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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - Donald Trump promises a safer America, as he prepares to take on Hillary Clinton. I'm Zoe Daniel, in Cleveland. Donald Trump has won the nomination, but now his eyes are on a bigger prize. Can he go all the way to the White House? A Canberra man jailed over a New Year's Day one punch attack in Civic. Bill Shorten expands his frontbench to retain one veteran senator and add a newcomer. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and am absolutely committed to my doing very, very best in these roles. And the search for missing flight MH370 suspended.

Good evening and welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Donald Trump has officially accepted the Republican presidential nomination, with a promise to get tough on crime and illegal immigration. Mr Trump told boisterous supporters he would rip up unfair trade agreements and put America first. North America correspondent Zoe Daniel reports from the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

It's Donald Trump's party now. A year ago he was a joke, now he's leading the Republicans to the White House, or that's the plan. I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. It's been a rough convention, and there's still division both in senior ranks and the rank and file. I think we're about to nominate a man who's not fit to be president, he's not fit to be the nominee, I think he will do very bad things for our country. But the Trump train has moved on. He's in campaign mode. I have visited the lead of factory workers. These are the forgotten men and women of our country. These are people who work hard but no longer have a voice. I am your voice! His voice resonates with those looking for something new, and he's tapping fear - promising law and order and immigration reform. All of the people telling you you can't have a country you want, are the same people who said Trump doesn't have a chance of being here tonight. Not a chance. The same people, oh we love defeating those people, don't we? Hillary Clinton responded on Twitter. My father is a fighter. I have seen him fight for his for
company and now IMC in him fight for our country. It's been a chaotic party but now that the real work begins, it's going to take more than balloons and confetti. Donald Trump's opponents want substance. Tonight, though, he can celebrate. Because in spite of all the opposition, he's the Republican nominee to be president of the United States. I think he's going to be the best thing that happened to this country in a really long time. We're going to make America great again. I'm a Trump supporter all the way. It was wonderful. It was the best speech he's ever done. Americans will vote in November, so soon the real contest will begin. My opponent asks her supporters to recite a three-word loyalty pledge. It reads, "I'm with her". I choose to recite a different pledge. My pledge reads, "I'm with you - the American people". But are they with him? Zoe Daniel reporting from Cleveland, Ohio. And a short time ago, Zoe told me that commentators who thought Mr Trump would soften his views going into the election campaign seem to have been proved wrong.

Yes, seemingly. It was a fairly shouty, forceful speech by Donald Trump delisted the sorts of issues he has been raising over the past few months, many of which speak to the fears of Americans about various things like terrorism, immigration and law and order in light of the mass shootings that have been happening in the US. That said he spoke for 76 minutes, so he gave a fair bit of detail of what he plans to do. I think that goes to concerns from his opponents that there is simply not enough information, didn't find him presidential enough and they want more depth. But there's already been criticism about the fact that he said what he plans to do but not how he plans to do it. So that's still a work in progress. Attention now switches to Hillary Clinton, at the Democratic party convention next week. What can we expect fair? Behind me, this convention is already being pulled apart, just in the last few hours since Donald Trump has spoken. We will be heading to the Democratic national convention. Hillary Clinton is expected to announce a vice president -- presidential running mate later, so that will show how far left she is to go. But she will candidate,
pit herself as the safe haven Donald
candidate, especially against Donald Trump's renegade status, and we couldn't expect that convention to be anywhere near as exciting as this one and I guess the Democrats would hope that it isn't.

A Canberra man has paid a heavy price for a drinking binge that ended with a so-called one punch attack. 20-year-old Jordan Sharma will spend nine months in jail for knocking another man to the ground on New Year's Day, after a night out in Civic. The judge described the sentence as a strong message of deterrence.

A big night out that came at a huge cost. It was the early hours of New Year's Day when Jordan Sharma, after a night of drinking, punched another man to the ground. Sharma and a friend then walked away leaving the victim unconscious. A bystander rushed to help. The victim suffered a broken jaw, requiring surgery. A week later police later released the CCTV footage in a bid to find the attacker. It was then Sharma who handed himself in. After initially pleading not guilty, the 20 year old from Braddon changed his plea to guilty of recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced in the Supreme Court today. Justice Michael Elkaim taking into account Sharma's guilty plea and previous good behaviour, but noting the seriousness of the offence and the ongoing psychological trauma suffered by the victim.

But Justice Elkaim dertmined a jail term was inevitable.

Sharma was sentenced to two years and three months prison. He'll spend nine month behind bars with the rest of his sentence to be suspended. The judge acknowledged Sharma has already paid a heavy price. He dropped out of his university studies this year and was vilified on social media after the attack. Sharma's family was in court for the sentencing today and appeared shocked and upset as he was led away in handcuffs. He's due for release in April next year. Narda Gilmore, ABC News, Canberra.

A factional dispute, followed by a quick settlement, means Bill Shorten is expanding his frontbench for the next three years. Labor's putting 32 people in its shadow ministry. Two, including Canberra MP Andrew Leigh, have accepted a hefty pay cut, despite having a greater workload. Here's National Affairs Correspondent Greg Jennett.

The spoils of defeat were keenly contested. Good afternoon. Especially by lieutenants of the left. They had Kim Carr in their sights for dumping. He can thank his leader for saving him. Some factional deal-making and a decision to bust-over the cap of 30 shadow ministry seats means the senator stays on the frontbench for a 15th year. Are you still in the shadow cabinet? Thanks very much. Bill Shorten now has two classes of frontbenchers, 30 on full pay and two second-class shadow ministers in name only - Sam Dastyari and the factionally unaligned Andrew Leigh, who takes a pay cut to keep his place. I think this allows people like Andrew Leigh to continue to make that contribution. I think that's a great thing. Caucus has also voted to make history. Linda Burney's among its newest members and its first indigenous female frontbencher. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and am absolutely committed to my doing very, very best in these roles.

The factions have done their bit, now Bill Shorten does his. He'll allocate portfolios to his 31 frontbench colleagues tomorrow. There will be extensive changes across the ranks. Factional fight's over? Meeting of the Labor Party's over, yeah. They'll be back at the end of August when parliament sits.

Ahead of its annual conference tomorrow, ACT Labor has announced it will commit to a bulky waste collection service if it's returned to government in October. Once a year people will be invited to book in for the collection of large unwanted household goods, like old dishwashers and furniture. It would be done on a suburb by suburb basis to try to avoid kerbside dumping. We wouldn't want thousands and thousands of unwanted household items all being put out on the street all at once. We want to deliver this in a different way. Then, for example, the old second-hand Sundays that used to operate where you would see that sort of outcome. Unlike the recently announced trial of green bins for garden waste, the bulky waste service would be included as part of household rates.

Police have released CCTV footage showing the moment a man detonated his car outside a Western Sydney police station. They say it was not terrorism eight and more involved with a domestic dispute.The managing hospital after setting his car alight in desperation. A dangerous act of desperation captured on security camera. Peter Zhurawel parked in the driveway of Merrylands Police Station before setting himself and his car alight. There was all this commotion, people running towards us and then the police were yelling get out of the car. Officers ran to help, pulling the 61-year-old from the burning car. Inside - an explosive combination of gas bottles and petrol. We were just metres away. We would have been injured, if not killed, and so would the police. They put that secondary to the safety of the man in the car and the safety of the civilians on the street. This event is not in any way linked to a terrorist attack based on the briefings that I've received this morning. Detectives removed piles of rubbish as they searched the 61-year-old's home in nearby Greystanes, seizing two more gas bottles and a hard drive. Neighbours say he was a full time carer for his 93-year-old mother, but court documents reveal a bitter feud with his brother, who wanted to take over her care. He was just emotional over the whole ordeal yesterday and he was just in tears. I've never seen him in tears. It's not the first time Merrylands Police Station has been threatened. Officers have reported being followed home from work and a 17-year-old boy was charged after he made threats social media last year. Merrylands was given priority during a recent upgrade of security at police stations across the state. More than $250,000 has been spent here on secure fencing, CCTV cameras and bullet-proof glass. Without these measures, last night's incident could have been much worse. Senior police have paid tribute to officers at the scene. Their reactions were heroic. A lot of people understandably would run away from that situation, they ran to it and did everything they could to save that person. Mental health experts say more needs to be done to help people in crisis. It's really a tragedy for the person committing the act of violence as much it is for the victims, because if they had been properly treated and offered the right sort of health care, the chances are they wouldn't have committed the act. Peter Zhurawel has suffered third degree burns to most of his body. Police say it's a miracle no one else was hurt. Jessica Kidd, ABC News, Sydney. Australia's security agencies will examine whether there are links between mental illness and suspects drawn towards violent extremism. Malcolm Turnbull's ordered a full review of defences against lone wolf attacks, including whether public spaces can be protected from trucks driven maliciously. The government's top counter terrorism adviser will also look at suspects on the terror watch lists to determine if mental illness is a common trait. We're also dealing with a broader group of people who are attracted, not necessarily deeply engaged with the ideology, but who for a variety of reasons and vulnerabilities are susceptible to it. And some of those vulnerabilities are around issues of mental health. Mr Moriarty says agencies are conscious of the need to balance privacy with anti-terror actions. French investigators say the truck driver who killed 84 people in Nice last week had been planning the massacre for months, and had at least five accomplices. From the suspect's devices, police found internet searches and photographs dating back to 2015 of the area where he carried out the attack. Five people have been arrested for helping to plan the killings. Two of them are charged with supplying the truck driver with weapons. Another returned to the area the next day to film the scene of the attack. There are warnings that the threat of terrorism at the Rio Olympics have been under-estimated. 10 Brazilians, allegedly sympathetic to the group called Islamic State, have been arrested for preparing to carry out an act of terrorism. As national sports correspondent Mary Gearin reports, it's feared the changing nature of attacks makes the Olympics host city even more vulnerable.

Tens of thousands of police and military have been mobilising in Rio, the city's well-established criminal tangs are known enemy and now the arrest of 10 people on terrorism charges has brought the hidden threat firmly in the frame. TRANSLATION: Following the pledge some
of allegiance to Islamic State, some specific acts were carried out, including an order of individuals arrested to begin training in ammunition.The mayor points to the upside.TRANSLATION: I see it positively. It shows the security forces are working.It is alarming Benny to say that. The security forces have been training with US and French antiterrorism units in the run-up to the Olympic Games. Authorities have assured the 500,000 expat did visitors to the Olympic tourist sites that there will be safe. Not since 1996 has there been an attack on the Olympic Games, but the recent soft target attacks in Nice and Orlando have changed the landscape.They can take place anywhere, on a beach, people queueing up to buy ice cream, anywhere it will work for them.It is reported this week that Islamic State was inciting attacks on the Portuguese.
Games and broadcasting in Portuguese. Brazil's economic crisis endemic corruption and shambolic preparations for the Games make a hard security job even harder.There are gangs on the streets, poorly run security. We wouldn't have thought that Islamic State would be a major threat for Brazil, but it will exploit opportunities.Olympics games always poses challenges. Rio's challenges are clear. Russia has called the decision to ban its track and field squad from the Rio Games politicised and illegal. The Russian Olympic Committee and scores of the country's athletes attempted to overturn the suspension, but their appeal failed in the court of arbitration. The World Anti-Doping Agency said the ban helps to ensure a level playing field. At the moment I am not aware of any other country with quite such a government-organised doping problem. There may be sympathies from governments in different parts of the world, but this is really, really a shocking example of cheating. Russia says athletes could launch another challenge in a civil court. This weekend the IOC is expected to decide whether to suspend the rest of the Russian Olympic team. Transport ministers from Australia, Malaysia and China have confirmed the search for missing flight MH370 will be suspended, once their current sweep of the Indian Ocean floor is complete. For more than two years, eight nations have been involved in the hunt for the plane wreckage. Of the 120,000 square kilometre area identified as the most likely crash site, there's less than 10,000 square kilometres left to search. cost $180 million. -- By the time it's done, it's estimated the search will have cost $180 South East Asia correspondent Adam Harvey reports from Kuala Lumpur. The relentless winter swells of the southern Indian Ocean have delayed the final effort to find MH370. The search will resume when the seas are calmer in October, but after that it's over. Australia, China and Malaysia have collectively decided to suspend the search upon the completion of the 120,000 square kilometre search area.In the absence of credible new evidence to assist and identify the specific location of the aircraft, a further search is not currently viable.It is another to
blow to the family and crew having to admitting information my speculation and false hope for more than two years. The Boeing 777 inexplicably vanished from radar in March 2014 en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. The delays and lack of information about what happened to the flight in the days after it disappeared caused anger and anguish among relatives. They found old shipwrecks on the bottom of the but no plane. Parts of the wreck have washed up, far apart from each other.The location of the debris is consistent with the model.The focus over the past few years has been on where the bigger
plane went down after it left, the bigger mystery is why it crashed. Was it an accident? Terrorism? A rogue pilot?Now it looks like we may never know. We all want to find answers to the questions about what happened and we all want to locate the aircraft.90% of the search area has been scoured by sonar. A final effort should be completed by the end of the year. As we go to air this evening, the Brumbies are locked in a must-win encounter with the Highlanders at Canberra Stadium, looking to progress to the Super Rugby semi-finals. Our reporter Tom Lowrey is at Canberra Stadium, where tonight's match is well into the second half. Tom, how are the Brumbies going? Good evening. It is wet and miserable here and the football has taken on a similar tone. It is do or die for the Brumbies tonight. They went into the night's match as heavy underdogs. The Thailand as has been in redhot form and we Brumbies have struggled. The Thailand has got the score going early. -- Highlanders. And Sopoaga, and there is the first three points, kicking at 76% for this season. Second attempt, and that one is down the middle. And that one is locked at 3-3. Lealiifano and crashing onto it! Tevita Kuridrani! Oh, the tackle had to be made! It was a good one! It was a try saver! They're still playing advantage for the Highlanders and Sapoaga, Fanners, Christie and Naholo, he runs it in in the corner! For the first try of the match! Perfectly judged! What a conversion!There's a crowd of about 8500 very hardy fans here. They were lured out here with things like free parking for those who came early. They will be looking for a very big 20 minutes of rug we do try to get through. The score is currently about 15-9 to the Highlanders. Good on those who turned out tonight. Pretty cold! British cyclist Chris Froome has strengthened his grip on the Tour de France by winning the 18th stage and extending his overall lead. Froome took out the 17-kilometre uphill time trial, finishing 21 seconds faster than Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin. The defending champion's overall lead is now almost four minutes, with just three stages remaining. Australia's Richie Porte came fourth in the time trial and is aiming for a podium finish. I don't think I got everything I had out. A little bit disappointed. Really want that podium and feel like I'm moving well now and hopefully the worst is behind me now for the Tour. Porte is sixth overall, 44 seconds off third place. In the NRL, Parramatta says they will continue to support suspended playmaker Corey Norman. The 25-year-old comes off contract at the end of the season, but Arthur believes he has a long-term future there. It has been another to Malta was weak. But Brad Arthur is standing by troubled star Corey Norman. -- another tumultuous week.He is remorseful. He is a good kid, he has made a silly decision and he will learn from it.We are here to support him. A suspended Norman for eight matches and find him $20,000 after a series of issues, including drug possession and consorting with non- criminals. This just days after the entire Eels report was sacked over salary cap breaches. While arbour supports the ban on Norman he says there's a different side to the 25-year-old.He is a bit of a larrikin.He genuinely cares about the team. And it seems Parramatta genuinely could -- cares about him.We want him to be in the club long-term and I've got a lot of time for him.St George Illawarra deflected questions.We don't like to talk about the players coming in and out at the moment. We went through the same process with Russell and Josh Dougan. The players came through really well. Josh is doing very well and so is Russell.The Eels still hope to keep Norman when he off contract and haven't ruled out the possibility of Jarryd Hayne making a return.It is up to he wants to do and what he wants to We
get out of the rest of his career. We would like to have him in, but that's up to him.The former Eels reply has been seen speaking to the Wallabies row but hasn't yet said what the next plan is for his career. At 81, retired Gold Coast lawyer Peter Steele could be relaxing in his twilight years. But instead, he's about to embark on a quest to make sailing history and all in a bid to save the koala. Michelle Rafferty reports. Peter Steele's peers might be winding down, but not him. His biggest adventure could still be ahead of him. He's preparing to become one of the oldest men in history to sail around the globe. You get away, you've got the solitude of it. Peter Steele is heading for the horizon in a bid to help koalas back on dry land. All I can do is stand back, is admire him or even in a nautical sense salute him. He's set up a not-for-profit organisation called World Wildlife Sanctuaries that buys parcels of land to protect koala habitat. It is the sanctuary thing that has been happening over the last 20 to 30 years that has made inroads rather than legislation per say. Before Peter heads out he'll need to stock up on sustenance. Dried curries, canned vegetables and flour will all be on board as he circumnavigates the globe. There is also a desalinator on board, so he has fresh drinking water. Peter Steele is passionate about the koalas' future, but not so worried about his own safety. If something happens to me, fantastic. Look at the fantastic publicity it will get for the koalas. Peter is preparing to set sail around mid-next year. Michelle Rafferty, ABC News, Gold Coast. Michelle Rafferty,
ABC News, Gold Coast. To the weather and it's been a pretty miserable day, one best spent indoors. We had some early drizzle that became heavy falls by late afternoon. Heaviest in the south of the territory where 9mm was recorded. Three at the airport. We've had a top of 17 and a low of eight. And whilst it hasn't and a low of eight.
And whilst it hasn't been too cold around our region. There's been some very heavy rain in parts. heavy rain in parts.
There's been a deluge in the mountain ranges, with over 123 millimetres at perisher and 75 at Thredbo. Mount Ginini has had nearly 40 millimetres of rain and wind gusts up to 100 kilometres an hour. And, despite all that, temperatures along the south coast were almost balmy, with 26 degrees at Moruya. And that warmth was felt across Sydney today, which experienced its hottest July day since 1990 with 26 degrees. Adelaide on the other hand was wet and cool with 16. Melbourne 18. A cloud band stretching from WA to NSW with a broad trough is generating areas of rain and thundery showers, heaviest in Vic and NSW. Another front is delivering strong winds and a band of heavy rain into southeast SA and west Vic. And a high will bring a clear and cool night to WA. Sydney is in for quite a change tomorrow, with wind and a top of tomorrow, with wind and a top of
19. 19.
Showers and low teens in Melbourne and Adelaide. Cold and wet in Hobart. Cold and wet in Hobart.
And lovely and sunny in Brisbane 29. A cooler, wet and windy day in parts of our region, in parts of our region,
with just 10 degrees at Goulburn and 11 at Yass. at Goulburn and 11 at Yass.
Gusty with rain at Nowra - 16. Clear at Batemans Bay - 17. And for Canberra tomorrow, it won't be very nice. Windy with morning showers and a mostly grey sky. A top of 10 and low of three. The sun will rise at 7:05 and sunset will be at 5:15 in the afternoon. A cold and wet day on Sunday with a top of just nine. And more of that on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, well, not much different, just a couple of degrees warmer and a low of -1. In the mountains, temperatures will range from minus four to minus three on Saturday and only a few degrees difference on Sunday. Plenty of snow around. Up to 20cm on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Visibility is poor. Before we go, a recap of our top stories now. Donald Trump has accepted the Republican Party's nomination for president, with a promise to get tough on crime and illegal immigration. Mr Trump addressed convention delegates for more than an hour, pledging a Trump White House would put America first. And that's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. For more ACT news, you can follow us online or on Twitter at ABC News Canberra. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Stay with us now for 7:30, with Matt

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Welcome to 7.30. Tonight: Pressure mounts on the IOC to ban Russia from the Olympic Games.She's going to win by a huge margin!The IOC will need to take a stand here and now and say, enough is enough. Donald Trump turns presidential. year,
When I take the oath of office next year, I will restore law and order to our country.(CHEERING) Believe me, believe me.Today, you saw a very different - it was a very different sort of Donald Trump. I hate to say that he looked more presidential, but, you know, he kind of did.And grey power resurrecting a ghost town.