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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today: Donald Trump formally accepts the Republican nomination for the US Presidency. We will make America a great again. God bless you, and good night. I love you! (APPLAUSE). Faction infighting threatens to overshadow Labor's latest caucus meeting. Sydney Police investigate why a man set fire to his car and drove it into a police station. Hello. You're watching ABC News. I'm Jeremy Fernandez. Also ahead on the program: Authorities in Brazil arrest ten members of a terrorism group planning to target the Olympics. Jonathon Thurston injured in North Queensland's impressive win.

Welcome to the program. Donald Trump says that if he becomes the nexst US President, he'll quickly end crime and violence. Making his formal acceptance speech as the Republican Party's candidate in November's election, Mr Trump made law and order a key element of his plans for the White House. Let's take a listen to some of what Mr Trump had to say. Friends, delegates, and fellow Americans, I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. (APPLAUSE). We will be a country of generosity and warmth, but we will also be a country of law and order. (APPLAUSE).

Our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. The attacks on our police and the terrorism of our cities threatens our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country. (APPLAUSE). After four years of Hillary Clinton, what do we have? Islamic State has spread across the region and the entire world. Libya is in ruins. And our ambassador and his staff were left helpless to die at the hands of killers. Egypt was turned over to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, forcing the military to retake control. Iraq is in chaos. Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons. Syria is in golf in a civil war. And a refugee crisis now threatens the West. -- engulfed. After 15 years of war in the Middle East and trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before. This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton. Death, destruction, terrorists, and, weakness. (APPLAUSE). And when a Secretary of State illegally stores her emails on a private server, deletes 33,000 of them so the authorities cannot see her crime, puts our country at risk, lied about it in every different form, and faces no consequence, I know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. (APPLAUSE).Other news now. A veteran Labor senator is fighting to hold on to his front bench role. His future dominated talk at the Caucus today. Will he manage to hold on today, Senator Carr.He has what
held onto his frontbench role in what has been an unorthodox move with how Labor politics usually works. Let's backtrack. He has been a veteran for some years. He has been a senator on the left of the party, especially with the Tory division. In terms of the National left caucaus, there was a move to demote him earlier this week. That came out and he started action. We believe that today a group broke off, a group of mostly Victorian left MPs and senators, they broke away from the National group and put Senator Carr forward for its nomination as a frontbench role. Bill Shorten has moved to accommodate this. That has been done by moving Andrew Leigh out of the official frontbench spot. He is an independent. Effectively, they are moving an independent out of Labor's frontbench to move the senator into that final frontbench spot. We don't know the role he will get. That will be revealed this afternoon, we expect, but may be on the weekend. He will stay. Andrea Lee will not be no a frontbench taste of the age motion for the ACT independent aligned Labor MP.Also, the Federal Government has a review into lone wolf terror attacks following events worldwide. What will it achieve?Following the attacks in Nice, the shootings in Orlando, and the recent attack skin Germany, the chief terrorist analyst has looked at these attacks specifically to see how they come about and how people are radicalised in a short space of time. Also, we will look at people also on Australia's terror list and seeing whether there are patterns there among that group, possibly mental health issues or past brushes with the criminal industry. George Brandis spoke about this earlier today. National government and those responsible for national security are constantly, constantly, reviewing the state of knowledge, the state of learning, information, about terrorist events, terrorist planning, the motivations of those who might be drawn to terrorism, so, this is something kept under constant review.Senator George Brandis. Greg Moriarty will also be looking at the recent attack in Nice. The open spaces that fill up in Australia for big public events vulnerable
will also be looked at and how vulnerable they may be.Thank you, reporting from Canberra. Sydney Police investigate why a man set fire to his car and drove it into a police station. New South Wales Police are raiding the home of a man accused of blowing up his car outside a police station in Western Sydney. 61-year-old Peter Zuhrwell is accused of deliberately attacking Merrylands Police Station last night. Reporter, Mark Reddie, has the details. Police have spent the morning raiding the home of Peter Zuhrwell, bread
5km away from where I am outside bread and police station where this attack took place last night. -- Merryland Police Station. They seized two gas canisters from his home and a hard drive. There is a lot of rubbish inside his home and they are trying to clear that out as they search for clues as to his motive behind the attack. We also understand that Peter Zuhrwell was supposed to appear at Fairfield local court this morning for an unrelated matter, and I apprehended violence attack against his brother. The Police Commissioner of
spent the morning here and met some of the officers implicated in the attack. He spoke to them and praised them for their bravery and courage. He also ruled out any link to terrorism or extremist groups. He believes this man had mental health issues. NSW Police commissioner Andrew Scipione praised one individual officer. Let's take a lesson.I am proud to be the commissioner of the NSW Police Force you to gain. I walk away after talking to one of the officers were last night. After talking to her I realised she is a humble committed cop who did her job. We are so fortunate to have her.Investigations at the scene are continuing. There was some limit the damage.That is right. -- limited. This happened at 7pm. There is a driveway there. The car pulled up and it was sitting there for a while before police became suspicious. Police left the building and as they approached the car it went up in flames and there was an explosion. He then slammed into the garage door behind me. A big fire in golf part of the door and police responded quickly, extend wishing the blaze and pulling the man from the inferno. -- engulfed. -- extinguishing. Peter Zuhrwell is at the royal show all hospital and is being treated for burns. -- Royal North Shore Hospital. They are talking to him to see what motivated his attack. Police say it was a miracle no-one was hurt. Evacuations where in place. Various businesses and people were told to stay awake from the area. One witness I spoke to this morning described what happened in.We heard a noise and the
saw the car coming into the side of the wall. An explosion, the police were shouting to get out of the car. They broke the window with a baton. They were shouting for a fire extinguisher. They were calling for the man to get out of the car. The car started to roll and smashed into the garage. They were still try to get him out of the car. They were then able to open the door and get the man to safety.Police are holding a news conference as we speak. Obviously, more details will be released about just what happened last night. Police are still appealing for witnesses to come forward and for outside
anyone who saw what happened outside the police station to come forward.Thank you. A Canberra man who pleaded guilty to a one-punch attack in January will be sentenced today in the ACT Supreme Court. 20-year-old Jordan Sharma was caught on CCTV punching another man unconscious in the early hours of New Year's Day. Despite handing himself into police. Sharma originally pleaded not guilty to recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm, but later changed that to guilty. Yesterday, his lawyer conceded imprisonment was appropriate punishment. But argued it should be in the form of a suspended sentence or intensive corrections order. A huge factory fire in Melbourne's north overnight has left the owners with a damage bill of more than $3 million. Around 50 firefighters fought the blaze inside the car parts supplier in Campbellfield. The cause is not yet clear. We have been here for half-an-hour. The flames got bigger and bigger. A view explosion.About nine stories high. Pretty big and scary.Many sparks and explosions. French investigators say the truck driver who killed 84 people in Nice last week had been planning the massacre for months, and had at least five accomplices. After examining the suspect's devices, police found internet searches and photographs dating back to 2015 of the area where he carried out the attack. Five

Five people have been arrested for helping plan the killings. Two of them are charged with supplying the truck driver with weapons. Another returned to the area a day after to film the scene of the attack. Dramatic video footage has revealed the moment a black man was shot by a US police officer in Miami, despite the man holding his hands in the air and telling the officer he was unarmed. Charles Kinsey is a therapist who was trying to reassure his autistic patient who was sitting on the ground next to him. Tensions are high in the US after a number of black people have been shot by police and police officers killed in two separate ambushes. A plane has crashed into a suburban street near Chicago, killing the pilot, and setting a house alight. Authorities believe the plane's fuel tank ruptured when it hit the road, while the engine and propeller landed a few blocks away. No injuries were reported on the ground. The plane is believed to have been travelling from Florida to Wisconsin. Stay with us. We'll take a look at the markets next. And coming up later in the program: Getting ready for Rio. Brazil makes its final preparations for next month's Olympics. Malaysia's Prime Minister has pledged to co-operate with a US investigation into the nation's sovereign wealth fund. American prosecutors say the fund was defrauded on an enormous scale. The US Department of Justice civil lawsuits alleged some 1 billion US dollars originating with the Malaysian state investment fund was ploughed into ventures around the world.1MDB was created by the Malaysian government to promote economic development with the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of the Malaysian people. Unfortunately, sadly, tragically, a number of corrupt 1MDB officials treated this public trust as a personal bank account.Lawsuits allege the lavish spending was undertaken by senior Malaysian officials, including the stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister.Why does a corruption case halfway around the world matter so much to ask year-to-date? I will tell you for a few reasons. Because some of the profits from these schemes were invested in the United States. When corrupt officials bring money to the US, they also bring corrupt practices and disregard for the rule of law.The lawsuits don't name Mr Najib, but there are 32 references to Malaysia official wine, described as a high-ranking personal in the Malaysian government who also held a position of authority with 1MDB. -- Official One. Prosecutors believe the race appropriated funds from 1MDB travelled through some key offshore accounts and finally from there into the hands of Malaysian Official One. The US filing has re-energised calls for Mr Najib's removal and prosecution, including from a former ally.The time has come when the nation must demand the removal of the Prime Minister, must demand for investigation is to be carried out by Malaysian bodies and the setting up of a tribunal. And it will not be set up on the advice of the Prime Minister be
because it is the Prime Minister to be investigated.Now, Ibrahim, the imprisoned de facto leader, has joined a political compact with his nemesis, doctor Muhamed. Old against
enemies joining hands to fight against a scandal tainted Prime Minister. The longtime head of the politically powerful Fox News channel has resigned, after a slew of sexual harrassment allegations against him. Roger Ailes has been accused of firing a popular news anchor after she refused his advances. Just days after Gretchen Carlson filed the lawsuit, other women came forward with similar claims of harassment, some dating back decades. Mr Ailes is a former consultant to Republican presidents and was one of the most influential people in US media. Rupert Murdoch, his former ally, has taken over as Chairman and acting Chief Executive. Finance reporter Alicia Barry is here now. A management shakeup at NAV?Are certainly has been quite a big management restructure at National Australia Bank with three of its top executives departing the business. The Chief Executive says its business unit will also be restructured in a move aimed at focused.
making the bank more customer focused. The business banking unit will be renamed business and private banking and focus more on small and medium businesses. The shakeup follows the sale of the bank's life insurance arms and the merger of its troubled Clydesdale bank in the UK.Falling oil prices as well, what does it mean and how is it going to affect the big oil producers?Production results have come out from major oil producers in the last few days and the peak oil price was $140 a barrel, it is now around 45 US dollars. Sentosa is managed to set off the steep world prices with record production. The same time a year ago, over the same period though, the oil price slid around 29% in that half-year period. The increase in its production was driven by shipments. Lower oil prices and LNG prices have really weighed on the bottomline, the oil and gas producer says sales and revenue fell in the second quarter will with just over 8% this year ago. The market is taking a bit of a breather today?The strange sharemarket hit a high yesterday, even though the market has turned around 5.5% over the course of July alone, the All Ords index right now is down around half a percent, the ASX 200 is a similar amount. Japan is giving back some pretty steep gains as the prospect of stimulus in that country fades. We also seen losses across China. US stocks took a breather after a record run as investors were disappointed with profit results from tech giant Intel. Gold prices are down in the Asian section, crude oil prices fell quite sharply overnight and the Australian dollar is also pointing lower against all the major currencies including the greenback, it is now below 75 US cents. Brazilian police have arrested ten members of an alleged terrorist network, accused of plotting an attack during the Olympics. Arrests were carried out across ten Brazilian states. The Justice Minister says the cell was amateurish and had not yet identified a specific target. Authorities say they were in contact via internet messaging services and have downplayed any links to Islamic State militants. Meanwhile, Russia's track and field athletes won't be free to compete at next month's Olympic games in Rio. A Russian appeal against the country's ban from the Olympic Games track and field athletics events has been rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Russia's Sports Minister insisted the ruling was political and has no legal basis. Near Moscow today, they were battling for medals. It's the Russian cup. This event was supposed to be final preparation for the Summer Olympics. But Russian track and field is banned from international competition, because of doping allegations. Today, more than 60 athletes lost their appeal in sport's highest court in Switzerland. They won't be going to Rio.It's like death for us.Death?Yes. Because the great aim for all professional athletes is to be part of the Olympic Games and to get medals.For this athlete, Rio would have been her first Olympic Games.TRANSLATION: It's not fair, she tells me. Kleyn sportsman should be allowed into the Olympics, I should be there. Russian officials said today's Court decision has robbed Russian track and field athletes of their Olympic dream, but the nightmare scenario for Moscow's would be a ban on all of Russian sportsman in Rio, the entire team and that will be for the International Olympic Committee to decide. That's because this week, the world anti- doping agency presented evidence of cheating by Russia in 30 sports, program.
with the help of a secret doping program. When I spoke to the head of the Russian athletics Federation, he denied there was any state-sponsored doping but he called today's court ruling a human rights violation. But here is one man who disagrees. Six time Olympic champion Dusan Bolt in London today. -- Usain.If you have the proof and you catch somebody, I definitely feel you should take action. If banning them is the right action, then I am all for it. If Rio does go ahead without Russia, it will be humiliating for Moscow, these Olympics could mark a new low in relations between Russia and the West. Just two weeks until the Rio Olympics and the city is making its final preparations. But as the Games draw near, a poll has revealed half the recession-hit country is opposed to holding the Games. Stephanie Boltje explains. Brazil has been strengthening security ahead of the games. TRANSLATION: So far, the security condition around here is pretty great and I think it will be very safe when the Olympic Games start. Preparations for Olympic facilities are also being finalised. As tourists begin to flock to the Olympic city.TRANSLATION: We expect 1 million tourists, 400,000 to 500,000 foreigners here in the city.Around 16 billion strained dollars has been injected into ensuring a successful Olympics. But Rio residents say all the while the facilities nearby are going to rack and ruin.TRANSLATION: I know that the money spent on the Olympics would not be enough to resolve Rio de Janeiro's daily issues, but the contrast between the amount of money invested in the Olympics and the absolute lack of resources for security, education and health is very significant.Americana stadium will host the games' opening ceremony but the State university opposite it remains closed. Since March, 23,000 students have missed class because professors and staff haven't been paid.TRANSLATION: The bathrooms are completely dirty, the University looks like a rubbish heap and this is the way the government treats education here in Rio, like rubbish.A scarcity of funds at the University Hospital has meant doctors cut back on transplant and cancer treatments, with a shortage of basic items including syringes and antibiotics. The country is suffering its worst recession in decades and a recent poll found half of Brazilian resident don't want to host the Olympics. Double the number against it in 2013.TRANSLATION: Does Rio de Janeiro have the capacity to become a sporting power in Latin America? I think it does, but this will have to come about with this revenue.Residents will be hoping international
some of the money spent on the international games will filter through. Now for sports news, here's Grandstand's Shannon Byrne. North Queensland maintain an impressive winning record at home. It certainly has, but a little bit of the gloss came off that when Johnathan Thurston, their captain limped off in about the 45th minute of the match. He clutched at a left hamstring. Initial reports were that there was a slight left hamstring strain and he is getting further scans. We will know more this afternoon but they cut out to a great start, in the first eight minutes there were two tries to their winger who went on to get a hat-trick for the game. O'Neill also crossed for a double. In the end, they thrashed the "Ball!" Logs -- All dogs -- Bulldogs. Very hard for a team to win up there in Townsville. The Bulldogs just did not have a good night in terms of completion, it was only 63%, couldn't even get one line break. Tonight the attention for round 20 returns to Brisbane, the Broncos are in sixth, taking on the ninth placed Panthers who can move into the top eight if they win. David Pocock has made a timely return to the Brumbies. He has been out for six weeks after he fractured an eye socket in that first test against England for the Wallabies, so it is a very welcome return for the ACT Brumbies tonight. Their flanker has been named to start in tonight's Super Rugby quarterfinal match against New Zealand's Highlanders. Not so good for the newly Wallabies lock, he has been ruled out after failing suffered
to recover from an elbow injury suffered during last week's win over the Western Force, one is in but one is out unfortunately. Taking a look at the other quarterfinals, and if we have a lock on Saturday night, it is the Hurricanes against the Durban macro sharks. Sharks. That is going to be a tough game for the Sharks. In the other games, the Lions are hosting the Crusaders in Johannesburg, that is early into Sunday morning and 3am Australian Eastern standard Time, the stormers will take on the Chiefs, some big games as the quarterfinal action starts in the Super Rugby. And British cyclist Chris Froome extends his lead in the Tour de France with just three stages remaining. He has extended his lead to just under four minutes, but let me just quickly tell you about stage 18 overnight. You can see here, it was actually a time trial, very much an uphill time trial because it was only 17km, to put that into perspective, 11 of thosekm were actually an ascent of almost 700m. It was a very technical descent in the 18th stage, which was an uphill time trial, considering these guys have just done under 3000km already in their leg, they had to do a huge climb last night. Last I was only 17km, it was a very, very tough one. Three stages to go and they have still got more than 400km still to go in this final stages but Chris Froome, right out in front, the best Australian was Ritchie port, still sixth overall. A quick look at the national weather now. Brisbane, partly cloudy. Sydney, windy with a possible late shower. Canberra, rain developing. Melbourne, windy with rain at times. Hobart, rain easing. Adelaide, showers becoming windy. Perth, a possible shower. And Darwin, mostly sunny. Stay with us. Coming up later in the program, the US First Lady shows off her singing skills on US television.

A reminder now of the top stories. The

New York billionaire Donald Trump has formally accepted the Republican Party's nomination for the US presidency. The real estate mogul vowed to defeat Hillary Clinton in November's general election, and pledged to end crime and violence on America's streets. Secretary Clinton and the Democrats are set to hold their convention next week in Philadelphia. The Government's top anti-terror advisor is conducting a review into Australia's defences against so-called lone-wolf attacks. The investigation comes after the recent set of attacks in Nice, Germany and Orlando. The review will also look at potential links between terrorist suspects' mental states and their past criminal behaviour. Officers believe a man who set his car alight and drove it into a Western Sydney police station was acting alone. The 61-year-old Czech national suffered serious burns and was taken to hospital last night. Police ruled out any link to terrorism and say the man has serious mental health issues. Brazilian police have arrested 10 people who were allegedly plotting terror attacks to carry out during the Rio Olympics. Authorities say suspects had expressed support for the Islamic State group, and were attempting to buy weapons. The Brazilian Justice Minister has dismissed the group as disorganised and absolutely amateur. Let's go back to our top story now. What would a Trump presidency mean for Australia? The Republican nominee has drawn a line in the sand over the American relationship with China, threatening to slap huge tariffs on their imports. He's also vowed to scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership and warn allies in the Pacific they need to spend more on their own defences. Matt Wordsworth explains. It's the biggest trade deal the world's ever seen. Eight years in the making, covering 36% of the global economy. Last October, a dozen nations signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, promising to reduce tariffs and open markets from Vietnam to Chile. We have successfully concluded the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (APPLAUSE) For the Australian Government, it was a major achievement.This transformational.
agreement, in my view, is truly transformational.For Donald Trump, it's transformational in the worst way possible.The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster, done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country, just a continuing rape of our country. That's what it is, too.While the US has signed the deal, the TPP still needs to be ratified by Congress.Well, without domestic gratification from the United States, the TPP simply doesn't get up. It won't come into force. And I think that would be a really big missed opportunity for all 12 countries involved.Both the Trade Minister and former US Ambassador, Kim Beazley, believe that, despite the candidate's posturing, Congress will wave it through after the November presidential election, and before the inauguration.The simple fact of the matter is this - the overwhelming majority of the congressional Republican Party supports the TPP. A sufficient number of Democrats support it also.But what's dominated Donald Trump's foreign concerns can be summed up in one word - China. It's a theme so frequent, it's inspired a YouTube compilation that's hit 6 million views. # I have people that I know in China... China... China... China... China... China, China, China... I've been saying China... China, China, China, China... China, China, China, China. China. China! Donald Trump's major grievance is that China has purposely devalued its kurnsly to gain an unfair advantage over -- currency to gain an unfair advantage over US manufacturers, drawing a familiar description to the TPPBecause we can't continue to allow China to rape our country - and that's what they're doing.His answer - tariffs of up to 45%.They are the single greatest currency manipulator that's ever been on this planet. That's horrified free trade advocates.The positions that he has got, if he persists with them, will produce a series of trade wars in Asia which will be immensely damaging to us, and to the people of the region. I'd suggest, also, to the people of the United States. Then there are Donald Trump's frustrations with the extraordinary US Defense budget. He points out that only four other nations in the 28-nation NATO alliance meet the goal of spending 2% of GDP on defence - and at a time when China flexes its muscles in the disputed South China Sea, he's declared a desire to withdraw troops from Japan and South Korea, or make them pay.The countries we are defending must pay for the cost of this defence. And if not, the US must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves.So how should Australia respond in the event of a Trump presidency?What my reaction would be is - if I happen to be in government in Australia, would be - I've got a job of work on my hands. I've got to convince this guy the directions he's going in the Asia-Pacific region are wrong. We have got a very close relationship with the United States. We are not absorbed by sharden fraud seeking their failure, absorbed by sharden fraud seeking
their failure, but instead, we're seeking their success.You can see a special edition of Planet America with a live audience tonight at 8:00 pm with a live audience tonight at
8:00 pm eastern on ABC News 24. Dramatic video foot-and-mouthage has revealed the moment a black man was shot by a US police officer in Miami, despite the man holding his hands in the air and telling the officer he was unarmed. Charles Kinsey is a therapist who was trying to reassure his autistic patient who was sitting on the ground next to him. Tensions are high in the US after a number of black people have been shot by police, and police officers killed in two separate ambushes. An unarmed black man with his hands in the air, trying to explain to police that he's a therapist looking after a young man with mistaken
autism whose toy truck has been mistaken for a gun. He pleads with his patient to lie down on his stomach. (YELLING)

Shut up! Shut up!

The police had responded to an emergency call that a man was brandishing a gun brandishing a gun and threatening suicide. The video ends before the therapist, Charles Kinsey, was shot by police in the leg. But you can the
hear him trying desperately to calm the situation...I'm not armed... Lay on your stomach... I'm I'm like, I've got my hands in the air. I just got shot. I'm standing there like, "Sir, why did you shoot he?" In his words to me, he said, "I don't know."No weapon was found at the scene, even though an officer had fired three times. Charles Kinsey's lawyer, the son of a policeman himself, is demanding answers.There is no justification for shooting an unarmed person who's talking to you and telling you that they don't have a gun and that they're a mental health counsellor. I just don't understand it. counsellor. I just don't understand
it. There can be no justification. Hands up...Don't shoot...The police treatment of African-Americans has been a focus of late, and with the killings of police officers in dales and Baton Rouge seemingly in retaliation. The last thing this country needs is yet another racial flashpoint. French President Francois Hollande says Britain must accept the free movement of people if it wants to remain in the European single market after leaving the EU. Mr Hollande has met with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, during her first trip to the mainland of Europe as leader. He says the UK must still accept the basic principles of the trading bloc. (SPEAKS FRENCH) If only speaking the same language on Brexit was as easy. But the simple act of standing here beside President Hollande was, in itself, a reminder of what Theresa May had come to say.We are not walking away from our friendship with France or any of our other European partners. Britain and France are two allies that stand together looking out to the world, fighting for the values we share. As I said in my first speech as Prime Minister in the British Parliament this week, we share a firm belief in the values of liberty, egality will
and fraternity, and together we will always defend them.But the cracks over Brexit were opened by the first question - whether they'd discussed a deadline for Britain to start the formal process of leaving the EU.Speaks about deadlines - question for you.(LAUGHTER) Mr Hollande wants Britain to trigger the process as soon as possible, and France is also talking tough on the terms of any eventual deal. TRANSLATION: The UK is facing a choice - to stay in the single market, and accept the free movement of people that goes with that, or to opt for another kind of relationship.There's reason enough for Mr Hollande to make an exit from the EU look as unappealing as possible. France's far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, has promised to hold a similar referendum if she wins elections next year. Polls suggest a third of the country would support her. And, at a British pub here this afternoon, there was a sense that Paris stood to gain from tough terms if it meant companies relocating back inside the EU. But there was also acceptance that Mrs May has some leverage too.The big question for us is - I think leverage too.The big question for
us is - I think there are 300,000 French guys in London. I mean, that will be the key point. If it's tough with her, she has other arguments to put on the table. that the decision has been made, they will that the decision has been
made, they will find a win-win solution.This was a brave attempt at unity, but these two leaders have different interests and different visions. Friends, allies and neighbours with a lot of history behind them, and a new chapter in store. South African prosecutors say they want a longer prison term for Oscar Pistorius. They're appealing killing
against the 6-year sentence for killing Reeva Steenkamp. Prosecutors had asked for a 15-year jail term and have described the shorter sentence as shockingly lenient. At the time of the ruling, the judge said she considered Pistorius's remorse and rehabilitation, but critics say his power and status influenced the discussion. Pistorius's lawyers say term.
he wouldn't appeal against the A state of emergency has come into effect in Turkey, giving the President and his Cabinet power to bypass Parliament and to limit rights and freedoms. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the measure will protect democracy and the rule of law following last week's coup attempt by some members of the military. Chief foreign correspondent Phil Williams reports. We're here in one of Istanbul's main shopping thoroughers if. Look around - thousands of people. It looks perfectly normal. This is the first day of the emergency. But it's far from that. Even though the trams are running up the tracks here, people are out there shopping, it's actually quite different for a lot of people here. Down this street, about 100m, is the headquarters of one of the publications that have already been shut down. Why? There was a cartoon that the government didn't like. It's a very...difficult. Everybody's afraid, because maybe lost job, and maybe arrested. This is very dangerous time in Turkey. It's not just journalists worried about this, of course - people have been hit particularly hard - 21,000 have lost their jobs. 15,000 have Department.
been dismissed from the Education Department. They have been a particular target. Here's what particular target. Here's what
their union had to say.It's a crisis country. I don't see how they can stabilise the country. Because... If you sack everyone in universities, if you sack 10% of institutions, if you sack -- of the teachers, 1 in 3 of all of the officers, this country cannot be ruled this way. I feel like the cultural revolution in China - the party loyalists are in the streets, the chief want them in the streets, and they want to purge his side of the country. And after that, we think that he will come off trust. While this does look normal on the surface, it's anything but. And with the rallies going to go on again tonight and, of with the rallies going to go on
again tonight and, of course, the government, now with the emergency powers able to override normal limitations, anything can pretty well happen here. People are really just waiting to see what the government does with those powers next. As Michelle Obama's time in the White House draws to a close, she's decided to show a lighter side. The First Lady was the latest guest on the British comedian James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, which has become something of an institution on US television. In last night's episode, Corden took a tour of the White House with a very special guide.Hey, there. I hear you're here for a 1:45 tour? (CHEERING) I have a little time on my hands. So, do you wanna go for a spin? What...This is the Oval Office - my husband is in there somewhere. Is he in there right now?He better be.(LAUGHTER) Before long, time for karaoke.Do you mind if we listen to some music? I rarely get to listen to music in my car.Sure. What... Let's see...What you got?I don't know. Let's see what we've got... Stevie...Did you know that Stevie Wonder is my favourite?He's the best! # Like a fool out when he stayed too long # Your love's still strong # Ohhhhh, baby # Here I am # Signed, sealed, delivered... They were signed by Missy Elliott for a rendition of a girl-power anthem, and there was a surprising revelation from the First Lady. I've been in a car - maybe it was months ago with my daughter, who learned to drive.Yeah?She rocked out a little. We rocked out with her. But that was the only time in 7.5 years that I've been in the passenger's seat listening to music rockin' out like this. So this is a treat!She also talked about what she would miss about the White House when President Obama leaves office.I'm going to miss the people. You know, to walk away from people that you see every single day - that's, you know, got to be hard. # If you like it, you shoulda put a ring on it... Stay with us. Coming up next - the very best in global design makes its way to Melbourne.

Time for a check of the latest market figures. A drop in Time for a check of the latest
market figures. A drop in the oil price and falls on global markets have led the local share market lower, after a week of gains. Investors and traders locking in some of those profits. Investors and traders locking in
some of those profits. Earlier this year, Tropical Cyclone Winston tore through Fiji. The impact of the natural disaster is still being felt, especially in some isolated villages. The efforts of a group of Tasmanian and Fijian volunteers is hoping to change that. Esiteri Bulikiobo has represented Fiji in the rugby sevens World Cup. Now, she's representing her village.This will definitely help save lives.She's one of 15 Fijians visiting Tasmania, learning how to build and install wastewater systems.Where we come, all the way from Fiji, and train here, and take it back to our community, you know, at the moment, Fiji has been suffering.In February, Tropical Cyclone Winston devastated parts of Fiji, including the remote highland village of former Wallaby forward Ilie Tabua.That was the root of the Winston hurricane. It went through dad's remaining crops, housing.He sought assistance from Bob Patterson, an environmental health officer from Hobart who specialises in wastewater disposal, who then visited the remote villages.Devastation. Squalor. Dear little kids with bad eyes and runny noses because of the wastewater going everywhere.Now he's volunteering his design and training skills.They're going to do two villages, and I think it would just be a matter of months. When you think we're talking about 80 installations, 78 houses and two community halls.The young Fijians are also volunteers.We went over to their villages and to talk with their
them at how best they could help their community and encourage others to do so. (SINGING)

This is probably the first in if egy for -- in Fiji for us to come in and implement this. It's going to be a life-changing thing for us back at home.An opportunity that won't go to waste. Satellite technology is about to overhaul the WA wine industry by changing the way growers plan their production. The system from the US provides a competitive edge and helps growers meet market demand. John Griffiths heads up the Swan Valley Winemakers Association, but even he can't say how many tons of grapes are produced in the region each year.We haven't had any up-to-date information at all available to us.The industry does not have a real-time database of how much wine is being produced or where different varieties are being grown - exposing the market to either a glut or undersupply. But new technology from California could help eliminate that uncertainty.We'll then get a really good understanding of how much we're growing, of what variety, and I guess the production capabilities of land in various areas.The system uses satellite imagery to identify vineyards. Producers then add their production data, including water and chemical use. From this, the software develops live state and regional profiles, identifying opportunities so producers can better meet demand.The better that you're aware of demand and supply in your operate
industry, then the better you can operate your business.The state-wide trial is being overseen and paid for by the wine industry and the WA Agriculture Department. It's hoped the 800,000 dollar project will also inform further research.An incursion of an exotic disease - we can very quickly early-detect that and protect the valuable vineyards.The system in Western Australia goes live in August, followed by the Riverland region in South Australia. If it all goes well, there are plans to roll the technology out nationally. If you want to get an insight on future trends in furniture and design, Melbourne could be the place to be this weekend. Some of the world's finest creative minds are gathering for the Australian international furniture fair. Reporter Tim Callanan went along to meet a local designer already making waves overseas. Some of the world's best designers have converged on Melbourne this week for the Australian International Furniture Fair. I'm joined this morning by one of those designers, Melbourne's own Nick Rennie. Hi. How's it going Ho going?Tell me about your own history with design. How did you get started in Melbourne and make yourself internationally famous?I studied industrial design at RMIT here in Melbourne. In 2000, I was lucky enough to head over to Milan for the furniture fair with the university. And in the preceding years - 2001 - I went over with a group called Melbourne Movement, which was originated by Kell Grant, who was the head of design in RMIT at the time. It was essentially a collective of young designers showing together with the idea of launching themselves internationally.Part of how you got your start in the industry was through the competition which we can see behind us, the Vivid Designer competition. Tell me about this element of the fair.I think it's a really, really important part of the Australian design scene, because we don't have such a large manufacturing base. You know, the opportunity for young designers or emerging designers to actually show their work in a competitive space and get this kind of promotion, it really does have the opportunity to springboard their success.Let's have a look through some of the entrants in the competition. Are there some trends that you can see emerging with regards to, I guess, not only internationally, but from Melbourne, in particular?Um, I think digital fabrication at the moment is a really, really interesting part of the design world. And you'll see quite a few 3-D-printed things using small-scale C and C production - computer-cutting production - through to handmade. And also, and especially Melbourne, really does have a strong history of handmade products.We're standing near a particularly interesting piece. Can you tell me a little bit about this one?This a beautiful piece by a Melbourne designer, Alexandra. She...finished RMIT TAFE last year doing a furniture course, and it was shown in Milan this year, with Melbourne Movement. And, you know, it got some really amazing responses, and a lot of interest. And for me, I think it's... It really does typify the opportunity of what's here. It's a beautiful object. It's very, very simple. But it's incredibly complex in the tooling and manufacturing of it. This is an example of something which has been made by a recent graduate, which may well be very
available for people to purchase very soon internationally?Yeah, definitely. It was her final-year graduation project last year. I think she's now in discussions with companies, with the possibilities of producing it. But then she's also looking to extend this range to, you know, create her own self-manufactured objects.Nick, thank you. Nick Rennie, a Melbourne designer and the Australian International Furniture Fair is on this week, and well worth a look. Tim Callanan there. The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Sydney Harbour are all well-known to tourists and visitors to Australia. Now, a new and somewhat unlikely one has emerged - Lake Tyrrell in Victoria's Mallee region. Landline's Danielle Grindlay reports. It's really quite bizarre. Some of them are booking groups of 20 and 30 at a time.We have no idea how many are 30 at a time.We have no idea how
many are coming or when they're gonna stop coming or if they ever will.Strange things are happening in a small Victorian grain town. They get phone calls from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia...To have all these people arrive in our town, it's like, "Oh, it took you that long to get here. Why did you come? Mmm."Speckled among vast wheat paddocks is the Mallee town of Sea Lake. About 400km from Melbourne, it's one of Victoria's most isolated communities. Since it was established, Sea Lake has been defined by the grain harvest. But it's now on the verge of a sea change.

About 18 months ago, some new faces started to arrive - many after a long journey.

The attraction lauded on a number of Chinese websites as the best thing to see in Australia is a shallow, salt-crusted depression 6km out of town. Lake Tyrrell.

Let's take a look at the Let's take a look at the national weather now with Vanessa. A north-west cloud band. We are starting to see some of that rain forming around the Pilbara, continuing into the weekend. Rain also being driven into the south-east. Very windy conditions right throughout that region as well. And the risk of flash-flooding, especially over Tasmania, up in the north and the west, where the ground's already saturated. A series of cold fronts moving through today and tomorrow, right across the southern region. The air behind it very cold. We will see snow returning to the alpine regions. A lot of snow melt around this week. A high-pressure system comes in for Western Australia, bringing clearer skies, but the air is still cold and further fronts to follow later in the weekend. As we can see, up in the north, it is still very warm. We'll have high temperatures in Queensland up until tomorrow. Windy tomorrow also in the south-east. Still wet over Tasmania. Up through parts of Victoria and southern New South Wales. Another band of rain pushes over the south coast in Western Australia, and that rain coming in from the Indian Ocean for the Pilbara.

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