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(generated from captions) Under the thumb. I'm going to
lock in A, please, Eddie.

Final answer? Lock it in?
Yes. Do it.

No. No, because of all
the endorsements,

it's Maria Sharapova. Yeah.

Grossed over $27 million
in 2013-2014.

The world's highest-paid
female athlete for the past decade

is Maria Sharapova.

Hey, Martin, well payed. You didn't
get an answer, you still won $1,000.

That's pretty good.
I reckon you could

get some Xbox or
some PlayStation games.

Martin Wernekinck just won $1,000.

See you next time on the Millionaire
Hot Seat. Goodnight, everyone.

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Risking their lives -

burning car into a police station
officers save a man who drove his

in Sydney's west.

the families of those who died
Moving testimony from

in the Rozelle shop explosion.

that's dug up then covered over
The city intersection

every weekend.

A dark view of a dangerous future

marathon acceptance speech.
Donald Trump's

in July -
And enjoying the sunshine

Migaloo returns to our coastline.

Good evening.

are being praised
Police from Merrylands

for their remarkable bravery,

at risk
after putting their own lives

burning car into their station.
to save a man who rammed his

terror related,
The attack wasn't

a long-running family dispute.
instead stemming from

a full-blown terrorist attack.
Everything pointed to

A car rigged to explode -

the target.
Merrylands Police Station

on fire,
As the driver set himself

ran towards the danger.
police officers

It happened at 7:00 last night.

the vehicle,
As police approached

the interior of the vehicle

Seconds later,

the underground garage door.
the Hyundai Getz slammed into

and dragged the driver out.
Police officers busted the window

It's terrifying.

It's too dangerous.
It's no good.

police found an open LPG tank.
Inside the car,

"Get out of the car."
Police were yelling,

I heard a big bang,

from the police station.
and then someone screaming

the bomb squad were mobilised,
Counter-terrorism teams and

ruling out a terror threat.

as Greystanes man Peter Zhurawel.
The driver identified

this was dwelling in his head
I wish I'd have known that

all this time.

to police
Mick Zhurawel wants to apologise

on his brother's behalf.

because he never spoke to you,
It was very hard,

that you were the enemy.
and he was the sort of person

a domestic dispute
The brothers had been in

their 93-year-old mother.
which involved

The matter was due in court

I'm not the villain here.

that has to make peace
The person

is the person that's involved.

He took a stand.
He made his choices.

This morning,

Peter Zhurawel once shared
police raided the home

with his elderly mother.

It was in a filthy condition.

and more LPG bottles.
Detectives seized a computer

pursuing any investigation
I can confirm that we are not

to terrorism activities.
in relation

just before the attack.
Neighbours saw Zhurawel

over the family dispute.
He was in tears

mother for the last 30 years.
He's been looking after his

Nine News has been told

a nervous breakdown years ago.
Zhurawel suffered

I'm in disbelief.

I can't believe he's done this.

against the police at all.
He's had nothing

under tight security,
This morning,

Scipione arrived at Merrylands
Police Commissioner Andrew

to survey the damage.

He thanked the police officers

a devastating explosion.
who averted what could have been

they're committed,
Our officers are brave,

they get on with the job,

they put themselves last,

that they're serving first.
and they put those

has previously been the target
The police station

of threatened attacks.

with wanting to shoot it up
One man was charged

and "burn all the little piggies

Curtis Cheng,
Since the murder of police worker

been warned to be extra vigilant.
police officers state-wide have

We live in a different day,

At this stage,

we've seen internationally
we know on the back of what

significant risk.
that police are at

yeah, yeah.
They were incredibly brave,

under guard
Peter Zhurawel remains

in Royal North Shore Hospital.

No charges have yet been laid.

is at Royal North Shore Hospital
Reporter Vicky Jardim

this evening.

on the driver's condition?
Vicky, what's the latest

is tonight being treated
Georgie, Peter Zhurawel

in the specialist burns unit

to the front of his body
after suffering horrific injuries

Particularly to his face.

When he is better,

some very serious charges.
he's expected to face

His brother Mick says

in the hours before the attack,
Peter called him

of what was to come,
gave no indication

going to care for
but did say he was no longer

their 93-year-old mother.

a long-running feud
The brothers have been in

over the welfare of their mum.

to visit Peter in hospital,
Now Mick has no plans

innocent people got caught up
but says he's sorry

in the family dispute.

joins me in the studio.
Senior crime reporter Simon Bouda

the focus
Simon, this again places

at our police stations.
on security

Is enough being done?


how much is enough.
the question is

as a weapon.
We've now seen a car used

At Merrylands Police Station

upgrading security
more than $300,000 has been spent

in recent months -

the front counter, upgraded CCTV,
ballistic glass at

around key areas.
and cages installed

against this type of attack?
But, again, how can you protect

It's difficult.

Just this week,

of the risk they face
police state-wide were reminded

and to be extra vigilant.

a role last night, Georgie.
Perhaps that warning played

of the Rozelle fire victims
The family and friends

murderer Adeel Khan
today told convicted

face-to-face in court

of loss and anger.
their deepest feelings

next week,
Khan, who will be sentenced

for the three lives he took.
has never apologised

were relieved
Chris Noble's parents, like any,

from a trip to South America.
when he returned home safely

his life in his own bedroom.
Just eight days later, he lost

Today, those closest to him

from his killer Adeel Khan,
just a few metres

and shared their heartbreak.

his son's life has been:
His father Ross told the court

Mother Liz told the court:

the "I love you" text he sent her
Chris Noble's mother spoke about

trapped in his bedroom.
in his final moments,

and comforted
She said she felt humbled

that in such desperate

how he felt.
he thought to tell her

on her wrist.
Those words now tattooed

for his life that morning.
Flatmate Corey Cameron also ran

to helplessly listen
He told the court of having

scream for his life.
to his best mate

Bill Keremelevski
Bianka O'Brien's father

as a "shining light"
described her

as a "shining light"
described her

and son Jude as an "angel".

He said:

There was not a single tear

38L of petrol,
from the man who bought

set his convenience store alight,

three made-up armed robbers.
then tried to blame

There was also no apology.

He will be sentenced next week.

a special report
And Tara Brown will have

on the Rozelle tragedy

this Sunday night at 7:00.
on '60 Minutes'

has been pulled from the wreckage
A driver in Sydney's west

of his crumpled car

in high-voltage powerlines
after it became entangled

last night.

rolled and crashed into a pole
The 30-year-old's vehicle

at Villawood around 11:30.

Crews cut the man free.

with minor head injuries.
He's now recovering in hospital

has been blanketed by smoke
A street in Roselands

battled a blaze
as more than 20 firefighters

at the back of a home.

It was quickly extinguished

throughout the property.
before it could spread

the scene for smoke inhalation.
Three people were treated at

how the fire started.
It's not yet known

to work out what sparked a fire
Investigators are trying

factory at Marrickville.
that destroyed a meat processing

at the Master Cut Meats building
An inferno erupted

yesterday afternoon,

the blaze might spread
and there were fears

to neighbouring businesses.

to contain it,
Firefighters managed

to gain access to the site
but still haven't been able

the walls could collapse.
due to fears

the Nice terror attack,
In the wake of

to review security arrangements
authorities here are

around public gatherings.

into the threat domestically,
It's part of a wider look

and those with mental illness.
particularly from lone wolves

Malcolm Turnbull says,
A terror attack here,

is still probable.

forced authorities
And the Nice massacre's

and protect large crowds.
to re-think how to control

and the German axe attack
Nice, Orlando,

on lone wolf attacks,
have focussed attention

with mental health,
and links to those

social and emotional issues.

robust intelligence
We need to have

and security arrangements.

agencies are joining up.
We're looking to see if our

Greg Moriarty,
The Prime Minister's directed

counter terrorism tsar,
the Government's

to look at lessons from Nice -

radicalised lone wolves
how agencies respond to quickly

slipping through the cracks.
and how to stop the vulnerable

to the Islamist ideology
For some, the attraction

is ideological and absolute.

no possibility
For them, there is

for compromise with the West.

at the sensitive issue
The review will also look

of giving agencies easier access

of the mentally ill,
to health records

the Prime Minister concedes,
a fine balance,

protecting the nation.
between privacy and

getting it right
Greg Moriarty says

could take decades.

Two men are on the run

British serviceman at knifepoint
after trying to kidnap a

in England.

his military barracks in Norfolk
The officer was running near

of Middle Eastern appearance,
when the pair, described as being

attacked him.

towards the vehicle,
But when they tried to drag him

and the men fled.
he fought back

Bastille Day terrorist had help
French police say the

from at least five accomplices,

for months.
and had been planning the attack

and hundreds injured
84 people were killed

a truck into crowds
when Mohamed Bouhlel drove

on the Nice promenade a week ago.

and photographs
Mobile phone records

last year
of the celebrations in the city

as part of the investigation.
have been seized

It has been described as open-heart Construction
surgery for our streets. ready
Construction work which has it of
ready for traffic in just a couple light
of days. Preparations for the CBD government
light rail are progressing, the road
government has conceded that more traffic.
road closures could start to impact

10pm on a Friday night

on George Street
and a vital intersection

is torn up.

get to work,
Cranes, tip trucks and excavators

carefully exploring the maze

underneath the city,
of gas, water and electricity

the new light rail.
and preparing it for

on Monday,
Then just before peak hour hits

they put the lid back on,

ready for traffic.
and George Street is again

it's a very real challenge
It's a complex build,

but it's a way around
for us,

we keep Sydney moving.
making sure

it as trying to negotiate
Builders describe

a spaghetti of utilities

colonial Sydney.
one of the oldest strips of

We've found lots of rail

and sleepers from the old trams

in the 1960s.
that were decommissioned

It's a 56 hour procedure,

for 24 months.
every weekend

All in preparation for this -

Eastern Suburbs to Circular Quay.
the new light rail from the

the city working
We've got to keep

Keeping the telecommunications, gas, street
water, and we have to keep the street moving.

To build the light rail, though,

will have to shut.
more sections of George Street

The next in August,

and Goulburn Streets.
between Liverpool

the government has been surprised
Even with all of these closures,

drivers have responded.
at how well

starts to really ramp up,
But as construction

so will the traffic.

not to be complacent.
It's important

this project.
We have a long way to go on

It's quite complex.

Construction will finish in 2018

for passengers by 2019.
and the trams will be ready

not to be injured
A mother and son were lucky

and crushed part of their home
when a large tree fell

this morning at Lalor Park.

It narrowly missed the pair,

at the time.
who were in their backyard

to the back,
We just went from the barbeque

Went to grab the eggs. As we were walking back it fell.

walking back it fell. 10 more under
seconds and we would have been two
under these trees. You would have two body bags here full

waiting to happen,
The owners say it was an accident

Blacktown Council about the tree
and they'd complained to

multiple times.

It was a moment not so long ago,

many believed was impossible,

but today, Donald Trump became

presidential candidate.
the official Republican

been described by some critics
His acceptance speech has

as "frightening",

of the future of America.
offering a very dark view

Believe it or not,

it's happened.

accept your nomination
I humbly and gratefully

for the presidency.

Donald Trump has a new motto.

I am your voice.

The billionaire entrepreneur,

and now unlikely politician
TV reality show star

from the presidency
is just one election away

he's looking inward.
and for a start

Our plan will put America First.

Americanism, not globalism.

Will be our credo.

drew plenty of criticism,
The speech

a lot from his own party,

of bitterness and fearmongering,
saying it was full

nowhere near as bad
and a dark view of a country

as he portrayed.

to earlier promises.
He's sticking

a great border wall.
I will build

from countries
The ban on Muslims

still stands.
where there's terrorism

individuals into our country
I only want to admit

and love our people.
who will support our values

There is no doubt this has been a are
bitterly divided convention. There hijacked
are many who believe he has his
hijacked the party and tonight was Trump
his big opportunity to get the was
Trump train on the tracks. There when
was a big derailment last night used
when his main opponent, Ted Cruz, cruisers
used to endorse him. It was mocked
cruisers payback, after Trump mocked his wife.

mocked his wife.If you mock my servile
wife I am not owing to come like a servile puppy dog.And from the

servile puppy dog.And from the will
candidate, this final promise.We bless
will make America great again, God bless you.

bless you.It looks like about that into
could tumble out of the ring and into the gutter.

with today's weather.
Now to Belinda

warm for winter.
And Belinda, it was certainly

Good evening, Georgie.

still in the middle of winter.
Yes, hard to believe we're

our warmest July day in 26 years.
A beautiful sunny day -

of 25.7 degrees,
The city hit a top

the warmest on record.
just 0.2 of a degree off

in 38 years,
Camden had its hottest July day

in Richmond and Campbelltown.
reaching 25.8

It was an early taste of summer,

under the sunshine.
Sydney sparkling

A few clouds moving through,

to block out the powerful sun.
but not enough

was out, soaking it up.
And every man and his dog

Manly looking truly magnificent,

about summer.
getting us all excited

Winter is far from over, though.

the cool change is coming
I'll tell you when

later on, Georgie.

In the news ahead -

life and limb at Central Station.
a train surfer risking

and begging for mercy,
On the ground

but police shot him anyway -

the US gun crisis hits a new low.

make our fruit and vegies safer.
A $6 million investment to

repeat offender Corey Norman
And why Brad Arthur wants

to stay at the club.

has been caught on camera.
A train surfer's stupidity

the back of a Sydney train,
The man can be seen clinging to

the tracks.
moments before he fell onto

by a quick-thinking train driver,
The 24-year-old was saved

at Central Station,
who spotted him inside the tunnel

and pulled him to safety.

two infringement notices.
Police issued the man with

has been shot by police officers,
Yet another black American

this time in Miami.

a behaviour therapist,
The unarmed man,

with his hands up -
was lying on the ground

but that didn't save him.

In the land of the gun,

doesn't seem to work anymore.
"hands in the air"

a mental health therapist,
Charles Kinsey,

helpless and harmless.
couldn't have looked more

beside an autism sufferer
On his back, arms raised,

a community home in Miami.
who'd escaped

Police had their guns out,

recent race-related shootings

at both ends of the barrel.
breeding tension

Kinsey pleaded with the officers,

the 23-year-old patient.
worried they were about to shoot

not to move.
Kinsey begged the young man

not to move.
Kinsey begged the young man

who copped the bullet,
But it was Kinsey

who copped the bullet,
But it was Kinsey

shot in the leg,

released by his lawyer.
pictures of the confrontation

I stuck up my hands and said, I did
just got lost two shot. Sir, why did you shoot me? He said, know.
did you shoot me? He said, I don't

The officer later said

the young patient,
he was trying to hit

thinking he had a gun -

despite the exchange.

now nursing a bullet hole.
Small compensation to the man

has been spotted
Migaloo the white whale

of Port Stephens.
swimming off the coast

migrating up the coast
The famous albino humpback was

with a whale friend this morning

by a cruise-boat.
when they were filmed

It's been more than two years

in the area.
since Migaloo was last seen

The Eels say

of their long term plan,
Corey Norman is still part

off the field.
despite his repeated offences

Yvonne Sampson joins us now.

But Yvonne,

on their hands to keep him.
Parramatta might have a fight


trying to lure Norman away
the Dragons are one club

from Parramatta,

$2.4 million at him to do it.
and they're prepared to throw

But Eels coach Brad Arthur

to stay in the blue and gold.
says he wants Norman

and fined 20,000
He's been banned for 8 weeks

of off-field incidents.
for a number

But the Parramatta Eels

by bad boy Corey Norman.
are sticking

Corey is a good kid.
The thing is,

and he'll learn from it,
He's made a silly decision

and we're here to support him.

resign the five eighth
Arthur desperately wants to

at the end of the season.
who is off contract

off-field behaviour
He says Norman's

hasn't affected negotiations.

long term,
We want him to be at our club

for Corey.
and I've got a lot of time

can snag Jarryd Hayne,
Arthur is still hopeful the Eels

if he is motivated and committed.
but he only wants the code-hopper

rugby league,
If he doesn't want to play

trying to force him.
there's no point

have him at our club
He knows that we would like to

but that is totally up to him.

trained today
Rabbitoh Adam Reynolds

on Monday night against Manly,
and is expected to play

last weekend with a quad strain.
despite withdrawing late

on the paddock this week.
He's trained the house down

He is putting in those extra effort.

the top 8, however,
South Sydney can still make

of their remaining matches
they have to win all seven

teams all in the top eight.
and five of those are against

but we've just got to make sure
It's a bit of a tough run

this week.
we have a good performance

plenty more to come,
And there's

Shane Flanagan
including Sharks coach

to winning the premiership.
explains the blueprint

of the Tour de France
And the shortest stage

catches riders off guard.

In the news ahead,

in disgrace -

being forced back to Australia.
the rowdy Jetstar passengers

of a vaccine for prostate cancer.
Sydney doctors on the brink

brings down
A sexual harassment case

in television.
one of the most powerful men

to the Archibalds,
And the alternative

pushing the boundaries of taste.

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don't you wish you could cut the BS?

Big stress!

Well, here's how you can.

With Greater Bank's
Great Rate Home Loan.

It's a straightforward
low-cost home loan.

For a greater way to get ahead,
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the sporting events get underway,
There are still two weeks until

been rocked by two new dramas.
but the Rio Olympics has today

its athletics team now
Russia's doping scandal has seen

officially banned from the Games,

have arrested ten people
while authorities

of plotting a terror attack.
on suspicion

knows no borders,
The reach of Islamic state

in South America
and it seems the first Olympics

it can't resist.
is a potential target

has confirmed
Brazil's Justice Minister

who had expressed loyalty
the arrest of ten suspects

to Islamic state.

"amateur would-be terrorists"
They have been described as

AK47 assaults
who made attempts to purchase

from neighbouring Paraguay.

just two weeks away,
And with the opening ceremony

ever this will be an Olympics
it now looks more likely than

minus one sporting superpower.

track and field squad is banned,
It's now been confirmed Russia's

Olympic team
and early next week the entire

state-controlled doping.
is expected to be expelled for

will be there,
The world fastest man Usain Bolt

action taken so far.
and he was quick to welcome the

This will scare a lot of people,

sport is serious,
send a strong message

want to clean sports up.

also jump on board.
Our Rugby Sevens

any sport,
Doping's got no part or place in

down on these nations,
so it's great the IOC is coming

of doping.
which do have a track record

response from Moscow.
But the ban produced a scathing

The Russian Sports Minister,

attending the games
who has been barred from

because he is implicated in the

with no legal grounds.
said it was a biased decision

and expels Russia altogether,
If the IOC takes the next step

a sports loving president
it will be crossing swords with

who likes to win.

involved in a brawl
Three of the Australian men

on a Jetstar flight to Phuket

to Melbourne.
are now on their way back

and Mark Rossiter
Ricky Longmuir, Michael Matthews

by airline security.
are being escorted home

to divert to Bali on Wednesday
Their plane was forced

after the fight broke out.

involved in the fight
The three other men

to return to Sydney tomorrow.
are expected

has resigned
The man who built Fox News

amid sexual harassment

by a former female anchor,
Roger Ailes is being sued

sabotaged her career
claiming the 76-year-old

his advances.
because she rejected

have come forward
Dozens of other women

with similar claims,

has repeatedly denied.
which Ailes

Rupert Murdoch
Fox executive chairman,

taken over his roles.
has now temporarily

There's been a breakthrough

against prostate cancer,
in the fight

more than 3,000 Australian men
a disease which kills

every year.

they're on the brink
Researchers say

to kill cancer cells
of creating a vaccine

from relapsing.
and prevent patients

is making the most out of life,
69-year-old Alan Taylor

having survived prostate cancer.

It was caught early,

prompted him to get tested.
after a mate's diagnosis

Alan was in his late 50's.

I had no signs at all,

I went to get the PSA test,
it was purely

they said it was a little high,

improved since the 1980s,
While survival rates have

when the cancer has spread.
more treatment options are needed

develop metastases,
Once patients

are rather limited.
their treatment options

are developing a vaccine,
That's why researchers

and prevent relapse.
to treat the disease

already have the disease,
For people who may

to kick start the immune system.
the whole idea is

Once you've got something,

and try to fight it.
to try to gear it up

from the patient,
Researchers draw blood

dendritic cells.
and isolate the immune system's

generals of an army,
It's much like pulling out the

and giving them more knowledge.

In this case the cells are

in the cancer,
with genetic material expressed

or injected
before they're infused

back into the patient.

arms of the immune system,
These cells tell all the other

that there is danger

and do something to fight it.
and to go off

prove the technology works,
Researchers have been able to

using blood from healthy donors

in the test tube.
to kill off tumour cells

applying the technology
Researchers are also working on

leukaemia and brain cancer.
to other cancers such as

begin within two years.
It's hoped human trials will

40 with a family history,
In the meantime, men over 50, or

about getting checked.
should talk to their doctor

Alan believes it saved him.

Very fortunate.

the pinnacle of Australian art,
The Archibald Prize might be

serious painting,
but for every great,

designed to get a laugh.
there's another one

the Bald Archies come in,
That's where

at modern Australian notoriety
a satirical glance

and celebrity.

As the accolades attenuated

Archibald winner,
in the wake of this year's

of the art world's
today was the turn

more seditious side -

the Bald Archie.

most audacious art prize,
Described as Australia's

is portraiture
the Bald Archy

of forelock tugging.
with a distinct lack

of the problem,
It is for fun, and that's part

I call the art snobs
because the people

an entertaining time
don't believe you should have

at an art exhibition.

there were nine Turnbulls,
This year

and a handful of Shortens.
six Bishops

And sometimes an amalgam,

and the Oompa-Loompas.
taking form as Willy Wonka

aren't they?
They're trying their best,

Giving it a red hot go.

So are you.

a red hot touch up.
You're giving them

Sports stars are fair game,

and tribulations
as are the trials

of Adam Goodes,

in St Goodsy and the Bogan

are treated on social media,
The way these things

very much in favour,
where fans will either be

so either demonise or beatify.
or very much out of favour,

already been complaints
There have

of Her Majesty,
about the positioning

with the Prime Minister
as juxtaposed

called The Break Up.
in a piece

to over fume a thurible,
And this year's winner is bound

Pat Hudson's pointed portrayal
former Victorian policeman

called Nothing to Say.
of Cardinal George Pell,

see things in it,
Some people sort of

that may or may not be there.

The Bald Archies,

in Leichhardt
on show at the Italian Forum

until mid next month.

most famous people
Two of the world's

for an important cause -
are collaborating

Prince Harry and Sir Elton John

to raise awareness of AIDS.
have teamed up

at a conference in South Africa,
They appeared together

where the Prince reflected

work in the field.
on his late mother's

When my mother held the hand of a have
man dying of AIDS, no one would quarter
have imagined that just over a treatment
quarter of a century later see
treatment would exist which could lives.
see HIV positive people live full

on a wall
They then wrote messages

to get tested for HIV.
encouraging people

Still ahead -

the $6 million plan
cutting contamination,

fruit and vegetables.
to protect the state's

like you've never seen before.
And the first lady

rocking out on the road?
What has Michelle Obama

Yvonne is next with sport.

Georgie, coming up -

how Sharks coach Shane Flanagan

over the Bulldogs
is using the Cowboys win

for premiership success.
as the blueprint

rugby sevens star
Sydney's teenage

of gold in Rio.
who's carrying our hopes

of the Tour de France.
And carnage on the shortest stage

winter will be back with a bite -
And be warned,

coming our way.
a cool change and wild winds

they're due to hit Sydney, soon.
I'll tell you when

prize on offer for the Panthers
A place in the top eight is the

here at Suncorp Stadium tonight.
if they can overcome the Broncos

I'm joined now by Andrew Johns.

, the Broncos and the Panthers, at can
sometimes the Panthers young halves can look like world eaters and going
sometimes they fall flat what is going on?

going on?He said on the weekend teammates.
that he might be too good for his see
teammates. Sometimes they do not is
see opportunities like he does. He will
is a special talent I am sure they this
will have a big game tonight.Does are
this come with maturity?Yes, you with
are right. You can only improve roll
with errors. He goes out there and fullback
roll the dice.Matt Moylan, back at against
fullback for the blues, he goes up battle?
against Darius Lloyd who wins that big
battle?I think Darius will have a his
big name, Matt Moylan is back to expect
his best position at fullback, I high-scoring
expect the Broncos to win in a high-scoring and entertaining name.

of the Bulldogs
The Cowboys 36-0 hammering

the rest of the competition
has sent a shudder through

from the finals.
just seven weeks out

above the Cowboys on the ladder,
The Sharks still sit

their game to a new level
but know they'll have to take

the reigning premiers.
if they're to topple

14 straight,
They might have won

Shane Flanagan saw a blueprint
but Sharks coach

of how to win a premiership,

last night.
while sitting on his couch

You see last nights game with the cowboys, their cohesion and intent.

humiliation of top-four side
North Queensland's 36-0

coming as no surprise,
the Bulldogs in Townsville,

similar first hand,
after he witnessed something

in last year's semi finals.

They change the Bulldogs jersey for run
a sharks jersey last night. They up
run hard. Canterbury couldn't catch up in that first half.

the minor premiership,
As the Sharks surge towards

about their recent efforts,
Flanagan is worried

at training this week.
and gave them a tough time

Mac a few of the boys know their need
position in the team, what they need to do week in, week out.

Andrew Fifita a talking to,
And he gave firebrand

brain snap,
after his State of Origin

can cost a team a premiership.
knowing something like that

Unfortunately, it probably went a Andrew
little too far in origin three, timely
Andrew has learnt off that, it is a those
those things
timely reminder that we cannot have those things come up.

one win Knights on Sunday,
The Sharks face the woeful

at their last meeting.
having embarrassed them 62-0

But Flanagan is still wary.

The Newcastle side from back then hard,
to now, they are competing very play
hard, two of their players did not they
play that day we played them and they are a different team.

never been in a better position
The Giants say they've

for their first win
to break though

at the Adelaide Oval.

GWS take on the Power on Sunday,

after their 79 point demolition
still on a high

of Brisbane last weekend.

as high as second on the table.
A win could push the Giants

from the Olympics,
A fortnight out

rugby sevens teams
and Australia's

as two of our best medal chances.
are shaping

a game changer for the code,
Success in Rio could be

of the 15 man game.
which often lives in the shadow

Line is insight on the road to Rio, Olympic
talking tough ahead of their focusing
Olympic debut.For us it is about focusing on each game as it comes.

focusing on each game as it comes. processes,
If we do that and focus on our way.
processes, old should be coming our be
way. Our women have every reason to be confident,

be confident, favourites to be on with
top of the podium.If we come back blow
with gold in particular we will inside
blow them away.If our fifth ranked come
inside is to win a medal, much will Hutchison.
come down to 19-year-old Henry scorer,
Hutchison. Australia's leading try overawed
scorer, he admits that he was Cove.
overawed when he joined from Lane Bill,
Cove.I look up and I saw Sonny The
Bill, it was a bit of a surprise. Hutchison
The youngest ember of the squad, important
Hutchison is charged with an kangaroo
important job.I carry around this him
kangaroo as a mascot, have to have happen
him on me 24 seven. Bad things happen if I lose him.

17km in the stage 18 time trial
Riders needed to complete just

at the Tour de France,

even that proved too difficult.
but for some,

was avoiding overzealous fans.
Chris Froome's biggest concern

and won the stage by 21 seconds
He managed that,

to 3 minutes and 52 seconds.
to extend his race lead

remains in sixth place overall.
Australia's Richie Porte

It is the Broncos and the Panthers, back here at Suncorp Stadium at 730.

In the news ahead -

could zap the bugs
how an electric current

that lurk in our fruit and veg.

Nearly 80 years old,

set a new record at auction.
the Alfa Romeo about to

the queen of karaoke.
And the First Lady becomes

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Now to our top stories -

for their remarkable bravery
Police are being praised

who rammed his burning car
after saving a man

into Merrylands station.

the three Rozelle fire victims
Loved ones of

of loss and anger
have described feelings

for killer Adeel Khan.
at the sentence hearing

around the clock
Crews are working

to keep traffic flowing

in the CBD.
while they build light rail

a divisive, marathon speech
Donald Trump has delivered

after becoming

presidential candidate.
the official Republican

the famous albino whale,
And Migaloo,

off the Port Stephens coast
has been spotted

for the first time in two years.

After the urgent recall

earlier this year,
of contaminated lettuce

to better protect
authorities have been working

our fruit and vegetables.

new technology could be used
Now, there's hope

to kill bacteria on crops,

from viruses.
saving fresh produce

of our fruit and veggie industry.
An investment in the future

We haven't got many acres,

so we've got to look after

that we've got.
the little bit of land

The state government's teamed up

Innovation Australia,
with Horticulture

with the latest training,
to arm our farmers

to defend their crops
and develop methods

from crippling diseases.

it's a win for the producers
It's a win for the consumers,

that this important industry
and it's making sure

remains in the Sydney Basin.

investigate new technologies,
The $6 million boost will

including cold plasma,

from viruses.
which can protect produce

an electric current
Essentially putting

through either gas or air.

any microbial activity
That exposure then will kill

food safety concerns.
that causes

the horticulture industry
In New South Wales,

employs more than 10,000 people

a billion dollars a year
and produces more than

in farm gate sales.

produce very quickly.
But disease can cripple fresh

on farm production systems
Investing in

post-harvest techniques,
and also

to pest and disease management,
particularly when it comes

profitability on farm
is going to increase

a high-quality product
but also continue to deliver

for our consumers.

of setting a new world record.
It's an old car on the brink

to go under the hammer
This rare Alfa Romeo is expected

for more than $20 million.

it'll be the most money ever paid
If it does,

for a pre-war car at auction.

The 1939 model will be sold

next month.
at Sotheby's in California

in the spotlight,
After more than seven years

she's still full of surprises -
Michelle Obama has proven

of car pool karaoke.
breaking into song for a session

and danced, to Beyonce
The first lady sang,

to the lyrics of Missy Elliot
before rapping along

with the star herself.

Listen to me now, come on give me

is a segment
The singalong session

in the US.
on the 'Late Late Show'

new pictures of Prince George
Coming up,

his third birthday.
released to mark

Sydney petrol prices,
Plus finance,

with the weekend weather.
and Belinda

our state are in for a lashing,
Tonight, eastern parts of

across the south-east,
with severe winds forecast

the Hunter and mid-north coast.
extending northwards to parts of

Right now in Sydney,

in the city and 20 in our west,
it's still a warm 22 degrees

are about to take a dive.
but temperatures

A full forecast is next.

Keep up to date with the day's news.

VOICE-OVER: Jane's no Olympian, but at Macca's she's
an Aussie Angus and egg prodigy. Look at that Angus beef, egg, beetroot and barbecue finish. Go, Jane. We're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.

of Prince George
These images have been released

to mark his third birthday.

playing on a swing
The young royal is seen

with the family dog, Lupo.
and sharing an ice cream

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

members of the public
have thanked

to mark the milestone.
for the lovely messages

To finance -

closed lower,
and the stock market

down more than 14 points.
the All Ords

down more than 14 points.
the All Ords

is buying 74.72 US cents
Our dollar

or 79.31 Japanese Yen.

for unleaded is $1.23 a litre.
The average petrol price

For E10 it's $1.21.

Here's Belinda.

It may be the middle of winter,

but it felt more like summer

on the record
The city just missing out

for the warmest July ever,

rounding up to 26.
officially hitting 25.7 degrees,

It was a mostly sunny day,

but we might see a shower or two

A top of 26 in our west,

above the July average.
that's eight degrees

And it didn't feel that warm,

picking up this afternoon,
thanks to the north-westerlies

in Penrith and Bankstown.
reaching up to 61km/h


for destructive winds
there is a severe weather warning

in alpine areas above 1300m,

this afternoon.
a storm hitting the region

of 119km/h
Thredbo copped a wind gust

have just been sent into us.
These pictures

been flooded,
Streets in Thredbo have

with more than 70mm falling

Way between Jindabyne and Thredbo
It's forced the closure of Alpine

to avoid the area.
with motorists being advised

two cold fronts
The wild weather is thanks to

the south,
that are passing through

leaving a pool of cool air.

is snow -
One good thing about cold fronts

to the mountains this weekend.
perfect timing for those heading

over Saturday and Sunday,
Up to 30cm forecast

for Monday too.
and another good dumping forecast

Across the rest of the state

in temperatures in the south -
we'll see a dramatic drop

in Albury and Wagga Wagga.
a top of just 11 degrees

about the southern slopes.
Morning showers most likely

on the north coast.
Remaining warm

Here in Sydney,

in the morning.
we could see a possible shower

in the morning
The winds due to peak

westerly winds pushes through.
as a burst of colder

Lots of sunshine, though,

seven degrees colder than today.
with the city about

an early shower or two and windy.
In our west,

to average,
Temperatures diving back down

reaching around 18 or 19 degrees.

to drop off -
And the mercury will continue

but mostly sunny,
a top of 16 on Sunday,

on Monday.
before some more windy weather

is here to stay in our west.
And the cooler weather

and some chilly nights coming up,
Fine and 15 on Sunday and Monday,

on Sunday morning.
plunging to three degrees

Winter is back, Georgie.

for this Friday.
That is Nine News

with 'A Current Affair'.
Leila McKinnon is up next

with 'A Current Affair'.
Leila McKinnon is up next

Thanks for being with us.
I'm Georgie Gardner.

Live captioning by Ai-Media

live by Ai-Media.
This program will be captioned Tonight, the beer garden body slam. on a publican's car.
A man's bizarre attack Plus, Westfield stalker. and their creepy shadow.
The frightened women chronic pain.
And Michael Clarke's turned his life around.
How the cricket superstar Hello, I'm Leila McKinnon. Welcome to A Current Affair. Great to be with you. Those stories soon. First, we've all heard of rage,

but this is something else. the extraordinary vision of a man
Tonight, a human battering ram
who turned himself into and attacked a publican's car. is demanding justice.
Now the angry pub owner see it happeneing,
Until you actually you wouldn't believe it. is absolutely crazy.
Look, his behaviour attack on a defenceless car.
It's the bizarre and brutal

out of control.
He was just completely what he was doing.
He jusr did not know which was parked in the car park
Paul Baxter owns the car in North Queensland.
at the pub he owns in Mackay all that damage
To think a body has done or something.
without a stick or a rock It's onto its roof.
It's like the car's rolled over. It's just completely wrecked. which overlooks the car park
Paul says he was in his office when he heard a noise. somebody bashing on something,
I heard this loud commotion like so I looked out the window just going mad on my car -
and I could see this guy about two metres up in the air.
doing flips, jumping and he just never stopped
Doing flips and coming down and going and going,
and he just kept going the door and the window
So I started to bash and yelling out to him completely ignored me.
and he just straight to the pub
The way he's gone surrounds
and no regard for his local and then onto the car, I think there's a fair chance of Pokemon.
he's under the influence Radio commentator Terry Hanson for what he's doing.
can't see a logical reason You can see at one point a ball trying to catch it
he actually folds himself into of the car and he's kicking it.
and then he gets around the side a Pikachu is inside that car.
I wouldn't mind betting that So, you know, fair call. I opened the door up
In the end, little verandah and I said,
and came out onto the you know."
"You better stop this, up the laneway into Wood Street
Then he ran off and ran saw of him
and that was the last I the police.
and that's when we phoned on breaking the windows.
The car-basher seemed hell-bent 15m to 20m from the car
He was coming back about and putting his foot up
and just running at the car all the side windows.
and just trying to break very, very sturdy glass
Luckily, they must be out of these days
that they make the windows but if it had've broke,
and they would not break, his leg would've went in his leg to pieces,
and it just would've tore very, very lucky for him
so it was that the windows didn't break. But he did manage to smash in and back windscreens
both the front and clearly injured himself. he didn't kill himself,
It's lucky in the air and coming down.
the way he was flipping the car and hit the concrete.
A couple of times he missed done himself some bad damage
He could have really walked away, to be quite honest,
but I don't know how he he must be badly injured.
because he must be badly cut, to try and stop him
Paul says he didn't want anyone out of control.
becuase he was clealy down there and try and stop him
Well, I was in two minds to go "No, if I go down there,
but then I thought, really badly hurt.
"somebody's going to get really, right above the car,
"Stay away, there's a camera what he's got to do
"so let him do after that."
and we'll see what happens that's for sure,
Bit of a thrillseeker, possibly with a trade. maybe an insurance salesman,
Maybe a panel beater or towards tradesman
but I'm steering