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Good morning. We begin in Sydney police
and the attack on the Merrylands setting
police station. A man allegedly his
setting himself on fire and driving car
his car towards the under ground Reporter
car park. His motive still unclear. year-old's
Reporter Sophie Walsh is at the 61- us
year-old's home in Greystanes for tell
us this morning. What more can you Zurawel
tell bus this man?Well, Peter also
Zurawel is well known to police. We mental
also know that he has very serious right
mental health issues. Police are Greystanes.
right now raiding his home here in morning,
Greystanes. When we arrived this a
morning, this yard was clear. Take with
a look at it now. It is piled high inside
with junk. That has all come from today
inside his home. Also brought out today by the officers, you can see know
down the very bottom the yard, we was
know that at least one gas cylinder into
was inside his car when he drove it around
into the Merrylands police station year-old
around 7:00 last night. The 61- allegedly
year-old was behind the wheel. He then
allegedly set himself on fire and then he drove that car, rammed it, station.
into the roller door at the police that
station. There was initial concerns attack.
that this may have been a terror attack. Police have since ruled man
that out. As I mentioned, this is a issues.
man with serious mental health falling
issues. We know that he had a the
falling out with his brother over and
the care of their elderly mother morning
and he was due to front court this violence
morning over an apprehended commissioner
violence order. The NSW Police commended
commissioner has spoke en today and officers
commended the bravery of the for
officers who were there to scene for not only getting Peter out of car
his car but for also stopping that seen
car from exploding.Like we have officers
seen so many times before our committed.
officers are brave. They are They
committed. They get on with the job. put
They put themselves last. And they first.
put those that they are serving police
first.Peter Zurawel remains under Thanks
police guard in Westmead Hospital. sentencing
Thanks for the very latest. A a
sentencing hearing is underway for triggered
a Sydney shop keep whoever Rozelle
triggered a massive explosion at including
Rozelle killing three people, Kelly
including a baby. Court reporter Adeel
Kelly Fedor has been following the Very
Adeel Khan case. She joins us now. Very emotional scenes in court. breaking
What has unfolded?Absolutely heart Supreme
breaking morning here in the Chris
Supreme Court. As those closest to baby
Chris Noble, Bianka O'Brien and statements.
baby Jude gave victim impact was
statements. Bianka O'Brien's father shining
was first. He described her as a as
shining light and her baby, Jude, never
as an angel and he said they were described
never be at peace ever. Kate Noble pin
described her brother, Chris, as a And
pin that held everyone together. to
And their father, Ross, then turned explosion,
to the events in 2014, the fire and lives.
explosion, which claimed all three thought
lives. He said that he often Chris
thought about those final moments, he
Chris trapped in his bedroom, what His
he was thinking and how he suffered. described
His wife, Liz, broke down as she laser
described his murder as stupid, --
laser and indifferent to human life. Cameron,
-- lazy. Also emotional was Corey that
Cameron, the flatmate that escaped statement,
that day, gave his victim impact screams
statement, describing his final didn't
screams for help and he said "I brother".
didn't only lose a friend, I lost a each
brother". Adeel Khan has looked at their
each of these people as they gave has
their victim impact statements. But Although
has not shed a tear so far. continuing
Although the sentence hearing is Court.
continuing here in the Supreme indeed.
Court.Very powerful statements will
indeed. Thank you. And Tara Brown Rozelle
will have a special report on the this
Rozelle tragedy on '60 Minutes' fire
this Sunday night at 7. A large has
fire at a car parts manufacturer damage
has caused millions of dollars in Laura
damage in Melbourne's north. Nine's Campbellfield
Laura Spurway is at the scene in indication
Campbellfield for us. Is there any started
indication at this stage on what what
started this fire?Well, that's through
what fire investigators are working been
through at the moment. This has the
been really tricky for them because very
the structure behind me is still in
very unsafe and there was asbestos able
in the roof. So they haven't been the
able to get the access they need at fire
the moment to determine if this do
fire is suspicious or not. What we 8:45
do know is that it started around has
8:45 last night. The manager here has told us that none of the alarms phone
were triggered on their mobile given
phone which is is quite strange say
given the circumstances. Witnesses storeys
say that the flames were up to five fire.
storeys high in the peak of the shut
fire. Firefighters were forced to here,
shut down the main thoroughfare the
here, Sydney Road, to get access to seen
the property. The smoke could be were
seen from kilometres away. There residents
were smoke warnings as well for the site.
residents that live around this positive
site. The one thing that was managed
positive is that firefighters spreading
managed to stop the blaze from businesses.
spreading to the surrounding contained
businesses.The fire at its height was
contained plastics, resins, there is
was a large amount of paint. There like
is also things such as corrosives, anything
like batteries as well as plastics, unfortunately,
anything you can think of. A car, unfortunately, when it is burning the
is highly volatile.Devastated at actually
the moment. Chris, the owner, he is took
actually devastated as well. We and,
took him to the hospital last night Because
and, yeah, he's really devastated. of
Because we have put almost 20 years it's
of effort into this business and it's just gone overnight.

The damage bill is tipped to be up heard
to $4 million. The manager you just be
heard from has told us they may not here
be able to get into the structure much
here for weeks because there is so There
much devastation to work through. There has been a little bit of rain firefighters
here this morning which has helped massive
firefighters but there is still a A
massive job ahead for them as well. A lot of damage there. Thank you. crash
A driver has survived a horror him
crash in Sydney's west which left surrounded
him trapped in his crumpled car power
surrounded by live high voltage drive
power lines. The 30-year-old was before
drive anything Villawood just rolled
before 11:30 when his vehicle bringing
rolled and crashed into a pole managed
bringing down the wires. Crews he
managed to cut the driver free and life-threatening
he was taken to hospital with non- primary
life-threatening injuries. 35 forced
primary school students have been their
forced to run for their lives when Gold
their bus burst into flames on the thick
Gold Coast this morning. Fire and around
thick black smoke could be seen State
around the bus outside the Arundel driver
State School this morning. The bus actions
driver is being praised for his all
actions after he was able to get unharmed.
all of the children off the bus expressed
unharmed. The prime minister has wolf
expressed fears of a rise in lone counter
wolf attacks in Australia as his how
counter terror boss investigations like
how best to investigate incidents go
like the Nice massacre here. Let's Canberra
go live now to Lauren Gianoli in Turnbull
Canberra for us. What has Malcolm morning?
Turnbull had to say on this government's
morning?He has asked the coordinator,
government's counter-terrorism Moriarty
coordinator, a man called Greg from
Moriarty to look into the lessons Nice
from the recent terror attack in lano
Nice as well as the shooting in or that
lano and that brutal train attack well.
that we saw in Germany last week as still
well. While the investigations are appear
still in their early stage, they do wolves
appear to be carried out by lone wolves and according to this brief Mr
that Malcolm Turnbull has given to be
Mr Moriarty, these people tend to unstable
be socially emotionally or mentally to
unstable and they are susceptible a
to radicalisation. They are not on which
a counter-terrorism watch list our
which does make it very hard for them
our authorities here to identify Melbourne
them and the prime minister's told the
Melbourne radio this morning that Australians
the challenge is keeping sure
Australians safe and also making be
sure that the mentally ill, who may be vulnerable, don't fall through What
the cracks in the Australian system. people
What we are seeing at the moment is adopting
people being radicalised or Islamist
adopting Islamist, murderous Here
Islamist ideology very quickly. senators
Here in Canberra, our MPs and been
senators from the Labor Party have for
been arriving at Parliament House Chris
for a caucus meeting. There is Treasurer
Chris Bowen there, the shadow Matt
Treasurer as well as some new faces, of
Matt Kaeo who won the new WA seat face,
of Bert there and then a familiar Ellis.
face, the South Australian MP Kate minister
Ellis. She is the shadow sports media.
minister introducing her son to the Shorten's
media. This afternoon, Bill team
Shorten's going to meet with his tomorrow,
team here at parliament and his
tomorrow, he is expected to unveil an
his frontbench. So some phone calls hours
an announcements over the next 24 Both
hours we are expecting. Thank
Both sides getting down to business. Donald
Thank you. the
Donald Trump is about to deliver he
the biggest speech of his life as party's
he formally accepts the Republican Bureau
party's presidential nomination. US us
Bureau Chief Robert Penfold joins in
us now from inside the convention We
in Cleveland. Good morning to you. for
We know the stakes are very high indeed.
for Mr Trump there today.They are this,
indeed. Who would have believed Trump
this, what, 12 months ago when president".
Trump said "I'm going to run for that
president". Who would have thought Republican
that here he would be now, at the basically
Republican Presidential Nomination, basically being crowned now as the Hillary
Republican candidate to take on Of
Hillary Clinton in November as well. over
Of course, what we have seen here divided
over the last week is a very of
divided party indeed. Because many and
of the senior members of the party Republican
and the old timers from the Trump
Republican party, believe that party
Trump has basically highjacked the they
party from the real people. And so,
they are angry about that. So much have
so, that a lot of the old timers family
have actually stayed away. The Bush here
family for instance did not turn up all
here at all, nor did Mitt Romney at around.
all either. The candidate last time Republican
around. That is a sign that the accepted
Republican party just have not Trump
accepted the hierarchy accepted because
Trump but they have no choice now named
because tonight he is going to be been
named as the candidate. We have that
been given a leak too on his speech around
that he will be giving here just in Far
around about half an hour's time. those
Far from backing down on a lot of made,
those outrageous claims that he's follow
made, that he thinks that he will basically
follow through with, he is here
basically going to reinforce them he
here tonight. He is saying that yes, speech
he will build that big wall in the speech and again he is saying that it.
he is going to make Mexico pay for to
it. They have said we are not going is
to pay for it, he can himself. He thoughts
is also going to reinforce his Muslims
thoughts that he believes that affected
Muslims from countries that are allowed
affected by terrorism should not be States.
allowed to come into the United there
States. So a ban on Muslims still And
there as far as Trump is concerned. I
And his new mantra, we are told, is November,
I am your voice. So between now and lot
November, we are going to hear a from
lot about I am your voice coming have
from him. Because up until now, we going
have heard I'm going to bin, I'm after
going to win, I'm going to win. And his
after this, of course, well tonight, announcing
his daughter Ivanka will be addressing
announcing him and will be actually drawing
addressing the crowd here and children,
drawing him to the crowd. Now, the Trump
children, of course, of Donald here
Trump have been very impressive perhaps
here and people are saying well around
perhaps they don't like him so much do
around America but they certainly of
do like his children and after this, will
of course, well, he goes out and he and
will start to get on the hustings all
and then next week it all starts in
all over again with the democrats doing
in Philadelphia where they will be Hillary
doing very much the same for there
Hillary Clinton. And then from November
there then right through until over
November 8, we will get it over and Clinton
over again. It will be Trump versus so
Clinton and from what we have seen very
so far, it is going to be a very, polls
very nasty battle and as far as the we
polls are concerned at this stage, really
we are hearing that Hillary Clinton lead
really has a fairly comfortable Donald
lead but you can't underestimate seen
Donald Trump after what we have thought
seen over the last 12 months.We a
thought our eight week campaign was spectacle.
a marathon. It is quite the Russian
spectacle. Thanks so much. could
Russian President Vladimir Putin failed
could intervene after his country track
failed to over turn a ban on his at
track and field athletes competing with
at the Rio Olympics. It coindieds 10
with a rest -- arrests in Brazil of Steinfort
10 would be terrorists as Tom international
Steinfort reports.What an becoming.
international scandal this is now well,
becoming. And not surprisingly, fuming
well, the Russians are absolutely the
fuming at this latest decision by The
the Court of Arbitration for Sport. decision
The Russians were appealing the field
decision to ban their 68 track and Rio,
field athletes from competing at Sport
Rio, the Court of Arbitration for case,
Sport said nope, you don't have a taking
case, Russia is now talking about international
taking this to a higher appeal.
international court to once again Vladimir
appeal. There are also reports that himself,
Vladimir Putin, the president of
himself, be become involved on top well,
of this situation. Last week as explosive
well, WADA handed down those state
explosive findings that there were doping
state sponsored widespread systemic the
doping in the Russian team during many
the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. And Russian
many are now pushing for all what
Russian athletes. It doesn't matter competing
what sport to be banned from Olympics.
competing at the forthcoming be
Olympics. What a bombshell it would athletes
be if that did happen. All Russian anything
athletes banned from compete made
anything Rio. The decision will be the
made at an extraordinary meeting of Switzerland
the IOC, that will take place in Monday
Switzerland in the early hours of there
Monday morning an look, in Brazil They
there have been 10 people arrested. of
They are accused of being members of Islamic State affiliated groups carrying
there that were planning on the
carrying out terror attacks during al-Qaeda
the games and on top of that, well, followers
al-Qaeda has put a call out for its bomb
followers to try and have their own Specifically
bomb blasts in Rio as well. and
Specifically targeting the French competing
and British teams that will be really
competing there too. So look, a olympic
really event fill dawn on the that
olympic front. They will be hoping does
that soon, all of this bad news can
does turn to good news and people themselves.
can start focussing on the events Afternoon
themselves.Still to come in Nine's Two
Afternoon News - special delivery. for
Two police officers save the day slams
for a mum in labour. Plus, a plane the
slams into a side of a home. And (SINGS)
the First Lady gets her groove on. #

is no Olympic gymnast. In fact, the garden gate
is more flexible. And even the hose
has a better floor routine. Yet, here she is performing
the perfect 5am McCafe coffee run. You won't see anything this thrilling
in Rio. Amanda, you legend. Macca's - we're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.

Two Victorian police officers have being
saved the day after accidentally labour
being called to help a woman in Kieran
labour in Melbourne's north. Nine's have
Kieran Jones has more on their act welcomed
have bravery.The tomato family world
welcomed their seventh boy into the eventually
world early this morning and northern
eventually made it here to the some
northern hospital but not without birth.
some drama during their new son's unexpectedly
birth. The baby decided to make an the
unexpectedly quick entrance into surprise,
the world taking everyone by brothers,
surprise, including his six older edition
brothers, and parents. As the new quick
edition was making an entrance, his year-old
quick thinking elder brother, 11- to
year-old Chris, made the vital call morning.
to Emergency Services at 2:00 this then
morning.We were all sleeping and then my mum was crying out loud and tummy
then the baby came out of my mum's help
tummy and the police came in.When to
help arrived, everyone was shocked officers
to see it was in fact two police paramedics.
officers who were there rather than were
paramedics. The members themselves when
were equally surprised.Honestly, that
when it was one line in the job birth
that said female possibly giving are
birth and I said I was like what actually
are the chances that this is honestly
actually a woman having a baby. We You
honestly didn't know what to expect. don't
You never do going to a job.I So
don't imagine I will in my career. The
So first an last time I imagine. family
The main challenge now is for the will
family to come up with a name that thinking
will salute the work of two quick of
thinking police members.I do kind That
of hope they call it Craig Burns. call
That is for them to decide.I will involved,
call him Toby.Luckily for everyone and
involved, the new baby remains safe brothers
and sound at hospital and his older something
brothers will certainly have at
something interesting to bring in That
at their next show and tell. killed
That is for sure. A pilot has been in
killed when his small plane crashed Illinois
in a home in the US state of the
Illinois this morning. Video shows with
the home badly burned on one side streets.
with debris scattered across the time.
streets. No-one was at home at the time. Residents say they heard an Prince
explosion moments before the crash. have
Prince Harry and Sir Elton John international
have joined forces at an conference
international HIV and Aids royal
conference in South Africa. The urging
royal gave a passionate speech leadership
urging his generation to take the
leadership in the battle against warned
the epidemic. While the singer about
warned against growing complacency campaigners
about the disease. The two personal
campaigners later left inspiring encouraging
personal messages on a wall The
encouraging people to get tested. of
The US First Lady has turned Queen the
of karaoke during an appearance on Corden'.
the 'Late Late Show with James a
Corden'. Michelle Obama belted out an
a Stevie Wonder classic as well as world.
an anthem for women around the #
world.Sings put
# If you like it you should have put a ring on it have
# If you like it then you should have put a ring on it # Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh # Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh rapper
#Of course she knows the dance and from
rapper Missy Elliott also joined in Neil
from the back seat. Great video. the
Neil Breen joins us now with all of won't
the sport and the moves to. We no
won't do them here.There will be rock,
no moves from me. She can certainly up
rock, Michelle Obama. Now, coming on
up Eels coach Brad Arthur opens up future
on trouble star Corey Norman's backed
future at the club. Plus, Carlton stand
backed two of their young guns to time
stand up against the Swans. And a pushes
time trial at the Tour de France pushes some

NRL and Eels coach Brad Arthur won't
maintains Corey Norman's suspension negotiations
won't affect his contract the
negotiations saying he still wants term.
the troubled half to sign on long- kid.
term.The thing is Corey's a good He
kid. He has made a silly decision. here
He will learn from it. But we are through
here to support him and work weeks
through this over the next seven club
weeks and we want him to be at our of
club long-term. And I've got a lot for
of time for Corey.The Cowboys bid right
for back-to-back premierships is fellow
right on track after they thumped 36-0
fellow heavy weights, the Bulldogs, 36-0 in Townsville. Some concern Johnathan
for North Queensland however with field
Johnathan Thurston leaving the -
field with a hamstring injury. AFL backed
- Carlton coach Brendon Bolton has handle
backed young gun Patrick Cripps to his
handle the pressure likely to come The
his way from the Swans tomorrow. winner
The Blues leading contested ball plenty
winner Cripps has been promised midfield.
plenty of attention from the Sydney fight.
midfield.He will be up for the He
fight. There is no doubt about that. needs
He is a big boy. I don't think he good
needs protecting. But it will be a will
good battle. I think both teams will be willing an up for that obd
fight.Bolton said teenager Jake task
obd Weathering will be handed the Buddy
task of stopping Swans super star O'Keefe
Buddy Franklin. Australia's Stephen recall
O'Keefe appears certain for a Test Darren
recall in Sri Lanka with coach will
Darren Lehmann hinting the Aussies week's
will take two spinners in to next week's first Test.Look, I think we spinners,
will be leaning towards two conditions
spinners, I would think. The way until
conditions are. But we will wait Opener
until we get there to finalise that. play
Opener David Warner is also set to finger.
play after recovering from a broken get
finger. The tour of Sri Lanka will a
get underway on Tuesday. And it was France
a day of carnage at the Tour de unable
France with a number of riders the
unable to handle the tight turns on problems
the stage 18 time trial. No such close
problems for Chris Froome who edged extending
close to a third tour title by minutes.
extending his lead to almost four finished
minutes. Australia's Richie Porte overall
finished fourth to sit sixth in the The
overall standings. There you go. you
The Aussies doing very well. Thank have
you so much. Stay with us. We will have finance and the very latest

It's after a truck rolled along
the Hume Highway near Yass at

around midnight last night,
blocking the road.

ACT Police are appealing for
information as they try to find a

missing 13 year old girl.

Mia Heycox was last seen in Latham
on the Sunday the 13th of July.

Anyone who can help, should cal
police on 131 triple-4.

And it's hoped travel-induced
fatigue gets the better of the

Highlanders tonight.

The ACT Brumbies are taking on the
New Zealand side here in Canberra

from 6PM.

It's understood dozens of
businesses will be letting staff

have an early knock-off, a trend
supported by our Chief Minister.

Damaging winds and some rain for
parts of Canberra today 16.

Overcast in Perisher reaching 8

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And that is Nine's Afternoon News Thanks
for this Friday. I'm Deborah Knight. Cooper
Thanks for your company. Natalia Nine
Cooper will be here at 3 p.m. With with
Nine News Now and I will be back 4:00.
with the afternoon news just after us,
4:00. For Sydney viewers, stay with to
us, we are about to take you live will
to a press conference where police Merrylands
will update the situation on the From
Merrylands police station attack. Live
From the team, enjoy your afternoon.
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And for our Sydney viewers, we have Merrylands
more now on the attack from the man
Merrylands police station where a and
man allegedly lit himself on fire ground
and drove his car towards the under Police
ground car park. NSW Assistant is
Police Commissioner Dennis Clifford date
is about to address the media to up standing
date the investigation and we are conference
standing by to bring you that press with
conference live as it happens. But senior
with me now in the studio is Nine's who
senior crime reporter Simon Bouda developments
who has been following the you've
developments since last night. And you've been at the Merrylands morning.
police station for most of the about
morning. What do we know so far is
about this incident?What we know was,
is that this was, what we thought the
was, a terrorist attack. It had all There
the hallmarks of it last night. There was no doubt about it. There was
was a car riged to explode. There driven
was a man behind the wheel. It was It
driven towards the police station. accounts.
It was meant to explode by all though
accounts. What we have learnt today with
though is that it is more connected man,
with a domestic dispute involving a mother.
man, his brother and their elderly who
mother. Now, this particular man terrible
who is now in hospital suffering last
terrible burns after what happened Zurawel.
last night, his name is Peter with
Zurawel. Now, he has been living some
with his 93-year-old mother for dispute
some time. There has been some and
dispute between the two brothers was
and as a result, the other brother resisting
was charged with resisting police - execution
resisting a police officer in the we
execution of his duty. This is all, AVO,
we understand, in relation to an Mick
AVO, apprehended violence order. this
Mick was due to appear in court His
this morning. He didn't face court. been
His lawyer was there, the case has interrupt
been adjourned.I will just the
interrupt you now. We are seeing Dennis
the police Assistant Commissioner, press
Dennis Clifford, coming to the press now.

Assistant Commissioner Dennis region
Clifford, community north-west here
region and I have the commander It
here with me of the local command. occurred
ItIt is pretty well reported what are
occurred here last night but now we would
are this far down the track, I relation
would like to give you an update in this
relation to the investigation. At this stage, I can confirm that we in
are not pursuing any investigation We
in relation to terrorism activities. that
We are following a line of inquiry occurred
that the motivation for what family
occurred last night may well be before
family related. There is a matter person
before the court in relation to the another
person of interest and his family, comment
another family member, so I won't do
comment in relation to that. But I will
do expect that at some stage, we matters
will be putting some very serious relation
matters before the court in person
relation to the behaviour of the questions?
person of interest last night. Any about
questions?REPORTER: Tell us a bit are
about this man's history?Look, we are still piecing that together. He was not known as a threat to us in that
relation to the type of activity night.
that he allegedly engaged in last releasing
night. In relation to that, we are releasing some footage taken by station.
CCTV cameras here at the police you
station. That will be available to frightening
you shortly. And you will see the and
frightening nature of that footage REPORTER:
and just how serious it was. matter
matter for the investigation team. evidence
They are looking at all of the still
evidence that's available. They are relation
still gathering evidence in at
relation to possible charges. And make
at an appropriate time, they will make that decision.REPORTER: Can altercation
you tell us about the verbal threats
altercation with officers? Were any will
threats made during this...You pretty
will see from the footage, it pulling
pretty much was a matter of the car short
pulling up in the driveway and very vehicle
short time later, fuel inside the no
vehicle was ignited. And there was floss
no opportunity obviously for the REPORTER:
floss speak to the person.