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Today, the counterterrorism review. Australia looking once again at how to prevent lone-wolf attacks in the wake of Nice. A man sets fire to his car and rams it into a police station in Sydney's west. Donald Trump prepares to take centre stage at the Republican national convention. And the threat. 10 people arrested for allegedly planning to attack the Rio Games. Hello and welcome to Mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather:

Australia is to launch a review aimed at preventing lone-wolf terror attacks. The Federal Government's top antiterrorism adviser will assess whether very basic but deadly methods such as the truck attack in Nice could be foiled. Mental illness is one issue which will be checked. Attorney-General George Brandis says Australia's security is under constant review.Those of us constantly,
responsible for national security constantly, constantly review the state of knowledge, the state of learning and information about terrorism - terrorist events, terrorist planning, the motivations of those who might be - who might be drawn to terrorism so this is something that is kept under constant review.Senator George Brandis speaking on ABC radio this morning and political reporter Dan Conifer joins us now from morning.
Parliament House in Canberra. Good morning. What has the anti-terror coordinator been tasked with?Good morning. Greg Moriarty's been tasked with looking at number of aspects relating to terrorism and pre trying to prevent that here in Australia. One element is looking at the connection between people that are terror suspects here in Australia and their links to mental health issues as well as people who are on watch lists of our agencies and whether they've had criminal links in the xas trying to examine what the connections are between those three things in order to try and prevent attacks here in Australia. There's also the other element that's come up over the past few hours in terms of looking at the physical spaces here in Australia and trying to make sure that physical spaces are safe especially given that the Nice attack where that truck mowed down all of those people over a 2km space there in France, trying to see where something like that could occur here and then trying to see what measures could be put in place to prevent it so a number of elements that Greg Moriarty is going to be looking at and this is Malcolm
being overseen by Prime Minister taking
Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis taking an interest as well as we heard there.Moving on to other issues and earlier in the week we had the Prime Minister announcing his new front bench and Bill Shorten is going through that process today as well. What's likely to happen on the Labor side of things?Joe, it's quite hard to say at this stage. Today, we've got a number of meetings here in Canberra. The Left factions will meet as a group and the Right faction of Labor will meet as a group and they'll discuss who they're going to put forward as their nominees to be on Bill Shorten's front bench. We believe the Left will get 14 positions, the Right 15 and one will go to an Independent Andrew Leigh. So that will happen but the interesting element of this is the tussle Carr's future.
within the Left faction over Kim Carr's future. He is a veteran Victorian Senator. In the last parliament he was Labor's shadow higher Education Minister and some senior fings within the Left had moved to demote him off the front bench. There's been a bit of a rear-guard action led by Senator Carr himself as well as some Victorian Left MPs and senators in order to try and save his position on the front bench and he's seeming confident that he will remain on the front bench. Exactly how that will happen, the mechanism by which that will occur, we're not sure but should know later today.Challenges for the Coalition in terms of the front-bench positioning Some challenges for inthe Coalition, not so much in terms of the front bench that was sort of last week but what that means for the LNP in Queensland. There's a number of Queensland MPs and senators that are unhappy with their representation on Malcolm Turnbull's front bench. They believe they're underrepresented in Cabinet and on the front bench given their relatively strong result in the federal election up there compared to other parts of the country and the Australian today is reporting that at an LNP State executive meeting there was recently a vote held - it was defeated - but a vote held on whether to explore creating a separate Party Room outside of the Liberal Party Room and the National Party Room here in Canberra, a separate LNP Queensland Party Room to show their displeasure at the treatment they received in these front-bench allocations. As I said, that vote, according to the Australian, was defeated but it does show there are some anxieties and there is some anger in the Queensland branch of the Coalition in terms of how things have been divided, Joe.Dan Conifer reporting from Parliament House in Canberra. Just on the last issue, we have put in a request to chat to the LNP President Garry Spence but he has declined our invitation this morning. An investigation is under way into why a man set his car alight and drove it into a police carpark in Sydney's west overnight. The 61-year-old ignited the vehicle and drove it into the roller door at Merrylands police station about 7:00 last night. Mark, we can see the roller door there behind you but the car's been taken away? That's right, Joe. Within the last few minutes the NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has arrived here at Merrylands police station. We understand he is now talking to officers following last night's attack. It all unfolded at around 7:00 last night. As you can see over my left shoulder, the car pulled up in that driveway and was just hanging around there so police became a bit suspicious. They went to approach the vehicle and as they approached it burst into flames and then slammed into that roller door behind me. It stopped there which was fortunate because of course it could have been much more serious. Now the car burst into flames as I said. Police responded very quickly and extinguished the blaze. The man was pulled from the inferno and rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital where we understand he is in a serious but stable condition this morning. He is 61 years old and a Czech national and we understand that he was known to police but this morning police say that there's no link to terror or any sort of extremist group. They believe that he was suffering from mental health issues. The safety was a real concern here because the bomb squad was also called in after that explosion. There were reports the man said he had a bomb so the bomb disposal unit investigated the car. They found two gas cylinders and they believe that it was ignited because of an accelerant so they're trying to work out what that accelerant was and also what the mote vague was behind this attack this morning --the motivation. No doubt Andrew skip yono is about to come out now and address the media so of course we'll have an update for you a bit later.Mark Reddy reporting from Merrylands in Sydney wfs west. Donald Trump will finally address the Republican party convention later today. The conference has made headlines with a week filled with protests, a partly plagiarised speech by his wife Melania and former candidate Ted Cruz booed for failing to endorse Mr Trump for President. North America correspondent Zoe Daniel reports.A huge moment last night. It was like a political earth quake in the arena and a funny thing happened, there's a ticker that goes around the arena showing tweets from the evening and just after Ted cruise's speech that started flickering and went off and some of the big screens failed as wealth. There was a sense of a looming crisis, I guess, after a very difficult week it has to be said for the Republican party. They have been putting out spot fires all over the place here after the plagiarism scandal around Melania Trump's speech, the grassroots delegates who didn't want to vote for Donald Trump, who wanted a conscience vote, the scandal around senior Republicans not being here including local governor John casic and then Ted Cruz to stand up and not endorse Donald Trump but to say, "Vote on your conscience," he was booed out of the arena, his wife Heidi was escorted out by security and this morning Ted Cruz spoke to Texan delegates to explain why he felt he couldn't endorse Donald Trump. He essentially said, "He insulted me and my family so much during the primaries campaign that I could not back him even though he'd said in a debate in March that he would do so if Donald Trump became the candidate but you've are got to go back to when these two were trading pretty awful insults. Donald Trump branded Ted Cruz Lyin' Ted, Ted Cruz said Donald Trump was a pathological liar, a serial philander so for them to come together and seem like a happy family probably seems unlikely. Let's see what Ted Cruz had to say this morning.I'm not gonna get in to criticising or attacking Donald Trump but I'll just give you this response: I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. That pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi that I'm going to nonetheless come like a serval puppy dog and say, "Thank you very much for maligning my wife and my father."The Republican leaders, the party leaders, are saying, "We're united. No problem. There's differences of opinion but we will move forward as a united party." That is clearly not the case. There is dissent in the grassroots, there is dissent in the leadership. Donald Trump is the nominee but I think there's are an acknowledgment growing that they can't win the election against a candidate like Hillary Clinton without trying to unite those forces behind Donald Trump and really it's going to come down to his demeanor tonight I think because we know that his populist approach, that his outrageous approach appeals to those who are already behind him in that convention hall and watching around the country but there are many people who don't like that approach, who have doubts about the credibility of his actual policies. So the talk here today is that bit
perhaps he needs to come out with a bit more of a serious demeanor to talk about the constitution, to talk about the economy, to talk about Defence and trade and the sorts of things he actually plans to do if he becomes President and that's what he's really going to have to do to convince those doubters, Ted Cruz among them and many others, that he can actually pull off the role of President of the United States.Zy Daniel reporting there. There are some live shots from the floor of the Republican party convention. Still a lot of dancing going on and a few Stetsons around. So Donald Trump, we're expecting he is going to time.
stand up in a couple of hours' time. There's no fixed time on that but some of the other speakers this morning are Jerry Fallwell, the evangelical, the Republican National Party chairman Reince Preibus and Ivanka Trump so we'll take a few of those bits and pieces through the morning and that's kind of all happening over the next portions
couple of hours so we'll bring you portions of that live here on ABC News 24. Police in Brazil have arrested 10 people who were allegedly planning to carry out terrorist attacks during the Rio Olympics. The Justice Minister says the men had declared allegiance to the Islamic State group and were trying to buy weapons. The alleged plotters had been in contact via messaging services what's app and Telegram, two other suspects remain at large. Turkey's parliament has approved a state of emergency announced by the President following Friday's failed coup. Speaking after the vote, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said there were no obstacles to extending the emergency beyond three months. The measure gives the President and Cabinet power to by-pass parliament to pass new laws. The mood of the Turkish Government is summed up in this headline - there will be no compromise. A state of emergency is now in force across the country, a new reality that has yet again divided an already polarised society. Supporters of the ruling party support the emergency. TRANSLATION: I don't believe anything will change in our lives. It is a decision taken by our government, by our President, to punish the coup attempt so nothing will change for us. Erdogan said there won't be a curfew at night or the right to march. I don't see any problem.Others do. The Opposition say freedoms are now suspended while others warn the Government not to give up the rule of law. TRANSLATION: I think it could make things worse in a country where we have no freedom. We will probably have less freedom and more dominance. It could curb the State of awareness which is bad but at least people would fight more for their freedom.For now, however, the Opposition cannot change much. Parliament has formally endorsed the state of emergency. It was a long debate and there were voices of desen, the ruling party got the support of the MHP far right nationalist party even though it didn't need those votes to pass the law. The state of emergency law has consolidated more power in the hands of the President. Recep Tayyip Erdogan now rules by decree. There are also indications that civilian control of the military could be expanded. Erdogan has said the military will not rule and instead operate under the control of civilian-run organisation. The Government insists democracy is stronger than ever and the state of emergency will only be used to go after those involved in the coup but the rule of law will not be ignored.So this is not about the life of ordinary citizens. This is purely about giving the Government the mandate, the power, to purge this coup perpetrators, their affiliates, that would enable us to speed up the process of cleansing coup perpetrators from within the States.On the surface it is business as usual on the streets of Turkey's capital Ankara and across the country. But the value of the lira currency is dropping. Tens of thousands of Turks are now being investigated, some behind bars, others suspended from work. This is still a country in crisis. Top stories - Labor front benture Anthony Albanese is playing down internal tensions about a shadow ministry reshuffle as the ALP today.
Caucus prepares to meet in Canberra today. NSW police are trying to through
work out what motivated a man through tack a police station at Merrylands in Sydney's west. And Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will try to unify a fractured party when he makes his formal acceptance speech in Ohio in a few hours. It has been revealed the NSW Trade Minister cancelled a meeting with a French ship builder with no explanation just days before it was awarded a $50 billion submarine contract. Emails released under the Freedom of Information Act to the ABC show Stuart Ayers's office pushed for a meeting with ship builder DCNS while on a trade mission in Europe. The cancellation happened just hours before the meeting. Staff were forced to apologise. Mr Ayers's part inneris Defence Minister Marise Payne. The ABC has contacted his office for comment. A Canberra man who pleaded guilty to a one-punch attack in January will be sentenced today in the ACT Supreme Court. 20-year-old Jordan Sharma was caught on CCTV punching another man unconscious. Despite handing himself in to police, Sharma originally pleaded not guilty to recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm but changed it to guilty. Yesterday, his lawyer conceded imprisonment was appropriate but should be in the form of a suspended sentence or intensive corrections order. Unions are resisting a proposed pay cut from administrators of wiwi's arium steelworks. KordaMentha is negotiating a new enterprise bargaining agreement with unions as it prepares to put the company on the market. Yesterday it put what it says is a first and final offer of a 12% cut on the table, saying if workers agree it will produce $20 million in savings but the Australian workersunion says the offer is not being accepted at this stage. More details have eenergied aboutinvestigation into last week's terror attack in Nice. Europe correspondent James Glenday has the details.French prosecutors say that the Nice truck-driving terrorist had five complices who are now all in custody. Four men, one woman, they're accused of doing a variety of things such as filming the scene of the horrific attack the day after it happened, discussing weaponry with Bohlel and giving him the pistol he used in the attack. None of tease people were known to French intelligence or security agencies and French prosecutors also say they think Bouhlel, judging by the search history on his phone, had been planning an attack like this since 2015 so that's going to raise a lot of questions in France as to how this man, if he did have close accomplices working with him, how they went under the radar for so long. This man has spoken to a because
local French newspaper. There because a vision of the man on the side of the truck. He says that was him. He says he was punching the attacker through an open window but it didn't work, the attacker pulled the pistol on him and it didn't fire and then this man was hit in the head with a pistol, lost grip on the truck and fell to the ground, suffered bruising and minor injuries but was otherwise OK. This a pretty amazing storey if true because a lot of people had simply assumed that this man was one of the first victims of Bouhlel's murderous rampage.A plane has crashed into a residential neighbourhood near Chicago killing the pilot and setting a house alight. The authorities believe the plane's fuel tank ruptured when it hit the street. They say it isn't clear how many people were onboard the aircraft or where it was headed. Dramatic video has emerged of a police shooting in Miami. A black man was shot in the leg while holding his hands in the air and telling officer he's was unarmed. An unarmed black man with his hand in the air trying to explain to police that he is a therapist looking after a young man with autism whose toy truck has been mistaken for gun. He pleads with his patient to lie down on his stomach.On your stomach! Lie on your stomach. Lay down on your stomach.Shut up! Shut up!The police had responded to an emergency call that a man was suicide.
brandishing a gun and threatening suicide. The video ends before the therapist, Charl Kinsey, was shot by police in the leg. But you can hear him trying desperately to calm the situation.Please be still, Alondo. Lay on your stomach.I'm sticking my hands in the air and I just got shot and I'm going, "Sir, why did you shoot me?" He said, "I don't know."No weapon was found at the scene and even though an officer had fired three times. Charles Kinsey's lawyer, the son of a policeman himself, is demanding answers.There is no justification for shooting an unarmed person who is talking to you and telling you that they don't have a gun and they're a mental health counsellor. I don't understand it. There can be no justification.Hands up! Don't shoot!This summer has seen weeks of protests about the police treatment of African Americans and the killing of police officers in Dallas and Battaglia seemingly in retaliation --baton rouge. The last thing this country needs is yet another racial flashpoint. Malaysia's Prime Minister Ishkandar Razak has pledged to cooperate with --Najib Razak, has pledged to cooperate with an investigation into the sovereign wealth fund. Investigators say 3 billion was diverted from the 1MDB fund that Mr Najib founded in 2009. The Prime Minister rejects any allegations of wrongdoing but the case is uniting his political opponents against him. The US Department of Justice civil lawsuits allege some US$1 billion originating with the Malaysian State investment fund, 1MDB, was ploughed into ventures around the world.1MDB was created by the Malaysian Government to promote economic development, with the ultimate goal of improving the wellbeing of the Malaysian people. But unfortunately, sadly tragically, a number of corrupt 1MDB officials treated this public trust as a personal bank account. The lawsuits allege the lavish spending was undertaken by senior Malaysian officials including the stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister.Why does a corruption case halfway around the world mat sore much to us here today? Well, I'll tell you for a few reasons. First, because some of the profits of these schemes were invested in the United States. And when corrupt officials bring their ill-gotten gains to the United States, they also bring with them their corrupt practices and disregard for the rule of law.The lawsuits don't name Mr Najib but there are 32 references to Malaysian official 1 who is described as a high-ranking person in the Malaysian Government who also held a position of authority with 1MDB. Prosecutors believe the mis appropriated funds from 1MDB travelled through an intermediary Saudi company on to a handful of key off shore accounts and finally, from there, into the hands of Malaysian official 1. The US filing has reenergised calls in Malaysia for Mr Najib's removal and prosecution, including from a former ally.The time has come when the nation must demand for the removal of the Prime Minister, must demand for investigations to be carried out by Malaysian body, the setting up of a tribunal, independent tribunal not set up on because it
the advice of the Prime Minister because it is the Prime Minister who is going to be investigated. Now, Anwar Ibrahim, the imprisoned de facto lead of Malaysia's Opposition, has joined a political compact with his nemesis, former Prime Minister Dr Mahatir Mohammed, old enemies joining hands to fight against a scandal-tainted Prime Minister. Satellite technology is about to overhaul the WA wine industry by changing the way growers plan their production. The system from the US provides a competitive edge and helps growers meet market demand. John Griffith heads up the Swan Valley Winemakers Association but even he can't say how many tons of grapes are produced in the region each year. We haven't had any up-to-date information at all available to us. The industry does not have a realtime database of how much wine is being produced or where different varieties are being grown, exposing the market to either a glut or undersupply but new technology from California could help eliminate that uncertainty.We'll then get to really good understanding of how much we're growing, of what variety and I guess the production capabilities of land in various areas.The system uses satellite imagery to identify vineyards. Prosecutesers then add their production data, including water and chemical use. From this, the software developing live State and regional profiles, identifying opportunities so producers can better meet demand.The better that you're aware of demand and supply in your industry then the better you can operate your business.The State-wide trial is being overseen and paid for by the wine industry and the WA agriculture department. It is hoped the $800,000 project will also inform further research. An incursion of an exotic disease, we can very quickly early defect that and protect the valuable vineyards.The system in WA goes live in August followed by the Riverland region in SA. If it all goes well, there are plans to roll the technology out nationally. Time for a look at the weather and a very Good Friday morning - she's happy it's Friday - let's say hello to Vanessa O'Hanlon. Still warm and humid around much of the country? It is really warm. 19 degrees in Brisbane and Sydney. Melbourne sitting around 17 degrees. It was a very warm night in fact year and
record-breaking for this time of year and so are lot of the temperatures we have been seeing. If we look at this week, yesterday was Adelaide's warmest July day in 14 years. We had Sydney's warmest night in 74 years earlier this week, Canberra had their warmest night in 41 years so there's been a lot of - while they haven't been record-breaking, some big information coming through this week. Stanthorpe and Applethorpe in Brisbane had their hottest July days this week. It is a big turn-around because it was really quite cold.Sometimes they get snow this time of year.They do.There is a lot of cold wind going to push through?There is. What we're north-west
seeing at the moment is this north-west cloudband. There's lots of rain falling around the south-east this morning. Again, our attention turns to northern and western Tasmania. Concerns for flash flooding there. The ground is already saturated. Also around north-eastern Victoria we might see flooding. Very, very windy conditions as well stretching from most
SA but the warnings are covering most of Tasmania and Victoria and into the eastern parts of NSW including the ACT. Those winds will continue to strengthen throughout the day as we see those cold fronts barrel through. There's two today and further ones on Sunday and Monday. Speckled cloud is the very cold air that's coming in so there's a lot of snow on the forecast as well from today until Wednesday but we need the air to turning
become cold before we see that rain turning into snow.It looks like that's going to affect mostly the southern half of the nation. Is the northern half going to experience much of that cooler air over the next five days or so?This is all relative but we will see a cool change coming up through Brisbane. 29 degrees tomorrow at the peak of the heat. 23 on Sunday. They get the cooler air mass. For those in the south, Hobart, 8 degrees tomorrow. 23 probably sounds like a summer's day.Around the States and Territories today:

Top stories today - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australia will have to rethink how gatherings of large people are protected after a terrorist attack in Nice. Mr Turnbull has sought advice from his counterterrorism coordinator to find out what lessons can be learned from the recent attacks. He says people are being radicalise and adopting murderous Islamist ideology very quickly. NSW police believe a 61-year-old man accused of attacking a Western Sydney police station has serious mental health issues. The area around Merrylands police station remains cordoned off as officers continue their investigation into last night's attack. Police say the man was known to them. The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will have the challenge of unifying a fractured party when he makes his formal acceptance speech to the Republican convention in Ohio today. Divisions became obvious when rival Ted Cruz refused to endorse him yesterday. Brazilian police have arrested 10 people accused of planning terrorism attacks during the Olympic Games. The Justice Ministericise the arrests were a --the Justice Minister says the arrests were a cautious measure and the groups were absolutely amateur. French prosecutors say the man who killed 84 people with a truck in Nice last week had been planning the attack for months and did have help. Paris prosecutor says phone records so Show the attacker had been in regular contact with five alleged co-conspirators who are in custody. He says one of the suspects filmed the scene of the attack the day after. Four men and one woman due to appear in court soon. Turkey has moved to reassure its citizens and the outside world the will be no return to the deep repression of the past. A state of emergency has come to effect giving the President and his Cabinet the power to by-pass parliament and limit right and freedoms. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the measures will protect democracy and the rule of followoing last week's coup attempt by some members of the military. So far, 60,000 soldiers, police, judges, civil servants and teachers have been suspended, detained or placed under investigation. Labor will today choose its new front bench but there's speculation about whether Kim Carr will remain in the team. The ABC understands the veteran Labor Senator is growing increasingly confident that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will ensure he stays on the front bench. Senator Carr has refused to nominate himself for a position in protest against his treatment by the left faction. Labor front benture Anthony Albanese was quizzed about the Caucus meeting. We are having our processes and today.
they'll take place internally today. I'm looking forward to a much bigger Caucus meeting than we had before the election with all the few members.An investigation is under way into why a man set his car alight before driving it into a police car park in Sydney's west. Officers approached the car just outside Merrylands police station driver
around 7:00 last night before the driver ignited the vehicle and drove it into the roller door in a car park. The police rescued the 61-year-old man from the car. He sin hospital with serious burn injuries. The bomb squad was called but police don't believe the attack is linked to extremism.Until we fine out his identity and try and do some background investigation, we're just uncertain about the motive. There's nothing to indicate this in any way related to terrorism. We'll keep an open mind but we're not ruling that way at this stage.NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione is visiting that Merrylands police station right now. We're expecting he's probably going to speak to the media within the next half-hour or so and we'll bring you that live. What would a Australia?
Trump presidency in the US mean for Australia? The Republican nominee has drawn a line in the sand over the American relationship with China, threatening to slap huge tariffs on their imports. He's also vowed to scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership and warned allies in the Pacific they need to spend more on their own Defence. Matt Wordsworth reports. It's the seen.
biggest trade deal the world's ever seen. 8 years in the making, covering 36% of the global economy. Last October, a dozen nations signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, promising to reduce tariffs and open markets from Vietnam to Chile.We have successfully concluded the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (APPLAUSE) For inAustralian Government it was a major achievement.This agreement, in my view, is truly transformational.For Donald Trump, it's transformational in the worst way possible.The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country - just a continuing rape of our country, that's what it is too. While the US has signed the deal, the TPP still needs to be ratified by Congress.Without domestic ratification from the United States, the TPP simply doesn't get up. It won't come into force and I think that would be a really big missed opportunity for all 12 countries involved.Both the Trade Minister ask former US ambassador Kim Beazley believe that despite the candidates' posturing, Congress will wave it through before the inauguration.The simple fact of the matter is this: The overwhelming majority of the Congressional Republican party supports the TPP. A sufficient number of Democrats support it also.But what's dominated Donald Trump's foreign concerns can be summed up in one word. China. It's a theme so frequent it's inspired a YouTube compilation that's hit 6 million views.I have people that I know in China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. I've been saying China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China! Donald Trump's major grievance is that China has purposely devalued its currency to gain an unfair advantage over US manufacturers, drawing a familiar description to the TPP.Because we can't continue to allow China to rape our country and that's what they're doing.His answer: TAFEs of up to 45%.They are the single-greatest currency manipulator that's ever been on this planet.That's horrified free traded a vkt.The positions he's got, if he persists with them, will produce trade wars in Asia which will be damaging to us, the people of the region and to the people of the United States.Then there are Donald Trump's frustrations with the extraordinary US Defence budget. He points out that only four other nations in the 28-nation NATO alliance meet the goal of spending 2% of GDP on Defence and at a time when China flexes its muscles in the disputed South China Sea, he's declared a desire to withdraw troops from Japan and South Korea or make them pay.The countries we are defending must pay for the cost of this Defence and, if not, the US must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves.So how should Australia respond in the event of a Trump presidency?What my reaction be if I happened to be in Government in Australia is I've got a job of work on my hands. I've got to convince this guy the directions he's going in the Asia-Pacific region are wrong. We have got a very close relationship with the United States. We are not absorbed by Shadenfreude speaking their failure but instead we're seeking their success.Kim Beazley there and Matt Wordsworth with that report. Donald Trump will speak at the Republican national convention in had next few hours. This wile the official acceptance of his nomination for presidency.
the Republican candidate for the presidency. A little earlier I spoke to the host of the Planet America show John Barron who is getting all excite about this US presidential campaign and he's even got a bald eagle tie now.This, I can thank our friend and colleague Julia Baird from The Drum for bringing me back this very special American convention tie.You've even picked up a bit of Trump promotional material?Got the merch. Making America great again, that is the theme of the Trump campaign. With whether he's able to deliver a great speech today, that's what everybody wants to know How important is this moment for him?Critically important. All the expectations are that this has to be Trump at his most presidential. He is not a great reader of autocues but he is a great reader of audience and he understands television. It has been, I think fair to say, a fairly ropy convention at times. Sometimes it's worked well but there was the plagiarism scandal around Melania's speech there, was Ted Cruz yesterday which was a disaster as far as the Republicans hoping for this veneer of unity over what has behind
been a very fractious convention behind the scenes and so the question now is: Is Donald Trump, the ultimate showman, the star of 15 seasons of The Apprentice, able to bring it all together and most importantly of all, look like the next American President?Isn't it fair enough to say he hasn't been and
very presidential up to this stage and it's worked for him very well? He is amed - he is ahead of Hillary Clinton in many polls.There is tension within the Trump campaign. There are old hands that were working for Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan and the Bushes who say he has to start acting like a presidential candidate. He has the pass the commander-in-chief test, is this guy temperamentally suited to have his finger on the red but wn the nuclear codes in his briefcase or, as you suggest, do they just have to let Trump be Trump? These broken every rule in the book and he is their nominee so why would you stop him doing what's worked so well. How they resolve that question will determine the election in November.Are you expecting to see much on the policy front in this speech?We haven't seen much at all on the policy front from Donald Trump for the last year. He makes broad proclamations - we're going to build a wall, make Mexico pay, we're going to stop Muslims coming to the country until we figure out what's going on. He doesn't like the common core education program that's imposed on the States me, doesn't like Obama Care, the health care reforms of Barack Obama. He is going to replace it. What with? With something great. It is going to be better. It is going to make America better again. We're going to bring jobs back to America. We're going to start winning again. We're going to beat China at the trade war, we're going to beat Iran at a shooting war if we have to. Trust me, it is going to be great. That's pretty much as deep as it ever goes.Isn't he going to have to go much deeper when it comes to going up against Hillary Clinton? Again, there's the tension of do you have to flesh out the proclamations or can you simply trust the American voters who are making a visceral gut decision - do I like and trust this person? Peemp didn't elect Barack Obama 8 years ago because of his detailed policy proclamations. Presidents are elected on the basis of do I like this person, do I trust this person, do you I think this person can go to Washington and bring the change I feel I need? Americans feel Washington is broken and an outsider like Donald Trump might be able to shake things up and get things done and, as the sign says, see.
make America great again.We'll see. John Barron, always great to get your perspective and you've got your Planet America show on tonight?Yesy special time, 1-hour episode, 8:00pm tonight but for viewers in Sydney we're doing a live show at the Giant Dwarf theatre in Redfern, still a few tickets available so come along for the fun.Top stories - the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, says Australia will have to rethink how gatherings of large people are protected after the terror attack in Nice. NSW police have tried to work out what motivate adman to attack a police station at Merrylands in Sydney's west. And Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will try to unify a fractured party when he makes his formal acceptance speech at the Republican convention in Ohio in the next few hours. Pastoralists have reaped the rewards of a burgeoning domestic cattle market with good prices fetched at auction cattle
in Alice Springs. The number of cattle was down on last year's annual show sale but that didn't stop prices surging to record levels. Tom Maddox reports. The bonding yards were packed with buyers from around Australia for some it was their first cattle auction. Aboriginal owned and operated Central Australian business Hukata station sold close to 300 head.It was a bit nervous at the start and Mick came out and said, "Got to put some of your really
cattle in to the show." It is really good.Just a couple of years ago it was unclear if this annual cattle sale would continue amid a drought and low prices. But the market turned around and while the number of cattle sold was down on last year, the price rose significantly. An agent's expected to more than make up the numbers in another sale next week. Today's sale usually goes ahead before the Alice Springs Show but food flooding meant pastoralists couldn't get cattle to mark. Stock agents say the delay of the sale has led to an increase in the number of cattle going under the hammer.The clients and vendors have been rewarded for the efforts they've put into the cattle and breeding and been paid for it today.Stock agents say good rain and a shortage of cattle numbers throughout Australia has led to prices they haven't seen for years. Once farmers get grass in their paddock it burns a hole in the pocket so they've got to have something walking around. Confidence among Territory graziers has spread to Australia's richest woman. Gina Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting has bought two cattle stations south-west of Katherine, adding to her Top End investments. Consumer advocacy groups want a popular cost-saving measure extended to ensure shoppers get value for money. Unit pricing is mandatory for grocery stores but there's a push for it to be displayed in more retailers. When retired economist Ian Jarrett does his grocery shop, it's all about the bottom line. He spearheaded the push for Australia to introduce unit pricing 6 years ago.I decided, right, we're going to do something about this. It's not good enough that we don't have compulsory unit pricing in Australia. . It has been a fantastic revolution for consumers in terms of helping cut weekly grocery bills.Shoppers can compare goods across size and brands by litres.
unit price such as kilos and litres. It is mand tore in grocery shops bigger than 1,000 square metres. The Consumers'Association is now pushing for retailers like hardware stores, pet shops and chemists to get onboard.There's a lot of products in hardware shops where it would be really helpful for the consumer to have the unit price.Those we educated to use unit prices saved 13 to 18% off their grocery bill.Dr Garry Mortimer agrees it should be extended.I think is a great idea to consider rolling this out across other sectors.Unit pricing started overseas more than 40 years ago but took a long time before Australia became involved with industry resisting. The Australian code is up for review and it's hoped that will provide an opportunity for expansion.Those are the sorts of issues that we looked at in the be
review and all points of view will be considered.We're in tough times for many consumers and extra dollars that consumers can save by using unit pricing, if it's more effective, would be a big benefit to thousands and thousands of Australians.The Consumers'Association is also pushing for an international standard on the way the unit price is displayed to ensure it's easily visible in store and in catalogues. A report from the NSW chief health officer has found it is the over 65s who are most likely to enjoy a bit of an alcoholic drink every day. The experts say everything in moderation is the key. The Aqua Ladies, as they call themselves, think nothing of braving it cold in the name of fitness.20 repetitions.Some squeeze in the odd drink around a rigorous training regime.I work out two to three hours each day.When it's been really cold, I have found myself thinking, "Oh, I could have a glass of port." Others see no harm in a daily tipple.I have a glass of wine every day. It is good for my constitution.In fact, one in seven people over the age of 65 drink every day, compared to just 1 in 116 to 24-year-olds.Older Australians drink with their friends as part of their interactions and, as we know, having older people connected and socialising is actually in itself a benefit to them.By no means do these data suggest that all people over 65 who drink are alcohol-dependent.Drinking harpful amounts - more than two drinks at a time - is still primarily the domain of the younger generation. The report also found that the older we get the more likely it is that we'll be admitted to hospital as a result of drinking alcohol. That's a prospect these ladies won't hear of.We still keep ourselves fit. We do exercise, do other stuff, and as my kids say, "Mum likes her red cup of tea." Well, obviously if you have one too many you're quite likely to fall over, I think!For the population as a whole, the number of people at risk of long-term harm from alcohol is falling and what better example of that than here? Love a bit of aqua aerobics. Paul Kennedy joins us with sport. We're waiting on the IOC decision as to whether all Russian fleets will be banned from the Olympic Games in Rio and that decision will have some big implications for some athletes here in Australia?Yes, we're only just learning that this morning, Joe, on ABC News Breakfast we were able to speak to a couple of rowers who are part of the women's 8s team that's missed out on qualification by some 2 seconds.Paul, I'm sorry about this, we'll have to speak to you later because the NSW Police Commissioner has just stepped up for a media conference in Sydney at was
the Merrylands police station which was the subject of an attack last night.Good morning. Welcome to Holroyd police station. What a reason to be here. Can I say last night's activities here were certainly, I would suggest, probably something that you would not normally expect. Having viewed the video of events that led up to and during it course of that event, what I can say is it was drama-laden and certainly from my perspective it showed just how brave our police are. We will today.
release to you some footage later today. We have clear would the investigators that is not going to be a problem from their perspective so I'm prepared to make that available to the media. The circumstances in terms of the reasoning behind it, the motive, that's still the subject of an ongoing investigation and in fact as we speak investigations are still on foot. There are detectives in the field making inquiries and continuing to look at and if deserving to speak to the person that was involved. In terms of the events, well, we do know that a vehicle, at around 7:00pm last night, drove into the driveway behind me and a short distance on to the footpath, detonated and self-immolated inside the vehicle what was a flame that you'll see as you was
we make that footage available to you was quite devastating. From that point forward, police engaged and in engaging they managed to secure that vehicle, the vehicle then rolled down the driveway and while still on fire, it rolled into the wall and then further into the garage door. At that stage, police intervened. They actually made an entry. They managed to extinguish the flames. I have got to pay tribute to the highway patrol officers that came from the police station and certainly went above and beyond, using fire hydrants and certainly extinguishers. They put out the flame and removed a gas bottle that had been opened and was inside the vehicle at the time. They then secured the vehicle again and managed to recover some petrol that was in the vehicle and then ultimately they removed the driver who at that stage was seriously burned and he was extracted and sent to hospital. The good thing is foe police officers and no members of the public were injured in this event and that goes down to, again, as I say, all the credit to those police officers at the time that did the work. I am often confronted with looking at what it is our police do. I have got to say what I have just witnessed would show to me that, like we've seen so many times before, our officers are brave, they're committed. They get on with the job, they put themselves last and they put those that they're serving first and that was again on evidence last night. I'm incredibly proud to be the commissioner of the NSW police force. Yet again, I walk away from here today after I've spoken to a number of the officers, in fact one of the officers that was there last night, and in talking to her can I realise she's just a hummable, committed cop who did her job --hummable. We are so, so fortunate to have them. I have here with me assistant commissioner Clifford, acting Deputy Commissioner Lloyd and superintendent Appleton, the questions.
commander here. I'm happy to take questions. You'll realise there is an investigation that's on foot. We will be making available to you what we can but at this stage I'm happy to take questions.Will security be stepped opt the police station?Well, security at this police station is already very, very high. I've got to say over recent months we've invested over a quarter of a million dollars into the security of that station that's behind me now. That includes everything from securing parking for officers, we've secured gates, we've actually increased the level of security around the walls. We have put ballistic glass inside that building. We have put cages around key areas. We've lifted the quality of the CCTV system and you'll see that today when we make available to you the footage but we will go back again and have a look at this because we will never stop in doing all we can to secure our police stations for our police. Given Nice and it the use of a truck there as the weapon and given similarities - although the car didn't explode - do we need to look at whether we need to further fortify-our police stations or are you confident of the level of security?I am never confident on the basis that these threats always change. What we were dealing with yesterday has change today that's why we say we do what we can and we go back and continue to check and check again to make sure we're do all that we can. In fact it is over that
$320,000 that was spent to secure that one police station behind me and if we need to find more, that's the recommendation I'll make to the Government. I'm not prepared to do anything less than all that we can to make these locations safe.Do you believe the man was mentally unwell?We probably need to wait a little longer in terms of motive. That's a current investigation. Assistant commissioner Clifford will be holding a further press conference later today to try and recent
bring you up to date with the most recent information. We'll cover it then.Why was there a need to increase security in the first place?Certainly we live in a different day, Simon. We know on the back of what we've seen internationally that police are at significant risk. There is no doubt in the world around that and certainly as a result of earlier events we have lifted that level of security but we've done that right across the State with our alert program that started in'14, through '15 and '16, as recently as earlier this week we put yet another warning out to all of our officers in terms of their level of vigilance, understand thaing are at risk, that they need to continue to stay on top of their own safety and security and be prepared for anything. That's what we saw last night mping these officers responded in the face of all of these threats, all of these risks, they went above and beyond and to gas bottle
see them recover something like a gas bottle that was leaking in the middlewhat was a scene that no-one would want to be part of, shows me that these people are well prepared.I guess the initial fear was of the terror attack here? Indeed that. Is the first thing we always go to in terms of our thinking these days unfortunately - and it is unfortunate - but the reality is on this occasion what I can say is this event is not in any way linked to a irtarist attack based on the briefings I have received this morning --a terrorist attack.The counterrism Tsar Greg Moriarty is going to look at mental health in relation to terrorist attacks. Can I get a broader sense of your response to that? Do you believe it does play a part in terrorism events?I'm certain anyone prepared to do some of the things we've seenanch the world would tell me that's not a person that's stable. I'm sure Greg will have a good look at it. We know him.
Greg Moriarty, we work closely with him. He has been in my office many times. I'm are sure this will be part of the if gaugem as we go forward --the engagement as we go forward. I welcome anything we get from that review and from my perspective we need to do all we can and if that's part of the brief for them now that's to be welcomed. This man was known to police. Can for
you tell us whether he was known for crimes or whether he was known (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) might
?Well, at this stage I think that might be best left to Mr Clifford. He will take you through that. It is not that we want to dodge it, we want to make sure we get this right for you. I would rather give you the acural information than mislead you and have to correct it. What I can indicate is he was known to us, yes.What is the investigation focusing on this afternoon? We have heard reports of raids on his home? It is foning --focussing on the person of interest, the events of last night, the circumstances leading up to the event and what happened afterwards.Can you tell us about the conversation you had (SPEAKS ?I can. She's a relatively young officer who in fact was meant to be off today but came back to simply be here to be part of this briefing. She was incredibly impressive. I don't know how long she's been with us but it wouldn't be too long. When I say too long, she is probably a veteran in the eyes of many, having served probably up to five years. She was and
just relaying the story like you and I are talking now. She was calm, she was collected. She knew what she'd done, where she'd come from, in fact she started to

things you'd expect of a young officer who minutes before was on patrol in this very area. She is the epitome of what we could say is a really good cop.(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) Can I ask you to stay around and talk to these people for me? Can I say that replicates what we are getting from this community. This is a good community. These are good people. These people deserve what we've given them last night and that is protection and we've done what we had to do because these people matter. They've been nothing but glowing in terms of their support for the police officers here and, for that and for the community support that we've seen already today, and even started last night, we want to thank the community and indicate to you that we do this for you.Could you take us through the role the young female officer played?She was involved in securing the vehicle. She was there as part of a team. That team was responsible for

maintain it log and did all of the