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Today - the counter-terrorism review. Australia looking once again at how to prevent lone wolf attacks in the wake of Nice.

A man sets fire to his car and rams Sydney's
it into a police station in Sydney's west.It was drama laden and certainly from my perspective it showed just how brave our police are.Donald Trump prepares to take centre stage at the Republican National Convention. And the Olympic threat, 10 people arrested for allegedly planning to attack the Rio Games.

Hello and welcome to Mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather in the capital cities:

Australia is to launch a review aimed at preventing lone wolf terror attacks. The Federal Government top antiterrorism adviser will assess whether basic but deadly methods such as the truck attack in Nice could be foiled. Mental illness is one issue which will be checked too. The Attorney-General George Brandis says Australia's security is under constant review.Those of us responsible for national security constantly, constantly review the state of knowledge, the state of learning and information about terrorism, terrorist events, terrorist planning, the motivations of those who might be - who might be drawn to terrorism. So this is something that is kept under constant review.George Brandis there speaking on ABC Radio a little earlier today. Dan Conifer joins us from Parliament House. What will the anti-terror coordinator being looking at.He's been tasked at looking at a number of things. Let's start with the lone wolf, the Government has realised after attacks in France, Germany and the US, there can be individuals who act without necessarily being a part of a terror group or a terror cell and that those people working out how to prevent those people becoming radicalised and then if they are, stopping them from carrying out attacks is ever - of an ever increasing importance. So the Government wants to look at specifically people that are on terror watch lists and what they - whether there's any links or patterns among them in terms of potentially mental health problems or their interactions with the criminal justice system, to try and create a picture of factors that lead people down the path to it carrying out lone wolf attacks. The Government realises that these attacks are harder to prevent than people that are acting as part of cells. There's new technology, ever emerging technology including encryption that makes people that track.
might go down this path hard to track. So they've tasked Greg Moriarty with looking at that aspect of it, while at the same time also investigating what similarities there are between the Nice attack and whether that could indeed happen here in Australia and what open spaces there are here where large groups gather and what could be done to prevent the attack like we saw there with that truck killing so many people in France. Dan Conifer reporting from Canberra. An investigation is underwee as to why a man set his car alight and drove it into a police station in Sydney's west overnight. Mark Reddie joins us. What's the latest?Police are currently raiding the home of 61-year-old Peter Zhurawel. It's about 5km from where this attack took place outside Merrylands Police Station behind me. Now Peter Zhurawel, we understand, was listed to appear in Fairfield Local Court this morning on an unrelated matter for an apprehended violence order against a male relative. We believe that was his brother. Now these raids are ongoing at his home. Police, we understand, have now just seized 2 gas canisters and also a hard drive as well. That evidence will obviously be crucial in their ongoing investigation as to just what happened here last night. Now police have ruled out any link to terrorism or extremist groups. They say that it's most likely that he was in fact mentally unwell. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has visited the station this morning and he's spoken with some of the officers who pulled Peter Zhurawel from the burning car which crashed into that roller door behind me. As you can see, they're just fixing that now and they spoke to the officers this morning and they praised them for their courageous efforts and he police
actually singled out a female police officer who hasn't been with the force for many years. Let's take a listen.I'm incredibly proud to be the Commissioner of the NSW Police Force. Yet again I walk away from here today after I've spoken to a number of the officers, in fact one of the officers that was there last night. And in talking to her I realised she's just a humble, committed cop who did her job and them.
we are so, so fortunate to have them.Andrew Scipione there. Just talk us through what actually happened there.Yes, about 7:00 last night a car pulled up on this driveway behind me and it was there for quite a while and police became a bit suspicious. So they went outside to see what was going on and as they approached the car it burst into flames and then slammed into that garage door behind me. Now, a fire was lit and then the officers quickly extinguished the fire and pulled 61-year-old Peter Zhurawel from the burning inferno. He was rushed to hospital and we understand at the moment he remains in a stable but serious condition with severe burns. Police are now actually speaking to him as we go to air to try and determine what his motivation was for launching this attack. Now also in that car we have heard as well that there were two gas canisters inside that car and also petrol was found as well and that was responsible for obviously it bursting into flames. But these investigations are very much ongoing this morning here, Joe, and of course we'll hear more throughout
details as they come to light throughout the day.OK, Mark Reddie reporting from western Sydney.

Donald Trump will finally address the Republican Party convention in the next few hours. We might take a listen in. There are some significant speakers who are addressing the convention to the run up to that and let's listen to one of those now.It was on her watch ISIS began to spread its wings of evil over the Middle East and she has spent the last 16 months looking in the eyes of the American people and lying about how wrecklessly she jep niez - jeopardised the American people, national security with her secret email sefr - server. She lied and she lied over and over and over and over and over. She lied.

She lied.

She lied. Perhaps, perhaps perhaps worst of all, perhaps worst of all, Hillary Clinton has perfected the art of politics for personal gain. She reads ethics rules as carefully as Americans read their junk mail. Just look at her track record. She used her post as Secretary of State to grease the wheels for Democrat lobbyists, special interests, and political insiders connected to the corrupt Clinton machine. Her family foundation took millions of dollars in donations from countries notorious for human rights abuses and funnelling money to radical Islamic terrorists.(Crowd boos) For Hillary Clinton, the Oval Office is just another cash cow. Well, I have one word for all of this hypocrisy and corruption - enough. Americans have had enough of a government that plays favourites to the well connected. They've had enough of the Clinton's excuses, cronyism and cover ups. deals
They've had enough of the corrupt deals Americans have had enough.

This election, this election is our chance to stop it and Donald Trump is the right man to lead that charge.(APPLAUSE)

You all know he's brought millions of new voters in our party because he's listening to Americans who are anxious about a country which has lost its way. Donald Trump wants to bring jobs back from overseas and hold companies who want to send them abroad accountable. He's finally going to stop illegal immigration and make sure our first.
government puts American citizens first.(APPLAUSE) Working families, working families are the lifeblood of our country and we can't thrive as a nation unless they are thriving. A lot of them haven't seen a bigger pay cheque in a very long time. Donald Trump wants to make sure you can pay the mortgage, put gas in the car and buy new clothes for the first day of school. Donald Trump is committed to hitting terrorists hard and making the safety of every man, woman and child in America his number 1 priority.

No more negotiating with terrorists. If they want to take us down.
down, we're going to take them down.(CHEERING)

OK, we'll leave that there for the moment. That was live from Party
Cleveland, Ohio, the Republican Party chairman revving up the crowd ahead of the main event, that's the address by the nominee for president, Donald Trump. We're so
expecting that in the next hour or so and we'll bring you that live here on ABC News 24. It's been revealed the NSW Trade Minister cancelled a meeting with a French shipbuilder with no explanation just days before it was awarded a $50 billion submarine contract. Emails released under the freedom of information act to the ABC show Stuart Ayres' office had pushed for a meeting with shipbuilder DCNS while he was on a trade mission in Europe. The cancellation happened just hours before the meeting and staff had to apologise. Mr Ayres' partner is the Federal Defence Minister Marise Payne. The ABC has contacted Mr Ayres for comment. Unions are resisting a proposed pay cut for the administrators of Whyalla's Arrium steelworks. Korda men that is negotiating a new agreement. Yesterday it put what it said was a first and final offer of a 12% cut on the table saying if workers agreed to the measure it would produce $20 million in savings. But the Australian workers Union says the offer is not being accepted at this stage. A factory fire in Melbourne's north overnight has left the owners with a damage bill of more than $3 million. Around 50 fire fighters fought the blaze in side the car parts company in Camberfield.We've been here for 30 minutes. The flames got bigger and bigger. A few explosions.Got about 5 storeys high.Pretty big, pretty scary.A few of the cars caught on fire.And a lot of sparks and a lot of explosions.A Canberra man who pleaded guilty to a one-punch attack in January will be sentenced today in the ACT Supreme Court. 20-year-old Jordan sharmer was caught on CCTV punching another man unconscious in the early hours of new years day. Despite handing himself into police he originally pleaded not guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm but later changed that to guilty. Yesterday his lawyer conceded imprisonment would be an appropriate punishment but argued it should be in the form of a suspended sentence or intensive corrections order. The top stories today. The PM Malcolm Turnbull has indicated the Government may want access to the mental health files of individuals suspected of terrorist activity. Police have removed 2 gas cylinders home
and a computer hard drive from the home of a man who set his car alight and rammed it into the character - car park of Merrylands Police station in Sydney's west. And Donald Trump will try to unify a fractured party when he makes his next
formal acceptance speech in the next hour or so. Russia's track and field athletes won't be free to compete at next month's Olympic Games in Rio. A Russian appeal against the team's ban has been Arbitration
rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Near Moscow medals.
today they were battling for medals. It's the Russian Cup. This event was supposed to be final preparation for the Summer Olympics. But Russian track and field is banned from international competition because of doping allegations. Today, more than 60 athletes lost their appeal in sport's highest court in Switzerland. They won't be going to Rio.It's like death for us. Zbrt death? Yes. Because the great aim for all professional athletes is to be a part of the Olympics Games and to get medals.For Maria, Rio would have been her first Olympic Games. TRANSLATION: Ace not fair. Clean sportsman should be allowed into the Olympics. I should be there. Russian officials say today's court decision has robbed Russian track and field athletes of their Olympic dream. But the nightmare scenario for Moscow would be a ban on all Russian sportsmen in Rio, the entire team, and that will be for the International Olympic Committee to decide. That's because this week the World Anti-Doping Agency presented evidence of cheating by Russia in 30 sports, with the help of a secret doping program. When I spoke to the head of the Russian Athletics Association, he denied there was any State-sponsored doping and he called today's court ruling a human rights violation. But here's one man who disagrees. 6 -time Olympic champion Usain Bolt in London today.If you have the proof and you catch somebody, I definitely feel that you should take action and if you feel like banning the whole team is the right action, then I'm all for it, you know what I mean?But the Rio does go ahead without Russia, it will be humiliating for Moscow. These Olympics could mark a new low in relations between Russia and the West. A state of emergency has come into effect in Turkey giving the President and his cabinet the power to bypass Parliament and to limits rights and freedoms. President Recep Tayyeb Erdogan says the measure will protect democracy and the rule of law following last week's coup attempt by some members of the military. Philip Williams reports. We're here in one of Istanbul's main shopping thoroughfares and look around, thousands of people looks perfectly normal. This is the first day of the emergency but it's far from that. Even though the trams are running up the tracks here, people are up there shopping, it's actually quite different for a lot of people here. Down this street, about 100 metres, is the headquarters of one of the publications that are already being shut down. Why? There was a cartoon that the Government didn't like. It's very difficult. Everybody's maybe
afraid because maybe lost job and maybe arrested. This is very dangerous times in Turkey.It's not just journalists that are worried about this, teachers have been hit particularly hard. 21,000 have lost their job, 15,000 have been dismissed from the Education Department. They have been a particular target. Here's what their union had to say.It's a crazy country. I don't see how they can stabilise the country because if you sack everyone in the universities, if you sack 10% of the teachers, if you sack 1 in 3 of all of the officers, so this country cannot be ruled by this way and I feel like the cultural revolution in China. The party loyalists are in the streets, the chief want them in the streets and they want to approach his side of the country. And after that, we think that he will come off.While this does look normal on the surface it's anything but. And with the rallies going to go on again tonight and of course the Government now with the emergency powers are able to override normal limitations, anything can pretty well happen here. People are really just waiting to see what the Government does with those powers next. Philip Williams reporting there from Turkey. More details have emerged about the investigation into last week's terror attack in Nice. Europe correspondent James Glenday has the details. The French prosecutor said the Nice truck-driving terrorist Mohammed Bouhlel had 5 accomplices who are all in custody. They're accused of doing a variety of things such as filming the scene of the attack after it happened, discussing weaponry with Bouhlel and of course giving him the pistol which he then useded in the attack. None of these people were known to French intelligence or security agencies. And French prosecutors also say that they think Bouhlel, judging by the search history on his phone, had been planning an attack like this since 2015. So that's going to raise a lot of this
questions here in France as to how this man, if he did indeed have close accomplices working with him, how they went under the radar for so long. This man who says his name is Frank has spoken to a local French newspaper. He says that of course there was that vision of the man on the side of the truck. He says that was him. He says he was punching Bouhlel in the head through an open window repeatedly but it didn't work. Bouhlel then tried - pulled that pistol on him and it didn't fire and then this man, Frank, was hit in the head with the pistol, lost his grip on the truck and fell to the ground. He suffered a lot of bruising and minor injuries but otherwise he was OK. This is an amazing story if true, because a lot of people had media,
simply assumed, particularly in the media, that this man was one of the first victims of Bouhlel's murderous rampage along the Promenade des Anglais. There's been another disturbing police shooting of a black man in the US. A Florida police officer shot an unarmed black man as he lay on the ground with his hands in the air. Charles Kinsy had been trying to calm an autistic patient in his care when he was shot in the leg. Police say they were responding to a call that someone armed was threatening suicide. This is the mobile phone video of Charles Kinsey, a behavioural therapist lying in the street with his hands in the air. Sitting next to him is an autistic young man holding a toy truck. Faintly Mr Kinsey being heard identifying himself and saying there's no need for guns. It's then reported that 3 shots were fired by police hitting the care giver in the leg.My client asked "Why did you shoot me? " The officer told my client "I don't know." That I was his words verbatim. And another officer asked "Why did you shoot this guy? " And the shooting officer said that he didn't know why he shot him.It's claimed that Mr Kinsey was then left handcuffed being
in the street for 20 minutes before being treated for his wound. At a press conference North Miami's Police Chief confirmed no weapon was found.We have witness statements there was a gun. We had a 911 call with that name information. However, I want to make it clear there was no gun recovered.An investigation is already under way by State officials and the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave. But local politicians here have serious concerns.So this gentleman not only froze but he raised his hands like this. And he was still shot. So I'm afraid now. I don't know what to tell them.A plane has crashed into a residential neighbourhood near Chicago killing the pilot and setting a house alight. Authorities believe the plane's fuel tank ruptured when the plane hit the street. It's not yet clear how many where it
people were onboard the aircraft or where it was headed. Malaysia's PM Najib Razak has pledged to cooperate with a US investigation fund.
into the nation's sovereign wealth fund. US prosecutors say more than $3.5 billion was diverted from the One Malaysia Development or 1MBD fund. The PM rejects any allegations of wrongdoing but the case is uniting his political opponents against him. The US Department of Justice civil lawsuits allege some US $1 billion originating with the Malaysian State investment fund 1MDB, was ploughed in de - debentures around the world.It was created by the Malaysian Government to promote economic development with the ultimate goal of improving the well being of the Malaysian people. But unfortunately, sadly, tragically, a number of corrupt 1MDB officials treated this public trust as a personal bank account.The lawsuits allege the lavish spending was undertaken by senior Malaysian officials, including the stepson of the Malaysian PM, Rizzar Aziz.Why does a corruption case halfway around the world matter so much to us here today? Well I will tell you for a few reasons. First, because some of the profits of these schemes were invested in the US. And when corrupt officials bring their ill-gotten gains to the US, they also bring with them their corrupt practices and disregard for the rule of law.The lawsuits don't name Mr Najib but there are 32 references to Malaysian official 1, who is described as a high-ranking person in the Malaysian Government who also held a position of authority with 1MDB. Prosecutors believe the misappropriated funds from 1MDB travelled through an intermediary Saudi company onto a handful of key offshore accounts and finally, from there, into the hands of Malaysian official 1. The US filing has re-energised calls in Malaysia for Mr Najib's removal and prosecution, including from a former ally.The time has come when the nation must demand for the removal of the PM, must demand for investigations to be carried out by Malaysian body, the setting up of a tribunal, independent tribunal, not set up on the advice of the PM because it is the PM who is going to be investigated.Now, Anwar Ibrahim, the imprisoned de facto leader of Malaysia's Opposition has joined a political compact with his nemesis, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Former energies joining hands to fight against a scandal-riddled PM. Earlier this year Tropical Cyclone Winston tore through Fiji. The impact of the natural disaster is still being felt especially in some isolated villages. This man has represented Fiji in the rugby 7s World Cup, now she's representing her village. This will definitely help save lives.She's one of 15 Fijians visiting Tasmania learning how to build and install wastewater systems.Where we come all the way from Fiji and train here and take it back to our community, you know. At the moment Fiji has been suffering.In February, Tropical Cyclone Winston devastated parts of Fiji, including the remote highland village of former Wallaby forward Illi Tabue.That was the route of Winston. It went through devastating crops, housing.He sought assistance from Bob Patterson, an environmental health officer from Hobart who specialises in wastewater disposalle, who then visited the remote villages. Devastation, squalor, dear little kids with bad eyes and runny noses because of the wastewater going everywhere.Now he's volunteering his design and training skills. They're going to do two villages and I think it would be a matter of months. When you think we're talking 80 installations, 78 houses and 2 community hauls - halls.The young Fijians are also volunteers. We went over to their villages and to talk with them and how best they could help their community and encourage others to do so.This is probably the first in Fiji for us to come and implement this. It's going to be a life-changing thing for us back at home.An opportunity that won't go to waste. And now with a look at the weather here is Vanessa.

A north-west cloud band, we are starting to see some of that rain forming around the Pilbara, continues into the weekend. Rain also being driven into the south-east, very windy conditions right throughout that region as well. And the risk of flash flooding, especially over Tasmania, up in the north and the west where the ground's already saturated. We have a series of cold fronts moving through between today and tomorrow, right across that southern region. The air behind it very cold, so we will see snow returning to the around
Alpine regions. A lot of snow melt around this week. A high pressure system comes in for WA, bringing clearer skies but the air is still cold and further fronts to follow see,
later in the weekend. As we can very
see, up in the north it's still very warm. We'll have high temperatures in Queensland up until tomorrow. The windy tomorrow also in the south-east, still wet over Tasmania, up through parts of Victoria and into the southeastern areas of NSW. Another band of rain pushes over the south coast in WA and that bit of rain that's coming in from the Indian Ocean for the Pilbara. It's dry up in the north, though:

The top stories today - the PM Malcolm Turnbull says Australia will have to rethink how gatherings of large people are protected after the terrorist attack in Nice. Mr Turnbull has sought advice from his counter-terrorism coordinator to find out what lessons can be learnt from the recent attacks. He says people are being radicalised and adopted murderous ideology very quickly. Police are searching the home of western Sydney man Peter Zhurawel who set his car alight and rammed it into the car park of merriland's Police Station last night. Police officers smashed the windows to get the 61-year-old Czech national out. He suffered serious burns. The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, will have a challenge of trying to unify a fractured party when he makes his formal acceptance speech at the Republican convention in Ohio in the next hour or so. Divisions became obvious when rival Ted Cruz yesterday refused to endorse him. Brazilian police have arrested 10 people accused of planning terrorism attacks during the Rio Olympic Games. The Justice Minister, Alexandre De Moraes says measure
the arrests were a preventative measure and the group was amateur. communicate
They had used social media to communicate and had not got to the stage where they were actually buying weapons. Labor will today choose its new front bench but whether Kim
there's some speculation about whether Kim Carr will remain in that team. The ABC understands the veteran Labor Senator is growing increasingly confident that Bill Shorten will ensure he stays on the front bench. Senator Carr has refused to nominate himself for a position in protest against his treatment by his left faction. Anthony Albanese was questioned about the party's caucus meeting. We're having our processes and they will take place internally today. I'm looking forward to a much bigger caucus meeting than we had before the election with all the new members.An investigation is under way into why a man set his car alight before driving it into a police car park in Sydney's west overnight. Officers approached the car just outside Merrylands Police Station around 7:00 last night vehicle
before the driver ignited the vehicle and drove it into the roller door of the car park. Police rescued the 61-year-old man from the car. He's now in hospital with serious burn injuries. The Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says the motive is still unclear.Having viewed the video of events that led up to and during the course of that event, what I can say is that it was drama laden and certainly from my perspective it showed just how brave our police are. We will release to you some footage later today. We have cleared with the investigators that it is not going to be a problem from their perspective so I'm prepared to make that available to the media. The circumstances in terms of the reasoning behind it, the motive, that's still the subject of an ongoing investigation.A Canberra man who pleaded guilty to a one-punch attack in January will be sentenced today in the ACT Supreme Court. 20-year-old Jordan Sharmer was caught on CCTV footage punking another man unconscious in the early hours of new year's day. Despite handing himself into police he originally pleaded not guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm but later changed that to guilty. Yesterday his lawyer conceded imprisonment was an appropriate punishment. But argued it should be in the form of a suspended sentence or intensive corrections order. What would a Trump presidency mean for Australia? The Republican nominee has drawn a line in the sand over the American relationship with China threatening to slap huge tariffs on their imports. He's also vowed to scrap the Transpacific partnership and warned that allies in the Pacific that they need to spend more on their own defence. It's the biggest trade deal the world's ever seen. 8 years in the making, covering 36% of the global economy. Last October, a dozen nations signed up to the Transpacific partnership promising to reduce tariffs and open markets from Vietnam to Chile.We have successfully concluded the Transpacific partnership negotiations.For the Australian Government, it was a major achievement.This agreement, in my view, is truly transformational. For Donald Trump, it's transformational in the worst way possible.The Transpacific partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country just to continuing rape of our country, that's what it is too. Zbh -While the US has signed the deal, the TPP still needs to be ratified by Congress.Without domestic ratification by the US, the TPP simply doesn't get up. It won't come into force and I think that would be a really big missed opportunity for all 12 countries involved.Both the Trade Minister and former US ambassador, Kim Beazley, believe that despite the candidate's posturing, Congress will wave it through after the November presidential election and before the inauguration.The simple fact of the matter is this, the overwhelming majority of the congressional Republican Party supports the TPP. A sufficient number of Democrats support it also.But what's dominated Donald Trump's foreign concerns can be summed up in one word - China. It's a theme so frequent it's inspired a YouTube complilation that's hit 60 million vus.Know people in China. China. China. China. China, China, China, China. I've been saying China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China.Donald Trump's major grievance is that China has purposely devalued its currency to gain an unfair advantage over US manufacturers, drawing a familiar description to the TPP.Because we can't continue to allow China to rape our country and that's what they're doing.His answer - tariffs of up to 45%.They are the single greatest currency manipulator that's ever been on this planet. That's horrified free trade advocates.The positions that he has got, if he persists with them, will produce a series of trade wars damaging
in Asia which will be immensely damaging to us and to the people in the region. I'd suggest also to the people of the US.Then there are Donald Trump's frustrations with the extraordinary US defence budget. He points out that only 4 other nations in the 28 nation NATO alliance meet the goal of spending 2% of GDP on defence. And at a time when China flexes its muscles in the disputed South China Sea, he's declared a desire to withdraw troops from Japan and South Korea or make them pay.The countries we are defending must pay for the cost of this defence and if not, the US must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves.So how should Australia respond in the event of a Trump presidency?What my reaction would be is I've got - if I happen to be in government in Australia would be I've got a job of work on my hands. I've got to convince this guy that the directions he's going in the Asia-Pacific region are wrong. We have got a very close relationship with the US. We are not absorbed by schadenfreude seeking their a failure but seeking their success. I spoke earlier to the host of Planet America John Barron who is getting excited about this US presidential campaign complete with bald eagle tie.I can thank our friend and colleague Julia Baird from The Drum for bringing back this American convention tie.And you've picked up a bit of Trump promotional material.We've got the merch. Making America great again, campaign.
that's the theme of the Trump campaign. Whether he's able to deliver a great speech today that's what everybody wants to know.How important is this moment for him? Critically important. All the expectations are that this has to be Trump at his most presidential. He's not a great reader of auto cues but he is a great reader of audience and he understands television. It's been, I think fair to say, a fairly ropey convention at times. Sometimes it's worked very well but there was the plagiarism scandal around Melania's speech, there was Ted Cruz yesterday which was a complete disaster as far as the Republicans hoping for this veneer of unity over what has been a very fractious convention behind the scenes. And so the question now is, is Donald Trump, the ultimate showman, the star of 15 seasons of the Apprentice able to bring it all together and most importantly, of all, look like the next American president?But isn't it fair enough to say that he hasn't been very presidential up to this stage and it's worked for him very well. He's ahead of Hillary Clinton in many of the polls.And this is the paradox and there's this tension within the Trump campaign. There's the old hands that have been brought in that were working for Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes that are saying he really has to start acting like a presidential candidate. He has to pass that commander in chief test. Is this guy temperamentally suited to have his finger on the red button with the nuclear codes in his briefcase? Or, as you suggest, do they just have to let Trump be Trump? He has broken every rule in the book and he's their nominee. So why would you stop him doing what has worked so well? How they resolve that question over the next couple of months will determine the election in November.Are you expecting to see much at all on the policy front in this speech?We haven't seen much at all on the policy front from Donald Trump for the last year. He makes these broad proclamations rather than detailed policy announcements. We've heard them before. We're going to build a pay
wall, we're going to make Mexico pay for them. We're going to stop Muslims coming to this country until we work out what's going on. He kept saying all of these things. He doesn't like the common core education program that's imposed on the States. He doesn't like Obama care, the healthcare reforms of Barack Obama. He's going to replace it. What is he going to replace it with? With something great. It's going to be better, it's going to make America better again. We're going to bring jobs back to winning again.
America, we're going to start winning again. We're going to beat China at the trade war, we're going to beat Iran at a shooting war if we have to. We're going to do all these things. Trust me, it's going to be great. That's as deep as it goes.Won't he have to go deeper than 245?There's this tension of do you have to flesh out these proclamations or can you simply trust the American voters who are decision,
really making a very visceral gut decision, do I like this person, do I trust this person. People didn't elect Barack Obama 8 years ago because of his detailed policy proclamations. Presidents are elected on the basis of do I like this person, do I trust this person, do I think this person can go to Washington and bring the change that I feel that I need and Americans really feel as though Washington is broken and that an outsider like Donald Trump might be able to shake things up and get things done and as the sign says, see.
make America great again.We'll see. OK, John Barron, always great to get your perspective and you've got your Planet America show on tonight.Special time, 1 hour episode at 8:00pm tonight but for viewers in Sydney we're doing a live show at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern, still a few tickets available so come along for the fun.Thanks a lot, John Barron. You can feel his excitement, aren't - can't you? Donald Trump will address the convention within the next 45 minutes or so. We think there's not a fixed time on that but that's what we estimate. We might go to some live shots from the convention floor now. This is Tom Barratt, he's the CEO of Colony Capital talking up the Trump legend and Ivanka Trump is the next person set down to speak, the daughter of Donald Trump and then lit be Donald Trump after that. Dr David Smith is the academic director of the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. He's an expert in American politics and he joins us now. Welcome, does this kind of feel like the starter's gun is about to go off?It does. It really feels campaign
like the proper start of the campaign now. Up until this point, both Kan deats - candidates have their
been conspicuously fighting with their own parties. Donald Trump has been fighting with his own party all the way through this convention.Up until yesterday.Up until yesterday. A very blatant repudiation of him by Ted Cruz. So this is Trump's chance to actually try to present a united front for the Republican Party.How damaging do you think that moment was yesterday when Ted Cruz failed to endorse Donald Trump and there was the booing from the floor, was it damaging or does that just feed into this notion that Donald Trump doesn't care what anyone thinks, even half the Republican Party, he's going to get on with the job and make it all the way to the White House?I don't think it will affect the general public at all and that's partly because so many strange things have been happening throughout this campaign. This is just one of them. The only way that it might hurt Trump is if it really reflects and really reinforces this divide within the Republican Party elite. That is if prominent Republican donors who have been reluctant to get behind Trump basically take this as a signal not to get behind Trump, to wait it out Cruz.
until 2020 and then support Ted Cruz. But I don't think this will have a huge effect on the numbers. And to what extent does Donald Trump need that cash for the campaign? How important is that end
cash, as we get down to the very end now?Trump's view is it's not important at all really. I mean Trump, he built his primary victory on the fact that he was able to get free media by the amount of coverage he would get every time he opened his mouth. And I think that he believes that this is what will happen this time around. He's pointed to the tens of millions of dollars that Clinton has spent advertising in swing States over the last month during which time the polls have actually tightened. So I think that Trump at the moment seems to be getting confirmation that his strategy is working and he hasn't really worked very hard at fund-raising. But it may turn out that when the campaign really heats up even further, and both sides are getting a lot of free media that maybe Trump will need to spend some money on targeted ads.And the Democrats have apparently been speech.
sending out a copy of Trump's speech. I don't know if you've heard about this and it's turned up on a couple of websites and they're saying that this is another example of there being a bit of a bumpy convention. Have you had an opportunity to look through what's supposedly his speech?I did have a look at the purported speech. Now we have to remember that as this has happened and Trump would be aware of it, it would not be beyond him to actually change the speech or come out and completely ad lib. That speech was very much saying the world is a very violent place. It's violent abroad, it's violent at home, you know, the world is dark and full of terror essentially keep
and Trump is the only one who can keep you safe. So really building on the themes from the first campaign. I think he has decided that this theme of violence is the winner for him at the moment, even more so than his economic message. He really wants to tap into a very basic kind of fear.A fear-based this
campaign?So we'll wait to see if this is the actual message that comes out because given that it has leaked, given that Trump likes to everything
have an element of surprise in not be
everything that he does, that may not be the speech that we see. Talking of speeches, in shot now is Mike Pence, the Indiana Governor who is Donald Trump's running mate. He spoke yesterday. He was a bit of an unknown quantity to a lot of the US electorate because he's worked primarily in Indiana. What did you make of his speech yesterday?His speech was exactly what was expect and Pence's role is to be predictable and he even made jokes about how boring and unknown he is and what a contrast he is to Trump's personality. And he's there to kind of reassure conservative voters that Trump is one of them, which is something that a lot of conservatives, especially devout religious conservatives, really have doubts about. I think, though, that this election is going to be so dominated by Trump's personality. I think that the VP, Trump
it was probably a good pick for Trump but I don't think it's going to make much difference one way or the other.And what's going to be so intriguing, possibly more so than any other presidential race, is the clash, the debates. Is Hillary Clinton going to be able to punch holes in what Donald Trump is putting forward? She's got a fearsome reputation that she's developed over the years, but in her fight against Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination, she wasn't an overwhelming victor by any means in those debates.Trump is very difficult to debate as well and this is because he doesn't do the usual argue back and forth format. He will come out with a barrage of names and he will just talk and talk and it doesn't even really matter what he says, what he wants is the focus to be on him. This absolutely befuddled his opponents in the Republican debate who often thought they had won debates because they'd got in better arguments but it turned out that nobody had been listening to what they were saying. Now Clinton is very, very used to these kinds of forums. Clinton withstood an 11-hour congressional hearing on without
Benghazi last year and came out without a scratch. But Trump is a very, very different kind of opponent for her. It will be fascinating, potentially horrifying, to see what happens in these debates.But haven't you got faith or have you got faith in people's ability to see through all the bluster, the bluff and bluster and if someone can put forward, in a debating situation, any debating situation, if they can put forward the facts and argue with hard facts shouldn't they be able to convince a population to take on their side? Well, maybe, but I think what's actually more likely to happen in this campaign is people are really turned off by both candidates and really this could end up being a contest between who is more hated - Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton - rather than it really being fought on policy and policy proposals. Because when you've got one candidate who doesn't want to fight it on those grounds at all, it's not going to be fought on those grounds. As much as I actually do have faith in the political to
rational ity of people to be able to understand what their own interests are and to follow those, I think there is just so much noise in this campaign and I think that something that Trump has reminded people of is the fact that they are just used to hearing very empty promises from politicians. And certainly what Trump is offering is just classic empty promises. He's got no program for achieving any of this, but there does seem to be a tradition around election time of just go with the fantasy that is best suited to your own sense of who you are and what your country is. So unfortunately I don't think that we're going to see a lot of great policy engagement around these debates. I think it's going to be fought at a very emotional pitch and at a very negative pitch. And is that traditionally what happens in US presidential contests anyway, when you compare them to the Australian elections, we've just had one here, is there a lot more detail in terms of policy discussion in Australian elections when you compare them to what happens in the US presidential contest?Well a very important difference in Australian contests is that the leaders of parties actually can offer credible promises. They can actually offer an entire party program which they would carry out. The president, no matter what the president actually wants to do, the president then has to deal with congress and it's highly likely that whoever the president is, they're going to be dealing with a hostile and divided congress. Barack Obama had so much difficulty getting anything done over the last 8 years, even when he had unified democratic control of Congress, you just can't, even if a promise
president is sincere in what they promise and has an idea about how to do it, there is just no promise that it can actually get through Congress. So it's little bit different from Australia where the party that wins the election, a little bit different this time because ow slim the majorities are in the Senate, but generally the much
party who wins the election has a what they
much better chance of carrying out what they want to do.How big a factor is that with people turning towards Trump as someone who just wants the turn the table upside-down and get as much support as he can to get stuff through the US Congress instead of this gridlock that there's been over the last -I think that does help him because his message is nothing has worked and when people criticise him for his lack of any kind of experience in foreign policy, he says how could things get any worse with ISIS beheading people in the Middle East and China stealing all of our jobs and manipulating currency, how could things get any worse? Why don't you give me a go because I'm a great businessman and I can do what politicians can't do. So yes, people's whole frustration with government and politicians that does play into Trump's hands. The problem is though, that even with that level of frustration with governments and politicians, most Americans still have a mental image of what a president should be and for most of them Trump is not ut - it and that's why his approval ratings is so low, even lower than Hillary Clintons because he doesn't behave like a president.But he's beating her in a number of polls. He is. In the average of polls she's still about 3 points ahead. There's so many polls conducted in the US we'll see all kinds of things. We'll see Trump up by 2, Clinton up by 7. In the averages, she is still narrowly but clearly ahead of him which does reflect the fact that he is still less popular than she is. And I think that his impulsiveness, his really sort of autocratic personality. This convention, this whole campaign has shown no matter what he says he's unwilling to hand over control of anything to anybody else. He needs to be the centre of attention at all times.And that's not necessarily working against him. It's not necessarily working against him but I think that it does work against the idea of him being presidential and that might be why he just can't seem to lift his approval ratings into anywhere near positive territory, why he can't, in opinion polls, get more than 40% of support. He may not, even for Republicans and conservatives, just may not match up with people's images of what a president is supposed to be.You mentioned before that this may end up being a contest about who is less hated. How did it come to the point where Hillary Clinton, to use your word, is hated in a large part of the American community?Well, I mean this has been the case for 30 years. When she was First Lady under President Clinton, she was the one who took a lot of the blame for things like the failed reforms to healthcare and she became this really sort of demonlogical figure for Republicans. Now it's interesting when she was Secretary of State under Barack Obama, while she was in that role, she had approval rate gts - ratings of 66%. We might leave it there because we're getting into the stage of having these videos played in the run up to Ivanka Trump.Donald Trump looked across the river and saw not a troubled city but a city that symbolised America's greatness and he was committed to making it great again. Donald was born in Queens to Fred and Mary Anne Trump. His father was a builder and was Donald's
the greatest influence in young Donald's life. He learned about leadership early at the New York military academy. He became captain of the baseball team and captain of the cadets. He learned that building business at his father's side while working on his degree at the wardens school of finance. After college, Donald faced a decision - join his father in Queens or dream big and make it in the greatest city in the world. The decision was easy. Donald's first notable project was less about renovating a building than helping the city rediscover its soul. The once great Commodore Hotel languished in a run-down neighbourhood next to Grand Central Station. The hotel was sold to the one developer who showed that he had the kind of drive, backing and imagination that would be necessary. They chose Donald Trump. Donald convinced the banks that they had a moral obligation to invest in New York and negotiated a tax abatement with the city, jump starting the project and creating new construction and hotel jobs. Donald's striking new building revitalised the neighbourhood.He single-handedly changed the Grand Central, Mid Town area by himself by doing that project.The before long, more Trump buildings helped change the skyline of New York. Building in New York was not easy. But Donald was never more frustrated than watching the city waste 6 years and $13 million trying to rebuild Central Park's ice rink. Donald was astounded. It took him only 2 years to build Trump Tower. So he stepped in and took over the project. He finished in 3 months and under budget. He took over another city project, tied up in red tape since 1978. Donald transferred a land fl - landfill into a championship public golf course and saved the city millions. Donald will tell you, his secret for success is a strong team.He just has that knack of finding the right person, the qualified person who will really excel in that position.Like his father before him, he taught his children the business and now they're important members of the Trump team.Mr Trump and his children, they love what they do and they are incredibly good at it and I think that breeds the same type of passion for all those that work for him and are around him. From day 1 my father trained us really well, whether it was in a boardroom, whether it was on a job site. We spent time learning the business and he made sure we and
understood the value of a dollar and what it meant to really work. He'd send me renderings with a little girl with handwritten notes on them of buildings that were under construction or in the planning stage and say "I can't wait for you to grow up and help me build these." Now it's fun to stand father.
shoulder to shoulder with my father.Over the years, Donald has created tens of thousands of new jobs, many of them for women.When I was building my building on Park Avenue, and he was building the Trump Tower, he had the first female construction superintendent on the job.When he made me general manager 9 years ago, there were only 3 female general managers of 5-star hotels in the whole of North America.After a long career, accomplishing much of what others said couldn't be done, Donald Trump has set his sights on a new rebuilding project.I am officially runing for President of the United States and we are going to make our country great again.Donald has said he admires people who put themselves directly on the line. Today, he's not only putting himself on the line but under fire. Donald could have continued his successful career and spent more time with his family but instead, he chose to run for President.See, he doesn't need to do this, it's what's been happening over the last 8 years has been so tragic for the course of our nation he simply had to do this.For my father to step away from a company that he's deeply committed to in favour of running for elected office was a real sack - sacrifice for him.It's Donald's nature to help others.A lot of times he comes across a story or meet asperson that touches him and he will make sure that that person is taken care of, privately, for the rest of their lives.Donald Trump has a very big heart. When police officers or fire fighters or even sanitation workers, correction officers, I can remember a teacher got injured or died, he would step forward and he would make an anonymous contribution.For Donald, it all begins with our young people.Donald Trump believes that higher education and more job opportunities will enhance the quality of American living.Donald is committed to protecting our families and keeping our cities Trump,
safe.What I see out of Donald Trump, it starts with a message, it starts with a positive message of respect for the American law enforcement officer who we need for getting
our national leaders and we're not getting it right now.He's the one candidate, the non-politician who can fix our broken economy and get America working again.Trump is a guy, brand new, comes in, shakes up Washington, changes policies on taxes and regulations and health businesses and no income wage earners will get a raise for the first time in 15 years.Donald will stand up for America.Donald Trump understands negotiation, there's just no doubt about it. That's one of his great strengths and we have been taken to the cleaners in world trade. We are losing jobs every year, every day as a result of bad trade policies and bad trade agreements.While some politicians say our best days are past, Donald believes our best days are yet to come.While Reagan was a