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(generated from captions) to the mountains this weekend.
perfect timing for those heading

over Saturday and Sunday,
Up to 30cm forecast

for Monday too.
and another good dumping forecast

Across the rest of the state

in temperatures in the south -
we'll see a dramatic drop

in Albury and Wagga Wagga.
a top of just 11 degrees

about the southern slopes.
Morning showers most likely

on the north coast.
Remaining warm

Here in Sydney,

in the morning.
we could see a possible shower

in the morning
The winds due to peak

westerly winds pushes through.
as a burst of colder

Lots of sunshine, though,

seven degrees colder than today.
with the city about

an early shower or two and windy.
In our west,

to average,
Temperatures diving back down

reaching around 18 or 19 degrees.

to drop off -
And the mercury will continue

but mostly sunny,
a top of 16 on Sunday,

on Monday.
before some more windy weather

is here to stay in our west.
And the cooler weather

and some chilly nights coming up,
Fine and 15 on Sunday and Monday,

on Sunday morning.
plunging to three degrees

Winter is back, Georgie.

for this Friday.
That is Nine News

with 'A Current Affair'.
Leila McKinnon is up next

with 'A Current Affair'.
Leila McKinnon is up next

Thanks for being with us.
I'm Georgie Gardner.

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This program will be captioned Tonight, the beer garden body slam. on a publican's car.
A man's bizarre attack Plus, Westfield stalker. and their creepy shadow.
The frightened women chronic pain.
And Michael Clarke's turned his life around.
How the cricket superstar Hello, I'm Leila McKinnon. Welcome to A Current Affair. Great to be with you. Those stories soon. First, we've all heard of rage,

but this is something else. the extraordinary vision of a man
Tonight, a human battering ram
who turned himself into and attacked a publican's car. is demanding justice.
Now the angry pub owner see it happeneing,
Until you actually you wouldn't believe it. is absolutely crazy.
Look, his behaviour attack on a defenceless car.
It's the bizarre and brutal

out of control.
He was just completely what he was doing.
He jusr did not know which was parked in the car park
Paul Baxter owns the car in North Queensland.
at the pub he owns in Mackay all that damage
To think a body has done or something.
without a stick or a rock It's onto its roof.
It's like the car's rolled over. It's just completely wrecked. which overlooks the car park
Paul says he was in his office when he heard a noise. somebody bashing on something,
I heard this loud commotion like so I looked out the window just going mad on my car -
and I could see this guy about two metres up in the air.
doing flips, jumping and he just never stopped
Doing flips and coming down and going and going,
and he just kept going the door and the window
So I started to bash and yelling out to him completely ignored me.
and he just straight to the pub
The way he's gone surrounds
and no regard for his local and then onto the car, I think there's a fair chance of Pokemon.
he's under the influence Radio commentator Terry Hanson for what he's doing.
can't see a logical reason You can see at one point a ball trying to catch it
he actually folds himself into of the car and he's kicking it.
and then he gets around the side a Pikachu is inside that car.
I wouldn't mind betting that So, you know, fair call. I opened the door up
In the end, little verandah and I said,
and came out onto the you know."
"You better stop this, up the laneway into Wood Street
Then he ran off and ran saw of him
and that was the last I the police.
and that's when we phoned on breaking the windows.
The car-basher seemed hell-bent 15m to 20m from the car
He was coming back about and putting his foot up
and just running at the car all the side windows.
and just trying to break very, very sturdy glass
Luckily, they must be out of these days
that they make the windows but if it had've broke,
and they would not break, his leg would've went in his leg to pieces,
and it just would've tore very, very lucky for him
so it was that the windows didn't break. But he did manage to smash in and back windscreens
both the front and clearly injured himself. he didn't kill himself,
It's lucky in the air and coming down.
the way he was flipping the car and hit the concrete.
A couple of times he missed done himself some bad damage
He could have really walked away, to be quite honest,
but I don't know how he he must be badly injured.
because he must be badly cut, to try and stop him
Paul says he didn't want anyone out of control.
becuase he was clealy down there and try and stop him
Well, I was in two minds to go "No, if I go down there,
but then I thought, really badly hurt.
"somebody's going to get really, right above the car,
"Stay away, there's a camera what he's got to do
"so let him do after that."
and we'll see what happens that's for sure,
Bit of a thrillseeker, possibly with a trade. maybe an insurance salesman,
Maybe a panel beater or towards tradesman
but I'm steering as a complete tool.
because he comes across the hotel, didn't order a drink.
Paul says the guy walked into to the beer garden
Instead, he walked out the back landing on Paul's car bonnet.
and climbed over a wall, It doesn't make me angry, more than angry.
it makes me concerned there's somebody out there
I'm concerned whether from the hotel at some time
who I might have barred and paid this guy to do it, he's done it off his own bat.
or he's just on drugs and was calling the cops
Paul says the hardest part what was happening.
and getting them to understand just wrecked me car",
You say, "well somebody's "but how did he wreck your car?" to explain, you know,
You know, you're trying and doing front flips
the guy's doing backflips and just kicking.
and coming down "Is anyone injured?" they're worried about.
That's all "Is anyone injured?" but the car is.
No-one's injured, looking for that car attacker.
And Police tell us they're still pregnant women
Now, the man stalking in a busy suburban Westfield. for the man
Tonight, police are searching came forward
after frightened shoppers with their worrying stories. Creepy, deviant, suspicious. to stalk pregnant women
He's there specifically 'cause who knows what else
and it's very scary he's capable of? waiting and following.
Watching, Yeah, he was stalking me the very back aisles of Big W
and waited till I was in and there was no-one around.
where it was very secluded There's a creepy fiend our suburban shopping centres.
lurking around family-friendly chain stores,
He's going to the main like Big W, Target. The more I thought about it, it was creepy and predatory
the more I realised I felt.
and the more uncomfortable was walking around Big W
New mum Simone Krause fixated by her pregnant belly.
when she noticed a man my stomach and I said, "yes"
He asked if he could touch and then he bent down with my stomach
and got sort of head-level and it was quite sexual
and started kissing it really comfortable.
and it made me feel take a photo of me
And he asked if he could and I said, "no", comfortable with it,
because I wasn't really and he just did it anyway. found the same suspect
Expectant mum Jennifer Price lurking around her on Wednesday, Westfield Southland,
also in Melbourne's this time in Target. blatant disregard
He had just other people around,
for the face that there were he was being seen,
didn't care that from over shelving units,
just looking at me and things like that.
going in between aisles Just sort of following me. a concerned staff member
She says that's when walked over. for coming in
He was sort of known women's bellies,
and asking to touch kiss their bellies, taking photos.
things like that, you're that pregnant,
Especially when you feel vulnerable as it is. or protect yourself.
You can't run away You feel quite vulnerable, on that vulnerability,
and for someone to prey it does make you feel sick. suburban shopping centre creep
We're told that this to staff and security.
is well known on a daily basis.
He may even come here on social media
Since Jennifer posted about her experience, come forward with similar tales.
several other women ten women
There is like nine women now,

and no one has said anything. It's such a big shopping centre. I think it's disgusting. everywhere.
Women should feel safe shopping
Pregnant women should feel safe about, you know, strange men.
and shouldn't worry and I cannot believe
It's my local shopping area would be happening here.
that something like that about this suspicious character?
So what do we know with dark hair
It's believed he's in his 30s, and of Caucasian appearance. he was wearing tradie gear
Some of the women say and black beanie.
including a high vis shirt and, if I had known,
He is stalking women I would have reported it sooner. he was doing his shopping
I thought it was just a one-off, and saw the opportunity
and saw me but he's there to stalk women. been impacted by crime
Police are urging anyone who has or seen suspicious behaviour, on social media
not just to post it but to report it to authorities. Just report it. it's not worth it.
Report any suspicious behaviour, of your surroundings
Just be aware and don't be afraid to scream.
and who is around they can't comment
Late today, Westfield told us because it's now a police matter. Throughout his glittering career, lived in chronic pain.
cricket star Michael Clarke On his bad days, his shoes and socks.
Michael struggled to put on he's finally found relief.
Now in retirement, with Sarah Stewart.
Michael Clarke shared his secrets Yeah, that's right, Leila. for Michael.
It's been a long and painful road literally worked wonders for him.
But a new exercise program has achieved it all
And Michael Clarke's in sight.
without a pill or potion of your life.
It effects every part to get out of bed.
There are days you don't want A burning sensation like a knife of my back.
stabbing down the right side it's not going to go away.
It's chronic pain, I've got to keep managing it. ended Michael Clarke's career
It's the injury that could have before it even began - Crippling, chronic back pain. in three of my disks
I had degeneration in my lower back. The former Australian captain, 17 years of age.
diagnosed at just that it could never be fixed,
Doctors said there's no cure, for the rest of this life.
just managed They told me, as a career
"with what you are doing your body,
"and the way you are treating like any degeneration,
"it's only, only going to get worse".
"it's probably than others.
Some days were tougher the pain was extreme -
During a flare up, down his leg, back and foot. of cortisone injections,
I had a number epidurals.
local anesthetic injections, of medication
I tried different types to get rid of the pain. he had physio morning and night.
While wearing the baggy green, It did help, make it through a match
but some days he couldn't during the lunch break.
without treatment There were certainly days on the field
where Kyly would see me knowing what I was like to walking out onto the field
in the lead-up with her fingers crossed,
and would sit there didn't break
hoping that something worse damage to my back.
or that I didn't do Mornings were always the worst - his back so stiff, with the simplest of tasks.
wife Kyly often had to help him and have to hold on to the wall
I would get out of bed to put my shoes and socks on.
and ask my wife I couldn't bend down. is putting my socks on,
On that same day my wife, Kyly, for Australia.
I had to go and bat But as bad as it got, from the rest of the world,
Clarke hid his pain especially fellow cricketers. to give the opposition a target
As captain, he also didn't want it was all about image.
and in the early days in the team,
I think the older players especially when you are young, a winger, a sook, a complainer,
can you, you know, you can be so I bit my tongue. improved dramatically -
Since retiring, things have his body under so much strain -
maybe because he's not putting but Clarke firmly believes better management methods,
he's also found based around strength,
including a new training program mobility and flexibility. like a whole new world.
The last four months has felt stiffness in my back at all.
I don't have any limited mobility
I don't have my shoes and socks on.
in regards to putting And it's become a family affair. now train side by side.
He and wife Kyly and Kyly is training with me,
If I train in the morning we'll take our daughter. in our house,
We have got a gym downstairs down there.
so we'll take our daughter for so long,
After hiding his agony now talking frankly and openly
the 35-year-old is another leadership role
as he takes on ambassador.
as a national pain management it's invisible.
You can't see chronic pain, Next week is National Pain Week will inspire others
and Clarke hopes his honesty to talk to their families doesn't have to stop you
and realise chronic pain living your life. with chronic pain
I don't believe if you suffer doing anything.
that it should stop you Up until a tour of India before I retired,
about two years for Australia.
I hadn't missed a test match talk about your achievements
And a lot of people through your career. my greatest achievement,
That was and only missed one
that I played 115 test matches due to my back injury. more than three million Aussies
Michael Clarke is just one of living with chronic pain. cause marriage breakdowns,
It can affect your mental health, even make it hard to find a job. one of the best things you can do
But doctors say is talk about it. growing medical problem
Chronic pain is the fastest and the western world.
in Australia Chronic Pain Australia,
Dr Coralie Wales, president of to managing ongoing pain
says the first step what's causing it.
is to understand a medical explanation.
It won't be necessarily

had trauma,
It may be that you've and the immune system
that the nervous system to interact together.
have started

After finding the cause, what treatment
you have to work out is right for you. may suffer a similar pain,
Even though two people the way each person responds or exercise will be different.
to things like medication everyone do
The one thing doctors recommend is talk to their family. and how they can help.
Tell them how you feel If a family believes should be over it by now,
that the person then often what happens part of the problem.
is the family becomes started when she was just 11.
Petrea King's chronic pain in one year
She grew 23 centimetres and it deranged her bone growth. to live with chronic pain.
It's very tiring It saps your energy. I can't sit for too long,
I can't stand for too long, I can't walk for too far. of taking medication,
Petrea says after years winning the battle of the mind
it was meditation and that helped the most. "are you in pain?"
Sometimes when people ask, your head snapped off
you may get "well, of course,
because it's like, "I'm in chronic pain." Make that inner journey. of the Quest for life Foundation
Petrea is also the founder in Bundanoon.
which runs a wellness centre some amazing results.
She claims to have seen who have attended our retreats,
In the people back at work,
many of them are now they're out of wheel chairs, and eata meal at the table
they're able to sit up in order to eat.
instead of lying down people living with nerve pain
A recent study found is one of many
Rhiannon Bannenberg who struggles at night. during the day,
When you're out and about by lots of different things
I can be distracted and I can take my mind off it, in bed,
but when I am lying there all I can think about
pretty much very hard to fall asleep.
is how I feel and it's falling asleep -
And it's not just to stay asleep.
she also finds it difficult Rhiannon has been battling
It's a problem 13 years ago.
since she fell off her horse I have neuropathic pain. that radiates out from my spine
It's an aching, burning pain by nausea.
and it's also accompanied yoga and swimming
The 26-year-old says meditation, all help manage her pain. Most people think chronic pain that largely affects the elderly,
is a condition the number of younger sufferers
But doctors say is growing.
like Rhiannon and Michael Clarke to drag you down
Chronic pain just wants and, if you let it, for that to happen.
it's very easy still be tough days ahead,
Michael knows there will to do is stay positive.
But the most important thing worse off than you.
There is always someone yourself of that consistently,
I think if you remind you'll be surprised a way to get out of bed,
how you do find for a walk in the morning
you do find a way to go the life you want to live.
and you do find a way to live a happy family life
So with his back feeling better, back in the belly,
and a passion for cricket for Michael Clarke.
you have to wonder what's next are you coming back?
I have to ask, to international cricket.
I'm definitely not coming back this summer
in the western suburbs in regards to TWENTY/20.
and then I'll look at options begins on Monday.
And National Pain Week Details are on our website.

A Current Affair -
After the break on making learning fun for children.
the computer literacy program Kids can work at their own pace,

Kids can work at their own pace, they need help in.
really focus on those areas

Welcome back. for kids
It's the literacy program that's as easy as ABC. where children and their parents
A computer game create as many words as they can. Take a look at this. makes learning fun.
LiteracyPlanet Woo! Kids can work at their own pace,

Kids can work at their own pace, that they need that help in.
really focus on those areas They're playing a game that they're learning.
and they don't realise want the kids to stop playing.
It's the computer game you won't improve literacy and spelling
'Word Mania' is designed to in students in years 1 to 9. players will be able compete
And from next month, for their school.
for more than $100,000 in prizes getting kids engaged at times
Teachers have a tough job and so what we try to do in the classroom
is support what they're doing by having these fun activities and play by themselves
that they would normally go home learning involved
but where we've got in those fun activities. of LiteracyPlanet,
Adam McArthur is the CEO 'Word Mania',
the website that hosts educational games.
along with thousands of other is an investor.
The Nine Entertainment Company significantly,
Spelling's improving their understanding of literacy increases
and their overall confidence LiteracyPlanet.
as part of using have three minutes
'Word Mania' players as they can from 15 letters.
to create as many words While simple, and their parents.
it's a hit with both kids and do it on the weekends
Kids can come home from school it's no problem.
or after school, we're good to go.
So as long as we've got WiFi, kids play it, they'll learn.
It's really, really fun and if 'cause it helps me do my words.
I like LiteracyPlanet learn a lot.
It's fun and it helps me who use it at home to practice.
like Elsa and Jophy Boby, LiteracyPlanet
The best thing about in my grades, like, everything.
is that I get 10 out of 10 by themselves
They feel very proud and they are making us proud. keeps them engaged,
I like that it to keep going
that they want each week after week.
and bettering their score on that program,
For more information visit our website.

A Current Affair.
Stay with us on after the break.
We'll be back with more

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Next week - doing hard time.
the Aussie TV star

swapped prime time
We expose the TV star who just

for jail time. this network heavyweight do
So what did to end up behind bars? on the box?
And when will you stop seeing him only on A Current Affair
That special report Monday, in the chair.
when Tracy will be back have a great weekend.
I'm Leila McKinnon, Good night.
See you soon.
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It wasn't that long ago when we stand
barely noticed a winger. They'd Not
stand out wide and catch a cold. down
Not any more.Oates is sprinting left
down the left side.On the Broncos Here
left flank stands a lethal weapon: for
Here is Oates, striding out. Try 106kgs,
for Corey Oates.Six foot three, blink
106kgs, runs the hundred in the in,
blink of an eye.Corey Oates goes corner!
in, gets it away. Mansour in the good
corner!The Panthers, they have a to
good one to match.He gives it away field
to Mansour. He will get back in the up
field of play. Go the Sauce.Laps yards.
up the tough stuff, makes the hard through
yards.And they've gone over wingmen
through Mansour.It ain't just the Turns
wingmen that can find the stride. he's
Turns them inside. Jimmy the jet, Origin
he's off for the takeoff.With these
Origin over, Brisbane is back. But reputation.
these Panthers care little for Friday
reputation. We're at Suncorp for a is
Friday night match-up where attack versus
is set to shine. It's the Broncos on
versus the Panthers. Live and free 'Wide
on the home of rugby league, Nine's 'Wide World of Sports'.

Welcome to your VB Friday Night moves
Football as the Men of League round for
moves south to Queensland's capital This
for the Broncos and the Panthers. Brisbane
This is the 50th match-up between to
Brisbane and Penrith and promises to be one of the closest encounters and
to date. A very good evening to you Stadium.
and a warm welcome to Suncorp Lewis,
Stadium. Hello to our experts Wally Johns.
Lewis, Darren Lockyer and Andrew moment,
Johns. We are post Origin at the of
moment, but there is still plenty tonight.
of interstate flavour through Boyd
tonight. We have got the fullbacks, Mansour
Boyd and Moylan, and our wingers seven
Mansour and Oates. Now that we're what
seven weeks out from the finals, club
what do these guys bring back to bring
club land?Well, Matt Moylan will playing
bring a lot of confidence from five-eighth
playing Origin. He played a bit of Darius
five-eighth and he played well. Brisbane,
Darius Boyd had so much for also.
Brisbane, plays like a five-eighth match-up
also. I'm looking forward to the Oates,
match-up of the wingman, Corey tackle.
Oates, looks like a nightmare to last
tackle. On the other side, Mansour work
last week, he was amazing. How much metres
work he got through and how many from
metres he acquired with his runs extra
from dummy half, he is like an look
extra forward too. There he is, be
look at the size of him. He would know
be a nightmare to tackle. Don't is
know - where would you hit him?He used
is pretty tall. I don't know. You pretty
used to put guys down like that Where
pretty quick. Wasn't my forte. hold
Where would you go?Just go low and big
hold on. When he runs he gets that impossible
big lean forward and he looks a
impossible to tackle.It is almost you
a suggestion that the best thing and
you can do is possibly come side on anywhere
and get as low as possible, ankles
anywhere between the knees and board.
ankles but also got a good fend on the
board.He has the lean, leans into pumping
the defenders and just keeps he
pumping his legs. You watch tonight, makes
he will gain an extra 10m once he Brad
makes contact.Let's head down to is
Brad Fittler for this evening who am,
is with a very special guest.Sure you?
am, got Matt Gillett here. How are That
you?Very well, mate, how are you? mic
That was a bit - you got your own good.
mic there. Excited about that?All feel?
good.How was Origin? How do you year,
feel?It was good. Busy time of back
year, as you know. Just good to be the
back here now at our club. Get into know,
the routine of club footy now, you season:
know, focus on the end of the last
season:You injured yourself in the Tried
last game. How did you do that? off
Tried to tackle big Fifita and came problem
off second best. Got a tendon back
problem at the moment. Hopefully be pretty
back next week. It is feeling pretty good:You watched the game Sydney,
last week. The boys played South hard
Sydney, quite convincing.It was the
hard to watch. You become a fan on think
the sideline, but, you know, I forward
think we took the right step better
forward and our halves played a lot which
better football game last week we
which usually when they play good, Hopefully
we end up winning the game. that
Hopefully tonight they can repeat that effort.It is a bit of a thing the
that sits over the Broncos during your
the State of Origin. Can you put have
your finger on it, why you don't I
have much luck during that period? before,
I I'm not too sure. As I said coming
before, you are in and out of camp, what
coming back, you are not too sure and
what is happening around the pub be
and that sort of stuff. Sit good to us
be back now. It is a busy time for of
us as the Broncos club, that time players
of year, with so many, you know, Like
players involved with rep footy. Like I said before, it is good to the
be back and head home at the end of turn
the season.Who do you expect to out?
turn it on tonight? Anyone stood yeah.
out?Mills turned on something, is
yeah. Been telling me all week he that
is going to. Hope he can produce that tonight.Last time he said turned
that it was against Manly and he goes
turned it on.Hopefully tonight he what
goes again.What about the Panthers, this
what do you make of the Panthers real
this year?I think they're going a
real well, mate. Obviously they are hanging
a bit of a younger side. They are down
hanging around in games and got us one
down there last time we played by convincingly
one point. We were up quite beat
convincingly and they come back and tonight,
beat us. I expect no different being
tonight, they come out firing and year,
being a full 80 minute effort.Last seconds
year, it was 5-4 with about 30 bell.
seconds do go. You scored on the scored
bell. Remember that?Big Oatesy Came
scored that try in the back row. Came on for about 10 minutes and we?
scored that try. Hey, boys, how are Broncos
we?I get a bit nervous around the hearted
Broncos boys. They are very light the
hearted before a game.I walked in of
the shed before, they all had a bit It
of a smile and that relaxed feeling. they
It was good to see. Hopefully when ready
they come out here, they switch on secret
ready to go.Is that part of the relaxed?
secret for this team, to be Taking
relaxed?Yeah, I think it is, mate. are
Taking things too seriously, you Clearing
are obviously overthinking stuff. for
Clearing their minds, the better Broncos
for them on the paddock.Wish the you
Broncos fans, I am sure they wish hopefully
you were out here tonight. Cheer on, see
hopefully we see you soon.Thanks, Thank
see you, mate.Back to you, Yvonne. Gillett
Thank you and thank you to mat obviously
Gillett dplet for joining us. He of
obviously gets through a mountain pretty
of workload. The Panthers played will
pretty unstructured football. How Bennett
will they go up against the Wayne much
Bennett coached Broncos who pretty the
much stick to a game plan?Kint see different
the Panthers doing too much different than the normal pattern in
of play. So much strength is there position.
in the forwards to get great field that
position. They certainly have done Then
that time after time after time. players
Then they've got a couple of good at
players in the halves there, look Cartwright,
at Cleary and karth Wright. powerful
Cartwright, he is one who is a very him
powerful ball runner when you line they
him up against Anthony Milford, measure
they don't exactly look likely to Boat
measure each other all that much. Boat very talented players. been
Cartwright, though, I think he has on
been the inspiration for the team fall
on so many occasions when they just get
fall a little bit flat. They will their
get the field position through aren't
their forwards, but sometimes they plays
aren't able to come up with the couple
plays in the back line. They have a that.
couple of guys there that can do expecting
that.As we heard, the Broncos something
expecting Anthony Milford to turn something on

Well, coming up we hear from both Bennett
coaches, including Brisbane's Wayne years
Bennett and the man who spent four Broncos,
years at the helm here at the This
Broncos, Penrith's Anthony Griffin. live
This is VB Friday Night Football,