use the bond that have
they have with one another. So they have very vocal as you just heard, It
they are very loud so they squark. saw
It would be a bizarre fight if you You
saw one of these guys flying buy. parrots
You would think my goodness is sort
parrots have flown in size. What quite
sort of reaction do you get?It is up
quite surreal. I think people look where
up and they go woah, am I in Brazil, time
where am I?Exactly.A lot of the pets
time people think they are escaped pretty
pets but these guys are getting people
pretty well known now. A lot of Crush".
people say, "There is Mango and they
Crush". I guess if people think someone
they are lost there is always doing
someone around to say no, they are around
doing their thing. They like to get Look
around Bronte Beach. Tamarama Beach. them
Look at this, everyone is checking pictures
them out.We are seeing some That
pictures here of your two birds. maintenance?
That is right.Are they high maintenance.
maintenance?They are high as
maintenance. I don't recommend them for
as a first pet. They have a need diet.
for a lot of - a high fat in their -
diet. A lot of the nuts or the nuts I
- you know you have to be able to - to
I believe that you need to be able limiting
to fly them. I mean, you are allowing
limiting their potentially not embrace
allowing them to fly. You have to when
embrace everything that is a bird end
when you decide to get one. So you animal
end up with a much more balanced threat
animal overall.What about the do
threat that they face, though? They instinct
do need - that is their natural threats
instinct but they face a lot of from
threats from cats for example or Is
from being out in the traffic too. It
Is that a concern?I mean, it is. experience,
It is all part of the learning They
experience, though.Look at this. doing?
They have to learn.What is he thinks
doing?He is just displaying. He to
thinks he is all that.Is he going watching
to go at Pete?He is actually screen
watching himself.Is he?On the He
screen and he is displaying.Hello. Hello.
He just said that.Yeah, he did. kiss?
Hello.Are you going to give me a floor
kiss? I think he likes Richard, our stuff
floor manager. Does he say other kiss".
stuff as well.He says "give me a They
kiss".I grew up with Cockatoos. patterns
They are very similar behavioural patterns so far. Are

patterns so far. Are they in the old
same family?The Cockatoos are an are
old world parrot where these guys parrots
are considered to be new world ancient
parrotsHello.The Cockatoos are an -
ancient parrot. These guys are not recently.
- they have evolved a lot more beak.
recently. These guys have a bigger to
beak. They are designed differently the
to tackle, you know, the nuts and might
the different food sources they a
might find around the Amazon.I am are
a little freaked out by them. They beak.
are beautiful. But the size of that beak.No,

beak.No, they are comfortable. Is comfortable.
he comfortable?He is very say
comfortable.My Cockatoo used to Cockatoo
say hello cocky.Pretty much every cocky.
Cockatoo I have met says hello than
cocky.I havered will them say more too.
than that too!A few swear words come
too.You encourage native birds to you,
come to your home as well, don't rehabilitation
you, the rescue birds?Yes, I do Kookaburras
rehabilitation of rescue birds. parlotte,
Kookaburras from little tiny My
parlotte, is that come into care. My hobby, my work and I

My hobby, my work and I guess my this
everyday life mixes together to be you
this amalgamation of birds.How did develop
you get into it? How did you birds?
develop a love for the avian kind and
birds?My dad had homing pigeons hanging
and as a little kid I would be stuff.
hanging around helping dad do his I
stuff. I wouldn't even whistle, so throwing
I would be calling to them and how
throwing seed everywhere. That is He
how it started, that bond with dad. bring
He was a jockey too so he would race
bring home injured birds from the well?
race track.Do you breed them as breed
well? Mango and Crush?They will very
breed potentially. She is getting corner
very broaddy. Every little dark at
corner she is looking for. They are a
at the right age now.They live to Potentially
a ripe age too don't they? hundred
Potentially they can live to a agree,
hundred years.He is saying, I very
agree, I concur. I am going to live intelligent.
very long.They are very and
intelligent. You have smart birds are
and you can train them.All birds the
are intelligent. These guys have predators.
the size so there is less risk to run
predators.Would they give a cat a definitely
run for their money?They have
definitely would. I know people who bluff
have these guys with Cats and they good
bluff the Cats. They are really I
good at that.He is bluffing me now, birds,
I tell you.I like them. Beautiful very
birds, beautiful colours. Thanks flying
very much.Amazing to see them having
flying around in Sydney.Thanks for something
having me.Can you get him to say goodbye.
something again. Goodbye.Say is
goodbye. Bye, bye.Goodbye.No, he Checking
is too obsessed with himself. Jayne
Checking himself out. There you go beautiful,
Jayne aren't they amazing. They are New
beautiful, they are very beautiful. has
New York billionaire Donald Trump Republican
has officially accepted the next
Republican nomination to be the hour
next US President. At a whopping 1 longest
hour and 15 minutes his was the 1972.
longest acceptance speech since confetti,
1972. The balloon drop, the Donald
confetti, the celebrating all for greatfully
Donald Trump.I humbly and nomination
greatfully September your the
nomination for the presidency of Trump
the United States.Under a giant Republican
Trump digital banner, the launched
Republican nominee for President attacks
launched right into his theme.The terrorism
attacks on our police and the our
terrorism of our cities threaten politician
our very way of life. Any danger
politician who does not grasp this country.
danger is not fit to lead our tough
country.Trump not backing off his We
tough stance on illegal immigration. We are going to build a

We are going to build a great immigration.
border wall to stop illegal the
immigration. To stop the gangs. And the violence and to stop the drugs

the violence and to stop the drugs And
from pouring into our communities! Clinton's
And the mention of Hillary into
Clinton's name sending the crowd case
into a frenzy, Trump building the legacy
case against his rival.This is the destruction,
legacy of Hillary Clinton. Death, The
destruction, terrorism and weakness. blue
The billionaire also speaking to people
blue collar voters.These are have
people who work hard but no lodger have a voice.

have a voice. I am your voice! And
Chance # thans of USA breaking out. says
And when a protester held up a sign Trump
says "build bridges not walls". the
Trump remained composed revving up great
the crowd with this reaction.How is
great is our police and how great Ivanka
is Cleveland!Earlier in the night been
Ivanka introducing him. She has announced
been there from the start when he than
announced his candidacy.For more than a year Donald Trump has been he
the people's champion and tonight (CHEERING
he is the people's nominee. At
At my father's company there are Women
more female than male executives. that
Women are paid equally for the work a
that we do and when a woman becomes shut
a mother, she is supported, not shut out. (CHEERING AND returned
Before the night's end Trump opponent
returned to Hillary Clinton.My recite
opponent asks her supporters to It
recite a three word loyalty pledge. to
It reads, "I'm with her". I choose pledge
to recite a different pledge. My American
pledge reads, "I'm with you, the and
American people".Trump's family family
and his running mate Mike Pence's before
family joining him on stage and Trump
before leaving the convention hall make
Trump makes this promise.We will make America strong again. We will (CHEERING
make America proud again. We
We will make America safe again. again!
And we will make America great I
again! God bless you and good night. I love you! (CHEERING AND finished
Wow.That steam train hasn't talking,
finished yet either. We were just am
talking, he is going to go close.I to
am calling it, I think he is going the
to win the election. We will have so
the democratic convention next week as
so we will see Hillary in fine form Europe,
as well. If Brexit can happen in Europe, I think that he can take a
the presidency.There is definitely He
a change in the air at the moment. After
He is certainly fire up a crowd. speaking,
After an hour and 15 minute they
speaking, they were - obviously there
they are the converted and they are thought
there to cheer and get involved.I impressive.
thought his daughter was very spoke
impressive. I thought Ivanka Trump whole
spoke well. She looks well and the Yeah,
whole family spoke pretty well. Maybe
Yeah, interesting times.They are. down
Maybe this will be a day that goes Trump
down in history that the day Donald US
Trump accepted the nomination for things
US President.There are some other terrible
things that happened.That was a alright.
terrible segue.23 July.That is

alright.1965 The Beatles released United
their 10th single 'Help' in the the
United Kingdom. The single topped could
the UK charts for three weeks and shillings
could be purchased for six shillings and

shillings and 8 pence.Very nice. day
Not much. Cheap. In 1903 on this first
day the Ford motor company sold its was
first ever week. The Ford Model A and
was also known as the Ford Mobile get
and it could reach a top speed - bad.
get this - of 45km/hr. That is not great
bad.Pretty good. It retains a be
great price. $750 US. You needed to 1962
be pretty well off to get one.In woman
1962 Dawn Fraser became the first under
woman to swim 100m freestyle in medallist
under one minute. The Olympic gold the
medallist broke the world record at the 1962 Commonwealths in Perth.

the 1962 Commonwealths in Perth. docked
1975, Apollo and Soyuz Spacecrafts the
docked together in orbit. It was flight.
the first joint US and Soviet space marked
flight. The mission ceremoniously that
marked the end of the space race that began in 1957.We have seen Royal
the Royal photos of George but a married
Royal theme in 1986 Prince Andrew Westminster
married Sarah Ferguson at presented
Westminster Abbey. The couple were people
presented to a crowd of 100,000 long
people as they kissed - a bit of a Buckingham
long kiss too - on the balcony of that
Buckingham Palace. It is estimated million
that the wedding was viewed by 500 After
million people around the world. as
After the wedding they became known What
as the Duke and Duchess of york. big
What a day. Amazing.We are have a amazing
big final hour coming up on our amazing show here on Today.

amazing show here on Today.Terror in Germany.(GUNFIRE)

in Germany.(GUNFIRE) now
a massive police operation is right unfolds
now under way as a deadly shooting Munich.
unfolds at a shopping centre in Public and
Public transport has been suspended speak
and the city is in lockdown. We trapped
speak to Australian tourists Back
trapped in the chaos. scientist
Back home - controversial sports attack
scientist Stephen Dank shot in an attack on his

attack on his home in Melbourne. after
A paramedic airlifted to Brisbane Fraser
after being stabbed by a patient on cuteness.
Fraser Island. And his royal releases
cuteness. Kensington Palace George
releases new photos of Prince birthday.
George as he celebrates his third breaking
birthday. We start off though with morning.
breaking news out of Germany this Affairs
morning. The Department of Foreign security
Affairs has just upgraded its are
security advice to Australians who of
are currently in Munich in the wake Travellers
of that suspected terror attack. exercise
Travellers are currently urged to in
exercise a high degree of caution gunman
in the city. It it comes after a innocent
gunman or gunmen opened fire at McDonalds
innocent bystanders outside a some
McDonalds restaurant and a warning following
some of you might find the disturbing.
following vision of this shooting

(GUNFIRE) because
We have frozen those pictures graphic
because they are really quite too gun
graphic to show. You can hear the what
gun fire continuing though. This is far:
what we know of the situation so

what we know of the situation so killed
far: at least 9 people have been mall
killed around the Olympia shopping is
mall in the city's north-east. It carried
is thought up to three gunmen those
carried out the attack. One of those has reportedly since been searching
killed and police are right now Gun
searching for up to two more gunmen. multiple
Gun fire has been reported at including
multiple locations across the city, centre
including just outside the shopping streets.
centre and in two neighbouring lockdown.
streets. And Munich itself is in stay
lockdown. People are been urged to public
stay locked inside their homes and has
public transport across the city have
has been suspended. Germany police incident
have described the unfolding situation.
incident as an acute terror

incident as an acute terror after
situation. It comes just a week Nice
after the Bastille Day massacre in France.
Nice and Amelia Ballinger is in some
France. She joins us now. Amelia, Munich
some Aussies have been caught up in their
Munich and they have described right,
their terrifying ordeal?That is time
right, Deb. This is a very busy in
time right across Europe but Munich destination
in particular is a very popular around
destination for tourists right those
around the world. It is one of Contiki,
those places that a lot of tours, certainly
Contiki, Topdeck tours stop and Munich
certainly a lot of Australians in been
Munich this morning as this has speaking
been unfolding. We have been have
speaking to some of them and there this
have been some that have witnessed take
this unfolding. I think we can can caught
take a listen to bun of the Aussies For
caught up in this at the moment. just
For seemingly no reason everyone and
just started running. No idea why running,
and obviously you see people chase
running, basically had no other to
chase but to run. We ran right back clambering
to our hostel and everyone was back
clambering up the stairs to get locked
back into our rooms and we just suppose,
locked the door. Yeah, that was, I It
suppose, a pretty scary experience. Deb
It just sounds like an awful ordeal have
Deb and something that other suscys last
have already been through in the Munich
last week in Nice. The police in shooting
Munich have described this as a are
shooting rampage. They said they but
are treating it as a terror attack violent
but that is mainly because of the this
violent nature of the incident. At the
this stage they do not know what there
the motive was. The police said We
there was up to three perp traytors. of
We have learnt in the last couple attackers
of hours that one of those we
attackers may be among the dead but people
we are not sure if there are other but
people involved, and if so how many, lockdown.
but the city of Munich is still in system
lockdown. The public transport freeways
system has been shut down. The been
freeways surrounding the city have been closed and police are telling they
people to please stay inside until control.
they have this situation under stage
control. They don't know at this have
stage if there are other people who know
have been involved in this but we o'clock
know that it began at about 6 McDonalds
o'clock local time inside that terror
McDonalds store and a real trail of terror from that point. At this injuries
stage the death toll is at 9. 10 some
injuries as far as we are aware, obviously
some of them very badly and night
obviously a long and different Munich
night for emergency services in this
Munich tonight as they try to get another
this situation under control. It is unfolding.
another frightening situation you
unfolding. We will get more with newsroom.
you Amelia as it comes into the situation
newsroom. Thanks so much.Another The
situation unfolding closer at home. Essendon
The man at the centre of the has
Essendon doping saga, Stephen Dank his
has been targeted at a shooting in Heidi
his home in Melbourne overnight. Scottvale.
Heidi Murphy joins us live from as Detectives
Scottvale. Give us an update. moment.
Detectives are on the scene at the crime
moment. Detectives from the serious of
crime response team have spent most here
of the early hours of this morning just
here on the scene. They were called police
just after 2:30 along with other reports
police and paramedics when the through.
reports of the shooting came shots
through. Several shot, multiple of
shots fired into the front of one behind
of the town houses you can see been
behind me. The up stairs window has and
been shattered by those gun shots the
and one of the bullets has grazed man
the forehead of Stephen Dank, the Stephen
man inside the building at the time. sports
Stephen Dank the controversial people
sports scientist well known to many drug
people for his role in the Essendon in
drug scandal. A second person was were
in the building at the time. They spent,
were uninjured. Detectives have here
spent, as I said, several hours looking
here overnight searching the scene motive
looking for clues, looking for stage.
motive and no arrests made at this police
stage. It is unclear how many for.
police - people police are looking those
for.Heidi Murphy watching over you.
those developments for us. Thank Let's
you. Jayne. female
Let's go to Queensland now where a paramedic
female patient has attacked a stabbing
paramedic on Fraser Island, medication.
stabbing him after demanding has
medication. Nine's Brittney Kleyn morning,
has the details for us. Good doing?
morning, how is the paramedic morning
doing?Well, thankfully Jayne this after
morning he is in a stable condition Brisbane
after being flown here to a is
Brisbane hospital overnight. This 56-year-old,
is a very experienced paramedic, a station
56-year-old, who is actually the Fraser
station manager over there on simply
Fraser Island. He was attacked done
simply doing that job that he has has
done for so many years. This woman demanding
has come into the station, this
demanding help and that is when but
this paramedic was stabbed not once once
but twice. Once in the stomach and in
once in the arm. Like I said he is and
in a stable condition this morning he
and the good news is it looks like still
he will make a full recovery. He is doesn't
still having some x-rays but surgery.
doesn't look like he will even need had
surgery. Queensland paramedics have ambulance
had enough. The Queensland to
ambulance commissioner is expected today
to respond to this violent assault startling
today but the figures are quite assaulted
startling - 170 paramedics were year
assaulted here in Queensland last the
year along and that has prompted action,
the State Government to take some into
action, pouring millions of dollars these
into a campaign to try and stop Kleyn
these violent attacks.Brittney have
Kleyn in Brisbane. Thank you. We and
have some breaking news for you now year-old
and police have just charged 61- attack
year-old Peter Zhurawel over an Sydney's
attack on a police station in Sydney's west.

Sydney's west. Zhurawel allegedly Merrylands
drove his garage filled car into a been
Merrylands police station. He has damaging
been charged with destroying and of
damaging property with tin tension that
of endangering life. It is thought family
that the attack stemmed from a bedside
family dispute and they will have a days.
bedside hearing in the next few have
days. Emergency cruise across SA calls
have responded to more than 200 the
calls for help after a storm lashed beach
the State overnight. This Adelaide gusts
beach house lost its roof as wind More
gusts reached speeds up to 110km/hr. night
More than 10,000 families spent the to
night without electricity but power to most homes has now been restored.

to most homes has now been restored. of
Which is good news for the people to
of Adelaide.Yeah.We will move on Airlines
to the search for missing Malaysian suspended
Airlines flight MH 37 o it will be the
suspended unless the wreckage of year.
the jet is found by the end of this has
year. Authorities say the search weather
has been severely impacted by bad Boeing
weather and faulty equipment. The crashed
Boeing 777 is presumed to have Ocean,
crashed in the southern Indian The
Ocean, killing 239 people on board. heading
The famous white whale Migaloo is the
heading north and is expected on next
the Gold Coast some time over the watchers
next three days. Keen whale Queensland
watchers are already flocking to a
Queensland after he was spotted by yesterday
a cruise boat in Newcastle white
yesterday afternoon.We saw the incredible.
white whale Migaloo! It was 25,000
incredible.Very lucky to see him. Migaloo.
25,000 to one chance, so I think to Migaloo
Migaloo.First sighted in 2011, Migaloo is one of

Migaloo is one of the only albino albino
whales in the world.I like to say that.
albino because Ace venture ra said so
that.I haven't been whale watching to
so I might go this weekend.Get up 25,000
to the GC.That chap said he had a Make
25,000 to one chance of seeing it. Coming
Make sure you have a dollar on it. sequel
Coming up on Today - it is the of
sequel to the sequel of the sequel about
of the greatest movie ever made existed.
about sharks and tornados that ever this
existed.Got to be kidding meAnd going
this time bucking upWe are all Vegas...
going to die.What happens in There
Vegas...Likes like we have company. should
There is a Sharknado coming.I promo
should have said it in the movie story
promo voice. We will look at that blow
story in five minutes time. It will with
blow your mind! So will the sport go.
with Pete.'Sharknado'. Look at it Broncos
go.A bit of fun.Thanks Deb. The dive
Broncos season has taken another 31-12
dive as the Panthers handed them a was
31-12 defeat at Suncorp Stadium I games
was Brisbane's sixth loss in eight is
games but Corey Parker says there things
is still plenty of time to turn missing
things around.Worried about even
missing the finals? No, that is not moment.
even on the radar for me at the it
moment. It is 7 weeks away. For us victory
it is about next week.The Panthers the
victory sees them move into 7th on breathed
the ladder. North Melbourne has hopes,
breathed life into their finals streak
hopes, snapped a 5-game losing Collingwood.
streak with a 40-point win over dominated
Collingwood. The Kangaroos forced
dominated the first half but were forced to overcome a late rally by the Magpies to keep their spot in but
the top 8.Collingwood came at us well
but we weathered the storm really to
well and prevailed.The focus turns for
to Brett Harambe who will run out Brumbies
for a record 427th game next week. slammed
Brumbies coach Stephen Larkham has side
slammed referees for robbing his 15-9
side of a semifinal berth in their Canberra
15-9 defeat to the Highlanders. the
Canberra looked to have crossed in ball
the 74th minute but refs ruled the of
ball was held up. It marked the end at
of co-captain Stephen Moore's time next
at the club as he heads to the Reds Pocock
next season. While skipper David sabbatical.
Pocock will begin a 12 month France
sabbatical. Stage 19 of the Tour de riders
France saw plenty of carnage as Leader
riders battled the wet conditions. final
Leader Chris Froome skidded on the managed
final desdent - ouch - but still edges
managed to extend his lead as he Australia's
edges closer to a third title. in
Australia's Richie Porte finished to
in tenth place which moves him up That
to fifth in the overall standing. Romain
That is good going. Frenchman now
Romain Bardet won the stage time Thank
now for weather. It is over to Deb. weather
Thank you, Pete and that wild the
weather that Jayne talks about in wind
the news some problems from the with
wind and in the ski fields in NSW take
with roofs blown off there. We will weekend.
take a look at your forecast this heading
weekend. Brisbane sunny skies today, heading to a warm day of

heading to a warm day of 29 degrees. Sydney
Tomorrow sunshine and a top of 22. hard
Sydney the wind is going to hit you forecast
hard today. 19 degrees your through
forecast top. The sun will come degrees
through to another day of nice 16 showers
degrees temperatures tomorrow. The today.
showers should ease in Melbourne today. 12 degrees your top and late Adelaide
showers expected tomorrow. In lot
Adelaide where the wind did cause a possible
lot of problems overnight, a degrees.
possible shower for you today, 13 tomorrow
degrees. Similar foe cast for you shower
tomorrow as well. And in Perth a of
shower or two today, reaching a top skies
of 16 degrees but partly cloudy degrees
skies tomorrow with another 16 degrees day.

degrees day.
skies tomorrow with another 16 reveals
degrees day.Coming up a new study a
reveals what you should do to live our
a longer life.And the latest from frightening
our global affairs expert after a Germany.
frightening mass shooting in

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Look out for the flying sharks! It bad
is the movie franchise that is so 'Sharknado'
bad it is addictively good. about
'Sharknado' is what we are talking even
about and this time it is back and After
even more ridiculous than ever. Sharknado
After five clears without a Residents
Sharknado attack, they are back. this
Residents and tourists are urged Go,
this time to get inside.Oh my God! viewers
Go, go, go.We will keep our emerge
viewers informed as more details event.
emerge of yet another catastrophic There
event.Looks like we have company. There is a Sharknado coming!

There is a Sharknado coming!Those brains
damn Sharknado!. Joins us the creative
brains behind the 'Sharknado' Levin.
creative scripts, writer Thunder going,
Levin. The series just keeps on is
going, doesn't it?Good morning, it we
is great to be with you again. Yeah, telling
we are still rolling. There is no And
telling what could stop a Sharknado. has
And I love the fact that the movie calling
has a bit of a nod to 'Star Wars' fourth
calling it the fourth return, the Star
fourth awakens.The fourth awakens. my
Star Worse has always been one of they
my favourite films so when I heard is
they wanted to call it that, that not?
is great.Why go a fourth time?Why keep
not?Why not? As long as people them.
keep watching we will keep making Well,
them.There will be a fifth?I hope. actually
Well, you know I hope so. I proposal
actually just submitted a story Wow.
proposal for the next three movies. go
Wow.So we will have to see if they interrupt,
go for it. As long as - sorry to studio
interrupt, when you go into the 'Sharknado'
studio and say I am going to do straightaway
'Sharknado' 4, is there a yes it
straightaway or do they think about decide
it for a bit?Well, I mean they and
decide that we are going to do it going
and then they tell me. It is not me Oh,
going in and suggesting it any more. ended
Oh, OK.We know that 'Sharknado' 3 the
ended with a cliff hanger regarding Reid.
the character April played by Tara are
Reid.Right theShe was killed we and
are not sure by falling wreckage and her return was left a lot in encouraging
the hands of fans. I know you were to
encouraging people with a hashtag survived
to decide themselves whether she I
survived or not. A bit of a spoiler, film.
I suppose she did if she is in the question
film.She is in the film but the and
question is how does she survive zombie?
and in what form.So she could be a she
zombie?There are many, many things he
she could be.Now we are the Hoff, part.
he is involved. Tell us about his

part.The Hoff is back play ing Fin Sheppard
Sheppard's father, Colonel Gilbert Busey
Sheppard and this time we are Gary Reid's
Busey playing April's father, Tara is
Reid's father. As always Sharknado to
is a big family affair.So you want Australia
to have a couple more films come to film
Australia and film it, you want to nuts,
film a movie about sharks going absolutely
nuts, you got to come here right?I Australia.
absolutely think we should come to Australia. I have been lobbying for

Australia. I have been lobbying for least
a long time for us to shoot at Sydney.
least part of a 'Sharknado' in to
Sydney. It seems perfectly obvious mini
to me.We have the sharks, we have havoc.
mini tornados.You could wreak film
havoc.And we have an excellent thanks
film business.Absolutely.Thunder, 'Sharknado'
thanks for speaking to us. on
'Sharknado' 4 Prem ayes on Foxtel waited
on 1 August. The fans will be Coming
waited with bated breath for that. global
Coming up the latest from our frightening
global affairs expert after a Germany.
frightening mass shooting in key
Germany.And we reveal one of the and
key ingredients to living a healthy Today.
and long life. Stay with us here on

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Returning to the unfolding state of least
emergency now in Germany where at in
least nine people have been killed in a shotting at a shopping centre affairs
in Munich. Bringing in our global Siracusa
affairs expert Professor Joseph from
Siracusa again. She joins us live here
from Melbourne. Joe, initial stages conclusions.
here we don't want to jump to developing
conclusions. Still a very much your
developing situation but what is Obama
your take on it so far?President attack.
Obama has called it a terrorist Pete,
attack. He sort of understands this. looking
Pete, what I have been doing is coming
looking at these Facebook messages disturbing
coming out of Germany and the most in
disturbing one was a woman who was with
in McDonalds, she was in the toilet out
with her kid while the shooter was said
out in the restaurant air and he children
said he shot point blank at is
children eating their dinner. This the
is just as bad as it gets. Always Facebook
the second story coming out on in
Facebook is that there was gun fire If
in the central business district. might
If it isn't just one shooter, it course
might be several shooters and of they
course Germany and France have - Lone
they tend to use cells rather than bigger
Lone Wolves, so I think this is a rolling
bigger story and I think it will be least
rolling out all weekend. We have at killed.
least probably nine or ten people has
killed. We don't know who else he shopping
has killed in an around that see
shopping centre. When we start to who
see who his victims were. The lady Muslim
who was in McDonalds who is a opened
Muslim said that just before he screamed,
opened fire on these children he screamed, "God is great" and as a going
Muslim she knew exactly what was footing
going on. I think we can stop pussy terrorist
footing about what kind of a children
terrorist attack this is. Killing if
children is a terrorist attack, but "government
if he is going to begin with looking
"government is great" we are attack.
looking at an Islamist terror because
attack.It is a terrorist attack therefore
because you areter facing people therefore it would be a terrorist

attack.I agree with you. -- God is attack
great.This is the second terrorist How
attack in Europe in the past week. Angela
How much pressure will this put on pressure
Angela Merkel?It will put enormous conference.
pressure on her. She is already in has
conference. The interior minister forces
has gone to Bavaria. The elite forces were called in. These elite September
forces were created after the black Israeli
September people killed those 11 village
Israeli athletes in the Munich shopping
village which is right where the Germany
shopping centre is today. So have
Germany is in full mood here. They have helicopters in the air. They over
have cops and special forces all quite
over the place and they are not They
quite sure who we are up against. thing.
They have done a very interesting social
thing. They have asked people on messages
social media not to post their they
messages or their pictures because their
they don't want to give away any of want
their operations and they don't want to scare any more people than scared
they have scared. I think they have off
scared a lot of people. Everyone is bothered
off the streets. What governmenth shots
bothered he were the multiple gun the
shots in the city and the fact that in
the guy had opened fire on children low
in McDonalds. I mean, that is as concerned.
low as it goes as far as I'm talking
concerned.Unbelievable that we are again.
talking about terror in Europe yet great
again. Professor Joseph Siracusa, always.
great to get your expertise as the
always. Thank you for joining us on have
the program today.Up next we will developing
have more details on that The
developing story out of Germany. does
The massive anti-terror operation controversial
does continue this morning.And Stephen
controversial sports scientist his
Stephen Dank is in hospital after his house was shot up in

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And you know what?
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specialist toothpastes in one. Check up. Worried? Nah.

Welcome back. Let's go to Germany emerged
where dramatic pictures have storming
emerged of the armed police in
storming the Olympia shopping mall went
in Munich after up to three gunmen are
went on a shooting rampage. There been
are reports up to ten people have attack
been confirmed dead in the horrific murdered
attack which saw innocent people the
murdered as they were walking along correspondent
the street. Nine's Europe more.
correspondent Amelia Ballinger has describing
more.Well, the police are page
describing this as a shooting ram although
page and as a terror attack, mainly
although at this stage that is nature
mainly because of the violent actually
nature of this incident. They don't yet.
actually know what the motive was, to
yet. The police said there are up are
to three perpetrators although we attackers
are hearing that one of the The
attackers may be among the dead. for
The police, though, still searching been
for anybody else who could have They
been involved in this incident. don't
They don't know who they are, they result
don't know where they are and as a in
result the city of Munich is still system
in lockdown. The public transport freeways
system has been shut down. The closed
freeways around the city have been strongly
closed and people are being very to
strongly urged to stay inside, not crowds
to be outside congregating in large situation
crowds until the police have this that
situation under control. We know local
that it started at about 6 o'clock there
local time at that McDonalds store there and we have seen that vision, man
that quite distressing vision of a man shooting bystanders outside time
that McDonalds store. Another this Europe
time of the year right around tourists
Europe of course lots and lots of we
tourists and in Munich this evening Australians
we have heard from plenty of this
Australians who have been there as a
this has been unfolding. Let's take tourists.
a listen to one of those Aussie tourists.For seemingly no reason

tourists.For seemingly no reason idea
everyone just started running, no people
idea why, and obviously you see other
people running, basically we had no back
other choice but to run. So we ran clambering
back to our hostel and everyone was clambering up the stairs to get locked
back into our rooms and we just suppose
locked the door. Yeah, that was I We
suppose a pretty scary experience. right
We are also getting reaction from from
right around the world. Leaders obviously
from all over the world people what
obviously shocked and distressed by evening.
what has happened in Munich this police
evening. The priority for the involved
police to locate thosover people course
involved in this attack and of have
course tend to those people who the
have been injured. Police are at scientist
the home of controversial sport grazed
scientist Stephen Dank after he was believed
grazed by a bullet overnight. It is with
believed Mr Dank was in his home shots
with one other person when several is
shots were fired into the house he Melbourne
is currently being treated at moil recovering
Melbourne Hospital. A paramedic is stabbed
recovering in hospital after being Queensland's
stabbed by a female patient on year-old
Queensland's Fraser Island. The 56- woman
year-old worker was showing the she
woman into an examination room when medication.
she produced a knife, demanding stabbed
medication. The paramedic was attacker
stabbed in the arm and stomach. His and
attacker is described as Caucasian look
and in her late 20s. Labor's new- Canberra
look frontbench will be unveiled in factional
Canberra today, one day after a Nine
factional showdown rocked the party. Croucher
Nine political reporter Charles us.
Croucher has all of the details for Jayne,
us. What big changes can we expect? quite
Jayne, the biggest change will come Tanya
quite close the top of the ticket, portfolio
Tanya Plibersek gets to choose her has
portfolio in the last thee years he and
has been handling foreign affairs borders
and now she is looking inside the will
borders and it is understood she portfolio,
will undertake the education portfolio, a

portfolio, a big portfolio, a
certainly one Labor will believe is she
a strength of theirs. That means opposite
she will go head to head with her dep
opposite number Julie Bishop as the against
dep liberal leader, she will go short
against Sam Birmingham. And Bilardi that
short short told the party room to
that he believes there is a big job government
to be done by them holding the will
government to account and there two
will be plenty to do over the next does
two or three years. Exactly who or
does what we will find out in two all
or three hours time.We will have Donald
all of the details later in the day. very
Donald Trump may have have been speech
very proud of his long-winded but
speech at the Republican Convention other
but his youngest son clearly had shotted
other thoughts. The 10-year-old was multiple
shotted trying not to fall asleep and
multiple times during the one hour I
and 15 minute ordeal.It was late! from
I feel you.There is the side eye side
from mum, Melania. She gives good weather
side eye. Let's have a look at your weather now with Deb.

Everyone is bright eyed and bushy morning.
tailed around Australia this Brisbane,
morning. Good morning to you today,
Brisbane, sunny zoos, and very warm today, 29

today, 29 degrees. Windy conditions Morning
in Sydney. A top of 19 degrees. reaching
Morning showers in Canberra, this
reaching 10. Melbourne some showers of
this morning, it should ease. A top 8
of 12 degrees today. Cool in Hobart, showers
8 degrees is your top. Possible 13
showers in Adelaide today, reaching expected.
13 degrees. In Perth some showers high.
expected. 16 degrees your forecast high. 21 and the cloud should clear Darwin
in Alice Springs. And of course in today.
Darwin it reaches 32 degrees mark problems
today. That wind that caused to
problems in Adelaide moving through about
to NSW, Pete, and a bit of snow well.
about in Hobart this weekend as Supposedly.
well.Winter is coming, is it? Supposedly. In some

Supposedly. In some parts. Thanks reveal
very much. Next up our guests longer
reveal the secret to living a and
longer life. It includes lawn bowls and all of that. That is coming

VOICE-OVER: Jane's no Olympian, but at Macca's she's
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Well, it is something that we all healthy
strive for, of course, a long and University
healthy life. New research from the that
University of Queensland suggests be
that the key to living longer can is
be found at your local club.That link
is good news. The study found a number
link between long life and the retirees.
number of club memberships held by Marshall
retirees. Nancy Hammond and James this
Marshall are glowing examples of let's
this and they join us now. Jimmy, been
let's start off with you. You have club,
been a member at your local golf sold
club, for how long?Since 2009. I and
sold my home in West Pennant Hills plat
and moved into Drummoyne into a of
plat there. So I have been a member prior
of the golf club for 7 years but Pennant
prior to that I was a member at years
Pennant Hills golf club for 33 member.
years from 1976.Long-standing a
member.How does being a member of lifestyle?
a club help your life and help your get
lifestyle?It gave me a reason to and
get out and about, enjoy fresh air sporting
and exercise, and that was just the But
sporting side of club membership. companionship
But the camaraderie and laughter
companionship and the jokes and the playing
laughter you had while you were 18th
playing golf. And then at the 9th - socialising
18th hole, that is when it really begins
socialising -That is when the fun good
begins then.You talk about all the Nancy,
good shots and the poor shots. a
Nancy, I know it is impolite to ask (LAUGHTER)
a woman's age but -Not for me. Tell 93
Tell us how old are you?I am 92, example
93 in October.You are tremendous # yourself,
example of good health. What about you
yourself, what club membership do a
youI long to Mortdale RSL and I am have
a member of the woman's auxiliary, done
have been for 60 years and have things,
done fund raising and lots of luncheons.
things, indoor bowls. Outings,

luncheons.A similar experience to are
Jimmy, it is the friendships that bowl
are crucial.Oh, yes, and I still lots
bowl outdoor bowls. I play Mahjong, and,
lots of things that the club has on, about.
and, yeah. You have to get out and the
about.Nancy, your dad was one of RSL
the founding members of Mortdale been
RSL club, so essentially you have majority
been a club member for a vast right.
majority of your life.That is does
right.So is it similar to Jimmy, laughing
does it help you stay active, course.
laughing with your comrades?Of in
course. You need to have a purpose Socialising.
in life and that has been mine. Yes.
Socialising.And helping others. welfare.
Yes. Fund raising for the RSL others
welfare.Because you are helping yours
others out, obviously not just social
yours in all of this. You are being raising
social but you are also fund terms
raising as you mentioned. Jimmy, in memberships,
terms of the amount of club golf,
memberships, you talked about the clubs
golf, but you are a member of other first
clubs as well?Yeah, in fact my first club membership was in

first club membership was in right.
Scotland in Truyen, that is exactly but
right. That was an exclusive club where
but I was in the town local club courses
where you had a choice of three -
courses all for the princely sum of the
-Is this your original --This is club
the original £3, the original golf got
club ticket. How wonderful. Has it address.
got your card?My number and play
address.15 my, 1959. Not valid to reckon
play on Sundays.That's right.They on
reckon all the Scots bent to church visitors
on Sunday. That allowed the As
visitors to come up from Glasgow. of
As a Scots man was there a tip will licensed
of whiskey?Our club wasn't now?
licensed in Scotland.What about Well
now?Oh, I suppose well licensed. shining
Well used as well.You are both important
shining examples of why it is so Thank
important to have club membership. has
Thank you so much for coming in.It wonderful.
has been a pleasure.It is are.
wonderful. Aren't they great?They explore
are.Up next we are going to historic
explore incredible Cusco. It is the It
historic capital of the Inca empire. It is quite

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VOICE-OVER: This is not
just another day on the tools.

Not just another site inspection.

Destination - new home site.

Not just another concrete slab.

Not just another workhorse. This is the smarter Ranger, and this is
the 2015 Ute of the Year.

It is the awe-inspiring ancient civilisevation
they formed the heart of the Inca But
civilisevation high up in the Andes. hub
But now Cusco is the archaeological in
hub and one of the must-see places shows
in South America. David Whitehill this?
shows us why.How brilliant is hotel
this? You walk straight out of your hotel and there is

hotel and there is a llama and quite
alpaca here to meet you. It is of
quite a welcome to the ancient city journey
of Cusco. As we continue our The
journey through Peru with Screenic. the
The city was once the capital of 500
the Inca civilisation. But around aconquering.
500 years ago the Spanish came colonial
aconquering. Giving Cusco its is
colonial influence. The city centre everywhere
is now listed as World Heritage and reminders
everywhere you look there is One
reminders of its amazing history. options
One of your Screenic free choice energetic
options is a visit to the very who
energetic central markets. Magel Cusco
who is an executive chef here in this
Cusco is my tour guide.What is the
this section here?This section is the frog soup.Frog soup?Yes.From you
the bizarre to the necessities.If lot
you eat a lot you can have like a will
lot of children, right.I think I where
will have four packets.This is is
where the locals come to shop.What What
is in here? Oh, that really smells. mariah,
What is in here frogs?Frogs and trout.
mariah,Some cornSome corn and trout. That is all. Usually -I Yeah,
will have a little bit.Little bit. trusting
Yeah, don't get that. I'm not Apart
trusting you any more. Pf culture
Apart from the soup, the food around
culture here in Peru is famous highlights.
around the world. One of the give
highlights. So Magel and the team give me a quick 101 on making

give me a quick 101 on making the here
national dish. Your hotel while you treasures.
here with Scenic is one of Cusco's heart
treasures. The hotel is in the was
heart of the historic centre and it 200
was used as a monastry for nearly this
200 years.All that history aside, hotels
this is one of the most beautiful is
hotels I have ever seen.The hotel and
is famous for its beautiful chapel work.
and priceless collection of art

work.I just find it really think
interesting that so many travellers Machu
think of Cusco as a gateway to But
Machu Picchu or the Sacred Valley. time
But if you spend a little bit of a
time here you will realise this is own.
a really special place, all on its experience
own.It is an amazing city. You can America
experience the wonder of South Scenic's
America in five-star deluxry on tour.
Scenic's 19 day Peru discoachry of
tour.Enjoy the Peruvian highlights Lake
of Cusco, and the Sacred Valley, visiting
Lake Titicaca in Puno, as well as capital
visiting the country's cultural capital Trujillo, the colonial city Canyon
of Arequipa and incredible Colca return
CanyonSo book now for included The
return flights to South America. they
The offers are strictly limited and visit
they will sell out.Call 131828 or information.
visit for more Sfwlf with
Sfwlf stay with us, we will be back Munich.
with some more breaking news from

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Welcome back. We just want to bring Germany
you some breaking news out of just
Germany where local police have behind
just given an update on the shooter in
behind that suspected terror attack there
in Munich. Authorities now believe and
there was only one gunman involved The
and that he has taken his own life. lives
The attack has so far claimed the horrifying
lives of at least ten people. Just this
horrifying scenes there in Munich of
this morning.I think as the course lockdown
of the day continues we knee the Munich.
lockdown is in place still in down,
Munich. The Metro has been shut told
down, pretty much everyone has been until
told to go indoors and stay there until the situation

until the situation has been will
stabilised. I think the information will get a lot clearer which we 6.
will bring in no tonight's news at 6.It may well

6.It may well be a coincidence but that
it happened five years to the day his
that Anders Behring Breivik wept on 77
his terror attack where he killed information
77 people in Oslo. All the bit
information to come. It has been a really.
bit of an obsession for all of us, of
really. Three years since the birth he
of his Royal cuteness Prince George, growing
he is such a lovely little boy, pictures
growing up from those first Marys
pictures we saw of him from the St that
Marys wing at the Lindo wing, and she
that very cute little puppy Lupo she feeding ice cream to.

she feeding ice cream to.Three taken
years old yesterday.They were Not
taken at his family home in Norfolk. wonderful
Not by Katherine, but that is a into
wonderful capture of him growing up Tomorrow
into a very cute little boy. interesting
Tomorrow on Today, a really

again.Looking at bacon and how to doll.
get a good night sleep with a new the
doll. Plenty to look forward to on of
the show tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. See you then.

Good morning, so glad you could Fanning's
join us, ahead on Today extra. Mick Bay.
Fanning's triumphant return to J- superstar
Bay. Our interview with the of
superstar pro surfer off the back Australia's
of his very big win and one of personalities
Australia's most loved milestone,
personalities celebrates a mighty 18.
milestone, Bindi Irwin is turning that
18. She will share the details of sweetie
that huge celebrationDarling osteoporosis,
sweetie they are back.Patsy has density
osteoporosis, the lowest bone done
density on record.Cheers, well with
done darling.Sam Rubin sits down Saunders
with Joanna Lumley and Jennifer bullies,
Saunders fighting back against be
bullies, why taking a stand could secrets
be your child's best defence.Plus Elaine,
secrets from the set of Seinfeld. Stella.
Elaine, this is my aunt Stella. stage
Stella. Stella!We expose the back down
stage drama that almost brought Grab
down the world's most famous sitcom. famous
Grab your iPhone, she has the most the
famous voice in the world. We meet personal
the Queensland woman behind apple's personal assistant Siri, they were stars
the skivvy wearing fab four rock wiggles
stars to toddlers, the original for
wiggles are getting back together started
for a very special gig.They cockroaches,
started their careers as the like
cockroaches, a rock band with hits is
like 'permanently single' and 'she let's
is the one'(SONG) # Hey let's go from
let's go...In in 1991 they went preschoolers
from the pub crowd to the Wiggles,
preschoolers transforming into The biggest
Wiggles, arguably Australia's world's
biggest musical export and the band.
world's most popular children's have
band. 25 years on the members may Now
have chaungd but the music hasn't. back
Now the original gang are getting only
back together for a special adults oh...
only show.I don't believe it oh even
oh...Adults only. What does that taking
even mean, the reunion gig is September
taking place in Melbourne and here.
September we have Jeff and Murray together,
here. You are getting the gang for
together, wiggles stuff is usually the
for kids now you are doing it for approached
the adults who were kids?We get coming
approached in the streets people were
coming up to us, 20 somethings you childhood.
were are legend, you were my would
childhood. Anthony had an idea we love
would do a show for them rg they the
love it.You dressed like this with version
the skivvies on.The adults only looking
version of The Wiggles. Are we entertainment.
looking forward to this type of asked
entertainment.I'm Mr Wardrobe, you (SONG)
asked for costumes, I've got them. #
(SONG) # I've got an outfit for you

(SONG) # Just not enough oh baby # Do
I think it's sexy with that music. that
Do you?No. No-one has ever said fans
that about me. In all seriousness are
fans are excited. Lots of people Wow,
are skal pg these tickets. $1200. when
Wow, they told out in 15 minutes could
when they went on sale. Like...You you
could do arenas a day on the greens, know.
you could rake it in.You never call
know. The I'd whys go around.Let's they
call them the newer wiggles, how do jealousy,
they feel about this? Is there

interesting story for you.Bacon