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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - the search for missing flight MH370 to be suspended if the plane isn't found by December.We remain hopeful that the aircraft will be located. However should this not occur we have agreed today to suspend the search.Donald Trump officially accepts the Republican Presidential nomination promising to restore safety in the United States. Privacy concerns over the data gathered for this year's census. And the Brumbies battle it out against the Highlanders at the Super Rugby quarterfinals. Hello, this is ABC News. Transport Ministers from Australia, Malaysia and China have confirmed that the search for missing flight MH370 will be suspended once their current sweep in the Indian ocean floor is complete. For more than two years, eight nations have been hunting for the plane's wreckage. Of the 120,000 square kilometre area identified as the most likely crash site, there's less than 10,000 square kilometre left to search. By the time it ends it's estimated the search will have cost $180 million. The relentless winter swells of the southern Indian ocean have delayed the final effort to find MH370. The search will resume when the seas calm in October. But after that, it's over.Australia, China and Malaysia have collectively decided to suspend the search upon the completion of the 120,000 square kilometres search area.In the absence of credible new evidence to ASIS in identifying the specific location of the aircraft a further search is not currently viable.It's another blow to the families of 239 passengers and crew who have endured misinformation, speculation and false hope for more than two years. The Boeing-777 inexplicably vanished from radar in March 2014 enroute to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. The delays and lack of information in the days after the flight disappeared caused anger and anguish among relatives. The searches have found old ship wrecks on the ocean bed but no plane. Several pieces of the plane have washed up far apart from each other.The locations of the debris is consistent with the...The focus of the last two years has been on where the plane went down after it left here. But the bigger mystery is why MH370 crashed. Was it an accident, terrorism, a rogue pilot? It now looks like we may nef now. We all want to find answers to the questions about what happened to MH370 breakaway we all want to locate the aircraft.90% of the search area has been soured by sonar. The final effort should be completed by the end of the year. Donald Trump has officially accepted the Republican Presidential nomination with a promise to get tough on crime and illegal immigration. To chat of USA Mr Trump told supporters that he would rip up unfair trade agreements and put America first. It's Donald Trump's party now. A year ago he was a joke. Now he's leading the Republicans to the White House. Or that's the plan.I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States.It's been a rough convention and there's still division both in senior ranks and the rank and file.I think we're about to nominate a man who is not fit to be President, not fit to be the nominee, I think he will do very bad things for our country. But the Trump train has moved on. He's in campaign mode. . I have visited the laid off factory workers, these are the forgotten men and women of our country. These are people who work hard but no longer have a voice. I am your voice. His voice resonates with those looking for something new and he's tapping fear, promising law and order and immigration reform. All of the people telling you you can't have the country you want are the same people that wouldn't stand, I mean, they said Trump doesn't have a chance of being here tonight, not a chance. The same people. We love defeating those people, don't we?Hillary Clinton responded on Twitter. We're better than this. But it will be a tough fight.My father is a fighter. I have seep him fight for his company and now I am seeing him fight for our country.It's been a chaotic party but now that the real work begins it's going to be about more than balloon and confetti. Donald Trump's opponents want substance, tonight though he can celebrate because despite all the opposition, he is now the Republican nominee to be the President of the United States.I think he's going to be the best thing that's happened to this country in a really long time. We're going to make America great again.It was wonderful. It was the best speech he's ever done. Americans will vote in November, so soon the real contest will begin. My opponent asks her supporters to recite a three word loyalty pledge. It reads "I'm with her. " I choose to recite a different pledge. My pledge reading, "I'm with you the American...But are they with him? And shortly we'll cross live to Zoe Daniel in Cleveland. Still to come, scientistsmake an important breakthrough that could ensure kidney transplants last longer. Plus, Brazilian police arrest ten people accused of planning terrorist attacks during the Rio Olympics. And big changes on the way for netball, with the new national competition to launch in Australia next year. Bill Shorten is expanding his frontbench in an attempt to quell a factional dispute. Labor is putting 32 people in its shadow ministry. A couple of them will be paid backbencher's salaries despite their added work loads. The spoils of defeat were keenly contested. Especially by Lieutenants of the left. They had Kim Carr in their sightses for dumping. He can thank his leader for saving him, some factional deal making and a decision to bust over the cap of 30 shadow ministry seats means the Senator stays on the frontbench for a 15th year. Bill Shorten now has two classes of frontbenchers, 30 on full pay and two second class shadow ministers in name only. Sam Dastyari and the factionally unaligned Andrew Leigh who takes a pay cut to keep his place.I think this allows for example people like Andrew Leigh to continue to make that contribution, I think it's a great thing.Caucus has also voted to make history, Linda Burney is among its newest members and its first indigenous female frontbencher.I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and absolutely committed to doing my very, very best in these roles.The if factions have done Done their bit, now Bill Shorten his. He'll allocate portfolios out to his 31 calculation tomorrow. The changes will be extensive and will stretch right through Labor's most senior ranks.Factional fight's over?The meeting of the Labor Party is over. They'll be back at the end of August when parliament sits. Australia's security agencies will examine whether there are links between mental illness and suspects drawn towards violent extremism. Malcolm Turnbull's ordered a full review of defence's against lone wolf attacks including whether public spaces can be protected from trucks driven maliciously. The Government's top counter-terrorism adviser will also look at suspects on the terror watch lists to see whether mental illness is a common trait.We're also dealing with a broader group of people who are attracted not necessarily deeply engaged with the ideology but who for a variety of rans and vulnerabilities are suspectible to it and some of those vulnerabilities are around issues of mental health.Greg Moriarty says agencies are conscious of the need to balance privacy with anti-terror actions. Authorities are investigating why a man set himself alight inside a car laden with petrol and gas bottles at a police station in Sydney's west. Just before 7 last night, the man entered the station's driveway and set off an explosion in his car. Police say he was due in court today over a family dispute and had taken out an AVO against his brother. A dangerous act of desperation captured on security camera. Peter Zhurawel parked in the driveway of Merrylands police station before setting himself and his car alight.There was all this commotion, people rung towards us and then the police were yelling to get out of the carOfficers ran to help pulling the 61-year-old from the burning car. Inside, an explosive combination of gas bottles and petrol.We were just metres away. We would have been injured and so could the police and they put that secondary to the safety of the man in the car and the safety of the civilians on the streetThis event is not in any way linked to a terrorist attack based object the briefings I've received this morning.Detectives removed piles of runnish as they search his home in nearby Greystanes, seizing two more gas bottles and a computer. Neighbours say he was a full-time career for his 93-year-old mother but was embroiled in a bitter dispute with his brother who wanted to take over her care.He was just emotionally over this whole ordeal that came do to head yesterday. And he was in tears and I've never seen Peter in tears.It's not the first time Merrylands police station has been threatened. Officers have reported being followed home from work and a 17-year-old boy was charged after he made threats on social media last year. Merrylands was given priority during a recent security upgrade of local police stations across the State. More than 300,000 dollars has been spent here on secure fencing, CCTV cameras and bullet proof glass. Without these measures, last night's incident could have been much worse. Senior police have paid tribute to the officers at the scene.Their actions were heroic. A lot of people understandably would run away from that situation, they ran to it and did everything they could osoif that person.Mental health experts say more needs to be done to help people in crisis.It's a tragedy for the person committing the act of violence as it is for the victim because if they had been properly treated and offered the right sort of health care the chances are very likely they wouldn't have committed the act. Peter Zhurawel has suffered third degree burns to most of his body. Police say it's a miracle no-one else was hurts. Returning now to Donald Trump's acceptance of the Republican White House nomination, our North America correspondent joins us live. It seems those commentators who thought Mr Trump would soften his views going into the general election campaign have been proved wrong?Hello. Can you believe that speech was only five or six hours ago and if you can see behind me the convention the pretty much already gone. It's been completely pulled apart but yes Mr Trump was fairly forceful, fairly shouty in his speech. He pretty much went through a list of all the things he been talking about over those things
the last few months, particularly those things that speak to the fear of American, immigration, terrorism and law and order in relation to mass shootings that we've seen in recent times. But he did speaktor 76 minutes and I think that's a response to the fact that his opponents have been asking for more detail, more depth, they want him to be more Presidential and give more information, but it was still really a list of things that ehe tonight like rather than what he plans to do and how he plans to do it. So that's very much still a work in progress.Attention now switches to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party convention next week?Yes, as this one's being pulled apart I can only hope that they're building that one because Philadelphia
we'll be he'd heading off to Clinton
Philadelphia immediately. Hillary Clinton may well announce her vice Presidential pick as soon as today and that will be interesting because of course she's been pushed to the left by Bernie Sanders, her main rival who is very progressive so the question is will he try to pick up his voters by going in that direction or will she stick to safety by picking someone from the centre because of course against the renegade Donald Trump she's trying to pitch herself as the safe option but of course some people don't like her because she's in an establishment candidate so it's a forward to
tricky decision for her.Look forward to speaking to you next week from the Democrat national convention. A Canberra man has paid a heavy price for a drinking binge that ended with a so-called one punch attack. 20-year-old Jordan Sharma will spend nine months in jail for knocking another man to the ground on New Year's Day after a night out. The judge described the sentence as a strong message of deterrence. A big night out that came at a huge cost. It was the early hourses of New Year's Day when Jordan Sharma after a night of drinking punched another man to the ground. Sharma and a friend then walked a away leaving the victim unconscious. A bystander rushed to help, the victim suffered a broken jaw, requiring surgery. A week later police released the CCTV footage in a bid to find the attacker, it was then Sharma handed himself in. After initially pleaded not guilty to 20-year-old from Braddon changed his

he determined a jail term was inevitable.

Sharma was sentenced to two years and three months prison, he'll spend nine months behind bars with the rest of his sentence to be suspended. The judge acknowledged Sharma has already paid a heavy price, he dropped out of his university studies this year and was villified on social media after the attack. Sharma's family was in the court for the sentencing today and appeared shocked and upset as h he was led away in handcuffs. He's due for release in April next year. Advocacy groups say a three month sense nor a former AFL player who admitted bashing his partner sends the wrong message on family violence. Nick Stevens was originally sentenced to eight months in jail but it was cut to three months after he pleaded guilty on appeal. The judge said he's shown no remorse for the assault and no evidence of empathy to the victim.We're hearing about this story because it's somebody famous but this is happening a lot particularly with reduced sentences in the county court.Fiona is obviously at liberty to comment on sentences handed down in individual cases, as Attorney-General I'm not. Martin Pakula Sid said the Victorian Government is spending more than half a billion dollars to implement the recommendations of the family violence royal commission. More than 2,000 residents in Melbourne's West have banned together to try to thwart would be home invasions, Victoria police and the State Government are trying to work out what's behind the rise in youth crime including aggravated burglaries and car jackings. But residents have started to take matters into their own hands and are tracking suspicious activity. Using newly installed security cameras linked to smartphones locals are arming themselves against intruders and car thiefs.Together we can overcome this fear and together we can probably scare these goons. Monitors the streets at night they note unfamiliar car and people, sending photographs to an online neighbourhood watch group. It's grown to a network of more than 2500 people.It reached the max within two days so that was the level of concern within the community.Atul Batra and his wife installed security cameras after a gang of youths were seen casing houses in Tarniet last Saturday. With one message, they can be around 10 to 20 cars outside with head lights on with the horns.It's a far eye from the twitching curtains associate with the a neighbourhood watch groups of the past but this group is also carrying out street patrols, but say they're not vigilantes.We don't have enough policemen, but if youry lie on that, I think it will be too late.There's been a significant jump in burglary and breakins in across the north-west metro region, up 13. 6% on last year with even bigger jumps in the south metro and western regions. With home invasions on the rise, police are urging people to secure their homes but they're warning them not to take the law into their own hands saying patrolling the seats goes way beyond self-defence. Victoria police say it's stepped up stepped up a patrols in the area. Privacy advocates have calling on the Australian brur brur not to collect names of individuals in this year's sense use

The name and address of Australians have always been collected but since 2006 the ABS has been using them to link to other records like imfrustration and death registers. It will now keep name and addresses for four years rather than 18 months to give it more time to cross match the information.We all gave our names in good faith that they'd been are be deleted and we've since found out that they're notEven a former head of the ABS, has spoken out saying it's illegal under the Act.I think it's a significant invasion of privacy and the ABC shouldn't do it.Only the only fair thing to do is for the ABS and the Government generally to announce immediately that people do not have to give their names. The but the ABS says names and addresses are replaced by computer codes ensuring that people's identities are protected. . It has consumpted widely on these changes and we know that by making these changes we can further enrich the lives of Australians through helping Government make better choices. The results of the census are used to shape policy, electorates even State funding distribution, so if some Australians choose to boycott the survey or answer untruthfully, it could be a big blow to the integrity of the results.Australia has got one of the best censuses in the world and we all want to keep it that way.Those thinking of not providing their names on census night could face legal action and a fine. There are warnings that the threat of terrorism at the Rio Olympics has been under estimated. 10 Brazilians allegedly sympathetic to the group called Islamic State have been arrested for preparing to carry out an act of terrorism. As we report, it's feared the changing nature of attacks makes the Olympics host city even more vulnerable. Tens of thousands of police and military have been mobilising in Rio, the city's well established criminal gangs are a known enemy now the ray rest of ten people on terrorism charges has brought a hidden threat firmly into frame.Following the pledge TRANSLATION: of allegiance to Islamic State some specific preparatory acts were carried out including an order among the group arrested that they begin training martial arts and how the shoot ammunitionThe city's mayor pointses to the upside.I see it in a positive light. It shows that the security forces are working.It's a bit alarming that they need to say that.Rio security forces have been training with US and French antiterrorism unitings in the run-up to the games possibly leading to the latest arrests. Authorities have assured the 500,000 expected visitors to Olympic and tourist sites they'll be safe. Not since at last nighta in 1996 has there been an attack on an loiks but the recent soft target attacks in Nice and Orlando have changed the threat landscape.By taking anywhere at all on a beach, people cueing up to buy ice-cream, it's going to work for them.Brazil picture lack orked terror networks but reports this week that Islamic State was inciting attacks on the games and broadcasting in Portugese have been taken seriously. Brazil's economic crisis, endemic corruption and shambolic preparations for the games make a hard security job even harder.There's guns on the streets, there's poorly run security, we wouldn't have thought that Islamic State was going to be a major threat for Brazil but Islamic State will exploit opportunities.Olympic Games always pose challenges, Rio's challenges are mounting. French investigators say the truck driver who killed 84 people in Nice last week had been planning the massacre for months. And had at least five accomplices. After examining the suspect's devices, police found internet searches and photographs dating back to 2015 of the area where he carried out the attack. Five people have been arrested for helping plan the killings. Two of them are charged with supplying the truck driver with weapons, another returned to the area a day after to film the scene of the attack. The long time head of the politically powerful Fox News channel has resigned after a slew of sexual harassment allegations. Roger Ailes has been accused of firing a popular news anchor after shef refused his aids Vances. Just days after Gretchen Carlson filed the law suit, other women came forward with similar claims of harassment, some dates back decades Mr Ailes is a former consultant to Republican Presidents and was one of the most influential people in US media. Rupert Murdoch, his former ally has taken over as chairman and acting chief executive. An Indian military plane with more than 20 people on board has gone missing over the Bay of Bengal. The aircraft took off from the Indian city of Chennai and was bound for Porte Blair. A search operation is has been launched, a navy spokesman says the plane was carrying service personnel. Scientists have made an important breakthrough in kidney transplants, Australian and American researchers have identified several genes that can prodict if patients are at risk of organ damage after receiving a new kidney. They say a test could help ensure transplans last longer reducing the need for di and helping to save lives. Frances Zammit was just 27 years old when her kidneys stopped working. For seven years she's on dialysis until she finally got a transplant in 2018. It failed.Look at myself there I'm smiling, but I'm sad.She got a newing ourian last December but there's always the fear it could fail as well.As life shows you all the time, things don't go to plan and things do happen and it's not all in your control.In what's been described as a landmark achievement, researchers have identified a set of 13 genes that can predict if a transplant patient is at risk of developing kidney disease.We can identify people at risk, early on in their transplant seize and then try and do something different at a time when we can make a difference.That difference is needed now more than ever, with kidney disease killing more than people each year than breast or prostate cancer. The most common cause is diabetes.Researchers say there's still about five years away from getting the genetic tests in clinical trials, if they're successful it could be a game changer toer the 10,000 Australians living with a transplanted kidney and the 1100 on waiting lists. Frances Zammit hopes the research will mean she'll never need another transplant. She's just had her own breakthrough. It was a big achievement, because I took my kidney over to Melbourne. Not sure if it's been there before.Her first holiday without dialysis in 15 years. Time now for the weather with Graham Creed. We still got severe weather conditions across the south-eastern states, the importantly of damaging winds through South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and also part of NSW, also some flooding about the alpine areas of NSW, the road between Jindabyne and the ski resorts has been closed due to flooding. We will see that rain turn to snow overnight tonight but there has been very heavy falls through those alpine areas both NSW and Victoria, we also have a severe thunderstorm warning in NSW and this is with the cool change moving through. There is the potential of damaging winds in association with those

Our top stories this hour - officials from Malaysia, Australia and China have confirmed that the search for missing flight MH370 is going to be suspended if the plane isn't found by December. MH370 disappeared in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on board while on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Almost 180 million has been spent so far on an underwater search spanning 120,000 kilometres in the southern Indian ocean. Donald Trump has accepted the Republican White House nomination promising fearful Americans that he'll restore safety to the country. Speaking before 2,000 Republicus Republican Party activists in Cleveland, Mr Trump said law and order would be a key priority. The Democrats will formally nominate Hillary Clinton next week. Privacy advocates want the Australian Bureau of Statistics to stop collecting names in this year's census over concerns about how the information will be used and protected. It comes after revelations that the ABS has already been using the names collected to cross reference information. The bureau says it will create a ripper data set that will benefit all Australians. The Parramatta Eels say they'll continue to support dor Corey Norman and are still interesting in resigning the key playmaker. The 25-year-old is serving an eight month suspension and is off contract at the end of the year but the club says he has a long term future at the Eels. More now on our top story this hour, the decision to suspend the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. A short time ago I spoke to aviation expert, and asked him about what the thought? Sadly it was inevitable, search is costing a lot of money and a lot of resources being thrown at it and until they can get some sort of positive scientific idea where this plane might be it really is like searching for a needle in a hay stack, they'd be better off trying to consolidate what they've learnt so far and try and estimate from computer modelling or something of that nature, to determine where the plane might have gone down. I would say that there's a good chance that they're on the money where they're looking but it's still conjecture of course. The flaperon will indicate where the airplane came to an end on the surface of the ocean but there was a krpable amount of force for that aircraft to hit the water which is not surprising given the speed that it would have been travelling at, plus hitting the water which is a very hard surface to hit. It would have caused the dislodging of some components of the plane and a flaperon would be a good example of that. Originally when the aircraft took off it cleared itself through I think the Vietnam air traffic control in saern direction and then it was seen to disappear in another direction and that direction was this South Indian ocean and it went over a military base, the military base at the time didn't make any recordings or report anything which is unusual for security reasons but from that sort of evidence it suggested that the aircraft flew over the Indian ocean because if the pilot had the intention of losing the airplane that would have been the classic way of doing it. Going and dumping it in the middle of the ocean somewhere where it's going to be very difficult to find. The authorities and aviation specialists will be looking very hard at evidence and trying to model a way of determining where this aircraft might have gone down, I would suspect that we haven't heard the end of it and I'm pretty confident that it will end up finding it somewhere.Grace Nathan is from the group Voice370, a group representing the passengers and crew on board MH370. And she joins us on the phone live from Kuala Lumpur. Grace we appreciate your willingness to talk to us this evening, your p mother Anne was on board MH370. Can you tell us what do you make of the decision to suspend the search upon completion of this current search area?We had pushed for them to use the terminology to suspend, for it not to be terminated. We are pleased that they said it would be suspended but in the meantime we want them to intensify their investigations too comb the south-east African coastline to look for more debris, we want them to look for this credible new evidence and not just wait for it to fall in their lap so the search does not have to be suspended up when the current search area is completed and so it can be continued in a more defined area. Authorities say that with, in the absence of that credible new information, upon which to base a continued search, it would be unwise to raise the hope of relatives such as yourself, what is your response to that?Maybe on a financial stand point it might not be so wise but at the same time they shouldn't give up so easy. They have a lot of information at hand and they should really study it and analyse it and see what they can do next and this is the most unprecedented aviation incident in the history of aviation. It warrants unprecedented activity. That means spending more, looking harder.It is a difficult question, you clearly think the search should carry on, do you think regardless of the cost until it is found? Sorry, I didn't hear you?You clearly do feel as though the search should be continuing on for some time yet, do you think regardless of the cost or duration of that search it should continue until the plane is located?I don't think that it should be an unended and going on forever regarding limits but now is not the time to stop because indigenous for an aviation incident, 2.5 years is not a very long time to be searching for a plane, it is important not only for the families and for our closure but also the whole aviation industry itself, they will benefit immensely from the recovery of this plane.When the plane first disappeared, the airline Malaysia Airlines came in for some criticism over how it failed to support the families of loved ones on board. Since then, how has the airline and the authorities conducting the search kept you informed, are you happy with the updates that you've been given since March 2014?I think I'm very disappointed with the way the families have been handled since March 2014. Outside of the JACT in Australia and TA TSB, no-one send us any updates and up to yesterday we had never met anyone from the investigation team or from the Governments, from the ministries, nothing, to updatous inon what they're doing. Yesterday we salt down with the ATSB and had a very fruitful meeting about how much they're doing and what they are plafning to do going forward. Today we hope for the same. We hope to be briefed by someone from the ministry of transport about the decision that was being made because we wanted clarification and ex-planation about what is going to happen in the meantime. Are they going to be looking for credible new evidence or hoping it pops up somewhere but nobody briefed u nobody spoke to us, we got a thin email with no information, we had two representatives from Australia come to us, we showed up from the press conference was being held, two representatives from us came and told us that we want to brief you but we have to take you to a difficult location. We followed them to new location across the street and we were taken into a dark room, there was no airconditioning, and they told us that we don't know anything going on, we were just told to bring you here and we don't know if someone is coming to brief you and that is the state of affairs.Grace Nathan thank you very much for speaking to ABC News 24 today on that announcement that was made earlier this evening that the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines airliner MH370 will be suspended by December if credible new information as to its location is not discovered.Thank you.The reelected Government has vowed to continue to pursue trade deals despite mounting challenge, both potential US Presidents are against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, and there's evidence indicating recent free trade

Pointing to the 5200 separate rules that make up the Korea-Australia deal. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has found the majority of its members said they do not understand or use free trade agreements.I think if a better policy for Australia is to concentrate on our own barriers rather than trying to negotiate down other cups' barriers, Australia still has tariffs, it's not clear why we still do from an economic perspective.Those tariffs are stall but cost the Government around $7 billion each year. Designed to protect industry like steelmaker Arrium. But that idea and any other trade deal faces stiff competition from an increasingly protectionist parliament and Senate which is more of a blow for foreign relations than for exporters.I think that the politics of these things are important and there seems to be value placed on these photo opportunities.While the dairy industry has taken a heat with severe milk price cuts the red meat industry is thriving. Meat and livestock Australia says the future is bright for Tasmania's we have and sheep farmers. It's been tougher than usual on the land this year. After being hit with record dry conditions, last month's floods took a heavy toll. Thousands of stock perished.It's really been very challenging for farmers.But this sheep farmer remains up-beat. I think Tasmania farmers are really resilient that everyone does the best that they possibly can doThe annual red meat updates conference in Launceston today attracted about 350 farmers, suppliers and researchers. The message was loud and clear. The red meat industry is booming.I don't think there could be more optimism both for lamb and beef, we're at record high prices because of the supply and demand situation.Global consumption is outstripping production and demand is continuing to rise. But the recent weather has made it difficult for farmers to meet demand.Our season went from being dust storms in the Derwent valley to now we're in a position where you can nearly get bogged pretty much anywhere you want to do. Commodity prices are set to remain high.The future looks briekt, the amount of people in the world that are grog to eat red meat is increasing.Farmers are hoping the rain will ease off. To top stories - officials from Malaysia, Australia and China have confirmed that the search for missing flight MH370 is going to be suspended if the plane isn't found by December. Donald Trump has laid out an ambitious plan for the United States if he becomes the next President, telling Republicans in his candidate's acceptance speech that law and order will be a key priority. And privacy advocates want the Australian Bureau of Statistics to stop collecting names in this year's sense krus over concerns about how the information will be used and protected. At 81 retired Gold Coast lawyer Peter Steele could be relaxing in his twilight years but he's about to embark on a quest to make sailing history. And all to save the koala. Lee Steele steets's peers might be winding down but not him. His biggest adventure could still be ahead of him. He's preparing to become one of the oldest men in history to sail around the globe. You get away, you have the solitude of it.Peter Steele is heading for the horizon in a bid to help koalas barks on dry land.I can admire him or just salute him.He set up a not for profit organisation called world wide life sanctuaries that buys parcels of land to protect koala habitat.It's a sanctuary thing happening over the last 20 to 30 years that has really made inroads rather than legislation Pereyra seHe'll need to stock up on sustenance, dried curries and flour will all be on board aesz h circumnavigates the globe. There's also a desalinator on board so he has fresh drinking water. Peter Steele is passionate about the koalas' future but not so worried about his own safety. . If sting happen to me, fantastic, look at the fantastic publicity it will get for the koalas He's preparing to set sail around mid-next year. Now it's time for sport. The Brumbies Super Rugby season has come to an end going down to the Highlanders in the opening quarterfinal. The visitors dominated the first half with 70% suppose but only managed one try just before the break to lead 10-6. The home side's task wasn't helped by Matt Toomua being sin-binned following that try for the Brumbies repeated infringe ments an intercept put the Highlanders on the attack and just before the hour mark they scored a second try.They go wide, Ben submit givis it to Squire. He scores the try for the Highlanders. There was a controversial finish when trailing by six the Brumbies thought they'd scored but then the ref couldn't award it as they ruled the video replay was inconclusive. The Highlanders finished 15-9 winners, their first win in Canberra in ten years. The Parramatta coach Brard Arthur says the club will continue to support suspended playmaker Corey Norman, the 25-year-old comes off contract at the end of the season, but Arthur believes he has a long-term future at the Eels. It's been another tumultuous week at Parramatta, but Brad Arthur is standing by troubled star Corey Norman.He's remorseful, the thing is Corey is a good kid. He's made a silly decision, and he's learn from it, but we're here to support him. The NRL suspended normalian for eight matches and fined him $20,000 after a series of issues including drug possession and consorting with noncriminals.This just days after the entire Eels board was sacked over salary cap breaches. While Arthur supports the NRL's ban on normalian he says there's a different side to the 25-year-old. He's a bit of a larrikin. He cares about this team.It seems Parramatta cares about him.We want him to be at our club long-term and I got a lot of time for Corey. There's talk other clubs are interested in the playmaker, St George-Illawarra deflected questions.You'll have to talk to our recruitment retention about the players coming in and out at the momentThe Dragons have provided lifelines to former troubled players such as Josh Dugan and Russell Packer.Went through the same process with them and with Russ ale Josh Dugan and they come through really well. Josh has been exceptional since he's been here. Russell has had a great breakout year. Disgh while the Eels still hope to keep Norman when he comes off contract they haven't ruled out the possibility of Jarryd Hayne making his return. . It's a big moment for Jarryd, it's up to him what he wants to get out of the rest of his career. We'd like him at our club but that's at the moment up to him.The former Eels and NFL player has been seen speaking with the Wallabies but hasn't yet announced his plans for next stage of his career. The AFL says it will review its deliberate rushed behind rule at the end of the season following a week of controversial, the law was put in the spotlight when an umpire ruled North Melbourne's Michael Firrito had deliberately conceded a point and paid a free kick against him last weekend. Previously umpires had been reluctant to award a free kick if a player was under pressure from an opponent but the league has clarified its stance in a note to all clubs outlining that a player's distance from the goal also has a bearing on the umpire's decision. Australia is likely to include two spinners in the its team for the first test against Sri Lanka which gets under way in Kandy on Tuesday. Steven O'Keefe moipted a strong case for inclusion taking ten wicket agencies scoring an unbeaten 78 in this week's tour match. O'Keefe is set to bowl alongside Nathan Lyon.Played the role he wanted him to play in the game. Bats really well, fields really well and obviously complements Nathan well.With some of its top line bowlers injured Sri Lanka has named an incinn experienced squad. British cyclist Chris Froome has strengthened h his grip on the Tour de France by winning the 18th stage and extending his lead. Froome took out the 17 kilometre uphill time trial finishing 21 sends faster than Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin. Defending champ's over all lead is now almost four minutes with just three stages remaining. Australia's Richie Porte came in fourth in the time trial and is aiming for a post-traumatic stress disorderum finish.I don't think I got everything out, a little bit disappointed. Really want that podium and feel like I'm moving well now and hopefully the worst is behind me now for the tour.Porte is 44 seconds off third place. And there's a big change on the way for netball with a new national competition to launch in Australia next year. It could mean more money for players who have to work part-time jobs to make ends meet. Whether she's on court for the Firebirds or working her day

the there is now set to move in overnight tonight. Snow levels will begin to drop and we have even colder air set to move into the south-east centres.

We have severe winds effect as many southern part, these will continue overnight tonight and through the early part of Saturday. By Saturday afternoon they should start to ease back. But it won't be the last of them. There's still a series of cold fronts to move through over the next three day period and as each front moves in we should start to see some strengthening winds once again. The potential of widespread showers through the south-east to begin with tomorrow, snow levels beginning to drop potentially down to 150m in Hobart as we move into tomorrow evening. We're also looking at winds easing though but that cold air as it sweeps through will see those much cooler conditions develop.

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