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It's almost the weekend, you'll weather
probably want to know what the

weather is doing Saturday a warm in
day in Brisbane 29, Sydney 19, wet Hobart
in Canberra a top of 11. 8 in Melbourne,
Hobart tomorrow. Rain around in and
Melbourne, 13, showers in Adelaide Looking
and Perth. Cloudy in Darwin for 32. Looking ahead to Sunday, sun shine Sydney
in Brisbane cooling off, cloudy possible
Sydney 16, late showers Canberra 9, possible showers in Melbourne with expected
a maximum of 12, Hobart 11, showers cloudy
expected add raid, 13. Partly dar
cloudy Perth and 16, sun shine in dar with a warm top of 32. dar with a warm top of 32.
cloudy Perth and 16, sun shine in dar with a warm top of 32. Have

afternoon news.Good afternoon, and
Donald Trump says America is back stronger
and will be bigger better and presidential
stronger with him at the helm. The accepted
presidential hopeful officially for
accepted the Republican nomination convention
for the top job in the party's of
convention in Ohio, his speech full America's
of claims about how he will fix Hillary
America's problems and attacking Laura
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. one
Laura Turner was there.This is the for
one thing that a lot of people said Donald
for a long time wouldn't happen, Republican
Donald Trump has just accepted the of
Republican nomination for President night
of the United States, in a huge convention
night here at the Republican final
convention in Cleveland Ohio the party
final night of the convention a with
party atmosphere on the floor here take
with all of the delegates. Let's accepting
take a look at Donald Trump President.
accepting the nomination for humbly
President.Fellow Americans, I nomination
humbly and gratefully accept your the
nomination for the presidency of APPLAUSE)
the United States(CHEERS AND AND
APPLAUSE)I am your voice.(CHEERS a
AND APPLAUSE)We are going to build immigration.
a great border wall to stop illegal introduced
immigration.Donald Trump was Ivanka
introduced by his famous daughter put
Ivanka here this evening. She was the
put on stage to try to appeal to We
the female vote, the family vote. with
We know Donald Trump has problems American
with those particular parts of the gave
American public in the polls. She about
gave a strong speech. It was all lengthy
about her father tonight. He gave a promises
lengthy speech making a lot of First
promises to the American public. be
First and foremost he said he would promising
be the law and order candidate promising he would solve America's rising
problem with gun crime, blaming the Obama
rising rate of murder on Barack on
Obama and blaming the rise of ISIS ISIS
on Hillary Clinton take a look. and
ISIS has spread across the region years
and the entire world. After four have?
years of Hillary Clinton what do we have? Death, destruction, terrorism promises
and weakness.Some of the other big to
promises that Donald Trump has made that
to the American public tonight is would
that trillions of dollars he said coffers
would start flowing into American House,
coffers when he takes the White hundreds
House, because he'll introduce will
hundreds of millions of jobs. He course
will put miners back to work. Of Trump
course the big promise from Donald saying
Trump tonight, the one he's been American
saying for months he will make brother
American great again.Back home the flaming
brother of a man who drove a in
flaming car into a police station his
in Sydney's west has apologised for Peter
his sibling's actions, 61-year-old himself
Peter Zhurawel allegedly set into
himself on fire and tried to plough night.
into the Merrylands building last didn't
night.For the life of me I wish it Merrylands
didn't happen. The people of something
Merrylands I apologise for comes
something that is irresponsible.It of
comes as shocking security footage authorities
of the incident was released by we
authorities this afternoon of the who
we will have more from our reporter later
who has been following this story terror
later in our bulletin. Recent Germany
terror attacks in Nice, Florida and Minister
Germany have prompted the Prime Chief
Minister to call on the terror attack
Chief to determine how best to Does
attack the threat of lone wolves. growing
Does this mean that we face a Australia?
growing threat of terror attack in been
Australia? Deb, afternoon. There's terror
been no update to the official at
terror threat level. That remains some
at probable. It's been there for getting
some type. We know things are We've
getting heated around the world. and
We've seen attacks in France, Nice Government
and axe attack in Germany. Now the could
Government is concerned that threat from
could come here, not necessarily the
from those that are currently on That's
the radar of our terror agencies. are,
That's where national securities upon.
are, Greg Moriarty has been called can
upon. He will look at what lessons to
can be learnt from Europe, plus how best
to put our security agencies in the such
best possible position to avoid so
such an attack. We have known about so called lone wolves for stipe of knowledges
the Mr Moriarty yart Teac -
knowledges there are new challenges radicalised
- Mr Moriarty.Sometimes they are vulnerable
radicalised quickly, they are to
vulnerable for a variety of reasons narrative
to the terrorist narrative. That path
narrative can lead them down this national
path very rapidlyAway from mermed
national security Labor has ee with
mermed from its Caucus gathering new
with a 32-person frontbench. Five stalwart
new faces including Linda Burney, Thank
stalwart Kim Carr survived the vote. blaze
Thank you. The damage bill from a parts
blaze which gutted a Melbourne car million.
parts manufacturer could reach $4 details.
million. Laura Spurway has the devastated
details.Staff have been left which
devastated by this factory fire car
which has absolutely gutted this investigators
car parts business. Fire been
investigators and detectives have out
been here for hours trying to work structure
out if it is suspicious or not. The There
structure here is still unsafe. It's
There was asbestos in the roof. firefighters
It's been a difficult task for examine
firefighters to get access to and to
examine everything. Initially even 8.45
to fight this fire which started at flames
8.45 last night. Witnesses describe smoke
flames up to 5 storeys high. The smoke could be seen for kilometres. residents
There was also a smoke warning for soon
residents in the immediate areaAs the
soon as the police arrived across that's
the road we had more explosions everyone
that's when the scary bit came and height
everyone evacuated.The fire at its paint,
height contained plastics, resins, like
paint, things like as corrosives anything
like batteries and plastics, A
anything you can think of in a car. burning
A car unfortunately when it is a
burning is highly volatileThis is this
a family-run business operating at and
this site for 10 years, the staff extremely
and the owners are understandably damage
extremely upset. He are facing a have
damage bill of up to $4 million.We have lost everything, we have lost We
a lot of hard work we put in there. business
We have done so much to get this to
business going. We don't know what devastated
to do at the moment. We're for
devastatedThere is a lot of work this
for firefighters to do. It's likely demolished.
this building will have to be could
demolished. The manager told us it inside.
could be weeks before they can get children
inside.More than 30 school their
children were forced to run for travelling
their lives after a bus they were the
travelling in burst into flames on green
the Gold Coast. To Carrie-Anne was
green banks was anyone hurt?No-one quick
was injured, largely thanks to the the
quick thinking of the bus driver of children
the he managed to get all 35 of the children off the bus safely before the fire took hold. He was doing into
the morning school run, pulling noticed
into Arundel state school when he back
noticed smoke billowing from the turned
back of the bus. That quickly was
turned to fire. Witnesses saw what and
was happening they raced to help fire
and tried to douse the blaze with fierce,
fire extinguishers, it was too firefighters
fierce, they had to wait for be
firefighters before the blaze could there
be called. When firefighters got minutes
there it took them around 10 is
minutes to put out the blaze. This Gold
is the fifth surfside bus on the past
Gold Coast to catch fire in the still
past few years of the cause is earlier
still being investigated, although some
earlier indications indicate it was it
some form of mek man kal fault.As area
it was pulling into the drop-off of
area there were flames coming out over.
of the back of it. The flames took air
over.Once the bus stopped without bystanders
air blowing past it started quickly, bystanders used extinguishers but another
it was too big. They can always get replace
another bus, you are not going to fantastic
replace the kids. He did a could
fantastic job.The only thing that school
could be salvaged Deb was the driver
school bus sign which the bus exact
driver had to take home of him. The known.
exact cause of the blaze won't be police
known.He did a great job. Another microscope
police shooting is and the at
microscope in the US a care giver shot
at a group home was unarmed and of
shot by police. Vision has emerged shooting
of the moments leading up to the his
shooting showing the man lying on You're
his back with his hands in the air. therapist
You're looking at behavioural the
therapist Charles Kensey laying on his
the ground his hands in the air. At autism
his feet a 23-year-old han with group
autism who had just run away from a caller
group home where he works. A 911 someone
caller on Monday reported with suicide.
someone with a gun was threatening suicide. When police

suicide. When police arrived guns the
drawn the therapist was talking to pleading
the officers. The therapist still.
pleading with his patient to stay fires
still. A North Miami police officer 47-year-old.
fires his gun. Hitting the unarmed released
47-year-old. His attorney who wasn't
released the video says that moment leg
wasn't recorded. He was shot in the up
leg lived to talk about T U I stick I'm
up my hands, I say I just got shot. me?"
I'm saying, "Sir, why did you shoot know."
me?" In his words he said, "I don't gun
know." The officer who fired his meant
gun thought he was in danger and autism.
meant to hit the young man with full
autism. Miami's top cop wants a full investigation.

full investigation.
autism. Miami's top cop wants a remarkably
full investigation. A driver has Sydney's
remarkably survived a hor crash in trapped
Sydney's west which left him surrounded
trapped in his crumpled car power
surrounded by live high voltage driving
power lines. The 30-year-old was vehicle
driving in Villawood when his bringing
vehicle crashed into a poll driver
bringing down wires, crews cut the hospital
driver knee and he's recovering in Police
hospital with minor head injuries. attempted
Police are investigating an servicemen,
attempted abduction of a RAF a
servicemen, two men one armed with shook
a knife attempted to snatch him. He Security
shook them off but he is shaken. greater
Security measures have taken on their
greater significance as they open With
their gates for a family fun day. own
With confirmation that one of their own servicemen had lk been abducted confirmed
a knife attack that police related
confirmed could be terrorist incident
relatedThe motivation of this unable
incident remains unclear. We're terrorism.
unable at this time to discount lines
terrorism. But I stress that other plausible.
lines of inquiry are equally investigated.
plausible. And are being for
investigated.Police are looking people
for the knife and the dark-coloured driving
people carrier car they were set
driving with a dedicated hotline They
set up for anyone with information. attackers
They are still trying to trace the 30's
attackers both in their 20's or appearance,
30's with a Middle Eastern with
appearance, one around 6 foot tall the
with long hair on top and a beard, short
the other about five foot 10 with Toon
short hair and clean-shaven. Sophie mechanic
Toon is marry today a plane close
mechanic and lives in the houses do
close to where it happens. Uchl I coped
do feel quite secure, they they reacted
coped with it was amazing they quite
reacted within minutes, I felt anything.
quite - I didn't feel at risk or tornados
anything. RAF Maram is home of the been
tornados which since September have Carrying
been targeted Islamic State. and
Carrying out missions from Cyprus personality
and Syria making their own police
personality a target. Norfolk wasn't
police stressed the man involved terrorism
wasn't wearing military uniform, inquiry
terrorism is one of many lines of the
inquiry as they continue to support left
the community and the serviceman kidnap.
left shaken by this attempted kidnap.Prince Harry and Sir Elton international
John joined forces at an conference
international HIV and AIDs royal
conference in South Africa. The leadership
royal urged his generation to take leadership in the battle against against
the epidemic, the singer warned two
against growing complacency. The messages
two campaigners left personal people
messages on a wall encouraging on
people to get tested. Still to come deadly
on Nine's afternoon news, the neighbourhood
deadly plane crash in a suburban flames
neighbourhood a home engulfed by York
flames and the bomb scare in New throwing
York city Times Square a suspect car
throwing a package into a police wine,
car and a study on the effects of Tens
wine, could it be linked to cancer? on
Tens of thousands of fans descend on Byron Bay for

30 thousand square metres of land
has been released along

Northbourne Avenue for retail,
commercial and residential


It's just near the former Dickson

Officials say it will inject new
life into the main thoroughfare

into the nation's capital.

A contamination scare has forced
the closure of a Landfill site in

the Snowy Mountains.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council says
a customer dumped loose fill

asbestos at the Jindabyne site,
meaning they have had no other

choice but to temporarily shut it

General Manager Joseph Vescio says
the safety of the community and

staff is priority - investigations
are underway.

Motorists travelling from Sydney
to Melbourne were diverted via

Canberra earlier today.

It's after a truck rolled along
the Hume Highway near Yass at

around midnight last night,
blocking the road.

The driver of the truck has been
treated for minor injuries.

Turning to sport and it's hoped
travel has tired out the

Highlanders ahead of tonight's
quarter final clash.

The ACT Brumbies are taking on the
New Zealand side here in Canberra

from 6PM.

While Chief Minister Andrew Barr
says he's all for an early knock

off today, so we can get to the

Here's the weather - on the
satellite, Showers for most of New

South Wales as cloud passes across
the state, heaviest in the north.

Showers and storms over eastern

On the national map - wet and
windy in Sydney today. Showers for

Melbourne 19. Fine up in Brisbane
28 and another sunny day for


Canberra's outlook - wind and rain
should ease up tomorrow a top of

11. Overcast on Sunday just 9
degrees. Possible showers Monday

and Tuesday 10 degrees.

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A plane has crashed into a suburban The
neighbourhood in the United States. house
The pilot was killed while a nearby house was engulfed in flames.

house was engulfed in flames.
The pilot was killed while a nearby Complete Chicago
Complete chaos in this suburban plane
Chicago neighbourhood. A small of
plane crashing right in the middle fireball
of the plane in Illinois igniting a be
fireball that neighbours say could causing
be seen for blocks. The impact side
causing an explosion engulfing the was
side of this home in flames. Andrew this
was fishing nearby and recorded very
this video.I heard a plane flying coming
very low. I looked up and seen it was
coming down very fast.Patty Daniel room
was inside the home in the living seemed
room dosing off when suddenly it come
seemed the whole house was about to thing
come down.It got really loud. Next dining
thing I knew the whole side of the left
dining room blew open.The aircraft are
left from Florida to Wisconsin.We in
are fortunate to have a plane crash neighbourhood
in a surrounded residential neighbourhood and not

neighbourhood and not
in a surrounded residential additional
neighbourhood and not have any has
additional injuries.Drinking wine types
has been directly linked with seven is
types of cancers, the exact reason medical
is not known the New Zealand that
medical study found strong evidence developing
that alcohol increases the risk of who
developing the disease, even people considered
who drink low levels of alcohol are studies
considered at risk counter to other wine
studies who claim a glass of red Facebook
wine a day can be good for you. test
Facebook completed a successful drone
test flight of a solar powered internet
drone that it helps will bring corners
internet conarchitect tift to all craft
corners of the globe, ak kwaoel la company
craft flew over Arizona, the tech can
company want to have a fleet that communicating
can fly six months at a time deliver
communicating with each other to places
deliver internet access to remote the
places in the world. Facebook hopes for
the device will break the record unmanned
for the longest solar powered stands
unmanned aircraft flight which still
stands currently at two weeks, Defence
still ahead, the brave trainee elderly
Defence Force pilot who pulled an crackdown
elderly man from his burning car. A to
crackdown on contamination the pran saver
to make fresh fruit and veggies we
saver for you and your family and most
we go searching for Australia's --
most elusive whale anything allow. wick
-- Migaloo.The moment he lit that would
wick or fuse what happened?It have
would have been incredible, you erupts
have an intense fireball that degrees
erupts with it, thousands of quickly
degrees this temperature.How Seconds.
quickly would that have happened? are
Seconds.A mother and her baby boy the
are among those feared trapped in convenience
the rubble after a blast in a entire
convenience store brought down an He
entire building.I miss him so much. of
He was her life. She was so proud quickly?
of this little boy. Did she die quickly? Did the fumes get her? Did did...
the smoke get her? Did she burn, did...The heat so intense the ground.
entire building was brought to the "I'm
ground.Once we heard him saying, in
"I'm coming, I'm coming" instantly he's
in my head I thought he's right, balcony
he's behind us. Jumped off over the with
balcony and went, "Chris is not Not
with us"Don't wish it on anybody. all
Not all the evidence is destroyed debt
all the time.Kahn was $400,000 in payout.
debt and looking for an insurance is
payout.This Sunday, '60 Minutes' think
is must-see television.You don't didn't
think he prepared the lie?He Tara
didn't think it would go that way. powerful
Tara Brown returns with the most killed
powerful story of the year.You no
killed these people, man, there's no manslaughter/murder you are Minutes'
guilty of killing these people.'60 Minutes' Sunday

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A Melbourne mother has too afraid children
to return home with her young burgled
children after their house was Vincent
burgled in broad daylight. Jayde Purcell
Vincent with the story.Chloe family
Purcell says she and her young in
family are now too afraid to sleep daylight
in their own home after a brazen afternoon.
daylight break in on Monday burglar
afternoon. CCTV clearly shows the He
burglar pulling up in a green ute. front
He gets out after knocking on the he
front door to see if anyone is home entry
he Pearce through windows, gaining block
entry through the back gate. He two-year-old
block in climbing through Chloe's They
two-year-old daughter's window. was
They are at my mothers, this guy can
was here during the week day how and
can I feel safe?He grabbed a GoPro laptops
and headphones. He left hund as
laptops and big ticket items such year-old
as televisions which left the 27- person
year-old mother of two fearing this the
person could return.It's a fear in The
the back of my mind all the time. house
The fact he's seen what is in this worry
house now, he knows what is here. I Chloe
worry is he going to come back? Chloe wants to share her ordeal in recognise
the hope that someone will she
recognise this man or his car, that this
she wants to fight back to ensure unsafe
this person who has made her feel Investigations
unsafe in her own home is caught. the
Investigations are under way into tore
the cause of an intense fire that destroying
tore through a Sydney factory took
destroying the building. The blaze hour
took more than 50 firefighters an in
hour to contain when it broke out Marrickville
in a meat processing business at fire
Marrickville late yesterday. The suspicious.
fire is not being treated as died
suspicious. An elderly driver has Queensland.
died after crashing into a tree in flames
Queensland. The vehicle burst into helicopter
flames prompting a nearby army bid
helicopter to land in a desperate Brittney
bid to save the 85-year-old. These
Brittney Kleyn has the details. simply
These young helicopter pilots were right
simply in the right place at the exercise
right time during an overnight area
exercise flying over a remote rural Toowoomba
area just about an hour North of crash
Toowoomba they saw this elderly man have
crash his car into a tree. Not only the
have they called emergency services real-life
the training exercise turned into a choppers
real-life response landing the two driver's
choppers and rushing to the Des
driver's aid. Ingrid Dylan didn't pulling
Des hesitate to risk her own life vehicles.
pulling the man from his burning had
vehicles. If any of my course mates and
had have done the navigation route done
and come across it they would have arrived
done the same thing.Paramedics emergency
arrived and by the time the scene
emergency doctor arrived at the by
scene of the crash it was combined chance.
by all crews to give him a fighting were
chance.Myself and the paramedics holding
were working on the medical side, Unfortunately
holding the equipment and the light. passed
Unfortunately the 85-year-old man Brisbane
passed away this morning in a this
Brisbane hospital. All involved in this rescue really say this man was most
given the best care in one of the Bastille
most difficult circumstances.The people
Bastille Day attacker who killed 84 planning
people in Nice last week has been with
planning the attack with months accomplices,
with the help of a number of least
accomplices, French police say at Bouhlel
least five people helped Mohamed July,
Bouhlel carry out the attack on 14 the
July, mobile phone recordings of year
the celebration in the city last of
year have been seized also as part President
of the investigation. Russian intervene
President Vladimir Putin could to
intervene after his country failed field
to over turn a ban on its track and field athletes from competing at were
the Rio as 10 would-be terrorists Steinfort
were arrested in Brazil. Tom an
Steinfort filed this report.What now
an international scandal this is Russians
now becoming not surprising ly the decision
Russians are fuming at this latest Arbitration
decision by the Court of were
Arbitration for Sport. The Russians their
were appealing the decision to ban from
their 68 track and field athletes arbitration
from competing at Rio, the court of a
arbitration says no you don't have taking
a case, Russia is talking about international
taking this to a higher appeal
international court to once again Putin
appeal and reports of Vladimir become
Putin the President himself will situation
become involved on top of this will down
situation last week WADA handed was
down the explosive findings there systematic
was state-sponsored wide-spread team
systematic doping in the Russian People
team in the Sochi winter Olympics. athletes
People are pushing for all Russian to
athletes no matter what the sport bombshell
to be banned from competing. What a happened
bombshell that would be if that banned
happened all Russian athletes The
banned from compete nothing Rio. extraordinary
The decision will be made during an Switzerland
extraordinary meeting of the IOC in Brazil
Switzerland on Monday morning. In arrested
Brazil there have been 10 people of
arrested accused of being members planning
of Islamic State-affiliated groups attacks
planning on carrying out terror that
attacks during the games. On top of its
that al-Qaeda put a call out for own
its followers to try and have their specifically
own bomb blasts in Rio as well and
specifically targeting the French competing
and British teams that will be eventful
competing there too. Look, a really They
eventful day on the Olympic front. this
They will be hoping soon all of this bad news turns to good news the
and people can start focusing on an
the events themselves.There's been American
an emergency evacuation of a moments
American Airlines flight in Florida off.
moments before it was going to take to
off. The flight to Philadelphia had hydraulic
to be aborted after a suspected were
hydraulic leak, passengers and crew shoots,
were forced to fleel down emergency with
shoots, some had trouble breathing and
with itchy skin and burning eyes and others were injured going down population
the slide of the as Australia's reliable
population grows a steady and is
reliable food supply is vital. NSW farms
is thinking ahead with vegetable receive
farms around Sydney about to Elise
receive a $6 hill John boost. As year
Elise Baker reports.Earlier this year we saw an urgent recall on Wales
contaminated lettuce, the New South hult
Wales Government is working with to
hult cultural innovation Australia diseases
to eradicate crippling stock their
diseases to ensure farmers can grow The
their businesses into you future. The $6 million boost into the services
industry will provide support technology
services for farmers and developing technology to prevent airborne of
diseases including the development is
of cold treatment technology.This consumers
is a win win win, a win for the making
consumers a win for producers and industry
making sure these important basin
industry remains here in the Sydney will
basin h basin.Most of the founds Sydney
will go towards programs in the vegetable
Sydney region home to 60% of the industry
vegetable farms, the horticultural people
industry in NSW employs 10,000 billion
people and produces more than $1 the
billion in sales a year. It's hoped growers
the investment will not only give consumers
growers more certainty but assure are
consumers the fruit and vege they quality.
are eating are of the highest Migaloo
quality.The mystery absence of solved,
Migaloo the white whale has been the
solved, straight to Nat Wallace in the Brisbane news room, where has been
the country's most well known whale Firstly
been spotted?Good afternoon. Stephens
Firstly was a cold morning in Port course.
Stephens just North of Newcastle of fellow,
course. There's no doubt about this prop
fellow, a heart warmer of Moby Dick around
prop porgs Migaloo wasn't hanging quickly
around too long he was travelling above
quickly and didn't really come provided
above the water too often. He this
provided if magic for those aboard magnificent
this cruise vessel. That know
magnificent tail we have come to up
know over the last few years, came cameras
up very briefly. That set the It's
cameras going on board this cruise. Migaloo.
It's been an incredible story of telling
Migaloo. Now, the experts are al
telling us there are actually two down
al bien owe whales that head up and year.
down the coast at this time of the dorsal
year. They are looking at the notches
dorsal fin, the tail flukes and Migaloo.
notches to determine if this is saying
Migaloo. At the moment they are He
saying it ticks all of the boxes. Byron
He was first spotted in 1991 off telescope,
Byron Bay a picture from a We
telescope, 5 kilometres off shore. the
We couldn't tell whether it was the sun's
the water or whether it was the indeed
sun's reflection or whether it was later
indeed a white whale. Two years researchers
later in Hervey Bay when species
researchers encountered this unique The
species again. Then we got Migaloo. part
The white whale. As we know he's population
part of the east Australian normally
population of humpback whales, they November
normally feed in Antarctica from along
November and April and my great year
along the coast at this time of Reef
year to breed in the Great Barrier heading
Reef area from May to October. He's are
heading at break neck speed F you experts
are up and down the coast the straight
experts are telling us head there Migaloo.
straight away to get a glimpse of can't
Migaloo.Incredibly excited we within
can't wait. We are expecting him it
within the next two to three days, guarantees,
it is an estimate, there are no He's
guarantees, he's on the way up. More
He's travelling fairly quickly. news.
More of these pictures in tonight's very
news. Ively the whale highway is that
very busy indeed. Thanks. It is that time of year again with thousands of people also making 'Splendour
their annual pilgrimage to the festival
'Splendour in the Grass' music on
festival nearby Ron bay. Police are than
on high alert with more officers Catherine
than ever patrolling the site. one
Catherine for ran with more. Day Grass'
one here at 'Splendour in the the
Grass' thousands have filed through class
the gates for three days of world- temperatures
class acts. A blue sky and soaring usually
temperatures have seen gumboots essential
usually considered a festival so
essential left at home.Oh so good, happened
so glad it's so sunny.What short.
happened I've only got one pair of festival's
short.This is the biggest in the sold
festival's history, 32,000 tickets stages,
sold and 100 acts across four main last
stages, worried about a repeat of arrests
last year's high number of drug extra
arrests price have taken no chances site.
extra resources are patrolling the revellers
site. Officers yesterday issued 19 before
revellers with a summons to appear offences
before court for drug related warning
offences six others issued with a stay
warning the message to have fun but we
stay safe U no tolerance for drugs, well.
we want people to go home safe and the
well. Tonight the avalanches and Cutting
the Stokes will close off day one. Washington
Cutting edge crime fighting in family's
Washington state. Thieves stole a holiday
family's boat while they were on teenagered
holiday North of Seattle. Two launched
teenagered called police and down
launched their own drone to chase helped
down the suspects. The drone's GPS thieves,
helped police track down the picture
thieves, officers posed for a fighters
picture with the young crime Australian
fighters still to come the amazing of
Australian researchers on the brink of a major cancer vaccine. We have stunt
an exclusive report. The dangerous And
stunt that almost ended in tragedy. faces
And the art award that puts famous faces in compromising positions.

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There's been a major shake-up today Ailes
at Fox News in the US, CEO Roger after
Ailes handed in his resignation allegation,
after a sexual harassment Kelly
allegation, the network star Megyn investigators
Kelly was interviewed by built
investigators of the U the man who is
built Fox News from the ground up obtained
is out. In a resignation letter referencing
obtained by ABC news Roger Ailes harassment
referencing the recent sexual harassment charges against him presence
writing, "I will not allow my shockingly
presence to become a distraction" a month
shockingly swift exit less than ail a
month after Gretchen Carlsson filed career.
a suit that Ailes sabotaged her victims
career. I want to support all women denied
victims of sexual harassment.He have
denied her accusation, other women the
have come forward including one of Kelly.
the network's biggest names Megyn He's
Kelly. Grammed by stardom by Ailes. he's
He's a mentor to me and a friend, equals
he's - he is my boss, we're not magazine
equalsAccording to New York made
magazine Kelly telling us Ailes her
made unwanted sexual advances to claim.
her 10 years ago, they deny Kelly's warm
claim.A quick check of the weather Almost
warm weather around thankfully? through
Almost spring-like temperatures days,
through eastern states. Very warm muls.
days, well above average minimum warmest
muls. Melbourne's just had its began
warmest July night since records around
began in 1855. It was hoovering of
around the 16 degree mark for most cooled
of the night. Reaching 18.3 but has cooled off. Warm in Sydney

cooled off. Warm in Sydney
of the night. Reaching 18.3 but has the
cooled off. Warm in Sydney as well above
the overnight low of 13.5 five windy
above the July average, reaching a fog
windy 25 by 7. After heavy morning find
fog delayed flights in Brisbane it 20's,
find up making it into the high 20's, 27.6. Why all the heat? Over has
the last couple of days a trough combined
has extended through the interior, temperatures
combined with above average sea board
temperatures along the eastern sea A
board it drew in warm tropical air. Melbourne
A change has moved through the
Melbourne in the last hour. Over push
the weekend that cooler air will Winter
push back right up into Queensland. All
Winter is certainly making a return. All the forecasts later.

All the forecasts later.
Winter is certainly making a return. come,
All the forecasts later.Still to transforms
come, the simple App that share
transforms your pocket change into police
share market success. Also the of
police who arrived just in the nick surprise
of time helping to deliver a we're
surprise arrival. Plus in sport, Kangaroos
we're live to Etihad Stadium as the match
Kangaroos look to end their five- Brad
match losing streak, Eels coach star
Brad Arthur opens up on troubled NRL
star Corey Norman's future at the NRL club.

Tonight at 6:00 -
Deb, thank you. crashes his burning car
video as a man into Merrylands police station -

who is he and why did he do it? We speak to the man's brother. "We will never be at peace" - of the Rozelle blast victims
the families were ripped apart by Adeel Khan.
reveal how their lives

that went horribly wrong.
The train surfing stunt hailed a lifesaver.
And the train driver An Olympic terror plot foiled - ten arrested - for the Rio Games?
what was planned

to the White House,
Donald Trump a step closer nomination for US President.
accepting the Republican Parties And Brad Arthur tells us offender Corey Norman
why he still wants repeat

at the Eels. Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

A rare car is about to make history, under
this Alfa Romero is expected to go million
under the hammer for mar than $20 ever
million making it the most money at
ever paid for a pre-Karatantcheva sold
at auction. The 1939 model will be you
sold in California next month. If from
you wondered what the view was like take
from the best seat in the plane Scotland
take a look at this. A pilot in to
Scotland has taken to social media cockpit
to share a rare glimpse out of the gone
cockpit window, the clip which has through
gone viral online shows the decent landing
through the clouds to a safe into
landing in Glasgow airport, coming from
into land now. Tony Jones joins us of
from outside Etihad Stadium for all Looking
of the day's sport. Good afternoon. tonight
Looking forward to this match tonight at Etihad. Collingwood up with
against North Melbourne both clubs Melbourne
with an eye to September. North form
Melbourne have been in horrendous including
form losing six of the past 7 Collingwood
including five on the trot. money,
Collingwood looked gone for all charge.
money, they are making a late With
charge. This game is a mini final. themselves
With an eye to September and Club,
themselves the St Kilda Football Kilda
Club, more from Corey Norris.St eight
Kilda are two games outside the top haven't
eight with form on their side they on
haven't completed closed the door keep
on their September hopes. But to claim
keep them alive they'll have to third-placed
claim another top four scalp, the last
third-placed Bulldogs tomorrow.The Cats,
last time we played one against the guys
Cats, we had a good result. The challenged.
guys are looking forward to being played
challenged. We know we haven't the
played the best footy against them to
the last couple of times. In order the
to be the best you've got to beat their
the best.Carlton won't play finals crucial
their trip to Sydney will be a Boulton's
crucial learning curve for Brendan Cripps
Boulton's young men, particularly will
Cripps that they want to stop.He Boy,
will be up for the fight he's a Big good
Boy, he doesn't get protecting, a west
good battle.The Demons are in the with
west preparing for their hit-out keen
with the Eagles tomorrow and are our
keen to break a big hoodooWe have the
our work cut out. The spirits of there,
the group are high to get over put
there, get away from Melbourne and put in a good showing. If we bring strong
our best we are hoping it will be a ourselves
strong contest. We'll find Demons
ourselves in with a chance.The unless
Demons last win against the eeg unless Perth was back in 2002. Parramatta
Thanks Corey, rugby league, Parramatta coach Brad Arthur denies Norman
the suspension handed down to Corey the
Norman will affect his future at from
the club. Joined by Danika Mason, though
from all accounts it sounds as Norman?
though the Eels want to keep off
Norman? That's right despite the resulted
off field controversy that roult resulted in a ban and fine they are affected
keen to resign Norman, it hasn't have
affected his negotiations at all. I kid.
have the thing is Corey is a good decircumstances
kid. He's made a silly T
decircumstances he will learn from work
T we're here to support him, and seven
work through this over the next our
seven weeks. We want him to be at of
our club long-term. I've got a lot Cowboys
of time for Corey.Last night the Bulldogs
Cowboys absolutely thrashed the concern
Bulldogs 36-0. But there is some Johnathan
concern for the Cowboys with hamstring
Johnathan Thurston suffering a hamstrings
hamstring injury.Not too barksd as running
hamstrings go it's not like he was away.
running along and stopped straight games.
away. A longer turn around for the unnecessary
games. We won't be taking any the
unnecessary risks at this stage of Panthers
the year with him.TJ tonight the top
Panthers are hoping to crack the Broncos
top eight when they take on the can
Broncos in Brisbane. Of course you live
can catch all the action right here Dan
live on the Nine network.Thanks basketball
Dan Nick a go the Panthers, to will
basketball the men's Olympic team when
will be chasing the first medal The
when the Rio games get under way. did
The Boomers jetted off before they with
did that Tom Mitchell caught up Mills.
with one of her superstars, Paddy play
Mills.Two weeks to go before you to
play your game in Rio.Very excited lot
to find there is a lot of meaning a inspired
lot of motivation, we're very much have
inspired from the situation that we how
have been in in the past, knowing We
how tight this group is together. there
We are very much excited to go over got
there and get this job done.You've couple
got a good mix of experience and a confident
couple of Young Guns. Can are you Australia's
confident you guys can finally win lot
Australia's first medal.We have a it
lot of belief in the group, knowing calibre
it has never been done and the experience
calibre of players we have with belief
experience and youth. We have that go
belief we can go with this group, medal.
go over and get Australia's first any
medal. We know it won't be easy. By is
any means, that's what the Olympics great
is about, to achieve something great we have to be able to beat the
great teams.You'll have to do it Chinese,
the hard way, the Americans, qualifying
Chinese, French Serbia in the the
qualifying pool will be tough.From against
the get go from the first game games
against France those first three USA.
games will be tough, Serbia and the definitely
USA. The challenge that we are and
definitely ready for, prepared for think
and that belief is the main word I to
think that we are using to be able Mitchell
to get us over the line.Tom in
Mitchell speaking with our Boomer Cricket
in Paddy Mills, a change of pace appears
Cricket Australia Steve O'Keith shrank
appears certain of a test recall in the
shrank with a Darren Lehman hinting into
the Aussies will take two spinners be
into the first Test.I think we'll would
be leaning towards two spinners I We'll
would think, the way conditions are. to
We'll wait until we get to Chandi Sri
to organisation it.That tour of on
Sri Lanka officially gets under way start
on Tuesday, Jason Day made a solid Canadian
start to the title defence of the par
Canadian Open carding a three under an
par 69 he posted four birdies and behind.
an Eagle as he finished three shots best
behind. Chalmers and best of the carnage
best of the Aussies, a day of number
carnage at Tour de France with a the
number of riders unable to handle time
the tight turns on the stage 18 Froome
time try. No problems for Chris tour
Froome who edged closer to a third minutes,
tour title extending his lead four fourth
minutes, Richie Porte finished standings,
fourth and sixth in the overall podium
standings, a very good chance of a Still
podium finish come the Tour's end. soon
Still to come, the man who could person,
soon be the world's most powerful accepts
person, Donald Trump, officially domination
accepts the Republican party's tree
domination for President. Also a Sydney's
tree comes crashing into a home in of
Sydney's west. And the First Lady joined
of karaoke. The mega star who joined in.

This is Nine's afternoon news, the the
top stories, Donald Trump has vowed better
the United States will be bigger President.
better and stronger if he becomes made
President. The bold promises were acceptance
made during a long and elaborate party
acceptance speech at the Republican footage
party convention in Ohio. Security moment
footage has been released at the before
moment a car burst into flames police
before ploughing into a Sydney Ian
police station. Confessed killer life
Ian Jamison has been sentenced to three
life in jail for the murders of Victoria.
three of his neighbours in northern house
Victoria. To breaking News Now, a been
house in Sydney's south-west has lands
been ravaged by fire. The rose the
lands property caught alight within through
the last hour. Smoke seen billowing through the street. The blaze has still,
been contained, firefighters are people
still, working to contain it, all accounted
people in the home have now been footage
accounted for. Confronting security into
footage of the moment a car burst Sydney
into flames before ploughing into a released
Sydney police station has been Sophie
released this afternoon. Reporter Police
Sophie Walsh is at the Merrylands brother
Police Station. The suspect's this
brother has spoken out today about say?
this incident. What did he have to poll
say?Deb, Mick Zhurawel wanted to a night.
poll jis for his brother's, as last by
night. That CCTV footage released particularly
by police this afternoon is Peter
particularly confronting. It shows the
Peter Zhurawel driving up here to parks
the Merrylands Police Station. He inside
parks his car, the windows are up, he
inside his car is a gas cylinder, with
he opens it up, he fills his car You
with gas then he sets it alight. that
You can see that white flash of sprinting
that explosion, you see cops and
sprinting out of the police station and going to his aid. We do know to
that Peter suffered serious burns Last
to his face and also to his neck. potentially
Last night police thought this was potentially a terrorist attack, know
that has since been ruled out. We health
know that Peter has serious mental health issues. We also know he'd Mick,
had a falling out with his brother he
Mick, we spoke to Mick, here's what wish
he had to say.For the life of me I people
wish this didn't happen and the for
people of Merrylands I apologise Without
for something that is irresponsible. that
Without these sort of people here vasive
that did that sort of thing, took' the
vasive action put their lives on sort
the line, like I say they're the better
sort of people who make the place a stable
better place.Peter remains in a Shore
stable condition in the Royal North Thank
Shore Hospital under police guard. to
Thank you. Donald Trump has vowed to make America great again during Republican
his acceptance speech at the before
Republican convention in Ohio thousands
before a cheering crowd of launched
thousands of people the billionaire Hillary
launched a blistering attack on Blaming
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. woes.
Blaming them both for the country's the
woes. He said if he was President better
the United States would be bigger, American
better and stronger.We will make American proud again. We will make APPLAUSE)
American safe again.(CHEERS AND great
APPLAUSE)And we will make America reaffirmed
great again. God bless you!Trump between
reaffirmed he would build a wall blaimed
between the US and Mexico, he on
blaimed the rise of Islamic State man
on Hillary Clinton. A young Sydney came
man has described just how close he fell
came to tragedy when a Hugh tree Lalor
fell on to the side of his home at had
Lalor Park. The man and his mother the
had been standing in the spot where were
the tree fell moments before.We got
were walking back outside, we've got the barbecue here, here doing you'd
the barbecue, so more seconds and residents
you'd have two body bags.The local
residents have kwaind complained to about
local council on numerous occasions admitted
about the native tree. A man who neighbours
admitted killing three of his what
neighbours in central Victoria in dirt
what police said was a row over a life
dirt road has been sentence today joins
life in sentence, Karen Michael Jamison
joins us from Melbourne. Ian parole
Jamison will be not eligible for right,
parole for a long time.That's will
right, it is unlikely Ian Jamison obsessed
will ever be released. He was his
obsessed with a road that bordered he
his property and used by neighbours, and
he thought dust dirdyed his truck in
and house. A tractor drove along it a
in 2014, that was enough to Trigger stabbed
a long-held powerful animosity, he stabbed Mr Locke heart's stepson was
and shot hill and his wife. This has
was a senseless triple murder which family
has caused trauma to the Lockhart It's
family many of whom were at court. time.
It's been very hard and a difficult I
time. It's been such a long process, kick
I don't think the relief side will actually
kick in. The realisation it's now
actually all over.The Jamison is sentenced
now 65 years old. Today the judge year
sentenced him to live with a 30 he
year minimum. It's highly unlikely thank
he will ever be released.Karen, Directors
thank you. An interim Board of has
Directors for the Parramatta Eels following
has been appointed this afternoon of
following the voluntary resignation embattled
of all remaining members. The administrator
embattled club will be run by act
administrator Max Donnelly who will and
act as chairman and Steve Sherman seek
and Jim Sarantios. The board will sortly.
seek to appoint an interim CEO those
sortly. We will never be at peace, broken
those were the words of a heart with
broken father who came face-to-face daughter's
with the man responsible for his Reporter
daughter's death in a 2014 fire. Reporter Kelly Fedor joins us now for
with more on the sentence hearing emotional
for shopkeeper Adeel Khan. An was
emotional day in court. What else father
was said?Deb, Bianca O'Brien's battling
father Bill was heart broken and she
battling tears as he told the court Jude
she ways shining light and baby son deaths
Jude was an angel. He said their wouldn't
deaths have left us in a state we God
wouldn't wish upon any human and Adeel
God would be the final judge of he
Adeel Khan's actions in 2014 when inside
he started that fire and explosion store.
inside his rose sem convenience Noble
store. Kill that had day Chris Chris
Noble Bianka O'Brien's neighbour. court
Chris Noble's father Ross told the continuously
court he was tormented thinking to
continuously about what Chris woke described
to on that morning which he war
described as what would have been a about
war scene. His mother Liz spoke sent
about the final text message he comforted
sent that said "I love you" she was the
comforted by that and tormented by survived
the thought how long he had gone
survived afterwards and what he died
gone through his mund, the fact he The
died alone in his bedroom that day. his
The entire family was in tears as described
his flatmate Corey Cameron and
described running from the flames around
and smoke with the walls collapsing best
around hip and having to hear his those
best mate scream for his life, this
those final screams haunt him to family
this day. Kahn looked at each witness
family member as they got into the he
witness stand in the Supreme Court, not
he sat in the dock expressionless, face.
not even a tear escaped from his evidence,
face. And he did not give any offer
evidence, so therefore did not remorse.
offer any apology or show any something
remorse. That is certainly as
something the judge will consider the
as she takes into account all of determining
the factors of this case in serve
determining what sentence he should will
serve behind bars. That sentence Deb.
will be handed down next Friday, you.
Deb.Very emotional indeed, thank report
you. Tara Brown will have a special '60
report on the Rozelle tragedy on A
'60 Minutes' this Sunday night at 7. caught
A Sydney train surfer has been foolish
caught on camera attempting a very clinging
foolish stunt, the man can be seen moments
clinging the back of the carriage tracks.
moments before falling on to the by
tracks. The 24-year-old was saved who
by a quick-thinking train driver in
who spotted him inside the tunnel to
in Central Station and pulled him two
to safety. He's been issued with Federal
two infringement notices. The quickly
Federal Government is moving threat
quickly to identify and tackle the Australia
threat of lone wolf attacks in with
Australia after the Nice tragedy on
with the counterterror Chief called Croucher.
on to investigate, live to Charles of
Croucher. How serious is the threat Australia?
of this type of attack in official
Australia?As it stands Deb the three
official terror threat is probable, ladder
three rungs up on a five-rung for
ladder it the same space it's been that
for months, it's been sitting at what
that middle level. In the wake of attacks
what happened in Nice we have seen Government
attacks in Germany, in Florida. The to
Government has called on Greg more to improve Australia's resilience heard
to the lone wolf attacks, we have committed
heard of lone wolf attacks man
committed by terrorism groups. The it's
man in charge of the job admits are
it's getting tough.Sometimes they sometimes
are radicalised very quickly, thoes variety
sometimes they are vulnerable for a narrative.
variety of reasons to the terrorist them
narrative. That narrative can lead Deb
them down this path very rapidly. have
Deb Labor members of parliament special
have joined us at Canberra for a frontbench
special meeting to elect their five
frontbench a 32-person frontbench, under
five new faces Kim Carr was one a
under threat he survived thanks to been
a deal by Bill Shorten.There's city's
been Major bomb scare in New York with
city's Times Square as was crowded suspicious
with tour rismts a man throwing a van
suspicious package into a police van with two officers inside of the bravery
plem have been praised for their away
bravery for immediately driving our
away from the crowds.We both said I'm
our prayers, we thought this was it hurt.
I'm happy no-one else would get candle
hurt.It was an elaborate hoax a in
candle and battery powered lantern arrested.
in tin to you. The suspect was vaccine
arrested. Human han fliels a and
vaccine to treat prostate cancer within
and prevent relapse could happen cream
within two years, the disease can year,
cream 3,000 Australian lives this in
year, as Gabriella Rogers explains Australian
in this report.More than 18,000 diagnosed
Australian men are likely to be year.
diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. It's the most commonly And
diagnosed cancer in the country. increased
And while survival rates have 1980s
increased significantly since the lives
1980s it still claims thousands of signs
lives each year of theI had no there
signs at all. After 14 samples that
there was three or four in one area that was cancerous.Researchers are disease,
developing a vaccine to treat the to
disease, in a lab they've been able immune
to re program the patient's even immune system using dendritic cells isolate
to isolate the cancer.We can isolate the cells to rel train them environment.
to kill tumour cells in an in vitro millions
environment.Dr From was awarded clinical
millions of dollars to start to
clinical trials.The whole idea is once
to kick start the immune system it
once you have got something to gear mess
it up to fight T it's the same prom hoped
mess as a normal vaccine.It's hoped the technology can be applied brain
to diseases like leukaemia and has
brain cancer: a Melbourne mother the
has welcomed her seventh son into officers.
the world with help from police how
officers. Kieron Jones joins us, well,
how are mum and bub doing? Very they
well, considering the circumstances, hospital
they remain in the northern Ebenezer
hospital at the moment. After her
Ebenezer tomorrow Nat a welcomed out
her seventh son, she tried to rush into
out the door and knew she was going far
into labour, she only made it as young
far as the hallway. With six other house
young boys floating around the emergency
house she was able to make that sons
emergency call, she got one of her spoke
sons to make the emergency call. We said
spoke to the family earlier.Father call
said to me to get the phone and my
call 000. Then the baby came out of police
my mum's Mummy.And then I saw two I
police standing in front of me and come.
I say, "Oh my gosh" wrong uniform that
come.So you can imagine the chaos realised
that would have ensued when they accidentally
realised their young son had rather
accidentally called for police sticks
rather than paramedics, obviously the
sticks young boys running around ideal
the house wouldn't have been an When
ideal environment to give birth. despite
When the police arrived on scene paramedics
despite their lack of experience as monitor
paramedics they were able to comfortable
monitor the young bub and keep him arrived
comfortable until the paramedics best
arrivedWhen they came it was the what
best of the it was a nice change to a
what we generally can deal with of seventh
a shift.As we heard that's now the were
seventh son for the family. They ended
were hoping for a girl. They have thing
ended up with a son, but the only They
thing left now is to name the boy. for
They say they won't be trying to go With
for another girl any time soon. everything,
With seven children mum can handle Young
everything, a lovely story and baby. their
Young Australians are chipping real-life
their virtual loose change into The
real-life investment portfolios. gives
The pike crow investing program of
gives budding money makers a taste brokerage
of the share market without big increasing
brokerage fees.We are rifg in an increasing cashless world, young changes
savers can invest their loose a
changes without physically handling signed
a cent. 100,000 thousands have users
signed up to Acorns, it allows amount
users to squirrel away a small their
amount of change every day into portfolios.
their own diversified investment the
portfolios.You are investing in overseas
the Australian share market in bonds
overseas share market, Australian your
bonds and cash.The App links to credit
your bank account and rounds up credit or debit card purchases to spare
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spent $4.50 on a T-shirt that can cents
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cents going into the portfolio. customers
People are making honey, 95% of the It
customers are up since they started. are
It launched six months ago and half simple
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simple and through the App. No University
paper to fill out.22-year-old about
University student Alex invests week.
about $20 in spare change a weak 10.
week. She saved $340 with a gain of disappearing
10.I haven't noticed it noticed
disappearing from my bank account I Acorns
noticed the returns coming up on piggy
Acorns which I like.This virtually change
piggy bank means saving that loose a
change can be done at the touch of one
a button.The Archibald Prize is accolades,
one of the most serious art opposite.
accolades, the Bald Archies are the takes
opposite. The satirical exhibition names,
takes aim at some of our biggest Newsworthy
names, Mike Dalton took a tour. the
Newsworthy and provocative. Two of Australia's
the words used to describe what is award,
Australia's most audacious art finalists
award, the bald ahh cheerks 45 morning
finalists were revealed this winner
morning along with the eventual of
winner who fills another criteria It
of the Bald Archies incontentious. problem.
It is for fun, that's part of the problem. The people I call the art able
snobs don't believe you should be at
able to have an entertaining time essence
at the exhibition.There isn't the essence of humour in art exhibited It's
at the art Galle in NSW.Not much. common,
It's regarded as sort of a bit irreverent
common, vulgar. Of course it's it's
irreverent Australian humour.Pat know,
it's a strong piece?Yeah, I don't that
know, some people see things in it think
that may or may not be there.I have
think the penis as a nose might I
have been a clue.Did you see that? those
I did notice that.It's one of portrait
those things when you are doing a someone's
portrait or trying to capture something
someone's face you capture people
something that tells a story. Some it
people have said to me in that face a
it tells a story. I was looking for this
a story that wasn't politics. And about
this story has so much absurdity tragedy
about it, as well as too much me
tragedy and so much news it said to be
me it was something that needed to of
be said.The finalists and winner dispray
of the 2016 Bald Archies are on in
dispray at Sydney's Italian forum isn't
in Leichhardt until 13th of August, at
isn't that right Chris?Mike Dalton leader
at his best. Her husband may be the Obama
leader of the free world, Michelle Mrs
Obama is the First Lady of cool. pool
Mrs Obama tried her hand at car seat
pool karaoke jumping into the front belted
seat of James Corden's car. She then
belted out a Stevie Wonder classic Beyonce's
then belted out dance moves to Three
Beyonce's single ladies.(SONG) # #
Three long years # Can't be mad at me put
# If you like it then you shouldn't Showing
put a ring on it # impress
Showing her versatility Michelle side
impress $with her rap skills along Cool
side special guest Missy Elliott. finance
Cool indeed of the still to come, Livinia
finance and the latest weather with for
Livinia Nixon. What is coming up of
for the weekend?There is a series bring
of fronts in the south-east. They bring strong winds to Victoria and they
NSW and will drop temperatures as on
they pass through. A wintry weekend on the way. I'll have all the

Tonight, police officers save a man into Merrylands police station.
who'd just driven his burning car Full of rhetoric but no detail - acceptance speech.
Donald Trump's marathon

best-loved white whale.
And the return of Australia's Nine News at 6:00.

Good afternoon, well, one look at happening
the map, we kl see it's all now.
happening in the south-east right strong
now. Victoria was battered by overnight.
strong winds and heavy rain per
overnight. Gusts over 80 kilometres Melbourne
per hour were recorded in the state's
Melbourne area. Parts of the watch
state's north-east are on flood The
watch thanks to falls INXS of 50mm. NSW
The cooler air will spread across Saturday
NSW reaching southern Queensland on off
Saturday morning. It's not a one- through
off a series of fronts will move looking
through the south-east. One a day conditions.
looking at cold wet and winty mostly
conditions. Brisbane is in for a an
mostly sunny Saturday heading for today
an incredible 29 degrees, cooler through,
today in Sydney as the front moves shower
through, windy a possible early into
shower 19, Melbourne plunged back a
into wintry conditions 7 and 12 and Perth,
a shower or two and even hail. in
Perth, 6 up to a top of 16, calmer Hobart,
in Canberra a top of 10, 8 in have
Hobart, the wind chill factor will 13
have it feeling closer than zero. few
13 in Adelaide. On Sunday expect a and
few hours on Melbourne, Canberra partly
and Adelaide, cooler in Brisbane Whatever
partly cloudy in Sydney and Perth. of
Whatever the weather in your neck Thank
of the woods enjoy your weekend. Thank you.

Thank you.To the
of the woods enjoy your weekend. Thank you.To the All Ordinaries :

Thank you.To the All Ordinaries :
of the woods enjoy your weekend. that Deborah
that is Nine's afternoon news, I'm company.
Deborah Knight thanks for your 6:00,
company. The next bulletin is at 6:00, from the

Hello, everybody.

Welcome to the Millionaire
Hot Seat tonight, the place where,

in half an hour,
your life can change.

We've had so many lucky
winners in recent times who've just

been able to get rid of all the debt
or have the holiday of a lifetime,

something fantastic. That's what we

want to do tonight, isn't it,
gang - give away $1 million?


Alright, let's do it. Six contestants
in the hot seat ready to go.

I've got a whole pile of cash.
Let's meet our contestants tonight.

And in seat number one,
as a teenager, Alex Swinden-Bromley

was a national swimming
champion mentored by Sarah Ryan.

Megan Berner was so lost,
a policeman felt sorry for her

and gave her a lift. Ian Murphy
takes his campfire seriously -

he built one so big he couldn't
stand within ten metres of it.

Marriage celebrant Judi Davey enjoys
her job, even when the groom slaps

her in the face. While working at
a video store, Martin Wernekinck was

punched in the crotch by
an angry nine-year-old.

And Henry Barlow could see
the Victorian Labor government

was going badly, so he joined
up and said, "I'll be the mayor."

Well done.

You ready, Alex?

On the blocks. Set. Go.

Hello, Alex Swinden-Bromley,
from Surry Hills in NSW.

Hi, Eddie.

These days a retirement product
specialist. What does that mean?

I help people with
their superannuation,

defence force personnel.

Tell me this -

aged 12 to 15, you were a national
swimming champion, butterfly.

That's right.

Jeez, that's heavy-duty stuff too.
How are the shoulders these days?

Too big.

Fantastic. Did you get
through without any injuries?

No, I got some recurring injuries.

Rotator cuff?
Rotator cuff, exactly.

All the usual ones there.

Sarah Ryan was your mentor at
the Australian Institute of Sport?

Yeah. I was lucky enough to be
picked out of a whole bunch of girls

and then she kind of
kept an eye on me afterwards.

Fantastic, and what a superstar
she is. Alright, Alex, here we go.

15 questions, $1 million.
Are you ready to play?

Let's play Hot Seat. Go.


Lock in D, please, lei.

Lei is locked in.
It's correct for $100.


I'm going to go with D, please.

Full stop is locked in.

Correct for $200.

Americans say it.
They say it all the time.

It actually comes from the Latin
word for a complete sentence.


I think I know this
but I'd like to pass, please.


Alright, catch you later, Alex.
Thank you.

See you. Bye-bye.

Hello, Megan Berner. How are you?
Hi. Good, thanks.

That's the way.
Welcome, Megan. 19 years of age.

Student doing a bachelor of
applied science and master of...?

Dietetic practice.
Tell me about dietetic practice.

Yeah, so, basically, in 3.5 years,
I'll graduate as a dietician.

Fantastic. From Mooroopna, currently,
though, studying in Melbourne.

That's the way.

Trevor's your dad. G'day, Trev.
Hi, Eddie.

Welcome to the show, sir.
Right, do you know this one?

Pretty sure.

I'm pretty sure that it's B,
one thousand years.

Lock it in?
Lock it in.

In. Correct for $300.


I don't know U2, so I think
I'm going to have to pass.

See you later, Megan. Bye.

Ian, she doesn't know U2.
I know.

You're making us
feel old here, Megan.

What band would you
like to have seen?

Not U2.
Fair enough. Ian Murphy is with us.

40 years of age, from Trafalgar
South in Victoria, a recreation

coordinator with the South Gippsland
Shire Council.

Hayley's his daughter. Hi, Hayley.

Welcome to the show.
Ian, do you know this one?

I do. It's one of the only concerts
I've ever been to in my life, was a

U2 concert.

I'm pretty sure
we'll lock in A, 'Vertigo'.

A is locked in.
Where did you see U2?

Docklands Stadium.
Fantastic. Correct for $500.

By the way, the connection between
those four answers were 'Vertigo',

'Psycho', 'Rope' and 'Frenzy', all
movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

'Vertigo' won three Grammy Awards,
including Best Rock Song, for U2.

11 questions to go,
$1 million ready to go,

right after this in the Hot Seat.

Tonight, the shocking moment Merrylands Police Station.
a burning car is driven into the families of those who died
Moving testimony from in the Rozelle shop explosion. Summer temperatures, on a house at Lalor Park.
but winds bring down a tree our fruit and vegies safe to eat.
And $6 million to make Nine News at 6:00.


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