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(generated from captions) The headlines write themselves.

This is all the ammunition I need
to take Ridge down.

This is not a story
for public consumption.

Remember, it's not just Ridge.

It's Caroline, your niece,
and an innocent child.

I can minimise the impact
on both of them.

You have to think about her baby.

You can't control other

You can only control your own.

Listen, I know that you think
that this is a juicy story

that you can use
to bring Ridge down.

But just remember
that you will be bringing down

Caroline and Thomas and Douglas too.

So what? You actually expect me
to sit on this?

That's exactly what I expect
you to do.


I told you this in confidence

because you are my husband
and we trust each other.

I told you Ridge's secret,
not the world.

And I need you to promise me
that you are not gonna expose it.

I need to hear the words.

Say the words, Bill.

Promise me.

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Tonight - the moment a car
bomber tried to blow up Merrylands Police Station,
but he only managed to set fire to himself. His hatch-back was loaded
with petrol and gas. The damage it would have caused
could have been catastrophic. Police have raided his
home where they found more bomb-making equipment. He's not a terrorist, they say,
but he's just as dangerous. We speak with the man's brother. Sadly, it's come to this. We're now being told we have
to change the way we live because of terrorists. And the biggest worry is how
to protect large crowds. Heartbroken families
lay their grief at the feet of a triple killer. Adeel Khan blew up his Rozelle
shop, and has never shown an ounce f regret or remorse.

And - Donald Trump makes his most
important pitch yet for the presidency. He's accepted the
Republican nomination but his speech has already been
described as dark & scary - and that's from his own side.

Good evening. He seemed hell bent
on blowing up as many police officers as he could,
but in the end, the only person he hurt was himself. The man who drove a car bomb
into Merrylands Police Station last night remains in hospital
with terrible burns. While it could have
been a lot worse, the attack has still sent
a chill through the force. And, remarkably, the very
people he was targeting risked their own lives to save him. Andrew Denney is in
Merrylands for us tonight. Andrew, if things had gone to plan,
it could have looked very different where you are right now. It certainly would have, Hugh. This car was filled with petrol and open gas bottles when the man behind the wheel set himself on fire last night. The whole incident was caught on the station's security cameras as five officers put themselves in harm's way to run out towards danger and stop this car from exploding. A hatchback blocks the driveway
of the Merrylands Police Station. Then, without warning,
it detonates in a flash of fire. In seconds,
police run outside, straight towards the burning car and it rolls down the drive, crashing through
a steel roller-door. There was all this commotion,
people running towards us, and the police were yelling,
"Get out of the car!" What officers don't know is that
it's full of petrol cans and open LPG tanks - a crude bomb that would have had
devastating force.

(SIREN WAILS) The Merrylands Police Station has been the target
of terror plots before, and police locked down the area
fearing the worst. Officers smashed windows
and used fire extinguishers to put the flames out
before the bottles could explode. Their actions were heroic. Their actions were heroic. A lot of people,
understandably, would run away from that situation. They ran into it
and did everything they could to save that person. The regard for their own safety
was secondary to that of other people here, and I think that needs
to be recognised. The man behind the wheel
was 61-year-old Peter Zhurawel. He was taken to hospital with
major burns to most of his body, leaving authorities to try to
figure out why he targeted police. We are not pursuing any
investigation in relation to
terrorism activities. In terms of the reasoning
behind it, the motive - that's still the subject
of an ongoing investigation. that's still the subject
of an ongoing investigation. And that led detectives
to his cluttered Greystanes home. Everything inside was brought out. They looked through
personal documents and family photos. In the garage, they found more LPG tanks
and bags of fertilizer. I'm shocked because he didn't look like a man
who could do something like that. What police do know is that Peter was involved in a
family dispute with his brother, Mick, over the care
of their elderly mother. I apologise on behalf of them
for my brother's actions. To me, my brother
took no prisoners, he was in charge. Friends say Peter was
overwhelmed by a looming AVO case against his brother. Police are investigating
whether he may have suffered a mental break. He's just been very
burdened over everything. I think this has just
really been hard on him. I honestly don't know. I don't know what leads someone
to do what he did last night. Detectives won't be able
to interview him until he's brought

For now, there are
a lot of unanswered questions. And given all that's happened this
year, both police and public are feeling a little uneasy. I just don't feel safe
anymore, I guess. It can happen anywhere, really.

While that feeling is understandable, police have, of course, been at lengths to stress that this wasn't a terror-related incident. Going into tonight, investigators tell me they are in the process of bringing charges against this man, most likely for damaging property with intent to endanger life. If that is the case, he will face a court date as quickly as possible, but given his severe injuries, it's highly unlikely he'll be well enough to face them personally.Andrew, thank you. Police security has long been
an issue for the top brass. It used to be bikies and other
thugs shooting up police stations. But the threat of terrorism
and random attacks like the one last night have taken the dangers
to a whole new level. Hannah Maguire has more. In this heightened terror
environment, it's no wonder everyone assumed the worst. That's the first thing we always go
to, in terms of our thinking these days, unfortunately. It wasn't terror-related
this time, but it's a danger facing officers every day. Earlier this week, we put another
warning out for our officers Earlier this week, we put another
warning out for our officers about their level of vigilance, understanding that
they are at risk.

And it's been that way
for several months, after police accountant
Curtis Cheng was shot dead at Parramatta headquarters. In November, a teenager
allegedly posted on social media "Merrylands
Police Station is next.

An anonymous letter was also sent,
warning thousands of non-Muslims will die - also in the envelope,
a photo of an IS fighter with several severed heads. Police officers have raised
concerns in this terrorism risk - it is extremely high. We just need to see recent events - police officers are targets
every day. The suburb of Merrylands has also
been the centre of terror raids. Police stormed several homes
in September 2014 over a beheading plot, and again follow
Curtis Cheng's murder. $250,000 has recently
been spent on extra security here at the
Merrylands Police Station. That includes everything
from secured parking, gates, bulletproof glass and,
of course, better quality CCTV. All up, an extra $25
million will be spent on police security across the state
- a small price to pay if it keeps those on the front line
as safe as can be. It's a sad day, but even the Prime Minister now
says it's time to re-think they way we do things because of terrorists. Specifically, he's worried
about large crowds like the one that was targeted
in Nice which could mean changes to some of our
most cherished celebrations. Ursula Heger has more.

From New Year's to the AFL
and rugby league grand finals, even Royal Shows,
the way we celebrate as Australians is going to change.

In the wake of the terrorist attack
in Nice, the Prime Minister is warning the means and motives
of terrorists needs to be reconsidered, including whether,
like Mohamed Bouhlel, mental illness is a driving factor
in them taking up arms. Sometimes they are
radicalised very quickly. vulnerable for a variety of reasons, to the terrorist
narrative, and that narrative can lead them down this
path very quickly. The national terrorism
coordinator, tasked to consider whether mental health
assessments could play a role in counter-terrorism. We need to have robust
intelligence and security arrangements, but we also need
to look at what it is that makes people vulnerable to this extremist
and violent Islamist ideology. There are no easy answers here. It's not like we can suddenly do
things differently that will transform the risk,
but it is high time we stop and reassess things. One area that could attract
the biggest changes are our airports. Security experts say,
with two attacks at terminals overseas in the past year,
security here will have to be tightened, and the way
we farewell our loved ones will have to change. You've got to look at
whether you can configure things

Whether you configure things in a way that one person detonating or firing can only threaten a limited number of people...A threat that's now corroding the very way we live our lives. We see heartbreaking stories
in our courts every day. But very few match
the one we saw today. The families of the three people
who were killed by Adeel Khan when he blew-up his shop in Rozelle shared their grief with a judge
today, hoping beyond hope that it will earn the triple killer
maximum time behind bars. Amanda Hart was in the court.

Three simple words - "I love you." Tattooed on her wrist,
they're a constant reminder for Liz Noble of the text
message her son Chris sent her when he was trapped
in his bedroom in here, about to die. Through sobs, Liz told the court:
Adeel Khan is the man who murdered

Adeel Khan is the man
who murdered him and two others. The shopkeeper lit the fire
in his Rozelle convenience store two years ago
for an insurance payout. Ross Noble, also with
also reduced to tears, Ross Noble was also reduced
to tears, especially when remembering
kissing his son goodbye at the morgue.

Chris's sister Kate has nightmares
about her older brother.

Chris's flatmate Corey Cameron
is wracked with guilt. He heard his best friend
screaming for his life, but he couldn't save him. Bianca O'Brien and her
baby boy Jude were the other innocent
victims that night. Her father Bill slammed Khan
as selfish:

Not once did Adeel Khan
look directly at the suffering families. Everything that was said to him appeared to simply
wash over him. The court heard he has not accepted
responsibility for what he did here at Rozelle, and has shown
no signs of remorse. Khan had tried to argue
three masked robbers did it, despite being caught on security
camera buying almost 40 litres of fuel. The 46-year-old father
will find out how long he'll stay in jail for next week.

Even a former presidential speech
writer and Republican described Donald Trump today
as scary, as he delivered a marathon speech to accept his
party's nomination for president. There was all the usual razzmatazz,
but the real fireworks were in what he had to say. Jessica Turner reports.

Even Donald Trump himself never
thought he'd get this far, but on the fourth day of the National
Republican Convention, it was official. Friends, delegates and fellow
Americans, I humbly accept your nomination for the presidency
of the United States.

The bold billionaire
promised extreme actions to stop crime and terror,
taking his divisive policies to shut out immigrants
a huge leap further today. We must immediately suspend
immigration from any nation that has been compromised
by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms
has been put in place, have been put in place, we don't want them here. That could include Australia -
despite vowing tougher action on crime, he promised
to support gun ownership all the way. I, on the other hand,
received the early endorsement of the National Rifle
Association, and will preserve the rights of Americans
to keep your families safe. CHANTING: Yes, you will! Yes, you will! Trump's daughter attempted
to highlight his softer side... My father not only has the strength
and ability necessary to be our next president,
but also the kindness and compassion that will enable him
to lead this country. But this week, we've seen even
senior members of his own party still aren't buying it. Ted Cruz refusing to endorse Trump,
infuriating the crowd. Today, that was left
to a lone protester, dragged out of the stadium
after calling him a racist. How great are our police? And how great is Cleveland? The Democrats will formally
nominate Hillary Clinton at their convention on Monday.

Still to come - Police smash
a terror cell planning a strike on the Olympics. Also - the new battle-front
in the war over penalty rates. The invention that could make us
all a lot more sun-safe. Speaking of sun - Sydney has
a mid-winter scorcher. Tim Bailey will tell
us how hot it got. And - the goalkeeper
who literally threw the game.

This program is not captioned. (CHUCKLES) to start a business. lost weekends, will put it all on the line, actually succeed. This program is not captioned.

Emergency services have managed
to carefully free a driver trapped in high voltage powerlines
in Villawood last night. It's believed the 30-year-old
lost control of the car before it flipped
and smashed into a power pole. The man was trapped
in the Toyota Camry for more than an hour
as it hung upside down in live power lines. Before rescue could commence, we had to de-energise
the power lines and make the area safe and then deal with the tension of the steel wire powerlines
themselves which were holding up the vehicle. He was taken to hospital
with minor injurioes. Vic Lorusso is up in the chopper
for us tonight, watching Sydney traffic. Problems in our north-west tonight? The shot of the Harbour Bridge there - the traffic's moving out of the city OK towards the north shore. The problems are for motorists getting to the Central Coast. If you're at home and you've got to get to Gosford tonight for the weekend, the M1 getting there is the problem at West Pennant Hills, an accident, Pennant Hills Road northbound is crawling back towards Carlingford, about 5km getting to the emmen with. An accident at Cranebrook into Penrith - delays on the Northern Road this evening. Labor Senator Kim Carr has survived
by the skin of his teeth and will remain on Bill
Shorten's front bench despite a factional
push to dump him. Five new faces have also been
promoted to an expanded opposition ministry. Catalina Florez reports.

Labor Caucus arrives
for an internal showdown, some being wheeled
as others were being pushed out. Good afternoon. Despite being dumped
from the frontbench by his own left faction, veteran Senator Kim Carr
survived thanks to support from the
Labor leader's right faction. Bill Shorten made room for his key
ally by expanding his shadow ministry to 32, leaving
Andrew Leigh and newly promoted Senator Sam Dastyari in key
roles, but reduced pay. It was a productive meeting. It was resolved amicably,
and we've got a great frontbench line-up. Among the five new faces -
Ed Husic becoming Australia's first Muslim
frontbencher, Linda Burney the first Indigenous
woman elected to the House of Representatives,
as well as Clare O'Neill and Carol Brown. Casualties include Sharon Bird
and David Feeney - no surprise there,
after his bumbling performance during
the election campaign. Bill Shorten will allocate
portfolios tomorrow, and we're told to
expect an extensive reshuffle. And, just as Labor has confronted
factional break-outs, the Coalition has a fight on its
hands, with the Liberal National Party of Queensland demanding
greater ministerial representation. Queensland does extraordinarily
well for the Coalition, but has not been recognised. Queensland's representation
in the Federal Cabinet at the moment
is at a historical high. The issue will be raised
at the LNP's convention next month.

We've all been enjoying this
unseasonally warm weather for this time of year. So Tim Bailey - almost a July
record and on a Friday. Feels like a promising
weekend ahead. We missed it by THAT much, Sally! 0.2 of a degree we needed to get to 25.9, and that record was set in 1990. Sydney Observatory Hill today - 25.7 degrees. Hey, it was warmer than that at the airport, but that doesn't count with all that tarmic, the heat rising to 27 there in July. Scratching your head a little bit, aren't you? Damaging wind warning in place for many areas of NSW as we go to air tonight, particularly the Snowy Mountains, where the winds are equivalent to a Category 1 cyclone. They're consistently at 65km/h to 70km/h, and have had blasts up to 119km/h. Dangerous winds there. Also stretching from the South Coast, the Illawarra, Southern Tablelands, Central Tablelands, the ACT as well. What is happening for the weekend? Cold fronts moving across southern NSW, going to drop the temperatures to around about 18 or 19 degrees. That means it's going to be cooler tomorrow, but - blue skies right across Saturday and Sunday. Let's get to the over lay and say what a beautiful day Sydney put on today. Bondi Beach - wow! It was around 20 degrees in the saltwater, 25 degrees on the sand, and that was winter doing summertime. Put some clothes on, son! You're on the television. I'll see you again at 5:55.As long as you keep your clothes on, Tim! Up next - a bombshell
about the search for missing flight MH-370. Also - what happened to this hero
of the Nice terror attack. And - the writings on the wall
for Prince Harry.

This program is not captioned.

There's been an embarrassing
admission from the search team

Brazilian Police have busted a terror cell in Rio de Janeiro plotting to attack the Olympics. The 10 people didn't know each other personally, and they were not members of Islamic State, but they had tried to make contact with the terror organisation. Officials say the group was poorly prepared to launch an actual attack, but they arrested them as a preventative measure. There have been fears over Rio's readiness to host the Games, which start in just two weeks. But more than 80,000 police and soldiers will patrol the streets, after security was beefed up last week. There's been an embarrassing
admission from the search team looking for the crashed
passenger jet, MH370. The Dutch company that's leading
the hunt has admitted the plane might not have nose-dived
into the Indian Ocean as previously thought. Instead, it could have glided down, which would put the crash-site
many hundreds of kilometres away from where they've been searching
for the past two years. It also means an even longer wait
for answers for the families of the 239
passengers and crew, including 6 Australians
who were on board. Officials from Malaysia,
Australia and China have met today to discuss the future
of the search, which is due to be abandoned
in three months. The Tunisian man who killed 84
people in Nice on Bastille Day had at least five accomplices,
according to the Paris prosecutor. Authorities also believe the group
spent at least a year planning the atrocity. planning the atrocity. Meanwhile, the motorcyclist
who tried to stop the attack by climbing onto the truck
and punching the driver has told a newspaper about his ordeal. An airport worker in his 40s known only as Frank says the driver
tried to shoot him, but when the pistol failed to fire,
he was hit over the head and fell on to the road. on to the road. Another day, another police
shooting in the United States. But this one is even more
distressing than the rest. An unarmed black disability worker
was lying in the street, holding his hands in
the air trying to care holding his hands in
the air trying to care for an autistic patient when he was shot by
a Miami police-officer. Some of their verbal
exchange before the shooting was captured on camera,
where therapist Charles Kinsey tries to explain what's
going on to the police while trying to get his
patient to lay down.

I was more worried about him than myself. I thought, as long as I have my hands up, they're not gonna shoot me. Wow, was I wrong...Mr Kinsey has a gunshot wound to his leg, but his 23-year-old patient was not injured. Prince Harry has joined forces
with singer Elton John in the battle against HIV. Speaking at an international
AIDS conference, the 31-year-old proudly evoked the memory of his late
mother, Diana, who worked to break down the stigma of the disease. When my mother held the hand of a man dying of AIDS
in an east London hospital, no-one would have
imagined that just over a quarter of a century later,
treatment would exist that could see HIV-positive people live
full, healthy, loving lives. Earlier this month, the prince took an HIV
test at a London clinic to promote the campaign. An Australian university student
has had a bright idea to keep us safe from the sun. She's developing a wristband that
can not only measure UV exposure, but warn us to take
protective action. Kristina Costalos has more.

A shining student sick
of getting sunburnt. So, Alana Clover invented a device
to send out alerts when we're exposed to harmful rays. The sensors measure
different elements, and that calculates the UV index,
and then can be displayed on the screen. And that will tell people
what band it's in. Such as low, medium,
high, or extreme. It even sends the user
sun-safety messages, reminding them to cover up. People need to understand
that UV isn't linked to temperature,
and this will aid in that in educating people that
what the index UV level is what it means when it
reaches certain amounts. The 22-year-old engineering
student hopes to target children, who are most vulnerable
and naive about sun protection and dangers of skin cancers. 13,000 people will be
diagnosed with melanoma this year. I'd love to see the product
used at schools so that people are able to wear it
in the playground or on school excursions or even in a water
park such as Wet'n'Wild. Running around the playground
holding this device fitted with wires and an old Nakia
fitted with wires and an old Nokia
mobile phone screen could be a little embarrassing,
so over the next six months, Alana will be working
on a product that's smaller and more practical. We're working with Alana to see
it become a wristband, a portable device that people can
use, particularly for parents to put on children. A university thesis project
that could save lives and score her a high distinction. I think I'm on track!

Still to come - Tim Bailey's back
to let us know if this warm weather will stick around. The little boy who helped
bring his little brother into the world. In finance news, the Australian
sharemarket fell by 14 points

This program is not captioned. is no Olympic gymnast. is more flexible. has a better floor routine. the perfect 5am McCafe coffee run. in Rio. This program is not captioned.

There's a whole new fight over
penalty rates tonight. Big business is targeting
a loophole which allows workers to double-dip when public
holidays fall on a weekend. Melinda Nucifora has the details.

Regardless of the hefty cost,
many businesses say they just can't afford to close
on public holidays. It's a necessary evil. With overheads like rent and bills, closing on a day,
you lose too much revenue. You need to be open. The Australian Industry Group says that's an unfair burden
to serve up to employers.

We're not after denying people
public holidays, but there are significant
cost implications, depending on how they do it. Business says many workers
are double-dipping - when a public holiday falls
on a weekend, the State Government declares
an additional day off the following week. That means employees are paid the double-time-and-a-half
penalty rate twice. The politicians get the political
rewards for declaring these days and making these
decisions, and then they hand the bill to business,
which is a bit rich. This is about the big end of town
cutting wages for working people. None of them will be
working Christmas Day. working Easter. This is just a cheap grab for cash. The Easter bunny isn't safe either. The Australian Industry Group wants
Easter Sunday removed from the list of public holidays, taking
the number in NSW down to 11. On holidays such as Christmas
and Easter, there should be a disincentive to actually
opening businesses. These are timies when people should
These are times when people should
be with their families. The NSW Government is currently
reviewing public holiday legislation and expects to table
a report to Parliament later this year. All eyes are on the weekend
so let's get a final check

A quick-thinking 10-year-old and a couple of police officers have A quick-thinking 10-year-
old and two police officers have helped a mother of six
deliver a healthy baby boy. The police thought they were
responding to a routine house call but their night-shift
quickly took a surprising turn. Trent Dann met the family. A mother of six boys already,
Epenesa Tamate cradled her newest bundle of joy in the comfort
of a hospital bed. A far cry from the hallway
of the family home where she went into labour
at 2:00 this morning. Realising it was too
late to go to hospital, her 10-year-old son called 000. The problem was,
he asked for police. I said to them, "We're
going to have a baby." I say, "Oh, my gosh!" The wrong uniform came... The two constables arrived
at the same time as the baby. The 000 caller told us
to pick the baby up and hand it to his mother so,
since we did that, we just kept mum warm and made sure she was happy. I was doing this,
and I was about to vomit. It was really yuck. The ordeal sent husband
Tui into shock. My husband is just standing
there in the kitchen, and then, "Oh, my gosh,
oh, my gosh..." I said "What do you
mean 'Oh, my gosh'? mean 'Oh, my gosh'? Come and help me!" The umbilical cord was around
the baby's neck, but paramedics made sure he was OK. Thanks, ambos, police. I thank God. The mum, dad and his six little
brothers are yet to pick out a name for the latest Tomate arrival,
but the police officers who assisted with the
delivery have already thrown up a suggestion or two. Maybe the middle name Edwin. Craig E. Burn -
it's kind of fitting for us - we're Craigieburn Police. Mum still wants a girl,
but that might be difficult. This is the last one. Busy mum. Very tired.

helped deliver There's a woman with her hands full! Good on her. Stay with us. More on tonight's big stories, sport, the latest on Corey Norman's future, and why the Sharks are daring rivals to bait Andrew Fifita. And how about this for a gift - is this soccer's worst-ever howler?

This program is not captioned. Tonight's top stories: This is the shocking moment
a man set himself on fire and rammed into the Merrylands
Police Station, hoping to blow it up. Police say it wasn't terrorism
in the classic sense, believing a family dispute
prompted 61-year-old Peter Zhurawel
to carry out the attack. A Sydney court has heard
heartbreaking testimony from the families
of three people murdered by a Rozelle shop owner. Adeel Khan still hasn't shown
any remorse for setting fire to his shop, killing Chris Noble,
Bianka O'Brien and her son Jude. And Donald Trump has promised
extreme measures to stamp out crime, immigration
and terrorism as he officially accepted
the Republican nomination for president. A former Republican presidential
speechwriter has labelled his address
"dark and scary".

To sport with Matt Burke. Matt - the Eels vow to stick by
Corey Norman? Parramatta coach Brad Arthur has
detailed exactly why he wants to re-sign the troubled
five-eighth long-term. While not condoning
his recent behaviour, Arthur says Norman's
a larrikin who needs support. Adam Hawse reports.

Corey Norman's off-field actions
saw him suspended just when Parramatta needs him most. But he still has the strong backing
of coach Brad Arthur. Look, he's remorseful. The thing is, Corey's a good kid. He's made a silly mistake and he'll
learn from it and we're here to support him. Norman banned for eight matches
for numerous indiscretions, including his conviction for drug
possession and a lewd sex video. The Eels, though, remain committed
to re-signing their star playmaker. We want him to be
at our club long-term. I've got a lot of time for Corey. What I want from our players
is they want to be here and he wants to be here. Arthur insisting Norman's
the right fit for Parramatta. He genuinely cares about this team. He's a bit of a larrikin,
he's got good energy around the group. At the Sharks, Andrew Fifita's back
from suspension after receiving a warning about that
incident in Origin 3. I had a loing chat
to him yeah, ah... Andrews learned off that,
it was a really timely reminder that we cant have one of those
things come up later in the year and have Andrew suspended
from a semi-final. Fifita sure to be baited by rivals. Coach Shane Flanagan
says, bring it on. Oh, yeah, they can try that
but you poke the bear a bit too sometimes. Especially the bigger teams,
when we get to the semi finals, if they want to rile Andrew up,
you better look out. The table-topping Sharks
are chasing 15-straight wins on Sunday against the Knights.

The Cowboys have handed
the Bulldogs a serious reality check. The Dog's four-game winning
streak abruptly halted, with a 36-0 thumping in Townsville.

We were just dreadful. We made it pretty easy for them. And they're too good a side. And it could have been worse
for the Dogs, had Jonathan Thurston not left the field
with a hamstring injury. The Supercars have touched down
for Round 8 in Queensland for this weekend's Ipswich Super Sprint. It's the midpoint in one
of the toughest championships in history. And Nissan's Michael Caruso
lead the way in practice 1 this afternoon. Greg Rust is there.

Someone forgot to tell Queensland that it is winter - we've had absolutely glorious conditions here today, with highs of 29 degrees at Ipswich. It is effectively the start of the second half of the championship, and Scott Pye, who's out of a ride at the end of the season, being replaced by Volvo's Scott McLaughlin, went third-fastest in today's practice session - very good effort. The fastest was Michael Caruso for Nissan. In the second session with the sun setting and on fresher tyres, Craig Lowndes lit up the time sheets, ending up second-fastest. Got a little bit of traffic on the run, and the fastest man was Fabian Coulthard. Chaz Mostert third-quickest from Rick Kelly in the Nissan. Lots of interest in this round, with Jamie Whincup currently on 99 race wins. Can he get the career milestone 100 this weekend?

Our Rugby Sevens teams are hoping
success in Rio will lure young stars across from the 15-man game. With the sport returning
to the Olympics after 92 years, the Aussies are considered strong
chances to bring home a medal. I believe that we can really, I guess, change the landscape of rugby back home - you know, should be both coming back home with medals, and looking to perform on the big stage. Both teams fine-tuned
their preparations in Sydney today, before flying out
to Brazil on Tuesday. Meantime, the Matildas are busy
warming up for the Rio Olympics. And they'll step up their
preparation tomorrow with a friendly against
host nation Brazil. It's really exciting to be able to play them in their home country. It should be a really good atmosphere. But in saying that, they'll have the pressure on them going into the Olympics, and we don't meet them in the group stage, but maybe later on we might meet them. The Matildas kick off their Olympic
campaign against Canada two days before the opening ceremony. Aussie cyclist Richie Porte
continues to close in on a podium finish in Paris following stage 18
of theTour de France. Porte was fourth in
the time trial overnight - moving him up to 6th overall
and just 44 seconds out of the placings.

COMMENTATOR: He is delighted with that time!I really want that podium. I feel like I'm moving well now. Chris Froome claimed the stage win
and he now only needs to stay upright to claim
a third Tour victory. Jason Day has returned to the scene
of the triumph which kick Jason Day has returned to the scene
of the triumph which kick started his dream run
over the past 12 months. He's well placed for a shot
at back-to-back Canadian Open titles after a 3-under
opening round - including this chip-in eagle.

COMMENTATOR: short game this year has been phenomenal... The world number one
is hunting the red-hot Dustin Johnson, who shares the lead at
6-under par. We love an own goal,
and this is a beauty.

That's Minnesota United's
Sammy Ndjock with one of the more calamitous efforts
in recent memory in a friendly against Premier League
side Bournemouth. A night to forget all
round for the Cameroon international, with his blunder the icing
on the cake in a 4-0 defeat to the Cherries. Play of the day.

That'll cheer him up.What consolation prize! Poor guy will be feeling awful.He'll be buying drinks for the rest of his career, I reckon, after that one. Coming up next -
the weather with Tim Bailey.

This program is not captioned. you can rethink the way you move. This program is not captioned.

A beach day bang-smack in the middle of winter! That featured on the daily Bailey Weather Wall, the forecast where you get it all. We almost got it all - we missed the all-time record in 1990 of July, a high of 25.9 degrees. Today, 25.7 said earlier - 27 degrees at the airport, but that doesn't count with all the tarmic as the heat bubbles up when the planes take off. What is happening now weatherwise across NSW? The serious stuff - severe weather warning for many districts. The east coast of NSW, as far north as the Hunter under a wind warning. Now, we've seen gusts across the Snowy Mountains to 119km/h. Average wind gusts are going to be between 50km/h and 60km/h in many districts, including the Illawarra, the South Coast, southern and Central Tablelands, the Mid North Coast, the Hunter, and the ACT. As far as alpine areas are concerned, blasts in excess of 90km/h up to 120km/h Category 1 cyclone stuff. Reason for that - couple of cold fronts moving through southern areas of NSW right about now, and will continue to do so right through till Monday. What does that mean? Sydney, for the weekend, chilled air, windy days, but big blue skies. So there's nothing going to be wrong with the colour of that sky. Gentle sunshine, but the wind will be a factor. Let's get to the cloud situation as we check the satellite check the satellite tonight on a feel-good Friday. That big slash of cloud has been there all week, hasn't it? It runs right through and out to the Tasman Sea. The interest is down through Victoria and NSW, with these cold fronts, one after another, going to buffet us through Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The weather map: There's one moving through Tasmania into eastern Victoria, and through. Another one will come on Sunday - the trough clears, thankfully, NSW. You can see it's rather clear, and that means blue sky, but the wind will be the major weather factor this weekend across eastern NSW. Business of the brolly, predicted precipitation - there's the damp stuff. Focusing in on Victoria, and hanging along eastern areas of NSW. Most districts will have a pretty reasonable day for Saturday. Alright. How do you escape winter? What you do is head to the Cook Islands. Have we got a trip for you, folks! Seriously - this is Nautilus Resort. Have a look at the colour of that water - I am not making this up. The Pearsons run Nautilus Resort. Each little bungalow has its own private plunge pool. We'll send you there for 6 nights. We'll throw in breakfast and a fruit tray on arrival, and some wine as well. It would be our pleasure. Cook Islands Tourism, and thanks to Air New Zealand - brilliant little airline - big airline - that fly you there direct from Sydney. The plane to paradise every Saturday. Thank you, Air New Zealand. Folks, send me your photographs so I can put you in that photograph.

Look at that! That was some storm front rolling through there... Thunder like the hammer on a Thunder like the hammer on a
Blacksmith's anvil. Beautiful stuff, Ian. Look at the feeling in that shot.

Greg Martin, that was a great shot. Finally tonight:

You know how many sunset shots on my email I get every day? About 250. This one was the best. Thanks, John. Let's get around the map of Australia. It's almost the weekend - I can feel it in my water!

It's the weekend! Back to It's the weekend! Back to the desk with a couple of the best! Love your work, Bails. We'll be back with updates
throughout the evening. If you're watching outside Sydney,
stay with us for WIN local news. And wherever you are,
don't forget the Project at 6:30. Goodnight. Captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

sport, Weather is next. Tonight, A
man sentenced to twenty three months assault.
behind bars for a one punch a
assault. Information sought over an An
attempted armed robbery at Kaleen. mor
And the Government commits to two re-ele
more walk-in health centres if re-elected. Good evening, I' m Geoff S
Phillips... Also tonight.... Crime ca
Stoppers takes its Dob in a Dealer campaign up a notch in Tuggeranong.A tw
Braddon man has been sentenced to b
two years, three months jail, after attack
being convicted of a one-punch J
attack in Civic on New Year' s Day.
Jordan Sharma will spend nine months in jail, before his This program is not captioned.