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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - when is a terror attack not a terror attack?Not heavily acted violence is an act of terrorism.Russia's Olympic team banned from the Olympics - could it be the tip of the iceberg? What's Eddie McGuire doing on a US dating site? And - Lehmo cops a mouthful from kids about their favourite foods.What do you think is the unhealthiest food you could eat?Sugar!That and the day's top news stories, this is The Project. Good evening, everyone, and a big welcome back to Gorgi Coghlan, to Meshel Laurie, and of course, the one and only Lehmo. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome Matt Dorin.Thank you. Lehmo, this is your last show on The Project before you become a father.That is true, yes.He's becoming a dad on Tuesday!I am. It's locked and loaded, we're ready to roll...(LAUGHTER) I don't know if that's the correct terminology... This time next week, I'll be sitting here with a pupuce. No, I won't be.I wish you would! Let's see what's making news this Friday, July 22. An incredible escape for 35 primary school students after their bus was engulfed by fire near their Gold Coast school this morning. The kids were led to safety by their quick-thinking driver just moments before large flames and black smoke billowed from the vehicle. The bus was moving. As it there were flames coming out the back of it. And it had to park in the drop-off area. A highly emotional day for the families of the three people killed by Sydney shopkeeper Adeel Khan. Chris Noble, Bianka O'Brien and her baby son Jude died when Khan blew up his Rozelle store for the insurance money. Their relatives today shared their grief in court. Not once did Khan look directly at them. He'll be sentenced next week. Plenty of winter sun across South East Queensland, with the Gold Coast recording its hottest July day on record with 26.9 degrees. The mercury hit 28.9 in the Brisbane suburb of Archerfield. But it's a different story in South Australia, where they're expecting destructive winds, heavy rain and possible flooding. And it looks like someone's stolen some photos of Eddie McGuire to use on a US dating site. They're on a profile for a 60-year-old man living in Texas. Eddie says he doesn't know whether to be outraged or slightly chuffed. (LAUGHTER) Someone goes "You're hot...for 60." How old is Ed, do you reckon?Ed? 50.Is he really?He's 50He can cop that, Ed.He really is Eddie Whearvewhere.What would be worse - rolling up to the date realising it's not the guy on the profile pic, or the horror of discovering they're actually a Collingwood supporter.(LAUGHTER) If I was Eddie, I'd want to know how many baits I'd copped, how much interest, off the back of it. Today, let's move on to US politics, staying in the States. Today, the Republican National Convention wrapped up with a big speech from the official Republican nominee, Donald Trump. He surprised no-one with this comment. We cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore. (CHEERING) Wow... Yeah... He will officially be the most incorrect politician of all time.(LAUGHTER) But I love that his big thing is "We're gonna lose political correctness." The most powerful man in the world."We're allowed to be rude, offensive and divisive!"Good leadership. A frightening incident in south-west Sydney overnight, as a mentally ill 60-year-old man allegedly attempted to detonate a gas bottle at a police station. While the brave officers narrowly averted a tragedy, the incident showed that, when it comes to understanding terrorism, we could showed that, when it comes to
understanding terrorism, we could be doing a lot better. Breaking news.A Merrylands Police Station has been hit tonight.This is the scene where a car with gas bottles rammed the police station. When most of us hear reports like this, the initial response is fear, dread, and terror. Unfortunately, this goes for our politicians too, as George Christensen proved with this Facebook post:

So, let's just be clear here. This has nothing to do with Islam. And police aren't even treating it as a terrorist attack. Christensen has since acknowledged his mistake, but his comments sure aren't helpful - and there's a lot of other stuff we're doing wrong when it comes to actual acts of actual acts of terror. Here are the most recent major terror attacks in the West - for all the talk of terror cells and fanaticism, they all have two things in common. While all of the attackers had only a tenuous link to their supposed cause, all suffered from mental health issues. We, in the media, have work to do as well. For starters, we could stop making celebrities of these murderers.A lot of these incidents are overplayed by media and by politicians. I think we need to take some of the focus away and, again, focus on the underlying issues of what's driving terrorism in Australia or those being attracted to terrorism.We could also probably stop doing this... They're home-grown, fuelled with hate, and prepared to kill - terror teens! teens! Are you a potential terrorist? This morning, the PM signalled a shift in the approach on counter-terror, flagging an increased focus on mental health, and safety measures around major events.You have people that are not on the counter-terrorism radar screen who then, often as a result of mental illness, will then attach themselves to this murderous ideology.Not everyone's on board. We've given our security agencies more powers, more draconian powers, than any other Western democracy. Frankly, the powers that they have got, themselves, create a danger for the community.But is this a step towards a step towards a better and smarter counter-terrorism strategy? Dr Anne Aly is the Labor member for Cowan, and also a terrorism expert. Anne, one pretty controversial idea that's been floated today is counter-terror organisations actually being able to gain access to mental health records. Is this a good idea?Look, I don't know how that would be carried out, but I do think it's a good idea. For some time now, the experts around counter-terrorism have been stating that more and more, there is a correlation and a link between mental health and, particularly, lone actors or lone wolves.Isn't the worry here, though, that some people who might be at risk when it comes to mental health might not seek the help they need because they're worried about privacy? Absolutely. It's not just around privacy - particularly from particular communities, and particular ethnic communities, don't seek out mental health resources because of cultural issues and a stigma around mental health as well. So, you know, I think, apart from only looking at mental health records, if there is a concern about privacy there, I think we need to look more at other avenues as well, not just that as a singular avenue.Anne, can I ask what technically constitutes a terrorist attack?For a very long time, the international community has grappled with a common and unified definition of terrorism. But in Australia, at least, it depends on both the motivation and the impact of the act. So it needs to be, or should be, motivated by ideological or social causes, and the impact needs to be either a threat or an actual carrying out of an act of violence.Dr Anne Aly, thank you very much for your insight tonight.Thank you. (APPLAUSE) We were talking about the information that we disperse as a media outlet, and there's media outlets everywhere. Do we provide too much information? 'Cause there's a hunger for every single little detail. If we pit too much out there, is that being irresponsible? And should we be careful about the information that is put out there in relation to these attacks?I'm one of those people who wants to know everything - all the details. If it's happened, I want to know it's happened. At the same time, that is the cycle that's creating an outlet through which people can become "famous" for committing a terror attack.It's clickbait.It is clickbait.On the mental health point, there's no bigger issue in Australia - it dwarfs terrorism when it comes to a problem in Australia. But I think there's merit here. 6 or 8 of the last 16 mass shootings in America were linked to mental illness. There's a big problem there. If it can be done sensitively...Can we put the funding into mental health problems as well?Here's Damien Power with Power to the People. People will say terrorism is no joke, but I'm not so sure. Just stay with me. The fact is, ISIL deliberately targets losers and outcasts. They market themselves as tough badass gangs with awesome weapons. If that doesn't get young, angry guys in, they promise 'em 72 virgins when they promise 'em 72 virgins when
they blow themselves up and go to heaven. How desperate are you to meet young girls? Just get Tinder. Psychology Today says the most eccive way to prevent radicalisation is by undermining terrorist organisations with humour. That's why Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine all have their own TV shows making fun of ISIL. We should make fun of ISIL. They're idiots. Look at this terrorist training video. What battlefield has monkey bars?! Where are they invading? Sesame Street? (LAUGHTER) A slippery dip?! I haven't trained for this! In one failed plot, the terrorists filled a boat with explosives, got it in it, and it sank. That's the equivalent of slipping on a banana peel that you put there. In another, a bunch of suicide bombers came in for a group hug before their big mission, and hugged too hard and blew themselves up. I mean, any guy knows there's nothing more embarrassing than a premature detonation. And you'll remember the underwear bomber - he set his own penis on fire, and not even for fun. (LAUGHTER) My point is, if we can turn terrorists into clowns, we can stop people running away to join ISIL. Because if there's one thing my father taught me, it's that no-one ever respects a comedian.


Isn't it great to hear that list of countries that all have their own shows...Yes, comedy shows taking the piss out of ISIL.And when Bono suggested to US Congress back in April that we use comedy, everyone laughed at him. But he said, quaet If you laugh at them, you undermine their power base," which is exactly the point being made there, which is what those satirical shows do in those countries.You can catch Damien's show, Sell Your Mum Into Slavery, in Melbourne on July 30 and 31. Check our website for details. We'll have a break and be right back.(APPLAUSE)

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back. You're with The Project. There's been yet another police shooting of a black man in the US, this time in Miami. The unarmed disability worker was shot in the leg while trying leg while trying to care for an autistic patient. He was lying in the street with his hands in the air, but police

As long as I've got my hands up, they're not gonna shoot me. This is what I was thinking. They're not gonna shoot me. Wow, was I wrong... This isn't a bird or a plane, it's Facebook's solar-powered internet drone. The social media site says it wants to use the device to beam the internet to remote parts of the globe. The drone spent more than 90 minutes in the air on its first successful flight over Arizona. It's so easy for us to forget the bubble we live in. The stats of the number of humans on the planet earth who've never used a telephone are amazing, let alone - there are people who don't have internet. Billions of people around the world.Billions of people.I'm suss on this, though.Why?!Too much power. Too much information. There could be...They're watching us? You're not doing anything wrong, are you, Lehmo? ? Uhh...(LAUGHTER) No?Let's look at what's happening in the world of entertainment. We might've seen the last of One Direction, now that Liam Payne has a solo contract with Capitol Records. The band's been on hiatus since March, and with Harry Styles pursuing an acting career and new dad Louis Tomlinson working in the US, Liam's deal could be another nail in the 1D coffin.

It seems Amber Heard's trying to move on with her life. While lawyers sort out her nasty divorce from Johnny Depp, she's reportedly been spending time with Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, who's also recently single. They were spotted together in Florida, but those close to Musk and Heard insist they're just friends. And US First Lady Michelle Obama has totally rocked out while doing laps around the White House for James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. With help from rapper Missy Elliott, FLOTUS nailed Missy's 2001 hit Get Your Freak On.

Could she get any cooler?!She is way too cool. They have an interview after that. She has been in the White House for eight years, and she is still totally street. Like, the lingo, the language, the style - everything. She's still as cool as.Yeah. Gee, it'll be a different House when Melania's in charge.No!Just quietly...Don't even think that, please.I kind of want it, in a way.(LAUGHTER) No, you don't!"Let's really mess with some stuff."Oh, no, Meshel. Coming up - do you want to win an island? Stick around and find out the details.

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Welcome back! You're watching The Project. It's just five days to go until Aussie couple Doug and Sally Bites sell their tropical island home in Micronesia - but it won't be going to the highest bidder. They've held a raffle to give away their slice of paradise. This is so many kinds of brilliant. Doug and Sally are here now for one last big sell. Guys, what happened here? Did living in paradise just become all too hard?No, not really - we just - we've been there over 20 years, and it's just time now. We've got a 3-year-old granddaughter back on the Gold Coast. She lived with us for a year up on the island. We were in grandparent heaven seeing her every day for a year. It's just time for us to move back with family now.I would imagine that an island resort would be worth millions of dollars, so why would you just raffle it off?Our oldest son came to us with the idea after we'd announced that we thought it was time to come back to Australia and we were going to sell it in the traditional way. He came to us with the idea of it, and I'd had an inkling of the thought the day before, like maybe we could raffle it. When he came with the 3-page written, you know, research and presented the idea, I stood and looked up and thought, "Wow. This could be right."Has it worked out financially for you so far? How many tickets have you sold?Ahhh... As of about 30 minutes ago, over 48,000.Wow. Wow, so that has worked out for you, financially. Yeah. Yeah.Sally, what kind of person would you like to see win the raffle?Um, someone just like us that's... Easygoing, loves meeting people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Someone with a Someone with a lot of patience. Yeah, just someone just like us. Doug and Sally, tell us - what are you gonna say to your 3-year-old granddaughter when you've thrown away her chance to inherit paradise?(LAUGHTER) We're gonna tell her that we came back to be with her!Yeah.Good luck with that!48,000-odd tickets - is your son taking a commission here? This has been very, very profitable.Shhh.(LAUGHS)We'll do well finally out of it. And yes, he will be more than adequately rewarded. And not only coming up with the idea - he's run 99% of the whole raffle - he's been working hard.Doug and Sally, good luck with it all. Thank you so much for talking to us tonight.Thank you so much. Bye. talking to us tonight.Thank you so
much. Bye. You're punching some numbers?Just doing some numbers - 48,000 tickets at $66 bucks a ticket - $3.1 million, guys. So far. I don't know what the taxation laws are like in Micronesia, but I'm confident. I'm feeling good about it.Going for another break. Stay with us.

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Welcome back. You're with The Project. If you've just joined us, here's what's making news this Friday, July 22. Dramatic security footage has been released of last night's car-bomb attack on the Merrylands Police Station in Sydney. The driver, 61-year-old Peter Zhurawel, is in a serious but stable condition. He was saved from his burning vehicle by the officers he'd allegedly targeted. by the officers
he'd allegedly targeted. Their actions were heroic. A lot of people, understandably, would run away from that situation. They ran to it, and did everything they could to could to save that person. An investigation's underway, but authorities don't believe it was act of terrorism. A quick-thinking driver has saved the lives of 35 schoolkids on the Gold Coast after their bus caught fire on the way to class this morning. Passing motorists alerted him to the fire. He got everyone off just moments before flames engulfed the vehicle. Would have been a matter of seconds, I suppose, by the time he got them all off. Once he stopped, the fire had spread up through the floor. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has spent the day massaging party factions, but he's decided to keep Kim Carr on his frontbench following the federal election. Shorten's expanded his shadow ministry to 32 to include the veteran Senator, but an extensive reshuffle is expected when the portfolios are announced tomorrow. And a goalie's been left seriously red-faced after a massive soccer fail in the US. Minnesota United were already losing to English side Bournemouth when Sammy Ndjock scored this own-goal.

The coach seemed far from impressed. Very, very tough to take. I'm sure, for Sammy, as well as us. But yeah, that's a tough one. (CROWD GROANS) Good thing is, his teammates won't remind him about that much!He'll get the replay on repeat. It'll be sent to him constantly.That'll definitely cost him a slab. Do you know how hard it is to throw a ball behind you? . It is so hard! (LAUGHTER) Donald Trump has formally accepted the nomination for president at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He also took the chance to attack his opponent, Hillary Clinton, urging GOP delegates to come together to make sure she doesn't win the general election in November. Journalist Hamish Macdonald is joining us now from the convention in Cleveland to talk all things Trump. Hamish, in a week where Melania really did put Trump's speechwriters under the microscope, how did it all go down today?We haven't run the microscope over the text of the speech yet to compare it to anything said or spoken previously - the noise you can hear around me is all the balloons being popped, about 20,000 of them just dropped down and Trump got the crowd going, but it was a long speech, lasting something like 75 minutes, so by the end of it, I think people were kind of pretty keen to get out of the convention centre.His longest speech yet, since the candidacy started, really, Hamish. I want to ask you about the big push that seemed to be law and order as well - he's trying to shape himself as the law-and-order candidate. What does that mean?Well, frankly, we don't really know. He said it a number of times, but he didn't put much meat on the bones. That was sort of the theme throughout the speech. There was a lot of promises made - things like, "I am the law-and-order candidate." "She says I'm with her. I say I'm with you." Lots of promises rattled. He rattled off probably dozens of them, but didn't, in any way, flesh out ow how he would achieve those things.It seems they're really vying for Democratic votes - his daughter Ivanka mentioned equality for women, Trump even came out in support of what he called the LGBTQ community. Do you think he's trying to square up to Hillary on those issues?In many ways, that was the interesting thing about Ivanka Trump's speech - it could have been a speech made at a Democrat convention. In fact, she started her speech by saying, "I'm not really party political like so many people of my generation." There's been a lot of things about this convention that are different, unusual for the Republicans. That's what's created so much friction. Trump is a very different candidate. It's a lot of -- There's a lot of people here that don't see him as a genuine conservative. It's unusual for him to talk about wanting to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community. When he said that, one of the delegates next to me turned around and said "What does the Q stand for" unusual stuff for this party.No-one really does political pageantry like the US, and we've seen that borne out today. He entered to the theme song from the Harrison Ford movie Air Force One - what's your takeaway here? Was it a successful day?The convention itself has been pretty exciting as an environment. There's been people dancing, rock bands playing every night. You get swept up in the spirit of things. People are kind of grabbing you and pulling you in for a dance. People are very excited about Trump on the floor of this convention. Clearly, there is some division - all the delegates support him, not all the delegates or the members of the Republican Party support him, but he is the favourite candidate, and there's a lot of enthusiasm for him here. When you ask people if they're excited to vote for Donald Trump, they say they can't wait. What's clear here on the floor, at least, is amongst the Republicans, how much hatred there is of Hillary Clinton. People talking about" - chanting about - sending her to prison.We'll be watching with interest. Hamish, thanks for your time.Good to talk to you.It's a really friendly presidential campaign over there! Seriously... What is going on everywhere? It's just... It's incredibly to me - Australia, England and the United States having these... ..Intense political times.It's scary.It freaks me out, right?I'm in a state of shock watching that. Everyone's very angry. Let's go back to before the big speech, when they were setting up. I particularly liked Donald Trump's final request to the guy you'll see here.I like that that better than ours. Ours is very thick.You like it thinner?See that size? Let me ask you - are we using the exact same machine?We're using the same machine. I'm gonna be patching into their system.Because I like that. You like it thinner?Just make sure nothing goes wrong, OK?(LAUGHTER) "Make sure nothing goes wrong. Bad job, I like it."Not bad, Lehmo. "Just make sure nothing goes wrong." Ivanka Trump was second-to-last at the convention today. And what a bombshell!He is colour-bind and gender-neutral.Who knew?!(LAUGHTER) I really had no idea.There you go. Overnight, it was confirmed Russia's track-and-field team would be banned from Rio Olympics. And the world now waits to see if the rest rest of Russia's athletes will follow.It's the first nail in the coffin for Russia's Olympic campaign, with 68 track-and-field athletes definitively told they can't compete. TRANSLATION: The Court of Arbitration for Sport has dismissed the requests filed by the Russian Olympic Committee and of 68 Russian athletes.Russians took the news just as fiercely as you'd expect. TRANSLATION: It's a crime against sport. TRANSLATION: This is more likely a political fight between our sports officials and foreign ones.I think it's fantastic for the good athletes, the athletes that don't take drugs. To be able to go out there and know at least the Russian team that do immed by won't be there.Medallists Yelena Isinbayeva and high jumper Ivan Ukhov, who both took gold in London, are amongst the 68 banned. Perhaps the most unliky athlete was Vera Rebrik, a jalveen thrower from Ukraine who switched allegiance to Russia when the Russians annexed Crimea in 2014. At least two athletes stow far - 800m runner and doping whistleblower Yuliya Stepanova, and US-based long jumper Darya Klishina, have successfully applied to compete as a neutral athlete - an option others may now consider.Let's face it - a lot of them, particularly from those Eastern European countries, they're working to actually upgrade their life with the money they earn out of this sport. So you can understand them taking risks. But that doesn't make it right.On Monday, the IOC will make the decision on whether Russia will be banned from a further 29 sports which, if successful, could see hundreds of athletes around the world world get a second shot at glory. Julian Savulescu is a philosopher and - get this - an advocate for use of drugs in sport. He joins us now. Julian, you think doping should be legal. Why is that?Well, physiological doping - that is, the kind of doping that athletes are currently doing within the normal limits that the human body produces - is safe, and we have reliable ways of testing beyond that. The risks of doping that are occurring in the Olympics at the present point are nothing like the risks of playing AFL football or rugby where you get brain damage from concussion or fracture your spine and become a quadriplegic. Sport itself is much more risky than the kind of doping that people are engaging in today.I reckon, though, if you allow that group that you talk about there to be legal, the cheats are so far ahead of the system that they will find a way, anyway, to cheat on top of that.Yeah, that's a fair point. You've got to do it on a case-by-case basis. There's always going to be some cheaters. You're never going to get rid of a problem like this when you've got millions of dollars hanging on whether you get to the ball a fraction of a second earlier. All you can do is try to limit the amount of cheating and try to give everyone the fairest go possible. That's just not happening at the moment - the most recent analysis of the London Olympics shows at least a third of the medals were probably involved doping that wasn't detected at the time. The fact is that the Russian phenomenon is really widespread all through sport - it's just not organised by the state at the level that occurred in Russia. But Russia reallier in my view, is a scapegoat. It's occurring in Kenya, it's occurring in Jamaica, it's occurring in the US and it's occurring in Australia.Julian, isn't there an argument that this ban on rush saw the beginning of coming down harder and we're starting to fight the war of drugs in the Olympics?It's like the war on recreational drugs - you constantly hear about these "wars "that constantly fail. You won't win a war where the only main, direct victim is the athlete themselves that takes the drug, and when the prizes are so enormous and the efficiency of defection is relatively low. Especially whether, you know, the Olympics is still pretty interesting. For found the London Olympics interesting. I find the Tour de France interesting, even though I know that probably the majority of people in that peloton are doping. Why not just realign the rules so that they can be more readily enforceable?We appreciate your time. Thank you, Julian.No problem.(APPLAUSE) Even though it's a really crazy... When I first heard his arguments, I thought it was ridiculous. But I have to agree that I still watch the Tour de France with interest, and I'm going to watch these Olympics with a bit of a filter of going, "I know a lot of these guys will be taking drugs, but I'll still watch it."That doesn't mean you throw up your arms in the air and says everyone should dope. It goes against the entire fabric of sport and competitiveness and the message to kids...Do you think we're beating drugs with the Olympics?What they should do is award two gold medals for every sport. One for the athlete, and one for the scientist that designed the drugs that got them to number one. (LAUGHTER) Can't we have the doped-up Games where we go for leather?Super Olympics. Everyone's 10 foot tall with a giant beard covered in pimples.That'd rate.Apparently that's a side effect. Countries like to introduce events at the Olympics the they're good at. So if I was gonna introduce a new Olympic event, it'd be AFL - guaranteed goal for Australia. America? Probably gridiron. And if you're English...England's first national sport - jousting - should be give an place at the Olympics. The charity says modern jousters need the same level as fitness and strength as those heading to Rio in 2016.Guaranteed gold for English. I hate to break it to you, the current world champion jouster - don't ask me how I know this - is Australian. I spoke to him on the radio.I've spoken to him too. He's a legend.He's a former SAS guy and he's the world champion jouster.In that case, bring jousting back, and another gold for Australia!Philip Leach is his name. Hi, Phil, if you're watching.Stay with us. Time for another break. Back shortly. Coming up - from the mouths of babes comes the truth about food. Where does food come from?Italy? This is The Project.

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hello, and welcome back to The Project. First, it was an HIV test live on Facebook. Now, Prince Harry's joining forces with Elton John in the fight against AIDS. At a conference in South Africa, he spoke from the heart about his mother Diana, to highlight how far things have come for HIV patients. When my mother held the hand of a man dying of AIDS in an East London hospital, no-one would have imagined that, just over a quarter of a century later, treatment would exist that could see HIV-positive people live full, healthy, loving lives. A very busy day for the Tamate boys, after their mum went into labour at their Melbourne home this morning. With no time to get her to hospital, Dad Tui was in a state of shock, so 10-year-old Chris took charge - and called 000... But mistakenly asked for police.I said to them that my mum was going to have a baby.And I say, "Oh, my gosh. The wrong uniform come." (LAUGHTER) By the time the two officers arrived, all the action was over. Mum and son number seven are both doing fine.I love this family! Some beautiful kids there. I love it especially because my wife and I are having our first baby next Tuesday, and I've been wondering what it's going to be like inside the birthing suite...Ahh, the baby came out really quick came out really quick and, ah... I was doing this... I was about to vomit. It was really yuck. (LAUGHTER) I'll remember that for next Tuesday. And I know what you're this happening - does the baby have a name? Well, kinda.Does he have a name?Ah, nope. Not yet. But I'll call him Toby.He's a legend, that kid. In the US, a woman's got back at a colleague who was stealing her coffee cream out of the office fridge. She put this note on the bottle, claiming it was her breast milk. She also told the thief not to worry too much, because it was at least organic.Number one suspect is the 2-month-old in Accounts.You should try it when you've got breast milk around. Our friend Tommy Little slipped a random woman's breast milk in my coffee one day.Random woman?!He planned it. He thought it would be a funny joke. He went online and found a rando's milk.How can you get online and find a random woman's milk?That's a project for you to try tonight after work. I said, "This is the creamiest coffee" before he told me. I really did. Try it at home, kids.A did. Try it at home, kids.A full report next Friday. Now, sad news, I'm so sorry - the demise of a family favourite, a cornerstone cornerstone of our childhoods - the VCR.They came into our lives in dark times, when a man had to make the impossible choice between going fishing and watching sports.But we're missing the football game. Relax! My VHS home video recorder is taping it right now.Terrific. Watch... Terrific! Yet that shining light is soon to be snuffed out, as the world's last-known VC. R maker has revealed production will cease by the end of this month. Due to poor sales and the trouble finding necessary parts, Japanese electronics brand Funai is saying sayonara to the VHS format, which was born - hold onto your hats - 40-year-old ago. Let's face it - it's not a young-looking 40.There were so many faults with the format. There was always trailers at the front and you had to fast-forward. The tapes would often get jammed inside the machine and you had to pull the whole top off. The tracking errors would never allow you to see the screen clearly.VHS was a very big deal in the late '70s when it first appeared. It meant you could watch movies and record TV at home, at your leisure - which was groundbreaking at a time when throwing darts at the grass was solid home entertainment. VHS continued to dominate through the '80s and '90s, but later sales figures suggest it's lost the battle, with the rise of Blu-ray, DVD and online streaming and on-demand. They used to sell 15 million VCRs a year. Last year, only 750,000.As you lose touch with analogue technology and Dig it rolls in, people fetishise the physical format of the JHS.Gone but not forgotten - in such classics as Lemora: Lady Dracula, and The Legend Of Hillbilly John, the VCR's legacy lives on.

That is sad. I can't believe they're still selling 750,000 a year, though?!My Mum. She's the only person I know who still has one. When I was a kid - we had an early one with a remote on a cord. She would record TV shows for me at night-time, but she would edit out sex scenes and stuff.Really?! Yeah. And then forget to put it back on record, so I'd be trying to watch Return To Eden or whatever, and it'd be half gone.Remember the anguish when it would get stuck and you'd spent countless hours trying to get it out.If you picked that thing off the end, which meant it wasn't recordable, you'd put tape on the end to record over it.I miss it now.Oh, the weddings that were recorded over...(LAUGHTER) Don't go away. More The Project still to come. Want to get your scoop on in the Big Apple? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters.Dial up, where we're sending two people on a gucial gal vns around New York City.Don't upset the ghosts.The prize includes six nights accomidation, three grand in spending money, and a whole lot more. Don't be scared - jump online and enter.

This program is not captioned. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back. You're with The Project. To breaking news - the Indian Air Force has lost contact with one of its planes over the Bay of Bengal. The Antinov Transporter took off from Chennai about six hours ago with 29 people on board, including 6 crew. A search operation is under way. That news comes on the same day that we learned the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will be scaled down in three months' time. Officials have confirmed it'll be wound up once the current 120,000-square-kilometre search area has been exhausted. Apologies for the wrong vision there. And portaloos at music festivals are always a bit of a lottery, but these festivalgoers in New York couldn't believe their eyes when they went to use the facilities. An entire bridal party emerged from one toilet, then some zombies, runaway prisoners, and a herd of pretend bulls. The pranks were organised by the group Improv Everywhere.I have seen weirder pranks in public toilets. (LAUGHTER) MasterChef is fast coming to an end. Once again, the kids have been all over it, but how much do they know about what we eat and where it comes from? Well, I went and asked them. What's your absolute favourite food to eat?Ahh...... Ice-cream and sausage sizzles. What's your favourite food? Spaghetti.Do you know where spaghetti comes from?Um...Italy?I also agree with Italy.Where does spaghetti come from?Wheat. Chicken.Spaghetti? It needs egg to moisture it up.Where do eggs come from? Charlotte?I think eggs come from...hens.How does the egg get out of the chicken?(LAUGHTER)

The back of it.Yeah.Yeah, because I've got chickens at home.Out of the poo bit...Mmm.It comes from its butt. They push hard. And then the egg just comes out.What would you say is the healthiest food you could ever eat?A sandwich.Yeah. With vegetables in it.What is the unhealthiest food you could eat? Sugar.What about where does milk come from?Cow.Cow.But whereabouts on the...It comes out of its, um, utter.Yeah, from its utter.And how do you get the milk out of the...There's four things. You pull them.There's four things? You squeeze them. You squeeze their nipples.(LAUGHTER) (LAUGHS)Stop laughing. It's not funny.Can you stop laughing now? I'm sorry. I'm very immature.You put a bucket beneath the pink organ, and then you just have to squeeze the four levers.(LAUGHTER) I don't know what they're called anyway.(LAUGHTER) And where does cheese come from?A mouse? (CROWD GROANS) What about pork? Where does that come from?Ah, pork comes from pigs.Ah, what about ham?A chicken?(LAUGHTER) Where does ham come from?Cow.Pig. It's cow!Huh?Ham... No, it's...yeah, it's pig. It's pig. How long would it take to cook 2-minute noodles?Two minutes.Two minutes.Are you sure?Mm-hmm. Yeah.Four minutes?How long does it take to cook 10-minute noodles? Ah, 20.Why do you think it double?Because two plus two equals four, 10 plus 10 equals 20.Yeah.(LAUGHTER) Sometimes when people talk about food, they say that it's free-range. What does that mean? They stay with farmers.And they stay... With them for free?Yeah. But if the farmer charges the chicken rent, then it's fraught free-rent?Yeah, then -- free-range? Yeah, then the chicken's gotta pay.What came first - the chicken or the egg?The egg.How did the egg get there?The chicken.Where'd the chicken come from?The egg.How did the egg get here?(LAUGHTER) No, no, no - the egg was first. Where did the egg come from?It fell from the sky.There we go. That's all I needed.(APPLAUSE)

That's the best explanation of free-range I have ever heard.The kids were just brilliant. A massive thankyou to all the kids and teachers at Iron Side State School in Brisbane. They were fantastic. Thank you very much. Get excited - it's time to take a look at what is on The Project for next week.Monday night - I sit down with Margot Robbie at home. The down-to-earth girl from the Goldy who's taken the world by storm. We talk fame, her mum, and that Vanity Fair article.Don't mess with the Aussies.Margot Robbie back home and on The Project, 6:30 Monday.(APPLAUSE) That's all for The Project this week. The Logie-winning The Living Room is up next. Make sure you win tonight, boys. Have a great weekend. Goodnight! Captions by Ericsson Access Services.

SONG: # Don't need no invitation
You know where I am... #

AMANDA KELLER: Tonight on the Living
Room, it's our Hot List special.

Miguel has
Australia's hottest hot pies.

MIGUEL: Really humble,
really delicious.

And you can see inside - big chunks.
That's a really good sign.

Chris dives into
five shark hotspots.

45 bull sharks.

It's just something you can only
appreciate when there's no cage there.

Barry lightens up your home
with his hot DIY.

It's a cracker because it saves you
big bucks and you do it yourself.

Cherie Barber's hot property tips
to make a profit.

All of these things are modernising
and up will go your property value.

I'll show you how to
make any man look hot.

We've got hot products for pets.
Oh, aah!

And you have a chance to win a hot 20 grand.

Good evening! Hello! And welcome
to The Living Room's Hot List.

Now, tonight, each of us is going
to give our top five things

from one category.

What about you, Amanda?
What's your list?

Well, I have my five top beauty tips
and I can tell you

that one of them involves
using toothpaste somewhere

where there aren't any teeth.


But we're going to start our special
with you, Chris.

Amanda, you know how much
I love diving with sharks.

(LAUGHS) It sounded like he said
he loves diving with sharks.

No, I actually did say that.
I don't get it.

The thing about sharks is
everyone's got an opinion, right,

even if you're absolutely terrified
of them.

As normal people are!

Yeah, I'm gonna show you the
top five shark dives in the world

that are gonna get you up close
to these delights of the deep.

Most people go to great lengths
to avoid sharks

but I'm about to go to great depths
just to see them.

And word is I can get up close
and very personal with these guys.

My number five shark dive is
at Wolf Rock off Rainbow Beach

in Queensland.

What lies beneath is
a sight to behold.

Each year,
over half the east coast population

of pregnant grey nurse sharks
gather here

for their 9-12 month
gestation period.

This is the ultimate
mothers' group...with teeth!

And while they look dangerous, these
sharks don't bite unless provoked.

No matter what time of year you do
visit Wolf Rock,

you're guaranteed to see
a grey nurse,

and that's why it's
my shark dive number five.

Dive number four is hard to ignore

because it's the most dangerous
shark in the world

and best seen from inside a cage.

MAN: Oh, far out!

It's a nervous 20-minute boat
ride from Gansbaai, South Africa.

This is actually an area
that we like to refer to

as the McDonald's Drive Thru
of Gansbaai,

but more officially known
as Shark Alley.

During winter
when the seal pups learn to swim,

Shark Alley can attract
up to 1,000 great whites.

I'll see you in there!

Right at the moment,
there are 16 sharks

and 4,800 teeth churning
these waters

so it's just as well we're not
on the great white's preferred menu.

Attacks usually occur
when they mistake us for seals.

Honestly, it's a feeling as much
of fascination as it is fear,

but when the big boy goes past
and he fills your eyesight...

My number three shark dive is
the Aquarium at Fish Rock.

Under Fish Rock is a 120m-long cave

that you swim through to reach
nature's aquarium at the other end.

Last time I dived with sharks,
I was in a cage.

This time, we're all in a cave.

The cave is dark and narrow
and teeming with fish

but it's when you come out the other
side the action really happens.

Shark action, that is -
and plenty of it,

including 3-4m grey nurses
and the odd wobbegong.

That is an aquarium like no other,

an aquarium where sometimes
it feels like us humans,

we're the main attraction. (LAUGHS)

My number two shark dive takes me
across to Ningaloo Reef in WA.

See, here's the thing -

for most people, swimming
with whales is a dream come true.

But being in the water with sharks
is a nightmare.

So what are you meant to feel
when you swim with whale sharks?

Guess I'm about to find out.

Ningaloo Reef is
one of the few places

where you can swim beside
the world's largest fish,

the whale shark,

and, of course, his entourage.

And at 8m,
this one is just a juvenile.

Fully grown,
he could reach a whopping 18m.

You can see why that is just one of
the most beautiful things in nature.

It's on so many people's
bucket lists and that's why -

it is just beautiful.

But still to come is my number one.

(APPLAUSE) I'm a bit confused.

I think the shark chomped off
your number one.

Where was your number one?

He's gonna spit it out towards
the end of the show.

Ohh, you're teasing us, Chris.
You're gonna love it.

Have you ever been scared?

Have you ever been in those moments
and felt vulnerable and frightened?

Yeah, I'm not just making it up.

It's a very different experience
in the water.

They don't really look at you
like they look at food,